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English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 50 episodes, 20 hours 22 minutes
A bite-sized podcast on management of Perioperative Clinical Care issues, with a dollop of physiology and a sprinkle of experience
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Work-Life Balance in Surgery

In this very special episode, we have Dr Masi of Herself Health talking to Sergei and Rosie about work-life balance and the way to improve our physical and mental health. Apologies for the sound quality...
06/08/202228 minutes 38 seconds
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Fluids part 4: Basics of Electrolyte management

Serge and Rosie discuss common Na, Ca, Mg and Ph abnormalities and principles of prevention and management. This is our final episode on Fluids and Electrolytes mini-series. Please write to us with questions comments or feedback!
23/07/202225 minutes 58 seconds
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Perianal Abscess

Today, Sergei and Dylan are talking about Perianal abscesses - from aetiology, pathophysiology to classification, investigations and treatment. Hosted by Catherine whom some of you might remember as a guest from a number of previous podcasts.. As always, enjoy, comment, subscribe, visit our Instagram page and share with your friends!
09/07/202232 minutes 2 seconds
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Large Bowel Obstruction

In this episode Sergei and Suki attempt to tackle the massively complex topic of Large Bowel Obstruction. We are not aiming to be exhaustive or didactic, but rather to provide an overview including causes, presentation and management of this condition. Please let us know if we have achieved our goal or not! 
01/07/202237 minutes 9 seconds
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Maintenance Fluids for Surgical Patients

In this episode Sergei and Rosie discuss the basic principles of Maintenance Fluid therapy. This is the third episode in our Fluids mini-series, with Resuscitation fluids and Hypo/Hyperkalaemia episodes already out... Keep your ears peeled for the final episode on Correction of Electrolytes to be published in the near future!
26/06/202229 minutes 40 seconds
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Hypo and Hyperkalaemia for Surgeons

A vital episode for a budding surgeon where Catherine and Sergei discuss physiology and consequences of acute hyper and hypokalaemia and how it is treated.. Stay tuned for more episodes addressing fluids and electrolytes coming out soon!
18/06/202228 minutes 49 seconds
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Management of Small Bowel Obstruction

This is the second part of our Small Bowel Obstruction series, focusing on Surgical and Non-surgical management. Join Rosie, Suki and Serge do discover the vast variety of approaches to treating a patient with this condition!
10/06/202230 minutes 14 seconds
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Diverticular Disease Part 3 - Management

Sergei and Lauren dive deep into the various approaches of emergency and elective management of a patient with diverticulitis. Key concept - Modified Hinchey Classification... here we go!
04/06/202223 minutes 41 seconds
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Fluids for Surgeons Part 1: Resuscitation

In this episode, Rosie and Serge discuss the ins and out of Resuscitation Fluids - indications, goals, type and amount of fluids given. Watch out for Maintenance Fluids and Electrolytes in the coming episodes!  Note: 4% Glucose in a 1/5 Saline is no longer recommended for Paediatric fluid resuscitation. Normal saline (0.9% NaCl) is recommended, with 5% Glucose and or K for maintenance.
27/05/202225 minutes 52 seconds
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Small Bowel Obstruction part 1

In this back to basics episode, Rosie, Suki and Sergei discuss pathophysiology, presentation and investigations of Small Bowel Obstruction. Keep an eye out for Part 2 focussing on management strategies and surgical approaches.
21/05/202224 minutes 33 seconds
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Diverticulitis - Presentation, Investigations and Imaging

This is Part 2 of our Diverticular disease mini-series. In this episode Rosie, Lauren and Serge are discussing typical presentation, investigations and imaging for a patient with suspected diverticulitis. Part 3 will be focussed on complications and treatment.
13/05/202222 minutes 33 seconds
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Diverticular Disease Part 1

In this episode Lauren, Rosie and Serge discuss the pathophysiology of Diverticular disease and Diverticulitis. This is Part 1 of a 3-chapter mini-series on Diverticular disease, the next Part will be on typical Presentations and Investigations.
06/05/202221 minutes 8 seconds
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Chronic Arterial Disease

Today Rosie, Andrew and Serge discuss pathophysiology, risk factors, presentation, investigation and management of peripheral vascular disease focussing on chronic arterial disease. A high yield refresh topic for medical students and junior doctors alike!
29/04/202228 minutes 50 seconds
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Post-operative Pain Relief

In this episode, Rosie and Serge talk about routine post-operative analgesia using stepwise approach AKA the Analgesic ladder.
22/04/202223 minutes 31 seconds
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Discharge Against Medical Advice

Today's topic is important for all medical professionals working in hospitals. Patient's that demand to be discharged before their treatment is completed should be assessed and managed to the best of our ability. Anticipation of issues such as alcohol withdrawal, dementia, difficult social circumstances as well as prevention, early recognition and treatment of sepsis and hypoxia - all help in reducing the number of such events. Hosted by Rosie and supported by Catherine and Sergei
15/04/202222 minutes 54 seconds
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Empirical Antibiotics for Surgeons

In this episode we talk about choice of antibiotics when the pathogen is yet to be identified. Hosted by Rosie with Catherine as our guest expert on all things pharmacological. 
08/04/202221 minutes 48 seconds
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Upper GI bleeding

Another back to basics episode, this time on Upper GI bleeding - recognition, management approaches and prevention. Proudly delivered for your listening pleasure by Melissa and Sergei.
01/04/202232 minutes 9 seconds
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Acute Limb Ischaemia

This episode is an overview of Acute Limb Ischaemia - from basic pathophysiology to evaluation and treatment. Our guest is Andrew, a 3rd year medical student with a strong interest in surgery, hosted by Serge...
24/03/202226 minutes 3 seconds
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Study Tips for Medical School

Lauren, the co-chair of SANDUS, returns in this episode to discuss some of the approaches to studying the art of medicine, learning and preparing for the exams. Listening to the Virtual Ward Rounds podcast may not get you there alone, but it is a good start!
17/03/202218 minutes 34 seconds
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Alternatives to Oral Medications in a Surgical Patient

In this episode Catherine and I discuss the very common issue - what do you do with the patient's oral medications when they are placed Nil By Mouth? Alternative routes of administration, substitute medication or stopping the medication are some of the options we talk about. We also go over several specific examples of medications that should not be simply discontinued. A very useful episode for the intern or the medical student!
10/03/202226 minutes 35 seconds
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Surgical Suture Selection

In this episode we talk needles, threads and suture material for surgical wound closure in the emergency department. Do you want to know if you can use a blunt taper 7-0 polyester suture for your skin laceration? look no further, the answers are in this episode! Catherine returns as our favourite guest and does brilliantly despite the non-pharmacological topic...
04/03/202224 minutes 17 seconds
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Surgical Wound Dressings

In this episode, we are discussing routine post-operative wound management and surgical dressings. We specifically focus on clean surgical skin wounds with only a brief mention of open and dirty wound care. Our guest is the brilliant final year medical student Samira, who will be familiar to you from Iron deficiency anaemia and Thyroidectomy complications episodes...
25/02/202217 minutes 55 seconds
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Iron Deficiency in Surgical patients

In this episode we are improving our patient's surgical outcomes by replacing their deficient Iron stores with Iron infusions. Our star guest is Samira whom you might remember from a highly popular Complications of Thyroidectomy episode. 
17/02/202216 minutes 52 seconds
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Stopping and Bridging Anticoagulation for Surgery

In this episode, Catherine and Sergei discuss an important and sometimes complex topic of stopping anticoagulants prior to surgery. We also talk about bridging anticoagulation, what it is, when and how it is done. A very handy episode for the junior doctor as well as medical student.
10/02/202217 minutes 38 seconds
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How to Succeed in the First Year of Medical School: Tips from the Co-Chairs of UNDA surgical society

In this episode we have Jett and Lauren, the co-Chairs of UNDA Surgical society talking to Wendy about what worked and what didn't in their first year of Medical school. Study tips, flashcards, Anki, study-life balance - the answers you need could well be here... A wealth of information for the new medical students!
03/02/202230 minutes 19 seconds
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Surgical Pharmacology: Prescribing Tips for New Doctors

On today's episode we discuss some tips and tricks of how to make the daunting task of prescribing medication simpler, easier and less mistake-prone. Wendy and myself are joined yet again by Catherine, a hospital pharmacist with a wealth of experience. Well worth listening to for anyone about to start their internship!
27/01/202235 minutes 59 seconds
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Surgical Discharge Planning

In this episode, the Virtual Ward Rounds team is discussing the very important topic of Discharge planning. Please join us to learn the roles of medical and allied health providers in ensuring safety of the discharged patient, as well as the resources and services available for them in the community.
20/01/202218 minutes 57 seconds
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Venous Thrombo-Embolism Prophylaxis in a Surgical Patient

For our very first episode of the 2022 we are rugby-tackling a large but very important topic of DVT prophylaxis in the perioperative setting. Our guest is Catherine, a medical student with a special talent... or two! Enjoy, subscribe and leave a comment!
14/01/202233 minutes 18 seconds