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English, Rock, 1 season, 75 episodes, 3 days, 3 hours
Returning from his deep space mission to Kepler Eriandi, Steve Foxx finds his nation in shambles and in the hands of fascists. Assembling a team of rock and roll heavy hitters; he pledges to the free peoples of America to broadcast freedom, information and rock music until his dying breath.
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Episode 272 - Worst Case Scenario

It’s January 2025 and Joe Biden has lost the Presidential election. The Senate and the House also fall into fascist hands. They have the whole of…
5/18/20241 hour
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Episode 271 - Let’s Go Aneurysm!

That’s the new Cult 45 chant that’s sweeping the nation. ‘Let’s Go Aneurysm!’ Use it anytime you want; whether it be disrupting one of his cult…
5/11/20241 hour
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Episode 270 - Lo, the Oncoming Summer!

Alright babies, I get that it’s only the beginning of Spring, but we need to delve into the what’s next. Donald Vonshitznpantz trials thoughts, protests and…
5/4/20241 hour
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Episode 269 - I, The Jury

Orange Floridaman on Trial! And a lot more with your dose of rock! Wake the F Up! With Steve Foxx on the wayyyyyyy! -Foxx
4/20/20241 hour
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Episode 268 - Signal VS Noise

It’s a better show that the new Kong VS Godzilla movie. Or is Kong and Godzilla together again? I don’t know. What I’m sayin’ is that…
4/13/20241 hour
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Episode 267 Let’s Go!

Enough with the hand wringing and the pearl clutching. We ARE going to defeat Dementia J. Trump and acolytes. And we’re going to wipe them out…
4/6/20241 hour
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Episode 266 - Patriots

What is patriotism? Sure, sure, love of country…blah blah blah. But you don’t want platitudes, you want realz. Let’s explore and take in the rock. -FOXX…
3/30/20241 hour
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Episode 265 - 456 Million Clams

He owes that much. Ha! -Foxx
3/23/20241 hour
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Episode 264 - Dictatorship or Democracy

Dictatorship or Democracy, that’s the choice babies. It’s the definitive line that stops the arguing. We either come together to defeat a dictator or we go…
3/16/20241 hour
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Episode 263 - State of the Union

It was good to see President Biden go on offense during Thursday’s State of the Union address. Now is the time for all of us to…
3/9/20241 hour
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Episode 262 - Our Own Saviors

248 Long days until the General Election. And we better come out in force. The courts won’t save this a nation from a second Cult 45…
3/2/20241 hour
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Episode 261 - Bothsidesism

A concept that infects every part of our society. ‘We’ll, they did it too!’ Or, ‘The Dems are just as bad as the GOP’. Child, Please.
2/24/20241 hour
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Episode 260 - Heros (and Villians)

Navalny murdered. Our Republic under siege by a madman and his followers. Ukraine running out of ammo. Palestinians being massacred by the thousands. The planet needs…
2/17/20241 hour
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Episode 259 - Ceasefire Now.

Solving the Jewish diaspora and the continuation of a sanctuary state is important. The forces that have controlled the Israeli government for decades is despicable. Israel…
2/10/20241 hour
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Episode 258 - This Nation

I love this flawed, wonderful, horrible, strange and immensely important country. I love America. And so do you. And we must not let evil triumph. Rock…
2/3/20241 hour
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Episode 257 - Loser

Dementia J. Trump is a Loser. Period. You gonna let this loser have power and kabuki our government as he grifts and destroys our democratic norms?
1/27/20241 hour
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Episode 256 - A Warning

289 Days until Election Day. With that comes a warning. A horrific what if scenario. About a year from now there will be an inauguration of…
1/20/20241 hour
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Episode 255 - Vote or Else

That’s right. Vote or else. Or else you’ll wake up to an America where a dictator won’t just chip away at your freedoms, he’ll extinguish them.
1/13/20241 hour
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Episode 254 - Never Forget

It is January 6th. We must never forget how 3 years ago, a madman, his acolyte enablers and followers as tempted to destroy our democracy. And…
1/6/20241 hour
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Episode 253 - Amendment 14 Section 3

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United…
12/30/20231 hour
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Episode 253 - Christmas on the Edge

Right on the edge, babies. But we hold. We push forward. Xmas rock, Wake the F Up! news break and the usual hullabaloo. -Foxx
12/23/20231 hour
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Episode 252 - Clear & Present Danger

Let’s get on thing straight. Keep your feelings about Joe Biden to yourself. Feelings are a distraction from the mission. Defeat the clear and present danger…
12/16/20231 hour
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Episode 251 - Hottest Year

We had the hottest year on record, babies. An all our bitching, revolting, writing, calling and emailing about every other issue that faces us WILL NOT…
12/9/20231 hour
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Episode 250 - Odds and Stakes

I’m no warrior, babies. I’m no politician. But I’m going to touch the third rail and dive into the Israeli-Hamas conflict for a minute in an…
12/2/20231 hour
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Episode X : Repeat

Steve Foxx is away but will be back ready to rock and get you pumped to save the republic, until then enjoy this previous broadcast! Foxx…
11/25/20231 hour
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Episode X : Repeat

Steve Foxx is away but will be back ready to rock and get you pumped to save the republic, until then enjoy this previous broadcast!
11/18/20231 hour
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Episode X : Repeat

A repeat. But one of quality.
11/11/20231 hour
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Episode 249 - Priorities

With all the talk of money going to Israel, Ukraine and other allies let’s talk of priorities. I won’t be able to name all 1.8 trillion…
11/4/20231 hour
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Episode 248 - Get to Know Mike Johnson

That’s right, babies. The New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, is a Christofascist. A believer and spreader of the Great Replacement Theory. He wants a…
10/28/20231 hour
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Episode 246 - Clown Car

No one would blame you if you didn’t follow the House GOP madness as it stands right now. The House of Representatives has no Speaker. A…
10/7/20231 hour
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Episode 245 - Dystopia

Ah Babies, the word that makes science fiction aficionados go gaga with tales of oppressive governments and wrecked environments. But if you read Trumps words and…
9/30/20231 hour
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Episode 244 - Lessons

So Babies, we have some scattered thoughts running about regarding POTUS and the Democrats that seem really reminiscent of the 2016 both-sidesing hot garbage that plagued…
9/23/20231 hour
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Episode 243 - Caustic Loop

Babies, do you think we want to be talking about cult 45 and his authoritarian spitshow? Well, we do not. We want to concentrate on other…
9/16/20231 hour
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Episode 242 - All Politics is Local

Famously and incorrectly attributed to former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil, this statement is true. National figures must get local to win Elections. Local politicians…
9/9/20231 hour
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Episode 241 - HOPE

Hey Babies, it’s our 10th birthday weekend here at, I wanted to come at ya with a message of HOPE. Hope for the now and…
9/2/20231 hour
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Episode 240 - Mugshot!

Look into the face of malevolence, babies. Know it. Hold it close as we work towards justice. That face is evil. That entity stands for everything…
8/26/20231 hour
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Episode 239 - The Mission

It’s not about permanent friends or enemies, babies. Its  about allies and most importantly its about the MISSION. The MISSION right now is to preserve this…
8/19/20231 hour
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Episode 238 - Fulton County Blues

This week is D.A. Willis’s turn to indict Cult 45. And it’s said she’s looking to indict many of his acolytes as well. News on that…
8/12/20231 hour
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Episode 237 - Cult

Twice impeached, thrice indicted, libel for sexual assault. And he’s got a coin flip shot at the Presidency?!?!?! Take a breath. Map it out. We have…
8/5/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 236 - Mob Boss

We’ll, Babies, it’s really indictment 2a against Trump. The superseding indictment adds three more felony counts and a third defendant into the illegal handling of classified…
7/29/20231 hour
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Episode XXX - Repeat

With Foxx away this week please enjoy this archived 'Wake the F up'. Talk you you next week, babies. -Foxx
7/22/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 235 - Solidarity

The Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild, the two unions representing a writers and actors in film and television are on strike. Let’s…
7/15/20231 hour
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Episode 234 - Triage

What’s your poison? What’s your priority, babies? The warming Earth? Homelessness? The erosion of our liberties? The rise of authoritarianism? Injustice happening on our peoples of…
7/8/20231 hour
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Episode 233 - 9 + 5 = Justice

Expand the Supreme Court. That’s the message babies. This illegal group is ruling outside the bounds of their creation. It’s time to rebalance what was taken…
7/1/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 232 - Grazhdanskaya Voyna

Uh oh…Is it Russian Civil War? We’ll check it out babies. That, voting in Alaska and of course the rock for your Morning coffee. Film at…
6/24/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 231 - The More You Know

The 2024 Presidential election may seem very far away. But now is the time, babies to get our minds right and our focus centered on the…
6/17/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 230 - He’s So Indicted!

Jack Smith drops the hammer, babies. Cult 45 indicted on federal charges. My thoughts and prayers coming. Film at 11. Rock at 7. Nuff said. -FOXX…
6/10/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode XXX - Repeat

While Steve Foxx is away, please hang in with this repeat. Back next week, babies!
6/3/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 229 - Uncommon Valor

Yes Babies, it is the unofficial first weekend of Summer. It’s supposed to be fun, really! Enjoy the freedoms of this nation this three day weekend.
5/27/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 228 - Freedom

Freedom. We’ll, babies, that word gets thrown around without much thought nowadays. Let’s figure out what our freedom means by digging back into history and shaking…
5/20/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 227 - Cult 45 Redux

The whole CNN klan rally the other night only reinforces what we’ve known. It’s not just Donald Dump. It’s his followers. His cult that is currently…
5/13/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 226 - Critical Threats

We’ll Babies, we’re doing everything we can to beat back fascist forces. Proud Boy terrorists are going to jail and Cult 45 is up against a…
5/6/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 225 - Slash and Burn

We’ll babies, Kevbo and the GOP House have decided to cut a quarter of the nations budget in their hostage style proposal to lift the credit…
4/29/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 224 - The Price is Wrong

So Babies; Dominion and Fox ‘News’ settle out of court for 787 billion dollars. That’s the price of selling out democracy. We examine what it means…
4/22/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 223 - A War on Pluralism

Oppression against women, people of color, LGBTQ communities and against democracy itself; THAT is the goal of the GOP. We cannot, we must not shrink away…
4/15/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 222 - Cold Civil War

Babies; There is a war on women happening. There is a war on people of color. There is a war on young people. There is a…
4/8/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 221 - INDICTMENT

We’ll, Babies, he’s been indicted. Take a minute, breathe it in. Film at 11, Rock coming up. -FOXX
4/1/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 220 - Stochastic Terror

Cult 45, Donnie Short Fingers, Donald J. Trump is a terrorist. Making terroristic threats over his Twitter knock off last week. Foxx breaks it down and…
3/25/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 219 - Indictment Watch

This might be it, babies. The orange shirt gibbon of an ex president might finally being arrested. Picture at 11. Rock and truth at 7. FOXX…
3/18/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 218 - Faux News (You’re a Rube)

Ah Babies; Go to your parents tv, or your grandparents tv and use the block feature to eliminate Fox, quote News unquote. Three won’t figure out…
3/11/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 217 - Meet Florida Man

What the Hell is going on in Florida, Babies? Ron Desantis is pushing statewide autocracy in a preview of his plan to undo democratic norms nationally.
3/4/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 216 - Is It Just Politics?

Do Trumpites deserve our friendship or kinship? Or our forgiveness? It’s a question I’ve been pondering, babies. Trying to untangle it for you and of course,…
2/25/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 215 - Hostile Takover

It’s bound to happen, babies. This week’s WTFU comin’ at ya with some good friends hanging straight from Brooklyn, NY. The hangovers should make for interesting…
2/18/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 214 - Grand Juries

Question, babies? How many freakin grand juries are involved with the disgraced, twice impeached , coup plotting, criminal that was our last president? Not enough of…
2/11/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 213 - Chinese Balloon & Other Triggers

Sometimes you just have to laugh. It’s a balloon. Or a trigger for MAGA GOP. -FOXX
2/4/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 212 - No Justice, No Peace

Another black man murdered by cops. Until all cops call out bad cops. All cops are bastards. Until qualified immunity ends. All cops are bastards. Until…
1/28/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 211 - DOBBS year 2

It’s simple, babies. Abortion rights, women’s rights; it’s bigger than you think. It’s about the right to travel, the right to free speech. The right to…
1/21/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 210 - Covid Chronicles

Well babies; After two and a half years, I finally got hit with the COVID. My quad vaxxed form is broadcasting from the past as this…
1/14/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 209 - Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Well babies! 15 votes and 4 days later, the Speaker of the House is...a bunch of pro coup congressman. Yep. Kevbo is just their clown. Winner…
1/7/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 208 - Renew

Let’s end the year thinking of the future, babies. It is unwritten. We can shape this world into a better more just place. And we will!
12/31/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode x - Xmas on Repeat

A Christmas repeat as Foxx takes a minute to enjoy some nog.
12/24/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 207 - A Major (sic) Announcement

That’s right babies! Steve Foxx has a major announcement. I am buying Twitter and putting out NFT collectible cards. Or not. Pre Holiday stupidity from autocrats,…
12/17/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 206 - Just One Fix

Hey Babies; What does the poor showing by the GOP show us as voting Americans? How do we fix a party that has gone down the…
12/10/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 205 - Beneath the Surface

Anti Semites. Nazis. Nazi lovers. They’ve been here for a long time. And we sometimes haven’t been vigilant enough to drive them back under the rocks…
12/3/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

Episode 204 - Shared Reality

Without facts, there is no truth. Without truth there is no shared reality. Without a shared reality there’s no democracy. Let’s fight disinformation today with a…
11/26/20221 hour