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Viva Tropical is a lifestyle 20 years in the making. It all started on a surf trip to Costa Rica in the mid 90's, where your host Josh Linnes fell in love with the tropical region. Since then he founded several companies including www., created real estate projects in Costa Rica and Panama, eventually buying his own island in Panama with his business partner Park Wilson. As comfortable in a dug out canoe as as a yacht, his adventures take him and his business partner into uncharted regions. Josh is a proponent of living simply while focusing on getting the most out of life. His love of exploring and experiencing everything the diverse region has to offer is obvious. On its surface the show is about the Latin Tropics, but the hosts multitude of interests take the show much deeper. From strange local myths and unique plants, to how to retire to the region. From offshore investment strategy to how to build a sailboat. You are welcome to enjoy an eclectic mix of interviews, how to's, local hacks, investment strategy, surfing stories, environmental coverage, off-grid information, coffee talk, and much more. Having a radio show is an excuse for Josh to draw in interesting people that hopefully teach listeners something new. Get to know a region better while discovering about all types of different subjects designed to help you break free and thrive.
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Is Colombia the Next Great Opportunity Or a Risk to Your Life?

Colombia has achieved peace and is increasingly regarded as a good place to consider for living and investing. With such a tumultuous history the question is, is this a good idea? We speak to Park Wilson co-founder of Viva Tropical about his recent trip to Colombia where he traveled a month with his family. When he left Panama his current home to visit Colombia, he was seriously considering moving there and now that he is back you can listen to what he thought and if he will indeed leave Panama for Colombia. Park also discusses investment opportunities, his favorite spots, and the big question on most people's minds, is it safe? Josh and Park also compare and contrast Colombia to other countries in the Latin Tropics. Tune in and listen now
9/29/20161 hour, 16 minutes, 42 seconds
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Buy Tropical Real Estate with Your 401k or IRA, Here is how.

Did you know you can use your 401k or IRA to invest in Tropical Real Estate? Well, you can and not only that you can invest in several other assets classes besides real estate too. This means you can get your money outside the volatile world of the stock market and make investments on your own terms. You can even get your money outside the U.S. to take advantage of emerging markets and increased control and privacy over your hard earned money. You will be able to find new opportunities and get in early before it is too late and big money rushes in to mess up the market. On this episode we speak to Ross Powell, who spent 30 years in the banking industry only to find out the system was rigged against the little guy. Ross decided to start his own company that helps people gain control of their retirement finances and invest in things that make sense. His company shows people how use their 401k to invest tropical real estate, gold, farming, and pretty much any other hard asset.
9/15/201651 minutes, 22 seconds
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Costa Rica Real Estate Report, Stats, Top Towns, and Opinions

With the release of the Costa Rica Real Estate Report, Park and Josh decided that this wealth of data and analysis needed a podcast episode all its own. Tune in to hear them discuss how they created the information, how you use it, and how it relates to buying property. What we cover:    •    Top most expensive beach towns.    •    Top three most expensive mountain areas (here where the cheapest beachfront is located based on total price).    •    Plus many more ideas that you will be able to use to get great deals or understand the market. Enjoy the Show.
2/26/201654 minutes, 23 seconds
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Nicaragua Scouting Trip, Listen to What We Found in Chinandega.

Josh just returned from a Nicaragua trip and he breaks down the investment and living potential for the northwest corner of the beautiful country. The area is called Chinandega and has mostly flown under the radar as a place to live for expats. Josh discusses the area attractions, prices, building and why he loves it. There is also an interview with Jannene Harker a New Zealander with the first planned development of the area. She discusses how she settled into the area and why she decided to create her own project. Find out why this area is sure to boom and why you should consider it before it's too late and gets expensive.  Tune in now.
11/19/20151 hour, 1 minute, 37 seconds
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Ecuador Real Estate Investment and Living From Loja

Ecuador is one of the most popular up and coming retirement and investment locations. The problem is that is difficult to find good and accurate information. In this episode we try to fix that by speaking to Jesse Thomas who is an investor, expat and all around great source of information. From his home in Loja, Ecuador they discuss many different angles on why Ecuador is great fit for many.
9/24/20151 hour, 4 minutes, 36 seconds
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Go Inside the Scouting Mission. We look for a 100 acre property in Costa Rica and invite you come along

Park and Josh look for a large tract of land for their next project. After combing through hundreds of options and locations they have narrowed it down the Southern Zone of Costa Rica or Nosara, Costa Rica. Join them as they discuss the pros and cons of each site while walking around on the property. Listen in as they discuss the process of deciding what direction to take or not take on a particular property. The initial stage of deciding what property is the best for them is only the beginning, the next steps of figuring out a plan and how it will work is where the rubber meets road in this special episode from the road.
7/6/201550 minutes, 5 seconds
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Hunting The Most Notorious Criminal in the World Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

After escaping Prison in 2001 Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman became the most wanted criminal in the world. The DEA, FBI, and Mexican Authorities were hunting him, but for some reason they couldn't find El Chapo. Film Maker Angus Macqueen doubted that these authorities with virtually limitless resources couldn't find El Chapo, so he set out with a camera to find him and make a movie about it. This episode details what he did it and how he survived the process.
6/22/201550 minutes, 38 seconds
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Exploring the Last Frontier (The Ocean) with 11 time Free Dive Record Holder Hanli Prinsloo

Hanli Prinsloo is a Freediver and Ocean Conservationist. Freediving is the practice of diving below the surface of the ocean on a single breath. Professionals can go hundreds of feet down and there are depth competitions, but freedivers also get to see things surface dwellers never even dream of experiencing. Like looking into the eye of a 60ft sperm whale, swimming with sharks, or a finding a deeply meditative place calm place.On this episode Josh and Hanli discuss how yoga and free diving have a lot in common, what it is like to swim with the giant animals of the sea, and why this sport could be the best hope for bringing awareness to the life in the oceans.Hanli also takes us through a 200ft dive, what it feels like, and how you prepare to do it. Listen and hear a great example of someone following their life long dream.
5/25/201559 minutes, 22 seconds
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Central America Real Estate Show Vol. 7 Beautiful Boquete, Panama

Located 1200m (3900ft) above sea level this little mountain has the perfect climate. It is obvious why it is such a hit with expats and retirees. Great climate, lots of restaurants, and a walkable small town feel.Paul McBride joins the show to discuss the real estate market, how the area has changed over the last decade and where you should be looking for investment opportunities. We also discuss Boquete's enduring appeal, why you should consider it even if you want to be near a beach.We also discuss cost to build a home, local market prices, and why he has called Boquete, Panama home for over a decade.
5/11/201558 minutes, 36 seconds
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Learn what it is like to attend a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony and why the experience is gaining popularity

Our guest today, Juani, travels the world providing Ayahuasca ceremonies for people looking for a spiritual breakthrough. He talks about why people attend, and how they gain valuable insight into their lives using a traditional plant mix. He also talks about why this relatively obscure amazon practice is gaining popularity in the modern world.Josh also speaks with Juani about his job as an Ayahuascero, traditions from the ceremony, his training, and much much more. This your chance to go inside a real ceremony and hear the traditional music called Icaros usually reserved for ceremonies only. Juani talks about his approach and how he mixes modern with traditional practices to help people grow, change, and live a healthier life. A great show for anyone interested in a mystifying subculture that is gaining popularity world wide.
4/28/20151 hour, 7 minutes, 30 seconds
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Massacres, Rigged Elections and Bananas, the sordid tale of United Fruit Co.

Peter Chapman Financial Times reporter and author of Bananas joins the show to discuss the subject of his book. The rise of one of the most powerful companies in the world during the early to mid 1900's The United Fruit Company. Listen how the creator of the Banana Republic and purveyor of the yellow fruit would stop at nothing to maintain control of their business.For 100 years the company controlled most of Central America, they rigged elections and massacred people, while building a banana empire.It is a fascinating story and has inspired many from the Latin region to speak up, from Che Guevara to Pablo Neruda. Peter also talks about how United Fruit set the blue print for all multinational companies today. Enjoy the show.
4/13/20151 hour, 6 minutes, 3 seconds
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300ft deep on a Single Breath, and more Unthinkable Underwater Adventures.

Free diving championships in Greece, 2500ft under water in a DIY submarine, and learning the language of whales. Author of Deep, Free Diving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Our Selves, James Nestor joins the show. Listen as he describes his journey from surface dweller to swimming with Sperm whales. James also tells us that he learned the human body is uniquely adapted to the underwater environment. Tune to hear all this and more and add a little adventure to your day.
3/30/201554 minutes, 23 seconds
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Real Estate Show Vol. 6 Southern Pacific Costa Rica Dominical, Jaco, Quepos and beyond

In this episode we cover The Southern Zone of Costa Rica, an area on the Pacific coast stretching from Manual Antonio south to the border of Costa Rica and Panama.Casey Stamps, investment specialist, comes back on to do a deep dive into this very large and diverse region. We discuss building costs, where he thinks the opportunities are located, what is making this region grow, and the investment and buying strategies that are working today. We also discuss who would really love this stretch of coast and why.
3/2/20151 hour, 3 minutes, 11 seconds
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Cracking the Mayan Calendar Code and Secret Ruins You Didn't know about

Mayan Scholar Dave Schaefer drops by to discuss the Mayan calendar, The Mayan creation book the Popol Vuh, and how modern Mayan people aren't being recognized. Dave talks with Josh about his favorite ruins and how he got started studying Mayan hieroglyphs in Guatemala. If you are interested in Mayan history or just want an introduction to Mesoamerican culture this show is for you.
2/16/201558 minutes, 34 seconds
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Deconstructing Construction, How to build a House in Central America

Learn what you need to know before you build the house of your dreams in the Latin Tropics.Scott Nichols joins the podcast to discuss his trials and tribulations of the building process in Central America. He is currently in the middle of building a house and stopped by to tell us what he has learned so far. Josh and him discuss how to find a builder, what to know before you design a house, and why certain materials are more expensive. A must listen for anyone who is considering building a house in the Latin Tropics for living or investment.
1/26/20151 hour, 4 minutes, 28 seconds
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Central American Real Estate Show Vol. 5 Ecuador's Beaches

Ecuador has a ton of coastline, but much of it isn't good for beach living due to high cliffs and industrial activities. Park and I explored Ecuador from tip to tip and covered the entire coastline. What we found was there are several spots that could be perfect to live and you have to know what is happening locally to determine where is best. So today we are speaking with Greg Gilliam long time Ecuador expat about how to approach the Ecuador market and where you should focus your time when looking for your own paradise. Greg is a builder, hotel owner, and real estate entrepreneur, who has lots of experience and a straightforward approach you are sure to learn from on the show.
12/30/201450 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Central America Real Estate Show Vol.4 100% Belize

John Acott long time broker in Belize tells you what is happening. Learn how much it costs to build in Belize, where the top 3 places to live and invest are located. Also a major infrastructure change on the horizon that if happens will be something you need to hear. John is from the San Ignacio, which is rarely covered and from all accounts seems to be a tremendous value for living. Tune to hear all this and more.
12/8/201439 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Guns, Murder and Tuna. Recounting stories from scouting real estate in Central America

Murder Confessions, 300 LB Tunas, and 9mm Barettas, all make appearances when Josh and Park recount some of their stories from the road. They have experienced many different colorful situations over the years while scouting out real estate investments.Maybe the greatest job in the world, Park and Josh reminisce about some of their most memorable days while exploring the far reaches of Central America in their search for the best real estate on offer.
12/1/20141 hour, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Secoya people, an introduction to one of the last indigenous tribes of the upper amazon

Author Jonathon Weisberger joins the show to discuss his experience living and helping the Secoya people. What happens to culture, life, and spirituality when they develop within the jungle away from modern life. Jonathon discusses what he learned and why he continues to work with the Secoya elders. He also talks about how others can experience their sacred Ayahuasca/Yage ceremonies. Listen and enjoy an amazing opportunity to get a glimpse into a another world.
11/24/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Central America Real Estate Show Vol.3 All About Nicaragua

On this episode we discuss Nicaragua and all its awesome potential. Barry Oliver real estate professional has over 10 years of experience in the country and it will make a difference if you are considering buying or investing there.One of the safest countries in Central America, Nicaragua is often overlooked because of its turbulent history and lack of organization. Today's situation is much different and many have already discovered why this is one of the best options for living in Central America.Tune in now and hear where the investment opportunities are located, how much it costs to build, how much beachfront property costs, and who buys in the biggest country in Central America.
11/17/201450 minutes, 2 seconds
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Get paid to Travel. Create an expedition company.

We talk to fellow travel lover Matthew Brumley and find out how he got started in the expedition business. Founder of Earthbound Expeditions, Matthew talks candidly about what has worked for him and how he comes up with creative ideas that provide unique travel experiences. He gives insight into why Costa Rica is one of his chosen destinations and how visiting Cuba is like Time Travel. If you ever thought about creating a travel based business or were just interested in traveling with small group of people this discussion will inspire you.
11/10/201458 minutes, 51 seconds
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Vol. 2 Anatomy of a MONSTER Drug Deal (Stories from the Inner Sanctum)

Brian O'Dea comes back on to finish his story of what it was like to be a professional smuggler.  This time around we get to discuss some of the nitty gritty details about chance encounters, strategy, and the steps that led to smuggling and, then, selling $300,000,000 of marijuana. Tune in now and hear what led to the biggest drug deal in U.S. history at the time it went down.  There is no doubt why his story is beign fast-tracked to a major motion picture and will probably be a big hit.  
11/3/201453 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Create Your Own Off-grid Escape

Eric Youngren, Off-Grid Expert, returns to expand our knowledge and this time we focus on creating an off-grid escape. Last time Eric joined the show we discussed what you need to know before even thinking about living off the grid. This time we discuss how to evaluate locations based on their ability to produce energy. We also talk about how each of the big three technologies, solar, wind, and hydro, could help you create your own off-grid retreat. Some of the most incredible locations in Central America are off the grid, so what are you waiting for – listen to this and then go find your perfect getaway.
10/27/201453 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mythical Jaguar, Your Guide to World's 3rd Largest Cat

Josh talks to Eduardo Carillo, Jaguar expert and professor at University of Costa Rica.The Jaguars name comes from the Native American word meaning, “he who kills with one blow.”Eduardo has been studying their behavior for over 25 years and shares his knowledge from the field. Tune in and listen as he shares what he has learned and how his career began with a chance encounter with a Jaguar on a beach. Also what is being done to protect this species from extinction and what you can do help. We think you will agree this cat is one of the most fascinating and elusive inhabitants of the rain forest.
10/20/201447 minutes, 42 seconds
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How to Drive Around the World for $50 a day, the Supreme Travel Hack

We talk to Phil Flanagan, world traveler and overland expert. Phil sourced and converted a european van to travel world for less than $18,000 USD. He then proceeded to drive across Europe, Asia, North America then South America for the ensuing 5-6 years. In this episode Phil teaches you how to do it too, where to find a car and his minimalistic approach to maximum travel experience. The travel legends were able to to travel this way for $50 a day, this includes food for both of them, maintenance, gas, everything else. Tune and hear their inspiring story.
10/14/20141 hour, 22 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Maya, Were They The New World's Greatest Civilization?

Christopher Minster, Latin American History expert, discusses the Maya. The ancient culture that developed reading writing and a complex society in around Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. He talks about their beliefs, their fascination with all things celestial and if they also sacrificed humans like the Aztecs. Christopher and Josh also talk about their favorite Mayan ruins why you should visit these sites today. Tune in and learn something new.
10/7/201448 minutes, 31 seconds
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Central America Real Estate Report Vol. 2

3 new people, 3 new places. We talk to Mike Cobb, long time developer in Nicaragua about the real estate climate in the beautiful country. His project Gran Pacifica is located there and he also explains why the lifestyle is so attractive to expats.Panama! Lucy Haines, founder of Panama Realtor the largest broker in Panama joins the show to give her unique perspective on where to look in Panama and why. And last but certainly not least, we head to one of the hottest real estate markets in Costa Rica, Nosara. Josh discusses why this place is so popular with local Jeff Grosshandler of First Choice Remax, Usually low prices drive the market, but this place isn't cheap, so we do the deep dive into the market to find out why it is what it is.
9/22/20141 hour, 28 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Scouting Mission: El Salvador and Colombia, find out what we learned

Park joins the show to discuss his recent trip to Medellin, Colombia with his boys. Park examines the good and bad from the trip and compares his experience there to the rest of Central America. Not to be outdone, Josh recounts his recent trip to El Salvador and breaks down how the country fits into the scope of Central America real estate investment. The business partners also catch up on the recent elections in Panama and what has been happening on Boca Chica Island.
9/15/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to Train your Surf Skills on Land

Surfing is a perplexing sport when it comes to training, on the one had if you are near the waves you can just surf. On the other hand how do you train for surfing waves on land? The sport is unique in that you ride something that is moving, but how do you replicate thosese conditions on land? What type of training can you do that will improve your skills in the water? Learn how when we are talk to Anthony Sasso creator of the program Fit2shred, he has created a program to that will help any surfer get stronger and better in the water.  
9/8/201446 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Biodynamic Farming an Introductory Guide

Esteban Pereira joins the show to discuss Biodynamic Farming. He explains what in the world Biodynamic farming means and how anyone can get started today. The practice originated from talks by Ruldolf Steiner who was also the creator of Waldorf Schools. Biodynamics was also the system that eventually lead to our current Organic Standards you will see it is an all encompassing system that is as incredible as it is diverse. If you ever think about growing your own food and living off the land then this show is a great one for you.
8/25/201443 minutes
Episode Artwork

How to Disappear or Achieve Maximum Privacy, something all expats can take advantage of

Frank Ahearn, disappearing expert and "Digital Hitman" joins the show to talk about privacy and how to disappear in a digital world that tracks everything. A former Skip Tracer, his old job used to be to find people and now he uses that experience to keep things hidden. Tune and hear a fascinating perspective while learning to use the information to protect yourself. Also learn why you have a chance when you move overseas to create a buffer that gives you a chance to distance your self from your current internet habits.
8/18/201443 minutes, 58 seconds
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Panama Residency and Beyond. Find out everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about Panama residency, visas, and beyond. Ricardo Faraudo an attorney from the DENFAB firm joins todays show. He specializes in expat immigration and details all the options you have when moving to Panama. There is even one option that comes with a Panamanian passport, so find out what option is best for you or if you even need to apply for residency.
8/11/201451 minutes, 24 seconds
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Central America Real Estate Report Vol. 1

The Central America Real Estate report is part of series that hops around Central America to hear on the ground intel, reports, and data you can use in your hunt for Real Estate. In this episode we interview 3 brokers from 3 different countries, starting in Costa Rica, then on to Roatan, Honduras, and finally Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Topics of discussion include what is happening in these real estate markets. Where are the opportunities? How much does it cost to build? We also try and develop some historical context to give you insight on what is happening now in terms of prices and momentum. Download to start learning how things work in each of these unique places. and if they are the right options for you.  
8/4/20141 hour, 7 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

How the Aztecs were conquered the true and amazing story

Author Buddy Levy joins the show to discuss his book Conquistador: Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs We discuss the story of a driven conquistador and what lead to the defeat of an Aztec king. We are sure you will be entertained by the true story that ultimately became one of histories most intriguing meetings between two very different cultures. Listen to this can’t miss episode and learn what it felt like to be in Mexico 500 years ago.
7/28/201459 minutes, 50 seconds
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Offshore 101 with Andrew Henderson. How to protect your assets

Founder of Nomad Capitalist Andrew Henderson joins us for a candid conversation about protecting your assets, where to get a second passport and why you need to protect yourself. You may think you are well protected, but Andrew explains that if all your eggs are in one basket you really aren’t safe.
7/21/201451 minutes, 43 seconds
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One of the Most Dangerous Places in the world. 18 months in Darien Gap

Author Martin Mitchinson tells us what it was like spending 18 months in the Darien Gap of Panama. The Darien is a roadless jungle covered gap of land that stretches from the Caribbean to the Pacific ocean covering the edge of the Panama Columbia border. It is not the biggest undeveloped jungle area but it is probably the most dangerous. People who know where it is stay away based on a history of FARC kidnappings and the fact it is home to those who don't want to be found. Martin tells how he ended up in the Darien and why it wasn't as dangerous as people say. Tune in and listen to the experiences that lead to a book called The Darien Gap, Travels in the rainforest in Panama.
7/14/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 3 seconds
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Creating an income the old school way with Karl Spaeth of Temple of White Dog Ginger Beer (Expat Start-up)

Entrepreneur Karl Spaeth joins the show. Learn how he built a business with one product that supports his lifestyle and even got him discovered by the head of a company that just sold to Starbucks. His future is bright and it is all because of his product Temple of the White Dog ginger beer and hard work. Find out how he grew his business and get inspired to create your own expat business when you move down to the Latin Tropics. 
7/7/201459 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ayahuasca use in indigenous cultures, 4000 years and counting. Learn from the masters.

Author, Ayahuasca, and Plan Expert Jonathon Miller Weisberger joins us from his lodge located deep in the jungle of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. His book Rainforest Medicine is a classic study on the subject of plant medicine as used in indigenous cultures, specifically Ayahuasca and the Secoya people from the upper amazon. Find out how this plant has been being used since 2000 BC.
7/1/201455 minutes, 46 seconds
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How to Invest in Central American Real Estate

Park Wilson, professional real estate investor, founder of Viva Tropical, Emerging Terrains Investment and Island owner joins the show. You may not know him, but he is Josh’s business partner and today they talk about everything you need to know about investing in real estate that they have learned over the last 20 years. This is a can’t miss episode for anyone considering buying or investing in Central America. Subscribe to the mailing list and receive their free 55 page e-book on how to invest called Pay Dirt! on the show notes page
6/16/20141 hour, 33 minutes, 41 seconds
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Costa Rica Residency, Everything You Need To Know.

Andrea Pignataro is todays guest, an attorney who specializes in residency for Costa Rica. Get the inside information straight from the source. We discuss everything you need to know about residency from the different options to costs involved, to if you even need residency at all. In this detailed discussion you will learn what is involved in the process and how to hire the right professional.
6/9/201452 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Steps to Living Off The-Grid with Eric Youngren

A discussion with off-grid specialist Eric Youngren, one part adventurer and one part alternative energy expert Eric is perfect person to talk about off-grid technology for Viva Tropical readers and listeners. With extensive experience in remote and third world locations we set out to learn some practical advice from a qualified person. Eric can install systems anywhere in the world which makes him a potential candidate for any project you might have.
6/2/201455 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Coffee Grower Rich Lipner discusses his side of the coffee business

In this episode Josh calls up his friend Rich Lipner, owner of Dos Jefes coffee farm in Boquete, Panama. Rich has been diligently producing his own coffee called Cafe De La Luna as well as giving coffee tours on his private farm. His knowledge is very high when it comes to the world of coffee, coffee growing, and how to make excellent tasting coffee.Think of this show as your introduction to coffee growing as you hear from two passionate coffee drinkers who love coffee.In this episode, we discuss:Where is the best area on the globe to grow coffee.Perfect French Press, The exact time to wait before you press.What are the best ways to prepare coffee.Where the most expensive coffee in the world is grown, up to $300 a pound.Why you should ask where the beans come from at your local coffee shop.
5/26/201448 minutes, 50 seconds
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New York Times bestselling author Patrick Vlaskovits discusses what to know before you start a business abroad

This episode could be called “Expat Start-Up How to Create a Profitable Business in Paradise”Josh has a spunky conversation with New York Times best selling author of The Lean Entrepreneur, Patrick Vlaskovits. Learn how to use Lean business methodology to save you time and money when starting a business. The conversation touches on subjects like what you should really be thinking before you start a business to a broken board leash and harrowing rescue in Panama. Listen in and hear what you should know and the apply it to your next profitable venture. Enjoy!
5/19/201451 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Former NFL agent Phil Williams tells us why he wants to move to the Latin Tropics

Find out why a successful NFL agent gave up his lucrative career to pursue living in Central America. In this episode you will hear Phil talk about his epic trips around Central America, how he traveled, and what places he really liked. You will also learn why he isn’t very excited about the current direction of the U.S. why he is worried about it and what you can do protect your self in the future.
5/12/201456 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

What To Know before you Buy/Invest in Central American Real Estate

Josh has a discussion with Park Wilson his business partner about what you should know before you invest in Central America.  They cover market stages how to identify what stage a market is in before you invest. How to approach different areas. Not every area is same and knowing the differences can go a long way making a solid choice. If you only have 72 hours to search for property how should you prepare?  A don't miss episode that touches on several subjects for those who want to get investment right or just learn how to 20 year investments veterans do it. Enjoy.  
5/5/201446 minutes, 44 seconds