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The Breakfast Beat show focuses mainly on issues that are of concern to the community that Voice of the Cape serves. The show is actuality based and will feature interviews with prominent politicians, community activists and leaders. During the 3 hour morning drive show, listener participation is encouraged and the lines are open for the full duration of the show. From time to time, the Breakfast show also hosts roundtable discussions on topical issues like the work of the National Planning Commission to Metrorail. The idea behind the Breakfast show is to inform, uplift and educate the community and their suggestions are always taken into account. This show is hosted by Sabera Sheikh-Essop.
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VOC Breakfast one on one with DA Mayor Elect

The IEC revealed the official results of the local government elections last night. According to the IEC, the ANC achieved a majority of the votes and will now govern 161 municipalities across the country.The DA achieved a majority in 13 municipalities. Today we are joined by DA mayor Elect Geordin Hill-Lewis
11/5/202145 minutes, 31 seconds
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Analysis of the Jeremy Vearey case

Western Cape detectives head Jeremy Vearey has been fired over social media posts criticising national police commissioner General Khehla Sitole. Vearey was found guilty of misconduct following disciplinary action linked to several Facebook posts he made between December 2020 and February 2021. It was recommended that he be dismissed and Sitole subsequently signed off on his sacking. Let us chat to Eldred De Klerk, Senior policing, and Social conflict specialist - Africa Centre for Security and Intelligence Praxis??
6/2/202110 minutes, 3 seconds
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Follow up with SAMTOA regarding umrah refunds

SAMTOA says mutamireen who are struggling with the refunding for the pilgrimage, should contact the various stakeholders. Chairperson Sedick Steenkamp, explains that international industries have been hit hard with the pandemic. This includes the travel industry and its airlines, hotels and consortiums.
6/1/20216 minutes, 28 seconds
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City to write off billions of debts

The City of Cape Town has announced that just over R4 billion in debt will be written off. The municipality says this is to help residents, organisations, and businesses. The write offs which will be done in phases applies to qualifying debtors. It comes a day after the city announced that rates and electricity will be going up as of July 1st. Let’s chat to the City of Cape Town’s Revenue Director, Trevor Blake to get some clarity on the matter
6/1/20218 minutes, 33 seconds
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What are the pros and cons of deregulating the fuel price?

On Wednesday consumers were hit with yet another surge in the fuel price as petrol reached an all-time high of close to R17 per litre. This comes amidst other additional increases such as electricity, water, and food prices. Some energy analysis opened up the discussion around the frequent petrol increases and asked whether or not petrol should be deregulated considering that the actual fuel price is half the selling price and that the rest are additional levies which contributes to the Road Accident Fund amongst others. To unpack this, we are joined by Energy expert Ted Blom
4/8/202116 minutes, 9 seconds
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In three years not a single vandalism arrest has been made, city needs communities help!

The City of Cape Town is calling on the public for assistance in curbing vandalism at its libraries. This follows a spate of attacks at facilities in recent weeks. At least seven libraries have been targeted in areas such as Retreat, Strand, Wynberg and Delft. Last month in Strand, one library was gutted by a fire, with insurance claims amounting to over R14 million. Joining us online is Cllr Zaahid Badroodien mayco member for community services and health.
3/30/20218 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ihata Shelter to the rescue! Struggling CPOA signs over 3 frail care facilities towards shelter expansion

Ihata Shelter for abused women and children is expanding its horizons. The shelter has signed an MOA with the struggling Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged, whereby the shelter will acquire 3 frail care facilities with existing resources and support. VOC Breakfast spoke to director of Ihata Shelter, Nuraan Osman about the exciting big step!
3/29/202110 minutes, 27 seconds
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Update: Establishment of SA Muslim Media Association

With the rise in social media platforms and multimedia, Muslims are cementing their position in the media space in South Africa. But the media industry, specifically Islamic media, is not without its challenges. For this reason, the South African Muslim network is spearheading an Association of Muslims in Southern Africa involved in Media, Broadcasting, Journalism, Marketing and other related fields. Last week Thursday the first meeting was held and to provide feedback online is SAMNETs founder Dr Faisal Suliman.
3/29/202115 minutes, 14 seconds
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SANParks concerned over increase in crime related incidents and use of portable Bluetooth speakers within reserves

After a week-long search, the body of a missing man was sadly discovered early on Saturday 27 March 2021. The 69-year-old’s body was found floating in the dam, which lies within the Central Section of Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) in Cape Town, South Africa.
3/29/20218 minutes, 54 seconds
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How many more meetings and sessions before restitution is achieved for D6 claimants?

This week District Six claimants attended mandate sessions hosted by the D6 reference group. The purpose of the session were to endorse better housing units offered by government. However, many are questioning the lengthy, repetitive processes claimants are having to endure in order to go back home to District Six. Online is Nadeem Hendricks (D6 Beneficiary Trust), Grant Elliot (D6 Reference Group) and Vuyani Nkasayi (Dept agriculture and reform)
3/26/202120 minutes, 11 seconds
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Western Cape health agrees with proposed alert level 2 ahead of Easter holidays

As the Easter weekend is fast approaching, and the month of Ramadan following almost immediately thereafter, concern has been raised that both religious events could be a super spreader event which may trigger a tide of new Covid 19 infections. In a couple of weeks or months, a third Covid-19 wave is set to hit South Africa. But as yet, academics don’t know how deadly or widespread it will be. Joining us online is Saadiq Karriem Chief of Operations of the Western Cape Department of Health
3/25/20216 minutes, 54 seconds
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MJC yet to issue taraweeh directives while Kensington masjid ramps up protocols for Ramadan

With Ramadan a mere 3 weeks away, there have been many concerns around the systems in place to accommodate musallees for the taraweeh prayer. The MJC is yet to issue a solid directive for taraweeh prayer protocols. Meanwhile the Kensington masjid
3/25/202112 minutes, 46 seconds
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City defends Mayor Dan Plato's use of ''shut up'' on ocean view resident

The mayor of the Western Cape Dan Plato has made headlines following an altercation with a resident in Ocean View over the weekend in which he allegedly told the man to shut up. The altercation occurred during a walkabout in the area to observe the work of the local neighbourhood watch but councillor JP Smith says the community event was derailed by a group of activists known as the CCC. Joining us online is provide his account of events is Aslam Richards, who was involved in the altercation with Mayor Dan Plato
3/24/202115 minutes, 57 seconds
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Fed up Hanover Park residents take to the streets

The community of Hanover Park took to the streets in protest against ongoing gang violence in the area. VOC Journalist, Aneeqa Du Plessis met up with demonstrators to gage them on their grievances. Take a listen
3/24/20217 minutes, 20 seconds
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Western Cape Muslim undertakers preparing for Covid-19 third wave

With the prediction of a third wave approaching in the coming weeks, we thought it best to check in with the Muslim Undertakers Association on their readiness and how they are preparing to deal with the possible increase in Covid 19 deaths. Online we have head of the Western Cape Muslim Undertakers Association, Ebrahim Solomon
3/23/202119 minutes, 59 seconds
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SAHUC: Still no word from Saudi authorities on Hajj 1442

The Saudi Ministry of Health has announced that all external pilgrims wishing to perform Hajj in 2021 to obtain two doses of WHO-approved vaccine for COVID-19. But, what does that mean for our aspiring Hujaaj? Online to furnish us with further details is none other than President of SAHUC, Shaheen Essop
3/23/20218 minutes, 43 seconds
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Salmaan Moerat: It's been a long journey with many challenges, I had to work really really hard

Paarl rugby player Salmaan Moerat will captain his first DHL stormers match against the bulls today. Moerat, whose regular position is lock, has been chasing his passion for 14 years and has participated in the Currie Cup and in the Rugby Challenge. Making up the forward pack Moerat will partner with David Meihuizen in the second row. Today will be Moerat’s time to shine and prove that he can lead the team in a match as big as the north-south derby. The match is expected to kick-off at Loftus Versfeld at 19h00 .
3/19/20218 minutes, 4 seconds
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Fatima Petersen: Some of us received the information that we felt was holding us back because of uncertainty in the past

Eight family members of the late legend Taliep Petersen were present this week at the parole hearing of murder accused and accomplice Waheed Hassen. Hassen was initially sentenced to 25 years in the murder case of Taliep Petersen. In November 2020 accused Abdoer Raasiet Emjedi was released on parole however the family of the slain legend was upset as they were not part of the parole hearing. This time however the Petersens were actively involved in the parole hearing proceedings.
3/19/202111 minutes, 33 seconds
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How does the School Governing Body (SGB) election process work?

As the 2021 academic year gets underway, parents are urged to play their part in support of their children’s education. By participating in the SGB elections, which is currently underway, every parent has the chance to be part of government’s drive to improve learning outcomes and reach the goal of quality education in all our schools. But what is the SGB and what role do their play in schools. Joining us now is Dr Jaco Deacon, Deputy CEO of The Federation of Governing Bodies of SA Schools
3/18/202114 minutes, 38 seconds
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DCS: According to the code of conduct there are certain acts which cannot be tolerated

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) is set to take disciplinary action against a female warder who was caught on video having sexual relations with an inmate at a prison in KwaZulu-Natal. The explicit video that has gone viral across social media shows the pair passionately kissing in what looks like an office inside the prison before they get into the act. Joining us online us online is Singabakho Nxumalo, Correctional Services Department spokesperson
3/18/202113 minutes, 22 seconds
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Community leaders scramble over PRASA job opportunity

Discontented community leaders on the Cape Flats have been forced to resort to unpleasantries in the issue of job opportunities in respect to railway line renovations set to take place by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa. VOC Journalist, Aneeqa du Plessis went out to Heideveld and Manenberg to allow residents to address their concerns. **PRASA HAS INDICATED THAT THEY ARE BUSY FORMULATING A RESPONSE AND WILL SEND IT THROUGH ONCE FINALISED
3/17/20217 minutes, 51 seconds
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If student debt cannot be erased, what is the way forward?

Considering the current volatile situation, the tertiary education sector finds itself in, we thought we’d chat to Professor Jonathan Jansen this morning for insight into factors associated with what we are currently witnessing. Of course, the #feesmustfall movement served to highlight the issue of funding which hinders thousands of students furthering their tertiary education. But clearly higher education isn’t getting something right. To help us make sense of the relationship between historical debt and student protests and the way forward… Professor Jonathan Jansen - Professor of Education at the University of Stellenbosch joins us online
3/16/202111 minutes, 22 seconds
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Chief justice Mogoeng is set to appeal against JCC ruling that he should apologise for pro-Israel comments

Chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will appeal against a decision by the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC) which ordered him to apologise for, and retract, pro-Israel comments he made during a webinar in June last year. This after the JCC found Mogoeng guilty and ordered him to apologise unconditionally for becoming involved in political controversy through his utterances in the online seminar hosted by The Jerusalem Post on June 23 2020. Joining us online from Africa4Palestine is Mohamed Desai
3/16/20219 minutes, 25 seconds
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Police brutality at student protest in the spotlight... again

In light of the recent student protests and the killing of 36-year-old by-stander Ntokosizi Nthumba, the issue of police brutality has once again come to light. Are SAPS adequately trained to handle protests and in particular student protests? Joining us online is researcher at the Socio-Economic Rights Institute, Thato Masiangoako
3/15/202112 minutes, 8 seconds
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Peoples Vaccine Campaign: ''We want equitable vaccines for all''

As SA marked a year since the first Covid-19 case was reported, the Peoples Vaccine Campaign embarked on protest action outside of the Johsnon & Johnson buildings yesterday with the intention of handing over a memorandum that calls for change. The Peoples Vaccine Campaign also hosted a virtual media briefing to declare that pharmaceutical companies openly share information and technology to reproduce the vaccine without any profitable gains. distancing requirements, in-person fundraising events were out of the question, forcing many organisations to adapt and embrace virtual events and fundraising.
3/12/20218 minutes, 11 seconds
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Hurry! There's just 15 days left for 2022 school admission applications

As of midnight, on 26th March, the admissions application system will be closed. The WCED is appealing to all parents and guardians to apply for their children before the closing date. Joining us online is Bronagh Hammond WCED spokesperson Joining us online is Guest: Bronagh Hammond
3/12/202112 minutes, 10 seconds
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Exorbitant water bills and water disconnection angers Tafelsig residents

VOC news has been inundated with messages from those residing in the Tafelsig area pertaining to water issues that has come to the fore. Now according to residents have been billed thousands of rands for the water usage, with the City of Cape Town disconnecting their water supply. Now this is not the first time we have received these messages, so we thought is best to touch base with the City once again. Joining us online is resident Madiny Darries
3/11/20219 minutes, 39 seconds
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Traffic calming devices cannot be acquired through private funding

After a discussion earlier this week on VOC Breakfast regarding speed humps and the application thereof, it has become clear that communities across the Cape Flats have recognised the need and importance of traffic calming measures as vehicles tend to speed up and down this road, exceeding speed limits appropriate in residential areas, completely ignoring the fact that children play in the roads at all hours of the day which has resulted in some accidents occurring in the roads. Now residents have gone to the extent of damaging roads by unlawfully digging them up to create “speed trenches” that force motorists to slow down. Joining us online is Garth Elliot head of the transport network development at the City of Cape Town
3/11/202113 minutes, 57 seconds
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Mufieda Moos: Majdi learnt to speak listening to Shafiq Morton

So we came across a very heart felt interview that was featured on The Cape Malay “JAWWAP series about a remarkable young boy named Majdi Moos who has Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Now he is a huge fan of the voice of the cape especially the Drive time show. This little man knows everything there is to know about voc. Now this morning we chat to his mom, Mufieda Gallie Moos
3/10/202118 minutes, 12 seconds
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Wits Coalition for free education: ''Our demands include pressuring the state for a higher education debt bailout''

Chaos erupted outside Wits University yesterday as students embarked on protest action over registration issues. They were protesting against the financial exclusion of some 6,000 students over historical debt amongst other issues. Now we know this is an issue many of our students face and online we speak to Raees Noorbhai member of the Wits coalition for free education as well as education expert, Hendrick Makaneta
3/10/202112 minutes, 54 seconds
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Khayelitsha sexual offences court upgrade in the spotlight

As the world marked International Woman’s Day yesterday, Rape Crisis and the Rape Survivors’ Justice Campaign (RSJC) embarked on protest action under the banner #JusticeProtest outside the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s Western Cape Regional offices. Rape Crisis and the RSJC are demanding that the Khayelitsha Sexual Offences Court (SOC) be properly upgraded so that rape survivors can attain justice without fear or experiencing secondary victimisation and further trauma. Joining us online is Jessica Bobbert Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust locum advocacy specialist
3/9/20216 minutes, 51 seconds
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Bereaved mother: ''If I knew how, I would sue SAPS''

Leslie Wyngaard, a mother who lost her son in a shooting incident in 2015 headed to court last year hoping for justice. However the case was thrown out as a senior SAPS officials signature was missing from the case papers that were filed. Leslie is also the spokesperson for Moms Move for justice. We speak to her now.
3/8/20217 minutes, 26 seconds
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Part 2: Communicare reacts to case

Just before the break we heard the concerns of several Communicare tenants out in Ruyterwacht. This organisation has come under fire for similar reasons in other areas including Thornton, Kuilsriver and Salt River in recent years. VOC Journalist Tauhierah Salie got a response from Communicare’s CEO Anthea Housten yesterday. Take a listen.
3/5/20219 minutes, 26 seconds
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Part 1: Communicare in hot water over tenants continued grievances

Social housing agent Communicare has been the centre of contention in the Western Cape since 2018, amid incessant complaints from tenants. Various residents from several areas accuse the organisation of misrepresentation, mismanagement, and human rights violations, including being subjected to illegal evictions and unfair rent hikes. Tenants had last month finally been successful in having their case heard at the Cape Town high Court, where applicants are expected to take the stand once again next Friday, the 12th of March 2021. VOC Journalist Tauhierah Salie took up the case and spoke to the relevant parties.
3/5/20218 minutes, 54 seconds
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In a progressive move, Pinelands High School redesigns ''colonial'' school crest

Coincidently we spoke about the affordability of uniforms earlier in the show and this time, we actually have something good to share with regards to one particular school’s uniform. We know that the issue of old colonial symbols has been quite a contentious topic in South Africa in recent years. Pinelands High School decided to take a progressive step in removing their colonial school crest. The school has introduced a new school badge and motto after three years of consultations. Principal Dave Campbell chats to us now…
3/4/20218 minutes, 40 seconds
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Scientists find people infected by new variant developed antibodies against re-infection

New research has shown that those who have been infected with the 2nd variant 501Y.V2 have protection from current and previous circulating variants. Higher Education, Science & Innovation Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande was briefing the media with Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize earlier. Prof Penny Moore of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and WITS University, who was part of the scientific team, is online with us now…
3/4/20217 minutes, 32 seconds
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How will the Western Cape rid the scourge of illegal firearms?

Police management in the Western Cape says it will intensify efforts to deal with illegal firearms. This follows the fatal shooting of two police officers in Kraaifontein on Sunday and a number of other fatal shootings in Mitchells Plain in the past few days. Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa says they’ve activated a 72-hour action plan in an effort to catch the suspects. With the Western Cape having recorded a concerning number of murders and attempted murders in the Cape Town metropole from Thursday until Sunday, the police have intensified efforts to tackle illegal firearms through targeted operations. But how do they stem the flow of illegal firearms. Adèle Kirsten, Director, of GUN FREE SOUTH AFRICA can hopefully give us some insight on this matter
3/3/20219 minutes, 10 seconds
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Black Sash writes open letter to Minister of Finance

Black Sash has written to the Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni to express their dismay at the increase of R10 for the Child Support and Foster Care Grants and R30 for the Old Age. This on the side-lines of the WC Leg meeting for an update on the SASSA Temporary Disability Grants reassessments. Joining us online is Hoodah Abrahams-Fayker, National Advocacy Manager at Black Sash
3/3/20218 minutes, 23 seconds
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Update: Covid-19 vaccination program enters phase 2

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that phase two of South Africa’s COVID-19 vaccination programme will begin in late April, early May. President Ramaphosa addressed the nation earlier this week to give an update on the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now joined by Saadiq Karriem Chief of Operations of the Western Cape Department of Health
3/2/20217 minutes, 4 seconds
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How does alert level 1 impact SA's education sector?

After President Cyril Ramaphosa's address on Sunday, informing South Africans of the move from alert level 3 to level 1, many have questioned what impact this would have on the school year. Joining us online for comment this morning is Research Chair in Transformation and Professor in the Department of Education Policy Studies at Stellenbosch University, Professor Aslam Fataar
3/2/202113 minutes, 32 seconds
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Don't be fooled warns the inspirational Koebraa Peters, juggling success is hard!

A Marine Biologist by profession, a CPUT lecturer by day, all while juggling a business and being a mom as well as wife. A true inspiration to many women. Joining us online is Koebraa Peters, Marine Biologist by profession, currently lecturing at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology
3/1/202112 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sahuc affirms public trust not broken over refunds delay

As Sahuc prepares for disciplinary action against operators contravening disciplinary codes, president Shaheen Essop joins us for an update.
3/1/20215 minutes, 58 seconds
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Weekend shootings: from a community pov SAPS needs to do more says CPF

Since last Thursday, more than a dozen Capetonian families have had to deal with the trauma of family members suffering gunshot wounds- some of which were fatal. This includes two teenagers shot and killed in a drive by shooting in Mitchells Plain’s Beacon Valley and four men who were shot and killed in Lost City on Saturday. Reports on the ground suggest that one or two of the several others who were injured, have also succumbed to their wounds. Word on the streets is that these shootings are gang related. And although gun violence is not something that is new to us, the sudden spike has reminded us that it a problem that we have not yet found lasting solutions to. To get a feel of what’s been happening in Mitchell’s Plain over the weekend, chairperson of the local CPF Norman Janjies joins us now, also another shooting occurred in Lotus river on Friday evening, also claiming the life of a 15 year old girl. Police say she was caught in the crossfire and that a 24-year-old suspect has been arrested. Chairman of Grassy Park CPF Melvin Jonkers is online to tell us more
3/1/202111 minutes, 22 seconds
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Universities ready for 2021 academic year

The Department of Basic Education released the 2020 matric results and the cohort achieved a pass rate of 76.2%. Universities are preparing to welcome new students for the 2021 academic year. Joining us online is Universities South Africa CEO professor Ahmed Bawa
2/26/202112 minutes, 5 seconds
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City issues moratorium on new operating licenses for metered-taxi industry

The City of Cape Town says there will be a moratorium on new applications for metered-taxi operating licences until 31 December 2023. The city says its seen thousands of operators or drivers joining e-hailing platforms. However, it’s become evident over the past 18 months that an over-supply of metered taxis is threatening the sustainability of the industry in Cape Town. Joining us online City’s Manager for Transport Regulations, Lee van den Berg
2/26/202111 minutes, 2 seconds
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2022 learner admission opens 26 March 2021

Parents of learners who are starting Grade R, Grade 1, or high school next year, are advised to apply to at least three schools once the registration portal opens. As the WCED prepares for the opening of admissions, we speak to WCED spokesperson Bronagh Hammond to discuss preparations made for the day and whether any delays are expected.
2/25/202110 minutes, 12 seconds
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Analysis: #RSABudget2021

Every national budget, in every nation across the globe, is a balancing act. But this year, with the ravages of COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns eroding an already shaky economy, the Finance Minister and his team at Treasury have a particularly hard task. Joining us online is Professor Corné van Walbeek Project Director and Professor at the School of Economics at University of
2/25/202112 minutes, 10 seconds
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Darul Arqam High School excels with 100% matric pass rate

Shaykh Ebrahim Dawood of Darul Arqam High School joins us online to speak about the 100% matric pass rate achieved at the school in the 2020 NSC examinations.
2/24/20216 minutes
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Naptosa: CAPS is a good curriculum, it is sustainable, however it is also overloaded

Some concerns have been raised regarding the overall performance of the 2020 matric class in Physical Sciences and Maths, despite the commendable overall quality of passes during the covid 19 pandemic. The Physical Sciences pass rate dropped from 75.5% in 2019 to 65.8% in 2020, while the number of candidates passing maths declined from 54.6% to 53.8%. Let us hear from Basil Manual NAPTOSA’s Executive Director
2/24/202113 minutes, 58 seconds
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Zoom fatigue is a THING!

Have you ever logged out of your last Zoom meeting for the day and found yourself completely drained? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people are dealing with Zoom fatigue (sometimes called virtual fatigue). It refers to the exhaustion you feel after any kind of video call or conference. The pandemic has certainly altered our routines and made us more reliant on video conferencing apps, what effects is this having on employees and families? Online is Melanie Stein, Organisational Psychologist and Sharon Souour Morris, Comms manager from CT CCID
2/23/202129 minutes, 17 seconds
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Parents encouraged to look out for mental illness warning signs in matrics

The 2020 matrics faced many challenges during their final academic year due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. There were countless interruptions across South African high schools due to the fast spread of the virus and this affected many learners' mental health and ability to focus at schools. Learners have lost loved ones, teachers and school staff and this took a toll on their emotional and mental well-being. Despite this the 2020 matrics had to complete the academic year and write their final exams, which also saw issues unfold such as the leaks of two papers. In a nutshell 2020 was difficult and many this morning will be anxious ahead of receiving their results at school. So how important is positivity and support to the class of 2020? Online is Prof Irma Eloff from the University of Pretoria's Dept of educational Psychology.
2/23/20218 minutes, 20 seconds
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Professor Aslam Fataar pays tribute to friend and colleague Professor Ebrahim Arnold

The late Prof Ebrahim Arnold was a trailblazer in the Muslim community, having made a significant contribution in the areas of secular and Islamic education, spiritual development and community upliftment. The VOC Ahlan Wa Sahlan Yaa Ramadaan outreach program was an initiative he spearheaded two decades ago and which he remained passionate about. Online to pay tribute is Prof Aslam Fataar, Research Chair in Transformation and Professor in the Department of Education Policy Studies
2/22/20217 minutes, 54 seconds
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Sahuc to commence with action against operators in violation of disciplinary code

In light of the ultimatum issued by Sahuc to several Hajj operators owing refunds earlier this year, six of the eight operators have prioritised accommodation and flight refunds. Sahuc's Shaheen Essop joins us now
2/22/202111 minutes, 29 seconds
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Will the MJC succeed with a SUBOKA-DFSG Koestas mediation?

A mediation process to settle a dispute over waqf land in Bo Kaap called the Koestas has reached a stalemate as both parties still refuse to come to the table. The mediation is being conducted by the MJC between the Darul Falah Study group and Sustainable Bokaap after the land was illegally occupied by SUBOKA for the purposes of a food garden. The land is owned by the Darul Falah Study group and is meant for the purpose of an Islamic institution. Joining us online is Moulana Siraaj Girrie from the MJC’s Fatwa department
2/19/20217 minutes, 10 seconds
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Dr Anees Ismail: I woke up feeling grateful this morning after receiving the vaccine

In a historic moment for South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa, along with Health Minister Zweli Mkhize received his COVID-19 jab. Not far behind was Melomed Emergency Unit head, Dr Anees Ismail. Dr Ismail joins us online to share with us his experience being amongst the first to be vaccinated in SA. A glass cubical in Khayelitsha District Hospital’s Trauma unit is where the first round of vaccines was administered.
2/18/20215 minutes, 57 seconds
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Reaction: State of the Province Address (SOPA)

Yesterday Premier Alan Winde hosted the State of Province Address in Genadendal. Opposition parties have called out the premier on a vague address. The Sopa debate is set to take place today. Online we speak to Premier Alan Winde, ANC WC Cameron Dugmore and Political Analyst Andrew Igsaan Gasnolar
2/18/202134 minutes
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Why mix and match vaccines?

As more COVID-19 vaccines become available, researchers are testing the impact of pairing different products that require two shots. If some combinations work, they may provide needed flexibility whenever production of a vaccine falters, as often happens. And there’s even a chance that mixing doses of two different vaccines may boost the protection against COVID-19. Online to tell us more is Wendy Burgers is an Associate Professor in the Division of Medical Virology at UCT
2/18/20219 minutes, 39 seconds
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Fire in Belgravia informal settlement wreaks havoc

Residents of the Hadji Ebrahim informal settlement in Belgravia are picking up the pieces after a terrible fire in the early hours of yesterday. The fire claimed the life of one man and left 124 people displaced. Aneeqah Du Plessis went out there yesterday….
2/16/20217 minutes, 12 seconds
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10 undeclared API's identified in Ivermectin qualitative analysis results

The jury is still out in terms of research around ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment but some believe it is urgently needed and many covid19 patients are purchasing their supply on the black market. As we know, there is currently a court ordered agreement with the South African Health Products Regulations Authority (Sahpra) which would enable doctors to start ivermectin treatment. They will, however, at this stage first have to get permission from Sahpra. Ivermectin is not yet registered for human use within South Africa and SAHPRA’s stance is that more tests must be conducted to see whether it is safe. Recently, the Soweto Clinical Trials Centre conducted tests on five different tablet formulations of ivermectin which came up with some interesting findings. Dr Qasim Bhorat, managing director of the Soweto Clinical Trials joins us now.
2/16/202114 minutes, 11 seconds
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EELC calls on parents to report schools demanding registration fees to education district office

Equal Education Law Centre has encouraged parents to report schools that demand registration fees as a pre-condition to enroll their children. With public schools re-opening today after the start of the new school year was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the DBE as well has been inundated with calls from parents whose children couldn't be registered because they couldn't afford an upfront payment. Online from EELC is Attorney Yolanda Mnyengeza
2/15/202110 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mental stress, unplaced learners and illegal registration fees plagues start of 2021 academic year

It has been mixed reactions from students, parents and teachers alike, as today saw thousands of South African children return to their classrooms. As is the beginning of every academic year, the education sector faces many challenges, this year has been no different and Covid-19 has exacerbated the already stressful situation. From overcrowded schools to illegal registration fees at public schools, the school year has barely begun. Online we chat to Dr Yusuf Lalkhen, Naptosa's Basil Manuel, Abdul Kareem Matthews of #saveourchildren
2/15/202122 minutes, 30 seconds
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Samtoa unable to meet hajj refunds deadline: Sahuc responds

So the clock is ticking for haj travel operators to deliver on their promises to pay hujjaj their refunds due to their cancelled hajj last year. The South Africa Hajj and Umrah Council (Sahuc) have released an updated list of operators who owe hujjaj refunds. For the record, we’ve asked a couple of hajj operators to come on air but they have declined. Sahuc president Shaheen Essop gives us a brief update
2/12/20219 minutes, 6 seconds
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'Where's the detail on the vaccine rollout?" asks civil society

Earlier in the show, we spoke to opposition parties regarding last night’s State of the Nation address. For now, we want to hear from civil society. Joining us is Rod Solomon of the South Africa First Forum and Abeeda Adams from the Peoples Vaccine campaign and the General Industries Workers Union of South (Giwusa)
2/12/202116 minutes, 11 seconds
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"More empty promises and impractical plans", say opposition parties on SONA

Last night’s State of the Nation Address appeared to be a lot more focused than previous years as the President zoned in on four key areas. But it seems the speech did not leave South Africans feeling a bit more optimistic about the litany of problems plaguing the country. Online is Natasha Mazzone, the DA Chief Whip of the Opposition in the National Assembly and Good party secretary-general, Brett Herron Let's also hear from Veronica Mente, the EFF's national chairperson
2/12/202125 minutes, 24 seconds
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SA moves to plan B of its vaccine rollout, but how does it affect HCWs?

Developments around South Africa’s vaccine plan are changing rapidly. Government announced it will go ahead with its planned phase one of vaccination targeting healthcare workers – using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine instead of AstraZeneca. As was revealed this week, the AstraZeneca jab only provides 10% protection against mild to moderate COVID-19 disease caused by the new variant, 501Y.V2 – news that has certainly upset South Africans, who were optimistic about the vaccines. What does this mean for the country’s health and medical workers? Joining us is SA medical association chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee
2/11/20219 minutes, 1 second
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Golden Arrow unveils a safety plan to deal with robberies on busses

Following last week’s interview with COSATU in the Western Cape around the safety of commuters using Golden Arrow, we said we would endeavour to get the bus service to address some of these concerns. Things took a turn last week when the Ukubavimba Foundation, a social justice organisation, lodged an official complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission against Golden Arrow, on behalf of all victims who have been robbed while boarding their buses. So the question is, does Golden Arrow have an effective plan in place? Let’s hear from GABS spokesperson Bronwen Dyke Beyer
2/11/20217 minutes
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Will President Ramphosa's SONA inspire the nation during this bleak time?

It's going to be a rather different State of the Nation address this evening, as SONA will be a virtual event, with only 50 MPS allowed inside the national assembly. There will be no red event and no major spectacle, other than a candle lighting ceremony after the speech. It’s certainly going to be a difficult speech for President Ramaphosa, given the hardships of the past year. Can Ramaphosa step up in this very dark hour? We joined now by political analyst Sanusha Naidoo
2/11/202115 minutes, 54 seconds
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Aafiyah healing as form of therapy for mental illness

Following our discussions around mental illness, we received some calls from listeners asking us to explore the topic of aafiyah healing – which is an alternative healing modality that helps to identify the underlying emotional root problems of ailments. Is Aafiyah healing an effective form of therapy for mental illness? Let’s chat to aafiyah healer Mogammad Armien Abrahams
2/11/202111 minutes, 27 seconds
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Mental health and suicide: Overcoming the stigma

Last week we came across the distressing story of a 38-year-old Muslim woman from Cape Town who sadly took her own life. Her father Dr Arshad Sterris, wrote a moving and heart-wrenching letter to his daughter which he penned on the day of her janazah – relating her battle with depression and how she masked her inner turmoil. Since the letter went viral, there’s been an outpouring of support for the family, with people sharing similar struggles. But there’s also been hurtful judgement and criticism. The topic of suicide and mental illness remains a taboo in the Muslim community – despite the prevalence of issues like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Over the next hour we will unpack this issue further and we’ve invited Dr Sterris to share his story and his daughter’s struggles. We also get the medical perspective with psychiatrist Dr Imtiaz Hoosen, psychologist Clint Maggot and occupational therapist Fadia Gamieldien NOTE: VOC will launch a special series on suicide on The Shahieda Carlie show starting Wednesday 10 February at 7pm.
2/9/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 33 seconds
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Africa4Palestine optimistic over ICC Palestine jurisdiction ruling

Palestinian rights groups have welcomed the International Criminal Court’s ruling that it has jurisdiction over the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and called on the court’s prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to take swift action. Friday’s ruling opens the way for the ICC to investigate alleged war crimes committed in the 2014 Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the besieged Gaza Strip by both the Israeli army and Palestinian armed factions. Joining us online is Mohammed Desai of Africa4Palestine
2/8/202112 minutes, 12 seconds
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Still no concrete plan from Sahuc and Samthoa to facilitate Hujaaj refunds

As the months turnover into a new year, there is still no plan to retrieve Hajj 1441 outstanding refunds. With no timeline and few answers as to when hujaaj will be refunded, frustration is brewing amongst the two bodies and hujaaj. Online we speak to Sedick Steenkamp of Samthoa, Shaheen Essop the Sahuc president as well as consumer analyst Moeshfiqa Botha
2/5/202145 minutes, 19 seconds
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Medical aid vs the new kid on the block - medical insurance

Are you one of those consumers who have ever found yourself wondering what the difference between medical aid and medical insurance is and which will would best suit your pockets, then stay turned as we chat to Johan Josling – CEO, Episodic Health. More information at
2/4/20218 minutes, 44 seconds
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Expert: Ivermectin on compassionate grounds not good enough

The Gauteng High Court has issued an order in agreement with the South African Health Products Regulations Authority (SAHPRA) to allow doctors to administer Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 in urgent cases, despite it not yet being registered for human use in South Africa. According to the Control of Medicine and Related Middle Act, a section 21 application must be directed by medical practitioners to SAHPRA to prescribe medicine that is not registered in South Africa for human use. Some doctors and experts however have identified further over SAHPRA's so called green light on ivermectin usage. Online is Medical Expert Dr Wicus Ninaber.
2/4/202127 minutes, 42 seconds
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MJC optimistic as masajid reopen

The MJC has reiterated that masajid who cannot implement governments COVID19 regulations and safety protocols, should remain closed for religious gatherings until they are equipped. The ulema body has welcomed the decision by President Cyril Ramaphosa to relax restrictions on religious gatherings in places of worship, following a steady decrease in COVID-19 infections and deaths. In a statement today, the organisation said masajid that have the necessary protocols in place are encouraged to open their doors for the five daily salaah and Friday Jumuah. A limit of 50 persons for inside gatherings and 100 for outside gatherings are allowed in terms of the gazetted regulations. The MJC urged the imams of Masājid to continue reminding the community to act responsibly and to adhere to safety regulations for the collective benefit and welfare of the community. Online is the MJC's Shaykh Zaid Dante
2/3/202110 minutes, 23 seconds
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Old Woodstock hospital residents call on City of Cape Town to engage on future of Cissie Gool House

Earlier this week the City of Cape Town announced that they could no longer foot the bill for illegally occupied buildings. The homeless, and those displaced by urban transformation, have occupied the Woodstock Hospital and a nurse’s home near the V&A Waterfront for years. The Ndifuna Ukwazi’s Reclaim the City campaign staged highly-publicised illegal land invasions in March 2017, stalling plans for social housing at both the City-owned Woodstock Hospital site and the Helen Bowden property near the V&A Waterfront, owned by the Western Cape Government. The city now wants to start evictions and reclaim the buildings for beneficiaries of state-subsidised housing.
2/3/202116 minutes, 16 seconds
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Update: For SA court hearing on religious gatherings

As many of you may recall, FOR SA has been calling for Theban of religious gatherings to be lifted and issued papers in the Johannesburg high court asking for "the religious sector to be treated equally to [EG] casinos, health clubs, cinemas and restaurants where gatherings of up to 50 people (indoors) and 100 (outdoors) are permitted". Now on Monday evening the president announced that the ban was lifted however FOR SA still went to court yesterday. Joining us online is Michael Swain Executive Director, FOR SA
2/3/20216 minutes, 15 seconds
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Local production ''Two Hues'' wins at International Curve Film Festival in Paris

A Cape Town based short film has won the best short film award at the International Curve Film Festival in Paris. The short movie “Two hues” written by writer and director Weeam Williams tells the story of a bipolar photographer and silent victim of rape who lives with her conservative parents.
2/2/20218 minutes, 26 seconds
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Q & A with SASSA

We have been bombarded with questions relating to SASSA and most recently why the temporary grants were suspended at the start of the year. So, we thought it best to speak to SASSA to see how we could answer all your questions. If you have any questions related to the temporary grants, you can whatsapp us now and we will pose it to SASSA. Joining us online is Sassa spokesperson, Shivani Wahab joins us now
2/2/202131 minutes, 28 seconds
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SAHUC issues ultimatum to Hajj operators over outstanding Hajj 1441 refunds

Sahuc has warned local hajj operators that all hajj refunds must be completed by 20 February 2021 or face legal action. The hajj regulator says hajj operators who fail to comply will be in breach of Sahuc's code of conduct. Sahuc says the majority of the accredited operators have refunded hujjaj who did not get the opportunity to perform Hajj last year. However, there are several hajj travel agencies who have yet to deliver on full refunds. Online is SAHUC president Shaheen Essop
2/2/20219 minutes, 4 seconds
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Consumers brace themselves ahead of April electricity tariff increase

So, come April this year, the price of electricity is will increase. South African consumers will have to fork out more for electricity from April this year, as power tariffs will increase by about ten percent. This comes after the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) yesterday announced its revised decisions on retroactive power tariff applications from the power giant, Eskom. The energy regulator will allow Eskom to recover an extra R6bn from consumers following court-ordered reviews of previous decisions.
2/1/202111 minutes, 39 seconds
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Doctor: Don’t buy Ivermectin on black market!

The public is being urged not to take Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19 if they have bought it off the black market or if they have managed to obtain the parasiticide for animal use. Earlier this week SAHPRA announced that it will facilitate a controlled, access programme for the use of Ivermectin, following public calls for the Ivermectin to be used for covid19 treatment. Joining us online is Dr Naseeba Kathrada, General Practitioner, Co Ordinator of the Durban covid home management team and representative of the group I can make a difference ivermectin lobbying group Guest: Dr Naseeba Kathrada
1/29/20218 minutes, 52 seconds
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FOR SA heads to court over religious gathering restrictions

Freedom of Religion SA is heading to court to have places of worship opened up under the adjusted level 3 lockdown regulations. The group is heading to court to ask that Government’s current and indefinite ban on faith-based gatherings be lifted. The group believes it is discriminatory for certain establishments like restaurants and gyms to be allowed to open while places of worship remain closed. Joining us online is Michael Swain Executive Director, FOR SA
1/29/20216 minutes, 53 seconds
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Western Cape systems in place for arrival of first vaccine doses in the province

When the first vaccine doses arrive in the province, it is of utmost importance that they are rolled out efficiently, effectively, and ethically. The Western Cape Government says it is working hard to ensure that everything is in place and all systems are ready to begin vaccinating as soon as possible. The National Department of Health has now confirmed that the first 1 million doses, announced by the National Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize, are expected to arrive in the country on 1 February. Joining us online is Premier Alan Winde, Western Cape premier
1/29/202114 minutes, 9 seconds
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South African Muslim Network initiates establishment of Muslim media association

With the rise in social media platforms and multimedia, Muslims are cementing their position in the media space in South Africa. But the media industry, specifically Islamic media, is not without its challenges. For this reason, the South African Muslim network is spearheading an Association of Muslims in Southern Africa involved in Media, Broadcasting, Journalism, Marketing and other related fields. SAMNETs founder Dr Faisal Suliman chats to us now
1/28/202113 minutes, 52 seconds
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SANDF amends military religious dress policy to include headscarf for Muslim women

In a historic move, the SANDF has amended its military religious dress policy to accommodate the wearing of a headscarf with military uniform. This after a three-year- battle of Major Fatima Isaacs, a Muslim woman who wore a headscarf covering her hair and head under her military beret in accordance with her religious beliefs since she officially joined the force in February 2010. Joining us online this morning is spokesperson and advisor to Major Fatima Isaacs, Naseema Mohamed
1/28/202111 minutes, 29 seconds
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Vaccine to arrive in South Africa on Monday

South Africa’s first batch of COVID-19 vaccines from the Serum Institute in India is set to arrive in the country on Monday. Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize chaired a public health webinar on South Africa's COVID19 vaccine inoculation campaign this evening. He led a panel of experts who addressed a number of key issues related to the vaccine. Mhkize said the National Department of Health will coordinate the COVID19 vaccine rollout to ensure the vaccine strategy is implemented efficiently and safely. Joining us online is Professor Narnia Bohler-Muller, from the Research division of the Human Sciences Research Council
1/28/20219 minutes, 31 seconds
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4IR playing a big role in assisting NPO Abaguquli to empower youth

An NPO is doing the most during the covid 19 pandemic. The NPO empowers youth from disadvantaged communities to get tech savvy and ready for the already happening fourth industrial revolution. The NPO aims to transform lives through education and innovation Joining us is NPO, Abaguquli's CEO Aasiyah Adams
1/27/20219 minutes, 13 seconds
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CPOA: It is not a forced removal, families and residents understand the situation

The closure of three old aged homes on the cape flats have resulted in residents and various organisations in Bonteheuwel, Bishop Lavis and Heideveld embarking on protest action calling for the immediate recall of the forced removal of the residents. Now as many of you may recall, last year, the Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged, indicated that Nerina Place, Lilyhaven Place and Oakhaven would be closed due to financial pressure cause by the covid 19 pandemic, coupled with a loss of income as pensioners awaited the pandemic’s outcome. Joining us online is Head of nursing at CPOA, Sister Louise Nix
1/27/202112 minutes, 1 second
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AfriForum takes SAHPRA and Minister of Health to High Cour over Ivermectin

The civil rights organisation, AfriForum, brought an urgent court application against the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the Minister of Health, Doctor Zweli Mkhize, to ensure that Ivermectin developed for human consumption is available to doctors who want to prescribe it to treat COVID-19. Afriforum says SAHPRA has until now failed to approve applications by doctors to have Ivermectin approved for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. AfriForum’s Head of Research, Barend Uys, joins us now
1/27/20219 minutes, 2 seconds
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Are schools ready to re-open?

There is still much uncertainty regarding the reopening of school. Yesterday we saw the return of the school management teams while learners from public schools are due to return on the 15th February. The Department of Basic Education has confirmed the updated 2021 return dates for both public and private schools in South Africa. In a gazette published this weekend, Basic education minister Angie Motshekga indicated that the return of students will be staggered, with private school pupils allowed to return to school two weeks earlier than their public-school counterparts. The gazette also confirms that no pupils can return before the specified dates – either at public or private schools – although the document does not prohibit online or distance learning in any way. Online for comment is Aslam Fataar is a professor in the Department of Education Policy Studies at Stellenbosch University as well as Bronagh Hammond of the WCED
1/26/202116 minutes, 45 seconds
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Concerned activist pens open letter to MJC and burial groups over flouting of janaza protocols

An open letter has been written to the MJC and the Muslim Burial Society calling on them to discuss various methods that can be used to tighten burial protocols and to save lives by containing the spread of the virus and at the same time provide a dignified burial for all. Now in recent days some concerns have been raised by several people stating that lockdown regulations are not being followed by burial society officials Today we are joined by Majid Mowzer, Social Activist and Concerned Muslim
1/26/202114 minutes, 41 seconds
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Muslim ghaasil and ghaaliks talk about the challenges of Covid-19 janazas

The loss of loved ones due to Covid-19 has been something most of us have been touched by in recent months. The spike in covid-19 related fatalities within the muslim community has been immense and ensuring that every Muslim has a dignified burial remains incredibly crucial. We already know that janaaza’s have not been taking place the same way - we are limited in numbers and any gatherings pre or post the burial have been banned. But how does the burial process change for a Covid-19 patient? And is this being properly adhered to? VOC journalist Tauhierah Salie spoke to relevant stakeholders to find out more...
1/25/20219 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ivermectin Interest Group calls for the drug to be used as treatment for Covid-19

An application has been lodged with the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority by various doctors seeking the permission for Ivermectin to be prescribed to patients suffering with Covid 19. The application comes as reports of the drug’s alleged availability on the black market for anything from R100 to R200 per capsule have emerged. Today we are joined by Dr Yakub Essack, The Co-chair of the Ivermectin Interest Group
1/25/202110 minutes, 8 seconds
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Minister Naledi Pandor pays tribute to the late Minister Jackson Mthembu

South Africa has been rocked by the news of the passing of Minister Jackson Mthembu. Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu passed away yesterday from COVID-related complications. It’s believed he had tested positive for Covid 19 on the 11 January after seeking medical attention for abdominal pain. In a statement, President Cyril Ramaphosa described Minister Mthembu as an “exemplary leader, an activist and life-long champion of freedom and democracy”. Politicians and journalists alike have described the late Minister as a warm, friendly, respected and well loved comrade. To pay tribute the the late minister this morning, joining us online is Minister of International Relations and Cooperation the honorable Naledi Pandor.
1/22/20218 minutes, 4 seconds
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Was Koestas a hot bed for crime?

The controversy surrounding a sustainable food garden established on waqf land dubbed the ‘Koestas’ in Bo-kaap is yet to be settled between the parties involved and will now be heard in the High Court today. The piece of prime land has, according to several residents, been unlawfully developed into a food garden by the Sustainable Bo-Kaap Association (Suboka). The property is owned by a trust called the Darul Falaah Study Group (DFSG). Last month, DFSG locked the gates to the property and Suboka was given notice to vacate. Suboka is now seeking an urgent court interdict against several parties. Speaking to VOC Breakfast yesterday, Suboka founder Soraya Booley said that she has taken it upon herself to ensure that the “barren” land is put to use. According to Booley, the plot had become a “haven” for criminals. So today we chat to Ebrahim Christians, Bo Kaap neighbourhood watch chairman. *Soraya Booley called during the show for a right to reply to Ebrahim.
1/22/202117 minutes, 51 seconds
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Bo Kaap Koestas at the centre of a legal battle over usage of waqf land

Over the past few months, a battle has been brewing over land in Bo Kaap known as the Koestas – where a group of community members created a sustainable food garden last year. The garden is situated in the Pepper Street cul-de-sac on property owned by the Darul Falah Study Group, said to be waqf land. The Sustainable Bo-Kaap Association (SUBOKA) has been accused of occupying the land without permission from the owners. Last month, Darul Falaah locked the gates to the property and Suboka has been given notice to vacate. Suboka is now seeking an urgent court interdict against several parties which will be heard on Friday. Aneeqa Du Plessis visited Bo Kaap to get the community’s sentiments on this contentious issue… We invited both Darul Falaah and Sustainable Bokaap Association (Suboka) on air to engage on this issue. Darul Falaah declined, citing that there are legal proceedings underway but Soraya Booley, the founder of Sustainable Bokaap agreed to chat to us this morning Bo Kaap Civic and Ratepayers Association was asked to mediate on the issue. Osman Shabodien, the chairperson of BKCRA, joins us now
1/21/202132 minutes, 45 seconds
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Americans are hopeful as President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris take up office

The 46th US President Joe Biden on Wednesday ended the 'Muslim travel ban', which blocked travel to the US from several predominantly Muslim and African countries. The newly elected President on Wednesday signed 17 executive orders memorandums and proclamations including ending the Muslim travel ban. So, what's in store for the world from the Biden administration? Online to chat to us this morning is Edward Ahmed the deputy director on the Council of American Islamic Relations, known as Cair
1/21/202113 minutes, 20 seconds
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Conditions of unemployment and contracts

Labor law expert Shahied Abarder chats to us this morning about conditions of unemployment as well as the various types of contracts
1/20/202110 minutes, 50 seconds
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HPCSA: We are bound by the laws of the country, every individual is entitled to a fair and speedy trial

Mediclinic Southern Africa has defended its decision to appoint controversial apartheid-era chemical warfare expert and medical doctor, Wouter Basson, as a cardiologist. This after the private hospital group was slammed on Twitter for the appointment at its Durbanville facility in the Western Cape. Basson, dubbed South Africa’s “Dr Death”, was found guilty in December 2013 of unethical misconduct by the disciplinary panel of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for his role as the head of the apartheid government’s secret chemical and biological warfare programme in the 1980s and 1990s‚ known as Project Coast.
1/20/202111 minutes
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Mowbray maqbara: Penalty fee applies to undertakers and not bereaved families

Following the much awaited outcomes of the meeting held by the Mowbray Muslim Cemetery Board at the weekend, several changes have been introduced to the maqbara. Chairperson Faizel Sayed joins us now
1/20/202113 minutes, 58 seconds
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WC Head of health has affirmed that province isn't on an independent vaccine rollout plan

The second wave of COVID-19 in the Western Cape has begun its slow and gradual decline. Premier Alan Winde and provincial Department of Health Head, Dr Keith Cloete, hosted briefing on Tuesday, Jaunary 19 on the strategies to manage and curb the virus. Dr Keith Cloete joins us now online.
1/20/202116 minutes, 44 seconds
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Experts: 501Y.V2 strain is more transmissible but not more severe

Chief Covid19 advisor Dr Salim Abdool Karim and several other experts engaged in a panel discussion on the new covid19 variant last night. Public Health Medicine specialist Dr Waasila Jassat was also part of the panel and joins us now…
1/19/202110 minutes, 42 seconds
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MJC announces opening of Stegman Road cemetery

For the first time in 100 years, Muslims will be able to bury their loved ones at the Stegman road cemetery in Claremont. The Muslim Judicial Council made this historic announcement today, following months of negotiations with the City of Cape Town. It comes as Cape Town experiences a shortage of burial space due to the Covid19 pandemic. Last week, the MJC in partnership with the City secured additional burial space for the Muslim community at Maitland cemetery. MJC second deputy president Shaykh Riad Fataar says archive material states the Stegman Road cemetery was closed by the apartheid government. “So many people put in hard work and sacrifice, and this approval comes after so much lobbying behind the scenes,” said Fataar. "Everyone knows the Muslim community has a serious issue with burial space and we have escalated this issue with all spheres of government. Alhamdullilah, we can now open the makbara that was closed for more than 100 years." The first burial took place in 1868 and the cemetery was registered in 1890. VOC Breakfast spoke to Shaykh Riad Fataar of the MJC.
1/19/20217 minutes, 15 seconds
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Activist shares concerns around learners and teachers ahead of delayed school opening

The Department of Basic Education announced on Friday that schools would be re-opened on the 15th of February. This is in response to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the country. It announced that pupils enrolled at public schools will now return to the classroom on 15 February and not 27 January as originally planned. Teachers' unions, parents and experts had raised concerns about children heading back to school while the country battled to contain the second wave of COVID-19 infections. Vanessa Le Rouw from Parents against the reopening of schools is online
1/18/202111 minutes, 16 seconds
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Chaos at SASSA officers with reapplication of grants

There was chaos last week around the lapsing of the disability grants with hundreds of people queuing outside SASSA offices – with no social distancing insight. There was anger after police used water cannons to disperse some grant recipients outside the Bellville office. Social development minister Lindiwe Zulu visited some branches in Cape Town, where the bulk of the delays are at the moment. Online we have Hoodah Fayker Abrahams, Black Sash National Advocacy Manager
1/18/20217 minutes, 40 seconds
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Junior doctors detail experiences during pandemic

With the Western Cape now thrust into the peak of its second wave of covid-19, VOC journalist Aneeqa du Plessis spoke to a handful of local junior doctors who have detailed their harrowing experiences of being frontline workers during a global pandemic.
1/18/202116 minutes, 20 seconds
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Just Breath initiative makes homecare possible for covid-19 patients

A group of community members have started an initiative, called Just Breathe, which will significant impact those affected with Covid-19 related respiratory difficulties. So, they plan to acquire oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeters and make it available free of charge to the public on an ‘as needed basis’, so that homecare for less severe cases can become more widely possible. Relieving the pressure on existing health facilities. Joining us online is Fatima Allie Communications manager at Fatima SA communications
1/15/20219 minutes, 18 seconds
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SAHPRA comments on Ivermectin

Touted as a miracle drug for the use in Covid 19 patients, Ivermectin has been the hottest topic South Africans are talking about. Anecdotes about doctors successfully using Ivermectin to treat covid 19 are doing the rounds on social media, and lay people are advocating for the use of the drug. So, we want to hear from SA Health Products Regulatory Authority on this very contentious issue. Joining us online is SAHPRA CEO Dr Boitumelo Semete- Makokotlela
1/15/202116 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ivermectin: good or bad?

The Covid-19 vaccines have taken centre stage in the race to end the pandemic. However, vaccine rollout will take a long time before it covers the entire global population. In the meantime, scientists are looking to develop other targeted therapies for the disease. One drug that has gained particular interest within the last couple of months is ivermectin, a parasiticide that is also used to treat a range of tropical diseases in humans not commonly seen in South Africa. The drug is registered for use in animals in South Africa, but is currently not registered for treatment of Covid-19 in humans. In recent weeks various groups have thrown their weight behind a call for the anti-parasitic drug  - used to combat the transmission of Covid-19 in some quarters internationally - to be studied and considered for human consumption in SA. Online is Dr Marc Blocman, Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, at the University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital.
1/13/202118 minutes, 11 seconds
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Cape Town hits peaks under Covid-19 second wave

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde, along with other key role players held a Digital press conference yesterday to provide an update on the Covid 19 situation in the province. Joining us online to give us a breakdown of what was discussed is Dr Keith Cloete Dr Keith Cloete
1/13/20219 minutes, 36 seconds
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Should we ditch whatsapp?

The announcement that WhatsApp will be getting new rules – and forcing users to agree to them – has spread fear among the people who rely on the messaging app to stay in touch with friends and family. The update sparked criticism among users as they must accept the changes or see their access to the service -- which also allows encrypted voice and video calls -- cut off from 8 February. WhatsApp has long prided itself on its commitment to security and privacy, with encrypted conversations and other important technologies integrated into the app. But the new announcement has sparked fears of the exact opposite, but what is the truth over the changes, and how concerned should people be? Joining us online is Charl Ueckermann, CEO at A.V.S Cyber Security
1/12/20218 minutes, 14 seconds
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MJC welcomes CoCT allocation of additional gravesites

The City of Cape Town has made hundreds of gravesites available to the Muslim community. There have been increasing concerns over burial space in Cape Town, amid the influx of janaazah's in recent weeks and makbara's being filled to capacity. Speaking outside the Maitland cemetery this morning, the Muslim Judicial Council’s second deputy president Sheikh Riyaad Fataar says it follows consultation with President Cyril Ramaphosa, who met with religious and provincial leaders yesterday. Fataar explained that the ground has already been leveled out in Maitland and kibla is being determined. He encouraged the muslim community to make use of the municipal burial space including at Maitland, Delft, Kleinvlei, Modderdam rd and Wallacedene cemeteries. The Western Cape Undertakers Forum last week made an urgent appeal to families not to insist on burying loved ones at specific cemeteries due to the lack of space, as well as to adhere to Covid-19 regulations at janaazah's.
1/12/202112 minutes, 57 seconds
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Disability grant recipients frustrated over SASSA delayed payments

As we bid farewell to the month of December, January seemed to have been a bleak start to the new year as many SASSA beneficiaries did not receive their grants. Now this was quite concerning as we know many people are dependent of those monies. Sassa spokesperson, Shivani Wahab joins us now
1/11/202112 minutes, 3 seconds
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SAMA: Possible short-term side effects within 30 minutes after taking Covid-19 vaccine

South Africa is in negotiations with major vaccine manufacturers in an effort to procure vaccines that will immunise the population against COVID-19. Health Minister Zweli Mkhize outlined the country’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan earlier this week, stating that the government is mindful of the urgency of obtaining a vaccine. The government is in discussions to potentially secure vaccine stock from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Online is chairperson of the South African Medical Association, Dr Angelique Coetzee
1/11/202112 minutes, 3 seconds
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Muslim undertaker pleads with community to stay home and pray for deceased and not risk attending janazas

This week has been overwhelming for many of us. We have seen a rapid increase in Janaza notices. The increase in Covid-19 deaths, has left many anxious. Muslim undertakers have been on the frontline, risking their lives and the case loads are definitely taking a toll on them. Online we have head of the Western Cape Muslim Undertakers Association, Ebrahim Solomon as well as Also joining us online is Zahid Badroodien Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health
1/8/202114 minutes, 17 seconds
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Mistakes should be brought to the attention of the hospital - Groote Schuur Hospital Board Member

After a string of allegations around misconduct at Groote Schuur Hospital surfaced on social media, the hospital has sort to clarify that in many cases, the complainant does not bring it to the attention of the hospital using the correct channels. Head of nurses at Groote Schuur hospital Achmat Mohamed and Dr Zameer Brey join us online this morning.
1/8/202115 minutes, 12 seconds
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Part 6: South Africa's criminal justice system

Over the past few days, almost every day after 8am, we’ve been lending an ear to various speakers around the criminal justice system. In the six-part series which kicked off last week, we looked at the role of constitution in law and an analysis of crime in the country. More importantly, we also unpacked our rights and responsibilities when being arrested, detained and during the court procedure. For the final insert, we now hear from the correctional services department and how the country handles its criminals. VOC journalist Tauhierah Salie filed this report…
1/7/20217 minutes, 14 seconds
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Muslim Stats SA: Approximately 1 Covid-19 death every 40 minutes in SA Muslim community

One sector of our society, who has borne the brunt of the pandemic and that has not been sufficiently acknowledged, are the burial societies, undertakers, toekamanies, grave diggers and those rendering the ghusl and shrouding – employees and volunteers, males and females. These frontline workers have been under immense train. To chat to us is Muhammad Wadee from Muslim Stats SA
1/7/202110 minutes, 8 seconds
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IPSOS: Less people are now willing to take the Covid-19 vaccine

We have been asking this question repeatedly, will you be taking the covid 19 vaccine should it become available? Now a recent survey conducted by IPSOS indicated that not many of us are keen on taking the vaccine, this after many South Africans initially said that they would. What sparked the change, lets chat to Mari Harris, Director at IPSOS
1/7/20217 minutes, 39 seconds
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Part 5: South Africa's Criminal Justice System

With the Criminal Justice series nearing its end, one aspect that required more attention that the rest is the court system. Analysis is often done on a case-by-case basis. We know that South Africa’s courts are bombarded with cases and its procedures are extensive. And many on-lookers have criticized “inappropriate” sentences handed down to criminals. VOC Journo Tauhierah Salie got into talks with a law professor who gave insight into sentencing in South Africa’s courts.
1/6/20216 minutes, 56 seconds
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Front line physician explains challenges medical staff face due to Covid-19

Last week, Premier Alan Winde said the province is ramping up efforts to deal with the influx of new covid patients by making extra bed space available and employing more healthcare workers at our hospitals. In response, a Cape Town doctor wrote a long thread sharing his experience on the frontline and disputing some of the facts presented by the Premier. Dr Faried Abdullah is a front-line physician at Brackengate Hospital of Hope and paints a rather scary picture of what medical staff are going through. VOC News editor Tasneem Adams had a chat with him….
1/6/202120 minutes, 19 seconds
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Early signs to indicate peak in second wave of Covid-19 in Cape Metro

As the Covid-19 figures continue to rise, the Western Cape Department of health held a digital press conference yesterday to provide an update on what the situation seems to look like for the province. As many of you may recall, this week was said to be the peak of the second covid 19 wave. What we all want to know now is are we seeing a decrease in cases now that we have been placed under lockdown level 3? Let’s chat to Dr Keith Cloete, Head of the western cape health department
1/6/20219 minutes, 36 seconds
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Calls for urgent rollout of Vaccine for South Africa

So, one of the biggest discussions on social media over the past few days has been the rollout of COVID19 vaccines in South Africa. The governments vaccine procurement strategy has come under fire. President Ramaphosa said last week that SA could only receive the vaccine in the second half of this year. The concern from the medical fraternity and civil society is that dozens of countries worldwide, including African nations, are already embarking on mass vaccination programmes. As we know, SA is part of the global COVAX facility, and a deposit has now been paid. From the C-19 People’s Coalition, we have Rehad Desai, Spokesperson and convenor for Gauteng C19
1/5/20218 minutes, 50 seconds
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The trauma of losing multiple relatives due to covid 19

Many people are confronting the loss of a loved one to the global covid 19 pandemic—a challenge made even more difficult by physical distancing orders that prevent them from saying goodbye in person or gathering with others to mourn, however deaths aren’t the only losses that people are reckoning with. Millions of people are facing loss of employment and financial upheaval as a result of the pandemic. the burning question now is, how can we heal? Joining us online is Mark de la Ray, a psychologist at Akeso Kenilworth
1/5/20218 minutes, 31 seconds
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Impact alcohol ban has on hospitals

The health department has seen a sharp drop in trauma related cases over the new year period following the announcement of a level 3 national lockdown which has seen alcohol being banned once again and a new curfew being introduced. Now as many of us know, round about this time of year we do witness an influx of trauma related cases. Let’s chat to Saadiq Karriem, Chief of Operations of the Western Cape Department of Health.
1/5/20217 minutes, 58 seconds
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New Year’s long weekend operations

It was very different new year’s weekend in Cape Town as most people adhered to the curfew restrictions. Some hospitals even reported that they had very little trauma admissions because of the alcohol ban. But let’s find out overall how operations went over the long weekend. Richard Bosman, the City’s Executive Director for Safety and Security is online
1/4/20214 minutes, 37 seconds
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Call for masajid to obey government regulations

On Friday, VOC News received some reports that two masajid held Jumuah prayers – which of course is in contravention of the adjusted alert level 3 regulations. Woodstock police stopped the Jumuah at Tennyson street masjid in Salt River on Friday. The masjid said in a statement that it complied with all the safety protocols and would consult with the police on the alert level 3 regulations. It’s certainly sparked a massive uproar on social media – with some very mixed responses. VOCs Tasneem Adams chatted to MJC first deputy president Maulana Abdul Khaliq Allie Also joining us online is attorney Aslam Mayat just to discuss this matter a bit further. Aslam is a senior exco member of the national Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers, known as ‘Amal’
1/4/202112 minutes, 46 seconds
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Dr Salim Parker and Dr Yasmin Brey share their experiences as general practitioners during Covid-19

So during this second wave, we’ve been focusing a lot on healthcare workers at hospitals who are really stretched right now. But we haven’t really heard from general practitioners who are really the first port of call for many patients in the community. This morning we have healthcare practitioner Dr Salim Parker, also a member of the Islamic Medical Association, as well as Dr Yasmin Brey, who runs a private practice in Athlone
12/31/202028 minutes, 57 seconds
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Video journalist tackled by illegal beachgoer as level 3 lockdown takes effect

As we said earlier, a lot of people are not happy with beaches being closed particularly because its holidays and its summer. Yesterday, there was a video going viral showing a Muizenberg beach-goer refusing to comply with regulations and she actually got into a bit of an argument with freelance video journalist Saawmiet Moos – who’s online with us now…
12/30/20206 minutes, 55 seconds
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Western Cape Health: Plan to source additional beds and health workers underway

Our Covid-19 numbers are soaring through the roof in the western Cape. Yesterday, we saw photos of Khayelitsha hospital reception area now serving as a ward for people being admitted. The Western Cape Government says it’s trying to add capacity to the system so it can cope, but it is still under extreme pressure For our weekly Western Cape covid19 update, we chat to Dr Keith Cloete, the head of the Western Cape health department - a man that has one of the hardest jobs in the province …
12/30/20208 minutes, 50 seconds
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Nehawu welcomes level 3 lockdown announcement

It was the news that South Africa really needs at this point in time. President Cyril Ramaphosa last night announced that …… We know that the healthy system is under tremendous strain and unions are saying their health workers are not prepared for the second wave. Online for comment is Zola Saphetha, the general secretary of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union – Nehawu
12/29/20207 minutes, 14 seconds
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SAMA and SAAPA welcome adjusted government restrictions under level 3 lockdown

The South African Medical Association (SAMA) wants South Africa to be taken back to Level 2 lockdown, with particular restrictions on gatherings. As we know, social gatherings have been the biggest problem in terms of fuelling the number of covid19 infections. Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South Africa Medical Association (SAMA) chats to us now… Also joining us is Maurice Smithers, the director of the SA Alcohol Policy Alliancem for a quick comment. Yesterday, they had made interesting proposals for changes in alcohol restrictions to help reduce the spread of the virus
12/29/202013 minutes, 39 seconds
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Part one: South Africa's criminal justice system

Although this year has been plagued by news of the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africans are accustomed to another plague: and that is, crime. Hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens take to social media and lash out at government and the criminal justice system for doing everything but provide justice. In a six part series, VOC journalist Tauhierah Salie spoke to various vested parties to unpack the system and how it works. Lets take a listen…
12/28/20207 minutes, 6 seconds
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MJC urges Muslims to take responsibility as virus cases continue to rise

South Africa has now surpassed one million cases of COVID-19 with 9000 new cases reported yesterday. The health department reported 214 COVID-19 related deaths with a whopping 123 deaths in the Eastern Cape alone. We know that President Ramaphosa is expected to meet with the national command council this weekend, which more restrictions could be on the cards. The MJC issued a statement yesterday calling for the temporary closure of masajid in light of the surge in covid19 cases. Head of the fatwa department, Mufti Taha Karaan chats to us now…
12/28/20209 minutes, 39 seconds
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"To see people dying every day, you are so alone!", pleads a VOC listener

"To not be able to breathe on your own, you are only dependent on Allah." Those were the emotional words of a regular VOC listener who called into the show this morning to share her life-altering COVID-19 battle. She says her experience should serve as a stark warning to the public to take this virus seriously.
12/24/20207 minutes, 19 seconds
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Undertakers overwhelmed due to spike in janazas

According to Muslim Stats SA, more than 150 Muslims have died of COVID-19 related complications in South Africa in December alone. Muslim undertakers are overwhelmed at present. As we see a rise in janazas, the concern is whether COVID19 protocols are being respected. Online we have the head of the Western Cape Muslim Undertakers Association, Ebrahim Solomon
12/24/20209 minutes, 56 seconds
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Gift of the Givers to assist WCape hospitals

Gift of the Givers has announced that they will be extending their Covid19 relief efforts to Cape Town. The humanitarian agency has been doing amazing work in the Eastern Cape, which has been identified as a coronavirus hotspot. Dr Imtiaz Soolioman joins us now…
12/24/202011 minutes, 49 seconds
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Judge Siraj Desai steps into his new role as Legal Ombud

President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed recently retired Honourable Justice SiraJ Desai as the Legal Services Ombud. It follows discussions between Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola and the president, who appointed Judge Desai in terms of Section 47 of the Legal Practice Act No. 28 of 2014. Desai will serve in the role for seven years with the mandate to advance and safeguard the legal profession by investigating complaints and alleged maladministration. VOC news editor Tasneem Adams spoke to him after the announcement
12/23/20206 minutes, 32 seconds
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Obligations of employers and employees during the second wave

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, more employees are testing positive, leaving employers in a state of disarray. In todays’ special labour lowdown segment, we chat about the obligations of employers and employees during the second wave and how the Health & Safety Act benefits both the employer and employee during this critical time. Online is labour expert, Shaheed Abarder, for this special Labour Lowdown
12/23/202015 minutes, 45 seconds
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Weekly Western Cape Covid19 update

Listeners – we need to be real with you. The Western Cape is struggling at present. Hospitals are full and we can no longer downplay the severity of the second wave of covid19. To those of you who still think this is being exaggerated…you heard the interview with Yaseen Kippie yesterday in which he spoke about the after-effects of covid19. For our weekly Western Cape covid19 update this morning, we have Dr Keith Cloete, the head of the Western Cape health department…always very detailed in his analysis
12/23/202020 minutes, 40 seconds
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First all-female firefighting crew needs stand-by base

So recently, Cape Town firefighters had to battle massive fires in Camps Bay and Masiphumelele and we know this time of year is crazy for them. We found a really cool story in the Cape Argus of an all-female firefighting crew from Cape Town who are in desperate need of a base or standby quarters. The crew are attached to NCC Environmental Services, a leading environmental consultancy. NCC Environmental services managing director Dean Ferreira chats to us this morning…
12/22/20209 minutes, 46 seconds
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VOC’s Yaseen Kippie speaks about his experience at death’s door

South Africa has had a high recovery rate of Covid19 with more than 780 000 people having recovered from the virus. Most people who fall sick with Covid-19 experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. But this is no reason to be complacent and people should not underestimate the virus and its effects on your body. This morning we wanted to bring you the story of our very own Yaseen Kippie, a 24-year-old man whose life has changed after he contracted the virus. Breakfast presenter Sabera Sheik Essop sat down with Yaseen to hear his journey and how Covid-19 led to a rare autoimmune disorder of the nervous system.
12/22/202028 minutes, 1 second
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MJ Li book launch

South African kung-fu master and martial arts world champion MJ Li released a book last year called Kungful, My journey, The History- which was a very inspiring tale about his experiences in travelling the world during his Kungful training and tournaments. And the book basically delves into important life lessons and finding your passion. Well he's got a second book coming, and he joins us now for a chat.
12/21/202012 minutes, 58 seconds
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Supreme Court of Appeal upholds ruling on Muslim marriages

The Supreme Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling that Muslim marriages be legally recognised. It's declared parts of the Marriage and Divorce acts unconstitutional. Several organisations took government to court, seeking legal protection for women in Muslim marriages and their children. The Western High Court ruled in favour in 2018 but the president and justice minister appealed the ruling. Their bid was dismissed. Seeham Samai, director of the Women's Legal Centre, who instituted the proceedings now joins us on line. We also have Shaykh Muneer Abdurouf from the MJC. Shaykh Muneer is a UWC law lecturer who specialises in Shariah Law
12/21/202015 minutes, 37 seconds
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Why scientists are concerned about SA's "unusual" new coronavirus variant.

On Friday evening we had some breaking news about the new variant of the coronavirus which scientists have been studying in SA. While there is no proof as to whether the new variant is more deadly, it seems to be spreading faster, which explains the second wave the country is experiencing currently. The variant was found by genomics scientists who have been analysing the genetic samples of the virus since the start of the pandemic, under the auspices of the KwaZulu-Natal Research, Innovation and Sequencing Platform, known as KRISP. On line for comment is KRISP director Professor Tulio de Oliveira.
12/21/20208 minutes, 50 seconds
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Review of 2020 academic year

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga says the year 2020 will be recorded in history as the most difficult year for the world. This is due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus and the effect it had on the education system. During the media briefing in Pretoria, Motshekga says the matric group of 2020 lost 47 schooling days and there will now be a three-year curriculum recovery plan to make up for lost time due to COVID-19. Internationally renowned expert in education, Prof Jonathon Jansen from Stellenbosch university joins us now just to give a review of this past year in education
12/19/202015 minutes, 3 seconds
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Principals reflect on the challenges of 2020

School leaders bear the primary responsibility of ensuring the well-being of their staff and students and to ensure learners become well-rounded individuals during their schooling years. While this was challenging before the pandemic, the sheer weight placed on principals and educators increased ten-fold this year, as schools had to adapt to staggered learning and remote classes. We spoke to Anthea Adriaanse, the principal of De Duine primary school in Lotus River and Rushda 'O Shea, principal of San Souci Girls high school
12/19/202011 minutes, 48 seconds
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Who qualifies for the supplementary examination?

With the 2020 academic year reaching an end and matric exams completed, it's time matrics plan ahead to find a plan B. Kerry Mauchline, the spokesperson for the Education MEC in the Western Cape chats to us to explain the supplementary exams
12/17/20209 minutes, 43 seconds
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Impact of pandemic on mental wellness on youth

Learners in South Africa faced immense pressures this year, due to the Covid19 lockdown. Dr Yusuf Lakhen, educational and child psychologist gives us some insight
12/17/202012 minutes, 59 seconds
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Are early December debit orders legal?

In today’s consumer segment, we are talking about debit orders. In December, many people get paid early and some have complained about debit orders coming off accounts long before the usual month-end date. Is that legal? Kwanda Vabaza from the Ombud for Banking Services chats to us this morning.
12/17/20205 minutes, 14 seconds