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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 21 episodes, 12 hours, 29 minutes
Welcome to the VM WealthWise Podcast! In this series, we get real about MONEY ?Whether you want to build wealth, increase your wealth, manage your wealth, or simply want to adjust the way you look at wealth- we got you! Tune in weekly as we discuss all things wealth with experts and industry titans to ultimately make you wiser about your wealth ?
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Opportunities in Tech

On this episode, we wanted to switch things up and discuss a topic that will really have your ears perking up. We will be discussing “Opportunities in Tech”!For this topic, we had a full house:Godiva Golding - CEO and founder of STEAM House Network.Ingrid Riley - Founder of Kingston Beta and SiliconCaribe, Tech blogger and podcasterAdrian Dunkley-  Founder of StarApple AnalyticsRezworth Burchenson - Chief Executive Officer at VM Investments Ltd and VM Wealth Management LtdTurn up the volume and open your notepads! This might just be the field for you.
3/22/202346 minutes, 39 seconds
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Investing in JamRock!

By now, Wealth Building is definitely the aim of the game for all of us, and we want to remind our Diaspora that they can get in on it! Over the last 3 Seasons, we have gone over many options for building wealth in Jamaica and other countries. But why should you? Well, please turn up your radio and listen in as our guests; Peta Gaye Russell Peart, Team Lead for Premium Wealth Sales @ VM Wealth Management and Michael Johnson, Deputy Business Development Manager & Senior Marketing Officer @ the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
11/23/202237 minutes, 57 seconds
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What the FX?!

Many of us are familiar with exchanging our foreign currencies over the counter at various VM Building Society locations. However, did you know that Businesses could benefit from this service?In this episode of the VM Wealthwise Podcast, Megretta Hall,  who is the Manager for all things  F/X Trading @ the VM Group, teaches us all things about VM FX Trading!
11/16/202229 minutes, 10 seconds
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Welcome to the A-List! Tips for getting Listed on the JSE.

On this episode of the VM WealthWise Podcast, we will discuss, How to get listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.Why stop at being an entrepreneur with a successful business when you can expand your wealth by offering stocks in your company?For this diverse topic, we’ve sought out the people who deal with this daily or monthly. They are Romario Sterling, Assistant Manager of Capital Markets @ VM Wealth Management, and Marc Ramsay, Attorney at Law @ Ramsay and Partners.
11/4/202226 minutes, 35 seconds
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Dodge the waves OR Stay the course?

In this week's episode, we are looking at the topic "Dodge the waves OR Stay the course? - Jumping in and out of investments."We are all looking for avenues to build wealth, but are we willing to do what it takes and make the necessary sacrifices? The truth is, one of the main avenues to achieve this wealth is to invest.Tune in to our guests, Shanice Williams- Stock Market Investor & Trader, and David Rose - Young Investor!
10/26/202241 minutes, 20 seconds
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'Money Follow You': Adopting an Abundance Mindset

To kickstart Season 3, we will be looking at the topic, "Adopting an Abundance Mindset: Invest Early, Invest Often!".To have an abundance mindset equates to the analogy that there is always more. More to try, more to earn, and more to learn in finance. This week's episode will assist you in transforming your mindset into a positive one as you listen to our young guest Ajani Miller, 6th Former @ Kingston College, alongside his mother, Denise Marshall Miller - Senior Manager for Bond, Equity & Digital Asset Trading.Turn the volume up and grab your notepad!
10/19/202233 minutes, 46 seconds