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English, Cultural, 1 season, 12 episodes, 7 hours, 42 minutes
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Episode 10: Thank God For Growth ft - @CookieMonae

We back. I missed y’all. This week we talk about the real world, peace offerings, behaving like God, and we’re joined by a Phenomenal Woman, Cookie Monae. Rate me 5 stars and leave a review for a real one ☝️ Follow us everywhere: Follow our guest: Produced By: PK&K and KwalityKurators
3/11/202124 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 9 (06/08): Relationship Goals

I’m not gon lie. This is one of my favorite episodes so far. Today we’re joined by Dr Earl and Leelay Brundage aka Brundage World. We talk about doing things in deceny in order, blackish, knowing when you have the right person and my favorite part, Beyoncé. We also discuss YOU this episode and it might hurt your feelings but it’s fine because we’ll become better humans for it. Follow our guest on IG & YT! —> Grab a shirt and support the art! —> Follow us on everything! —> Produced By: KwalityKurators Music By: DJ Triumph
2/10/202153 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode One-Twenty8: Happy Birthday Kenny Bang

Every year God grants us one day to solely claim as ours and to do what we please with it. On mine I reflected on life lessons taught to me by my father, mother, Lil Wayne, Jazmine Sullivan, and my Best Friend. Come hear what they taught me and wish me a Happy Birthday while doing so. Subscribe, Share, & Like. Give me a 5 Star rating and comment too ✊🏾 #WeGonTalkBoutGirls #RespectTheArt #Jus4Her #PSiLoveYou #WhatsInTheBox? #KwalityKurators Follow our newest sponsor DLAS on IG @DLAS1210 _________________________ Stream #WeGonTalkBoutGirls Follow Us On Everything: Music by Rod aka @DJTriumph38 Produced By Kwality Kurators
1/27/202131 minutes, 49 seconds
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You Need Your Grown A$$ Beat!

On this weeks episode we are joined by Tai of The Green Leather Sofa Podcast. As the inaugural woman on We Gon Talk Bout Girls she comes in hot with opinions on summer/winter relationships, what age were you first sexualized, and why your grown behind needs to leave that girl alone. Aside from our guest, we also discuss merch collabs, pushing cars, impeccable words, and peace offerings. Subscribe, Share, & Like. Give me a 5 Star rating and comment too ✊🏾 #WeGonTalkBoutGirls #RespectTheArt #Jus4Her #PSiLoveYou #WhatsInTheBox? #KwalityKurators Follow our newest sponsor DLAS on IG @DLAS1210 and also follow a friend of the show Sarah of Carson Designs on IG @Carsondesignsx _________________________ Stream #WeGonTalkBoutGirls Follow Us On Everything: #WeGonTalkBoutGirls #RespectTheArt #Just4Unlimited #WhatsInTheBox #PSiLoveYou #KwalityKurators Music provided by @DJTriumph38 BfLcAJNwnBS1Cj7NQJIO
1/21/202141 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 6 - And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming....

We went off the rails last week but the backstory had to be told. I’ll drop another episode this week to make up for it, deal? Today we talk about HeLa Immortal Cells, why an emoji isn’t worth 1000 words, Teyana Taylor and why you haven’t taken the girl of your dreams on a date yet. Subscribe, Share, & Like. Give me a 5 Star rating and comment too please ✊🏾 Follow Us On Everything: #WeGonTalkBoutGirls #RespectTheArt #Jus4Her #PSiLoveYou #WhatsInTheBox? #KwalityKurators
1/8/202124 minutes, 5 seconds
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G*d Made Me A Fuck Boy So I'd Have Something To Pod About

I never talk about me so here's an episode dedicated to it. Follow us on everything and listen to episodes 0-4 too ---> #RespectTheArt #KwalityKurators #Just4Unlimited #PSiLoveYou #GodBlessTheMonarK
12/30/202039 minutes, 41 seconds
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Father’s Day: I believe the children are our future....

Back at it again for Alpha Phi Alpha Founder’s Day we talk absolutely NOTHING about Alpha and all about Jazmine Sullivan, Dr. Marijuana Pepsi (yes that’s her real name), why you shouldn’t be a creep in DMs, minding the business that pays you, Saint Jhn, who you keep your kids around. Subscribe and leave a review on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you consume podcast. #WeGonTalkBoutGirls #RespectTheArt
12/5/202031 minutes, 51 seconds
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Mr. 7.5 cause dimes too lazy...

Disclaimer: This episode got intense and you’ll probably be offended but it’s ok, well grow as a family from it 🙃 Today we have a special guest @ghh2_06 aka Dr. GasCanMan. On this episode we discuss relationships being a business, how to properly approach a woman, what it REALLY means to be equally yolked, the male version of the 90 Day rule, why your dream woman should be a 7.5 and much more! #WeGonTalkBoutGirls #RespectTheArt #DisrespectWillNOTBeTolerated #podcast #relationshipgoals #love #men #women #boys #girls #happiness #therapy Follow us on Twitter: @WeGTBG & IG: @WeGTBG_ Follow our sponsor on Twitter/IG/FB: @Jus4Unlimited
11/25/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 26 seconds
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How To Train Your Pitbull

In this episode we came here to talk about two things Betty Wright & Yo Bitch. Enjoy.
11/18/202025 minutes, 20 seconds
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Que Sera Sera

In this episode we talk about The Mack, JT, Ari Lennox being a statue, African and South African Angels 👼, the woman who discovered the universe and more random stuff. Enjoy 🙃
11/6/202021 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 0: Yo, why is you here?

On the inaugural episode of We Gon Talk Bout Girls you get a chance to meet your host, learn what the show is about, and learn to RESPECT THE ART! New Episodes frequently. Look out for em. Sponsored by the J4Unlimited PS I Love You Box. Giving ladies the love you need during that time of the month. The PS I Love you box is made specifically for you and can include snacks, the specific feminine product you use during that time, a book, movie, and it always contains a gift to show you just how much you’re loved. For more information on the J4Un PS I Love You Box DM “Info” to Just4Unlimited on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter for more details. Intro music by: @djtriumph38 on Twitter. Check him out for beats!
10/21/202029 minutes, 34 seconds