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Wake & Bake: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine with Jeff the 420 Chef Cover

Wake & Bake: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine with Jeff the 420 Chef

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 15 episodes, 5 hours, 36 minutes
From the first cannabis cook published by a major publishing house, comes a podcast from Jeff the 420 Chef. On Wake and Bake, you will learn what you need to know to use cannabis to elevate your life to the next level. Subscribe to learn about cannabis, edibles, the legal side, and how to use cannabis to live a better life every day!
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14: Mind Tricks: Family Recipes with a Twist with Jena Perez

This episode of Wake and Bank I interview Jena Perez, co-owner of Mind Tricks cannabis infused Toffee. She talks about her line of delicious Toffee that comes in a variety of amazing flavors (my favorites are the PB&J and the Coconut Creme Pie). Their company offers both medicated and unmedicated toffee, so anyone anywhere in the world can enjoy these treats. She discusses her business, which started as a family recipe that her and her siblings put a twist on. Their candy was such a hit amongst friend it turned into their own brick and mortar candy store in San Diego called Sweet Bricks. After launching their cannabis infused products, their business took off and due to complications of the MMJ industry they decided to close the brick and mortar store and focus solely on their medical brand. Download this episode today to hear more about this wonderful product, how it’s made, and where you can find some of this delicious Toffee in California! Main Points: Social media makes it tough for the Cannabis industry. Started with a brick and mortar store in San Diego, SweetBricks. Mind Tricks took over and Sweet Bricks, unfortunately, closed. There’s a potential in the future to open Cannabis stores that aren’t a dispensary. Great flavors available like Cookies and Cream, PB&J, Salted Dark Chocolate, Brownie, Smores, and Coconut Cream Pie. Based on original family recipe. Their toffee is made with CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Lower doses are office. Dosing is hard with toffee, as each piece is hand broken. There are non medicated Mind Tricks available for people all over the world. Links: Mind Tricks Website Mind Tricks Instagram Where to find MindTricks
6/27/201714 minutes, 39 seconds
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13: Doing Edibles Right with Jennie Argie of Baked at Home

Today I am honored to be joined by Jennie Argie of Baked at Home, which sells and ships mixes specifically designed for use with cannabis. Their mixes are delicious, and engineered in a way to work very well with cannabis, which has the benefit of allowing the consumer to dose and select the strain according to their exact needs. Baked at Home is moving the cannabis industry forward, and I am so pleased to be able to interview Jennie on this episode of Wake and Bake. Main Points: Practicality, ease of use, and speed are important to the cannabis community Many people will substitute canna oil for regular oil in their cooking, with good results Edibles need to embrace a very wide variety of foods, because of the varying dietary restrictions of those who benefit from cannabis One of the main advantages of cooking for yourself is creating the dose and choosing the strain that works for your specific body and needs Links:
3/2/201723 minutes, 2 seconds
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12: Are You The Next Cannabis Chef? Elise McDonough of High Times

Elise McDonough from High Times is joining us on this episode to talk about a huge range of cannabis topics, from the “fun” culture of cannabis cuisine, to reasons why cannabis should be considered a preventative medicine. We’re talking about the moment in history that we find ourselves in, what the trajectory looks like, and why it looks like we’re at a tipping point. Enjoy! Main Points: Fun is often one of the most important ingredients in cannabis cooking culture Early on, “beyond the brownie” was an important distinction for cannabis cuisine Cannabis should be looked at and used almost as if it were any other ingredient We’re at a tipping point where enough people have seen the benefits of cannabis, to where the overall impression is changing Each cannabis strain is a unique medicine, and we’re just starting to figure that out There’s a push to demonize one aspect of cannabis, when the whole plant is the most effective Cannabis needs to be looked at carefully as a preventative medicine as well It’s important to let people know about microdosing and non-psychoactive ways of taking cannabis While many chefs opt to try to take the cannabis taste out, others try to work with it Links:
2/22/201732 minutes, 20 seconds
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11: The High Dining Cannabis Experience with Lindsey and Barbie of MJU High Dining

Most people don’t even consider the potential for cannabis infused foods to take the form of a high dining experience, but my guests today, Lindsey and Barbie, are talking about how MJU High Dining is creating exactly that! In addition, we’re talking about the importance of education in the space, of physical, in-person meetings and connections, as well as some in-depth tips on how to cook with cannabis. Bon appetit! Main Points: A lot of people come to the world of edibles with negative connotations and experiences Education is an essential part of the journey towards more understanding and widespread, responsible use Physical, in-person events should be an important part of cannabis education going forward You must clean the bud BEFORE you infuse it, to remove a lot of the herbaceous taste People need to learn that cannabis can be infused to a far larger variety of foods than the normal, most common choices People getting into the cannabis industry need a network, or community, if like-minded people Links: MJU High Dining on Facebook
2/15/201723 minutes, 5 seconds
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10: Fighting and Beating Stage 4 Liver Cancer with Cannabis: Tahnee Shah

Tahnee Shah was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and given 3 months to live. Shortly thereafter, she started medicating with cannabis, and stopped taking 20 of her 22 daily pills immediately. In 60 days, her cancer had shrunk by 30%, and now, 3 years later, she is still growing stronger everyday. I’m speaking with Tahnee on the podcast today to learn more about her story and experience with cannabis, how it has helped her, and how it can help others. Main Points: Dealing with something like cancer, the number of drugs can be just too much for your body to handle Tahnee stopped 20 of the 22 pills she was on when she started using cannabis After starting chemo with cannabis oil every night, within 60 days the cancer shrank 30% Medicating with cannabis needs to be just one of several lifestyle steps in order to see results There’s a stigma about cannabis as a gateway drug, which is now not only false, but in the case of medicinal cannabis, the opposite is true, is it takes you off of other unhealthy drugs After you defeat the side-effects of the drugs, your body has the strength to fight back Links:
2/3/201734 minutes, 55 seconds
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09: A Better Way to Infuse with Levo Founder Christina Bellman

The world of cannabis is moving forward at a historically fast rate, and Levo is on the forefront of building an industry of fantastic edible products. Levo is an infuser to help you infuse your butters and oils with cannabis in a way that is delicious, and is exact to your specific needs. Today I am talking with the founder of Levo, Christina Bellman, about all things edibles and infusing. Enjoy! Main Points: Most infusers use blades to grind the herb into the oil, and that makes the cannabis taste far too strong Levo steeps the cannabis instead of grinder, for a less strong cannabis taste Levo is bringing industry standards to the cannabis industry, and is an appliance that you can be proud to have on your counter Exact temperature control is essential to the process of steeping It’s not all about hiding the cannabis flavor, but sometimes complementing them can work very well too Links:
12/23/201625 minutes, 5 seconds
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08: TCheck: The Tool Anyone Baking with Cannabis Needs

Today’s episode is a short exploration of an incredible new device called TCheck, which tests cannabutters and cannaoils for their exact potency, so that you can know exactly how to do it yourself and do it right, when you’re cooking or baking with cannabis. Enjoy! Main Points: TCheck will tell you the exact potency of the cannabutter or cannaoil that you make Most people don’t have the expertise and experience to dial in amounts accurately Links:
12/8/201612 minutes, 45 seconds
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07: Turning Edibles into “Incredibles” with Steven Chang

The company Incredibles is doing a lot in the world of edibles. From the care they take in sourcing and understanding the people they work with through every phase of production, to the fantastic products they produce, Incredibles are setting the industry standard for edibles. Learn what they’re doing, and what it means for the cannabis industry as a whole, on this episode of Wake and Bake! Main Points: When the older generation can see the difference that cannabis and edibles can have on people in pain and people who need it, they can become more aware of the good it is doing People in this industry who are succeeding are the people who aren’t making it about themselves, but the people they are helping Education is a huge part in helping consumers to really enjoy edibles Tracking where and who you are working with is essential to producing quality edibles Links:
11/29/201624 minutes, 52 seconds
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06: Lola Lola is Creating Cannabis Industry Standards for Branding and Quality

With the continued march towards cannabis becoming mainstream, there are large strides being made in creating a consumer branding experience that is engaging, memorable, and points toward the quality of the product, and that is exactly what Lola Lola is doing. With some of the most beautiful packaging anywhere, they they are leading the charge in creating exactly what the industry standard will be for quality and branding. Enjoy this episode of Wake and Bake! The Main Points: There is a lot of work to be done in making cannabis products really consumer grade and marketable products in the way they look and are presented There is a lot of education to be done around the the intricacies of cannabis and even the enjoyment of cannabis There is a huge amount of space right now for producers in the cannabis industries to create the industry standards for quality and branding, and Lola Lola is at the forefront of this Links:
11/16/201611 minutes, 5 seconds
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05: Weedmaps: Educating and Dispelling Myths Around Cannabis Culture and Usage with Lance Lambert

With the recent changes in laws regarding cannabis all around the world, there is a lot of work to be done in educating people about the plant, its uses and benefits, as well as dispelling some of the common beliefs surrounding cannabis culture and what that means. Weedmaps is on the forefront of that process, and this conversation with Lance Lambert, head of operations at Weedmaps, digs into what that means practically for both consumers and anyone involved in the cannabis industry today. The Main Points: Weedmaps connects dispensaries and doctors with patients and consumers While cannabis connects and transcends all generations and demographics, certain favor different avenues of consumption Teaching people how to properly use cannabis, especially in this climate with big progress in legalizing both recreational and medical cannabis, is very important Weedmaps is moving into the educational side of cannabis, as well as the lifestyle Now that cannabis is legalized for recreational use, medical use will probably be looked at more seriously When you start to dig into the effects of THC vs. CBD, you start to realize that the broader image of cannabis culture might be very wrong Links:
11/10/201636 minutes, 5 seconds
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04: Do It Yourself, Do It Right: How to Make Your Own Edibles with Keira

Here at Wake and Bake, our motto is “Do it yourself, do it right,” and this conversation gets into a bit more of what that actually means in practice. I’m speaking with Keira of Weedmaps TV, a show that teaches anyone how to cook amazing foods with cannabis on their own. The value of cooking or baking edibles yourself, rather than purchasing them, is that you can know with full certainty the quality of the food and the plant involved, as well as the specific dosages that have gone in, which means you are far more likely to have a really good experience. Learn how on today’s episode of Wake and Bake! Key Takeaways: It’s really important to teach people to medicate themselves Learn dosages. Dosages are extremely important to understand deeply Sauces can work really well to infuse, to create foods that are often not associated with edibles, but work really well Each edible project needs to be very tailored to the individual As a medicine, the cannabis industry needs to focus on quality When you cook your own, you know exactly what you’re getting, and what the quality is of what you’re doing Resources: Weedmaps TV Youtube
11/3/201614 minutes, 44 seconds
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03: Micro-Dosing, Indica vs Sativa, Decarbing, & Heavy Metals: Q&A with Jeff the 420 Chef

This is a special Q&A episode, where Jared is asking fan questions about cannabis, how to cook with it, what to use, and what micro-dosing is and what it’s effective, and much more! Tuesdays on Wake and Bake are your opportunity to get your questions answered on-air, so please submit your questions, if there’s anything you’ve ever wondered about or been confused by, in the world of medibles, or cannabis in general! Submit your questions right here! The Main Points: In edibles, there is far too much variety in dosing Micro-dosing allows you to eat a normal amount of food, and feel really good, not overdosing If you get too high a dose in edibles, it will ruin the whole experience for you If you want to get into higher doses, use layered micro-dosing to get up there without overdosing The common idea is that indica = sedating, sativica = uplifting, but there is a lot more that goes into it Strains need to be matched to the specific thing that is being medicated for Heavy metals are often introduced to the cannabis from the soil, etc. Good growers should flush those out, but not all of them will. Soaking cannabis in distilled water will start to remove those Decarbing: Removing the acid from THC. Decarbing has to happen between 240-250 degrees. I do 240 degrees for 1 hour Don’t cook with bubba hash Links: THC CBD Calculator
11/3/201629 minutes, 15 seconds
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02: Infused Expo: Keiko on What Proposition Will Raise Prices on Cannabis for the Consumer

Today I’m speaking with the one and only Keiko, founder of Infused Expo as well as Edibles List! This episode is all about where we stand, at this moment in history, in relationship to the general culture’s understand of marijuana. We talk about how, gradually, the stigma about marijuana is fading, and people are starting to understand what the plant is really all about. Listen up! The Main Points: Prop 64 will probably end up being very debilitating for anyone who is cultivating Taxation and added hoops to jump through will make it very difficult for marijuana cultivators This will make the end price much higher for the consumer A recommendation from a doctor does not always mean you are 100% safe. If you get a California health card in addition, you are much safer The opinion of cannabis in general society can only be changed over time and continual education Legalization is important, but legalizing properly is the most important thing Links:
11/2/201616 minutes, 36 seconds
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01: KoreaTown Collective and Why Prop 64 (recreational use) Might Be a Bad Idea

KoreaTown collective is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best dispensaries in all of Los Angeles, and today I’m sitting down with Janis to talk about what goes into proper dosing and communicating dosage on ‘medibles,’ pet medicating, and then we dive deep into the legal scene, and what you need to know about what you’ll be voting on concerning marijuana this election season. Enjoy! The Main Points: Pets can benefit from edibles, but be extremely careful and keep dosage very low. Primarily CBD, with very low amounts of THC People need to be careful of dosages. The medible community has a history of dosing too high Brands and dispensaries need to be held to more strict standards for communicating dosages requirements, and what is contained in the edible Los Angeles is the only city in California that has a voter initiative, requiring voters to update its legislation, in order to keep dispensaries operating Because of the device being used, legalizing recreational marijuana would probably result in far more DUIs being given out, as the devices will detect it even if you are just around it If Prop 64 goes through, there will be more middle-men between the consumer and the grower, which will lower the consumer’s ability to judge and know the quality Links:
11/1/201634 minutes, 9 seconds
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