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The convergence of technology, design and content. Valtech Café is a hub to share knowledge, explore new industry concepts, to guide and define best practices. Learn more on Valtech Café nous permet de partager des connaissances, d'explorer de nouveaux concepts de l'industrie pour guider et définir les bonnes pratiques.
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Transformation Stories: Decoding Brand Transformation

In today's competitive landscape, a brand isn't just a logo; it's a dynamic force that, when nurtured, not only propels business growth but also safeguards against adversity. And while an increasing number of brands embark on their own transformative journeys, a pivotal question lingers: does brand transformation arise from a position of strength or weakness? In today's 37-minute podcast, Rosie Kropp, VP Global Head of Brand Marketing at Ericsson, discusses the power of business transformation for any organization. In a world of enduring brands and disruptive newcomers, we debunk the mysteries and provide insights into how brands can transform themselves to remain relevant and stand out. From championing creativity to crafting a holistic approach, discover the importance of the “why” behind every transformation journey and how to avoid "putting lipstick on a gorilla." Listen now.
1/8/202437 minutes, 24 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Empower the future of healthcare through strategic foresight

Envision a future where patients effortlessly access detailed electronic health records, using AI for precise diagnoses and personalized treatment plans—no need for physical visits. Seem impossible? Not for the experts in Field Engagement at Novartis. They employ strategic foresight, a process that transforms current facts into plausible, thought-provoking and logical future scenarios. Foresight practices involve creative thinking about potential futures and systematically analyzing patterns influencing change, integrating data and findings. Join us for an enlightening conversation with Ywan Karlen, Global Director of Future Engagement Model/ Field Engagement at Novartis, a pioneering life science pharmaceutical company committed to reimagining medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. Ywan and his team navigate the challenges and opportunities that the future pharma field force, the customers they serve and patients may face, ensuring Novartis remains at the forefront of innovation. In this episode, we explore the impact of design thinking, the practicality of translating insights into actionable strategies and identifying emerging industry trends with significant future potential. From integrating internal, customer and patient feedback for a comprehensive understanding of future scenarios, to envisioning a technology-light future, we delve into these topics and more. Tune in now.
11/21/202331 minutes, 31 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Are you ready to seize the untapped power of creativity in your business?

Creativity is often viewed as a key driver of innovation and success in businesses. However, it is often also an underutilized asset. While creative thinking has the potential to revolutionize industries, solve complex problems and improve customer experiences, many organizations struggle to tap into it effectively. There are multiple reasons behind this paradox, ranging from a lack of understanding creativity's commercial impact to rigid structures that prioritize predictability over novelty. While discussions on creativity have become increasingly common, the pivotal question of how more brands can acknowledge its significance continues to be paramount. In today's 25-minute episode, we’re joined by Ylva Lindberg, Managing Director of Valtech Radon to explore the exciting opportunity for brands to infuse creativity into every aspect of their customer experience. We'll discuss why this creative approach isn't as prevalent as it should be and why companies can no longer afford to treat it as an afterthought. Buckle up as we embark on a four-step quest to understand, embrace and harness the full power of creativity in the business world.
11/1/202325 minutes, 2 seconds
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Transformation Stories: How Customer Expectations are Impacting Car Brands

Over the past few years, we've explored everything from subscription services to tech integration, connected cars to smart cities and beyond. The pace of change in this sector is exhilarating, giving us a unique opportunity to reassess the automotive industry's primary drivers and how legacy brands navigate brand challenges in the face of evolving customer expectations. Today’s 30-minute podcast explores the transformative trends, innovative business models and emerging opportunities reshaping the automotive industry. We'll hear insights from Denny Pezic, Global Vertical Lead for mobility, Matt Redman, SVP Strategy Europe at Valtech and David DeCheser, Chief Creative Officer North America at Valtech, for a deep dive into the impact of subscription services and tech integration on customer-brand interactions in the context of electric vehicles. Join us on this insightful journey as we discuss navigating the challenges faced by legacy brands and new entrants in the automotive industry, all while striving to provide customers with the experiences they crave in an ever-changing landscape.
9/26/202330 minutes, 23 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Navigating Composable Strategies

In our contemporary landscape, brands must offer personalized experiences to meet consumer expectations. To achieve this, connectivity is vital, serving as a beacon amidst the vast sea of information and allowing brands to differentiate themselves while fostering lasting relationships with their customers. Previously, a singular monolithic system was relied upon to consolidate all customer data, content, and contextual information. However, in modern times, these components are separated into composable systems, connecting to create seamless experiences. The "three Cs" - customer, content, and context - are crucial to achieving this, but the challenge lies in harmonizing them from their diverse origins. In today's 33-minute podcast, we sit down with Sana Remekie, CEO of and Karen Light, Director of Platform Strategy in the Composable Practice at Valtech. Together, we delve into the intricate landscape of composable architectures and shed light on the complexities, challenges, changes, and many other Cs facing brands today. Tune in now to gain a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities in composable architecture.
9/6/202333 minutes, 50 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The Delight Complex

In an industry where more than half of consumers are skeptical about brand experiences and struggle to differentiate between brands, nearly 50% of marketing decision-makers state that they are overwhelmed with a mass of data. Additionally, they report not knowing how to leverage the maturity of data points they already have, and so, the question that comes to mind first is where retail brands are going wrong when it comes to delivering experiences that really count. How can they focus on the things that truly make a difference for consumers in both the short and the long term? In today’s 27-minute conversation, we are delighted to be joined by Christian Herold, Director of Consumer Experience and Engagement at Cosnova, to hear their insights on delivering emotion-driven customer experiences with the power of data experimentation.
7/7/202325 minutes, 1 second
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Transformation Stories: Driving Growth with Brand Authenticity

In today's economic climate, the success of a brand is primarily measured by how quickly they achieve exponential growth. But what if sustainable business practices and a positive lasting impact became the new marker of achievement? In the face of fierce competition for customers' attention, how can brands continue to grow and innovate while maintaining their core brand identity? In today’s 44-minute podcast, we sit down with Cyrus Schenck, CEO of Renoun Skis — the world’s first ski company to offset their carbon footprint _ and Marc Maleh, SVP of Emerging Technology and Connected Experiences at Valtech, to discuss the importance of purpose in achieving business success in today’s age of acceleration. Listen now for a deep dive into the role of building brand authenticity and long-term customer value.
6/21/202336 minutes, 59 seconds
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Transformation Stories: How Mars is Driving Growth with Ecommerce

Mars brand M&M'S have been working with Valtech to define and build their long-term D2C srategy and make it scalable to all Mars brands globally. They are able to pivot successfully because they recognize the vitality of being an ecosystem. Their strategy's leading North Star is to become omnichannel in the truest sense of the word. The crucial differentiator is how they allow customers to start, pause and resume their buying journey at any point. In today's 30-minute podcast, we sit down with Kyle Barz, Director of Global Retail & Ecommerce Technology at Mars Wrigley, and Casper Rasmussen, SVP Technology at Valtech and President of the MACH Alliance, to talk about the complexities of Mars' own D2C transformation, as well as the common challenges and pitfalls brands should seek to avoid as they embark on their own journey.
6/15/202329 minutes, 40 seconds
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Transformation Stories: How to Build Fast, Efficient and Scalable Teams and Technology

Businesses today are faced with lots of restrictive challenges, from team and talent shortages, to creating organizational structures that can scale, to the frustrations of legacy technologies. In today's podcast, we sit down with Juan Sadurni, Practice Lead of Valtech_Inside, to discuss the large-scale complexities that companies face and how you can find the right solution, with scalable, efficient strategies. From tailor-made engagement models to building and integrating solutions specific to your business needs, Valtech_Inside allows institutions to transition from traditional players to leaders in the digital ecosystem. Listen to learn more.
5/17/202339 minutes, 16 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Customer Experience: The new banking imperative

In the last few years, new digital technologies have been revolutionizing the finance sector, allowing businesses to zero in on potential new revenue sources. As a result, innovative fintech trends are accelerating digital innovation in banking while challenging traditional banks to remain competitive at the same time. With the war in Ukraine and the possibility of global recession, the future of banking depends on finding a way to adapt to the new normal.  In today’s podcast, we are pleased to have Bertrand Marsault, Head of Client Strategy and Customer Experience at The National Bank of Canada, and Catherine Gauthier, Lead Customer Experience at Valtech, to discuss why delivering enhanced customer experience in banking will help enterprises stay ahead of the digital curve as the industry moves forward.
5/4/202323 minutes, 55 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Tackling Complexities in B2B

Live from Lisbon, today’s 26-minute conversation discusses how digital transformation can benefit distribution businesses in building personalized relationships with their customer base. We share industry experts’ insights on the matter and take a closer look at why creating a data-first culture is crucial for the success of any digital transformation. Listen to learn more.
3/29/202326 minutes, 57 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Why PXM is Critical for eCommerce Success

Like many other startups, MonkeySports, a small Californian hockey equipment store, saw an excellent opportunity to expand their business into the ecommerce world. But they soon realized they were no longer connecting with their customers like they had done before. In today’s 30-minute podcast, we sit down with Ki Song, Director of E-commerce at MonkeySports, to discuss the advantages and opportunities of implementing a PXM (Product Experience Management) strategy to deliver winning experiences to customers and build customer loyalty. From seamless data modeling to offering omnichannel customer experiences, PXM helped MonkeySports bring real value to their customers, and ultimately helped them become the largest hockey retailer in the world. Listen to learn more.
3/3/202330 minutes, 30 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Applying a Data-Driven Approach to Learning & Development

In today’s 38-minute conversation, we hear from Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Digital Learning & Analytics at Novo Nordisk and Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, Global Learning & Development Director at Valtech. They share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of integrating learning & development strategies across organizations, and why applying a data-driven approach is the key to success. Interested to learn more about what we do? Visit our website:
2/22/202338 minutes, 23 seconds
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Transformation Stories: How to Experiment

Could it be the case that the more senior leadership are involved, the less people experiment….? Could there a misconception that the highest paid person’s opinion counts the most…..? And does that in turn mean that to really feel free to experiment, we need to totally rethink our approach to it? In this podcast, we're joined by Hazjier Pourkhalkhali, Global Vice President Strategy & Value at Optimizely. In his 8 years at Optimizely, Hazjier has conducted more than 300 experiments and has led research into the effects of hierarchy, the science of running the perfect experiment, and ultimately the behaviours that truly trigger change. Wondering how to take the practical first steps to help you get value from digital experimentation after listening to this episode? Download our Digital Experimentation Playbook:
2/9/202333 minutes, 32 seconds
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Transformation Stories: How MobilePay Captured the Market

This 31-minute podcast delves into the challenges of revolutionizing mobile banking without any formal marketing campaigns. From anti-money laundering initiatives to relying on the overarching support from Danske Bank, we discuss what it takes to provide true value for customers by purely focusing on delivering extreme simplicity. Interested to learn more about what we do? Visit our website:
2/8/202331 minutes, 37 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Digital as a Value Creator in Health & Pharma

In today’s 33-minute podcast, we are joined by Benoit Rungeard, Global Digital and Multichannel Lead at Sanofi, to discuss how digital acts as a value creator for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands. From using data to inform ways of working, to transforming the patient experience, Benoit reflects on his own learnings and insights to help inform others embarking on a similar transformation journey. Listen to learn more.
1/30/202333 minutes, 53 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The 4 E's of Commerce

When global logistics firm PostNord started releasing their annual Commerce Reports on the state of e-commerce across sectors in the Nordics, they noticed a shift in the trends defining the industry moving forward. In this 25-minute podcast, we’re joined by Solidad Gonzalez, e-commerce advisor at PostNord Sweden, to discuss PostNord’s four major trends defining the fast growth of commerce (The 4 Es). Want to know about what we do? Visit our website:
1/19/202325 minutes, 56 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Championing Retail Customers

In the face of shrinking budgets and economic downturns, the question of how Retailers can show up for their customers remains a key. In this podcast, we are joined by Martin Newman, better known as the Consumer Champion, to discuss in the great detail the importance of customer centricity in today’s digital age and how can brands achieve that with the power of emotional marketing. Listen to learn more and watch our on-demand webinar on the topic:
1/9/202343 minutes, 49 seconds
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Transformation Stories: From Big Tech to Fintech - Innovation at Scale

Neobanks, the new generation of cutting-edge, fully digital banking services, are aiming to be more accessible than traditional banks while transforming the Financial Services industry. But how can banking services continue to work towards consumer-centric business models that meet their customers' needs? We are joined by Anne Marie Kindberg, Chief Officer at Lunar, a fintech market starter focused on challenging traditional bank models, to discuss in great detail the challenges of turning a cutting-edge product into something profitable. Want to know about what we do? Visit our website:
1/5/202330 minutes, 10 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Why Customers Don't Buy

86% of customers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with incomplete or inaccurate product information. So, how much information do customers need about a product before they feel comfortable placing an online order? In today's podcast, we sit down with Raphael Iscar, Valtech’s Head of PXM, to discuss the ins and outs of Product Experience Management (PXM), what brands need to consider to deliver a winning product experience to their customers, and how strong PXM benefits your bottom line as well as builds customer loyalty. Want to know about what we do? Visit our website:
12/21/202233 minutes, 40 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Branding with Purpose

Every marketing campaign needs reach, but how can a company create not one but two different campaigns that reach an audience and drive social change? In today’s conversation, we again sit down with P&G’s Helene Graffner to discuss it in great detail. This 43-minute podcast dives deep into the lightning striking twice, with a second campaign making a crucial social impact on tackling bullying amongst Gen Zers with Head & Shoulders. Listen to learn more and read the full case on our website:
12/14/202243 minutes, 1 second
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The 6 Trends Defining the Future of Commerce: Part 2

In this second episode of our 2-part conversation with VTEX analyst in residence, Jordan Jewell, we continue to discuss the 6 trends defining the future of commerce. Formerly at IDC where he launched their commerce practice, Jordan joined VTEX to assist B2C and B2B brands in growing their sales over digital channels. In his own words, he acts as a detective, economist, statistician, journalist, critic, storyteller, and evangelist to provide actionable advice in areas such as merchandizing, channel management, marketplaces, product information management, payments, personalization, order management, and more. From channel explosion to decentralised commerce, in this 2-part interview we provide the 6 most pivotal trends that brands need to take note of if they want to deliver on the all-important customer experience.
8/24/202233 minutes, 4 seconds
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The 6 Trends Defining the Future of Commerce: Part 1

In this conversation we're joined by VTEX analyst in residence, Jordan Jewell, to discuss the 6 trends defining the future of commerce. Formerly at IDC where he launched their commerce practice, Jordan joined VTEX to assist B2C and B2B brands in growing their sales over digital channels. In his own words, he acts as a detective, economist, statistician, journalist, critic, storyteller, and evangelist to provide actionable advice in areas such as merchandizing, channel management, marketplaces, product information management, payments, personalization, order management, and more. From channel explosion to decentralised commerce, in this 2-part interview we provide the 6 most pivotal trends that brands need to take note of if they want to deliver on the all-important customer experience.
8/17/202222 minutes, 30 seconds
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Live from D-Congress 2022: The Future Vision

For city dwellers, its clear to see that the places we live, and how we live in them, have all been designed to support a former age.  As the intersecting roads and junctions weave across a gridded map, our homes, offices and shops line streets made for diesel guzzling cars and trucks. Our pavements crammed with people moving from A-B, sometimes on a journey that has taken them many miles from home. Our cities hum with the movement of the modern age. But perhaps it’s time to take another look at the spaces that we move between. Imagine 50 years from now, when our means of transport, our work-lives and our carbon usage will be a world away from where they are today. What, then, should our cities look like? How should they ‘be’ and how do we get them there? In this conversation we're joined by Filip Kjellgren, a future-mobility systems strategist and programme manager from VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency. Their mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation, as well as funding needs-driven research. Vinnova’s vision is for Sweden to be a world-leading country in research and innovation and an attractive place in which to invest and conduct business.
7/20/202231 minutes, 30 seconds
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Live from D-Congress 2022: The Opti-Channel Leaders

For years we’ve talked about the power of omnichannel retail – the seamless combination of digital and physical touch points to deliver a flawless commerce experience. But for this guest, it might be time to change the narrative, and shift from an omni-experience to an opti-experience. One where continuous optimisation to serve the needs of consumers takes centre stage. When the digital boom took retailers (and their customers) online, we all know that the raison d’être of the physical store changed, but for Swedish Electronics retailer NetonNet, their physical presence has remained their secret weapon. Founded in 1999, NetOnNet was awarded the best Nordic company in Omnichannel by Google, and they are widely noted as the European leader in Omnichannel. To find out more about their strategy, and the opportunities and challenges they have been presented with along the way, we're delighted to be joined by CEO, Susanne Holmstrom
7/12/202231 minutes, 14 seconds
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Live from D-Congress 2022: Composable Commerce

We’re recording this conversation at D Congress 2022 so what better time and place then to discuss the latest updates in the commerce space. We're joined by SVP, technology, Casper Rasmussen to delve into topics including composable commerce, the digital enterprise and why your commerce offering needs to be about more than just selling... From D2C strategies to services over products, there’s lots to cover...
6/29/202224 minutes, 11 seconds
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Live from D-Congress 2022: The Innovation Drivers

We hear more and more about the benefits of innovation labs within companies; the opportunity to ideate, test and prepare new releases for the wider organisation in a structured way is becoming increasingly commonplace, and it’s no different for the team at the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab. To set some context for this conversation, the Volvo Group has recently announced that 50% of future revenue should come from services – that opens some exciting doors for an innovation team looking to identify new opportunities. In this live episode from D-Congress, we're joined by Malin Jöhncke, Principal Innovation Manager, and Ronja Roupé, Senior Service Designer to find out how they are uncovering the latest and greatest advancements in the industry; from new techs to new ways of working, to ensure that the Volvo Group is perfectly positioned for the future.
6/13/202228 minutes, 24 seconds
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Live from D-Congress 2022: The Digital Differentiator

Since the company’s foundation in 1989, entrepreneurship, expertise and a passion for gardening have driven Blomsterlandet to become Sweden’s largest retailer of flowers and plants. Now with 61 stores across the country and a strong brand within the industry they are continuing to push ahead with new ways of engaging their customers and propelling their brand forward. The latest advancement in that innovative journey is in the creation of their live shopping offering – which we’ll talk about today – and their shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online services. We cover the ins and outs of that new development, but we’ll also look back at their general transformation story, to catch up on progress and uncover the successes and pitfalls along the way. We were delighted to be joined by Tirdad Zadeh, E-Commerce manager at Blomsterlandet to take us through the finer details
6/2/202232 minutes
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Live from D-Congress 2022: The Dolby Experience

In this live episode from D-Congress, we're joined by SVP, Technology Casper Rasmussen as he takes us through the incredible story of Dolby's transformation from ingredient to experience brand. Find out how what started out as a digital update quickly developed into full scale business transformation; from teams to technology, the Dolby experience has never been so exciting.
5/18/202233 minutes, 55 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Think Big, Start Small: How to make innovation work

We all know what it means to be innovative or to innovate. But how do you turn innovation into lasting results? How can you prove the impact in the short and long term, and how do you make sure that you’re putting your proverbial eggs in the right basket? In this conversation, we're joined by Line Lyst, Chief Entrepreneur at GN Group. GN facilitates communication between people through intelligent hearing, audio, video and gaming technology and is driven by a passion for innovation.
5/4/202227 minutes, 40 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Focusing on Sustainability

Throughout this series we’ve heard from brands who are putting sustainability at the centre of their agendas. No longer deemed as something that can be tackled in a few years’ time, we are all acutely aware of the need to act today to reduce our carbon footprint and help to reverse the damage happening to our planet. In recent times people have become more conscious of the impact that our online activity is having – yet at the same time we are continuing to move more processes, experiences and activities online. Ironic then you might say that a digital agency is facilitating this conversation, but as this conversation highlights, there are options at hand to make an impact here too. We're joined by experts from Valtech to discuss the challenge we’re facing and the tools and approaches we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint and make the right choices for our customers and the users who interact with them.
4/21/202232 minutes, 19 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Digital-first Customer Centricity

In this podcast you'll hear about bravery in the face of uncertainty... An embracing of inevitable change and the case for storytelling as a powerful mechanism for innovation. We learn about how a hybrid skillset makes for a unique bilingual advantage in digital transformation in mulitple Canadian markets. In the case of Dan Dickinson, EVP of Technology and Digital at one of Canada's largest wine producers, Arterra Wines Canada, those 2 languages are business and technology. Both passed through a lens of digital-first customer centricity.
4/13/202230 minutes, 57 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Saving Lives with Data

We talk regularly about the impact of data – and indeed in this series we’ve already interviewed clients and experts to talk about the collection and application of data insights to drive value. But what about when the value of data isn’t just based in new revenue opportunities, but instead is acting as primary source of information for citizens in the midst of a global health crisis. That’s the basis of this conversation with Therese Kjellerup Thorstholm, User Consultant from Together, we discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding health data, and how the last few years have shifted our expectations around the access to - and utilisation of - our own health data.
4/6/202228 minutes, 35 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Banking without Banks

Is modern banking fit for the modern age….? Is technology innovation alone enough to make the difference consumers need to see? Those are the questions that we delve into in our conversation today. Whether it’s a need for banking without borders (physical or otherwise…), or perhaps a way to engage a new kind of talent in wanting to join the industry, there is lots to consider as we look at the future of banking in the context of transformation. We're joined by Bill Ashlok, Chief Technology Officer at Securrency, a financial markets infrastructure tech company focused on enhancing capital formation and stimulating global liquidity, and Sandro Tarchini, Industry lead for Finance across EMEA at Valtech to discuss it all in more detail.
3/23/202237 minutes, 37 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Connecting with the Luxury Client

We often talk of the vital impact and importance of the customer experience within retail, but for luxury retail in particular, the customer experience is more complex. Steeped in heritage, it’s an industry that has historically relied on 1-1 relationships, first name terms and in-store sales. How then does the industry keep pace with the digital age – one in which consumer demands are forever changed. How can the experience extend beyond the purchase, and what does the future really look like for those luxury brands seeking relevancy with their changing target audience? In this podcast, we’ll have front row seats to a conversation between 2 industry experts. Valtech’s EVP Retail, JC Hermann whose career has included roles such as EVP for Strategy and Digital Commerce at Tommy Hilfiger and Group Digital & e-Commerce director for European giant grocery retailer Carrefour. And Isabelle Aguerre, founder of Lux in Vivo, her consulting firm focused on client-centric, digital and sustainability transformations in the luxury industry. After a corporate career including roles as director of client strategy for Chanel, Director of Strategic Marketing and ecommerce for Balenciaga, and US director of strategic planning and CRM for Cartier.
3/15/202231 minutes, 46 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The Power of Change

How do you balance the power of influence with the risk of change? That was the question faced by P&G haircare brand Pantene when they realized their marketing heritage, made up of bouncy blow dries and perfect smiles, no longer resonated with their audience’s needs and wants. In today’s 43-minute conversation, we are joined by P&G’s Brand and Communications Director Helene Graffner, and Bernadette Hutson, Account Director at Valtech Radon, to talk about the challenges and opportunities of developing a successful inclusive and diverse campaign that drives social change on an often neglected community. Listen to learn more and read the entire case on our website:
3/10/202243 minutes, 25 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Breaking the Barriers of Diversity

Listed as one of the UK's Top Most Influential Women in Tech & an international multi-award winner for her services to Diversity & Inclusion in industry, Sheree is the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader at Valtech. Beginning her working life in Engineering gave Sheree first-hand experience of the problems she now works to fix. Her impressive career to date is complimented by the huge number of awards she has accumulated for services to Diversity & Inclusion in the tech industry in particular. Born in Sri Lanka, Sheree was adopted and raised in Ireland. With a keen interest in technology from an early age, she studied Comp Sci at Queen’s University, Belfast and went on to enjoy engineering roles within the public sector before taking the leap to lead the expansion of Global non-profit Women Who Code, which works to change the face of technology, and launched the group’s expansion across the UK, building remote teams and creating partnerships with organisations to create meaningful change in this work. A contributor at Forbes, Sheree is also the Author of "Demanding More"– a book which aims to teach readers about how deliberate exclusion has been in systems and society, so we can be purposefully and deliberately inclusive moving forward.
3/2/202226 minutes, 15 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The Social Revolution

This interview explores an unlikely catalyst for transformation within a traditional brand. Brands in the aerospace industry are not typically known for showing humanity in their digital marketing efforts, especially on social media channels, but Pratt & Whitney have been doing just that! Building more personality and expert-led conversations into their social marketing efforts, while empowering more of their people to connect directly with their customers. Streamlining their diverse social channels and global digital assets, while bringing more iterative and measurable insights to their digital marketing strategies, this is supercharged marketing! In this episode, we're joined by Christina Polaski, Senior Manager, Digital Platforms and Social Media at Pratt & Whitney.
2/22/202234 minutes, 27 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Reaching the Right Audience

This interview tackles the challenge of complexity within the digital sphere; how can you market a product of huge potential, to an audience who have relatively little understanding of its existence? From mobility, to construction to the energy sector, this is a technology and product that has huge sustainability impact but low brand awareness. Add into the equation that this all sits alongside an expansion of the digital marketing presence into the Chinese ecosystem, with the creation of a digital content hub and all of the complexities that exist within it CBMM | Niobium is the world’s leading supplier of Niobium products and technology. Fully integrated from the Brazil Araxá industrial plant to the final products to more than 40 countries/ global destination, CBMM also provides expert technical assistance to customers around the globe. In this episode we're joined by Mauricio Massano, Snr Marketing Analyst, CBMM, and Jessica Chen, External Communication - Marketing, CBMM.
2/17/202230 minutes, 39 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The Design Thinking Journey

What is design thinking and how can it help you to transform?  In this interview we speak to Claudia Böttcher - senior transformation consultant here at Valtech to help us answer those questions and to explain the concepts behind this human-centric approach. We’ll talk about how to embed design thinking into your organisation and the considerations you need to think about when embarking on a design thinking journey of your own. Wanna know more? Download our Design Thinking podcast:
2/8/202229 minutes, 4 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Mobility & Automotive Trends 2022

As we get underway with a new year, we’re looking ahead to the Mobility & Automotive trends that are going to be making their mark. Building on another year of exciting changes and updates for the industry, in this episode, we're joined by two of Valtech’s leading mobility experts – Denny Pezic and Norman Palmhof - to bring us up to speed with the changes and trends we’re set to see accelerating into 2022 and beyond. From electrification to new market entrants, data to smart cities, we’ve got lots to cover!
1/27/202233 minutes, 54 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Creating the Connection

The value of a physical space to reach new customers isn’t simply the realm of retailers. For this guest, their physical presence at global conferences was a strategic part of their business. When covid forced us all into isolation, this leading brand needed to come up with a new solution for getting in front of their target audience, fast. In this episode, we speak to Betina Strøm Rohde, Associate Director Multichannel Customer Engagement from leading global healthcare company, Novo Nordisk. Together, we discuss the route they took to recovery, and how they are taking those learnings into the future.
1/18/202224 minutes, 34 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The Data Dimension

With the ambition to deliver the best possible experiences for their users (and derive new revenue opportunities for themselves in the process), brands are understandably turning to their data to look for the answers. But, to deliver the experiences that add the most value requires a genuine understanding of your customer data. As we scale to new heights in connected, omnichannel offerings, we are only adding to the complexity that brands need to deal with. So, how can we make sense of the data we’re collecting? How can we derive value from it today, and how can we use those insights to plan for tomorrow, too? In this episode, we're joined by John Allen, Head of Data and Analytics Product Strategy, Cloud and Platform Technology, Global Investment Bank, and Per Rasmussen, Managing Director, Commercial Strategy & Data Transformation, Valtech.
1/12/202240 minutes, 49 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The End of the Replatforming Cycle

Microservices, APIs, Cloud and Headless techs make up the MACH acronym that is becoming synonymous with future-fit, flexible and responsive architectures with the ability to unlock value across the business. In this episode we're joined by Pascal Lagarde and Casper Rasmussen to explain why the dawn of the composable enterprise could herald the end of the Replatforming cycle, once and for all.
1/6/202234 minutes
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Transformation Stories: Finding Opportunity in a Crisis

Can there always be an opportunity in a crisis? For some, it’s easier to find than for others, but in this conversation we find out how one of the airline industry’s best known brands used the onset of covid to reassess their digital ambitions and create new ways of working for the future. In this episode we talk to Charlotte Svensson, EVP & CIO at Scandinavian Airlines
12/10/202128 minutes, 6 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Learning from Experience

To embed change in any organisation is a complex feat – but a step by step approach to proving success, can go some way to easing the challenge. From delivering digital companion apps, to connected healthcare products and a new commerce offering, this guest has had to transform by doing; showing that things don’t always have to be perfect first time around, and that what you can learn from quick releases, sets you up to deliver better solutions in the long term.   Mette Worsøe, Global Senior Director, Digital Customer Solutions at Coloplast has been instrumental in shaping new approaches for the digital business, and is responsible for the development of their customer facing digital solutions covering country websites in more than 40 markets and running cross functional teams often with more than 40 releases per year.
12/10/202121 minutes, 12 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Building the Future

As a leader in advanced pump solutions, Grundfos has a keen focus on sustainability and the environment. To them sustainability is a mind-set and a way to do business. It’s about bringing value to the world, their clients and their employees in the most sustainable way. To tell us what that looks like in reality, and how digital is playing a part, we're joined once again by Jesper Olesen, Group Senior Director, Digital & Customer Excellence at Grundfos to catch up on the last year and to get up to speed with their impressive ambitions.
12/10/202128 minutes, 45 seconds
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Transformation Stories: The Pet-Centric Experience

What do we mean by the Economics of Mutuality? For Royal Canin, it’s the outline of their business model. Setting goals around multiple forms of capital: Financial, Human, Natural and Social. It’s how they strive to live their purpose: A Better World for Pets. In this interview we're joined by Pierre-Charles Parsy, Chief Digital Officer at the pet health-through-nutrition company. Pierre-Charles has led the digital transformation for the brand, delivering on what he calls a pet-centric experience and instilling technical and cultural change across the business. Today, we’ll discuss the impact of that transformation, the elements that have enabled it’s success as well as their future ambitions.
12/10/202137 minutes
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Transformation Stories: Enabling Freedom

80% of Scandinavians say that they like to use a condom when they have sex with someone new. Only 50% make it happen. That’s the very unique challenge that Anette Otterström, Communication & Brand Manager Nordic at RFSU AB and Frida Karlsson, Business Director at Valtech_Radon set out to remedy. In fact, they set out to close what would become known as the condom gap. Together we’ll uncover the details of one of the most memorable pieces of marketing from the last couple of years.
12/10/202127 minutes, 54 seconds
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Transformation Stories: Fully Immersive Finance

It’s commonplace now for brands to talk about the combination of the physical and the digital - creating those borderless experiences that make interacting with a brand frictionless. But what if we could take that connected experience a few steps further, and send users right into the centre of a fully immersive, intelligent environment. The meeting of the physical works with augmented or virtual worlds within a single shared space. Enter the Metaverse, the latest offering on the tips of digital-industry tongues in this conversation with Lydia Livingston, Creative Director, Valtech and Sandro Tarchini, Finance Industry Lead, EMEA, Valtech
12/10/202132 minutes, 29 seconds
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Commoditization in Context: A discussion with commercetools

In this episode we uncover the realities of commoditized technologies and discuss how to unlock the real value from your products. We take a look at the core challenges facing B2C businesses today, the impact of the more commonly known ‘composable architectures’ and what commoditization means for the companies building the best new products on the market. Join this conversation between Dirk Hoerig, CEO, commercetools & Pascal Lagarde, SVP Commerce, Valtech.
6/29/202140 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Enterprise Evolution: A conversation with Sitecore

Listen to the details around Sitecore’s latest acquisitions - and what those changes mean for businesses - and, more generally how we’re seeing enterprises reorganising their tech stacks to help them solve modern business challenges. Join the conversation between Tom de Ridder, CTO, Sitecore & Auke van Urk, CTO, Valtech.
6/24/202117 minutes, 24 seconds
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Connected Experiences: Bridging The Experience Gap

The consumer mindset has changed, yet we intuitively know that consumers have a desire to get back to something that feels normal. That’s why in this series of episodes, we’re looking at The Future Buying Journey. In this episode we talk to Line Tousignant, VP Strategy & Experience, about the changing customer experience in retail, with a particular focus on the adaptations we're seeing across the luxury sector. Line discusses the latest innovations, the nuances of the luxury customer experience, and how you can apply digital to enhance luxury expectations even further.
5/21/202130 minutes, 36 seconds
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Connected Experiences: Exploring Business Transformation

The consumer mindset has changed, yet we intuitively know that consumers have a desire to get back to something that feels normal. That’s why in this series of episodes, we’re looking at The Future Buying Journey. In this episode we talk to Tina Dejan, Co-Director of the Valtech Future Studio. In this episode she brings us all up to speed on what we actually mean by business transformation, why businesses do indeed need to transform, and why we've created the Valtech Future Studio to help businesses to meet their future ambitions. Don't just imagine the future, build it!
5/21/202129 minutes, 6 seconds
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Connected Experiences: Embracing Meaningful Interactions

The consumer mindset has changed, yet we intuitively know that consumers have a desire to get back to something that feels normal. That’s why in this series of episodes, we’re looking at The Future Buying Journey. In this episode we talk to Matt Morey, SVP of Technology, about how technology will change the way we interact with brands. We talk about the lifetime value of products, why retail should be about finding the best, not the cheapest and how we can mimic physical experiences in the digital space in a more meaningful way. We get to grips with the realities of AR and VR and cut through the noise to find out what's really worth investing in.
4/25/202131 minutes, 48 seconds
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Connected Experiences: Understanding the Friction

The consumer mindset has changed, yet we intuitively know that consumers have a desire to get back to something that feels normal. That’s why in this series of episodes, we’re looking at The Future Buying Journey. In this episode we talk to Jeremy Duimstra, SVP Connected Experiences, about identifying the real pleasure in retail, finding out whether consumers are really ready for all of these innovations (and if so, how can we secure adoption rates!?), what we mean by a dynamic store and, we ask whether brands should be innovators or 'watch and see-ers' to avoid those expensive mistakes. Conversations with Jeremy will always leave you wanting to know more, and this is no exception. Enjoy!
4/25/202131 minutes, 40 seconds
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Connected Experiences: Discovering The Third Space

The consumer mindset has changed, yet we intuitively know that consumers have a desire to get back to something that feels normal. That’s why in this series of episodes, we’re looking at The Future Buying Journey. In this episode we talk to Shannon Ryan, EVP Valtech North America, about how the pandemic has changed B2C customer behaviour and the trends that are going to stick around for the long term. We look at the influence of influencers, how to create a real connection and making the store about more than just fulfilling a transaction.
4/25/202136 minutes, 37 seconds
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The International Women's Day series: 'Pay It Forward'

In the final episode of our International Women's Day series, we're looking at how to pay it forward: How can we take what we've learnt and use that to inspire, support and promote the future generations of women in our industry and beyond.
3/21/202136 minutes, 23 seconds
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The International Women's Day series: 'How To Thrive'

In the second episode of our International Women's Day series, we investigate what it takes to thrive, not just at work, but in your personal life too.
3/14/202132 minutes, 3 seconds
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The International Women's Day series: 'What we See'

In the first episode of our International Women's Day series, we take a look at the current state of our industry and the impact that recent events have had on our personal and working lives.
3/7/202131 minutes, 46 seconds
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25 of 25 – Freek Bijl, Liking what you See in the Mirror?

Valtech’s Group Chief Strategy Officer reflects on a year like no others. From work-life balance to inclusion and diversity, the curveballs thrown this year may have opened our eyes and paved the way for some needed changes.
12/22/202018 minutes, 9 seconds
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24 of 25 – Hitachi ABB, Launching a Carve-Out

How much can you actually get done in less than 6 months? Well, you can establish the entire digital reality for a new business: From brand, to content, on to website, social channels, intranet – everything. Learn how Hitachi ABB Power Grids managed it all:
12/22/202014 minutes, 25 seconds
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23 of 25 – MSU, Digital Imposter Syndrome

Could you, personally, handle a digital transformation? With digital innovations and impressive transformations shown left and right, it's hard not to feel light-years behind. Carmen Crist shares the insecurities MSU experienced and how they conquered them, reminding us all that most transformations start by crawling.
12/22/202020 minutes, 15 seconds
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22 of 25 – DfT, Digitally Transforming Public Services

Combining the agile approach with a stern focus on user research and digital enablement, UK's Department of Transport managed to turn one of their most complained about services into an award-winning digital experience. They saved local authorities millions of euros and bettered the lives of citizens, but they're not stopping there. Get inspired:
12/22/202020 minutes, 42 seconds
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21 of 25 – Coloplast, Digitally Enabling the End User

As strange as it may sound, the fax machine is still a massive part of the ecosystem for healthcare professionals worldwide! Determined to remove the unnecessary friction for healthcare professionals, Coloplast went up against the machine, and against all legacy odds, they won! Learn why they picked that fight and how they won.
12/18/202018 minutes, 41 seconds
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20 of 25 - Adapting Retail to the new Reality

We all know COVID19 changed the reality for retail. But was it the final blow to brick & mortar stores, or is it rather the perfect timing to capitalise on the benefits of physical stores? Get our retail expert’s perspectives and insights on which trends and paths retailers should explore.
12/18/202018 minutes, 3 seconds
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19 of 25 – Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Digital Landscape

You may not be aware, but the carbon emissions from our internet usage globally, is directly comparable to those of the airline industry. We can and we will do better. And it all starts with education, which we’re happy to provide: Insights on the problem as well as the solutions. Enjoy! “Don't just go with the flow, but actually understand the stuff that you're doing.”
12/18/202021 minutes, 18 seconds
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18 of 25 – Alcon, Harnessing Digital Opportunities

Know when to cut your losses and when to invest more time in your pilots. That’s one of many learnings from Alcon’s ongoing digital transformation shared in this podcast. Get inspired by an industry leader who manages to evolve through trial and error.
12/17/202019 minutes, 51 seconds
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17 of 25 – BMW, Keeping Up with Change

Buy extra horsepower as you see the mountains approaching, or take a nap while driving to work? The digital transformations at BMW never stop. Learn how BMW continue to transform their organisation, products, services and not least the experiences they provide their customers.
12/16/202022 minutes, 41 seconds
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16 of 25 – Valyo, Challenging the Institutions in Finance

This is the story of a man who had a bad experience and turned it into a business. He's the CEO of Valyo, a company that turned bond-trading upside down by digitalizing the process, and thereby dared to challenge the giants in the Financial sector. Learn how and why he did it.
12/15/202018 minutes, 59 seconds
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15 of 25 – LNER, Innovating beyond Rails

LNER made the most of the pandemic and accelerated their plans for innovations from their blueprint. Learn how digital is now a part of almost all departments, what they’ve done and what you can expect from future train rides.
12/14/202019 minutes, 29 seconds
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14 of 25 – Wonderful Copenhagen, Sustainable Tourism before and after the Pandemic

Tourism in 2020 was an entirely new ball game. Get inspired by Wonderful Copenhagen’s approach, as they focused on sustaining their product – Copenhagen – while also preparing to digitally enable a more purpose-led travel trend.
12/13/202019 minutes, 28 seconds
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13 of 25 – Health, and Human to Business Transformation

Are we standing in front of a reformation of the health care system? Our esteemed health expert and proclaimed futurist, Rasmus Rask, shares his thoughts on a future where commercial players play a bigger role in global health.
12/11/202019 minutes, 8 seconds
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12 of 25 – Creative Services in a Pandemic

From one day to the next creators had to rethink how they produce original content. So what did that shift do? Our Creative Director, Roxana, provides her insights to the changed reality of the creatives.
12/11/202018 minutes, 55 seconds
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11 of 25 – MACH, the New Digital Buzz

What is this MACH everyone is talking about? Our expert answers all the fundamental questions like what it is, who stands to benefit from it and why it’s such a hot topic. It’s definitely here to stay, so you should get acquainted with it sooner rather than later.
12/10/202018 minutes, 21 seconds
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10 of 25 – Sika, Global Roll-Out during a Pandemic

A global roll-out of more than 100 websites is stressful enough – imagine adding a global pandemic to the mix. It might seem like unfortunate timing, but for Sika it may have been an advantage. Listen to their experience:
12/9/202027 minutes, 3 seconds
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9 of 25 – Telia, Data-Driven Enterprise Approach

Are you acting on data or gut feelings? While being data-driven seems daunting for many, it’s a matter of survival, if you ask Christian. Dedicated to the magic of data and with loads of experience, Christian shares his valuable insights.
12/8/202020 minutes, 39 seconds
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8 of 25 – Toyota, Adapting Automotive to the Digital Age

What meaning will a car have in the future? Listen to Alessio Becattini's insights from the ever-evolving automotive industry, and prepare yourself to be baffled by his notion of a 'car' in the future.
12/7/202022 minutes, 10 seconds
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7 of 25 – Novo Nordisk, Life Changing Digital Transformation

When your customers make up almost half the world’s diabetics, how you choose to engage with them is crucial. An important part of Novo Nordisk’s digital transformation was moving from a purely B2B business, to adding a B2C approach, engaging directly with patients through digital means. Learn how they did it and how it changes lives.
12/6/202018 minutes, 37 seconds
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6 of 25 – Valtech, Luxury Experiences

When all brands are forced to move in the same direction, how do you differentiate your customers’ experience? Having advised some of the biggest luxury brands out there, Line's answer is not one to be missed, so enjoy!
12/4/202020 minutes, 9 seconds
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5 of 25 – Valtech Mobility, Mobility Trends 2021

The Managing Director of our joint venture with Audi, provides a glimpse into the past, present and future of automobiles. Today a car has more software in it than a Boeing Dreamliner, so what can and should you expect from the industry going forward?
12/4/202019 minutes, 35 seconds
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4 of 25 – Valtech, Connected Experiences

Is there any room left for brick & mortar stores? Being the mastermind behind innovative products and experiences for clients like Disney and Levi's, Jeremy provides answers to this question, and they are not to be missed.
12/3/202022 minutes, 39 seconds
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3 of 25 – Wavin, Purpose-led B2B

What does it entail when a business decides to become purpose-led? Wavin invites us on their journey, sharing their insights spanning from organizational anchoring to marketing translations. Enjoy!
12/2/202023 minutes, 30 seconds
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2 of 25 - L'Oréal, Managing a Website Factory

What is a Website Factory and how do you make an entire organisation adopt the new ways of working that comes with it? Anne Guichard, L'Oréal's Global Chief eCommerce knows the ins and outs, having been responsible for exactly that for the entire L'Oréal organisation. Listen and learn.
12/1/202023 minutes, 49 seconds
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1 of 25 - Grundfos, Organizational Change in Digital Transformations

Sharing the learnings and insights from Grundfos' massive Digital Transformation, their Group Senior Director for Digital Customer Excellence also provides 5 specific areas of focus, you should be aware of when embarking on a transformation journey. Enjoy!
11/30/202028 minutes
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Teaser - 25 Days of Digital Transformation

Stay updated on the latest and greatest in digital with our brand new Podcast series "25 Days of Digital Transformation" featuring clients and experts. We give you 25 podcasts, 20 minutes each. Subscribe to stay up to date from 1st December!
11/26/20201 minute, 4 seconds
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S2 E3: The agile way of working in the low-touch economy

In this episode, Olivier Bras, Director Agile Practices at Valtech, and Queeny Rajkowski, Head of Valtech Academy, explain what they have seen as positive and negative effects for agile teams of working together, apart. Using examples from Valtech, they illustrate how to boost employee happiness and team productivity. They explain how an increased usage of digital tools and creativity, supports working remotely successfully and how this crisis opens up new windows of opportunity. This episode provides you hands-on tips to remain successful now and in the unknown future.
9/23/202016 minutes, 29 seconds
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S2 E2: Why Design Systems matter

Designing at scale with different and always-changing resources can be complex to manage. Design systems allow brands to set a single source of truth in terms of design, helping lots of people from content creators to UX designers. What are the perks of creating a design system? How building a structure can help brands to be more creative? In this episode, Roxana Brongo and Lina Zarate, respectively Creative Lead and Digital Strategist at Valtech Montreal, explore how design systems can help brands be more efficient and what it means for the future of technology.
2/28/202011 minutes, 19 seconds
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S2 E1: Reimagining shopping experiences

How do brands bridge business challenges with customer needs through tech and creativity? In this episode, our experts discuss what great brands are aspiring to do to conceive great shopping experiences. Shopping beyond buying, customer experience as the brand, and technology as an expression of imagination are the 3 key pillars explored by Daniel Grisgby, Creative Technologist, François Haguel, VP Consulting Services and Lina Zarate, Digital Strategist. Don’t miss this episode that also provides some insights into the latest tech and trends featured at NRF 2020 in New York, one of the largest retail conferences.
1/29/202027 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 12: Personalization, the key to great customer experience

How important is personalization for brands and marketing - communications teams? How can companies integrate these practices into their own activities? In order to share some insights on this subject, discover our last podcast on personalization with Gabriel Coder, product owner and Lina Zarate, digital strategist.
12/12/201919 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 11: Les enjeux du design inclusif

Camille Rubeillon, lead UX et Anne-Marie Lavoie, designer UX, démystifient le design inclusif. Dans cet épisode, seront abordés les enjeux de designer des expériences utilisateurs universelles en prenant en considération les aspects de diversification et de collaboration. Comment concevoir des expériences utiles à tous, sans pour autant en diluer la saveur? Camille et Anne-Marie vous partagent leurs réflexions sur le sujet! Bonne écoute Partagez votre avis sur notre page Facebook Valtech Canada :
11/20/201917 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 10: The Automotive & Mobility Industry

Listen to this quick discussion with our mobility & automotive expert. He shares his vision for this industry and how we need to pay more attention to it as it will shape our lives and cities. Share your comments and feedback on our Facebook page Valtech Canada:
10/22/20198 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 9: Community Management as a science

Community management is no longer just a one person job. Companies that want to excel on social media to increase engagement rates need to have cross-disciplinary community management teams to integrate different layers of analysis and input. By unlocking the power of data, companies can optimize community management to significantly improve their marketing. Explore this new perspective in our latest podcast. Our articles about this subject: Part 1: Part 2: Share your comments and feedback on our Facebook page Valtech Canada:
9/23/201919 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 8: Digital China

In this episode we discuss the importance of understanding the Chinese customer and market as it becomes more and more appealing to foreign retailers. Our experts share best practices and key steps to enter the market: build brand awareness on Chinese social media, understand the Chinese digital marketplace, and install mobile payment solutions like Alipay and WeChat payment to your Chinese consumers. Share your comments and feedback on our Facebook page Valtech Canada:
6/4/201924 minutes, 43 seconds
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Épisode 7: Tests utilisateurs

Marie Boubet et Anne-Marie Lavoie, designers UX de notre bureau de Montréal, démystifient les tests utilisateurs. Dans cet épisode, elles mettent toutes deux l’emphase sur l’importance de ces tests pour toute entreprise avec une culture centrée client. En effet, inclure ses clients à travers des tests permet de comprendre leurs attentes et besoins et donc de pouvoir y répondre adéquatement et assurer une bonne expérience utilisateur. Découvrez nos expertes et leur vision commune du UX dans ce 7ème épisode de Valtech Café. Bonne écoute!
4/30/201924 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 6: Branding Experience

Le premier contact des consommateurs avec une marque ou entreprise se passe majoritairement sur mobile. C’est pourquoi il faut penser d’abord numérique dans la construction de son brand avec une approche « digital first ». La présence numérique d’une entreprise est essentielle et déterminante. Et cela apporte des nouveaux défis aux marques pour se positionner de façon pertinente pour ses clients. Écoutez et découvrez les conseils de Roxana notre lead création et Catherine notre lead CX pour intégrer cette approche du « digital first » au sein de de votre pratique de branding. Bonne écoute! Nos articles sur le sujet: - Les étapes majeures dans la création d’une marque:…tiondunemarqueValtech - Le BX de Valtech: - L’approche «digital first»:
3/15/201919 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 5: NRF 2019 - Retail Trends

What do retailers need to have on their radar this year? Jean-Christophe Hermann, EVP Retail for Valtech, shares his insights about NRF 2019, his top trends in retail and provides an Amazon update. Learn how advance analytics and mobile centric experiences are taking center stage.
2/4/201934 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 4: Tech trends in media

What are some the tech trends in media that we can’t ignore in 2019 and the coming years? Damien Lefebvre, president of Valtech Montreal, discusses his top trends: no interface and 3D experiences. Audiences are ready for new content formats which can help brands and publishers differentiate themselves in their own industries. Share your thoughts with us through Facebook: Thank you for listening!
1/11/201916 minutes, 55 seconds
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Épisode 3: Agilité

Bien plus qu’un changement structurel et de méthodologie, expérimenter l’agile pousse les entreprises à s’engager dans une profonde transformation culturelle. L’agilité est cruciale pour livrer un produit avec de la valeur et une utilité pour vos clients. Comment déployer l’agile dans votre organisation ? Quels sont les facteurs clés de succès ? Pour discuter et répondre à ces défis Xavier Renaudin, notre expert en agilité et Martin Lapointe, coach agile, partagent dans ce podcast leurs bonnes pratiques et expériences terrain pour déployer l’agile au sein de vos organisations. Bonne écoute! Pour en savoir plus à ce sujet contactez notre expert: [email protected]
5/29/201827 minutes, 28 seconds
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Podcast - Customer Journey Mapping 101

Want an inside perspective on how large companies are using customer journey mapping? Listen to our podcast for tips from a pro, Mathieu Paradis, Senior Director of Customer Experience Design at the National Bank of Canada. Led by our VP of Strategy and Design, Anastasia Simitsis, the podcast will address the challenges large organizations face on their road to customer-centric transformation.
4/2/201829 minutes, 6 seconds
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Épisode 2: Parcours Client

Le terme CX dérivé de l'anglais, Customer Experience, se rapporte à une approche « Customer Centric » qui vise à améliorer l'expérience client tout au long de son parcours avec une marque. Comment son application peut aider une entreprise à se recentrer sur son client? Pourquoi est-il important aujourd’hui d’investir dans le CX? Notre deuxième épisode Valtech Café répondra à ses questions et bien plus. Avec Mathieu Paradis, Directeur Principal Design de l’Expérience Client, BNC et Anastasia Simitsis, VP Stratégie et Design d'expérience, Valtech Canada
3/29/201832 minutes, 15 seconds
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Épisode 1: Marketing Relationnel

Quels sont les enjeux pour produire un contenu pertinent et le distribuer à la bonne personne, via le bon canal et avec le bon ton? Comment réussir à mesurer son ROI et justifier ses investissement en contenu? Notre premier épisode répondra à ces questions et mettra en lumière plusieurs marques investissant dans la création de contenu original et authentique. Leur objectif : bâtir une relation solide, personnalisée et de longue durée avec leurs clients.
2/13/201830 minutes, 13 seconds