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English, News, 9 seasons, 145 episodes, 2 days 23 hours 15 minutes
A St. Louis-based podcast that keeps it real about race and class .. .for people somewhere on the woke spectrum.
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We Live Here Women | Ebbi Nicole | Empower The Fluff

As we strive to understand, include and serve our community, we look to you as an essential resource for the things that matter to you, our audience.  This special series of We Live Here centers the voices, concerns, perspectives and experiences of Women. Living life in a larger body, especially as a woman, comes with scrutiny and assumptions about acceptability, worthiness and quality of life. Ebbi Nicole, Founder & Chief FLUFFtivist of Fluffy GRL Movement celebrates, elevates and educates the plus-size experience through events, workshops and storytelling in brave spaces. Today we follow the story of one woman who intentionally de-weaponized and reclaimed the word FAT as an adjective. What does Empower the Fluff mean to you? To Empower the Fluff means to fill the void and unapologetically amplify the voices of this marginalized community that still experiences socially acceptable hate (fatphobia) on
26/01/202336 minutes 13 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Ben Molina | Bolivian Born...Made in STL

[WLHA 013]: We Live Here Auténtico! | Ben Molina | Bolivian Born... Made in STL Today we’re joined by Ben Molina. Originally from Bolivia, Ben is passionate about elder care and his work at the Alzheimer’s association is making a difference in the Hispanic community. Ben opens up about his journey with depression, finding love and his calling in his field.  He discusses the challenges of a disease that disproportionately affects Hispanics and gives us some advice on the conversations and planning that we should start to have in our own families. Ben’s superpower is Empathy! “I don't know how I discovered it. I was always very sensitive to other people and very observant of other people. Also, my mom had a wonderful way of always encouraging us to think positive about people and situations. It's helped me a lot in the field of social work”, says Ben. What does living Autentico mean to you? Autentico means b
14/01/202336 minutes
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We Live Here Auténtico! | The Hispanic Chamber | Community and Connection Central

[WLHA 012]: We Live Here Auténtico! | The Hispanic Chamber | Connection and Community Central Today we spend time with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis - a connection and central resource in the St. Louis region for 40 years. From the Latino Festival in O’Fallon, the Hispanic festival in Florissant, dance clubs in mid-town and cuisine from restaurants representing many different countries, St. Louis’ Latino culture is booming and is a vibrant reflection of our growing Hispanic population. The median age of Hispanic St. Louisans is 25 compared to 36 of the general population and the percentage of Latinos in the region roughly doubled. Most of the growth in the past 20 years has come in Madison, St. Clair, St. Charles and St. Louis counties.  I
01/01/202326 minutes 27 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Ricardo Martinez | DACA Dreams Realized

[WLHA 011]: We Live Here Auténtico! | Ricardo Martinez | DACA Dreams Realized Today we are talking to Ricardo Martinez. Born in Mexico, Ricardo is a DACA recipient who grew up in Illinois. His passion for helping Spanish speakers with financial literacy is fueled by his entrepreneurial journey and of course, his love for St. Louis. Ricardo came to the United States when he was five years old and spent most of his life in central Illinois. At heart, he would say he was a “mid-Midwesterner”.  He never really understood how different he was different until later. Ricardo’s parents were immigrants and they jumped at the chance for deferred action. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, enabled roughly 832,881 eligible young adults work lawfully, attend school, and plan their liv
24/12/202223 minutes 16 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Suzanne Sierra| The Consummate Connector, Storyteller, Collaborator

[WLHA 010]: We Live Here Auténtico! | Suzanne Sierra| The Consummate Connector, Storyteller, Collaborator Today’s guest, Suzanne Sierra is the consummate connector, storyteller and collaborator. Her evolving career path and search for purpose led her to the St. Louis Mosaic Project.  She is Senior Program Manager and leads key programs with major stakeholders including corporations, universities, ethnic communities and multicultural innovation initiatives. Through her work, Suzanne goes all-out to promote regional prosperity and to transform St. Louis into the fastest growing metropolitan area for immigrants by the year 2025. Suzanne’s personal immigration story fuels her passion to create change.  She is the proud daughter of immigrants from Colombia, South America, and she is bilingual.  Her parents moved to the U.S. so her father could practice medicine. Her dad landed a job at a clinic in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Suzanne and
14/11/202234 minutes 7 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Gilberto Pinela | A Star Lighting the Way for More Representation, Opportunity, Communication and Access

Gilberto Pinela has been investing and empowering the Latino community in St. Louis for many years. He is a trailblazer, creator, producer and talent in many bilingual programming and organizations in our region. Gilberto started his career in the US in New York in the hospitality industry, but he always dreamed of being in front of the camera. In this conversation, Gilberto shares his passion and commitment to St. Louis, the Latino community and for making room for new leadership. LinkedIn Dancing with the St. Louis Stars Gilberto Pinela &amp; Carmen Guynn Performance Video - Dancing with the St. Louis Stars 2022 <a href="" title="CORTEX" rel="nofollow" tar
22/10/202227 minutes 59 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Junior Lara | Auténtico Podcast Originator and the Work for Future Generations

Junior Lara and Gabriela founded Autentico podcast so they could talk to business owners and Latino professionals about their journeys and lessons learned with the hope to inspire each other and fill the need they saw in St. Louis. Listen to what it took to for Junior to grow from the Dominican Republic to what it means for him to see the vision now! Plus, a celebration of life of trailblazer, Minerva Lopez Montaigne. Minerva was an advocate for the Hispanic Community in St. Louis, namely, residents and business owners of Cherokee Street. She was a business owner and worked hard to keep the traditions and culture of Mexico alive and well in St. Louis.
15/10/202243 minutes 4 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Harry 'Boom-Boom' Lopez | Coaching Latino Leaders to Level Up In Life

[WLHA 007] We Live Here Auténtico! | Harry 'Boom-Boom' Lopez | Coaching Latino Leaders to Level Up In Life Today we level up with Harry “BOOM BOOM” who founded “Launch Latinx, a mindset and business coaching accelerator program that champions extraordinary Latino visionaries and coaches to access their potential. He writes and speaks on issues of personal and professional change.  Happiness, health, inspiration, mindful living and conscious business are key to his unique programs. that blends many of his experiences in coaching, spiritual psychology, executive leadership, and social impact. What does living Autentico mean to you? The never-ending pursuit of the liberation of one's soul. Living in full body alignment. Pursuit of a Mission far greater than oneself. To have truth and Integrity with oneself. About Harry His coaching career started when h
14/09/202225 minutes 22 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Tania Interian | Opening Doors Fully, Bilingually and Authentically for Community

What would you do? Arriving to a new country and having to start your life over? This is Tania’s story – It is the story of many immigrants and refugees - resilience, self-empowerment, rediscovery, family, hard work and success. Tania Interian is bilingual professional and attorney.  She is the owner of Tania Interian State Farm Agency and is the co-chair of the Latino Roundtable of Southwestern Illinois.  Listening to Tania’s journey will reassure you that you are on the right path – even with its challenges and struggles As you listen to Tania’s life journey, take time to reflect on your life challenges, how you overcame and how have those moments impact you today.
16/07/202234 minutes 2 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | How Can I Help You? | Literacy, Service and a Librarian's Love Centers a City

The folks of Fairmont City, Illinois didn’t realize how much they needed a library until they’d gotten one. It took some convincing. Thank goodness for Katie Heaton! She knew a good librarian puts their ear down, listens and really pays attention to the needs of their patrons. “You can hear the heartbeat of the community and when you hear that heartbeat, you can figure out what the needs are”, Katie says. Her goal was always to meet the needs of the people she served, whatever that need may be, from literacy to resources to broader partnerships and community services. Only 10 miles from St. Louis, Fairmont City is home for a small population of 2,381 with an average annual household income of around $50k according to 2020 census data. Why would this small town, with a poverty rate of 26.98% want to pay for something they’ve never had nor anticipated they’d really need? After all, when it came down to things of priority for this community, especially during the pandemic,
09/07/202228 minutes 41 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Legacy, Community and Birria. For Tacos La Jefa...It's in the Sauce

[WLHA 004]: We Live Here Auténtico! | Legacy, Community and Birria. For Tacos La Jefa…It's in the Sauce Today we are taking you on a delicious culinary journey to Tacos La Jefa in the heart of Dutchtown in St. Louis! Only sold on Saturdays, their delicious Birria and Quesabirria sell out EVERYTIME. Birria is a dish you cannot rush. It is a Mexican meaty stew from the state of Jalisco. The Quesabirria is a crunchy quesadilla with melted cheese and filled with hot, tender, juicy Birria meat that has been stained red by the chiles and spices that give it a deep, red color. Preparation is an extensive process so once they run out; they run out. This story begins with the matriarch of the Amezcua family – Heriberta Amezcua – also known as La Jefa, “the boss”. Heriberta’s legacy is celebrated every day at Tacos La Jefa. Her daughter, Elizabeth, walks us through the journey of opening the restaurant, a longtime dream of her mother. Her granddaughter, Diana is the g
15/06/202221 minutes 53 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Emilia Serrano's Auténtica Unlocks Hollywood Gold

Latin TV writer, Emilia Serrano is no stranger to uncomfortable scenarios. She knows what it’s like to feel like a fish out of water and to struggle with internal identity crises as a first-generation daughter of immigrant parents. As a teenager, Emilia and her family moved from Union City, California to Troy, Missouri. The small, mid-western town was as unfamiliar to her as she was to it. She had only known the predominantly Spanish-speaking community of her youth. In California, she wasn’t diverse either. She grew up constantly surrounded only by Latinos and her family. It was a culture shock for her. Those experiences shaped her so profoundly that they became inspirational gold for America’s BIG Screen. Along the way, she would use those experiences as story points for humor or something that someone else could relate to and she's taken her stories all the way to Hollywood! “Sometimes all the crappy things and all your trauma can actually make you money
28/05/202223 minutes 55 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Carlos Glynias Restrepo | From Medellin to STL with Love...

Whether you love St. Louis or you need a reminder of its greatness, join Carlos Restrepo and explore our region through his eyes/experiences. From Medellin Colombia to St. Louis, Missouri, Carlos knew at a young age he would be living in St. Louis someday, through the pages of a picture book, he first saw the landscapes of our region. He shares with you his reaction while living here and how he ended up in Marshall, Missouri. Colombian-born, Carlos Glynias Restrepo, is a bilingual marketing and communications professional, with a career background specializing in international business, journalism, digital marketing, and public relations. A native from Colombia, Restrepo’s experiences as a Spanish-speaking immigrant have strengthened and widened the communication tools at his disposal, helping him understand the complex issues of navigating multiple cultures when delivering a message, whether electronically, in print, video or audio. Restrepo holds a bachelor’s degr
20/05/202228 minutes 18 seconds
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We Live Here Auténtico! | Kendall Martinez-Wright | Trans, Triumphant and Trying...

When we advocate for one community, we uplift the voices of other communities. Kendall Martinez-Wright is an Afro-Puerto Rican transgender woman advocating for transgender rights in the Missouri Legislature. Amidst nationwide transphobic legislation in 2021, Kendall ran a historic campaign for Missouri's Fifth District. She has a long career in advocacy, politics and legislative work. The campaign's website was admitted to the Library of Congress, as she became the first Afro-Puerto Rican transgender woman to run for Missouri’s House of Representatives. In this episode you’ll discover: What challenges Kendall faced around identity, “Am I being Latina enough?” What drives her advocacy to bring a more just environment to the LGBTQIA+ community in Missouri More about Kendall’s historic campaign, her interest in getting involved in politics and what drove her to end her quest for the capitol seat You ca
13/05/202223 minutes 54 seconds
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When progress meets backlash

Just before Thanksgiving, a housing crisis popped up in the infamous St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. The county housing authority had stepped in to demand repairs from a property management company officials deemed substandard and even dangerous. In other words, the system was doing what it was supposed to do: ensuring residents have a safe place to live. But the property company responded by threatening to kick out residents, and pointed blame at the housing authority and previous ownership. It’s a mess. And in the middle are residents who are hustling to find safe housing during the coldest months of the year. The whole situation gets at the heart of what’s happening around issues of race, class and housing in the St. Louis area. Because while some institutions are making legitimate changes, countless pitfalls remain on the path to progress.
31/12/201829 minutes 12 seconds
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House Party!

Hey ya’ll! It’s a been a long season. And it means so much to the WLH crew that you’ve hung with us all year as we dissect race, class and housing in one of the most segregated cities in these United States. Recently we invited about 150 of our friends over for a house party downstairs from our studios at St. Louis Public Radio. Conversations were had. New connections were made. Of course there were drinks. And it wouldn’t be a WLH party without stories! Many of you have asked to hear more youth voices on the show. So, this time around Kameel and Tim handed over their mics, stepped off the stage and listened to some stellar youth storytellers from St. Louis. Enjoy! We sure did.
06/12/201834 minutes 17 seconds
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Gentrification at a Midwestern pace

The Grove neighborhood is in a part of St. Louis that has seen an uptick in new housing and business development. The changes have been a blessing and a curse. While many in the area welcome the investments, there are concerns that rising housing costs are pushing out longtime residents. On this episode, we listen to stories of those who live, work, worship and teach in the area about how they've seen the neighborhood change.
22/11/201831 minutes 59 seconds
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Nuisance, or nonsense? (Part 4)

Rosetta Watson has won her fight against the city of Maplewood, Mo., which kicked her out of town after she generated too many calls to police while dealing with an abusive ex-boyfriend. Now what? We catch up with her, give her case some national context and chart out what may come next for the people challenging these nuisance and crime free laws.
27/09/201824 minutes 12 seconds
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Sectioned Off

Housing choice vouchers -- commonly known as Section 8 -- are supposed to give people with low incomes the freedom to pick where they want to live. But for many voucher holders, that's not how the story actually plays out. With help from reporters in Georgia and San Francisco, this week we explore just how tough it is to find affordable housing in America -- even with a little boost from Uncle Sam.
12/06/201628 minutes 21 seconds
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Declining but not dead: desegregation in St. Louis

Despite the decades-long fight for school desegregation, America is, for the most part, still sending its white and black children to separate schools. Here in St. Louis, this angst over school segregation and integration never really went away.In fact, St. Louis is home to the longest running formal desegregation program in the country.In the latest podcast, we take you through its past, present, and experts' best guess for the future.
01/05/201627 minutes 4 seconds