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Walang benta? If you are a business owner, service provider, or anything in between, join Jungie Gumiran and Airon Dela Cruz as they explore the tools, tips, and tricks, do’s and don’ts how to sell stuff online. This is the ‘Walang Kang Benta’ - The Podcast For comments and suggestions and if you want to be a guest on the show email us at [email protected]
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Three Things To Do If You Were to Start Your Business All Over Again

Ang tanong, 'Ano ang gagawin mo pag magstart ka ng business ulit?'. Marahil tanong mo din to sa mga nagagwapuhan at yayamanin [ehemmm...] nating mga hosts. But seriously, oo nga naman, sa estado ba naman nila ngayon with them hitting&nbsp; 7, 8,&nbsp; and 9-figure businesses and starting a new one at that, is there something that they would do differently if they were to start again?For sure, for someone hitting those kinds of milestones in their businesses, hindi maipagkakaila na madami din silang mga wisdom learned along the process of creating their empires. And malamang hitik sa dami na kakapulutan natin ng aral at insights if you[ naman this time] are to build your business.Minsan talaga when you're starting and deciding on creating a business, especially in the freelancing world, ang hirap mag-isip. Lalo pa't you come from working in a corporate setup. You can't deny na balot na balot ka pa ng employee mindset and what you are deciding on spending on, di mo alam kung it's an asset or liability when it comes to structuring your skill for a business.Kaya bago pa tayo magwaldas ng pera sa kung ano ano at saan saan, why not join these two business shakers and movers, Jungie Gumiran, and Airon dela Cruz for their precious insights and ideas on starting a business and choosing a skill that you can monetize to the hilt.Nga pala, may balita, last episode na daw nila to? Di nga!!?? Totoo ba? Ba't naman? If you're as curious as anyone else, tara na at samahan sila only here in Wala Kang Benta - The Podcast! and let us get it straight from the horses' mouth. Makikichismis ka na….ayyyyy makikibalita pala, may matututunan ka pa!What you'll learn from this episode:&nbsp;How to find that one profitable skill you've been looking for.Why these skills are considered marketable and are easily monetizedFinding out one skill that has a big chance of scaling your business’ growth and building your own business empireThe three important activities that your business need to focus on so it stays and keeps growingSkills that you can offer that meet these three essential business activities for business scalability.Why your actual product is also part of customer retention.How to structure your skill as a business.The importance of finding a mentorWhy build your network [who do you network with and where to find your network]How to create a relationship with your mentor and start building your network from thereOne big tip that you can do to build your networkWhy invest in assets as early as you can and not on liabilitiesHow to save money for your capitalConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:<a...
3/7/202338 minutes, 17 seconds
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Unlock the Answers to Your Most Pressing Business Questions Today!

Business with its many facets and the nitty gritty details involved when starting up and running it, di maubos ubos talaga ang tanong. And who better to ask and get pieces of advice from than those who have been on this journey and who have tried, tested, and successfully proven strategies that really works.With many of you emailing Airon and Jungie with your questions covering many topics, they've thought of a way to answer them and it is by way of this podcast so it gets shared to everyone.Yes, minsan sumasakit ulo mo kakaisip on things that don't deserve your time and energy, sa totoo lang. Katulad na lang nitong tanong on how to handle competitors that imitate your brand's marketing strategy. Bago ka pa tuluyang mastress nang todo, kinig muna tayo kung ano ang pinaka the best na gagawin so you can turn that problem into your competitive advantage.For those wanting to gain more knowledge on Business, Finance, Marketing and Ads matters, you're sure to hear book resources you can turn to to gain more insights from. Tsaka na rin kung ano dapat gawin mo bago ka maghanap ng librong babasahin.Balak mo bang magkaroon ng isang product line na as successful as Jungie's Juju brand? Anong important considerations when it comes to producing them locally or outside of the country? Ano ba ang uunahin mong iconsider -- market or product itself? This seems to be a simple thing to answer. But you should listen to their valuable insights at tiyak mapa 'oo nga' ka na lang and you'll leave with a brand new business perspective na paniguradong makakatulong sa yo.Kung problema at challenges lang ang pag-uusapan, meron sila nyan. Halika at samahan sila so we'll know what they are and how they find solutions for them and you'll be forewarned, guided, at higit sa lahat you know what to do as you build your own business or anong dapat baguhin sa kung anong hindi nagwork sa ngayon in running your business affairs.Dito lang yan sa Wala Kang Benta - The Podcast!What you'll learn from this episode:Learn how you can start small and build big from thereFind out why it is not a good idea to just copy any marketing strategy that your competitor employs just because it works for them [what works for them might not work for you]How to be one step ahead of your copycat competitorsBook recommendations for Business and Finance, Marketing, and about AdsWhat you can learn from Jungie's own Juju Brand in terms of manufacturing them in other countries versus having done it locallyA quick discussion on what a white label brand is and how it worksWhy you should start with finding a market you want to help and think about the product and solution for that chosen nicheFind out the major problems Jungie and Airon had faced and are currently facing now in their businesses and how they are finding solutions for themWatch out for exciting stuff and events coming upBook Resources:Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't by Jim Collins: Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World by Brendan Kane: with Airon dela Cruz:Facebook:<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
2/28/202341 minutes, 25 seconds
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7 Productivity Tips from “Unproductive” People

“What tips and hacks can you share to help become more productive?” - JeffAno ba talaga kasi ang ibig sabihin ng productive? And how does one measure it? Jeff, one of WKB’s listeners sent in this question, and Airon and Jungie will share their personal tips to give you an idea on how to be productive.Ito ‘yung nag-work sa kanila. And caveat lang, it may not work for everybody ha. Bakit? Kasi iba-iba tayo ng situation. Iba-iba ang responsbilities natin. Yes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. But at the end of each day, it’s all about doing what it takes to move needles either in your business or personal life.Maraming myths ang made-debunk today about productivity. Like, pwede ka pa rin ba’ng maging productive kahit late ka na nagigising? O kaya naman kahit isang oras sa isang araw ka lang mag-trabaho? Productive ka pa rin ba kahit in the middle of the day nagsi-siyesta ka? O kahit wala ka nang tulog? Required ba talaga na may to-do list at calendar ka? Check this week’s episode kasi hindi lang tips and hacks ang shared dito. Baka ito na ‘yung hinihintay mo’ng marinig to feel liberated and finally tell yourself, “Ay! Productive naman pala ako, eh.” And also, thank you, Jeff, for asking your question. And if you have any questions, ‘wag mahiya. Keep them coming. Send your questions here: [email protected] this episode, learn:The productivity tip that led Jungie to close his Facebook Ads Agency last yearWhy Airon doesn’t check social media during the first half of his dayThe importance of rest and taking power napsHow you can destress and be fit at the same timeWhat they both learned from A.J. Gatbonton about delegationWhy it's important to avoid your stressorsWhat being productive really is. And no, it’s not about ticking off your to-do list or having a full calendarConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin: Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin: with Wala Kang Benta - The PodcastWebsite: Page: love to hear from you! For comments and suggestions, and if you want to be featured on the show email us at <a href="mailto:[email protected]" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
2/5/202328 minutes, 52 seconds
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Unconventional Tips & Advice We Wish We Knew Before Starting A Business

Are you planning on starting a business, but you don't have any experience running one? Much less you don't have any idea what things to consider, kung meron man, you need more heads para timbangin ang mga bagay bagay. Of course, that's understandable, pera pinag-uusapan dito. Business is an investment. Anything na investment may kakambal na risk yan, and for that kailangan natin mamanage ang ganitong mga bagay.&nbsp;Di lang to usapang pera, may time, effort, pawis, kahit emosyon nga involve dito. And to prepare for whatever happens kailangan maging ready ka. You've got to arm yourself with the knowledge and wisdom para may bala kang babaunin sa gyera. In this case, we're talking about your business. Tsaka para iwas heartache, mistakes, at regrets na rin.&nbsp;Tara kining tayo! For sure, value bombs na naman to with Airon and Jungie. Dito lang yan sa Wala Kang Benta - The Podcast!What you'll learn from this episode:&nbsp;Learn not to burn all your boats [Kailan ba strategic na mangutang ka?]Why you shouldn't take advice from non-builders [seek advice from proven doers and leaders]]Learn to find something that you enjoy doing [but be careful to turn your passion into business]Why you should overcommunicate your goals to your team as a business ownerDecide to create a business that fits the lifestyle you wantLearn to find joy in everything you do [..finding motivation as there's no perfect business]Connect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin: with Wala Kang Benta - The PodcastWe love to hear from you! For comments, suggestions, and if you want to be featured on the show email us at [email protected]
1/29/202338 minutes, 15 seconds
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Make Money While You Sleep With Email Marketing

Naranasan mo na bang ma-ban sa Facebook at mawalan ng Facebook Page? Nakakadismaya, di ba? Pano pa kung ikaw ay business owner at restricted yung account at page mo, eh di wala kang benta, wala kang negosyo. Usually that runs not just for a day but for ilang araw. Imagine the inconvenience and the loss of sales. Yan ang isa sa mga downside pag you don't own and you don't control the platform. Anytime, pwede kang palayasin ng walang paalam. And where does that leave you now?We say there are other ways we can always contact them -- we call them o di kaya, message them through SMS. But how far can these ways help us? Besides consuming your time and effort, people avoid answering calls when it's not in their phonebook, and only a number appears. For fear of scammers, people are also not open to calls. Though, all these alternatives nakakatulong sya pero why not utilize another way with which you convert and retain customers?That's where the value of the email list comes in. That's your asset, and you own it. Kahit magkagulo man si Facebook, Instagram or ano pa mang platform dyan, safe ka pa rin. You can always sell, and your business goes on as usual ka pa rin.It's always nice to catch our customers in the platform they're comfortable using, and besides, our market has different ways of consuming content. And email marketing has a way of creating a big impact on the bottom line of your business. Especially with these automations that we are talking about in this episode, tiyak you will learn to understand how important email marketing is and how it will surely boost your income. Besides it being a cheaper marketing method, it can be a high-performing marketing avenue to convert, nurture, and retain your customers for life.Tara na, let's join Jungie and Airon to learn how each automation works and how it helps build a long-term relationship with your customers and grow your business and of course your bottomline.In this episode, you'll learn:What makes your email list as precious as goldWhy do we not send to people who do not have their permissionWhy email and not calls or SMS?Is there really a market for emails, or are there really those who read emails?Why have an email list even before you run FB adsTo whom should we send emails to?What you need to automate your emails forCan you still do email marketing even without a website?Learn how to make people aware of your product and brandFind out how to build relationships with your customers and retain them for long-termLearn about the 5 Email automation that all ECom businesses should have: 1. Welcome series [how to go about it]&nbsp;Second email automation: Abandoned cart / abandoned checkout [what you need to address here]Third email automation: Post-purchase [why this is considered one of the most powerful series you can do]Fourth email: Win-back email [ how to use it]Strategies to win back your customersFifth automation: sunset automation [who is this for and how to approach this automation]Dito lang yan sa Wala Kang Benta - The PodcastConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook: <a...
1/22/202354 minutes, 57 seconds
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Running FB Ads: Sulit Nga Ba o Gastos Lang?

“FB Ads? Di naman effective sa’min yan!” Di nga, talaga ba? Do you hear yourself saying this or do you find many who get frustrated running ads? Yes, it’s understandable to hear people lament about spending on something that isn’t working. Especially in business, the goal is to earn. Sino nga ba ang hindi mamumuroblema kung labas ng labas ka ng pera wala namang pumapasok na benta? Aba eh, that would kill your business. And that’s not what we want. Gusto natin kumita and make our business lives on.Posible naman talaga. Marami naman dyan for years they’ve continued running ads to find quality leads that most likely converts. They say, if you really want to scale your business to a level you’d want your business to reach, mag FB ads ka. You don’t get limited to your current circle of audience as FB ads are borderless in terms of location and space, andami mong maabot versus relying on other traditional ways of advertising. In fact, these months of January to March are the most opportunistic time for you to acquire leads if you’re a business owner, and for you to find prospective clients you can offer this premium skill of running FB ads for as a freelancer. Pero bakit nga ba….why all this negative idea about FB ads?&nbsp;Before you totally believe yourself, get frustrated about FB ads being gastos lang and lose your chance to rake in sales and earn millions from them, tambay ka muna dito.&nbsp;Here’s Jungie and Airon para pag-usapan, isa-isahin at himay-himayin ang mga objections on doing FB Ads and most importantly, how to successfully run FB ads that works and converts.Whether you are a business owner who wants to grow your business or a freelancer who wants to find a skill to offer as a premium, join us to the end as secrets are spilled and value bombs explode in this conversation.In this episode you’ll learn:Big benefits of running Fb ads versus traditional advertising avenues&nbsp;&nbsp;How freelancers can offer FB ads as premium service to business ownersSecrets to running a successful FB adsWhat you need to consider when running ads to prevent restrictions and most importantly not to lose sales and your businessWorkaround tips to avoid getting banned and restrictedPolicies you need to know to prevent losing your FB accountsWhat business owners should be wary about when hiring freelancers for FB adsWhat must be done before running your adsHow to increase your buying conversionFamiliarize and understand terms used in running FB ads to reach the standard conversion rate.Important rules for running FB adsConversion goals you need to hit for every platform you utilize for your adsBest practices for coming up with ad creativesHow you can make your ad a scroll-stopperLahat yan, only here in Wala Kang Benta - The Podcast!&nbsp;Connect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
1/17/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 37 seconds
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2023 Na! Start Your Business Series: Know The KEY to BENTA

Isa ka ba sa mga naliligaw at hindi na rin alam ang gagawin pagkatapos mong ma-conceptualize ang business na gusto mong simulan?Nakaisip ka na ng product/service, masaya ka kasi ‘yon talaga ‘yong gusto mo gawin at i-offer, tapos feeling mo okay naman na, so pwede mo na i-launch.&nbsp;Pero what happens after that? Ano na ang next step para hindi malugi, in short, bumenta?Maraming businesses ngayon, lalo na sa Pilipinas, na hindi nagmamaterialize dahil puro ideas lang. Walang projections ng kita, hindi alam saan pupunta; worse ay hindi na alam kung in line pa ba sa long-term goal ‘yong ginagawa.Alam niyo kung bakit? Kasi wala silang business plan! Pasok nang pasok sa market nang walang plan, tapos kapag hindi bumenta, tingin nila hindi na sila magaling sa ginagawa nila.&nbsp; Pero ‘wag kayong mag-alala, kasi in this episode, to the rescue na naman ang hosts ng Wala Kang Benta.&nbsp;Samahan niyo sina Coach Jungie at Coach Airon as they teach us the how-to’s ng paggawa ng ating business plan. Kasi kung gusto mo talaga ng business na kumikita ng pera, kailangan mo ‘yong pagplanuhan.In this episode, learn:· &nbsp; What a business plan is, and why it’s a must that you have one before starting anything, be that a business or a product.· &nbsp; Easy-to-follow steps on how to create a business plan / the three (3) components of a business plan· &nbsp; Debunked common misconceptions in relation to a business’ mission and vision· &nbsp; How to conceptualize the product/service that you’re going to offer while differentiating it from your competitors.· &nbsp; Tips on market research, especially on analyzing and understanding the market to your advantage· &nbsp; Why you should have your six-month marketing plan ready, and why it has to be six months· &nbsp; The wins on doing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis· &nbsp; What information to include in the business process and finance part of your business plan?Connect with Airon dela Cruz· &nbsp; Facebook:· &nbsp; Website:;· &nbsp; Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie Gumiran· &nbsp; Facebook:· &nbsp; Website:· &nbsp; Youtube:· &nbsp; Linkedin:;Connect with Wala Kang...
1/8/202343 minutes, 58 seconds
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2023 Na! Start Your Business Series: Anong E-Comm Biz ang Swak sa Kapital ko?

“Coach, ganitong amount pa lang ‘yong capital na meron ako. Pwede na ba akong mag-start ng sarili kong e-commerce brand nito?”Happy New Year, everyone! Kumusta ang start ng 2023 ninyo?Marami bang naibenta bago matapos ang 2022? Naitawid niyo ba ang business niyo sa panibagong taon?We’re grateful na kasama pa rin namin kayo sa podcast hanggang ngayon, at super excited na kami sa #newyearnewbusinessgoals nating lahat this year!At dahil dyan, isa ka ba sa mga naghahanap ng sagot kung paano mo sisimulan ang pagbuo ng sarili mong e-commerce brand at empire ngayong taon?Nito lang nakaraan ay nag-post si Coach Airon tungkol sa pag-start ng e-commerce brand, at sa episode na ito ay sasagutin natin ang FAQ na kadikit noon.“Kung gusto kong mag-start ng sarili kong e-commerce business this 2023, saan nga ba magandang magsimula base sa capital na meron ako?”Maraming risks; maraming challenges, but worry no more because Coach Airon and Coach Jungie are on their way to be of help! Samahan niyo kami sa&nbsp; episode na ito as we discover e-commerce models na perfect fit sa ating capital in peso.In this episode, learn:· &nbsp; Why it’s crucial that you know what kind of business model it is that you’re going to maximize upon starting your e-comm business· &nbsp; Three e-commerce business models that fit best on your capital· &nbsp; The difference between reselling and dropshipping, and why those two are perfect for 10k-50k peso capital· &nbsp; Coach Jungie’s piece of advice for those who are planning to drop ship and/or resell· &nbsp; How distributorship differs from being a reseller, and why it’s best for you to start as a distributor if you have 50k-300k in capital· &nbsp; What you need to consider when creating a brand of your own· &nbsp; Why starting a private label would cost you around one million (1M) and above in capital· &nbsp; The pros and cons of creating and starting your own brand· &nbsp; How life- and business-changing it can be when you take good care of your distributors&nbsp;Connect with Airon dela Cruz· &nbsp; Facebook:· &nbsp; Website:;· &nbsp; Linkedin: with Jungie Gumiran· &nbsp; Facebook:· &nbsp; Website:· &nbsp; Youtube:· &nbsp; Linkedin:...
1/1/202340 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sa Mundo ng Pagbebenta, Ping-Pong Player Ka Ba o Bowler?

Marami ka bang nai-benta nitong 2022? Ngayong nakakalabas na lahat, kaya ma-trapik na rin, dapat marami nang benta. Gusto mo’ng dumami pa lalo ‘yung benta mo for 2023? May negosyo ka man o wala listen to the year-ender episode of Wala Kang Benta - The Podcast kasi may pa-reveal sina Airon at Jungie. Ang tagal din nilang hinintay i-share ito.Ano ba talaga kasi ang tamang approach sa pagne-negosyo? At ano ang kinalaman ng ping-pong sa pagbebenta? Ping-pong na sport ha, hindi kung anu-anong ping-pong. Dapat ba ping-pong player ka? O bowler? Want to know which one is better? O baka naman you should be both?In this episode, pause muna tayo sa Business Series, kasi they will share the greatest marketing lesson for 2022 na super basic at cliche man, eh dapat alam na alam nating lahat, mapa-newbie ka man or seasoned freelancer or business owner na. Kasi bukod sa maraming sales, there’s also another thing you should be paying attention to. Ano ‘yun? Makinig sa pagninilay-nilay nila for 2022, para makabenta ka ng mas marami for 2023.In this episode, learn:The biggest marketing lesson for 2022 and why it’s important to nail it whether you’re starting or scaling your businessWhat it really means to understand your target marketThe question Jungie asked himself to help him find out his target market’s deepest darkest desiresThe Ping-Pong versus Bowling analogy you should look into when it comes to being a business ownerWhy you shouldn’t overlook feedback from your existing customersWhat 2022 made sellers and marketers realizeConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin: with Wala Kang Benta - The PodcastWebsite: Page: love to hear from you! For comments and suggestions, and if you want to be featured on the show email us at [email protected].
12/25/202225 minutes, 19 seconds
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Physical or Digital Product? The ‘RealTalk’ Take On Creating Your First Ecommerce Product

Hirap mamili, ano?... Lalo pa't parang lahat naman maganda at wala kang masasabing masama sa isa sa kanila. Ganito ba talaga pag may napupusuan kang dalawa?Perhaps, isa ka din sa naguguluhan at nagtatanong kung alin nga ba ang pinaka the best na ipursue: digital ba or physical product? Sa dami ng pinagtanungan mo, di mo na alam sa'n ka makikinig. Sa ganda ba naman ng mga explanations nila, mas lalo ka tuloy confused. Tama ba? Ganon naman talaga 'yon. Ayaw mo lang kasing magkamali, business ba naman papasukin mo at tiyak may investment na hinihingi 'yon [time, money, resources, effort..the list continues]. Di madali, katulad na lang ng pagpili ng product na ibebenta..This is Part 3 of the ‘How to Start a Business Series, where Jungie and Airon will deep dive and share their personal takes about kung ano ba talaga ang mas okay ibenta - physical or digital product.This episode is inspired by our WKB listener JK who asked via email, ‘Coaches, sobrang natutuwa ako sa podcast nyo inaabangan ko talaga each episode,kasi natututo ako, tawa pa ako ng tawa. Question lang po, I want to start an ecommerce business, ano po ang mas okay na ibenta,physical or digital product, kasi conflicting ang narerecieve kong feedback.’In this episode, Jungie and Airon walk us through the two types of eCommerce products and will share the most no BS, straightforward explanation of how to start your own eCommerce business from scratch, and the challenges that go about starting an eCommerce venture no hype, real talk and no sugarcoating.Stay tune up until the end if you are someone who is looking to start your own eCommerce brand this coming 2023. Walang tapon sa episode na ito.What you'll learn from this episode:All about your product’s unique selling point that will make your clients want to buy itThe pros and cons of digital and physical eCommerce productThe idea of scalability when it comes to developing your digital and physical eCommerce productKnow the pros and cons of selling a digital and a physical product, so you know anong matimbang sa 'yoFind out how much marketing effort you must utilize to sell the physical productMore of the ‘How to Start a Business Series’:1. From Kuwento to Kuwenta: Tips to Finding and Validating Your Business Ideas2. Define Your Business Hugot: ‘Gusto Ko Lang Yumaman!’Connect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:<a href="" rel="noopener...
12/18/202239 minutes, 38 seconds
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Define Your Business Hugot: ‘Gusto Ko Lang Yumaman!’

Many of us have taken the most traveled route of being employees -- study, do well in school, graduate, and hopefully land a good job. And nothing wrong with that. You report to work and do what's expected of you for a specified duration during the day. That's it. That's easier to get a fixed monthly earning and only mind your assigned task. That is simply put it.But when it comes to owning a business, it's a different story. You drive it yourself, and you're responsible for its outcome. And not everything is smooth sailing. Challenges come and test your patience. How do you pivot? [..but that's for another topic..]That's why only a few jump into it quickly; the level of commitment is of another level. You also must include a passion for keeping that fire to keep pushing through.But despite all these, why do we encourage people, especially employees, to start a business?Let's join our marketing world masters, Airon and Jungie, as they share their big takeaways from their pre-business phase to this time that they already are business owners. Many of you can relate to their experiences navigating the corporate world. And I'm sure many of you will also find valuable insights into what they have to say on why you should start having your own business now.Here's how to figure out your Northstar [when deciding what business to pursue]:You can create a Lifestyle Business - one that will allow you to travel, partyparty ka lang, nasa beach ka at gusto mo kumita.Start a Legacy Business - ito young business na ipapamana mo, may malaking commitment involved.Build a Business that you would grow to a certain level - Yung tipong pag nag 7-figure okay na to for you, at a certain age okay na to ibebenta mo na sya, pwede ka nang magretire. Kumbaga sa retirement mo all good ka na.What you'll learn from this episode:Find your purpose on why you want to start your business; that will determine the kind of business you will pursueDiscover other surprising benefits of owning a business other than earning more than what is needed.Learn how owning a business affords you the opportunity to grow as a person and business owner and allows you unlimited possibilities for learning.Key Takeaways:"Bago akong maging business owner kaya ko gustong magbusiness kasi meron kasabihan, general knowledge na di ka yayamna pag employee ka lang at maraming naniniwala dito. For the most part there is some truth to this." - Airon dela Cruz"Nung time ko gusto ko kasing enjoyin yung mga activities na I love doing,&nbsp;running, hiking, surfing, scuba diving. Syempre mga activities naman meron kaakibat na expenses. That's what I mean when I say gusto ko yumaman kasi I am able to do the things na gusto ko gawin." - Airon dela Cruz"Pinakahugot ko before ako magbusiness is gusto kong kumita ng more than sapat kasi noon talaga kailangan mong pagkasyahin lahat lalo na di naman kalakihan sweldo mo." - Airon dela CruzNorth star yong pinakapurpose mo why you want to start a business. - Airon dela Cruz"With me gusto ko kumita talaga. I want quick cash." - Jungie Gumiran"One reason kung bat ako umalis sa corporate is because I realized I am not built to work sa corporate." - Jungie Gumiran"Naghanap ako ng something na I can make my own rule, kung saan dapat ako ang magdedecide kung kelan ako magwowork, ako ang gagawa ng rule sa sarili kong business." - Jungie Gumiran"Importante rin kasi na alam mo yung hugot mo kasi yon yung magseset ng pace kapag may business ka na." - Jungie Gumiran'You need to choose kasi [go back to your Northstar], di sya pwedeng halo halo, gusto mo ng legacy business, parati...
11/27/202231 minutes, 13 seconds
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From Kuwento to Kuwenta: Tips to Finding and Validating Your Business Ideas

Do you want to start a business but do not know how to begin? Are you stuck choosing which market to sell to? Would you like to be able to travel any time you want to with an income source that can support your dream lifestyle?Like most people, you probably have an idea for a business rattling around in your head. But how do you know if it's actually a good idea? That's where Jungie and Airon come in. They can help you validate your business idea so you can be confident that it will be successful before you invest any time or money into it.Don't waste another day wondering if your business is a good idea or not. Let them help you figure it out and get started on the right foot. You won't regret it.Listen to this episode to learn more about how they can help you find and validate your business ideas in their new series called How to Start a Business which can help you turn your ideas into sales.What you’ll learn in this episode?Learn the 4 tips that will help you come up with business ideasFind out the 3 ways to test or validate your productDiscover the counterintuitive approach to finding business ideasKey Takeaways“Hindi naman sa manggagaya or mangongopya tayo ng business. Ma-inspire lang tayo sa mga businesses na ‘yun and see how we can apply it to our own business.” - Jungie Gumiran“Counter-intuitive ‘yang mindset na ‘yan na titignan mo muna kung sino ‘yung mga nag-succeed na kasi ‘yung usual na mindset is bago ‘to or invention mentality.” - Airon dela Cruz“Para ka’ng nagbebenta talaga d’un sa market na may iniindang sakit or iniindang pain. Bibili ka ba ng multivitamins, painkiller, or toothpaste kung masakit ngipin mo?” - Jungie GumiranConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin: with Wala Kang Benta - The PodcastWebsite: Page: is our series on How to Start a Business. If you want us to continue making episodes for this series, let us know at...
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How to Make Money on TikTok: Tips from the Pambansang Wealth Coach, Chinkee Tan

Fresh from TribeX, the biggest freelancing event of the year held in Aliw Theater, Airon "Daddy Coach" dela Cruz and Jungie "Coach Yummy" Gumiran is back with a new episode to give you tips on how to sell online. But this time, they're joined by their first guest, Chinkee "Mr. Chink Positive" Tan, also known as the Pambansang Wealth Coach ng Pilipinas.Due to shipping restrictions and delays caused by the pandemic in 2020, Jungie lost almost all of his e-commerce clients. So he sent Chinkee a message, and they've been working together ever since. Today, he’ll share his insights about marketing and selling on TikTok.But what makes TikTok unique? Yes. You can find its features on other platforms, BUT it’s now evolved into a Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-Google-shopping-app all in one.That's why Chinkee and Jungie teamed up with the best people you can learn TikTok from: The people who are already using the platform, those with authority and credibility, those with big followers, those who do live selling, as well as other creators who are also sellers on TikTok.So if you’re a freelancer, influencer, reseller, OFW, and distributor, this event is for you. Listen to this episode to take a sneak peek (2%) of what they have in store for you when you attend Kapag Gusto Maraming PERAAN: Paano Kumita sa Tiktok thru Live Selling, Shops, Ads, Affiliate Marketing atbp., a Facebook Live Event on November 26, 2022, Saturday, from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.Ready to learn the rest (98%) of what was shared in this episode? Go to to learn more about this event. Tickets are available until November 26, but you can take advantage of the early bird special if you buy now.What you'll learn in this episode?Discover what the 97-3 Rule in businessThe 5 E's of TikTokAll things TikTok MarketingKey Takeaways:“If you do not innovate, you evaporate. If you do not change, you become extinct.” - Chinkee Tan“Kodak before with film cameras they were dominating the film camera industry. When digital came, hindi sila nakahabol. They’re obsolete. They’re irrelevant. - Airon dela Cruz“Ang pagyaman ay napag-aaralan.” - Chinkee Tan“I aspire to see more people become wealthy and debt free. The more you know, the more you learn, and the easier for you to make money.” - Chinkee Tan&nbsp;“The first million is always the hardest, but the next ones are easy.” - Chinkee Tan&nbsp;Resources Mentioned:Kapag Gusto Maraming PERAAN: Paano Kumita sa Tiktok thru Live Selling, Shops, Ads, Affiliate Marketing atbp. &gt;&gt;&gt; with Chinkee Tan:Website: https://chinkeetan.comPodcast: with Airon dela...
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Brand Reputation 101: Why Customer Complaints Are Good For Your Business

Have you bought and tried brands with much expectation of what it promises to deliver, only to find out they fall short of expected results?It is frustrating to use products that don't live up to results. What often happens is that marketing and advertising play a role in creating hype. Whether or not this brand's claim is true or not you remains to be seen as you gather feedback from the consuming public.After all, that is said and done, is there any hope for that product's redemption, so to speak?What can you do to get a brand's tarnished image back on its feet and start strong again?Today, our hosts, Airon and Jungie, tackle why a brand garners a bad reputation and people provide negative feedback about such products.These reasons may include the following: unfulfilled expectations, misleading claims, consumers do not know the product, bad experience using the product, the product itself is not okay, and after-sales teams' mishandling of objections.&nbsp;Most of these concerns can be avoided if only necessary steps are taken to ensure complaints are appropriately taken care of.&nbsp;Catch this episode as these two engaging hosts get into an in-depth discussion of how you can turn around a brand's bad reputation.&nbsp;Here are some of the suggested steps you can take to be on top of things:Dig deep into the cause of the problemFix your productLeverage on the acquisition side of the businessListen to feedbackWhat you'll learn from this episode:Find out the reasons why brands have bad reputations and&nbsp;how to manage themLearn what you can do to turn around negative feedback about your brandHear of crucial action steps to mitigate nasty comments about your brandKey Takeaways:"As service provider na helping brands na kumita at makabangon, it's our responsibility to help the brand regardless kung ano reputation nya." - Jungie Gumiran"Even if you acquire the customer nang mas mura, nang mas mabilis kasi you're running ads, even if you get that one sale, but if you cannot retain that one client or customer because of unrealistic expectations, then sayang." - Jungie Gumiran"Kahit anong gawin mo sa marketing mo, dagdagan mo pa advertising budget mo, improve mo ung customer service mo, ayusin mo yong customer experience mo, kung di mo naman iimprove yong product mo, you will get the same result." - Jungie Gumiran"Kunyari coach ka, and you're getting bad feedback from your students; that's the nice thing about this, they need feedback kasi. And you have to be openminded dun sa feedback na yon." - Jungie Gumiran"Yong iba they just dismiss it as minarites ka lang, mga inggit lang yan sila, sometimes may mga ganung sitwasyon, pero may times na valid naman. Yong ego mo lang ayaw makinig kung tama ba yong sinasabi nila." - Airon de la Cruz"Because I listen to that bad feedback, I'm not sure if it's true or not, that became the main advantage of my program versus other programs." - Jungie Gumiran"Para di ka na dumating sa ganoong sitwasyon, ayusin mo na yong marketing mo, not to be claiming things na di naman pala totoo or masyado mo pina pump up yong expectations." - Airon d la Cruz"Multilevel marketing is actually good business. Sa ibang bansa it really works, dito sa Pilipinas kaya lang sya nagkaroon ng bad reputation because of the way na minamarket sya." - Jungie Gumiran"Kung nahahandle lang nang maayos yong mga objections at concerns, kaya talagang patinuin yong mga customer na maraming sinasabi sa product mo." - Jungie Gumiran'Either...
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Customer Retention: Paano Maging Mukhang Pera with a Heart

Were you disappointed when your family and friends weren't supportive of your business? Were you surprised when strangers trusted you instead?How do you make them (strangers-turned-customers) stay, come back for more, and also do your retention marketing for you?Do you want to pass down your business to your future children and grandchildren?Most business owners need to learn what retention marketing is. Some would say, "Why bother when I don’t have a single customer to keep?" or "Who is retention marketing for when you don’t have customers or a list yet?". It's understandable if you haven't started yet since it's not too late and there are ways to catch up.But did you know that the best people to sell to are those who already bought from you? Find out how to do retention marketing for free and without pain, so you can earn more and save more in your business.What you’ll learn in this episode?Discover how having an end goal can help lay the foundation of your businessFind out why there should be a balance between acquisition and retention marketingKnow the ultimate sign you need to work on your retention marketingNOTES: If you haven’t checked out the previous episodes, listen to Episodes 5 and 6 to learn about Acquisition and Conversion. Also, no matter how amazing your retention marketing is, it will not save a dying product or industry.Three (3) goals of retention marketing to ensure your customers buy from you again 1. Increase customer return rates by putting previous customers from years ago back in the buying cycle 2. Decrease churn rates by giving them another reason to do business with you again Churn rate, also known as attrition rate or customer churn, is the rate at which customers stop doing business with an entity 3. Increase purchase frequency because the more often they order from you, the more you earn from them Examples: Consumables - Coffee shops Non-consumables - Refrigerators by adding complementary products like accessoriesFour (4) ways to keep the emotional connection after making the sale using retention marketing 1. Start earlyDo it either before your first customer OR ASAPDo it at the same time as acquisition, but invest in retention marketing using time and free resources instead of moneyYou’ll lose whatever you’ve gained in the first two years of your business because potential recurring sales aren't coming inYou’ll miss out on two years’ worth of relationship-building with all of themYou’ll need their help to continue your business when things change Example: Museums during the pandemic 2. Set expectationsOnboard your students properly by sending them welcome or thank-you emails with their login details, what’s next, and tips on how to maximize the course or programOnboard e-commerce customers by sending them a notification about their order details, payment method, and delivery dateEnsure fantastic customer experience and product satisfaction even before they start using the productPrevent them from turning into “Karens” who ask for updates all the time or “Mariteses” who spread the news about their horrible experience with youDissatisfied customers hurt acquisition too, such as bad ratings and reviews, even if the product is good&nbsp;Go above and beyond sales and serve them instead Example: Freelancers who want to retain clients, ask for referrals, or upsell their skills but perform sloppily&nbsp;If they have a good experience, they’d buy again without...
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Budol Tips and Tricks: Turn "How po?" to "Paid!"

Do you find it hard, to make people respond to whatever call to action it is that you have as you market your business?Have you ever gone through the experience of having huge numbers of engagements, but at the end of the day, still, not even a single conversion happened?More often than not, people have a hard time converting their audience to paying clients. But worry no more for Airon and Jungie are here to help save the day!Sit back and relax as they share game-changing do’s and don’ts on upscaling your conversion skills and rate. After all, what we all want is to earn, grow, and not be less, and one way to effectively do that is to convert people to become a fan of your business!What you’ll learn in this episode:Why you should see conversion in a different way aside from having sales;How much of a game-changer it is that you know and understand your market; andTips and the importance of improving your conversion skills in terms of scaling your businessHere’s an overview of Conversion Rate Optimization: Strategies and Best Practices 1. Have a clear call to action (CTA). It’s important that you provide clarity in terms of where you want them to go and what you want them to do. a. Also, stick with one call to action. Numerous CTAs are one of the customers’ biggest turn-offs. b. But before anything else, establish a relationship with your audience first. Doing so will make it easier for them to respond to your CTA later on. c.&nbsp;Make sure that both the user experience and user interface are of good if not great quality. Learn how to handle objections in a nice way. 2. Follow up, with multiple touches. a. Vary your follow-up methods. Repetitive methods will make people lose interest in your offer/s. b. Add value. Provide more information as you send more follow-up messages. c.&nbsp;Maximize automated methods. One thing you can try is email marketing. d. Polish your acquisition process. Know your market in order to successfully provide value. 3. Create content that addresses objections. One of the biggest reasons why you fail to convert people is their objections. a. A well-written copy goes a long way. Make sure it addresses their specific objections, and that it’s not written in a ‘squammy’ way. b. Include psychological triggers of scarcity and urgency, but do not ever fake it; unless you want them to see you as a big liar, a joke. c.&nbsp;Prove that you are the best by building your authority. 4. Use other people’s experiences and/or perspectives. a. Include testimonials, especially those which are from known individuals. b. Avoid using fake reviews. Nowadays, people easily sense when something’s scripted or just plain fake. Be genuine. Best reviews are those that address who the product is not for. c.&nbsp;Working with influencers has a high chance to work, especially if your process isn’t just transactional.Key Takeaways“‘Iyong call to action mo is depende sa relationship mo with your customer… Kailangan mo i-establish ‘yong relationship muna before mo bitawan ‘yong call to action mo.Para kapag nakapag-establish ka na ng relationship with that audience, ‘yong call to action mo, mas magiging madali for them to accept at mas mapataas ‘yong conversion rate mo.” – Jungie Gumiran“Bakit kailangan iba-ibahin o i-vary? Kasi kung ‘yong follow-up mo, same lang, magmumukha kang desperado at makulit, saka parang wala ka ring nabu-build na relationship, saying lang ‘yong follow-up mo. And better, add value na rin, kasi that’s additional information that could get them to convert.” – Airon Dela Cruz &amp; Jungie...
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Tips to Get More Customers (And Attract your 'The One')

Wouldn't it be nice to not rely on stores/apps in selling your products and services online? The whole Shopee issue would not bother you as an online seller.Have you ever wondered why no matter how perfect a product and/or service is, simply putting it on the market is not enough to make a sale? What could be missing?Also, do you know why big brands like Nike still market their products and services even when they're already household names? Is it really necessary to spend on marketing when you're one of the best-selling shoe brands in the world?Join Airon and Jungie in their first episode post-podcast launch to learn about the most overlooked step in marketing: Acquisition.&nbsp;What you’ll learn in this episode?Why do you have to always start with why in everything you doReasons why it’s important to analyze the needs and wants of your target marketHow listing down details about your ideal client/audience (and even future jowa) can help you find themValuable Client Acquisition Tips:If you want to know the importance of acquisition in your business, here are four (4) tips you can use to level up your acquisition game. Tip No. 1 - Connect with them on an emotional level first and then justify the sale with logic later. How? By sharing the relevance of your product/service and why they should buy them. The two easiest emotions used to achieve this is PAIN and FEAR. USE THIS SKILL WITH CAUTION because knowing how to start with emotion allows you to ethically/unethically manipulate people around you into buying your product/service. Also, it will not work if you use emotion alone, that’s why it’s important to highlight features and benefits after. Why is it important to know their deepest, darkest desires and pains? So you’d know which product/service feature to highlight that can help them overcome it. Tip No. 2 - Identify your ideal audience/customer/client OR your client avatar. Why is it necessary to identify them? Once you’ve identified them, it’s easier to find them, and messaging will come easier, a.k.a. how you communicate with them. Why can’t I just sell to everyone? Because in reality, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea. You only have a specific set of people to focus on and market to. Each target market has its own desires and speaks its own language as well. How do you create your client avatar? By identifying who you created the product/service for and why you created it in the first place. The more specific, the better. Tip No. 3 - Know your channels a.k.a. social media platforms. Because the best acquisition channel/platform for your business depends on your audience, your resources, and your overall strategy. If one channel doesn’t work for you, or if it’s not producing results, then it won’t be too impactful to focus solely on that channel, so you should diversify. Also, you’re not at the mercy of only one online selling platform. When should you diversify? Whenever your capacity allows it. If it will require you to give up what you love, don’t. If you’re in only one channel and you got what you need, that’s enough. Make sure you maximize its powers and you don’t have too much that you can’t handle them anymore. Tip No. 4 - Identify the words they use or how they communicate with each other. Use the words that your ideal market uses to describe their problems or dreams. It’s easier if you’re also part of the target market, but how do you do it if you’re not part of the target market? By doing research and creating an avatar based on their demographics (age group, gender, life stages, niche-specific). They have certain words they use and they communicate a certain way. And if you can...
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Strategies on Digital Selling: Gameshow Edition!

Do you find learning about sales and marketing boring?Are you looking to transform your business and achieve higher sales, but don’t know what to focus on first?Are you using the right strategy to get people excited about your marketing efforts?Join the game masters of today’s marketing world, Airon and Jungie in the first ever airing of ‘WKB Game Show ( the Best and ONLY digital selling party game you'll ever play in your entire business career).&nbsp;This game mechanic is similar to a fish bowl game, where they pick a folded piece of paper with a product written on it, and Airon or Jungie share their thoughts on how to sell and market that handpicked product successfully. These are random categories as you can imagine, including decaffeinated coffee, a 2023 planner, cosplay costumes, etc.Listen in as they share the failproof ‘WKB 5-Step Formula’ of selling to help you develop creative ways to sell more of your services towards your next benta.Here's an overview of the failproof, ‘WKB 5-Step Formula’ of selling.1. Identify your market. The more niched the better for that more targeted approach in marketing. Why? Because the more specific your market is, the clearer their pain points will be. And if you ever wondered how you would sell your products and services to someone who doesn't like buying it? Simple, you just don’t. There’s a market for it; you only need to find it.2. Choosing your marketing platform. Social media platforms have different rules and different purposes. In this step, they shared strategies on how to find platform-market fit.3. Marketing Messaging Fit. Describe to the audience the benefits that they will receive if they buy from you.&nbsp;4. Timeline. Establishing a timeline for implementing your strategy.5. Interpret your data. Not only do you want to know whether your plan worked out or not, but you also need an analysis on what to do for your next campaign.This episode is for you if you’re a business owner or anyone who plans on selling. Listen to their advice and tips if you want to make your business stand out among your competitors.What you’ll learn in this episode?The importance of marketing strategies for businesses todayTips on how to nail your product positioningWays to make your business stand out among competitorsThe types of social media content and messaging you should be posting as part of business strategyKey Takeaways“Kasama sa paggawa ng strategy yun timeline, kasi hindi naman pwedeng puro strategy lang kailangan may implementation din.” - Jungie Gumiran“Important kasi na ini-interpret natin yung data kasi whether maging successful yung strategy na ginagawa mo to increase the sales of your product or hindi, ang mahalaga meron kang data na magagamit para in your next launch or your next campaign maleleverage mo yung data na to para mas maging successful pa yun next campaign na gagawin mo.” - Jungie Gumiran“There’s a balance between acquisition and retention ng previous customers namin.” - Jungie Gumiran“When we are trying to come up with strategies nina-narrow down natin yun market.” - Airon Dela Cruz“Hope you guys learned and nakita niyo rin how we think about strategies. We’re not the experts sa lahat ng markets, ‘di ba? Pero nakita niyo, at least, paano namin iniisip ‘yung sa market, sino ba ‘yung best na bentahan nito, ano ba ‘yung messaging na okay. And if ‘yung mga products niyo ‘yung mga na-feature dito, eh di s’werte kasi may idea na kayo. But even so, kahit iba ‘yung product niyo, may idea na kayo how to ... “ - Airon Dela Cruz“It would be a challenge for you na kumita or makabenta...
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Lessons on Quitting Corpo, Freelancing and Retention Marketing feat Airon Dela Cruz

Let's imagine this. There's a pandemic, and you're up for a managerial promotion.An opportunity at the best time amidst worldwide uncertainty.&nbsp;Given the circumstances, will you resign? Will you let the opportunity slip away?Why would someone who’s up for an executive promotion, honed and groomed to take over,&nbsp; entitled for executive corporate benefits leave stability over an unpredictable world called freelancing.Most probably it would be Airon. Parang sayang! it’s his turn to be called ‘ADC’- Airon dela Cruz na sana.&nbsp;Alam mo yung sa corporate pag ‘executive level’ they are entitled to be addressed via initials.Even though the freelancing journey wasn’t easy and results weren’t guaranteed, why would Airon stand by this decision to quit corpo? Ang big question, ano ang nagbigay ng lakas ng loob kay Airon to pursue freelance?!In this episode, Airon dela Cruz shares the long journey that led him to quit corporate and pursue freelancing instead. For someone who writes for a living, he never has to worry about earning money after going on vacations anymore because he can now do both at the same time.Listen to this episode to know more about Airon’s side of the WKB journey.What You’ll Learn in this EpisodeThe reasons why Airon chose freelancing over a sure-fire top executive managerial promotionDoubling down in the importance of retention marketing like email marketing and how it helps maintain sustainable sources of growth for your business&nbsp;Tips to boost your customer retention rateKey Takeaways“Magandang feeling ‘yan, ah. Kasi ang ibig sabihin niyan, kapag nandyan ka na sa stage na n’yan, hindi ka required na mag-trabaho. You are doing work because you want to work. ‘Yun ‘yung dream din na sana sa ating lahat, pati mga nakikinig dito, dumating tayo sa point na you are working because you want to work, not because you have to work kasi hindi ka kakain, o marami ka’ng babayaran.” - Airon dela Cruz“Kasi nag-freelance ka nga. Kunwari, ginaya mo kami. Nagkaroon ka ng free time, tapos hindi mo naman ginagawa ‘yung bagay na gusto mo talagang gawin kung bakit ka nag-freelance, eh ‘di sayang. Balik ka na sa employment sana. Pursue mo na ‘yung passion mo, ‘di ba? And’un na ‘yung free time mo, eh.” - Airon dela Cruz“Having time freedom talaga, it’s not about you doing Netflix or traveling any time lang; it’s about doing ‘yung mga passion, hobby na hindi mo nagagawa kapag ikaw ay nakatutok sa pagtatrabaho. So, freedom to spend it with your family, spend it with your friends, or sa sarili mo.” - Jungie Gumiran“Magandang sample d’yan ‘yung mga magulang, parents na – kasi lumalaki ‘yung anak nila, and they have to work so hindi nila nasusubaybayan ‘yung – kasi may mga parents na gusto talaga nila involved sila sa growth ng anak nila. Gusto sila ‘yung nagtuturo, sila ‘yung involved sa development n’ung anak nila.” - Airon dela Cruz“If ‘yung business mo is gusto mo’ng ipamana sa anak mo – basta gusto mo siyang magtagal, in short, gusto mo ipamana, mag-invest ka sa retention marketing. Pero if you’re just in that business for a quick buck. In less than a year, gusto mo nang magsara ‘yung business mo – although, I don’t know ba’t mo gusto ng gan’un, huwag kang mag-retention marketing.” - Airon dela CruzConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
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Nagdeliver ng Carpet Noon, May 8-Figure Ecommerce Business na Ngayon

Imagine this. A Brand licensing company just hired you as a marketing specialist.At dahil ikaw nga yung new hire you are tasked, kasi you “volunteered” na i-deliver yung carpet na gagamitin nyo sa event.&nbsp;You, all sweaty at ngarag kakabuhat nung carpet from parking up to the trade hall ng Megamall.In between ngarag-ness may bilga kang narinig na, ‘Uy! Jungie! anong ginagawa mo dito?!’ out of nowhere.Yung marketing manager na pala nung mall! (who happened to be a college classmate, btw!) What are the odds. Kapag sinuswerte ka nga naman.Wala ka namang ‘no-choice’ but exchange pleasantries diba? Kasi na caught-off guard ka na. Makakatago ka pa ba?Feeling ashamed to the point ‘na-gusto-mo-lumubog-or-isuklob-kaya-yung-carpet-sa-sarili-mo’ moment.Kaya ang ginawa mo na lang with the remaining ounce of shame left in you, you answered with a poker straight face ‘Nagdedeliver ng carpet! Periodt.’A one-of-a-kind experience indeed.&nbsp;An experience that is so notable that months later led this new hire na (itago natin sa pangalang Jungie), to tender his resignation and seek greener pasture to another corporate job, having the same typical buwanang sweldo every kinsenas and katapusan.&nbsp;But just after three months nagka-tanggalan naman, like literally telling you ‘I love you…I hate you..and goodbye’ all-in one go. Ending wala na naman trabaho.Freelancing career was Jungie’s saving grace, doing freelance on the side while being employed.&nbsp;Yet the fear of losing his client kept him on his toes, anxious of the TV na nabili nya ng installment, like you or other freelancers out there with a similar predicament.&nbsp;Fastforward, years later led to an 8-figure eCommerce business, coaching career, and multiple streams of opportunities and income.Of course, it's not all easy money. There's a high risk involved in this kind of business venture, but if you're willing to take that risk, the rewards can be great.In this episode, Jungie Gumiran talks about how to start an eCommerce business.&nbsp; What you need to know about operation, marketing, branding, selling platforms, asset preparation, and the most important mindsets to consider when starting any business.Let’s listen to Jungie’s journey as he starts his goofy story with ‘na dating nagdedeliver ng carpet sa corporate events…ngayon po ako na ang nilalatagan ng carpet.’&nbsp;What You’ll Learn in this EpisodeKnow how to start an eCommerce business, selling physical or digital products online.Learn the basics of how to operate the business then market and sell your products.maintain sustainable sources of growth for your business&nbsp;Listen to Jungie's most important thing you need to consider first before starting an eCommerce business.Key Takeaways“Siguro may nakikinig sa 'tin dito na, your parents might be aging, kasi lahat naman tayo tumatanda and yung parents mo maaari na...patanda na. However ikaw, financially hindi ka parin stable, kumbaga marami ka pa rin kailangan sa buhay, kumbaga kahit gusto mo sila...bigyan ng mga...comforts in life...gusto mo na bigyan sila ng sasakyan...or sariling bahay, hindi mo rin magawa kasi ikaw mismo...may financial challenges ka rin so...hopefully tayong lahat eh magkaroon din ng similar&nbsp;or maybe more...success para...maibigay din natin yung mga...gusto nating ibigay sa...mga taong mahalaga sa 'tin” - Airon Dela Cruz“Pinakamalaking challenge talaga as business owners is the exhaustion, yung masyadong...masyadong nanggigigil doing everything dahil feeling nila "makakatipid ako 'pag ako lahat 'cause I don't have to pay for people na i-hire ko", the truth is kapag ikaw ang gumagawa ng...
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Bakit Wala Kang Benta?

What do you do when your business has no sales? Did you miss another sales quota?Spoiler alert: there isn't a secret recipe that will increase your sales through the roof overnight.&nbsp;Entrepreneurs were not born good at sales, especially for Filipinos.But as with any other industry, effective sales techniques with real results can all be learned through practice. For which, it all takes time.In this episode, Airon Dela Cruz and Jungie Gumiran, tries to answer the questions,&nbsp; “Bakit parang ang hirap magbenta especially for Pinoys?”, or “How can we sell without feeling icky?” and “How can we sell without really selling?.”Airon dela Cruz is an agency owner and marketer that helps e-commerce businesses sell more. Whereas, Jungie Gumiran is a coach, an 8-figure&nbsp; e-commerce store owner and Facebook Ads Specialist that is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build their 8-figures e-commerce empire.&nbsp;If you’re a Filipino entrepreneur, marketer, freelancer, or anyone who wants to sell something, we’ll try to help you with tips, insights, do’s and don’ts on how to sell online. You’ve come to the right place!What You’ll Learn in this EpisodeChallenges that Filipino entrepreneur face when it comes to selling and the reason behind why hanggang ngayon struggle magbenta/magkabentaThe Filipino business culture and societal reasons behind why Filipinos cannot shake off ‘feeling kadiri’ marketing or selling to other peopleWhy marketing matter’s most in your business success and why is it important to adapt to today’s technology for you to make more sales and more business&nbsp;Key Takeaways “The thing kasi, if hindi mo kilala kung sino ba talaga yung sine-serve ng businesses mo, hindi mo kasi maintindihan yung ano ba yung deepest desires nila.” - Jungie Gumiran“With the goal in mind na dapat makabenta ako or makaclose ako, nakakalimutan ko yung magbuild ng rapport, magbuild ng relationship, yung tipong proposal agad.” -Jungie Gumiran“Dapat fit yung kailangan ni market mo or client mo doon sa whatever you are selling.” -Jungie Gumiran“Pag pumasok ka sa business, you have to give it 100%, all-out, hindi pwedeng half-hearted ka, kasi kapag half-hearted ka tapos business owner ka, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, magsasara na yung business mo. Kasi limited lang yung alam mo at ayaw mong matuto ng tuloy-tuloy.” - Jungie Gumiran“Worth it siya, kasi may bigger purpose siya. This is not about me lang, it’s about the people we are serving, and yung employees na nasu-support namin yung lifestyle ng buhay because of the business that we are building and syempre the impact na ginagawa niya sa mga tao. And I think that’s one satisfaction as a business owner.” - Jungie GumiranConnect with Airon dela CruzFacebook:;Website:;Linkedin:;Connect with Jungie GumiranFacebook:;Website: <a href="" rel="noopener...
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Episode Artwork

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Walang benta?If you are a business owner, service provider or anything in between, join Jungie Gumiran and Airon dela Cruz as they explore the tools, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts how to sell stuff online.This is the ‘Walang Kang Benta’ - The Podcast&nbsp;For comments and suggestions and if you want to be a guest on the show email us at [email protected]
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