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Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

English, Religion, 5 seasons, 133 episodes, 2 days 23 hours 32 minutes
The Verity podcast is hosted by author, speaker and public theologian Phylicia Masonheimer. Covering topics of faith and culture from a biblical perspective, through a historical lens, the podcast is designed to inspire you to ask better questions, go deeper in faith, and defend your beliefs with both grace and logic.
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126 | Identifying a Counterfeit Gospel

The early church faced a lot of heresies in their first 500 years. Arianism, Gnosticism, and Docetism threatened the church's teaching and forced them to refine their teaching to match the gospel. In this episode, you'll journey through three major creeds and five major councils!
29/11/202343 minutes 32 seconds
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125 | The World of the Early Church

Dive into the history of the church as we look at the culture, governments, historical events and social shifts that shaped its first 500 years!   The parallels between the church of the second and third centuries and the global church today give us a glimpse of how we can live as Christians of conviction in a pagan world.
22/11/20231 hour 4 minutes
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124 | You Were Born Into a Story

We are starting a new series this week! After a break to rest and study, Phylicia is back with a new church history series. In this introduction episode she discusses why we need history, specifically church history, and how studying it impacts our present day lives.
15/11/202318 minutes 40 seconds
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123 | AMA from Verity Conference 2023 (CORRECTED)

In this week's special edition episode, we have the Ask Anything LIVE panel from Verity Conference 2023 featuring Joel Muddamalle, Lisa Whittle, and Phylicia Masonheimer emceed by Johnny Whitcomb. Listen in as they answer questions like How do you establish appropriate boundaries? What is the best way to train up theologically sound leaders? And even find out Phylicia's take on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.  Stay up to date for the release of the entire Verity Conference session recordings and listen at your own pace by joining our email community at Special thanks to our sponsors Logos, Compassion, Viable Options, Samaritan's Purse, Dwell Differently, Crossway, the Old Testament Handbook by CSB Bibl
08/11/202359 minutes 53 seconds
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122 | Levitical Purification After Childbirth

In this episode Phylicia breaks down the Levitical laws about purification after childbirth and answers the hard question of whether boys and girls were equal to God.
13/09/202319 minutes 33 seconds
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121 | Supplication in Prayer

In the final episode of our mini-series on prayer, we discuss prayer requests! How do we entrust our requests to God? What do we do when he doesn't answer, and do God's answers rely on our faith?
23/08/202313 minutes 59 seconds
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120 | Thanking God in Prayer

Continuing our mini-series on prayer, this episode teaches why thanksgiving is an essential part of our prayer life and how to thank God when our life circumstances aren't what we hoped or dreamed.
16/08/202313 minutes 21 seconds
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119 | Confessing to God in Prayer

What does confession look like in prayer? Rather than list out all we've done wrong or rack our brains for sins, confession is the grace of relationship. In this short episode Phylicia breaks down how to confess to God and why it's so important to a Spirit-led life. Biblical repentance:
09/08/20238 minutes 35 seconds
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118 | Adoring God in Prayer

In this mini-series on prayer for the month of August, you'll learn how to pray in unique ways. We begin the series with adoration: adoring God through thanksgiving and praise. Phylicia talks about how to do this with Scripture and some practical tips for implementing daily. For more on spiritual disciplines, join Phylicia's newsletter here:
02/08/202311 minutes 54 seconds
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117 | Why Pray if God is Sovereign?

After a short break Verity Podcast is beginning a mini-series on prayer! We begin with the big question: If God knows everything, why should we pray? Prayer is for communion, for transformation and for opportunity to partner with God. Learn why we pray and how to start.
19/07/202340 minutes 23 seconds
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116 | What is Biblical Prophecy?

In this episode Phylicia breaks down biblical prophecy: What is it? How do we identify it? How does it go astray and how do we discern a biblical prophetic word from a false one? We will look at modern false prophecy in the world (psychics) and in the church (false teachers) and the process Jesus gave for handling such people.
29/06/202345 minutes 57 seconds
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115 | Desperate for God: My Testimony

Phylicia's personal testimony has been shared in pieces via blog posts and social media, but never in one place. This week Phylicia shares her story of pornography addiction, theological wrestling, chronic illness and loss, and how the circumstances of the last decade have strengthened her faith to do what Every Woman a Theologian does today.
21/06/20231 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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114 | Reconstructing After Legalism

In light of the Amazon hit series Shiny Happy People, this week's episode is about deconstructing legalism - and how to rebuild your faith when it all feels so messy. We look at progressive and conservative fundamentalism, why "check list" holiness is so deceitful and how to find true freedom on the other side. For the email series on SHP, sign up for Phylicia's newsletter</
15/06/202356 minutes 30 seconds
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113 | Should Christians Boycott Secular Companies?

In this episode Phylicia discusses whether Christians should boycott Target or other secular companies when their values differ from the Christian worldview. We look at a history of pagan marketplaces and 1 Corinthians 8 to answer the question!
07/06/202352 minutes 17 seconds
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112 | Navigating Theological Differences in Dating

It's not easy out here in these dating streets! How do you ask good theological questions of a potential date? When do you give grace for differences and when you do draw the line? We talk about all this and more in this episode plus answer some listener questions on Christian Dating. Resources:  How Relationships Have Changed with Dating Apps 44 Questions to Ask Before Getting Engaged <a href= ",or%20a%20mixture%20of%20both.&text=The%20first%20use%20of%20
31/05/202347 minutes 42 seconds
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111 | Does God Give Consequences to His Children?

After receiving multiple questions about consequences in parenting (and asking them herself) Phylicia dove into Scripture to see what it said about consequences, condemnation and punishment. Are they the same? Different? If different, how?   This episode looks at the Old and New Testaments for guidance on how God disciplines His own kids, which can in turn guide how we discipline ours.
17/05/202348 minutes 4 seconds
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110 | How to Take a Shallow Bible Study Deeper

After last week's episode about women teaching theology, a lot of questions came in about "shallow", pink fluff bible study settings. How do we take them deeper? Is it possible? In this episode Phylicia shares some practical ways you can take a "social hour" bible study session to something with real meat. 
10/05/202333 minutes 17 seconds
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109 | Can Women Teach Theology to Other Women?

In this episode Phylicia confronts a question that caused a tizzy on the internet: Can women teach theology to other women?   We look at The definition of theology Whether men are the transmitters of spiritual authority What Scripture says about women prophesying How to teach theology in a healthy and biblical way
03/05/202344 minutes 14 seconds
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108 | What is the Prosperity Gospel?

How do I identify prosperity gospel, and what does it mean? This episode breaks down the true gospel v. the one presented by the "word of faith" movement, discussing how this theology misinterprets key passages of Scripture and how we can discern through it. 
12/04/202337 minutes 29 seconds
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107 | How Not to Be A Christian Bully

Phylicia discusses why Christians who are into theology can become so "mean" by looking at the call to both sound teaching and gracious delivery. We look at the three tiers of doctrine, the goal of maturity, and how to understand denominational differences. This episode is based on the last chapter of Every Woman a Theologian. 
05/04/202320 minutes 40 seconds
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106 | How Do I Know I Am Truly Saved?

In this episode Phylicia looks at the three primary doctrinal stances on assurance of salvation, the primary texts regarding our eternal security, and then walks listeners through HOW to walk in true confidence that you are saved rather than doubt and chaos. Passages: John 3, 1 John 5, 1 John 1:9, John 15:8
29/03/202343 minutes 2 seconds
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105 | Ten Ways to Integrate Prayer Into Your Day

Struggle with prayer? This episode is for you! Phylicia shares ten practical ways we can integrate prayer into our daily lives. She also discusses the need to pray specifically and why prayer is not a formula to move God's hand.   Verses: 1 Thess. 5:16-18 Romans 8:26 Phil. 4
22/03/202328 minutes 4 seconds
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104 | Bible Study for Your Learning Style

In this short episode, Phy discusses how to customize bible study to your unique learning style and find ways to make the Word a priority for your personality. More on this topic can be found in Ep. 93: How to Succeed at a Bible Reading Plan. Learning Style Quiz Bible in a Year Highlighters   URLS: Learning Style Quiz: Bible in a Year Highlighters:  
15/03/202321 minutes 53 seconds
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BONUS | A Conversation About the Holy Spirit with Matt Jacobson

This bonus episode may sound a little different because it is a conversation that Phylicia had with Matthew Jacobson live on Instagram. To watch this interview (and others) head over to Phylicia's instagram channel: @PhyliciaMasonheimer Can I Really Say No to Sin? // The Every Woman a Theologian LAUNCH Series talks about sanctification and the Spirit with @faithfulman 👏🏼   This one is FULL of amazing truth. We talk about: how our identity changes in Christ why temptation has no real power over us why we are responsible to dress ourselves for battle how to obey the Spirit why “sinner saved by grace” isn’t a truly biblical view of our identity in Christ - and more!
10/03/202345 minutes 20 seconds
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103 | Does the Bible Condemn Tattoos?

In this episode Phylicia discusses Leviticus 19:28 and how to interpret tough passages in Leviticus in light of today's culture. You can watch the video breakdown of this topic on her Instagram highlight, Leviticus, and grab the book Every Woman a Theologian on Christianbook, Amazon, or Target!
08/03/202318 minutes 32 seconds
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BONUS | Every Woman a Theologian Preview | Chapter 5

Get your copy of Every Woman a Theologian today!     Every Woman A Theologian book:
03/03/202314 minutes 43 seconds
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BONUS | Every Woman a Theologian Preview | Chapter 6

Every Woman a Theologian is launching soon! Pre-order your copy today!   Every Woman A Theologian book:
24/02/202313 minutes 49 seconds
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102 | End Times Hope v. End Times Fear

Many Christians suffer intense fear and anxiety over the end times. But Revelation is a book of hope and victory - so where does this come from? In this episode we talk about persecution, God's wrath, and why God's loving justice and call to endurance should encourage all of us to view the end times with hope. From Chapter Nine of Every Woman a Theologian, available for preorder now! Every Woman A Theologian book:
22/02/202326 minutes 35 seconds
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BONUS | Every Woman a Theologian Preview | Chapter 2

Every Woman a Theologian is launching soon! Pre-order your copy today!   Every Woman A Theologian book:
18/02/202313 minutes 2 seconds
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101 | Why Bother With the Church?

What did Jesus intend when He founded the church? Is American Christianity "it"? In this episode Phylicia breaks down chapter seven of Every Woman a Theologian and how the church in Acts functioned - and how that translates to today. We also touch on the need for both reformation and revival and how our relationships with other Christians are a pivotal part of our witness.
15/02/202324 minutes 24 seconds
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100 | The Holy Spirit for Dummies

Our listeners aren't dummies - but sometimes we need a super simple, practical, manual for understanding theological things! That's what today's episode is about: Pneumatology, or the theology of the Holy Spirit, and how He impacts our daily life. If you grew up in a church that never talked about Him or in a church that only talked about His gifts, this episode is for you! Learning how to listen to His leading, bear His fruit, and most of all be a witness for Christ.   Liv Dooley's Interview with Phylicia:   Preorder Every Woman a Theologian: <a href= "" target="_blank" r
08/02/202336 minutes 3 seconds
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099 | Is God Choosing Who Will Be Saved?

In this episode Phylicia discusses soteriology - the perspectives on salvation within Christianity. We talk about what it means to be "justified", why changed identity is central to salvation, and the four major viewpoints about being saved. Is God choosing who is saved, or can we respond to God? We'll learn a little about both sides and also discuss the origin and importance of denominations.
01/02/202348 minutes 16 seconds
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098 | Did Jesus Really Claim to Be God?

In this episode of the systematic theology mini-series, Phylicia looks at christology. Why does it matter that Jesus is human AND divine? Did He exist before He came to earth, and if so why? Did Jesus make a claim to be God or was that made up by His disciples? All these and more anwered in this episode of the Every Woman a Theologian launch series!   This episode is based on chapter four of the book. Preorder here and grab you free bonuses!
25/01/202333 minutes 20 seconds
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097 | Did God Set Humans Up to Fail

In this episode based on chapter 3 of Every Woman a Theologian, we look at cosmology, anthropology and hamartiology: theologies of the universe, humanity and sin. You'll learn about the actual nature of the serpent in the Garden, why humanity had to be free to sin, what would happen if God did not permit evil, and how this impacts your daily life!   Books mentioned: The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis If God Why Evil by Norman Geisler Every Woman a Theologian by Phylicia Masonheimer
18/01/202340 minutes 13 seconds
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096 | The Mean Old Testament God

In the second episode of this mini-series on systematic theology, Phylicia digs into the "mean" Old Testament God and why we need a biblical view of *both* God's love and holiness to understand salvation through Christ. We talk about God's wrath, the redefining of love, and how God's holiness in the OT is what makes Him trustworthy today.   Based on Chapter Two of Every Woman a Theologian, available for preorder here:
12/01/202337 minutes 15 seconds
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095 | How Do I Know I'm Interpreting the Bible Correctly?

In this first episode of a mini-series on systematic theology, Phylicia discusses why we need theology, what to do if you think it's "boring", and how NOT checking our theology impacts our lives. Then we begin a deep dive into a reader question about biblical interpretation and theology of the Bible.   This episode covers the topics in the intro and chapter one of Phylicia's new book, Every Woman a Theologian: Know What You Believe, Live It Confidently, Communicate It Graciously: available for preorder 1/9!
04/01/202334 minutes 21 seconds
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094 | How to Read the Whole Bible in 2023!

In this special episode we're sharing a brand NEW opportunity to read the entire bible chronologically in 2023! You'll join Phylicia and the Every Woman a Theologian community to read through the whole Bible in the new year. You'll get resources and accountability to help you do it for $15/month. Registration opened 12/26!   CLICK HERE and join us now! **** (URL for Poscast Apps with Non-Clickable links)
26/12/20227 minutes 5 seconds
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093 | How to Succeed at a Bible Reading Plan

Ever started a Bible reading plan only to give up in Leviticus? We've all done it! In this episode you'll learn why consistent exposure to the Word of God is so important and get a look at five reading plan options to help you do this. Phylicia also discusses the often overlooked hack of using your learning style - auditory, visual or kinesthetic - to help you engage with the Word.    Blog post:   
21/12/202235 minutes 42 seconds
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092 | What is Biblical Repentance?

In this episode we look at Scripture's definition of repentance and Berkhof's threefold approach of intellect, emotions and will in the repentance process. Phy also answers five questions about repentance:  how to know your repentance is genuine what to do if you repent, then sin again in the same way whether we need to repent of ignorant sins and more.   Mentioned in this episode: Milton Vincent's The Gospel Primer Berkhof's Systematic Theology
14/12/202251 minutes 58 seconds
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091 | Can God Satisfy My Heart?

Can God truly satisfy? In this episode Phylicia talks about envy, discontent, and why the desire for satisfaction transcends our life stage. You'll learn why the affection of God frees us to live as satisfied people even when our circumstances haven't changed.
07/12/202223 minutes 17 seconds
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090 | Discerning Christmas

Is Christmas a pagan holiday? What about Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and the advent of... Advent? Get answers to all these questions in this episode, which is an excerpt from the new holiday guide, Seasonal Celebrations.    Grab Seasonal Celebrations in print or ebook here: 
30/11/202217 minutes 20 seconds
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089 | Phylicia's Advent Recommendations

In this episode Phylicia shares five Advent devotionals and a few Advent and Christmas picture books just in time for your Black Friday shopping spree!    Grab Seasonal Celebrations here:  <
23/11/202220 minutes 49 seconds
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088 | How to Find Freedom from Legalism

In this episode Phylicia breaks down the importance of laying aside legalism while also sharing her own journey. She also explores how legalism can come from places you may not expect.
17/11/202220 minutes 44 seconds
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087 | Panel Discussion from the 2022 Verity Conference

This week's episode is the audio from the Verity Conference 2022 Q/A Panel with Phylicia Masonheimer, Pricelis Perreaux-Dominguez, and Jeremy Jenkins. Next year's conference will be in October 2022 in Petoskey, Michigan! Recordings of the full conference will be available for sale on
09/11/20221 hour 7 minutes 4 seconds
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086 | The Ultimate Church History Book List

At long last Phylicia compiled ALL her favorite church history books into a massive book list - for adults and kids! From Butler's Lives of the Saints to Foxes Book of Martyrs and everything in between, you'll find a book that fits your Christian history interests and reading style. Links to books will be in shownotes soon!
02/11/202238 minutes 5 seconds
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085 | Why We Need to Pray (and How to Do It!)

In this episode, we look at what Scripture says about prayer, why it is essential to Christian life, and how to begin cultivating a persevering practice of prayer.
26/10/202245 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

084 | How to Walk by the Spirit

Galatians 5 tells us to walk by the Spirit - but what does that look like practically? And why do we need to do it? This episode is a quick dive into pneumatology and why the Christian life is absolutely dependent on our relationship to the Spirit and His work.
19/10/202235 minutes 9 seconds
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083 | What I Read This Year

Who doesn't love a good book recommendation?? In this episode Phy shares the highlights of her book list from 2022, including theology, nonfiction and fiction reads. Theological Books If You Will Ask <a href= "
12/10/202228 minutes 51 seconds
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082 | Discerning Theology in Worship Music

How do we know if what we're singing to God is truthful and good? In this episode, Phy explains the regulative v. normative principle of worship and breaks down four popular hymns/worship songs, comparing them to Scripture.
05/10/202236 minutes 52 seconds
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081 | Discerning Halloween

Every fall the posts and hot takes are flying: Should Christians celebrate Halloween? In this episode, Phy breaks down the history of Samhain and All Hallowed's Eve, then discusses how to discern the celebration of this holiday and the options of imitation, abstention, or redemption. She also discusses magic in books and movies.
28/09/202247 minutes 38 seconds
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080 | Five Christian Creeds

The early church fought to defend the core doctrines of Christianity, and one of the ways they did this was through the creeds!These statements of faith have been handed down over centuries. Learn how these creeds impact us and what we can learn from the early church.
22/09/202229 minutes 13 seconds
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079 | How to Hear God’s Voice

In this episode we look at how Scripture describes God's voice and how to hear Him in prayer. We discuss the Spirit's role in speaking, how to check a voice against God's word, and how God's nearness invites us to listen.
14/09/202222 minutes 6 seconds
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078 | My Favorite Children's Books & Bibles

Who doesn't love a book recommendation? A new monthly episode of book recs is coming to Verity and we're starting with children's faith based books and bibles! Phy shares her top seven books for discipling her own kids, ages 2, 5, and 7. --Books-- The Jesus Storybook Bible The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible The Bi
31/08/202217 minutes 8 seconds
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077 | How to Choose a Church

What do you look for in a church when moving, switching to a new gathering, or visiting for the first time? This episode breaks down just a few things to keep in mind and questions to ask during the church hunt process! 
24/08/202224 minutes 52 seconds
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076 | Does God Forgive Sexual Sin?

Sexual addiction is more common than many of us realize. And in the wake of purity culture, many Christians don't know how to think well about sex and sexual sin. In this episode, Phy breaks down why sexuality deserves honor and the hope we have when we've fallen short.
17/08/202233 minutes 3 seconds
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075 | Building a Sustainable Bible Study Routine

Is your quiet time with God sustainable for your season? In this episode Phylicia talks about creating a time with God that is flexible for your lifestyle and life stage. 
10/08/202219 minutes 14 seconds
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074 | Five Views of Communion

Why do churches practice communion so differently, and how do we understand these differences? Dive into the history of the Eucharist in this high-level overview of the denominational differences surrounding communion.  
03/08/202221 minutes 9 seconds
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073 | Rapid Fire Theology Q/A

In this quick Q/A episode Phylicia discusses whether sin causes sickness, why Jesus' physical body mattered to the early church, whether non-pastors should baptize, and how to choose a bible translation.
16/03/202221 minutes 11 seconds
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072 | Five Views of Creation

In this episode Phylicia breaks down five views of the creation narrative and how God made the world: young earth creationism, literary framework, gap theory, old earth creationism and theistic evolution. Show notes are on the blog!
09/03/202226 minutes 52 seconds
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071 | Is it a Sin to Drink Alcohol?

In this episode Phylicia breaks down the Old and New Testament history of wine, it symbolism in Jewish literature, and the contrast of being filled with alcohol versus being filled with the Spirit. 
16/02/202224 minutes 2 seconds
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070 | Who Was Saint Valentine?

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we're talking about the day's namesake this week! Who was Valentine? What did he do? You'll learn why Valentine's Day is not just about flowers and chocolates and why it can inspire you to outreach this February.    Free Valentine Celebration Guide URL to the Valentine Celebration Guide: 
09/02/20229 minutes 34 seconds
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069 | How Did the Sabbath Become Sunday Worship?

Do Christians celebrate Sabbath? How did we change from a Saturday to Sunday day of worship? In this short episode we look at a few passage describing the heart of Sabbath, what Jesus does as the fulfillment of it, and a little history of the switch from Saturday to Sunday.
02/02/202235 minutes 41 seconds
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068 | Should Christian Women Watch Redeeming Love?

As the new Redeeming Love movie comes out January 21st, Phylicia talks through three theological cautions for Christians watching the movie and reading the book, as well as seven questions to ask before recommending it to others.   She also reads the testimonials of young women who share their stories of sexual addiction sparked by the Christian romance novel industry.
19/01/202250 minutes 48 seconds
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067 | Building a Healthy Marriage: On Growth

In the final episode of the marriage series Josh and Phy talk about growth as a couple: how they vision cast for the future, practical steps for getting on the same page of growth - including Sunday night planning and goal setting getaways - and what to do when your spouse isn't growing the way you wish.
29/12/202132 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

066 | Building a Healthy Marriage: On Common Interests

What do you do when your spouse doesn't share any of your favorite leisure activities, music, or hobbies?   Josh and Phy are very familiar with this problem! In this episode they discuss how Phil. 2:4 informs our view of hobbies in marriage, how to communicate about activities, and how to grow together in having fun. They also discuss the impact of video games on marriage and how to communicate about them. 
22/12/202130 minutes 38 seconds
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065 | Marriage Episode 10: On Friendships

Making friends as a married couple can be hard.     You don't always get along with your spouse's friends, you struggle to form community yourself, or you don't make time for meeting up with other couples.   In this episode of the Honest Marriage series, Josh and Phy talk about making friends of the same sex, forming relationships with other couples, and how to cultivate friendships in marriage after kids.   
15/12/202131 minutes 1 second
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064 | Marriage Episode 9: On Flirtation

It's launch week!!   In honor of The Flirtation Experiment launch on December 7th Josh and Phy revisit the original "experiment" Phy did and how Josh felt about it.   We briefly discuss Phy's reasoning for the experiment, pursuit and confidence for wives, and love languages. The book is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Christianbook and more. 
08/12/202120 minutes 2 seconds
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063 | Marriage Episode 8: On Church

How does a couple choose a church? How do you serve when you're so busy? In this episode Josh and Phy talk about their own journey of finding and serving in church, how to choose one wisely, and the important role the body of Christ plays in your marriage.
24/11/202131 minutes 16 seconds
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062 | Marriage Episode 7: On Transitions

In this episode Josh and Phy share a more personal look at our own marriage story and the succession of transitions we've been through: Unpredictable job schedules Job loss Financial setbacks Disease Surgery and more. We talk about what we learned through the hardest years of our marriage and how God guides us through difficult transitions.
17/11/202126 minutes 48 seconds
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061 | Marriage Episode 6: On Parenting

How do we talk through division of labor in the home? How does parenting change marriage, and what can we do to protect our marriages when kids come along?     Josh and Phy talk through the practical answers to these questions and more in the sixth episode of the Honest Marriage series. 
10/11/202139 minutes 43 seconds
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060 | Marriage Episode 5: On Pregnancy and Postpartum

In this episode Josh and Phy discuss how husbands and wives can be considerate of one another during pregnancy and postpartum seasons, why birthing classes helped Josh have compassion, and a little discussion of sex after babies! 
03/11/202131 minutes 53 seconds
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059 | Marriage Episode 4: On Fighting Well

How do we communicate well when emotions are running high?   Phy and Josh discuss their history of dysfunctional communication and cycles of fighting, and how addressing the underlying emotions helped them reach peace.   They also talk about the benefits of marriage counseling and why counseling isn't just for crisis situations.
27/10/202130 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

058 | Marriage Episode 3: On Sexual Sin

In this episode Josh and Phy discuss Ephesians 5 again in light of sexual immorality. They share their own testimonies of sexual sin, how they have overcome these struggles, and what boundaries are in place to walk in holiness. Sexuality resources are in the show notes on the blog.
20/10/202135 minutes 55 seconds
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057 | Marriage Episode 2: On Gender Roles

In this episode of the Honest Marriage series Josh and Phy look at Ephesians 5 and discuss how this controversial passage has played out in their own marriage. We also discuss "spiritual leadership" and what it's like for Josh to be married to a Bible teacher.
13/10/202132 minutes
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055 | The Trinity, Modalism, and ESS

In this episode we look at the importance of the Trinity to Christianity and why this doctrine is fundamental to our understanding of the gospel.   We touch on some church history (the Nicene creed and early church fathers) then look at two errant teachings of the Trinity: modalism and eternal subordination of the Son.
25/08/202135 minutes 51 seconds
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054 | Two Views on Tithing

Should Christians tithe? Why or why not? We explore the biblical proofs for tithing and how different groups of Christians interpret it, including how Josh and Phy have viewed giving from their days as college students to today. Further reading in blog show notes.
11/08/202126 minutes 28 seconds
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053 | The Biblical Case for Fasting (and How to Start)

Have you ever wondered why Christians fast?   We have a rich collection of examples in the bible and church history, but we don't always discuss why they were fasting in the first place!   Learn the reasons to fast and how to do so in this short episode.   Show notes on the blog.
04/08/202120 minutes 13 seconds
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052 | Seven Views of the Atonement

How did Jesus accomplish salvation on the cross? What was the purpose? Scholars have attempted to answer these and other questions about the power of atonement over the course of church history, and we're looking at a few of their conclusions in this episode. We cover ransom, Christus Victor, satisfaction, government, penal substitution, scapegoat, and moral influence theories. Sources on the blog!
28/07/202144 minutes 34 seconds
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051 | Ask Anything Q&A | Part 2

In this quick question and answer episode Phy chats through Sabbath, sharing the gospel with kids, prayer at mealtimes, women pastors and Marvel movie marathons.
23/06/202119 minutes 50 seconds
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050 | Is Contemplative Prayer Biblical?

In this episode we discuss the contemplative tradition: where it came from, who the main players are, and whether spiritual disciplines like the Lectio Divina should be standard Christian practice. More links will be in show notes on the blog. ----Mentioned In This Episode---- New Age practices to be aware of: <a style= "font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', Roboto, Oxygen, Ubuntu, Cantarell, 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif;" href= "" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl= "
16/06/202135 minutes 27 seconds
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049 | How to Discern Core Doctrine

My much-requested discernment classes have come to the podcast - in shortened form! In this episode we walk through how to identify core doctrine v. secondary/freedom issues using Alberty Mohler's theological triage method. We also discuss how to identify theological bias by looking at endorsers, terms and other hacks. So much packed into this episode!   Theological Triage:
09/06/202139 minutes 38 seconds
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048 | What is Dispensationalism

If you've ever been confused by the word "dispensational", you are not alone. It's a long word with a complicated explanation! In this episode of Verity we break down the history of dispensational thought, what it means, how it shaped history, and where you see it today.   John Nelson Darby:   A Chart of Dispensations:   Dispensationalism overview:   Non-Dispensationalism: TheosU Town Hall on Christianity and Israel
02/06/202124 minutes 44 seconds
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047 | Four Views of Baptism

What's the difference between infant baptism and creedal, or believers' baptism? We explore that in this episode! We talk about some of the sub-groups within these two views of baptism as well as the biblical basis for each. At the end, a quick discussion of the Jewish mikvah and how that influences our modern understanding of the sacrament.   Lutheran Views: Reformed Baptist Views: Six Views of Baptism: Craig Blomberg on Baptism: Messianic View of Mikvah and Baptism: Catholic View:
26/05/202140 minutes 4 seconds
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046 | Mariology: Understanding the Theotokos

Mariology is an often overlooked portion of Christian theology: the study of the doctrine of Mary, Mother of Jesus. In Protestant circles there can be some hesitancy to even engage with this doctrine, which can make for difficult conversations with Catholic friends. This episode breaks down some of the basics of Mariology, where they are found in the Bible, and what Luther actually believed about her.   Hail Mary in the Bible: Martin Luther and the Queen of Heaven: What Catholics Really Believe by Ignatius Press   Problems with Biblical Mariology:
19/05/202131 minutes 16 seconds
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BONUS: Fruitful Gospel Conversations about Race with Charaia Calabrass

Fruitful, Gospel Conversations about Race Join Charaia Callabrass as we discuss understanding Black culture, CRT, how to navigate triggering terms for conservatives, and whether “just preach the gospel” is the best response to the issue of racism. Audio note: This episode was originally recorded on Instagram Live.
16/04/202144 minutes 23 seconds
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045 | Ask Anything Q&A

In this episode we do a rapid fire Q&A through your questions from Instagram's Ask Anything Monday! Thanks so much for submitting them. We discuss: my shopping fast, charismatic gifts and the New Age, and more.
14/04/202132 minutes 13 seconds
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BONUS: Same Sex Attraction with Brenna Blain

Brenna Blain joins Phylicia to share her personal testimony of same sex attraction and how her faith in Christ interacts with it. We talk about how Christians can love and live well with SSA friends and family, how to respond to those who think acknowledging SSA means you don’t think Christ sanctifies/saves, and “hate the sin love the sinner”.
09/04/202136 minutes 58 seconds
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044 | Is Easter Pagan?

Is Easter actually a pagan holiday? If not, what about bunnies and eggs? This episode is an adventure through church history as we look at where Easter comes from, how it got its name, and how it was celebrated over the centuries. We also touch on Christian Passovers and the resource guide if you want to study further.
07/04/202132 minutes 2 seconds
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043 | Cessationism v. Continuationism

What's the down low on spiritual gifts? In this episode we do a high level view of the two primary views on the topic: cessationism and continuationism. We talk about the main proof texts for these views, some of the implications and the dangers, and why 1 Cor 13 is the guiding principle through it all. 
31/03/202131 minutes 11 seconds
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BONUS: Grace with Amy Ford

Join Amy Ford from Embrace Grace as we talk about supporting moms through unplanned pregnancies, changing the shame culture surrounding these pregnancies, and walking with women as they embrace God’s grace
26/03/202140 minutes 24 seconds
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042 | Four Views of the End Times

In this episode we look at four eschatological viewpoints: historical premillennialism, postmillenialism, amillennialism, and dispensationalist premillennialism. We look at a little of the history behind these views, their implications, and why Left Behind can't be our lens for understanding final things!
24/03/202130 minutes 23 seconds
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041 | Theology of Worship with Alana Nelson

Much requested!! In this interview with Wheaton College guest lecturer Alana Nelson we discuss the history of theology and music in the church, how to discern through worship, and what our heart posture should be as we approach the Lord.
10/03/202150 minutes 4 seconds
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040 | Calvinism and Arminianism: An Overview

What's a Calvinist? And what on earth is an Arminian? In this episode, you'll find out! With a quick overview of church history and the key players in this theological discussion, we lay the foundation for the different doctrines inherent to these two Christian views. Learn a little more about both, decide where you stand, and remember to show grace in your conversations with the other side!
03/03/202134 minutes 23 seconds
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039 | Discernment v. Critical Spirit: What's the Difference?

Looking at 1 John 4 and testing the spirits, we discuss a reader question about discernment, discernment "ministries", and how to discern biblically without giving into a fault-finding, judgmental spirit. 
24/02/202117 minutes 40 seconds
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BONUS: Mike Winger Interview: NAR and the Passion

I was thrilled to have Mike Winger of BibleThinker on to discuss charismatic theology, new apostolic reformation and the Passion Translation.
20/01/202133 minutes 51 seconds
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030 | Women's Issues: Marriage

In this episode we discuss the hot topics of marriage for women: Complementarian versus egalitarian, what submission really is, if women are more “easily deceived”, and more. 
28/10/202042 minutes 13 seconds
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029 | Women's Issues: Singleness

Is singleness a second class status? Why does the church treat singles like they're in a holding pattern? What does the Bible say about sexual desire, masturbation, and the value of unmarried life? We delve into all these questions and more in this episode of the Women's Issues series.   Resources mentioned:  Sam Allberry Lore Wilbert Nancy Demoss Wolgemot
21/10/202053 minutes 51 seconds
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028 | Women's Issues: Motherhood Culture

In this episode we dive into the mommy wars: the toxic culture surrounding motherhood and its decisions. Specifically, this episode deals with asceticism and our view of suffering in motherhood. How does God sustain us in this season? Why do we act as if certain decisions are "holier" than others? Audio taken from IGTV video on Phylicia's Instagram.
14/10/202039 minutes 33 seconds
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027 | Women's Issues: Breastfeeding

In this episode of our women’s issues series, we talk about the Scriptural approach to breastfeeding, but more so, how the gospel dismantles the mommy wars over this sensitive and often shame-filled issue. This topic is explored further in the Motherhood episode coming next. 
07/10/202042 minutes 38 seconds
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026 | Women's Issues: Body and Sex

Plato's concept of dualism influences the church even today - without us knowing. How many of us see our bodies as "bad", souls as "good"? In this episode we break down why this view of the body not only isn't biblical, it wasn't exemplified by Christ!   Mentioned in this episode:   Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey:   After Class Podcast series on sex:   My Jewish Learning on the body:
30/09/202036 minutes 11 seconds
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025 | Women's Issues: Reframing Pregnancy and Birth

In this first episode of the women's issues series, Phylicia does a quick overview of our flawed understanding of Genesis 3 and how it impacts Christian discussions of fertility and birth. 
23/09/202034 minutes 22 seconds
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024 | Season 3 Announcement

Announcing the upcoming season containing a series of episodes on one of my most asked about topics.
16/09/20203 minutes 3 seconds
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023 | John Crist, Repentance, and Restoration

Originally an IGTV interview, Phylicia talks with Ayanna Mathis about the nature of repentance, grace, and why restoration to the church is not restoration to a position. Touches on abuse, cover ups, and how the church can better care for its own by adhering to biblical view of repentance.
09/09/202057 minutes 11 seconds
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022 | Racism and the Western Church

Phylicia and pastors of Grace Innovation Church in London, UK, Emmanuel and Samantha Danso, talk through some of the most common questions regarding racism, Christianity, social marxism, and how believers can honor the image of God in others.
02/09/202055 minutes 53 seconds
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002 | Cultivating a Lasting Community | Theology AMA

The reality is faith in the living God has always been communal. When we understand that and begin to embrace it, we begin to grasp the importance of community as Christians.
04/02/202028 minutes 44 seconds
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001 | Why The Instagram Bible Won't Free You | Theology AMA

We know that the Word of God is the Power of God. It transforms us. It strengthens us. It shows us who God is and how He interacts with man. It's how the Holy Spirit speaks to us primarily.
03/02/202026 minutes 41 seconds