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Walking Down Hope Street

Scottish Gaelic, Sports, 1 season, 48 episodes, 1 day, 20 hours, 43 minutes
Introducing Walking Down Hope Street. A podcast for Falkirk fans where each month we meet a former Bairn and chat about their time in the navy blue.
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48 - Craig Ireland

From turning down Jim McLean to Barry Fry blocking Bristol and leading the Bairns in the SPLSupport the show
4/11/202453 minutes, 40 seconds
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47 - Rory Loy

From Killie prodigy to a life in commentary and a race against time to make the Scottish Cup Final.Support the show
2/22/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 18 seconds
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46 - Ian Westwater

From being crocked by Romario, to becoming a Dunfermline legend and a shocking experience in the Brockville bath.Support the show
12/14/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 45 seconds
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45 - Gareth Hutchison

From success with Stenny, to full time football with the Bairns and a room service romance with Kevin James...Support the show
9/28/202343 minutes, 7 seconds
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44 - Colin McNair

From a star in the making to hitting rock bottom and taking the long road to recovery...Support the show
5/18/202347 minutes, 52 seconds
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43 - Neil Scally

An Ayrshire beginning, to a Magician’s apprentice and a winning cup-final goal for the BairnsSupport the show
3/23/202341 minutes, 48 seconds
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42 - Simon Stainrod

From satsuma-stopping with Budgie to that iconic 'table-topping' moment and the true story of his infamous shoe...Support the show
12/15/20221 hour, 21 minutes, 37 seconds
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41 - Brian Brown

From growing up a Bairn, to pulling on the Navy Blue and then a new life down under...Support the show
11/10/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 41 seconds
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40 - Peter Hetherston

From Bairns breakthrough, to Elton's soirées and adding a 'Crunch' to Albion Rovers...Support the show
10/6/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 25 seconds
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39 - Colin McDonald

From not a lot of sunshine on Leith, to start striker at the Bairns with tales of Wales and wages wars in between.Support the show
8/18/202252 minutes, 2 seconds
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38 - Paul Smith

From Bairns player to coach, and a tour de force of Scottish football in betweenSupport the show
7/14/202259 minutes, 59 seconds
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37 - Ricky Waddell

From the Warriors to dodging Totten’s missiles and a Braves new world...Support the show
5/12/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 38 seconds
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36 - Wilson Hoggan

Support the show
3/3/202225 minutes, 49 seconds
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35 - Gordon Marshall

From that famous win at Parkhead to a dressing room dressing-down from Souness and an old firm negotiation at the salon...Support the show
1/27/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 42 seconds
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34 - Derek McWilliams

From Vince Mennie's home videos to Jim Duffy’s special rub and the case of the missing trophy...Support the show
12/2/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 37 seconds
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33 - Mark Kerr

From early days with The Cat, to an Aegean adventure and becoming a Champ Man legend...Support the show
10/14/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 29 seconds
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32 - Jimmy GIlmour

From the royal treatment at Queen's Park, to a pep talk from Jimmy Johnstone and a plethora of shrewd negotiations...Support the show
9/2/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 1 second
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31 - David Nicholls

From Irish Sea ping-pong to sparing Totten’s blushes and a Spanish fiesta with Ian McCall.Support the show
8/5/202138 minutes, 55 seconds
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30 - Craig Brown

From Dens Park champions to Brockville heckles and Fergie's 'holiday of a lifetime'...Support the show
7/8/202148 minutes, 2 seconds
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29 - Tony Parks

From the UEFA Cup to the B&Q Cup and a stellar coaching career.Support the show
6/3/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 20 seconds
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28 - Kevin James

From a glorious semi to a dream move to Gorgie and a victorious return as captain...Support the show
5/6/202157 minutes, 29 seconds
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27 - Neil Duffy

From South Africa to Dundee, the world's worst "My Way" and a greased up Stainrod.Support the show
4/1/202151 minutes, 11 seconds
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26 - Andy Lawrie

Sacked as a boot boy, going mega in Maga and a decade of highs and lows.Support the show
2/18/20211 hour, 1 minute, 10 seconds
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25 - John Baird

From bravado at the Bully Wee, to 'dancing on the streets of Raith' and a Gasparotto sight you can't unsee...Support the show
11/26/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 55 seconds
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24 - Phil & Carrie Rawlins

A WDHS special where we catch up with potential investors Phil & Carrie Rawlins... Support the show
10/18/202029 minutes, 32 seconds
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23 - Paul Mathers

From a Dundee whodunnit, to a black tie shoot-out and a ‘Bel Classico’ to remember…Support the show
9/24/202059 minutes, 57 seconds
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22 - Darryl Duffy

From success with the Bairns to spicing things up in Goa and a plethora of tap-ins in between...Support the show
8/27/202055 minutes, 20 seconds
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21 - Kevin Christie

From boyhood dreams to pocketing 10 grand from Big Eck to a rollercoaster ride at Brockville...Support the show
7/16/202037 minutes, 16 seconds
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20 - Steven Thomson

Moving to a Palace, a debut from El Tel and a career revived back in Scotland.Support the show
6/18/202056 minutes, 54 seconds
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19 - Kieran McAnespie

From flourishing in Perth to a Magaluf dilemma and being Russell Latapy’s wingman.Support the show
4/23/202049 minutes, 13 seconds
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18 - Thomas Scobbie

Over a decade with the Bairns, from bootboy to leader and forever in Posh Spice’s thoughts...Support the show
4/2/202059 minutes, 59 seconds
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17 - Kevin McAllister

From a memorable debut, a Chelsea road trip with Billy Lamont and falling out with Marino Keith. We chat to the king of the wing...Support the show
3/12/202057 minutes, 35 seconds
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16 - Richard Cadette

Signed by a World Cup winner, a half-time bust up with Jim Jefferies and an Ibrox masterclass. Support the show
2/20/202042 minutes, 29 seconds
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15 - Liam Craig

From FA Youth Cup success to a royal rumble at Easter Road and over a decade of service at St Johnstone.Support the show
1/30/202059 minutes, 57 seconds
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14 - Ivo Den Bieman

From getting talent spotted by a meat trader to being on the end of Jim Duffy’s studs to a memorable equaliser against the Pars. We chat to....Support the show
1/9/202059 minutes, 58 seconds
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13 - Alex Totten

From the pitch to the dugout (via Anfield and Ibrox) with a famous Stainrod goal chucked in for good measure. We chat through a lifetime of work with Falkirk FC...Support the show
12/19/201956 minutes, 21 seconds
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12 - Darren Barr

From sweeping the stands at Brockville, captaining the Bairns in a cup final and starring alongside David Weir for Scotland. We all dream of a team of....Support the show
11/28/201947 minutes, 7 seconds
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11 - Kenny Deuchar

From ballboy to the first team, and a bit of Jeff Stelling thrown in. We chat to the 'Good Doctor'...Support the show
11/7/201959 minutes, 58 seconds
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10 - David Weir

From Shieldhill to facing with the deadliest strikers in the world and honing those skills at Brockville. We chat to a decorated pro.Support the show
9/5/201953 minutes, 10 seconds
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09 - Jamie McGowan

From lifeguarding at Morecambe to joining Simon Stainrod in Dundee and leading out the Bairns in a Scottish Cup Final. We chat to a man who's made Falkirk his home...Support the show
8/15/201936 minutes, 49 seconds
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08 - Tom Taiwo

From Chelsea starlet to Friday night frying pan tennis at Carlisle to the brink of promotion and near Scottish Cup success with Falkirk. We chat to another former Bairn...Support the show
7/25/201945 minutes, 17 seconds
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07 - Jim Jefferies

From dressing room mutiny to a trip to the moon with Yogi and ballroom dancing with Vladimir Romanov. We talk to Falkirk’s manager of the millennium...Support the show
7/4/201959 minutes, 52 seconds
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06 - Joe McLaughlin

From the ‘Pele’copter to Falkirk (via the King’s Road) and playing second fiddle to a greyhound. We speak to another former Bairn...Support the show
6/13/201959 minutes, 6 seconds
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05 - Jamie McQuilken

From a debut going up in flames to chasing Eamonn Bannon and an abrupt ending to the last game at Brockville. We catch up with another former Bairn.Support the show
5/23/201950 minutes, 11 seconds
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04 - Scott MacKenzie

From Knightswood to the Brockville astroturf earning a testimonial along the way. We speak to one of the Bairns longest servants.Support the show
5/2/201950 minutes, 47 seconds
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03 - Sam McGivern

From Jim Duffy’s icebreakers to a Broomfield demolition job and a few pints in Saltcoats. Super Sam talks to Walking Down Hope Street.Support the show
4/11/201947 minutes, 34 seconds
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02 - Darren Dods

From Alex McLeish’s Haka to trying to shackle Lionel Messi to lifting silverware for the Bairns.  Darren Dods shares stories from his career.Support the show
3/21/201951 minutes, 54 seconds
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01 - Crawford Baptie

From the juniors, to lifts in Peter Houston’s Nissan Cherry to holidays with Jim Jefferies...we catch up with Bairns legend Crawford Baptie.Support the show
2/28/201945 minutes, 13 seconds