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VoIP for Independent Telecoms

English, Technology, 1 season, 23 episodes, 11 hours, 41 minutes
The podcast for local service providers who want to offer great voice services on a resilient network.
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Why technicians need to be comedians, with Jerry Black of IT Misfits

In this episode I interview Jerry Black of IT Misfits, to understand how a background in construction, video editing and project management has led to a passion for stand-up comedy, and to see why anyone in the technology field could benefit from improving their comedy skills.
6/3/202435 minutes, 46 seconds
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Telecom Talks: Cloud Connections recap episode with Alan Percy

In this episode I'm joined by Alan Percy from TelcoBridges for an episode of Telecom Talks, where we discuss the Cloud Connections conference we both recently attended in Florida.
5/28/202423 minutes, 28 seconds
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How to complete projects successfully - with Tara Kelley

A good project manager can make a huge difference when you're trying to execute your projects. It's not just about tracking tasks and hitting dates on a calendar - a good project manager also has domain expertise, and can help to spot risks, and make sure the project goes smoothly - whether that's migrations or product launches or fiber builds.For more information check out and in particular this blog post for a quick reference on project management best practices. Or connect with Tara on LinkedIn.
4/11/202224 minutes, 47 seconds
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Why phone numbers should be on a Blockchain - with Noah Rafalko of TSG Global

In our discussion we'll cover: why a blockchain could work better than STIR/SHAKEN to give users control of their DNs how users could be given powerful control of who can and can't call their number how a similar approach is already being used for text messaging. For more information check out, or email [email protected].
3/28/202238 minutes, 15 seconds
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A new MaX UC client and support for nomadic 911 - with Jo Ramachandran

For more information, please check out the following links: MaX by Metaswitch Blog MaX UC with MCT (Connector for Teams) Youtube demo MaX UC Desktop video demo
2/28/202227 minutes, 26 seconds
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Are we supposed to block illegal robocalls? - with Mark Lindsey of ECG

For more information check out the following links: Are my customers making illegal robocalls? (Article with diagram) Why are my calls being marked as spam - with Greg Blumstein of TrueCNAM (Podcast episode) How YouMail uses Machine Learning to block robocalls (Article) ECG website
2/14/202238 minutes, 16 seconds
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Why you can't put your switch in the cloud - with Mark Suto of Toly Digital

Other topics covered: - Why it's great to work with rural ILECs. - What products have worked, and what didn't, over the years. - The tension between technical advancement and the regulations that cover compensation. - What to expect in the future. - You can learn more about Toly Digital at
12/20/202128 minutes, 8 seconds
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Integrating TelcoBridges Media Gateways with Metaswitch - with Alan Percy

Topics include: - TelcoBridges unusual approach of focusing on specific products, rather than trying to do everything - Why is a partnership between Metaswitch and TelcoBridges good - for TelcoBridges, for Metaswitch, and for their mutual customers? - Should telcos be concerned about having too many vendors in their network? - For more information, read our article about this partnership, and check out the TelcoBridges website.
12/13/202120 minutes, 33 seconds
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Inside the ATIS Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force - with Alec Fenichel of TransNexus

Useful links:- ATIS-1000095 Extending SHAKEN over TDM - ATIS-1000096 SHAKEN OOB PASSPORT for TDM - ATIS-1000097 Technical report on alternatives for non-IP traffic. - TransNexus STIR/SHAKEN information hub.
11/15/202131 minutes, 44 seconds
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Why are my calls marked as spam? - with Greg Blumstein of TrueCNAM

For more information on some of the topics, check out the links below:- TrueCNAM: - you're welcome to contact their team to query your score. - More info about legal vs illegal robocalls (although remember that the reputation is based on whether calls are unwanted, not whether they're illegal).- The FCC Fourth Report and Order on robocalling says "We require that all originating voice service providers know their customers and exercise due diligence in ensuring that their services are not used to originate illegal traffic."- FreeCallerRegistry is a collaboration between several reputation providers (representing the major wireless carriers) where you can register a business and try to improve your reputation score.- Jolly Roger Telephone is taking the fight back to the scammers.
11/1/202126 minutes, 29 seconds
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STIR/SHAKEN for TDM networks - with Austin Spreadbury

In our discussion, Austin Spreadbury (the Microsoft Program Manager responsible for Robocall solutions) and I take a look at the new ATIS specifications covering some options for using STIR/SHAKEN for calls passing over TDM networks. We also discuss how the STIR/SHAKEN roll-out has been going so far, and speculate about what the future holds.You can read more about the items we discussed at the following links:- Austin and I previous chatted back in February 2021, and you can watch that video here.- ATIS 1000095, Extending STIR/SHAKEN over TDM - ATIS-1000096, SHAKEN Out-of-Band PASSporT Transmission Involving TDM Networks- ATIS-1000097, Technical Report on Alternatives for Call Authentication for Non-IP Traffic- My written review of the above specs: here and here- YouMail Robocall Index (stats on robocall volumes) - TransNexus stats on calls with STIR/SHAKEN certificatesYou can read more about Metaswitch's solutions for robocall blocking and STIR/SHAKEN on their website.
10/18/202132 minutes, 34 seconds
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Transforming lives with fiber internet and a mule - with Keith Gabbard of PRTC

For more information about PRTC and this story, check out the following:- The Race: TV show - The One Traffic Light Town with some of the Fastest Internet in the US: New Yorker article- Wikipedia article about Roberto Clemente
10/4/202134 minutes, 54 seconds
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Network monitoring, DDOS and American Idol - with Marc Matthews of Kentik

Marc and I discuss a variety of topics, including: - his time working with me at Metaswitch, where he was the first Sales Engineer - how American Idol was an early form of DDOS attack - how network operators can identify and respond to DDOS attacks - the importance of network monitoring and observability, and how Kentik can help.Links:
9/20/202123 minutes, 49 seconds
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Champing at the BITS - clocking for TDM, VoIP and 5G - with Jim Olsen of Microchip

In this episode I talk to Jim Olsen from Microchip about network synchronization. What is clocking, why does it matter in TDM networks and why will it continue to be important in the future? You'll learn how timing works for TDM, and what happens when a GPS source is lost; we'll explore what comes after BITS; and we'll discuss how clocking is important for 5G networks.If you're responsible for a TDM network check out this episode to learn more about this critical (but often overlooked) piece of infrastructure.
9/6/202125 minutes, 36 seconds
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The middle-man: how does an IXC provide value - with Roy Martindale of USA Digital

In this episode I talk to Roy Martindale, CTO of USA Digital about life as an IXC. We cover the services provided in a class 4 network, how STIR/SHAKEN impacts an intermediate carrier, how least-cost routing works, and the benefits that come when offering a combination of both class 4 and class 5 services - including a new UCaaS offering.
8/23/202122 minutes, 6 seconds
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The story behind Award Consulting - with Stephen Denny

In this self-indulgent episode, Andrew talks with Stephen Denny, the first consultant to join my team at Award Consulting, about our story so far. How did Andrew come to start consulting as a freelancer, why did he hire Stephen, and what has happened to the business since then.In particular we'll discuss: - Andrew's decision to leave Metaswitch without a plan - the debt we owe to the Metaswitch account managers and others who introduced us to our early clients - the industry change that put the whole business in jeopardy, and led to Andrew hiring Stephen - the challenges of being an introvert responsible for sales - how we've eventually seen the team grow from 1 to 5 people.
8/11/202127 minutes, 44 seconds
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Why did Microsoft buy Metaswitch, and what's going on in the telecoms industry - with Matt Townend of Cavell

Useful links: Cavell Group: Cloud Comms Summit: Cloud Comms Alliance:
7/26/202133 minutes, 15 seconds
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The modernization of 911 calls - with Mark Grady of INdigital

In this episode, I talk with Mark Grady from INdigital about his 39 years in the independent telecoms industry along with the history of 911 calls and how INdigital has been working to bring 911 into the 21st century.
7/12/202132 minutes, 45 seconds
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Lessons from launching Hosted PBX and management through EOS - with Jim McCarthy of Northland

In this episode, we mention:Northland Communications: Operating System: a Grip (book):
6/28/202125 minutes, 40 seconds
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Building a UCaaS Platform for Partners to Sell - with David Ansehl of Reinvent

In this episode David Ansehl talks about the state of UCaaS / Hosted PBX as we come out of the pandemic, discusses the benefits over traditional PBXs, and explains Reinvent's model of selling through whitelabel partners.
6/14/20211 hour, 2 seconds
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Translations, LNP and Archaeology - with Rita Reinke

Rita Reinke joins me to talk about her best practices for switch translations, why LNP causes so many problems, and why she'd rather be excavating an archaeological site than working on a switch.
5/31/202136 minutes, 23 seconds
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IP Networks for VoIP - with Nathan Littlepage

Nathan Littlepage, Senior Technical Consultant at Award Consulting joins host Andrew Ward to discuss his history as an early customer of Metaswitch, and then to discuss some best practices and common gotchas when building IP networks to support voice over IP and other real-time communications.
5/18/202138 minutes, 4 seconds
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Taking care of clients and living in a van - with Dave Capece

A few months ago I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend and coworker Dave Capece. He’s a charismatic guy who used to work with me in Metaswitch Support, then spent a couple of years traveling the world delivering training courses for Metaswitch, and then helped me get started as a consultant.In this excerpt from our conversation we share a little about our history together, the value of best practices, how to take care of clients, and why Dave was Zooming with me from a van in the middle of the desert.
5/16/202113 minutes, 22 seconds