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Being real, brutally honest, and over sharing is one of the things that roped in an audience of over 2 million for Sadie Crowell. Listen in for some laughs, advice, and join in on her journey of taking on social media as a full time career at 18.
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66: Mental Breakdown from an out of touch YouTuber

I might regret posting this but honestly fck it. I love you guys and the little community we have. Being honest is sometimes hard online because I don’t want people to think I’m complaing 24/7 but sometimes it is refreshing to show y’all the reality of everything. Today’s episode is me explaining how I’ve come to dislike social media lmao.
3/12/202442 minutes, 30 seconds
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65: My Life Changing Weekend

THANK GAWD. Lord knows we could only take so many depression Sadie episodes. Luckily your girl got her sad a$$ up and went out this weekend, and by go out we mean, drove nine hours away from home and met completely new people in a completely new place. Was she scared? Absolutley. Was it worth it? Abso-FCKN-lutley.
2/23/202452 minutes, 32 seconds
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64: F*ck Valentines Day anf F*ck Men .... storytimes

Oh no... Sadie has left this week but don't you worry, Chad (drunk Sadie) is here! In honor of valentines day being this week this episode is all about love or should we say failed love. Sadie is reading write ins from the fans, giving advice, and sharing her personal experience with romance. Tea time baby.
2/16/202450 minutes, 4 seconds
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63: I am Austin McBroom... Life Update, Fighting my own Demons RN

Currently in her rotting girl, depression era, Sadie is in survival mode right now. Her mental state hasn't been the best and she took some time off. Today she updates you guys on her diagnosis and tells some funny stories from the past few weeks
2/10/202446 minutes, 5 seconds
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62: How to make 2024 YOUR YEAR and find your own happiness

Happy New Year TMI !!! We made it people, and let me say the grass hasn't been looking greener. Sadie has been in her dumps, seasonal depression has definitely got the best of her. While rotting away in bed through the holidays was acceptable, IT'S NO LONGER ALLOWED. Don't worry this isn't your typical "new year, new me" episode listing off bullish!t resolutions that will "transform your soul." Nope, today we are being realistic and applying no pressure to 2024theplot. Listen up mfs because Sadie here has figured out how we're gonna make this year our best.
1/14/202454 minutes, 2 seconds
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61: My Untold Truth of 2023 (what i didn’t tell you) ; 2024 INS & OUTS

This past year was definitely for the books, and definitely the most private year Sadie has had since coming into the public eye. While being known for her relatable content, you guys are used to hearing about anything and everything. 2023 started a little hot with a new romantic relationship for Sadie following a friendship breakup that had all of you questioning WTF was going on. All Crowell has given you is bits and pieces, here and there, so today she is taking us month to month throughout her year and giving you the answers to everything you have been wondering.
12/29/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 13 seconds
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60: Social Media is boring now … (i also miss my ex)

Happy Thursday TMI ! Sadie is once again late this week, BUT she is here to tell you why. It’s VLOGMAS SZN baby and that means she does not stop filming her life for 25 days straight to post to her YouTube Channel. While in the mix of doing this Crowell sat down and gave you guys a massive life update and her opinions/theories on where social media is heading…
12/7/202331 minutes, 7 seconds
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59: HOW TO BECOME CONFIDENT | it will change your life.

The IDGAF MENTALITY that has changed lives time and time again is here for you all on a platter! Sadie has built her brand off of not worrying what others think, and just being herself. The most frequent question asked is HOW? Today Sadie shares the 4 steps to become the most confident version of yourself and how it will change your day to day life starting now.
11/30/202331 minutes, 19 seconds
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58: Break Ups Suck, but don't have to...

Sadie has recently experienced her first real break up. While she's tip toed around the topic online and has appeared to be handling it really well, today she reveals that is has all been a brave face she's hiding behind. Although she is in a way better place now vs when the split was first announced. Today Sadie is giving her tips on how to move forward.
11/22/202340 minutes, 29 seconds
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57: Mental Health, Life Struggles, and Toxic Men with Katie Ritchie

Welcome Katie Ritchie, an internet personality who has recently experienced a sudden rise to fame through her TikTok account. Today she openly speaks about her life growing up and how it was far from the norm. Katies just this year has lost her stepfather, watched her mom go through rehab, and prayed to get her siblings who were in foster care back home, all while being in the public eye. Listen in to hear her journey these past few months and how her life has completely changed.
11/15/202353 minutes, 16 seconds
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56: Getting Rid of Sh*tty Friends …

Something you’ll come to realize when watching Sadie is she’s constantly alone. The confusing part about this is, SHE HATES IT. We all know her for her outgoing personality, and the girl who wants to talk to everyone … BUT today Sadie is sharing how she’s personally experienced  and learned surrounding yourself with sh*tty people sucks a lot more than just being by yourself.
11/8/202332 minutes
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55: My Hookup Horror Stories … happy whorrorween

Happy Halloween b*tches, get ready for a spooky story time with your girl.  While also get a mental check from Sadie and her opinion on the feeling of FOMO & her own version she likes to call FLAL (fl-ah-al).
10/31/202333 minutes, 55 seconds
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54: How to Deal with Sadness and Feeling Alone (my healing era)

Over the past few weeks Sadie has come to learn that "healing takes time." Which in her mind that advice CAN SUCK A FAT D*** ... kidding. Your girl is impatient though and has tried to get through this season of sadness as quick as possible, while pushing under the rug that she should listen to her feelings and get though this all in a healthy way. A light has shined bright in her life today and she wants to share how to get through all of this and do it with anyone who needs it.
10/24/202347 minutes, 8 seconds
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53: Overcoming Overthinking (how I cope)

It's been a bumpy past week for Sadie as she's been in her feels. One of the things that gets in her head the most is the future, and always worrying about what's next. Even though she has no cure, Sadie is sharing somethings that help her with overthinking and fears of the unknown.
10/12/202337 minutes, 49 seconds
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52: I’ve Been Depressed … (dealing with change is hard asf)

AN ERA OF HEALING. As much as we try and plan out our lives sometimes things are out of our control. Sadie has recently faced some personal issues in her life and has taken some time to step away and reflect. Today she is sharing what she's been going through and how she's dealing with her emotions in a very raw, emotional, and ironically comical episode.
10/2/202340 minutes, 47 seconds
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51: NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE. (i'm on a rant brace yourself)

Social Media is indeed Sadies job, but it's not her LIFE, although her life is fully on social media. It's very easy to quickly look at her profiles and think "she got a following, has money, and just parties 24/7" ... BUT the truth is within this episode. Sadie goes to explain why her love for her job has slipped out of her control and she is only learning to gain it back. In a very raw and honest episode she is here to share even more in depth about what this industry will TRY and do.
9/20/202338 minutes, 57 seconds
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50: Meet My Boyfriend

Sadie shares everything and just about everyone in her life with you guys. BF has been spoken about all the way back to when he wasn’t even BF. After 9 months Sadie is finally joined by Charlie, AKA bf, and they’re sharing the details of how their story begin while answering the questions you all have been wondering. 
8/24/202357 minutes, 16 seconds
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49: Dealing with a Phase of Depression… also where tf have I been?

Sadie is depressed? What the duck!!! Your fav girl is back after disappearing ironically after saying she would be here for you guys every week on Sunday … f*cking idiot. At this point we’re not exactly sure how we still have any of you stick around but we are so very grateful. On this episode Sadie sweats her ass off while talking to you guys about her disappearance and how she’s dealing with life right now.
8/16/202331 minutes, 17 seconds
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48: I Went on a Three Day Bender, and need to tell you all about it. ROCK THE SOUTH STORY TIME

Not on schedule but at least it's a story time. Coming straight from the TMI audience request line Sadie is here to tell you all about her previous weekend partying at rock the south country festival. Sadie was joined by good friend Bailey Dedrick (fellow youtuber), as they both met up with TikTok squads. From what we've heard Sadie and Bailey grabbed this weekend by the balls and had a rodeo of a time. Sadies Episode recap phrase, “sprinter vans we're never made for mud."
7/26/202343 minutes, 49 seconds
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47: Realizing when to move on and how to do it...

Moving on is without a doubt one of the hardest things to do, but really it's all in our heads. Today Sadie shares her knowledge on the easiest way to move on through her own personal experiences. Of Course it wouldn’t be an episode without a story time so Sadie is also reccaping her wknd and FIRST TIME going to the bar with her mom.  Sadies Episode recap phrase, “the grass isn't always greener, but just water that shit and you’ll be good”
7/16/202331 minutes, 28 seconds
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46: I Met My BFs Family, Celebrated the 4th with TikTok boys, and Survived a Hurricane with a DILF and his Children A 2 week break is nothing you tmi listens love to see but turning a negative into a positive is something Sadie will absolutely do. Little did this b*tch know in only fourteen days she would go to 6 different states and experience the lowest of lows followed by the highest of highs. Sadies has requested to start including recap phrases for each episode and for this one she’s chose to say, “when there’s no ring there’s no rules.”
7/10/202352 minutes, 33 seconds
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45: Trying to Adapt to Everything Changing in Life ... also my n*des got leaked?

SADIE CROWELL??? Nudes?? Leaked? and she's talking about it ... Well there is two sides to every story. I guess you'll have to just listen in and fck around & find out what's up. Anyways y'all Sadie is being the simp she is and back in helLA. As much as you probably wanna call her an idiot and tell her to leave, don't even worry about it! It only took getting on the plane there to make her realize she should be going ANYWHERE BUT THERE. Although she is also coming to the realization a lot in her life has changed and dwelling on what was will change nothing. So she is trying her best to be happy about what is, and what's to come.
6/21/202342 minutes, 37 seconds
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44: How to Deal with Losing a Best Friend…

SADIE IS BACK IN helLA, in her new Tesla? After being on the other end of sicko mode for a week (sadie was genuinely sick in bed) she is back for a new episode. Today she let you CALL IN and tell funny tmi stories while she also gets deep about a topic that has personally effected her.
6/5/202332 minutes, 17 seconds
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43: Why we should all just Free Ball Life as a Whole *advice sesh*

THE EPISODE DESCRIPTION IS BELOW BUT I FEEL LIKE IT'S MORE IMPORTANT TO FIRST LET YOU KNOW I SHARE ONE OF THE FUNNIEST & MOST EMBARRASSING THINGS THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME IN THIS EPISODE AND YOU NEED TO HEAR IT. You ever feel like you're lost? Don't know what your next move is or should be? Wait what ... you don't? STFU b!tch we know your lying. At some point in every humans life there comes a scary feeling of being lost or having doubts. Sadie at the end of the day is also human, even tho she sh*ts like a horse, and has this feeling from time to time but manages to navigate a way around it. Today she shares some advice and raw emotion on this gross but necessary topic :)
5/25/202336 minutes, 17 seconds
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42: My Milf Mother is Back

KELLEY!!! Happy late Mothers Day people, this week Sadies mama is back.  Kelley and Sadie start off by taking the rice purity test together which then pushes them into some awkward topics. Later in the episode they come to realize they're each others only friends and for some reason feel the need to get deep. It’s not often you find a mother-daughter, milf-future milf duo like these two so make sure you don’t miss out.
5/16/202357 minutes, 1 second
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41: Playing Truth or Drink Live from Mexico

CINCO DE MAYO BABY!!! One of Sadies favorite days of the year just passed last weekend so she of course took it upon herself and made the most of it by flying to Mexico just for y'all. Todays episode is on the fun side while taking some juicy and deep turns as Sadie decides to answer wether or not YOUR haunting assumptions made about her are true or false. If Crowell doesn't want to answer a question she must take a shot. Let's get twisted ladies and gentlemen.
5/9/202347 minutes, 31 seconds
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40: Your Guide to becoming THAT B*TCH for the Summer ;)

LADIES LADIES LADIES, it is that time of the mother fcking year again and the last thing Sadie will do is leave y'all with no advice on how to live your sexiest, maybe sluttiest, possibly shittiest season of your life. Summer is that time of the year we all are feelin free, BUT it can come with some bullish*t. A few things in that BS category include, worry about our bodies, worrying about stupid ass men, maybe worrying about what you did last night because God forbid you will be able to remember that. Don't stress though, Sadie is here to talk you through it all and have you leaving this episode as the person you didn't know you could even be.
5/3/202340 minutes, 21 seconds
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39: So I Last Minute Flew to Europe Alone

Sadie is back in the states, in a weird mental state, and has a statement to make... LOL, kinda. Sadie is a traveling girl as we know and just recently received her passport. It has not even been a month and shes left the U.S. twice, surprisingly making it back alive. This past week Sadie flew over to Europe and traveled country to country all while coming to the realization of what anxiety is and feels like. This week Sadie brings you all along through her trip and how she dealt with being anxious. As always, stay tuned till the end to hear your questions answered from
4/24/202332 minutes, 4 seconds
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38: Navigating Growing Up with Hannah Meloche

YouTuber Hannah Meloche is joining Sadie this week to sit and talk about her journey of being in the public eye and navigating growing up! Hannah has been sharing her life on the internet since the age of THIRTEEN, coming up on ten years as she just turned 22. Today we get the inside scoop on her life since the beggining and where she is at now. The two also relate their struggles career wise and learn to find they’re not alone and neither are you!  
4/11/202342 minutes, 21 seconds
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37: I Went to Mexico and Hard Launched my Relationship

MEXICO BITCHES!!! As we all know Sadie loves herself a good time and for her that consists of a drink in her hand, a nice tan, and as of recently her little man (and a$$ throwing). Last you heard from Sadie she was losing her mind in Los Angeles and just this past week she left from there down to Mexico. DILF NATION HAS GONE INTERNATIONAL!!! Tune in for her story times on the trip followed by answers & advice to your questions submitted @
3/31/202341 minutes, 55 seconds
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36: I'm Stuck in LA having an Absolute Mental Breakdown ... I don't know who I am anymore.

Can I get a "dramatic ASF?". Thank you very much. Sadie is back in the city of angels, helLA, and to no ones surprise, is going through it. While she has been out here having some special guests on the podcast, she has also been feeling a little down. One may say this is due to the rainy cold weather, lack of social interaction, and her period almost being here. On the other hand Sadie has been over thinking her whole life on social media and questioning what she has become. Long story short, people change, GROWING UP SUCKS, but that's just life and she is here to walk you through it with some funny story times in between.
3/21/202328 minutes, 9 seconds
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35: Trying to find Real Friends as a Female …

Sadie gets put in the “pick me girl” category everytime this topic is brought up because most of her friends are male. But why? Is it because deep down other girls make her nervous & insecure? Did she have a really bad falling out with a female friend in the past? Listen in to hear Sadies experience with female friendships, and her advice to on finding the real ones.
3/14/202334 minutes, 37 seconds
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34: I Actually Have a Boyfriend ...

The day we never saw coming ... Sadie has an actual boyfriend. The girl who preaches love at a young age is dumb, she would never date someone who isn't AT LEAST six years older than her, and having a relationship right now just doesn't make sense for her has BETRAYED US. This is a mini episode due to the fact that if Sadie talks on this topic for to long she begins to sound crazier, crazier, and eventually reaches a breaking point where she just questions the topic as a whole. So listen in to hear about this new change in Sadies life, and why she thinks it a good thing... maybe...
3/7/202325 minutes, 55 seconds
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33: Getting Deep, Juicy, and Real with My Mama

This weeks episode is featuring wasthatTMIs most requested guess, Sadies mom. Kelley has been on Sadies journey of social media since the very beginning and the biggest question they both always get is "how are they so close?" Well today they both discuss their relationship since Sadies wild days in high school, and journey back to when Kelley was younger and how her and Sadie weren't to different ... KELLEY WAS A LIL RAGER!
2/27/202340 minutes, 43 seconds
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32: Biggest Red Flags in Men & Why Airplanes can SMD

This episode is sponsored by/brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. You ask and you shall receive, Sadie is always here to help a girl out as best as she can when it comes to boys. Today she is sharing with you the biggest red flags in men that she has picked up overtime from experience. She also just took a trip to ARIZONA?! Where she experienced a blackout breakdown and a drunk airport experience. 
2/15/202334 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

31: Addressing Assumptions made about me and how I've Changed Since Starting Social Media

"Sadie Crowell is a drunk sl*t who does nothing but party, post pictures of her body, and hookup with DILFS."  Being in the public eye Sadie faces a lot of false things said about her. Although she doesn't really let it affect how open she is online, she always wants her true fans to know the what's right and what's wrong. Today Sadie reads through a bunch of assumptions made about her and talks about how much she and her online image has changed since she started her online career. 
2/7/202325 minutes, 58 seconds
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30: My Past Month was Full of DILFS, Wine, Traveling, and my Situation-ship...

This episode is sponsored by/brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. ON THE ROAD AGAIN, and no ones shocked. At the beginning of this month Sadie packed up her car with a suitcase full of bathing suits even though it was 30 degrees where she lives. Y'all know Sadie needs sunshine in order to smile, so she was determined to get it. With no plan in mind she hauled down south and wound up bumping into her best friend Ford. With no priorities in her mind she's been living it up since she left home and partying with Dilfs, going to FSU frequently to see Rilyn, and ended it all with a flight back to her favorite place Los Angeles! Why tf was she there again? Well ... Sadie has found herself in some deep sh!t with the little crush she had on a boy now becoming ... kinda serious?
1/31/202333 minutes, 22 seconds
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29: Our Boy Advice even Though We’re Prude and Rude to all men

Nothing beats the energy you have with your best friend. In Sadie and Rilyns case the energy is described as (double standard, toxic, and the 2 brains cells left after a night out). Today they sit down and talk about boys, deep life thoughts, and teen girl issues all while stuffing tacos in their face holes. Enjoy ;)
1/17/202328 minutes, 30 seconds
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28: STORY TIME on My Roadtrip to HelLA, New Years Eve, and Reading your Confessions

This episode is sponsored by/brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. HAPPY NEW YEAR TMI, hope we all had a great, safe, and fun holiday... Sadie sure did. As we all know Sadie can't stay in the same state for more than 5 days so she is here to tell you all about her journey out West where she skrted a Tesla through the snowy mountains of Oregon?! All the way to her least favorite place in the US, aka helLA, aka Los Angeles. Where she then hopped on a flight back to the East Coast where she met up with life long long bestie Rilyn, aka Treyway. They hauled a$$ up to Nashville for a litty titty NYE, and now Sadie is back in Florida having her monthly mental breakdown, and best of all, here to tell you all about it. 
1/5/202328 minutes, 9 seconds
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27: 10 Rules to Self that will Change Your Life

This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. Sadie is someone who very much stands by her saying, "when you feel stuck or lost, get a new a perspective." Life is to short to focus on the bad and even thought sh!t gets hard (that's what she said), you gotta keep moving forward! On todays episode Sadie is giving y'all the 10 rules and motto she strictly follows that turned her life around and molded her into the person she is today. Live laugh love and listen in b!tches. 
12/20/202230 minutes
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26: Therapy with Sadie (I'm moving to New York City and have boy problems)

Welcome to therapy! Sadie is back from her last minute trip to NYC and questioning where she is in life... this is typical for the end of the year but this may be the first time we actually see her make a move. As always she has boy updates and sadly loosing touch with her confident advice that is normally a staple piece of hers. Lover girl Sadie on the rise? Hell no, but ... maybe.
12/16/202234 minutes, 55 seconds
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25: I f*cked up my Situation-ship, Went for a Night Out, and have Anger Issues

Situation-ships are like Sadies middle name, even though she's the queen of ruining every single one. Today she tells you what NOT to do if you want a possibility of yours lasting. Big girl moves/purchases are not something Sadie is the queen of but this past week she stepped up to the plate and bought her mom Kelley, whose frequently featured on her YouTube channel, a new car! A trip is something that your girl always has in store and this past wknd BAMA was the destination. Listen in to hear all about her night out on the town!
11/30/202232 minutes, 10 seconds
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24: Getting Lit-ty in Nashville City (Our Weekend in Nash) ft. Rilyn

This past weekend Sadie and Rilyn got the invite to Nash Vegayyy (Nashville). They've both been before, but had never been together. Well little did they know only two nights on Broadway would change the rest of their lives for the better. They met Doug and Trey. Now these two showed them how to party harder and longer with no departure. From keeping in on the lowest of they keys to being in one of the highest penthouses on the Broadway strip this episode is a MF treat with special ingredients ;)
11/16/202234 minutes, 3 seconds
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23: Hookup Culture, Cheating, Ex Boyfriends, The Ick, and the Time I Lost my Virginity

WOOHOOO to an episode that made it on time! This week Sadie took her episode topics str8 from all of you. BOYS, BOYS, BOYS was exactly what you guys wanted to hear about. Although she still can't manage to keep a relationship herself Sadie has some top tier advice from her male experiences. She also gives her opinions on hookup culture, long distance relationships, and what counts as cheating. PLEASE BE ADVISED SADIE HAS BEEN CALLED TOXIC AND CRAZY BY MULTIPLE MEN WHO WOULD PROBABLY CLAIM SHE MAY NOT BE THE BEST PERSON TO TAKE BOY ADVICE FROM even though they're still hitting her up weekly. Happy Late Wh0reaween by the way.
11/8/202232 minutes, 1 second
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22: I'm Moving Out ... (Auburn Rodeo Run Down, Stomach Issues, and my Dad went to the ER)

WOAH WOAH WOAH, Sadie moving out? This is a day we never saw coming, where on earth is she going? Who is she going with? Now of course her stomach issues are not a surprise to any of us but the story you hear today is something you never want to experience yourself... she almost sh!t on the beach. An Auburn Rodeo run down, FINALLY!!! We've been waiting to hear all about it, who did she meet, maybe a new phone boyfriend. One thing I'll tell you is she met a bad case of food poisoning. Lastly, oh no! Papa Lester is in the ER, what happened? All your questions answered on episode 22 of the best podcast around.
10/28/202234 minutes, 38 seconds
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21: My First Time Smoking Pot... at 12 Years Old

Imagine this, your 12 years old again and your mom dropped you off at a friends earlier in the evening. The wind is howling, the sounds of bats flying around, and sticks falling to the ground are sneaking in through the backdoor of the basement you just cracked open as quiet as possible. Did anyone hear? Let's hope not ... because it's 1 AM and you can't get caught sneaking out. Especially because tonight is a big deal, it's your first time getting high. You can't f*ck this up. Next thing you know your lips are inside a musty Gatorade bottle and you're inhaling like your life depends on it. "I need more!" you demand. Thoughts are calm inside your head because "No one gets high they're first time" At least that's what you were told. F*ck were those kids wrong. YOU'RE BAKED ... 
10/17/202236 minutes, 26 seconds
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20: This Episode is the definition of ADHD (and an insight scoop on Sadies frat boyfriend)

She's a travelin' again! Sadie is back on the road and her seasonal depression is going with her! So far she has spent a weekend in FSU and managed to bag 2 more phone boyfriends in just three days. Now she is in Nashville for a little while and getting ready to spend a weekend at the University of Alabama! Listen to her spell the tea on updates in her life including her diagnosed stomach issue, self diagnosed ADHD, and a frat boyfriend?!?!
10/10/202231 minutes, 26 seconds
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19: The Dark Reality of Being a YouTuber Ft. Bailey Dedrick

YouTuber Bailey Dedrick is joining us this week to go behind the scenes of her journey through social media and the real struggles behind it. Bailey started sharing her life online as early as 12 years old and has grown up in the eyes of many. Sadie and her share what this life is really like behind the scenes and share the reality that people on the other side of the screen don't exactly understand. They also share the laughable, ironic, and never told story on how they first met, which was not through social media. *Sadie has rated this episode as one you do not want to miss*
9/19/202241 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

18: Lets Get F*ckin Vulnerable.

If there is one thing commonly used to describe Sadie it's her "IDGAF" motto. Call her what you want, have your opinions on her but truth be told she doesn't care ... well in some cases. On todays episode she talks about how although she seems to not give a rats a$$ about others opinions, sometimes they get to her. I mean c'mon we're all HUMAN. Sadie also talks about her experience on a current popular podcast called BFFs and how it was an eye opener for her.
9/6/202228 minutes, 43 seconds
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17: My Nasty 19th Birthday in Nashville ... with more Tiktokers

A NASTY NINETEENTH in NASHVILLE? Oh Sadie is in for a treat. This past weekend was Sadies Birthday, and with her friends all being back in school she needed someway, somehow, and somewhere to get ROWDY ASF. When the same group of tiktokers she was with in episode 16 shouted her an invite to Nashville there was no questions asked. From blacking out 3 nights in a row, getting thrown to the wolves in the middle of tiktok drama, and finally meeting her crush since she was 16 years old, this episode covers it all. Listen in for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the mother f*cking truth.
8/26/202238 minutes, 55 seconds
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16: I've Always had a Boyfriend ...

Sadie is one to always flaunt her HOT GIRL not summer but all four seasons. Well in her real personal life this isn't always the case. Episode 16 dives deep into the behind the scenes of Sadies boy life and how she really is never fully single like she says. Sadie also recaps her previous weekend at ROCK THE SOUTH where she met new TIKTOKERS and may or may not have a crush on them all.
8/15/202238 minutes, 22 seconds
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15: What it's like Partying with TikTokers in LA

Just last weekend Sadie booked a last minute trip to Los Angeles with her best friend Rilyn. Both of them having 0 clue of what to expect little did they know this would be a weekend they’d never foget. Experiencing the party scene in LA, meeting the OG tiktokers, Sadies new crush, and how she almost f*cked a dilf are just a few topics explained in todays episode. Listen in to hear it all :)
7/31/202254 minutes, 45 seconds
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14: Why I Stopped the Podcast for 3 Months

Long time no see, LITERALLY. We know what you're all thinking, holy sh!t Sadie is finally back, but this dumb b!txh has the worst consistency in the podcast scene. TRUE ... but there's a reason Sadie was actually in a little cobweb and couldn't get out of it. Listen in to hear why Sadie LEGALLY had to stop her podcast for a little while.
7/13/202237 minutes, 37 seconds
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13: How I really have my confidence ...

Sadie gets asked a lot about how she is so comfortable in her own skin and doesn't care whatsoever about what others think or have to say about her. In this episode she talks about the real side of her crazy confidence and how everyone can have it.
4/12/202252 minutes, 21 seconds
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12: Sadies Step by Step Guide on how to get The Guy

We all have a crush, wether it's a guy you saw in a drive-thru , a kid in your class, your brothers best friend, your brothers best friends hot dad, we all have one. So that is why the most highly requested episode topic IS HERE. Sadie is finally sharing her secret step by step guide on how to get the guy you're into chasing you like a puppy. In this episode you'll be hearing all the Do's and all the Don'ts, how to cheat the average teenage/early 20s boy system, and have their brains only revolving around YOU. 
3/10/202238 minutes, 14 seconds
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11: I've been traveling the country ALONE ...

What's Up F*ckers!!! It's been a whole month since Sadie has hopped on the pod. Although this isn't for no reason ... in this episode Sadie explains WTF she's been up to and the big turn her life has taken. From crashing her new car Tom the Toyota, getting lost with crackheads, and almost getting kidnapped. Sadie is sharing all the stories from these trips she's been taking all Febuary. Grab some snacks and listen tf up because was that TMI is back!!! 
3/1/202243 minutes, 47 seconds
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10: How I got Arrested on my 18th Birthday

IT'S PARTY TIME F*CKERS! Come along for Sadies 18th birthday and experience it all. In this episode she takes you on a journey over to Florida  State University to celebrate her big eighteenth, aka a sh*t show. Getting put in the back of a cop car is just one of the funny things you get to hear all about. BUCKLE UP PEOPLE!
1/28/202240 minutes, 54 seconds
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9: HOW TO GET OVER IT! Turning the bad into the BEST!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you've been listening you know Sadie's been through some shit. The past few weeks she's realized, SO HAS EVERYONE. Wether your f*ck buddy is f*cking someone else, your best friend stabbed you in the back, or maybe you lost your job. Whatever the hell you're dealing with, you're not alone. In this episode Sadie shares how to take whatever is going on and make it YOUR B*TCH. How to turn your life around with only the concept of one word PERSPECTIVE. Listen closely people, this year is where you're gonna find yourself.
1/10/202237 minutes, 26 seconds
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A story time EVERYONE needs to hear. Sadie got lied to, completely betrayed, and she's here to tell you it all. Listen in and learn from her mistakes, toxic people aren't worth it, gut feelings are real, and liars will always lie. TO THE NEW YEAR WE GO! Hey Siri, play No Flockin' by Kodak Black.
12/28/202144 minutes, 41 seconds
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7: I'm Drunk, Emotional, and Sharing Way to Much... I’ve been BETRAYED.

Wow, does Sadie have some juicy tea for y'all today. Oh and she’s hammered! Welcome to Sadies first DRUNK episode! Why you may ask? Lets just say she’s got f*cked over big time, and her hearts hurting just a little … (lot).  Listen in to hear the full story, and some very good advice she gives from experiences, enjoy :) Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code TMI at #ad #manscapedpod
12/10/202131 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sneaking out and not getting caught is something we all know Sadie has mastered, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had any close calls. In this episode Sadie tells a story of the time she snuck out and found herself 5 hours later walking miles, alone in a severe thunderstorm back to her house, hoping she could make it in time before her parents wake up…
12/2/202128 minutes, 54 seconds
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5: BLACKING OUT @ FSU, Getting the FRAT FLU, and the Worst of it all Eating Disorders

Sadie has taken a week off, not because it was planned, she came down with the “Frat Flu.” Sadie found herself on her deathbed with the flu a few days after visiting her brother in college and she’s hear now to tell you all about it. She discuses how her weekend played out while visiting her brother and dives into another big topic that plays a role inter life, eating disorders. Listen in to hear all about it.
11/25/202133 minutes, 22 seconds
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4: Stressed but Doing my Best :) *trying to at least*

From the outside people may think Sadie's life is super simple and easy, but in reality there is a lot that goes into every little thing she does, down to simply just posting an instagram story. In this episode Sadie talks about the real work side of what she does and how it can get to be a lot to handle. She also shares on how it's hard for her to be in a field that is completely different than what her friends do, and how the decision on not going to college may be something she completely regrets...
11/11/202123 minutes, 4 seconds
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3: My Halloweekend AKA an ABSOLUTE SH*T SHOW, and the SECRET on why you shouldn't FALL IN LOVE when you're young.

This past weekend Sadie decided to take a road trip up to her hometown for Halloween. Little did she know it would all take a turn for the worst... Failing to surprise her ex and getting pulled over by a cop in one night is an understatement for the way her whole weekend play out. Sadie also gives her advice as to why she thinks you shouldn't fall in love when you're young and her very detailed and emotional reasoning behind it.
11/4/202136 minutes, 34 seconds
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2: Flying Across the Country to get Cheated On

A never told story that has been sitting on Sadies chest since New Years Eve is finally being told. Over a year long of a secret long distance “relationship” that ended up being thrown in a blender and chopped up is finally being told by Sadie herself … buckle up people.
10/27/202130 minutes, 9 seconds
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1: How it all began...

To kick off her very first episode Sadie EXPOSES her never heard before rocky past and how it got led her to where she is today. She also shares the truth on how she “blew up” and the secret to becoming a full time social media influencer.
10/22/202125 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode One TRAILER

10/16/202127 seconds
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Episode One TRAILER

10/16/202127 seconds