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English, Technology, 2 seasons, 111 episodes, 22 hours 30 minutes
Let's discuss data protection trends and dig into the truth in information. Our goal is to lead you from chaos to clarity on the path to multi-cloud data management. Welcome to the Voice of Veritas Podcast and discover the truth in information.
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Decoding AI: Navigating Governance Through Explainability

As companies continue to adopt artificial intelligence (AI), there's a growing need for transparency in AI practices. In this podcast, we discuss the challenge of governing AI and emphasize the importance of explainability.  Resources referenced: Voice of Veritas: Avoid the Fine: Capturing Off-Channel Communication  Voice of Veritas: Unlocking the Future of AI, Security, and Veritas Solutions  <a href=";midSig=2ZgZtgHhng2H01&amp;trk=eml-email_series_follow_newsletter_01-newsletter_content_preview-0-headline_&amp;trkEmail=eml-email_series_follow_newsletter_01-ne
19/12/202319 minutes 22 seconds
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Locking Down Containers: Insights and Strategies for Staying Ahead of Evolving Cyber Threats

Join us as we delve into the critical realm of container security with an industry expert. Discover invaluable insights and strategies for bolstering container security, integrating them into our security posture, and enhancing container resiliency in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges. Resources referenced: Veritas 360 Defense Solution Overview | Veritas Enterprise Storage and Data Protection for Kubernetes Voice of Veritas Podcast | Plan for the Unexpected: Why an Incident Response Plan Is Key for Organizational ResiliencySee
05/12/202320 minutes 47 seconds
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Unlocking the Future of AI, Security, and Veritas Solutions

Welcome to the Voice of Veritas, where we empower you to take control of your enterprise data and applications. In this episode, we explore the power of AI in security with expert Varun Grover. We discuss AI's evolution, positive influence on security, challenges, and Veritas solutions with Microsoft.  Resources referenced: Veritas Cybersecurity Newsletter (LinkedIn) | Issue 6: Cybersecurity, AI and Future T
14/11/202317 minutes 33 seconds
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Veritas REDLab: The Team That Never Sleeps

In the face of more than 15 attacks per second, the Veritas REDLab constantly stays alert and works tirelessly to ensure the safety of our customers. The team conducts thorough assessments to simulate attacks and identify vulnerabilities, which helps in strengthening the defense mechanism. You are invited to join us to explore how the Veritas REDLab enhances security and boosts readiness, providing robust protection against the constantly evolving threat landscape.  Resources referenced: Behind the Scenes with Veritas REDLab Subscribe to the Veritas Technologies Cyber Resiliency Newsletter on LinkedInSee for privacy information.
24/10/202313 minutes 54 seconds
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Avoid the Fine: Capturing Off-Channel Communication

Cloud-based and mobile business applications have become increasingly popular, raising concerns about preserving channel-based data. These concerns are especially relevant when mobile business apps are used on personal devices, as it increases security risks and could result in hefty fines, particularly if you work in a regulated industry. This podcast discusses the implications of off-channel communications (OCC) and the need for a comprehensive platform to protect your business from fines and litigation. Resources referenced: Optimize Surveillance using Machine Learning Observations from the Annual FINRA Conference 2023: A Quick TakeSee
26/09/202316 minutes 32 seconds
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Cloud Migration Made Easy: Automate Your Move With Ease and Simplicity

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to move applications from on-premises to the cloud? Look no further! In this podcast, we introduce the Veritas Application Mobility Service, a tool designed to simplify and accelerate the process. We’ll explore what complexities can arise when moving applications from on-premises to the cloud and how the Veritas Application Mobility Service can help you cut risk, complexity, and time throughout your application migrations. Resources referenced: Automating Cloud Migration with the Veritas Application Mobility Service | Veritas  Getting Started with Veritas Application Mobility ServiceSee omnystudio
01/08/202314 minutes 40 seconds
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Securing Your SaaS Data—The Fine Print You Don't Want to Miss!

Organizations increasingly rely on SaaS solutions for their business applications, but there are important aspects of the shared responsibility model to remember. Specifically, SaaS providers don’t back up your data, so you need to take care of that yourself. Learn more about your responsibilities and strategies for securing your SaaS application data. Resources referenced:What is your Share of the Shared Responsibility Model? Top Reasons to Protect Your SaaS Application Data with Veritas Alta SaaS Protection Learn More About Veritas Alta SaaS ProtectionSee for privacy information.
11/07/202327 minutes 8 seconds
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Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard: Your Cure for the Case of the Malwares!

Malware attacks are a serious threat to every business. With attacks coming from all directions, knowing where to start to protect your business can be challenging. This podcast discusses the latest malware threats, tips, and strategies for improving your cybersecurity and helping protect your business from attacks.  Resources referenced: NetBackup Malware Detection (Technical Brief) REDLab Making and Verifying Ransomware-Resilient Veritas Products (White Paper) Clear Out the Clutter and Protect Your Data: Get the Most Out of Backup Storage
27/06/202327 minutes 52 seconds
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SAP Got You Down? Strategies for Achieving Resilience in Your S/4HANA Cloud Migration

Migrating SAP S/4HANA to the cloud offers scalability, cost savings, compatibility, and improved security, but businesses need to consider the challenges involved and use resiliency to prevent missed SLAs and achieve SAP agility.  Resources referenced: Veritas InfoScale: Business Continuity for SAP Applications (White Paper) Azure and Veritas: Evolving SAP to the Cloud Ask to speak to a Veritas expert today – Resiliency and Disaster Recovery Designed for AzureSee for privacy information.
13/06/202323 minutes 52 seconds
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Protecting Your Patients is Priority One: Securing Patient Safety Now and Into the Future

Patient safety is a critical concern for healthcare providers, as error and negligence can have devastating consequences on patient care. In this episode of Voice of Veritas, we discuss the current challenges with protecting patient data and strategies for improving patient safety without compromising care. Resources: Health Care: Regulatory Compliance Made Easy (White Paper) Tomorrow's Tech Today Podcast: From Escalating Cyber Risks to Recovery At Scale – Security Special With Doward Wilkinson, Sr. Product Manager, Veritas The Three Essential
30/05/202329 minutes 37 seconds
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SaaS Is Like “Take-Out” – Protect Your Data and Leave All the Work to Us

Leveraging cloud-based technologies, delivered as a service, ensures that your data is safe, secure, and available whenever you need it without extensive in-house resources or expertise. Join us as we introduce the latest Veritas Alta cloud offerings delivered as a service. Resources referenced: Veritas Alta View - Getting Started Veritas Alta View | Security and operations overview (White Paper) Veritas Alta Backup as a Service Veritas L!VE: Backup as a Team Sport Plan for th
25/04/202330 minutes 45 seconds
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Clear Out the Clutter and Protect Your Data: Get the Most Out of Backup Storage with Veritas

What does cleaning your basement have to do with backup storage? Join us in this next episode of Voice of Veritas, and you'll see… Plus, you'll learn about various backup storage options and strategies for optimizing cost and scale. Resources referenced: TL;DR Series Intro and National Cybersecurity Strategy Overview NetBackup for Azure Deployments (White Paper) NetBackup for AWS Deployments (White Paper) NetBackup for Google Cloud Platform Deployments (White Paper) Veritas Alta Recovery Vault Deployment Guide <a href="
28/03/202327 minutes 13 seconds
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Plan for the Unexpected: Why an Incident Response Plan Is Key for Organizational Resiliency

Taylor Swift once said, "Just because you make a good plan, doesn't mean that's what's going to happen." Join us for our next episode as we share best practices for creating an incident response plan and discuss why it is essential to have one in place to assure your organization’s operational resiliency against threats. Resources referenced: The Always-On, Always Ready Financial Institution (White Paper) Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery Powered by Veritas The Always-On, Always Ready Financial Institution – 6 Steps to Operational ResilienceSee
28/02/202331 minutes 32 seconds
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Take Regulatory Requirements Further with Data Encryption, Immutability, and Isolation

Meeting industry regulations is essential for protecting your organizational data and assets. However, Veritas advocates for taking these requirements further and isolating your data to become one of the 30% of organizations that fully recover after an attack. Join us for this next episode of Voice of Veritas and learn more about best practices in encryption and the value of implementing an air-gap solution. Resources referenced: Zero Trust Fundamentals Practical Example of Zero Trust Framework NetBackup Anomaly Detection Configuration (White Paper) <a href="
31/01/202329 minutes 4 seconds
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Take Back Control: Unlocking the Hidden Challenges of Cloud

Chances are you’ve already moved some of your workloads to the cloud only to realize that the benefits promised—scalability, DR, loss prevention, flexibility, increased collaboration, and more—have yet to be fully realized. Join Veritas' Shilo Thomas, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Specialist, and Neil Glick, Technical Marketing Engineer, for this Voice of Veritas episode as we uncover hidden challenges of the cloud and learn what you can do today to take back control. YouTube Series by Neil Glick, Technical Marketing Engineer, Veritas Veritas NetBackup Cloud Object Stores Adding Credentials and Creating Workloads (Part 1 of 3): Creating Policies (Part 2 of 3): Backup and Recovery (Part 3 of 3): <p
19/12/202240 minutes 1 second
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Ensuring that Everything is Protected in your Environment

Data growth and cyberattacks are causing IT downtime across diverse applications, volumes of devices, and hybrid architectures. Company data is being held hostage by cybercriminals, forcing organizational stakeholders to choose between paying the ransom or having their data compromised.  This inherent risk has customers asking, "how do I protect everything in my infrastructure, on-prem or in the Cloud?"  Join Mark Salmon, Sr. Principal Product Manager, and Rich Rose, Sr. Distinguished Architect, for a discussion on how to gain visibility and ensure everything is protected using NetBackup IT Analytics.See for privacy information.
22/08/202216 minutes 56 seconds
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NetBackup for OpenStack

NetBackup for OpenStack is here! In this episode we talk to Sr. Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Doward Wilkinson, about the new benefits available in your toolbox today allowing you to protect your OpenStack environment without impacting any of your applications. NetBackup for OpenStack brings you fast granular workload recovery, end-to-end point in time recovery, and support for your self-service organization. The best thing is that it&rsquo;s all provided for you through the OpenStack native experience. NetBackup for OpenStack prepares you for the future with the best-in-class data protection for leading cloud providers, and helps reduce cost and complexity by simplifying everything and allowing you to scale with growth through seamless deployments and integration. Learn more about the benefits of usingNetBackup to protect your OpenStack environment.See for privacy information.
30/03/202125 minutes 38 seconds
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Visibility without compromise: The latest on APTARE IT Analytics

In this episode, we dive into the latest developments and news on APTARE IT Analytics. Speaking with Principal Product Manager, Rajeev Mankar, on what APTARE is the one tool you need to gain that powerful single pane of glass and capture a wealth of information on the inner workings or your IT environment.APTARE IT Analytics uses data collections from over 30,000 IT metrics and helps our customers gain visibility into their full environment, instantly revealing insight-packed correlations of vast quantities of data. Through this new solution, users can easily view all backups, whether they were totally successful, only partial, or even complete failures and through this full backup visibility, the Backup Manager in APTARE IT Analytics reveals key insights into the backup environment unveiling unprotected data and identifying suspect backups.This level of visibility is now available to NetBackup users, enabling new insights and enhancing preparation for compliance aud
11/03/202122 minutes 34 seconds
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CloudPoint 2.2 Digging into Veritas CloudPoint

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, we're discussing how CloudPoint technology fits into your overall data protection strategy under NetBackup. Your host Sama Bali, Product Marketing discusses these concepts with Suchintya Dandapat, Senior Product Manager.&nbsp;CloudPoint is built as an API first flexible extension to your NetBackup footprint. Customers running workloads in the cloud can use tags to achieve agentless backup and recovery of their cloud workloads. Customers running workloads in the datacenter can tier off data from storage snapshots into long term retention solutions such as Veritas Access or any one of the more than 30+ cloud object storage options we support.&nbsp;&nbsp;Learn more about the benefits of adding CloudPoint to your NetBackup environment.See for privacy information.
23/01/20204 minutes 24 seconds
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CloudPoint 2.2: Highlights

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, we're discussing the latest release of CloudPoint 2.2. Your host Sama Bali, Product Marketing discusses these concepts with Suchintya Dandapat, Senior Product Manager. Announcing CloudPoint 2.2, in which customers will find a lot of new features for their public cloud environments. We also added additional features especially for AWS customers that includes IAM Roles, KMS integration, cross-account replication, and more. On the datacenter side, customers can now integrate with NetApp FAS arrays. Integrating CloudPoint 2.2 with NetBackup 8.2 will now allow customers to create backups from storage snapshots across Pure Storage, NetApp, HPE, and many more. These backups are application consistent and work to minimize the application stun across Oracle, DB2, and files workloads. More workloads are being added incrementally.See for privacy i
15/01/20206 minutes 9 seconds
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Cloud Computing: Exposing common misconceptions in Cloud Data Protection

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, we're exposing common misconceptions about Cloud Data Protection. Your host Sama Bali, Product Marketing, discusses these concepts with Suchintya Dandapat, Senior Product Manager. Veritas helps enterprises assess, migrate, and protect their workloads on their journey to the cloud. This solution suite is available for the customers' multi-cloud world. We talk about data protection, disaster recovery, use case coverage, and more.See for privacy information.
09/01/20206 minutes 12 seconds