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English, Cultural, 4 seasons, 48 episodes, 1 day, 12 hours, 41 minutes
We are Childfree celebrates childfree lives, one story at a time. Through honest conversations about human experiences, Zoë Noble spotlights the diversity of our global community and offers advice, support and hope for like-minded folks. Whether you're childfree by choice, circumstance, or just curious, this is the podcast for you! Join the movement at
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Help! My coworkers keep asking if I have kids!

“My new coworkers keep asking me if I have kids. What should I do?”That’s the burning question we answer with the help of the childfree community, for someone who’s started a new job where the watercooler conversations are… not cool.If you have a problem you'd like the community's help with, email [email protected] with "Ask WAC" as the subject line.Questions from We are Childfree members get priority! To jump the queue, get episodes a week early, and find your community of childfree cheerleaders, join us at 🙌LinksPrivate Parts Unknown: Pet Loss, Part 2 - Working Through the Grief & Guilt of Losing a Beloved Pet with Beth Bigler of Honoring Our AnimalsSunday Herald: Shirley Manson - ‘I’m not married anymore’@garbage on InstagramWe are Childfree podcast: Life just gets better and better, with Cindy GallopWe are Childfree report: Unseen, Unheard & UndervaluedWe are Childfree: Building Bridges at Work
5/14/202450 minutes, 37 seconds