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Vegan prenatal dietitian, Maya Bach, is sharing her wisdom and redefining vegan pregnancy. Along with like-minded women and healthcare experts, The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast is empowering women & creating conversations about veganism, pregnancy, nutrition, and everything in between. When well-planned, you can have a healthy vegan pregnancy AND have a healthy vegan baby! Concerned about getting enough iron during your vegan pregnancy? Struggling to eat more protein while battling nausea? Maya answers your questions with evidence-based nutrition information to help you debunk vegan pregnancy myths, understand what your vegan baby needs & what to avoid, and how to navigate food aversions & cravings as a vegan mom-to-be. With simple swaps & practical solutions, Maya helps you learn to nourish your body during pregnancy, so you can feel confident growing a healthy baby without animal products. She is your vegan pregnancy nutrition resource! The goal of The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast is to help you find clarity, support, and confidence as you navigate your vegan pregnancy and grow a healthy vegan baby.
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Does a vegan diet impact your fertility? *mentions recurrent loss*

Have you ever wondered if your vegan diet is impacting your fertility?  Have you been told you need to eat eggs to support your nutrient needs for pregnancy? Do you second-guess your vegan diet if you're planning for baby?  My client Shannon shares her story in today's episode, from experiencing multiple pregnancy losses to a healthy pregnancy at 20 weeks. Listen as we discuss: What made her go from vegetarian to vegan What she was told she needs to eat for a healthy pregnancy How she changed her vegan diet during pregnancy How she overcame her first-trimester nausea What helped her ensure she was meeting her nutrient needs  If you want to learn more about you can meet your nutrient needs for a healthy vegan pregnancy, check out: @vegan.pregnancy.nutrition 🚨This episode discusses recurrent loss.
3/6/202323 minutes, 55 seconds
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Vegan Pregnancy Client Update: Plus New Book!

Are you a vegan mom-to-be worried about getting enough nutrients like iron and protein but don't want to eat meat? You're not alone! Join me for today's special episode with only of my past vegan mama clients and children's author, Ruthie Rei. She shares what has helped her raise her 15-month-old baby girl vegan and the inspiration behind her debut children's book, My Little Ray of Sunshine. You can grab your free e-book copy here for a limited time only; Hardcover is also available for purchase here. To connect with Ruthie, join her here on social. To learn if nutrition coaching is a good fit for you, learn more here: @vegan.pregnancy.nutrition
1/24/202313 minutes, 29 seconds
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Fueling for fitness vs pregnancy: Kylie's story

What does it mean to fuel your body during pregnancy?  How can you optimize your vegan diet?  What do you do if you don't have support?  In today's episode, vegan mom-to-be and past client Kylie shares her story. You'll learn exactly: How she switched from fueling for fitness to pregnancy How she overcame her nausea What helped her feel confident getting enough nutrients for her baby About Kylie: Kylie is a first-time mom-to-be living a vegan lifestyle for the animals and the Earth. _________ To learn more about pregnancy nutrition coaching: Find me on social:  @vegan.pregnancy.nutrition
12/21/202215 minutes, 39 seconds
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SPECIAL EPISODE: New program launch (+ Bonus!)

I know you're tired of Googling vegan pregnancy and feel worried about meeting your nutrient needs for a healthy baby. You're not alone! I'm excited to share a sneak peek of my new group coaching program with you, launching mid-January 2023. Enrollment *officially* opens December 8th, but if you're a listener, you can apply early here in the show notes. BONUS: If you enroll before December 31st, you get a free 30 min, 1-on-1 call with me! Because I'm always looking to support you better, I've changed the structure and added new materials to teach you exactly how to meet your nutrient needs for a healthy vegan pregnancy. By the end of the 6-week Healthy Vegan Pregnancy Program, you'll learn how to: Meet your nutritional needs during pregnancy for protein, iron, calcium, and more. Choose vegan-friendly vitamins and prenatal supplements. Manage pregnancy symptoms like nausea, food aversions, and bloating. Respond to pushback about your vegan diet from your family and healthcare provider. In addition to the professional guidance from a vegan nutrition expert, you'll get group support from a community of like-minded vegan mamas going through a similar experience. To get started with your healthy vegan pregnancy journey: ***Click here to apply for early enrollment*** First group starts on January 16th
12/6/20223 minutes, 21 seconds
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Starting solids and vegan baby led weaning

Do you want to feed your baby vegan but worry about meeting their nutrient needs? Are you curious about starting solids but not sure how to get started? In today's episode, Karla Moreno-Bryce, fellow dietitian and vegan mom of two, shares her story. You'll hear: Her journey into veganism What you want to know before starting solids How is she raising her two girls vegan Her tips for first-time vegan parents What to know about food allergies for vegan kids If you want to raise your children vegan but are concerned about nutrients for their growth and development, this episode will give you the basics of starting solids and the inspiration to help you feel confident feeding your baby a vegan diet so they can thrive. About Karla: Karla is a vegan, Registered Dietitian, and mom of two girls who are four years old and three months old. Her work focuses on empowering vegan parents to feed their kids a healthful vegan diet for proper growth and development. Want to have a healthy vegan pregnancy? To learn about nutrition coaching: website: IG: @vegan.pregnancy.nutrition  NEW coaching program launching January 2023.
11/15/202229 minutes, 40 seconds
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On normalizing a vegan diet for pregnancy: Jennifer's story

Are you new to veganism? Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out what to eat during pregnancy?  In today's episode, Jennifer Chapman, my past client and a first-time vegan mom, shares her story. You'll hear: The event that prompted her to switch to veganism What she found the most challenging part of pregnancy How she discussed her pregnancy diet with others Her favorite pregnancy recipe and foods The tool that gave her clarity on meeting her nutrient needs If you're relatively new to veganism and currently expecting, this episode will offer insight into how this vegan mama had a healthy vegan pregnancy (and now a baby girl!).  About Jennifer: Jennifer is a Virginia native and a new mom to baby Aila. She and her partner Stephen started their vegan journey in 2019 and enjoyed introducing friends and family to a plant-based lifestyle, mainly due to its environmental impact. Jennifer is a non-profit arts administrator and enjoys time with family at the beach, going for walks, or cuddling on the couch. Want to have a healthy vegan pregnancy? To learn about nutrition coaching: website: IG: @vegan.pregnancy.nutrition  NEW program launching January 2023.
11/7/202224 minutes, 28 seconds
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Want to eat more veggies? 4 easy tips to try during pregnancy

Struggling with eating veggies during pregnancy?  In this episode, we break down simple strategies you can try if your goal is to eat more veggies during pregnancy. How to include veggies with your favorite carbs What dips and spreads can you leverage Best cooking methods to lock in nutrients Please note always discuss nausea or food aversions with your licensed healthcare provider. This episode will offer several strategies to try if you're curious about experimenting with different ways to eat more veggies - no need to try and force yourself to down that kale salad, vegan mama1 For more tips, follow @vegan.pregnancy.nutrition or send me a message with your favorite tip! 
9/16/202210 minutes, 30 seconds
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Pregnancy travel tips: How to feel good when you’re expecting baby

When is it safe to fly when you're pregnant? Is the aisle or window seat better? What should you pack with you?  In today's solo episode, you'll hear six travel-friendly strategies to try if you're pregnant. My goal is to combine my recent travel learnings with pregnancy-safe tips to help you feel good when you're out and about. What to pack - including my favorite  Food safety tips - buffest-style Simple snacks for your carry-on Sleep tools to help you get some rest* Destination considerations - one thing to double-check! My goal is to help give you some tools and actionable tips so you can feel prepared for your next trip.  If you have suggestions or feedback, DM me!   *Please consult with a licensed healthcare provider before taking any over-the-counter medication. Products mentioned in today's episode: 1. White noise machine 2. Cactaki water bottle 3. GoMacro bars 4. Vegan compression socks 
8/29/202214 minutes, 4 seconds
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How to manage GD when you're vegan: Christina's story

What do you do when your pregnancy doesn't go exactly to plan? In today's episode, my client Christina shares her experience after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. You'll hear: The thing that shocked her the most when she got diagnosed What she started eating with GD Her pregnancy expectations vs. reality How she advocated for herself  Why reaching out to others is essential  Getting diagnosed with GD as a vegan mom-to-be can feel overwhelming and frustrating. You're not alone. About Christina: "I'm your average vegan for the animals. I'm 39 and pregnant. I have a loving family but am the only vegan. My husband and I have two dogs and a cat and live in Arlington, MA." You can connect with Christina on IG: @ladyfantone  If you want to learn more about what to do for Gestational Diabetes, apply for nutrition coaching here. Enjoy today's episode!  
7/20/202249 minutes, 39 seconds
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Safe Vegan Pregnancy Skincare Tips: Dermatologist shares what you need to know

Looking for that ultimate vegan "pregnancy glow" and not sure where to start? Join my guest, board-certified dermatologist, and me, Dr. Molly Stout, as we talk all things pregnancy-safe skincare! Inside today's episode you'll hear: How to best manage pregnancy acne and melasma The one interesting thing you can try to prevent stretch marks Her favorite vegan and cruelty-free pregnancy skincare products Her super simple 3-step skincare routine What to know about ingredients to avoid during pregnancy And more! If you're Googling "what skincare is safe for my pregnancy," we've got you covered!  _____ Molly is a board-certified dermatologist and predominantly plant-based mom based in Chicago. You can schedule an appointment with her at River North at Medical Dermatology Associate of Chicago or connect with her virtually here: Instagram: @mollystoutmd Twitter: @MollyStoutMD1  
6/2/202232 minutes, 23 seconds
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How To Take The Headache Out of Picky Eating: Rachel Rozen's Tips

Is your child a picky eater? Are you concerned about food allergies?  In today's episode, I'm joined by my dear friend and Pediatric Occupational Therapist Rachel Rozen. We'll cover a variety of topics that focus on childhood development and feeding techniques. We'll cover: What to know about developmental milestones How to pick a supportive provider When to start solids What are the best foods to offer Why kids shouldn't eat "kid food" What to know about food allergen exposure If you're a first-time vegan mom, this episode is jam-packed with best practices for feeding your infant or toddler. Enjoy! About Rachel:  Rachel is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who focuses on treating the whole child, which includes supporting the family as well. She specializes in sensory processing, the DIR/Floortime model, picky eating/feeding support, and executive function skills. What she loves most about her job is making and building connections with kids and families - and that her work is actually play! To connect with Rachel, follow her on social @rhrtherapies or visit her website at
3/31/202233 minutes, 27 seconds
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Little Known Ways To Improve Your Fertility: Nutrition Myths With Lindsey Lusson

Do you wonder if your vegan diet impacts your fertility? Have you been told that you need to start IVF?  In today's episode, you'll hear fellow dietitian Lindsey Lusson, founder of the Food Freedom Fertility Society, share: common myths surrounding period recovery how to best support your fertility what to know before you start IVF her fertility journey her favorite nutrition and stress-management tips! If you're not getting a regular period, are considering IVF, or want to ensure that you're supporting your fertility, this is a must-listen. Enjoy! About Lindsey: Lindsey Lusson is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in disordered eating and infertility. She has both personal and professional experience with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) or period loss related to over exercise and under eating. Her experience led her to become passionate about educating and empowering others to advocate for their health and take charge of their fertility through proper nutrition. She has helped dozens of women recover natural cycles, get pregnant, and heal their relationship with food and exercise along the way.  You can connect with Lindsey at @food.freedom.fertility  
3/24/202234 minutes, 48 seconds
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This Might Be The Best Nausea Cure: Lia's Vegan Pregnancy Story

When your morning sickness strikes, what's the best way to cure it? And is your vegan diet responsible? In today's episode, my past client Lia Knudsen Perry joins me in sharing how she navigated a tough first trimester. You'll hear Lia share: the #1 thing that helped her manage her nausea what ultimately boosted her confidence in her diet how she successfully navigates concerns from others the key resources that help give her peace of mind This episode is especially for you if you've questioned your vegan diet for pregnancy or are really struggling with nausea. Enjoy! About Lia: Lia is a vegan mama-to-be. While she enjoys her career in Event Planning, she has also worked in the healthcare field (Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Personal Training) & understands the importance of keeping healthy - especially when growing a tiny human! Loves her husband, her dog, being creative in the kitchen & getting to network with people who share similar values/struggles. You can connect with her at @theliaknoods
3/17/202220 minutes, 59 seconds
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How to Tell Your Doctor You're Vegan

Are you concerned about telling your doctor you're vegan? You're not alone! Join Maya and plant-based provider, Dr. Anne Hussain, ND as she shares how to navigate this conversation stress-free. Healthcare is partnership after all, and you deserve to feel supported in your vegan pregnancy. This episode answers: How to start a healthy discussion about your vegan pregnancy? What labs to request to support your vegan pregnancy? How to create healthy boundaries with your healthcare team? Connect with Dr. Anne:Instagram: @dr.annehussain Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
2/24/202220 minutes, 45 seconds
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Vegan and Non Vegan Relationship: How To Manage A Healthy Partnership

Is your partner not vegan?  Whether you're planning a pregnancy or are currently expecting, sometimes veganism may be difficult to navigate if you're in a non-vegan partnership.  Because pregnancy means your choices don't just impact you anymore, it's essential to have open conversations with your partner. Since my husband isn't vegan, I asked him to share his thoughts, lessons learned, and overall journey from being a heavy meat-eater to predominately plant-based. In today's episode, you'll hear: why he stopped eating meat his biggest initial concerns eating plant-based what helped him feel confident meeting his needs his favorite vegan foods (hint: not vegan cheese!) how we manage our vegan-non vegan household and family events To continue the conversation and share how you're managing a non-vegan partnership for pregnancy, send me a DM on Instagram @vegan.prenatal.nutrition! 
2/10/202227 minutes, 51 seconds
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How to Optimize Your Vegan Diet for Pregnancy: Romy's Story

Have you wondered if you need to change your vegan diet when planning for pregnancy?  In today's episode, past client Romy shares insights she learned from her fertility journey and reflected on her vegan values as a mom-to-be.  You'll hear her share... Why not staying vegan never entered the conversation What she learned from her fertility journey What helped her feel reassured in her nutrition for pregnancy How she tweaks her meals to reach her specific goals Her favorite nutrient swap  And more! _____ Romy is vegan for the animals, the planet, and herself, in that order. She is pregnant with her first child (thanks IVF!) and due in May 2022.
2/3/202224 minutes, 18 seconds
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Is Folic Acid Best? Why it's Time to Customize Pregnancy Nutrition Care Advice

If you're wondering, "What prenatal should I take?" you're not alone! I hear this question all the time. And the answer, naturally, is "it depends!" Very rarely in nutrition are broad public health nutrition recommendations clear-cut and applicable to all. This is true for choosing a prenatal supplement with folic acid or folate. It's essential to consider what you're eating, how you're supplementing, and your personal health history to determine what's best for your pregnancy.  I'll share a quick story about a mildly upsetting email I received last week in today's episode. I feel it's important to share this experience with you because it highlights where I stand as a healthcare provider and vegan dietitian. Enjoy!
1/28/20226 minutes, 5 seconds
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How this successful female entrepreneur positively shaped her vegan pregnancy journey

Digital nomad, business advisor, and coach, Nikki Trott joins this episode as a vegan mom-to-be! Nikki shares how she overcame self-doubt to continue eating in alignment with her values as she's expecting her first child.  Nikki is the Founder/CEO of Conscious Accelerator, helping conscious entrepreneurs unlock their impact and success through internal mindset and external strategies, creating profit with purpose. Her podcast, Going Conscious, explores transformations to fulfillment and freedom with visionary entrepreneurs and academics and is listened to in over 30 countries. Nikki was recently featured in Thrive Global’s “Top Thriving Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021”. She is a Board Member for conscious companies, including We Are Well and Mumble Forum, a business advisor, serial entrepreneur, brand strategy expert and certified transformation coach. Don't miss her FREE 7-Day Mini Mastermind! Connect with Nikki:Website: Instagram: @nikkitrott Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
1/20/202239 minutes, 4 seconds
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Why Being Data-Driven Matters For Baby

What drives you to plan for a vegan pregnancy? In today's episode, you'll hear my client Lilia share her "why" and what has helped her build confidence as a vegan mom-to-be. From feeling overwhelmed by Dr. Google to getting comments like "you're going to eat meat when you're pregnant, right?" Lilia's prenatal journey reflects what you may be experiencing now.  She joins me on the podcast to share: why being data-driven matters to her how she puts her health first as a vegan why she is passionate about non-toxic living what helped her gain confidence about what she was eating what support systems she relies on for achieving confidence And more about how she is planning for a "healthy vegan pregnancy."  About Lilia: Lilia Pozos is a Strategic Communications Professional with a passion for the environment and healthy living. She founded her social endeavor called Your Green Mermaid, a bilingual digital platform of education and awareness on environmental issues, plastic pollution, toxic ingredients, and healthy eating. With her platform, she organizes educational events and workshops for the Miami community where she talks about these topics and encourages people to reduce their waste. Connect with Lilia:  @yourgreenmermaid    
1/13/202240 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Most Difficult Decision During Pregnancy

"It was my worst nightmare."  In today's episode, my sister shares her recent experience with pregnancy loss, what helped her cope, and why she feels it's important to share her story in today's shifting climate surrounding abortion. You'll hear her share - what went wrong in a 20+ week pregnancy - what helped her cope during this time - her tips on reducing stress and managing grief - why it's crucial to have access to abortion - her favorite podcast series   Because it's important to hear all sides of pregnancy, it's essential to create a safe space to share stories. Whether they're about love or loss, stories connect us. Enjoy.   *Please note this episode discusses pregnancy loss. 
1/6/202232 minutes, 11 seconds
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What Prenatal Fitness Exercises Are Safe?

What types of workouts are pregnancy friendly and what aren’t? In this episode, vegan sports dietitian, Tara shares strategies to safely stay active during your vegan pregnancy. Tara includes real, nutritious vegan pre-workout meal ideas to fuel your prenatal workout without supplements. In this episode, you’ll discover answers to these questions: What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy? What to consider when choosing a vegan protein powder while pregnant? What is the difference between ALA vs DHA Omega 3s?  And more! Remember: always follow the advice of your doctor or midwife when it comes to prenatal exercise. This is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be prescriptive. Connect with Tara:Instagram: @vegan.sports.nutrition Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
12/23/202139 minutes, 3 seconds
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The #1 Tool This Vegan Mama Swears By: Kelsey's Story

Do you feel like you're comfortable eating a vegan diet but when it comes to pregnancy, you're concerned? You're not alone! In this episode, you'll hear Vegan Pregnancy Collective alum and fellow vegan mama Kelsey share: - What she struggled with during her first trimester  - Kelsey's journey from being concerned to feeling uber-confident getting the nutrients she needs - The #1 tool she uses to feel confident she's nourishing her body and how you can do the same   *Please note, we briefly discuss pregnancy loss and Kelsey's experience navigating this for the first time.   About Kelsey: Kelsey is a vegan (of 13 years+), mom-to-be, animal advocate, fashion merchandiser, and is currently studying animal behavior. She loves to share her vegan experience and hear about others' experiences as well! You can find her on social media @HometoSullivans
12/16/202131 minutes, 12 seconds
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Avoid or Enjoy: Is Kombucha Safe For Your Vegan Pregnancy?

If you love kombucha, you're not alone! It's bubbly, offers gut health benefits, and is a fun alternative to drinking soda or sparkling water.  But is it safe for pregnancy? In today's episode, you'll hear three top reasons why you might want to think twice before sipping your favorite kombucha drink. As with all recommendations, my job as a dietitian is to give you what the information says (and what it doesn't. You apply your lifestyle preferences so you can make the decision that you feel most comfortable with during pregnancy. No two vegan pregnancies are the same!
12/2/20219 minutes, 40 seconds
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Stress and Body Changes as a Vegan Mama

Zoe Klein M.Ed, MSW, RSW discusses mindset shifts as your body changes throughout pregnancy. She shares her responses to negative comments from family and friends, advice for maintaining boundaries with well-meaning strangers, and general words of wisdom as a new mom herself. Zoe is a Canadian social worker working in the areas of ED recovery and body image. Follow Zoe or work with her as a 1-on-1 client. Spots available for January 2022! Connect with Zoe:Instagram: @zoe_klein_msw Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
11/25/202117 minutes, 34 seconds
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Eating Vegan with Gestational Diabetes

Leslee Flannery, dietitian and gestational diabetes specialist, answers your frequently asked questions to combat the uncertainty you may be experience as an expecting vegan mom. Leslee shares simple tips for vegan carb options, food pairings, and meal timings and her glucose test alternative. Remember, women with gestational diabetes give birth to healthy babies everyday, and you can too!   Leslee answers... What is gestational diabetes? What causes gestational diabetes? Will gestational diabetes go away after I give birth? Can I have a healthy baby with gestational diabetes? Which carbs help manage my blood sugar? Is there an alternative to the pregnancy glucose test?   Don't miss this episode if you're eating vegan with gestational diabetes or getting ready for your glucose test!   Leslee is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor who specializes in gestational diabetes. She loves helping pregnant moms advocate for their health and the health of their baby. Currently enrolling in The Better Blood Sugar Method, a coaching program to that guides and supports women on their blood sugar journey through pregnancy. Don't miss the launch of Nourished Pregnancy & Postpartum Society, a monthly membership for all things pregnancy and postpartum nutrition!   Connect with Leslee:Instagram: @Gestational.Diabetes.Nutrition Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition  
11/11/202134 minutes, 49 seconds
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7 Ways to Boost Protein

Are you sure you're eating enough protein? Even if you eat a variety of foods, many vegan moms are not actually meeting their protein goals! In this episode, Maya shares why you need protein and how your protein needs change throughout pregnancy. Try Maya's top tips to boost your protein with these 7 plant-based protein-packed foods! Listen in if you want to know: Why is protein important during your pregnancy? How do vegans get enough protein when pregnant? What are the best vegan sources of protein?   Connect with Maya: Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition If you have vegan nutrition questions, DM Maya your questions for future episodes!
11/4/202115 minutes, 39 seconds
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Talking to Non-Vegans About Your Pregnancy

Dr. Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD joins Maya to share her personal and professional insights for navigating conversations with non-vegans. From transitioning her family to a vegan diet to addressing pushback from doctors and family, Pamela offers conversation points and resources to have  more confident, collaborative conversations. This episode covers: Can you have a healthy vegan pregnancy? How to address concerned relatives? How to tell your doctor you are vegan? How can a vegan dietitian ease concerns? Your doctor, midwife, and a dietitian are all here to help you have a healthy baby. Dr. Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD is a vegan RD and mom to 4 plant-based kids. Connect with Pamela:Instagram: @DrPamela.RD Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition Resources:Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian Diets
10/28/202121 minutes, 50 seconds
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Avoid or Enjoy: Vegan Cheese Edition

Welcome to the first episode of Avoid or Enjoy: Vegan Cheese Edition! With the holidays coming up, Maya is addressing your most common food safety questions, so you can relax, knowing which foods to enjoy. This episode explores a variety of vegan cheeses, what they're made of, and how they're made. As a registered dietitian, Maya compares the nutritional benefits and concerns, so you can make informed decisions about what to avoid or enjoy during your vegan pregnancy! Maya answers: What are the nutrient benefits of vegan cheese? Is vegan cheese a good source of protein or calcium? Is dairy-free cheese the same as vegan cheese? Can I eat vegan cheese during my pregnant? Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition If you have questions about what to avoid or enjoy, DM your questions to Maya for future episodes!
10/21/202113 minutes, 9 seconds
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How Gut Health Affects Your Vegan Pregnancy

Vegan dietitian, Courtney Myers joins Maya to debunk gut health myths from probiotics to food intolerances and gluten-free trends. Get the facts from two dietitians before wasting money on unnecessary supplements, marketing scams and food sensitivity tests that are not scientifically-based. Instead, listen in for tips to reduce the gas in beans, identify your food sensitivities, and know what red flags to watch for on nutrition labels and health ads.  Courtney and Maya cover: Should you avoid beans during pregnancy? Should you avoid gluten if you don't have a gluten intolerance? Can you eat too many carbs during your vegan pregnancy? What is the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance? Do you need a probiotic during your pregnancy? Don't miss this vegan mythbusters episode! Courtney Myers is a vegan dietitian based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She sees clients online for one-on-one consultations to give them the information and help they need to eat a nutritionally adequate vegan diet, so they can maintain the lifestyle long-term! Connect with Courtney:Website: Nourished By Plants Instagram: @nourished.byplants Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition Resources:Nourished By Plants FREE recipe eBook
10/14/202132 minutes, 13 seconds
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Vegan, Pregnant, and Vaccinated

Living in the UK, Johanna shares her experiences with the Vegan Pregnancy Collective and the COVID-19 vaccine. Working with Maya relieved her anxieties about what to eat and made it easy to hit her vegan pregnancy macro goals, and the community of women in the Collective have been an invaluable resource. Don't miss her secret weapon for staying confident and healthy during her vegan pregnancy! How do you plan for a vegan pregnancy? Are macro goals different for a vegan pregnancy? Is it possible to have a happy, healthy vegan pregnancy? Is the COVID vaccine safe for a vegan pregnancy? Check out this episode to hear Johanna's story. Johanna is a California native currently living in London with her husband, Chris. They both went vegan over five years ago while living in Chicago and are expecting their first child this October. Johanna is passionate about vegan cooking and dining, exploring new cities, reading, and of course, animals!  Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
10/7/202127 minutes, 13 seconds
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Vegan Nutrition Tips for Nausea

Are you in your first trimester and struggling with nausea? And wondering how you can add veggies into your day? You're not alone! Jax Rose shares her tricks for eating nutrition dense foods when you're nauseous and quick meal prep ideas when you're short on time. From white bean smoothies to ginger popsicles, skip the salads and try these tips to sneak the veggies you love into your pregnancy diet. About Jax:Over the last 27 years, Jax has experienced the incredible benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle for herself. She wants to share everything she has learned and empower her clients to live a life they are excited about, one that’s full of great health, happiness, freedom and delicious food. Connect with Jax:Website: Plant-Based JaxInstagram: @plantbasedjax Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
9/30/202117 minutes, 50 seconds
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Let's Talk Carbs and Cravings

Craving carbs during your vegan pregnancy? As a prenatal dietitian, Maya breaks down what you need to know, as a vegan mama, about carbohydrates. Contrary to popular diet trends, carbs are not bad, and during your vegan pregnancy, you need carbs to grow a healthy baby! This episode is full of pro tips to manage cravings, pair carbs wisely, and shamelessly enjoy a vegan donuts. Maya explains... What are carbs? What are the types of carbs? How do you choose the "best" carbs? Why you need carbs to grow a healthy baby? It's time to stop Googling, and get clarity and confidence about carbs and cravings!   Connect with Maya:Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
9/23/202115 minutes, 32 seconds
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MythBusters: Considering IVF to Ordering Espresso

Fellow dietitian, public health professional, and Loma Linda alum, Stephanie Roberts joins Maya on today's episode to help bust five top myths you may have heard surrounding pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Myth #1: IVF is your only option Myth #2: Your second pregnancy will be harder Myth #3: You need to stop drinking coffee Myth #4: Your birth plan will go according to "plan" Myth #5: You need to prep your toddler for baby #2 Remember, your pregnancy is unique. People will make comments and share their concerns, both positively and negatively. Get the facts, seek out a second opinion, and protect your energy. Sometimes this means simply saying "no" or unfollowing! Listen as Stephanie shares her birth story, raising a toddler in the midst of a pandemic, and more. At the the time of the recording, she and her partner are expecting a baby boy in October 2021. Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition Resources: Ovia app:  
9/16/202141 minutes, 46 seconds
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How to Choose Your Vegan Prenatal

Whether you're trying to conceive or currently pregnant, you need a vegan prenatal vitamin! Maya shares her evidenced-based guide to picking the best prenatal for your personal health needs and making sure it's actually vegan. Maya shares... What is a prenatal vitamin? How do you pick the best prenatal? Which 2 key nutrients do you need during pregnancy? What supplements should pregnant vegans take? What are the 2 most common deficiencies during vegan pregnancies? What top 5 vitamins & minerals should a vegan prenatal include? How do you know if a supplement is vegan? Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
9/9/202112 minutes, 42 seconds
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Why It's OK to Ditch Your Birth Plan

In today's episode, working #momboss and California native Yelena shares with you her insight into expecting baby #2 while raising a toddler. We cover... What helped her feel less stressed as a new mom Why having the right people around you matters Why you don't need to "know it all" as a first time mom Why you need to be direct with your provider How to choose the best prenatal for your pregnancy Whether you're expecting for your second child or simply thinking about trying for baby #2, this is a must-listen. Fun fact: Yelena and Maya first connected in 2014 in Chicago and when Yelena shared the news that she was expecting their first baby, Maya, predictably, started to happy-sad cry during brunch in Chicago. Yelena and her family now reside in sunny veg-friendly Los Angeles! Connect with Yelena: Instagram: @yshkolnik Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
9/2/202122 minutes, 8 seconds
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My #1 Tip for Vegan Mamas

How do you know if you're eating enough during pregnancy? Join Maya as she share her #1 tip for vegan mamas: Meal tracking! Whether you've tried it before or not, meal tracking provides essential insights to determine your unique nutritional needs. This is the key to gaining clarity about what you are eating, what you need, and how to adjust your habits throughout pregnancy. Meal tracking during pregnancy is about eating with confidence and knowing your body is nourished & fueled for a healthy vegan pregnancy! Tune in as Maya answers: What is meal tracking & why is it important? Which nutritional need change throughout your pregnancy? How is meal tracking for pregnancy different from pre-pregnancy? How can you overcome negative associations with meal tracking? It's time to stop guessing and find clarity about what your baby & body need during your vegan pregnancy! Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
8/26/20219 minutes, 10 seconds
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Building Your Confidence Without Googling

Are you Googling everything "vegan pregnancy?" And second guessing yourself along the way? You're not alone. Listen as past client and vegan mom-to-be Ruthie shares how she went from feeling overwhelmed to owning her vegan pregnancy. Ruthie shares... 1. What steps she took in her first trimester to feel good 2. How she overcame her self-doubt 3. Why Googling "vegan pregnancy" is stressful 4. When she figured out you don’t need to know everything 5. How she used the Collective community to build her confidence ..and more! Fun fact: Ruthie is also starting her own vegan children's book company. Connect with her on social to stay in the loop! About Ruthie: Ruthie Rei is an experienced Child Development Professional, author and owner of her very own children’s book company, Soulie Rei, LLC. Driven by her passion for early childhood education and her love for the planet and animals, she takes pride in providing relatable and innovative books for children to read. Connect with Ruthie:Instagram: @Soulie_rei Connect with Maya:Website: Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
8/19/202123 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ask an MD: COVID-19 vaccines, Genetic Screening, & Pregnancy Loss

This episode features Professor Eitan Friedman MD, PhD, Maya's dad! As a physician, he's bringing his wealth of knowledge & expertise with the voice of a trusted dad. What the risk for birth defects and premature birth Why your vegan diet isn’t to blame for a miscarriage Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe during pregnancy What you need to know about genetic prenatal testing You deserve to feel confident as you make informed decisions for you & your baby.   Reach out with your follow-up questions & they'll be answered in future episodes!   Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
8/12/202127 minutes, 52 seconds
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On Pregnancy, Meal Tracking, & Trusting Your Gut

Does tracking your meals stress you out? If so, you're not alone. Listen as vegan mom-to-be Kristen shares her feelings about using a food tracking app during her vegan pregnancy, why it helped her, and how being a part of the Collective helped her feel confident. You don't have to track your meals forever, but it can be a useful tool to eliminate confusion and gain clarity! Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Prenatal Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
8/5/202114 minutes, 59 seconds
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From Professional Cheese Tester to Veganish Mama

Have you felt guilty about your diet during pregnancy? What do you do when natural remedies aren’t enough for pregnancy nausea? After working in the dairy industry, Heather went vegan with her husband, quit her job, and became a vegan lifestyle blogger. Now expecting baby #3, Heather compares her vegan & non-vegan pregnancies and shares how she navigated family gatherings and healing from pregnancy loss at 20-weeks. Don’t miss Heather’s nausea remedies & self-care tips for every mom who’s pregnant while chasing a toddler! Heather is a former professional cheese tester and is now a vegan mama to two boys with one more on the way! She's on her second vegan pregnancy and loves to share her vegan journey and how she's feeding her growing vegan family.  Website: Instagram: @veganishmama Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Prenatal Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
7/29/202129 minutes, 58 seconds
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Building Resilience as A Vegan Mom-To-Be

What if you're the only one who identifies as a vegan in your social circle? How do you create a safe and supportive space as a vegan mom-to-be? In episode 4, Melanie gives her take on the value of building a care team that is in alignment with your values and how she created a solid support system during her vegan pregnancy. Listen to Melanie share her story, her thoughts on collagen, what has helped her advocate for herself and how she's carved out a safe and supportive space in her Brooklyn-based community.  Connect with Melanie: Instagram: @melanieeleanorklein Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
7/22/202128 minutes, 51 seconds
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Why Pregnancy Does Not Have to Be Painful

Have you experienced pelvic pain during pregnancy? What is it, exactly, and how can you manage it during your vegan pregnancy? Join Maya & Emily Pastrana, PT, DPT as they discuss these questions & more. If you've been told to "go on bed rest" or pregnancy is "just painful sometimes" don’t miss Emily’s top 5 (or 6) tips every woman should know before, during, and after pregnancy. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, but it does not have to be painful. Emily Pastrana is a pelvic floor doctor of physical therapy, birth doula, yoga instructor, and photographer working in women’s health. She is the founder of Empowering You, a mobile pelvic health clinic, serving those experiencing any symptoms involving the pelvic floor or associated with pregnancy or postpartum complications. She is a proud vegan who firmly believes in the power of plants during pregnancy. And she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and cats where she enjoys taking photographs, cooking and gardening. Connect with Emily: Website: Instagram: @em__powering Podcast: I'm Not Ovaryacting! Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Prenatal Collective ( Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition Resources:
7/22/202134 minutes, 3 seconds
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Pregnancy Loss & Listening to Your Instincts

As a new mom, Amy Longard shares her stories of planning a vegan pregnancy at 38 years old, experiencing pregnancy loss, and navigating her prenatal nutrition goals. Don’t miss her insider tips for staying confident, getting in protein, listening to your body, and most of all, enjoying your vegan pregnancy! Amy is a registered holistic nutritionist, plant-based chef, & wellness consultant based in Ottawa, Canada. She stays busy as a full-time vegan mom and offers corporate wellness workshops on healthy eating and virtual group cooking lessons. Connect with Amy: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @amylongard Connect with Maya: Website: The Vegan Pregnancy Collective Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
7/22/202120 minutes, 28 seconds
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Welcome to The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast!

On this first episode, Maya Bach, our host, shares her story & introduces The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast, your new favorite resource for evidence-based vegan prenatal nutrition information. Along with like-minded women and other women's health experts, The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast is creating conversations about veganism, pregnancy, nutrition, and everything in between. The goal of this show is to help you find clarity, support, and confidence as you navigate your vegan pregnancy and grow a healthy vegan baby. If you have prenatal nutrition questions or topic you want to learn more about DM Maya @vegan.prenatal.nutrition. To suggest a guest for future episodes, email Maya at [email protected]. Connect with Maya: Website: Instagram: @vegan.prenatal.nutrition
7/22/20216 minutes, 53 seconds