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Vibing Well with Dr. Stacy (A Functional Medicine Approach to Healing)

English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 33 episodes, 1 day 1 hour 3 minutes
Dr. Stacy, a traditional Naturopath who specializes in Functional Medicine, is answering your questions in regards to health and healing. From hormones to gut healing and everything in between - listen in as she shares stories of her own healing journey, what she sees clinically, and what she has researched to give you the most up to date answers when it comes to healing holistically.
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#033 How Nature ACTUALLY Heals and How To Start Incorporating It Into Your Daily Life!

In this episode, we chat about ALL of the things healing and nature- everything from grounding, breath work, sunshine, structured water, our body&apos;s natural rhythms, and everything in between!I also talk about ways to support and add in these modalities to your own daily rhythm, to learn how to connect with your individual needs, and so much more!If you are unclear of what needs support, functional testing can be requested here! (DUTCH tests, gut tests, etc!)Also, tuning into your individual rhythms (sleep wake, HRV, and ladies- our cycles) is SUPER helpful to do with an OURA ring so that we can collect our individual data and adjust from there! The PEMF met that I mentioned that includes red light therapy, infrared heat, and simulates the frequency of the earth is from <a href='
28/11/202359 minutes 34 seconds
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#031 Things That Keep Us Hyper-vigilant, Instant Gratification and Long Term Happiness, and How Gratitude Changes Everything

In this episode, following up from last episode, triggers and situations that keep us hyper vigilant, how to notice and bring awareness to them, and of course, how to support removing your triggers and replacing them with more successful options.I also chat about instant gratification- how it affects our happiness, motivation, and overall nervous system and stress adaptation. I talk about things that affect our neurotransmitters, like pathogens and toxicities. Testing for those can be requested here. Also, some times, limbic training can come in hand along with the other options I mentioned. These are my favorite programs for this: GUPTA  and DNRS.Next, I chat about how we can learn to promote change in our brains by simply practicing gratitude daily. I talk
10/10/202344 minutes 48 seconds
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#030 Fight or Flight, What is Happening in the Body and What is NOT Happening In This State, Also, My Thoughts On Healing Tools, Are They More Helpful Than Harmful?

In this episode, I talk about FOF, how it becomes chronic in the body, deciphering the different stages how this affects our body on a chemical level, how it interferes with the body&apos;s regulatory processes and lastly how to support pulling out of this constant state of stress. I go through what happens physically in the body in a place of sympathetic vs. parasympathetic and things that keep up in the state of constant FOF.We also discuss the emotions that define each of these stages. Secondly, I chat about healing tools, are they helping us more than they are harming us with more and more data than we know what to do with? Are we losing our intuition in the name of having these fun tools? How to incorporate them into your healing journey without causing more stress and disconnect of the mind and body. I also chat about my faves, how I use them, and when it is best for you to incorporate them into your own journey. <br/
26/09/202356 minutes 26 seconds
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#029 How Thoughts Become Things (More Importantly How They Affect Your Health and Current Situation), Why We Have To Think About Blood Sugar More Than Ever Before, and Lumen vs Nutrisense

In this episode, I discuss how important empowering it is to consider how our thoughts and our mindset affect our current situation. I speak about how these patterns become part of our &quot;program&quot; by things like repetition, emotions, and habits, and how they shape our current state or results in life.  I also chat about how important it is to realize the power of our influences, our community, and media and how they power of suggestibility shapes our thinking as well. I mentioned my brain wave podcast episode so I am linking that here. I also announced that I am hosting a live workshop to start bringing awareness to our own thought patterns, how to challenge and change them! Registration is now open (this event is live, but will be recorded and available after as well!) <a href='https://vibewellness2667.p
29/08/202353 minutes 21 seconds
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#26 My Health Journey, What I Was Labeled With VS What I Really Needed To Pull Out Of Dysfunction

In this episode, I retrace my history to all contributing factors that set me up for a lifetime of imbalances, dysfunction, and symptoms. I talk about everything from dental infections, antibiotic use, diet, emotional trauma, societal needs not being met, as well as lacking purpose, passion, and drive. All of these things and more set me up for a snowball effect of symptoms, diagnoses, and band-aids (which you will see never worked). I discuss my journey with Hashimoto&apos;s, BII, and debilitating anxiety and the testing I finally found that help me learn where I need to put my energy to heal!The testing I used along my journey can be requested here. For my stories on Thyroid, you can listen to this episode. For more on BII, you c
11/07/202355 minutes 44 seconds
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#25 Signs That You Are Healing (That Aren't Talked About), Are You Addicted To Stress?

In this episode, I discuss some hidden and maybe unpredictable signs that you are healing and maybe so motivation to hang in there- change it coming!I also talk about the stress response and how we can become biochemically addicted to it as well as negative emotions.I also talk about ways to get out of this cycle including:DNRSGUPTAAs well as testing for chemical stresses including toxins in the environment as well as pathogenic infections that can keep our bodies in a state of stress. Testing can be requested here.For more on this, follow my IG @dr.stacy.ndQuestions can be sent to vibewellpodca[email protected] you for your support and I will chat with you
27/06/202352 minutes 24 seconds
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#022 Oxalates, Migraines, and Gluten Cross Reacting Foods

In this episode, I discuss oxalates (either inborn or external sources).Oxalic acid can be found on and OAT test here, or you can request one with my interpretation here. I talk about what foods are the top offenders for oxalates, how to start removing them properly, how they are connected to ASD, and inborn errors that can contribute to their formation.We also discuss root causes of Migraines.I, of course, also like to look at gut and toxin load as these are the top offenders, supporting the liver and drainage, and avoiding inflammatory foods. Also, thinking about exposures in your home, VOCs, mold and air filtration. This is my favorite ai
02/05/202342 minutes 7 seconds
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#021 Methylation, MTHFR, and the Folic Acid Connection with Chronic Conditions

In today&apos;s episode, we chat about methylation, why it is imperative to support, how to test if you have any SNPs, (you can find that testing here.) It is important to look at toxin load, I use a Total Tox test for this. It is also super important to look at inflammation and possible gut imbalances if a nutrient imbalances. I use an OAT test for that. I also discuss Folic Acid and how it interrupts your methylation. It is imperative to support with a methylated folate, something that is bioavailable to the human body and that doesn&apos;t block important receptors (especially if you or someone you know has SNPs or symptoms of methylation errors.) Follow me for more info on IG @dr.stacy.nd for more on these issues and the labs I run on my clients! 
11/04/202344 minutes 36 seconds
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#018 Type 3 Diabetes, Eczema/Psoriais, Body Fat and What It is Telling You, and How Your Partner Affects Your Health

In this episode, I discuss Type 3 Diabetes (Neurodegenerative Diseases/Early Onset Dementia), what the risk factors are, what you can prevent, and how to start looking at your options if you are experincing or have a family history of these conditions.I talk about a CGM to measure blood sugar- this is the one I use: NutrisenseYour $25 off the first month discount can be applied at checkout with code DRSTACYND25I also talk about looking at toxin load and the heavy metal connection. Thes labs can be found here. Lastly, I talk about <a href=';utm_source=share_link&amp;utm_medium=link&amp;utm_campaign=patient_public_protocols&amp;utm_content=pub
07/02/202342 minutes 7 seconds
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#016 WEIGHT LOSS (What really needs to be considered), Re-framing New Years Goals, and Daily, Weekly, Monthly Detox Habits to Start Incorporating

In the episode, I start out with daily detox habits that we can start incorporating daily (any it really is necessary in the toxic world that we live in) For water, I use a Berkey Filter, for air- an Airdoctor , and always buying organic (and always avoiding the dirty dozen).I think everyone can start incorporating a castor oil pack daily, infrared sauna as much as you can recover from (code: DRSTACY for 10% OFF), and oil pulling with ozonated oil. I also use the <a href='
13/12/202252 minutes 8 seconds
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#014 POTS, PCOS, and Long Term Effects of Disordered Eating

In this episode, we discuss the roots causes that I see for POTS. Everything from nutrient deficiencies (which I check with an HTMA test here. Also, looking for mycotoxins which can be found here. We also discuss overactive nervous systems. I reccomend mindfullness practice as well as a limbic conditioning program like the GUPTA program or DNRS. PCOS, I discuss root causes as well. It is so important to look at phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification as well as methylation capacity when dealing with hormones imbalances. The DUTCH can be ordered here. Lastly, I speak on long term effects of eating disorders. Nutrient deficiencies, overactive nervous systems, and how to rebuild a system that has been r
08/11/202240 minutes 46 seconds
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#013 Insulin Resistance, Testing for Neurotransmitters, Peri to Post Menopause Support, and Beginner Tips for Starting A Wellness Journey

In this episode, we chat about causative factors for insulin resistance, causes like hormone disruptors  and nutrient deficiencies.We also discuss testing for these things, and those can be found here: also discuss testing for Neurotranmitters, what tests I recommend and what information those can provide.Test I prefer for Neurotransmitters hereWe discuss hormones and how you can support that transition from peri to post menopause gracefully. I also discuss running a DUTCH to check in on your specific pathways hereLastly, I discuss how to begin your journey if you are new.So of the ways to mitigate exposures such as to start looking up products here<br
25/10/202240 minutes 4 seconds
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#012 Hair Loss in Women, Root Causes of Vertigo, Anemia, and How My Diet Evolved from Plant Based

In thie episode, I discuss many factors tht affect hair loss in women. I mention testing for nutrient deficiencies. This is where I would start : HTMA and Total Toxin testing is always best when it comes to hair loss. You can also assess hormones via a DUTCH test if you have ruled out toxins/deficiencies.We also talk about Vertigo, once again talking about nutrient deficiencies, mold exposure, and even autonomic nervous system dysfunction. On top of testing, I reccomend programs like GUPTA when it comes to nervous system work. Also, the total toxin bundle assesses environmental toxins and mycotoxins.Anemia- I talk about the importance of heme iron as well as addressing parasites with a practitioner.  Looking at your mineral/nutr
11/10/202243 minutes 26 seconds
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#011 The Systemic Effects of Alcohol

In this episode, I discuss the effects of Alcohol on the body- from the mitochondria to the microbiome and everything in between.I mention looking at the gut, neurotransmitter, and mitochondrial markers via an OAT test. more info, follow me on IG @dr.stacy.ndFor questions, submit them to [email protected]
27/09/202233 minutes 30 seconds
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#010 Frequent yeast infections, signs you may have parasites, what to look at for thyroid labs, releasing trauma and more rapid fire questions!

In this episode, I skim the surface on a lot of topics you all wanted me to touch on including:-avoiding chlorine exposure-signs you may have parasites-frequent yeast infections-releasing trauma for healing-causes of malabsorption-frequent viral infections-structured waterI talk about looking at what may be affecting the thyroid when you have symptoms, I usually run a gut test and a mineral test to start. also talk about neuroplasticity when it comes to trauma and healing. This is my favorite program to use personally and for my patients, this is what I use to structure my water (as well as minerals) use code DRSTACYBARCZAKB for 15% of
13/09/202239 minutes 42 seconds
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#009 The Breast Implant Illness Episode- How do you know if you have it? How to support the body before and after and my personal journey with BII

In today&apos;s episode, I discuss BII and my personal journey with it- the struggles, the explant, the detoxing after and everything in between!I mentioned the websites I learned from so I wanted to link there here:https://www.breastimplantillness.comhttps://www.healingbreastimplantillness.comI also mentioned testing that I used and that I recommend for my BII patients to look for toxicities, deficiencies, and imbalances to support their systems before and after. doctor I used for my explant in Lousiville, KY: any other questions and more info, follow me on IG @dr.stacy.nd or email me your questions to vibe
02/08/202239 minutes 9 seconds
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#008 Why are our children so sick?

In this episode we discuss some statistics about children&apos;s health today vs the past, discuss what has changed and what has stayed the same, and discuss how we can take control of this impending epidemic and change things!I speak about running an organic acid test also take about exposures in the home we can mitigate- these are what I use in my own home:Berkey water filter;a_bid=91332cdeAir doctor air purification system;affid=1738&amp;c=vibewellnessI also spoke about Dr. Sear&apos;s Book that I found helpful when making decisions about vaccinations. <a href
05/07/202243 minutes 10 seconds
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#007 The Summer Podcast- Traveling Tips, Sunscreen, A Few of My Favorite Brands, and WFH tips

In this episode, I break down the exposures of traveling and how to support stress, sleep, and exposures when on a trip!Some of the products I mentioned from traveling are: Support Protocol;utm_source=share_link&amp;utm_medium=link&amp;utm_campaign=patient_public_protocols&amp;utm_content=public_protocol&amp;utm_term=protocolI also mentioned some of my favorite home and beauty products including:https://thrivemarket.com
21/06/202241 minutes 9 seconds
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#006 Clearing Up Cholesterol Confusion, Drainage and Why You Need To Start Supporting This, and BII Chelation for Heavy Metals.

In this episode, I clear up the confusion as to dietary recommendations and what poses the ACTUAL risk to high cholesterol. I also talk about factors that contribute, root causes, as well as diet and lifestyle changes that can help you lower cholesterol naturally.I also mention a mineral analysis test to look for signs of nutrient deficiencies, low stomach acid, and heavy metals. That test can be fond here : also discuss drainge and the role it plays in detoxification. I mention each drainage system, signs of dysfunction, as well as ways to support each system to help the body detoxify naturally.I spoke about some cellcore supports like TUDCA, KL Support, and Hydroxygen. Those can be found here:
31/05/202238 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode #005 What it ACTUALLY takes to heal your thyroid (what I did to heal mine), what I eat in a day, and what I find to be the biggest setbacks in healing.

On this episode we talk about what it ACTUALLY takes to heal the thyroid, which is SO MUCH more than just taking more synthetic thyroid.I will give you the in&apos;s and out&apos;s about what I did to get mine back into normal range as well as the length of time it took.I also speak about testing- I had an OAT test and HTMA test ran when I started my healing journey. You can find both of those here, you all wanted to know what I eat day to day, and I give you some guidelines that I follow when choosing my meals. I shoot for diversity, nutrients, protein, fiber, and I base it on my activity level that day.Lastly, I discuss what I find to hinder one&apos;s healing journey. What is takes to overcome these, and what matter most when it comes to mindset and healing.To have your question answered on the show, please email me at [email protected]<b
17/05/202246 minutes 36 seconds
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#004 All things hormones! Why hormones get out of balance, post-menopause hormones, BHRT, birth control, and how to start balancing them today!

In this episode, I discuss reasons why hormones get disrupted. We examine the root causes of this dysfunction, what it takes to start balancing them, how to support hormones post-menopause, and how I feel about taking birth control to &quot;fix&quot; your hormones. I discuss my FAVORITE test for hormones, the DUTCH test which can be found here: are a lot of factors that should be examined before starting any sort of hormone therapies, and we will discuss all of these factors!Lastly, when your practitioner tries to put you on birth control to &quot;fix&quot; your hormones, why it may work in the short term, but never fixes the root cause of the imbalance.For your questions to be answered on the show, please email me at [email protected]<
26/04/202231 minutes 12 seconds
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Mythbusting Diets, Finding the "Perfect Diet" for you, weight loss resistance and why "calories in, calories out" doesn't necessarily apply

In this episode, I discuss all things diets, what restriction actually does to the body as a system, and what SHOULD be taken into consideration when planning the &quot;diet&quot; for you!I talk about how it is always best to test the gut if a diet is brining temporary relief- there is usually more to the story. This is my favorite gut test to start with is here : talking about weight loss and weight loss resistance, I always recommend starting with a DUTCH test to actually look at hormones and how they are affecting your body to start.That test can be found here:
12/04/202250 minutes 37 seconds
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#002 Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally, What is Leaky Gut?, and What are the best sweeteners to use for pre-diabetics and the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

In this episode, we discuss some of the root causes of high blood pressure. Also, what are some things we can do today to start lowering it or our changes of getting it in the future.Functional Testing Labs: also discuss Leaky Gut, what is is , what it does to the body systemically, what are some signs we may have it as well as triggers.My favorite gut test to start with:, we discuss type 2 diabetes, what are the root causes, what we can do preventatively and what natural sweeteners are recommended. For more information on Vibe Wellness, follow me on Instagram @_vibe_wellness or visit me at To have your questions answered on the show- please email me at [email protected] you and have a wonderful day! 
08/03/202244 minutes 41 seconds