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English, Social, 1 season, 21 episodes, 8 hours, 17 minutes
Wait, You What? explores the surprising parts of humanity that make you do a double take. Whether it's delving into a story from the past, or hearing a guest's story from the present, Wait, You What? is for people who want to better understand themselves and others.   
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No Fizzy Drink Guy (Rohit Roy) On: Consistency, Focus and Quitting Fizzy

Two years ago, Rohit Roy (AKA No Fizzy Drink For Me Today guy) become an unlikely viral TikTok star for his quest to quit fizzy drink. Now, on day 651 of no fizzy drink, Rohit is a different person. He's lost more than 15kg, amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, become a Weight Watchers ambassador, and most importantly - stayed off the fizz. So what has he learned along the way? What mindset tips can he share? And how can we all be as consistent as Rohit? Rohit Roy on TikTokErica on TikTok Erica on Instagram See for privacy information.
3/22/202223 minutes, 14 seconds
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Erica On: Three Philosophies I Wish I Knew After Finishing School

On this solo episode, Erica shares three philosophies from 3 different books that she wishes someone had told her in life.  Simon Sinek - The Infinite Game  Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi - The Courage To Be Disliked Brene Brown - Dare To Lead Erica's Instagram is hereErica's Tiktok is hereSee for privacy information.
3/14/202211 minutes, 52 seconds
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Cora Boyd on: Flirting, Dating Discomfort and Masculine vs Feminine Dynamics

The world of dating coaches is renowned for being full of men giving other men very bad advice. Enter: Cora Boyd, who's revolutionising the category with her advice.She teaches people how to flirt, love and connect - and specialises in teaching heterosexual men about dating women. So how can we get better at flirting? How much of dating is mindset mastery? And how can we nurture both masculine and feminine energies within a romantic dance? Cora's Instagram is hereCora’s courses can be found on her website hereErica's Instagram is hereErica's Tiktok is hereSee for privacy information.
3/8/202223 minutes, 18 seconds
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Erica on: A trick to stick to things and actually follow through

Recently Erica learned how to stick to things and be consistent with habits. And the only way she's been able to do this is because she learned something about herself that she wants to teach you, too - because it really helped her.  The Quiz: Erica on Tiktok and Instagram: @Erica_mallettSee for privacy information.
3/1/202213 minutes, 48 seconds
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You might have phone anxiety. Here's how to help it.

Would you answer an unknown call if your life depended on it? For a hiker who was lost in the Rocky mountains, this was not an easy decision. If you feel fear around speaking on the phone, you might have phone anxiety. But what is it? What causes it? And what can we do to get better at the art of the phone call? Erica on Instagram @erica_mallett See for privacy information.
2/22/202222 minutes, 17 seconds
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Sam Taunton on: Being Funny And Sad

And now, for something a little different!For the season finale of Wait, You What? Erica is joined by her friend and comedian Sam Taunton for a casual, laid-back chat.They explore questions like - are comedians sad? is being funny an identity? How can we enjoy the process, not the result? And is the audience the boss?Erica will be back after a season break with more episodes of Wait, You What? In the meantime, you can message Erica on Instagram, or email [email protected] for privacy information.
11/23/202122 minutes, 26 seconds
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A Biohacker on: Living Forever

If you could live forever, would you? We've seen this question explored in fiction for centuries, but according to a growing number of people, we might soon have to face it in reality.  Meow-Ludo is part of a movement of DIY biologists called biohackers, who believe that they can hack the human body to enhance or change its functionality, including hacking it to be immortal.  So what life longevity technologies are currently being developed? When will we be able to access them? And what do we know about the first woman in the world who is actually ageing backwards? Contact Meow-Ludo on Twitter: for privacy information.
11/9/202123 minutes, 53 seconds
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Someone With A Water Allergy on: Not Giving Up On Your Health

Imagine if a single drop of water could ruin your life. It's the reality for Niah Selway, whose rare water allergy means that any contact with water triggers an allergic reaction which feels like an intense burning and itching sensation all over her body.  So how does she cry? Or bathe? What if she sweats? Is there a cure? And how do you get a diagnosis when what you're saying is so bizarre that doctors don't believe you? Contact Erica on Instagram: @erica_mallettNiah's Instagram: gofundme: for privacy information.
10/26/202123 minutes, 33 seconds
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A 74 Year-old Stripper on: Staying Sexy Forever

There’s this societal idea that once you get old, you shouldn’t be sexy. Elizabeth Burton refuses to comply with this narrative. As a 74 year old stripper who has been stripping for over 50 years, she says she’s going to be "sexy until the day she dies". So what can we learn from a 74 year old stripper about sex, self love and ageing? And how did Elizabeth manage to accidentally smuggle heroin into the US? Find Elizabeth's podcast with her daughter on Instagram: @missmodestypodElizabeth's book crowdfunding page:'s Instagram: @erica_mallettSee for privacy information.
10/12/202120 minutes, 12 seconds
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I Brought My Dead Fiancé Back As An AI Chatbot

Joshua Barbeau programmed an advanced AI chatbot to sound like his dead fiancé, so he could properly grieve her death.So what has Joshua's story taught us about the potential role of AI in human grief processing? And why is OpenAI, the software's designer, so afraid of what it might be capable of? Joshua: @JoshuaBarbeau on twitter Erica: @erica_mallett on Instagram Thanks to Jason Fagone for his original article on the story in the SFH. See for privacy information.
9/28/202132 minutes, 8 seconds
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I Created The Dothraki Language From Game Of Thrones

David J. Peterson has constructed entire languages for TV shows and movies such as Thor: The Dark World, The Witcher, Doctor Strange, The 100 and of course Game Of Thrones. So how did Dwight Schrute from the TV show The Office help write a little Dothraki? What do Australian Eshays have to do with ancient Latin? Who are the best and worst actors at speaking Dothraki and Valyrian, and how on earth do you go about building an entire language? Find David here: And here: Say hello to me!:  See for privacy information.
9/14/202123 minutes, 12 seconds
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Rulla Kelly-Mansell On: Having A Survivor Mentality

Rulla Kelly-Mansell is a State League football player, charity founder, Tasmanian Aboriginal of the Year 2020, musician, content maker and cancer survivor. Life has thrown more than a fair share of challenges his way. So how has Rulla’s mindset helped him through? And how did writing a letter to himself help him through his cancer treatment?Find Rulla here:'s song Black Swan: thanks to Horrorshow for their song Note To Self: hello to me!: for privacy information.
8/31/202128 minutes, 18 seconds
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A Bomb Disposal Technician On: Dealing With Stress Under Pressure

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Like you're under a lot of pressure? Overcome with fear and worry? Chris Hunter is a motivational speaker, author and bomb disposal technician. As someone who diffuses live bombs for a living, his ability to deal with stress under pressure is the difference between life and death. So how did Chris train himself to be mentally calm and clear in even the most nail-biting scenarios? And can he help us learn to be the same? You can read Chris's books here: Chris's Twitter: Contact Erica: @erica_mallett on instagramSee for privacy information.
8/17/202129 minutes, 36 seconds
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Someone Living With Crohn's Disease On: Not Having A Butthole

I'm guessing you don't think about your butthole all that much, do you? It does its thing, you do yours.Well, 27 year old Emma can't say the same. After years spent suffering from Crohn's disease, hers had to be removed.So what's it like living without a butthole? And how do you heal in the face of a medical system that won't listen?CW: this episode discusses all things butts - in depth. If that's not your thing, pick another episode!Read more from Emma:'s Instagram: @erica_mallettSee for privacy information.
8/3/202126 minutes, 36 seconds
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A Hostage Negotiator On: How To Be More Persuasive

With decades of experience as a hostage negotiator, Sue Williams negotiates with criminals and terrorists in some of the most high pressure situations imaginable.But whether you’re negotiating with terrorists, or with your partner about what you’ll have for dinner, the underlying tools and principles of negotiation are much the same. So how can we put Sue's hostage negotiation tactics into practice to be more persuasive in our every day lives?Contact Erica on Instagram: @erica_mallettSee for privacy information.
7/20/202128 minutes, 26 seconds
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An Ex Bloods Gang Member On: Conflict Resolution

The Bloods vs The Crips - One of the most bitter gang rivalries in the world.For 27 years, Skipp Townsend was a part of it. As a member of The Bloods, he'd run into conflict everywhere, and it was the kind of conflict that could cost you your life.So how did Skipp learn to resolve community conflict, instead of take part in it? And what can we learn from Skipp's story about our own healing? Erica's Instagram: @erica_mallettSkipp's Instagram: @2ndcallwolfpackSkipp's Organisation 2nd Call: for privacy information.
7/6/202131 minutes, 11 seconds
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A Brain Injury Survivor On: Your Entire Personality Changing In A Day

You know what makes you... you, right? Your mannerisms, music taste and sense of humour. Your personality.So, imagine now that one day you hit your head, and become a different person. Everything you knew about yourself is gone.That's what happened to Carmen after experiencing her brain injury. So how do you navigate the same world when you're suddenly a different person?Instagram: @erica_mallettContent Warning: this podcast mentions anxiety, depression and briefly mentions domestic violenceSee for privacy information.
6/22/202127 minutes, 48 seconds
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An Ex FBI Special Agent & Spy Recruiter On: Making People Like you

As an FBI special agent, Robin Dreeke worked in counterintelligence; catching and recruiting spies for the American government, thwarting threats to national security and protecting the American people.Robin's most valuable tool for getting out of a sticky mission safely? Nope, not a gun. Good communication.So what interpersonal & behavioural analysis strategies did Robin use to turn even the unlikeliest of people into his allies? And how can we do the same in our own lives?Robin's Website:'s Book: It's Not All About "Me": The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with AnyoneErica's Instagram: @erica_mallettSee for privacy information.
6/8/202127 minutes, 16 seconds
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A Sneeze Fetishist On: Coming To Terms With Your Fetish

The tingling sensation, the buildup, the climax, and then... the... snot?Leas realised from a young age that she had a certain kind of interest in sneezes. So how do you come to terms with having a fetish that's considered so unusual? How can you find peace with being so different?Leas Youtube channel:'s Instagram: for privacy information.
5/25/202126 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Compulsive Liar On: Lying To Someone You Love

Have you ever been lied to? Have you ever let a lie get out of control?Sam*, 25, is a compulsive liar. After being caught out in an astonishing web of lies last year by his long term girlfriend Hannah*, he hit rock bottom. But this is not your average big lie. He didn’t cheat on Hannah, or gamble away their money. It was far more obscure and complex.Content warning: this episode mentions anxiety and suicide.Instagram: @erica_mallettSee for privacy information.
5/11/202129 minutes, 26 seconds
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Wait, You What? Trailer

Wait, You What? Is the podcast that explores people’s surprising stories of struggle, lived experience and self discovery. Sometimes in life, shit happens that’ll catch you off guard - and when it does, it’s how you respond to it that’s defining. Each episode, host Erica Mallett gently asks the big questions to a new guest.How do you come to terms with your sneezing fetish? How do you forgive yourself for compulsively lying to someone you love? How can making people like you help save the world? When your brain injury causes you to lose your entire personality, how do you rebuild it? Wait, You What? Is about the uniqueness of people’s stories, but also the ubiquitous things that connect us all to the same human experience; love, resilience, change, fear, shame and togetherness. See for privacy information.
5/5/20211 minute, 47 seconds