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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 30 episodes, 11 hours 36 minutes
Abbie Bauckham and Molly McKenna present Virtually Legal! Our podcast focuses on issues affecting law students and the world we’re entering. Email v[email protected] LinkedIn: Virtually Legal Podcast
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Life After Law - Recruitment

Gishan Abeyratne, former Associate Director at Think Legal Recruitment, explains how to get comfortable being uncomfortable in new professions, and why turning himself into a "human fireball" helped land him a job as a broker...
11/03/202328 minutes 28 seconds
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Life After Law - Mediation

Clare Sieber, GP and mediator, explains the role of a mediator, how to break into the profession, and why lawyers might struggle getting to grips with it!
19/02/202322 minutes 18 seconds
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Life After Law - Consulting

Chrissie Wolfe rejoins Virtually Legal to debunk popular myths about consulting, explain why she moved away from private practice and give practical guidance on what you need to consider before doing the same.
16/01/202323 minutes 18 seconds
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Can I add you on LinkedIn?

We were joined by Olly Haddock from the LYLG and LYPN to discuss how to network in person and make relationships beyond adding someone on LinkedIn. Listen to find out why we think this episode should fondly be named "hand-contact"!
25/04/202228 minutes 37 seconds
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The Business Behind Law

We were joined by Mathew Currie, the Chief Legal Officer at Minster Law, to discuss how to sell yourself to a client, how law firms stay profitable and the biggest challenges facing law firms currently.
18/04/202219 minutes 40 seconds
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Commercial Awareness v Commercial Analysis with Peter Watson

We talked to Peter Watson from Watson's Daily about how to analyse news articles!
11/04/202223 minutes 44 seconds
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Solicitor Apprenticeships

We were joined by Maia Crockford from My Legal Career, a Level 7 Solicitor Apprentice and Bruce Humphrey, Head of Legal Apprenticeship Programmes at BPP. We discussed what a solicitor apprentice is, how to become one and the differences from university.
07/02/202230 minutes 32 seconds
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How to tailor your application with Shoosmiths

We talked to Samantha Hope, Graduate Recruiter at Shoosmiths to discuss how to actually tailor your TC application!
01/02/202230 minutes 18 seconds
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How to Ace the LPC with Shannon Tong!

Molly and Abbie dive deep into how to perform well in the LPC. We talk to Shannon a Trainee Solicitor about how she managed, completed and ACED the LPC. We also discuss how the LPC is different from university and how you can best prepared. Let us know what you think!
20/08/202122 minutes 44 seconds
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Trainee Tips with Shearman & Sterling trainee solicitor

Saoirse O'Dea is a trainee solicitor at Shearman and Sterling, currently completing a seat in International Arbitration. Saoirse spoke candidly about her experience, how to impress your supervisor and how to stand out.
18/08/202118 minutes 14 seconds
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Assessment Centres with @legallypossible

We spoke to Mia Siddique aka @legallypossible about every stage of an assessment centre, from interview to group task. Between us we have completed out fair share of successful and unsuccessful assessment centres and we want to share with you everything we have learnt along the way.
16/08/202127 minutes 49 seconds
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The SQE with Chrissie Wolfe

We sat down with Chrissie Wolfe to discuss all things SQE. We talk about what the SQE actually is, funding and the dreaded question for many whether to do the LPC or SQE (Abbie is still yet to decide). Alongside that we have a very fun chat to please do listen and share.
25/06/202130 minutes 42 seconds
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How to turn your vacation scheme into a training contract

We talk to Magdalena Karcz, Graduate Recruitment Officer at Pinsent Masons. From how to best perform on tasks, to how much you should ask and how best to interact with trainees and partners. Listen to discover more!!
23/06/202139 minutes 49 seconds
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Working from Home with Iyanu and Leah

We sat down with Iyanu Ilupeju, trainee at WFW and Leah Steele, mental health expert, to discuss WFH. We discussed how to best perform during your training contract when working from home, how to create boundaries, prevent burnout and much more... Listen to find out!!
21/06/202127 minutes 57 seconds
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What to Wear; When and Where

What you wear goes beyond surface layer superficiality. In this episode, we discuss how what you wear in a corporate environment says about you, but also about the culture of the company perceiving you.
13/12/202024 minutes 21 seconds
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Diversity and Inclusion with Wendy Ramshaw

We sat down with Wendy Ramshaw, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Squire Patton Boggs, to discuss how a profession that has historically been coined "male, pale and stale" is being brought into the 21st century.
29/11/202026 minutes 10 seconds
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Cryptocurrencies and Aiding Financial Inclusion

This week, Abbie discusses cryptocurrencies and how they can aid financial inclusion, particularly in developing countries. With 1.7 billion people still 'unbanked', could crypto be the solution? References: and thanks to Matt Berrick and Will Foulkes for informing my research.
15/11/202012 minutes 40 seconds
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In-House with Tom Haines

In today's episode we are joined by Tom Haines, an Employment Solicitor at Jaguar Land Rover. We discuss what it is like to work in-house and all of its benefits. Let us know what you think and don't forget to check out or LinkedIn and Instagram account.
01/11/202020 minutes 4 seconds
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Women in Law

We interviewed Claire Convery about her dissertation which centred on women in law and the obstacles they face. This episode is thought-provoking yet light-hearted and definitely worth a listen!
18/10/202026 minutes 33 seconds
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Non-Legal Work Experience with Sophie Warren

Today we discuss how to utilise your non-legal work experience in a training contract application. We are joined by Sophie Warren the founder of LegallyRun. We appreciate any feedback you may have: Email us on [email protected]
05/10/202023 minutes 43 seconds
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Life as a paralegal

We were joined by Aaliyah Freemantle, a paralegal at Seddons, to discuss life as a paralegal and whether this route is helpful when trying to secure a training contract.
21/09/202020 minutes 11 seconds
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How to Research a Law Firm

We speak to Bethany Wren from LawCareersNet about how to effectively research a law firm and some of the different things you should consider as part of your application and decision process.
06/09/202029 minutes 39 seconds
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Mental Health with Leah Steele

Today we discuss Mental Health with a large focus on Mental Health in Law. Our guest today, Leah Steele, has founded Searching for Serenity. Leah: 'Stress is built in to the job description of lawyer; it's our job to become aware of where perfectionism and the need to prove ourselves makes that stress, toxic.' You can find her in the following places:
23/08/202020 minutes 21 seconds
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Competition Announcement

Please send all entries to [email protected]. Entries close on 31st August.
10/08/20201 minute 54 seconds
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Commercial Digest, The Future of Fashion

Molly does her first solo episode, exploring what has been happening with Boohoo, what it illustrates about the retail industry and, most importantly, what this means for law firms and their clients.
09/08/202016 minutes 40 seconds
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Virtual Internships with George Maxwell

This week we discuss virtual internships with George Maxwell. We cover the pros and cons of virtual internships and the distinctions between virtual internships and virtual vacation schemes. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think. LinkedIn: VirtuallyLegalPodcast [email protected]
26/07/202020 minutes 50 seconds
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Online Networking with Lauren Moore

We spoke to Lauren Moore, founder of the Global Tech Loop, and discussed how to go beyond your comfort zone and network online.
12/07/202022 minutes 9 seconds
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Effective Networking

We discuss how to get the most out of networking opportunities.
28/06/202022 minutes 1 second