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English, Finance, 4 seasons, 211 episodes, 5 days 2 hours 20 minutes
Welcome to The Hive! It's nice in here, isn't it? The Hive is a collection of investors, entrepreneurs, thinkers and individuals dedicated to getting a little smarter each day. If you're a fan of value investing, business models, eclectic success and failure stories -- this is your podcast. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality interviews with new twists on old topics. Fresh perspectives on antiquated ideas. Passionate discourse on all things investing. Join us as we strive to improve a little bit each day: Support this podcast:
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Q1 2023 Investor Audibles: Alluvial Capital, Greenhaven Road, & 1 Main Capital

This week we're continuing our Investor Audibles series with Q1 2023 letters from the following investors/funds: Alluvial Capital Greenhaven Road Capital 1 Main Capital Please let me know what other letters you'd want to hear on future Investor Audible series episodes! Finally, a big thanks to the following sponsors for making the podcast a reality. Mitimco
02/06/202355 minutes 39 seconds
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Henry Rearden: The Man Behind The Carvana (CVNA) Short

Hey guys! This week we've got anonymous Twitter user Henry Rearden (@Integrity4Mkts) on the podcast. Henry is most-known for his viral short thesis on Carvana $CVNA. You can find his latest thoughts here.  However, this podcast goes beyond Henry's short CVNA thesis. We uncover an intelligent investor from humble beginnings. Someone on the hunt for mispriced securities with limited downside, wherever that takes him. Throughout the podcast we discuss the following topics:  Where to find ideas How to construct an investment thesis The dangers of overconfidence How Henry found the CVNA short thesis The power (and danger) of taking highly concentrated bets Focus on how much you can lose, not how much you can make And more! If you
19/08/202258 minutes 7 seconds
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The History of (Value) Investing w/ Jamie Catherwood, Investor Amnesia (Ep. 56)

Jamie Catherwood is a Client Portfolio Associate at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. He’s also the founder of Investor Amnesia. Investor Amnesia is passionate about bringing the world of financial history to life. Jamie’s passion for history started at an early age, and in his eyes, is a family affair. His father loves history. And his uncle was a historian by trade. Jamie provides a weekly read for subscribers every Sunday filled with financial history literature, stories of human psychology and bubbles gone by. From reading Jamie’s content one thing is certain: markets change, humans dont. Our broad-ranging conversation dives into the history of railroad stocks, Cicero the value investor, and Jamie’s latest research course. Check out the time-stamp below: [0:00] Who is Jamie Catherwood? [18:00] The First Value Investor [25:00] History of Railroad Stocks [39:00] Are Tobacco and Energy Stocks the Railroad Stock
18/12/20201 hour 7 minutes 48 seconds