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English, Education, 4 seasons, 24 episodes, 15 hours, 4 minutes
The Pod that really delves into all things human - life, love, heartbreak, success, sex, and just about everything in between.
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The Anxiety Fable & Other Useful Life Stories

The intensity of living on the hamster wheel, so to speak, is one of the most distracting ways that we seek to reach success. Join me on a short journey to a less robotic more fulfilling approach to an easier view of life.
12/1/202130 minutes, 22 seconds
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You Not Wrong - You’re Just “Early”

Are you one of those people who picks up things ahead of time then questions yourself because you want to give things the benefit of the doubt even though you know you know better? Well this is the episode for you.
11/15/202123 minutes, 50 seconds
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Self Sabotage Ain’t Sexy

Do you ever feel like you dare my belong in the room so you don’t even try even though when you think about you’re exactly what the room may need? … well hunny this one is for you.
10/26/202129 minutes, 13 seconds
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Competition Doesn’t Require Comparison

We’ve all been there… assessing our competitors more than we lean into our strengths. The irony is that what sets us apart and keeps things flowing is actually the magic that is in us. So if you’ve ever felt like you had to be better and do better for you or what you’re doing to be valid have a listen. This one’s for you.
10/21/202132 minutes, 29 seconds