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English, Personal health, 2 seasons, 18 episodes, 11 hours, 25 minutes
The Vet Thrive Collective Podcast opens the channels of global communication and collaboration to help solve the problem of creating healthy and happy veterinary professionals. Dr Megan Alderson, a well-being advocate and practicing veterinary clinician with 30 years of lived experience, chats to the change-makers across the world advancing psychological health and safety with a toolbox of accessible well-being initiatives to help the veterinary carers so they can keep on caring.
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Caring for our carers with Jacqui O’Connor

In this episode of Vet Thrive Collective Podcast, Dr Megan interviews Jacqui O'Connor. A pioneering philanthropist and visionary system disrupter. Jacqui founded Heart Place Hospital, a charity which provides holistic healthcare for frontline healthcare and educational workers. In this episode you will learn about: Jacqui’s journey into holistic healthcare - How a health journey as a child led Jacqui to a career in healthcare. How the struggle to balance the many responsibilities of motherhood and work led her to being hit by a figurative Mac truck, prompting a deep dive into spirituality and holistic well-being practices Spirituality in healthcare - Te Whare Tapa Whā framework, the cyclical nature of humans and the healed masculine. Heart Place Hospital - a revolutionary service with the goal to reshape the healthcare system by caring for our carers. Connect with Megan:  ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠  Connect with Jacqui: ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠
7/12/202337 minutes, 14 seconds
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Prioritising human needs in your Veterinary Practice

In this episode of Vet Thrive Collective Podcast, I interview Dan Tipney, Co-founder and Training Director of Vetled, the global leader in Veterinary Human Factors. Join us as we discuss the role the field of human factors plays in success and well-being. In this episode you will learn about: How Dan’s experience as a high performance coach led to a role supporting the well being of veterinary professions.  Human factors - Hierarchy of needs, how adopting a human needs first approach to well being can create the ideal foundation for daily success. The science of sleep - The financial cost, scientific consensus on ideal sleep time and how a lack of sleep can be inebriating.  Self care in the medical professions - The systemic constraints affecting self care as well as what you can do as an individual to prioritise your well-being. The evolutionary science behind Medical Carer’s tendency to place others needs before their own and how to integrate self care into your workplace culture including H.A.L.T (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired), a well being strategy. Connect with Megan:  Connect with Dan: 
7/6/202356 minutes, 46 seconds
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Supporting pregnancy in your vet practice with Emily Yunker

Emily is a small animal clinical veterinarian and Doula specializing in supporting women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is passionate about helping veterinarians plan their postpartum experiences and advocating for better social support for mothers in the veterinary profession. "It's interesting, in the last few years since I started having babies, there almost wasn't social support, and then a few Facebook groups popped up, and they have turned into a movement" - Emily Yunker Emily Yunker has always wanted to be a vet and a mom, so it's no surprise that motherhood and veterinary medicine have always been in the picture for her. After having her third baby, a COVID baby, Emily realized that motherhood in the veterinary profession was vastly underrepresented and underappreciated. This led her to move professionally and pursue a career supporting other veterinarians through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Research indicates that 1 in 5 women experience a maternal mood disorder, and 75% of those go untreated. The leading cause of death in postpartum mothers is at their own hand, and shockingly, 14% of equine practitioners got less than two weeks off after having a baby before returning to work. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The Unique Experience of Veterinary Medicine and Motherhood: How did Emily Yunker's childhood and professional goals inform her journey to becoming a professional doula? 2. The Statistics Surrounding Maternal Mood Disorders: What are the statistics on postpartum depression and anxiety among veterinarians, and what barriers prevent people from seeking help? 3. US Versus International Postpartum Care: How does the US compare to other countries regarding postpartum care, and what are the differences in the support structures? Resources: Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
3/1/202332 minutes, 41 seconds
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Nutrition and mental wellness with Helen Duyvestyn

Mental health nurse Helen Duyvestyn is passionate about nutrition and lifestyle changes for enhancing mental illness.  " It's about setting some boundaries. But it's also very much about self care. And I really see that a lot of people talk about self care and bubble bars and manicures and things like that. But to me, self care is actually eating well and actually providing yourself with food that's really nutritious because you'll notice the difference." -Helen Duyvestyn With 20 years of experience in the field,  Helen's mission is to bring holistic mental health care to mainstream medicine. Her work emphasises the importance of boundaries, self-care and whole foods, as well as the gut-brain-access connection and the impact of ultra-processed foods and trans fats on mood. Helen is passionate about bringing these solutions to mainstream medicine. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The Impact of Diet on Mental Health: Explore the research that shows how dietary changes and supplementation can reduce depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. 2. The Role of Trans Fats: Examine how trans fat consumption affects irritability, aggression and behavior. 3. The Benefits of Eating Whole Foods: Discover how eating whole, unprocessed foods can improve overall health and mental wellbeing. Resources: Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
2/15/202332 minutes, 32 seconds
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Compassionate Leadership with Paul Ainsworth

Discover the essential leadership qualities needed to be successful in the workplace and beyond! "Leadership brings with it an obligation and hard work. It's important to be able to drive connection, empathy drives connection, and sympathy drives disconnection." Paul Ainsworth is a leader of leaders with a background in the military and experience running his own business. He has a deep love of animals and a passion for developing self-awareness and empathy in leaders to support their teams. His career began with the military, where he obtained valuable lessons in leadership. Through his experiences, he realized the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and servant leadership. He learned to create a sense of connection with others and to acknowledge their presence, skills which he brought to his own business and then to the veterinary sector. He learned the hard way that leadership comes with responsibility and hard work - but also the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. What can military training teach us about leadership and resilience? 2. What is the importance of empathy, self-awareness, and suspension of judgment in a leader? 3. How can acknowledgment and recognizing others help build collective resilience? Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
2/1/202334 minutes, 51 seconds
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Finding Financial Freedom with Nadine Higgins

In this episode, Megan sits down with Nadine Higgins, a financial advisor and former journalist. Nadine helps professionals to achieve economic well-being and break down cultural taboos, empowering them to take courage and take charge of their future through tailored advice. You will learn the following: 1. Breaking Down Financial Taboos: Uncovering how to normalize the discussion of finances and empower people with knowledge. 2. Financial Coaching: Examining how to create a resilient and financial well workforce through individual, business, and team coaching. 3. Financial Wellbeing: Exploring how to prioritize spending money on the things that improve your life and not on the things that don't. Nadine Higgins is a financial advisor and former financial journalist passionate about helping people understand and manage their finances. She is also an animal lover with a German shepherd and will soon add a feline companion to her family.
1/18/202334 minutes, 40 seconds
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Emotional Agility with Dr. Olivia Oginska

Are you ready to take Radical Responsibility & Embrace Emotional Agility to unlock your full potential? "Take radical responsibility for creating healthy teams and have the courage to learn together !" - Dr Olivia Oginska Dr. Olivia Oginska is an experienced veterinary leader and coach, passionate about helping other leaders develop their self-awareness and EQ. She is committed to creating healthy teams and empowering leaders to take radical responsibility for their development. She has dedicated her career to teaching leaders in the veterinary profession the importance of self-awareness, responsibility, and creating healthy teams. She encourages others not to be afraid of the work that needs to be done and to create a better future for their teams. She inspires many in the field and gives hope through her work. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. Discovering the power of emotional intelligence and how it can help build relationships and create a psychologically safe workplace. 2. Exploring the concept of emotional agility and how it can help us become more in charge of our life experience. 3. Understanding the importance of radical responsibility and how it can help us manage our emotions and foster healthier relationships. Resources: Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
12/22/202228 minutes, 3 seconds
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Building a healthy veterinary practice with Dr Alex Walker

Dr. Alex Walker is a veterinary surgical specialist with over 40 years of experience who is passionate about career mastery and long-term well-being for those in the veterinary profession. This episode is about the importance of having a good team around you to provide care for animals. Alex learned the importance of having a good team around you to care for animals from his mentor, Dr. Joe Bojrab. Bojrab taught that no veterinarian or veterinary professional nurse should ever feel solely responsible for a patient's care. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. How Alex Walker went from being a student at Massey University to working as a veterinary surgical specialist with over 40 years of experience. 2. How specialization in veterinary medicine is a relatively new concept and how it has evolved. 3. How the team approach to care is essential for exceptional patient care. Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
12/7/202234 minutes, 56 seconds
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Is your bucket leaking? Self care for vets with Professor Jenny Weston

How do you deal with the demands of your job? In this episode of the Vet Thrive Collective, host Megan Alderson is joined by Professor Jenny Weston to discuss ways of tackling burnout for veterinary professionals.  "I think that negative conversation dominates in social media. And now and then, you'll see a post telling me why you love your job. And many people love being a vet, and I think we need to remember that clinical practice isn't for everyone."  Jenny Weston is a professor of veterinary science at Massey University in New Zealand. She is also the academic lead for the Bachelor of Veterinary Science program, responsible for students' training, curriculum, and assessment. In her role, she also helps students struggling with personal or academic problems. Weston has been in the veterinary industry for many years and has seen the challenges and obstacles that veterinarians face in their training and careers. One of the biggest challenges is the high rate of burnout among veterinarians. In 2016, Weston was part of a group of researchers who published a study on workplace mental health in the veterinary sector. The study found that many veterinarians and support staff suffer from burnout.  In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The difference between compassion and empathy. 2. The physiology of compassion. 3. The importance of self-compassion. Other episodes you'll enjoy:  Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
11/16/202223 minutes, 1 second
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Embracing neurodiversity in your vet practice

In the fifth episode of the Vet Thrive Collective podcast, Megan is joined by one of her staff members, Alarnah Boyle.  As a newly graduated vet nurse, Alarnah is learning the ins and outs of working in a vet practice. Not only does life as a graduate challenge Alarnah, but she also lives with ADHD.  "It is diversity that brings amazing talents and innovation into both businesses and teams." Here's a breakdown of what is covered in this episode:  - what motivated Alarnah to train as a vet nurse - how ADHD and mental distress impacted her ability to study  - why acceptance and open communication is essential for diversity in your vet practice - what it's like living with ADHD. And more! Resources: Suggested Instagram: 'How to ADHD' : . Other organisations: Connect with me: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
11/2/202236 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Veterinary Profession's Fight for Survival: Shalsee Vigeant on a beastly business

"If you love animals, be the vet they deserve." "Maybe we needed to see how bad it was before we could remember how good it should be." Shalsee Vigeant is a veterinarian, speaker, and author passionate about animal welfare and the veterinary profession. She has worked in the field for over ten years and is a strong advocate for change within the profession. She recently gave a TedX Talk about the need for public education about the veterinary profession and the importance of collaboration within the profession to create a collective of solutions to its many challenges. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The importance of public education about the veterinary profession 2. The need for veterinarians to collaborate and share ideas 3. The Veterinary Visionaries program Connect with Megan: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating. 
10/19/202228 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sustainability Starts with People First with Dr Francesca Brown

Kia ora and welcome to episode three of the Vet Thrive Collective Podcast. In this episode, you'll hear from Dr. Francesca Brown, Head of Programmes & Associate Professor, Allied Veterinary Professional Education at Otago Polytechnic.  Francesca is an integral part of the Vet Thrive Program story after Megan volunteered to participate in a workplace design survey. The survey looked at what was going on in her practice and what could be done better.  The survey planted the seed for creating a health and wellness focus in Megan's practice. After seeing the change in her own staff, Megan quickly saw the potential for an accessible program for the industry. The Vet Thrive Program was born out of this idea.  During their discussion, Megan and Francesca discuss:  - How wellbeing practices lead to a sustainable workforce - How to utilize all of your staff to create a better team  - Why a multifaceted approach to workplace culture is needed.  And more!  Resources:  Follow Francesca on LinkedIn: Join the Vet Thrive Program:
10/5/202223 minutes, 40 seconds
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A Call to Life with Sonja Olson

Kia ora and welcome back to the second episode of the Vet Thrive Collective. In this episode, you'll meet Megan's sister from another mister, Dr. Sonja Olson.  Sonja is an author, veterinarian, health and wellness educator, and fitness instructor. Her latest book "Creating Wellbeing and Building Resilience in the Veterinary Profession: A Call to Life" is a call to action for the veterinary health industry.  Like many veterinary professionals, Sonja reached a crisis point before she was able to make the changes necessary to put her health and wellness front and center.  During the conversation, Megan and Sonja cover:  - Reaching crisis point in their careers - How to recover from burn-out - Why burnout doesn't need to be part of vet life And more! Subscribe to the podcast on your favourite podcast app, and don't forget to leave a review.  Resources:  Sonja's book: Recommended book: More about Dr Sonja Olson Join the Vet Thrive Program:
9/21/202226 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP 1: Well-being for Vets: the 'why' behind the Vet Thrive Collective

Kia ora, welcome to the Vet Thrive Collective podcast hosted by Dr. Megan Alderson. In this episode, you’ll meet Megan and her cousin Charlotte Hobson. Together they’ve created the Vet Thrive proactive well-being program. The Vet Thrive Collective was born out of a desire to help other vet professionals and build a community of like-minded people. After facing her own challenges with mental health Megan was motivated to find a way to enhance her well-being while managing a busy veterinary practice. During their discussion, Megan and Charlotte talk about: How Megan created the Vet Thrive Collective program How the program has helped staff well-being within her own practice Megan’s journey with mental health And more! Subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode and join the conversation on LinkedIn. In loving memory of Megan's respected colleague, thought leader, and friend Lyn Thomson who died earlier this year. She was an inspiration and leading light for many in the veterinary profession. Resources: Website: The Vet Thrive Collective brings together well-being thought leaders from around the globe to “lead us home” to a place to thrive. By providing an accessible well-being toolbox for every individual veterinary professional, veterinary workplace, and veterinary organization the possibility of living a healthy, happy, and sustainable work life was the goal.
8/29/202223 minutes, 49 seconds