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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.
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Former mayor Richard Berkley 'always had Kansas City's best interests in mind'

Richard Berkley, who served as Kansas City mayor from 1979 until 1991, died Wednesday at the age of 92. Berkley was the longest-serving and first Jewish mayor of Kansas City.
30/11/20239 minutes 29 seconds
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'Let Us Prey' docuseries highlights abuse at Circle of Hope and Agape Boarding School in Missouri

Part of the Investigation Discovery series, which examines abusive practices in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, highlights two cases at religious schools in southwest Missouri. The docuseries is now streaming on Max.
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A Missouri Republican and Kansas Democrat team up to help veterans become business owners

The SERV Act, co-sponsored by Kansas City-area Reps. Sharice Davids (D-Kansas) and Mark Alford (R-Missouri), will study the challenges to service members starting a business. The legislation passed the U.S. House with bipartisan support.
29/11/202311 minutes 44 seconds
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A new play about Wyandot activist Lyda Conley will make its world premiere at KCRep

Lyda Conley became the first Indigenous woman to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court in her efforts to protect a sacred Native cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas. A new play by Wyandotte playwright Madeline Easley is bringing Conley's story to the stage.
28/11/202322 minutes 6 seconds
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2024 looks to be a presidential election rematch — with Donald Trump on a mission of 'vengeance'

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele and David Axelrod, former chief strategist for Barack Obama's presidential campaigns, both say the country is headed toward a Trump vs. Biden rematch.
28/11/202329 minutes 19 seconds
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Kansas students travel the country to build social bridges with people from different backgrounds

Kansas high school students are taking part in an exchange program that doesn't send them to a foreign country but instead sends them to a "foreign" town in the U.S., somewhere different from where they've grown up.
27/11/202321 minutes 54 seconds
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How the Mid-America Regional Council is fostering climate justice efforts in Kansas City

Environmental justice efforts have gained renewed relevance as a result of unprecedented funding offered by the Biden administration. Tom Jacobs of the Mid-America Regional Council is working to bring that funding to Kansas City.
25/11/202311 minutes 58 seconds
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Kansas City wants to hear from the community about building a new city jail

Kansas City Council member Crispin Rea is the chair of a committee looking for community input on how to move forward with a new city jail. Engagement sessions will be held in the coming weeks so that residents can share their thoughts.
24/11/202314 minutes 42 seconds
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Two nonprofits got a $1.2 million grant to address Kansas City food insecurity

With more than 180,000 Kansas Citians facing food insecurity, GreenLight Fund Kansas City is investing $1.2 million into two nonprofits in an effort to reduce the barriers to equitable food access.
23/11/202323 minutes 4 seconds
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Chiefs and Royals could move to Kansas if stadium talks fail, Jackson County lawmaker warns

Reports have emerged that a site in Kansas City's Crossroads is being considered for a Royals stadium, but is time running out to make a deal? Jackson County Legislator Manny Abarca IV told KCUR’s Up To Date that both the Royals and Chiefs are making "serious considerations for a move to the Kansas side."
22/11/202316 minutes 47 seconds
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Need help navigating tough family conversations on Thanksgiving? Here are some tips

Holiday gatherings are joyful for many, but for some, they can be contentious or difficult. Dr. Wes Crenshaw, a family psychologist in Lawrence, weighs in on how to deal with heated discussions and awkward questions at the dinner table.
22/11/202321 minutes 35 seconds
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Suburbs in south Kansas City want the Missouri legislature to help kill a landfill project

The city of Raymore has been battling a proposed landfill on its northern border for more than a year now. Mayor Kris Turnbow, along with other leaders in the area, have been pushing for legislation in the Missouri General Assembly to stop the project before it begins.
21/11/202313 minutes 46 seconds
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Hosting this Thanksgiving? A Kansas City butcher, chef and home cook have tips

With the hopes of making your Thanksgiving even the tiniest bit easier, KCUR's Up To Date asked local food experts and enthusiasts how to cook and host a delicious holiday meal, big or small.
20/11/202323 minutes 22 seconds
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Kansas City's new airport will have a busy first Thanksgiving travel week. Here's what to know

The new terminal at Kansas City International Airport has been operating since February, but this upcoming week might just be the busiest stretch of travel it has seen since opening.
20/11/202313 minutes 18 seconds
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Kansas City, Kansas, has a new strategic plan for balancing development and history

Following a series of listening sessions with community members, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas has developed a new comprehensive strategy called PlanKCK to achieve equitable growth and development while preserving and building upon the city's unique history.
19/11/202316 minutes 8 seconds
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Author Marc Myers details the origin of a hit song from Missouri native Sheryl Crow

Author Marc Myers had added more songs to his book "Anatomy of 55 More Songs: The Oral History of Top Hits That Changed Rock, Pop and Soul." The book includes the breakup story that Grammy-winning Missouri native Sheryl Crow sings about in her hit song "If It Makes You Happy."
18/11/202326 minutes 45 seconds
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Hungry for 'braised urban squirrel'? A Lawrence, Kansas, cook-off will star wild foods

Ingredients from the Kansas outdoors — including wild game and foraged produce — will be featured in the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks' first-ever Wild Foods Cook-Off. The event will take place Sunday, Nov. 19 at Baker University Wetlands Discovery Center in Lawrence.
17/11/202314 minutes 51 seconds
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Kansas City Chiefs will honor Native groups at their next game. Advocates say that's not enough

Kansas City Indian Center and the Not in Our Honor Coalition will protest Monday's game at Arrowhead Stadium over the Chiefs' name and appropriation of Native imagery. The Indigenous-led groups have called for these changes for decades, and they have no plans to stop.
17/11/202318 minutes 21 seconds
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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver says he won't sign resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who represents Missouri's 5th congressional district that includes Kansas City, says he isn't confident that the "Ceasefire Now" resolution — sponsored by Rep. Cori Bush — will lead to any concrete results in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
16/11/202322 minutes 13 seconds
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Oscar-winning cinematographer Sir Roger Deakins is coming to Kansas City

Cinematographer Sir Roger Deakins, who has won two Academy Awards for his work on "1917" and "Blade Runner 2049," is coming to Kansas City with his wife and collaborator James Ellis Deakins for events at the Country Club Plaza and National World War I Museum and Memorial.
15/11/202329 minutes 40 seconds
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A new photo exhibit lifts up the faces and stories of Kansas City's unhoused residents

At the Kansas City Museum, a new exhibit organized by Kansas City nonprofit reStart Inc. shows photos, videos and stories by photographer Randy Bacon that capture the unexpected circumstances that led local residents to homelessness and the resilience that helps some find their way out.
15/11/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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Could a more walkable Plaza be in Kansas City's future?

As the Plaza enters its second century, stakeholders have plenty of ideas for how to address concerns about the shopping district. Among them is increasing walkability in the area, which could provide a stronger sense of community.
13/11/202330 minutes 43 seconds
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Ohioans passed an amendment to protect abortion rights. Missouri could follow in their footsteps.

After voters in Ohio on Nov. 7 approved an amendment that enshrined the right to an abortion into their state constitution, reproductive rights advocates in Missouri are working to follow suit.
10/11/202321 minutes 35 seconds
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At Kansas City's Kemper Museum, music and art converge in 'Sonic Sights' experience

The collaboration between Classical KC and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art highlights the connections between visual and aural art, and hopes to make the museum more interactive for visitors.
10/11/202312 minutes 39 seconds
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Kansas City's National WWI Museum and Memorial unveils major updates for Veterans Day

The main gallery updates are the most significant upgrade to the museum since it opened in 2006. The museum is offering free and discounted admission for Veterans Day.
10/11/202314 minutes 29 seconds
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This Kansas City nonprofit is giving veterans tools to cope with post-traumatic stress

An estimated 29% of military members who served Iraq and Afghanistan will experience post-traumatic stress during their life time. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to address the mental health condition but after trying multiple other methods, two Kansas veterans found healing through the Kansas City nonprofit Warriors' Ascent.
10/11/202322 minutes 33 seconds
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Missouri legalized recreational marijuana 1 year ago. What's happened since?

Statewide purchases of marijuana reached $950 million since Missouri began offering recreational sales in February, and the job market continues to grow. The state has also begun awarding microbusiness licenses. But it hasn't been all roses for the weed industry.
10/11/202312 minutes 46 seconds
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Johnson County politics are shifting left in a way that may surprise Kansans

Voters registered as Republicans still outnumber Democrats in Johnson County, but by much less than in 2010. Today, more than half of the county's state representatives today are Democrats — metrics that show the power of the local GOP may be softening.
09/11/202316 minutes 3 seconds
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Kansas City mayor blames Jackson County for 'bad faith negotiations' with Royals

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas says he's been frustrated by funding talks between Jackson County and the Royals that would bring the team a new downtown ballpark. While he says there is blame on both sides, he believes Jackson County has not negotiated in good faith in recent weeks.
09/11/202338 minutes 3 seconds
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Breaking down election results from Kansas City, Johnson County and Wyandotte County

Election Day 2023 featured several important races across the Kansas City area. Voters decided a number of mayoral, city council and school board races across Wyandotte and Johnson counties, and voters in Kansas City, Missouri, approved the continuation of a sales tax crucial to the public bus system.
08/11/202312 minutes 29 seconds
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Dating in Kansas City sucks — but these young people are doing something about that

Kansas City was recently ranked as the worst city in America for dating. The creators of "Meet in the Middle," an interactive dating show at The Bird Comedy Theater, say they're offering a space for Kansas Citians looking for love — or simply a good time — to put down their phones and meet in real life.
08/11/202316 minutes 19 seconds
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KU research shows climate change will worsen toxic algae blooms in lakes

Several Kansas lakes are currently under a health advisory due to toxic algae blooms. As temperatures rise, new research from the University of Kansas shows, these toxic water events are expected to worsen and spread to more northern states.
07/11/202315 minutes 38 seconds
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A Kansas City-area veteran will finally share photos from the Vietnam War, hidden for 55 years

While many soldiers carried rifles in Vietnam, Chip Osborn carried a camera, and was charged with leading a team of soldiers to capture images of the war. This Veterans Day, Osborn will share photos from his deployment at the National WWI Museum and Memorial.
07/11/202317 minutes 32 seconds
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Kansas City voters will decide the future of the bus system with sales tax vote

Kansas City voters will decide Tuesday on whether to renew a 3/8-cents sales tax that provides 30% of the KCATA's funding. If the tax is voted down, routes will be significantly cut and at least 100 workers will be let go.
06/11/20237 minutes 40 seconds
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Medicaid 'unwinding' has dropped thousands from health coverage in Kansas and Missouri

States were banned from removing people from Medicaid during the COVID-19 public health emergency unless a person moved, died or asked to be taken off. Now that the pandemic has been declared over, Missouri and Kansas have resumed checking eligibility — and the process has not been going well.
06/11/202327 minutes
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Abdul Hatimi's Yasmeen Cafe is a crossroads of cultures in Kansas City's Historic Northeast

The halal eatery, opened in 2018, features African and Mediterranean fare, and is a favorite to locals in search of a warm, filing meal. Hatimi says he uses traditional cooking methods.
05/11/20239 minutes 12 seconds
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Food recs: Kansas City’s best places to eat in the Historic Northeast

On Independence Avenue in the Historic Northeast, adventurous diners don’t have to leave Kansas City to get a taste of the world. Sip chai at Soma Cafe, taste dumplings at Afghan Market, and don’t forget to grab a Mexican pastry or tamale at Elvira’s Pasteleria y Panaderia.
04/11/202346 minutes 43 seconds
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Temporary memorials honor victims of violence and drugs in Kansas City's Latino community

The annual displays in the Kansas City area pays tribute to victims of gun violence, suicide and overdoses in the Latino community. Victims from both sides of the state line will be represented.
03/11/202311 minutes 46 seconds
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Prairie Village city council races revolve around re-zoning and affordable housing

The big question right now in Prairie Village, Kansas, is whether to adjust zoning laws in order to address the city's affordable housing problem. As that debate rages on in the Johnson County suburb, city council candidates on both sides of the issue have made it central to their platforms.
03/11/202316 minutes 24 seconds
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Kansas City is about to get colder and darker. Here's how to cope with seasonal depression

The clocks will "fall back" this weekend, and as the days get shorter and colder, it should be a priority to keep up your mental health. One Kansas City psychologist shares tips to lessen the effects of seasonal depression.
02/11/20239 minutes 45 seconds
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Kansas City women and queer filmmakers take 'A Seat At The Table' in new showcase

"A Seat at the Table," presented by the Kansas City Underground Film Festival, will feature the works of 12 local women and queer filmmakers.
02/11/202314 minutes 8 seconds
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Growing up in the digital age: Kansas City 13-year-olds discuss the effect of social media

Thirteen is a pivotal age. No longer just because the hormonal and physical changes the body is undergoing, but because in today's digital age, it's the benchmark to legally be allowed to join many social media platforms. Two Kansas City 13-year-olds share their perception of social media.
02/11/202327 minutes 25 seconds
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Having trouble talking to your child about war and violence? This psychologist has tips

Dr. Robin Gurwitch, a psychologist and professor at Duke University Medical Center, spoke with Up To Date about how to speak with kids and teens about violence around the world — and here at home.
30/10/202322 minutes 33 seconds
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Meet the candidates hoping to be Lenexa's next mayor

Lenexa is set to elect a new mayor for the first time in 20 years this November. Vying to replace him are two sitting members of the Lenexa City Council, Ward 1 councilmember Joe Karlin and Ward 4 councilmember Julie Sayers.
30/10/202323 minutes 38 seconds
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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have put Kansas City at 'the center of the universe'

Kansas City has gotten caught up in the mania over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's budding romance ever since the singer first came to watch the Chiefs play last month.
28/10/202313 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Decades after Kansas City launched her career, singer Marilyn Maye is still a 'life force'

At 95 years old, Kansas-born Marilyn Maye said she's singing "better than ever." The iconic performer was a regular fixture in Kansas City for decades, and this weekend she returns to the Folly Theater with the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra.
27/10/202324 minutes 55 seconds
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Tuberculosis is spreading in Olathe. How worried should the Kansas City metro be?

After an Olathe student tested positive for tuberculosis, four additional cases have been confirmed in the high school. Dr. Doug Swanson, an infectious diseases specialist at Children's Mercy Hospital, shares what symptoms to look for and if the public should be concerned about a wider outbreak.
27/10/202312 minutes 19 seconds
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A new film documents the rise of KC Tenants, Kansas City's grassroots tenant union

The short documentary “Renter Revolt: Housing and Human Rights in America’s Heartland," produced by TIME Magazine, shows how the tenant advocacy group has become a leading voice in the national conversation on affordable housing.
27/10/202322 minutes 17 seconds
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Oscar-winning sound engineer will teach Kansas City students about music in filmmaking

It’s no secret that Kansas City’s music roots are deep, particularly in jazz, but what about the city's film scene? A new workshop will teach participants about music and filmmaking, with the aim of producing a documentary on historic local sites.
26/10/202318 minutes 6 seconds
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KU professor awarded grant to develop a screening tool for military eating disorders

U.S. military members have a higher rate of eating disorders compared to civilians. The Department of Defense awarded a $4.2 million grant to a University of Kansas professor to establish screening tools to better detect individuals experiencing or at risk of disordered eating.
26/10/202319 minutes 4 seconds
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At KC Rep, 'What the Constitution Means to Me' takes on a new relevance

Tony Award-nominated actress Jennifer Westfeldt stars in Heidi Schreck's play "What the Constitution Means to Me" at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre.
25/10/202313 minutes 58 seconds
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Have zoning laws 'broken' Kansas City? This author thinks so

Author and city planner Nolan Gray argues that places like Kansas City need to abolish zoning laws, which he blames for housing segregation and the lack of walkable neighborhoods. Gray is speaking Wednesday at the Kansas City Public Library's Plaza branch.
25/10/202319 minutes 21 seconds
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Holden Ringer is walking from Washington state to D.C., and he just got to Kansas City

Holden Ringer started walking across the U.S. in March as part of an effort to raise money and awareness for a pedestrian advocacy organization. After more than seven months mostly spent trekking on trails and highway shoulders, he's made it to Kansas City.
24/10/202318 minutes 12 seconds
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Kansas City's Islamic community is seeing an increase in Islamophobia and acts of hate

Since the war between Hamas and Israel began over two weeks ago, members of Kansas City's Islamic and Palestinian communities say they have experienced hate at an increased rate. Many say that they are concerned for their safety.
24/10/202314 minutes 38 seconds
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The Sierra Club just gave Evergy a failing grade for its climate plan. Here's why

Evergy's climate plan scored just 9 points out of 100 this year, down from 18 last year. The drop comes from Evergy's decisions to push back the closure of coal plants in Kansas City and Lawrence, and its proposed expansion of natural gas power.
24/10/202316 minutes 20 seconds
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Kansas City musician Stephonne is fiercely themself and wants you to be, too

The Black, queer singer-songwriter from Kansas City, Kansas, says it's taken them 36 years to fully live life. Performing on stage, Stephonne says, is "me owning that freedom, that wholeness of myself."
23/10/202320 minutes 44 seconds
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What Kansas City's Center for Disability Inclusion is doing to narrow the employment gap

October is National Employment Disability Awareness Month, but there’s still more organizations need to do to create accessible workplaces.
23/10/202314 minutes 36 seconds
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Park University gave students a crash course on the 'harsh realities' of living in poverty

Students in Park University's social work, nursing and education departments took part in the exercise, which simulated a month of living at or below the poverty line. The simulation aimed to give students more empathy to clients, patients and students in difficult situations.
21/10/202318 minutes 16 seconds
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Lenexa-based Heart to Heart International is bringing medical supplies to Gaza and Israel

The humanitarian organization Heart to Heart International, based in Lenexa, Kansas, is working with partners in the Middle East to bring humanitarian aid to people in Gaza and Israel.
20/10/202315 minutes 40 seconds
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Kansas City scientists are spawning reef-building coral in a lab at the Stowers Institute

Scientists at Kansas City’s Stowers Institute for Medical Research are studying reef-building coral in a lab to better understand how it’s being impacted by climate change and, hopefully, to find a way to keep these precious animals alive.
20/10/202313 minutes 12 seconds
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Missouri lawmakers urge the state to address historic underfunding at Lincoln University

Historically Black land-grant universities and colleges have been underfunded by more than $12 billion nationally compared to their non-HBCU counterparts, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Education. That includes Lincoln University in Jefferson City.
20/10/202316 minutes 35 seconds
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Sarah Lee Guthrie is continuing her family's legacy in folk music: 'It's part of my soul'

Ahead of her concert on Saturday in Lenexa, Sarah Lee Guthrie joined KCUR's Up to Date to discuss growing up in a family of folk music royalty, her love of Austin's honky tonk scene, and why she loves touring so much.
19/10/202318 minutes 11 seconds
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A Kansas City documentary talks to young athletes about being made to feel 'Not Good Enough'

An estimated 70% of children quit organized sports by age 13. Filmed in the Kansas City metro, the new documentary "Not Good Enough" discusses the mental strain that young athletes feel from perfectionism and competition, and how adults can better approach the game.
19/10/202321 minutes 41 seconds
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A Missouri sociologist looks at why workplaces are still failing at racial equality

In her new book “Gray Areas: How the Way We Work Perpetuates Racism and What We Can Do to Fix It,” sociologist Adia Harvey Wingfield at Washington University in St. Louis lays out actionable items employers and colleagues can take to truly support Black employees.
18/10/202324 minutes 13 seconds
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Antisemitic acts were already on the rise in Kansas City. How does the war in Israel affect that?

Gavriela Geller of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau told KCUR's Up To Date in September talk about a recent rise in antisemitic acts in Kansas City and the country. Since the war between Hamas and Israel began this month, Geller believes antisemitism is "absolutely" spiking even more.
17/10/202315 minutes 12 seconds
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The Grain Belt Express will bring clean energy from western Kansas to Missouri

After nearly a decade of road blocks, Missouri's Public Service Commission approved final plans for the Grain Belt Express line, which will drop off 2,500 megawatts of wind energy in Missouri. Construction could start as soon as 2025.
17/10/202316 minutes 49 seconds
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Shawnee Mission Board of Education candidates are split on diversity education

Johnson County residents in the Shawnee Mission School District will elect four members to the Board of Education in the Nov. 7 election. Key issues are diversity education, academic performance and teacher retention.
16/10/202314 minutes 30 seconds
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What could cities look like if we ended policing? One professor has ideas

Sociology professor and author Alex Vitale, who is set to speak at the UMKC Cockefair Lecture on Tuesday, is calling for the end of policing as we know it. He contends that instead of directly addressing problems like gun violence and drug addiction with effective policy, the U.S. relies on police to "manage" the results.
16/10/202319 minutes 45 seconds
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Kansas Citians with ties to Israel and Palestine share how the war has impacted their lives

One week into the war between Hamas and Israel, the deadly conflict is having an impact on Kansas Citians at home and abroad. KCUR's Up To Date was joined by four people who live in our region or have roots here — two with Israeli ties and two with Palestinian ties — to share their experiences and how their family has been affected.
14/10/202349 minutes 42 seconds
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After decades of neighborhood violence, this Kansas City woman 'can feel the changes'

From 2001-2021, more than 20% of Kansas City's homicides have occurred in the Santa Fe neighborhood. Last year, the neighborhood became the focus of KC Common Good's efforts to reduce violence by addressing the root causes. Since then, it's seen a 78% decrease in homicides, leaving Marquita Taylor "cautiously optimistic."
13/10/202336 minutes 35 seconds
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Kansas City symposium will focus on community trauma and building resilience

Communities can experience collective trauma from natural disasters, violence or systemic oppression, affecting not just mental health but also generational health and wealth. Kansas City is hosting its fall mental health symposium on community trauma featuring experts and leaders from around the metro.
13/10/202313 minutes 55 seconds
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How Kansas City jazz great Mary Lou Williams blended music and religion

"Music Feeds the Soul: An Evening of Mary Lou Williams" will celebrate the life and work of the Kansas City jazz icon. The event will take place at Rockhurst University on October 12 at 7:30 p.m., and is free and open to the public.
12/10/202315 minutes 33 seconds
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Former Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder says House GOP needs leadership on Israel-Hamas crisis

Without a speaker to lead the U.S. House, Yoder says Republicans can’t rally around a cause they can mostly all agree on: The urgent need to send defense aid to Israel in the wake of Hamas’ attack.
12/10/202313 minutes 33 seconds
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How did KU adopt 'The Jayhawk'? A new book tells the mascot's story

The Jayhawk has been the University of Kansas’s beloved mascot for more than a century. But what’s the story behind the mythical bird, and why has it endured?
11/10/202314 minutes 45 seconds
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The Kansas City Current's 2023 season didn't go according to plan. What about next year?

After playing their final game at Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas, ahead of their move to a new riverfront stadium, the Kansas City Current sit near the bottom of the league table. What does the team need to improve?
10/10/202312 minutes 49 seconds
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A Kansas photographer's new exhibition shows off the intense beauty of the Flint Hills

"A Survey of Elemental Gratitude," an exhibition currently at the Kansas City Public Library, showcases the beauty of the Flint Hills— and asks us to consider its environmental future. Philip Heying's photography will be on display until December 9.
10/10/202318 minutes 27 seconds
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Kansans First hopes to recruit more moderates to the legislature in 2024

Kansans First is a new PAC founded by bipartisan political leaders from the Kansas Legislature. Their goal is to educate voters and get more centrists elected who can better represent "the heartbeat" of the state.
10/10/202319 minutes 50 seconds
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Federal student loan payments are starting up again. Here's what borrowers need to know

Federal student loan payments are resuming this month for about 1.2 million Missourians and Kansans after being paused in 2020. But the landscape has changed in the last three years: Borrowers now have new options for payment plans, and their loans could be held by different entities than the last time they paid.
09/10/202311 minutes 4 seconds
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Food recs: Kansas City’s best breakfast restaurants and diners

Whether you're waking up with the roosters or you never made it to bed last night, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The Kansas City food scene has a plethora of early-bird offerings to start your day with a sweet or savory kick.
07/10/202348 minutes 38 seconds
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Missouri wants to teach students to be better humans through social-emotional learning

Poor classroom behavior is pushing some teachers out of the profession. The Missouri Department Elementary and Secondary Education wants to implement learning standards including self-awareness, respect and empathy.
05/10/202318 minutes 33 seconds
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Blue Valley School Board Forum highlights two competing visions for the district

Eight candidates running to be on the Blue Valley School Board spoke at a forum hosted by the Blue Valley Post on Wednesday. With four open seats, candidates have split into two even slates: one that represents the status quo, and another that seeks to push back against diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and lessons about race and racism.
05/10/202310 minutes 43 seconds
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Kansas City's Chicano Art Festival showcases more than 80 artists and a lowrider hop contest

Taking place Oct. 7 in the West Bottoms, Kansas City's Chicano Art Festival includes live music, dancing and a lowrider hop competition.
05/10/202312 minutes 45 seconds
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What KCUR heard over months of listening to Kansas City talk about guns

At community listening sessions and in stories about the city's violence problem, we gained some new perspectives on a polarizing and seemingly intractable problem
04/10/202350 minutes 14 seconds
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Missouri students can now get a bachelor's degree in cannabis studies

For the first time this fall semester, students at Truman State University can declare a new major: cannabis and natural medicinals.
03/10/202323 minutes 43 seconds
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A new Johnson County program gives landlords reasons to accept housing choice vouchers

The program will provide landlords with a bonus and access to a damage claim fund when they take on a tenant using federal housing assistance. The bonus is a one-time amount equivalent to two months' rent.
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Missouri's U.S. Representatives discuss dysfunction that led to near shutdown

The U.S. government averted a crises through the passage of a 45-day spending bill. But that's just one attention-grabbing political fiasco facing the U.S. Three of Missouri's U.S. Representatives share what concerns them within Washington politics.
02/10/202333 minutes 51 seconds
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What you need to know about Evergy's new time-based electricity rates in Missouri

Evergy is changing the way it charges for electrical usage beginning in October, moving from a flat rate to one based on demand at different times of day.
30/09/202324 minutes 5 seconds
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U.S. civilians own an estimated 20 million AR-15s. How the rifle became a political symbol

The AR-15, a rifle designed for American soldiers, has grown in popularity among civilians. The authors of "American Gun: The True Story of the AR-15" trace the history of the rifle and how it became one of the most polarizing weapons in America.
29/09/202316 minutes 53 seconds
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Kansas City CVS pharmacists just walked out on the job. Here's why

With demand high for new COVID vaccines, some CVS pharmacies around the Kansas City area weren't able to give out shots because of a pharmacist walkout. Organizers are demanding better working conditions and said that extremely limited staffing puts CVS pharmacists and patients at risk.
29/09/202321 minutes 47 seconds
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Kansas City is abuzz as Beyoncé ends the Renaissance Tour at Arrowhead Stadium

Beyoncé is performing at Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday, and the local Beyhive is swarming with excitement. But can Kansas City win the mute challenge?
29/09/20238 minutes 37 seconds
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Pulse nightclub shooting survivor will share his story in Kansas City in October

Brandon Wolf is a survivor of the 2016 shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orland, and wrote the memoir, "A Place For Us." He'll speak as a part of the Grandparents for Gun Safety's 10th Annual Community Forum on October 9.
28/09/202321 minutes 11 seconds
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Johnson County is creating more courts to divert people to treatment, not jail

Johnson County is adding two specialty courts that will focus on treating underlying conditions that may have contributed to criminal behavior, with the hope of reducing recidivism.
28/09/202325 minutes 45 seconds
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Why workers in Kansas City and around the country are going on strike: 'We want our fair share'

Between auto workers, Hollywood, and baristas, it seems like workers are walking out on the job more often this year. Experts say wealth inequalities, inflation and a cultural shift in expectations from jobs are contributing to a more active labor movement.
26/09/202325 minutes 40 seconds
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NPR’s Mara Liasson says American democracy is undergoing a huge 'stress test'

NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson told KCUR’s Up To Date that politics have changed a lot since she first started reporting over three decades ago. Liasson was in Kansas City to speak at United WE’s 2023 We Work For Change event.
26/09/202324 minutes 27 seconds
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Medicaid expansion is a 'moral imperative' for Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly says her top priority for the 2024 legislative session is passing Medicaid expansion. But the Democratic governor is up against Republican super-majorities in the House and Senate. Kelly spoke on KCUR's Up To Date about how she plans to make it happen.
26/09/202327 minutes 25 seconds
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A new movie musical brings the story of a Kansas City woman's clothing empire to the big screen

"Nelly Don — The Musical Movie" was written, produced and directed by Terence O'Malley, a local lawyer and the great-great nephew of the real Nell Donnelly Reed. The film opens at several area movie theaters Friday.
26/09/202317 minutes 46 seconds
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Missouri House Speaker accused of potentially 'unlawful' conduct

Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher has been accused of threatening to terminate the employment of a staffer who resisted his plan to give a private company a large contract. He denies the allegations.
25/09/202310 minutes 46 seconds
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How LGBTQ Methodists in Kansas are navigating the church’s divide

In June of this year, 96 Kansas congregations left the United Methodist Church over mainly LGBTQ issues.
24/09/202322 minutes 11 seconds
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Politicians are getting older. How is that affecting our politics?

According to a recent AP-NORC poll, 77% of American adults believe President Joe Biden is too old for a second term. And as public figures like Mitch McConnell and Diane Feinstein publicly experience health problems, some are calling for the next generation of politicians to be much younger.
23/09/202322 minutes 21 seconds
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Kansas City's Westside is changing fast, and residents are worried they're being pushed out

Residents of the Westside neighborhood say that gentrification — like the upcoming Pennway Point entertainment district — is forcing the Latino community out of the neighborhood with rapidly-rising property taxes.
21/09/202349 minutes 5 seconds
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KC 360 aims to reduce gun violence in Kansas City by taking a page from Omaha's book

Kansas City is dangerously close to setting a new record high for homicides. Modeled after an Omaha program that drastically reduced gun deaths, the Kansas City nonprofit KC Common Good is taking aim at addressing the root causes of violent crime.
21/09/202332 minutes 16 seconds
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Kansas City is experiencing a new wave of antisemitism. What can be done about it?

Gavriela Geller, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau and the American Jewish Committee, says that more education is needed to combat antisemitism in Kansas City communities.
20/09/202318 minutes 7 seconds
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988 will now offer a lifeline through American Sign Language, too

A year after the creation of 988, the suicide and crisis lifeline will now be accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Those who speak American Sign Language will soon have life saving intervention a phone call away.
20/09/202318 minutes 43 seconds
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What should Kansas City's economic development strategy look like?

Kansas City last updated its economic development strategy in 2014, during a very different time for the metro. Some council members say the city should revise the plan to better include affordable housing, sustainable efforts and transit.
19/09/202331 minutes 32 seconds
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Kansas City now has access to new and stronger COVID vaccines

Residents can book appointments to get updated COVID booster shots at local CVS and Walgreens pharmacies. However, the city's health department says it could be weeks before vaccines are delivered to its clinics.
19/09/202311 minutes 41 seconds
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Our homes might not be ready for more frequent heat waves. Here's why

Climate data suggests heat waves might be getting more frequent. Inconsistent building codes and the cost of implementing climate resilient practices mean that many homes aren't prepared to keep us cool in hazardous heat.
19/09/202315 minutes 35 seconds
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Why this Kansas City counseling center is bringing faith and spirituality into therapy

Prairie Sky Counseling Center, a Kansas City mental health clinic, offers therapy that encourages people to incorporate their religious and spiritual values — which can have an effect on people's wellbeing.
18/09/202314 minutes 40 seconds
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How a former NBA player from Kansas City overcame illiteracy and earned his master's degree

Kansas City native and former Seattle SuperSonics basketball player Dean Tolson made it to college without learning to read. Now, he holds an advanced degree, and is advocating for education with a new memoir, "Power Forward."
15/09/202329 minutes 48 seconds
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Kansas folk artist M.T. Liggett is more than his eccentric 'character' in a new documentary

"It Started With A Horse," which is scheduled to screen at the Kansas City Underground Film Festival, provides an intimate look into the eccentric and unapologetic folk artist M.T. Liggett, whose sculptures can be seen outside Mullinville, Kansas.
14/09/202319 minutes 8 seconds
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Kansas police seize millions in cash and property without convicting anyone of a crime

Over the course of a three-and-a-half year period, Kansas police have taken more than $25 million in property and cash believed to be part of a crime — even if the victims are never charged. But critics say that civil asset forfeiture is being used unnecessarily and without proper oversight.
14/09/20239 minutes 36 seconds
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Jackson County legislators demand accountability over property tax assessments

This week, Jackson County assessment director Gail McCann Beatty fielded questions from the legislature about this year’s problematic property assessments, which saw the value of properties increase by an average of 30%.
14/09/202323 minutes 6 seconds
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Book recs: Relax your mind and travel back in time with these suggested reads

Books have the ability to take you to another time. This month on Up To Date, author Steve Paul, and BLK + BRWN bookstore owner Cori Smith share the literature that brought them to the 1930s Harlem jazz scene, the 1980s war on drugs, through the twists and turns of the life of a mad genius and more.
13/09/202327 minutes 3 seconds
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Middle school can be scary for kids. A new book helps parents navigate these 'turbulent times'

Lost between the years of playground kid and independent high schooler are the transitional years of middle school. Author Phyllis Fagell shares resources to help parents and adolescents communicate and cope through the years when kids are impressionable and trying to fit in.
12/09/202320 minutes 5 seconds
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KCATA leader Frank White III wants to make Kansas City’s public transit ‘world class’

As Kansas City gears up for the 2026 World Cup, some residents are concerned that the metro’s public transit system can’t keep up with a rapidly growing city. KCATA CEO Frank White III speaks about how the transportation authority is preparing.
12/09/202329 minutes 11 seconds
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Ken Burns’ new series tells us how bison were brought back from the brink of extinction

The documentarian's latest project titled “The American Buffalo” is a two-part, four-hour series that follows the story of this iconic symbol of the West across more than 10,000 years of history.
12/09/202328 minutes 35 seconds
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Kansas City is rich in cultural assets, says National Endowment for the Humanities chair

Chair Shelly Lowe, the first Native American and only second woman to head the National Endowment for the Humanities, toured Kansas City’s museums and libraries this week.
10/09/202323 minutes 9 seconds
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A new Missouri law giving dispatchers 'first responder' status could help drive recruitment

Missouri joined a handful of states labeling emergency dispatchers as "first responders." Along with the new label comes advanced access to mental health resources and the formal naming of PTSD as an occupational hazard for the profession.
09/09/202313 minutes 6 seconds
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New Evergy programs mean Kansas will finally start working on its energy efficiency

The Kansas Corporation Commission approved a set of energy efficiency programs for Evergy customers last week. The state currently ranks 49th nationwide for its energy efficiency policies and programs, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.
08/09/202319 minutes
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Amid housing fight, Prairie Village residents confused by judge's contradictory rulings

PV United, a group opposed to proposals to increase affordable housing in Prairie Village, circulated three petitions that would change the city's government and zoning rules. A judge this week gave an oral ruling on which petitions could appear on the ballot in November, but later contradicted that decision in her written ruling.
08/09/20237 minutes 50 seconds
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Kansas City has thousands of open child abuse and neglect cases and too few investigators

As of August, Kansas City had 3,636 open investigations into child abuse and neglect. Across the state, there are more than 10,000 cases that have been open more than 45 days after being reported. Missouri officials acknowledge the problem and that fixing it isn't easy.
08/09/202327 minutes 3 seconds
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The Vatican is reconsidering its role in 'the modern world,' and women will get to vote

For the first time, Women and laypeople will be represented as delegates at the Synod of Bishops, where they will help Pope Francis in deciding the direction of the Catholic Church.
08/09/202311 minutes 44 seconds
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Kansas City climate leaders say there is 'terrific energy' to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

A climate action plan for the Kansas City region set a goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This Saturday, local leaders and community members will gather for a climate summit to celebrate what's already been achieved and identify goals for the future.
07/09/202330 minutes 4 seconds
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Kansas City's Black-focused media outlets are teaming up to better serve their communities

Kansas City's longest-operating Black newspaper, The Call, is partnering with other Black-focused media organizations like the Kansas City Defender and Cascade Media Group to diversify voices and increase digital engagement.
07/09/202319 minutes 56 seconds
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At the Kansas City Underground Film Festival, independent and inventive movies take center stage

The Kansas City Underground Film Festival kicks off this week, offering an opportunity for movies produced locally and around the world to be screened in front of a Kansas City audience. "[We] really love independent, low-budget movies, especially ones that really highlight ingenuity and inventiveness," said co-founder Willy Evans.
06/09/202329 minutes 2 seconds
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Gov. Mike Parson criticizes Kansas City's new gun rules: 'You can't supersede state law'

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson spoke to KCUR's Up To Date about the case of Kansas City Police officer Eric DeValkenaere, the expansion of I-70, the 2024 gubernatorial race, and Kansas City's new gun ordinances.
05/09/202322 minutes 14 seconds
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Food recs: The best BBQ in Kansas City

Up To Date’s food panelists and barbecue enthusiasts from around Kansas City recommend their favorite places to get ribs, brisket, pork, chicken and sides in the metro.
02/09/202348 minutes 8 seconds
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KC Soundcheck: Keelon Vann and Love, Mae C.

Keelon Vann plays guitar and brings a unique sound to the Kansas City music scene. Love, Mae C. has performed all across the metro, and her music was featured on the second season of the Peacock sitcom “Bel Air.”
01/09/202321 minutes 21 seconds
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What does Kansas City really think about a new Royals stadium? 'Give us a winning team first'

Royals leaders have released renderings of their much anticipated new stadium, although they have yet to announce the final location for the $2 billion project. Kansas City-area residents aren't all convinced they should be the ones to pay for a move, especially because the team is on the verge of the franchise's worst season in history.
31/08/202328 minutes 28 seconds
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City Manager Brian Platt says Kansas City has 'got to act now' with sustainability initiatives

Kansas City Manager Brian Platt has an ambitious goal to make the city a nationwide leader in sustainability, including an effort to build the largest municipally-owned solar farm in the country. "We've got too much to lose at this point with health and quality of life issues that we're seeing around here," Platt said.
31/08/202331 minutes 22 seconds
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Getting to a doctor's appointment from rural Missouri can be hard. This nonprofit offers free rides

New Growth Transit connects Missouri's rural residents who can't get to their medical and health care appointments with a network of volunteer drivers.
30/08/202318 minutes 51 seconds
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Kansas City advocates don't want cases of missing Black women to overshadow their humanity

A third of missing women in the U.S. are Black. In Jackson County, the death of Jaynie Crosdale, who was reported missing in January and found in the Missouri River in June, renews concerns about how cases of missing Black women are handled by Kansas City Police and other local law enforcement.
29/08/202321 minutes 7 seconds
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Joe Posnanski explains 'Why We Love Baseball' through its greatest moments

Baseball has remained in the American psyche for almost 150 years, but why has it persisted? Joe Posnanski answers that question in his new book, "Why We Love Baseball: A History in 50 Moments."
29/08/202322 minutes 52 seconds
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During a high-risk pregnancy, this Kansas City mother found support in a prenatal care group

Maternal mortality rates in the U.S. are increasing, and Black mothers are at an even greater risk. EleVATE, a group prenatal care program at University Health in Kansas City, aims to improve the positive outcomes of at-risk individuals.
29/08/202314 minutes 8 seconds
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As the school year starts, Kansas City superintendents say they're still short-staffed

A new school year brings new challenges to Kansas City-area districts. Ongoing problems, like staffing shortages and school safety, continue to weigh on administration while heat waves make learning hazardous.
28/08/202337 minutes 18 seconds
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'We have got to not settle arguments with gunfire,' says Kansas City's police chief

Since she was appointed head of the Kansas City Police Department eight months ago, Chief Stacey Graves said, reducing violent crime continues to be the top priority.
26/08/202335 minutes 6 seconds
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A KU scholar’s new book chronicles the impact of hip-hop on musical theater

University of Kansas professor Nicole Hodges Persley's new book illuminates hip-hop’s historical and contemporary significance to musical theater — even beyond "Hamilton."
25/08/202315 minutes 17 seconds
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A Kansas City rabbi publishes a new book on embracing 'everyday spirituality'

Rabbi Michael Zedek outlines his reasoning for embracing the here and now and valuing the gift of life in his new book, "Taking Miracles Seriously: A Journey To Everyday Spirituality."
25/08/202323 minutes 5 seconds
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One-third of 3rd graders around Kansas City struggle to read. What should be done about it?

Multiple factors are contributing to lower rates of reading proficiency for students in Missouri and nationwide, including lingering disruptions from the pandemic. Educators and advocates say that a solution to the literacy "crisis" needs to come from the whole community.
24/08/202327 minutes 40 seconds
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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II says improving Kansas City's public transit is key to solving housing

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II isn't optimistic that Kansas City would expand the streetcar to the airport, because of the high cost and land acquisition it would require. But he has a more feasible solution to get residents to KCI while addressing the city's affordable housing concerns.
23/08/202325 minutes 20 seconds
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A Kansas City event will honor the local Black women who fought for suffrage

Women gained the right to vote in 1920. But Black women didn't get the full right until 1965, even though they'd been involved in the fight since the 1800s. That's the topic of an event in Kansas City this Sunday honoring local Black suffragists.
23/08/202311 minutes 59 seconds
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This Kansas City nonprofit is serving free barbecue to Maui wildfire survivors

Since deploying to Maui, Hawaii, Kansas City-based Operation BBQ Relief has served more than 20,500 free, hot meals to relief workers, first responders and survivors impacted by the island's deadly wildfires.
22/08/202313 minutes 28 seconds
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Heading to college? Here's what a psychologist recommends for Kansas City students and parents

College students are gearing up to head back to campus for another school year, but for first-years, the transition to a university setting and dorm living can be a hard one.
22/08/202324 minutes 49 seconds
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Prairie Village torn on zoning law changes that could increase affordable housing

Prairie Village is as divided as ever as city leaders explore options for affordable housing in the Johnson County suburb. But some residents are pushing back against the plans — and even attempting to overhaul City Council.
21/08/202313 minutes 29 seconds
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Lawrence may become first city in Kansas to protect Black residents from hair discrimination

The Lawrence City Commission will take a final vote on Aug. 22 to pass the CROWN Act, which stands for "Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair." The ordinance would protect Black people from race-related hair discrimination in the workplace.
21/08/202312 minutes 11 seconds
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What’s it like to publish a newspaper in rural Kansas these days?

Following the police raid of the Marion County Record, the editors of two small-town Kansas newspapers, the Iola Register and the Marysville Advocate, joined Up To Date to discuss what it takes to keep local publications going in a culture increasingly hostile toward the media.
19/08/202319 minutes 17 seconds
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Marion County Police chief left KCPD under investigation and facing a demotion

An investigation by the Kansas City Star found that Marion County Police Chief Gideon Cody, who was behind the highly-criticized raid on the local newspaper, left his previous job at the Kansas City Police Department under scrutiny. Cody faced a demotion and was being investigated for his sexist treatment of a fellow officer.
18/08/20239 minutes 14 seconds
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To be a drag queen in Kansas City is to be fierce, fearless and 'part of something bigger'

Politicians in Missouri and Kansas have concentrated attacks on a variety of LGBTQ+ issues this year, including restrictions on drag performances. But queens in Kansas City are still determined to spread joy, love and acceptance.
18/08/202322 minutes 22 seconds
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Advocates say new data show Kansas is still failing its kids in foster care

An independent review of the state’s child welfare system published Monday shows the number of foster kids sleeping in offices last year increased by 54% compared to 2021.
17/08/202326 minutes 16 seconds
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Marion County Record has their computers back, but lawyer says it's 'far from the end of the story'

The Marion County attorney withdrew the search warrant that police used to justify a raid on the Marion County Record last Friday, and all seized items were returned. But, the newspaper's lawyer says the fight isn't over.
17/08/202316 minutes 47 seconds
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Go fish! Kansas City Zoo's brand new aquarium will house over 200 aquatic species

Kansas City is nearly 1000 miles away from an ocean but the Sobela Ocean Aquarium, a new addition to the city's zoo, will allow visitors to view more than 8000 aquatic animals and learn about conservation efforts. The aquarium opens to the public in September.
17/08/202311 minutes 2 seconds
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University Health doctors are excited about a revolutionary new postpartum medication

Postpartum depression affects approximately one-in-seven women and one-in-10 men. This fall, a newly approved medication could change how patients experiencing perinatal or postpartum mood and anxiety disorder are treated.
17/08/202322 minutes 57 seconds
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Climate change is making rare diseases in the US more common, Kansas City doctors say

July 2023 marked the hottest month on record. As climate conditions worsen and extreme weather events spread across the globe, so do uncommon diseases. Health experts warn of the health consequences of not addressing climate change.
16/08/202317 minutes 54 seconds
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1 year later, Sharice Davids says Inflation Reduction Act remains a good investment

Today marks a big political milestone for the Biden administration: the one-year anniversary of the president's signing of the Inflation Reduction Act.
16/08/202315 minutes 10 seconds
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Kansas City's annual tribute to jazz icon Charlie Parker is marking its 10th anniversary

Spotlight: Charlie Parker 2023 welcomes jazz fans from all over the world to celebrate the iconic saxophonist with a series of concerts, educational opportunities and jam sessions.
16/08/202318 minutes 32 seconds
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Kansas City chef wants to expand food access by teaching students how to cook

Chef Shanita McAfee-Bryant started The Prospect KC in 2019 to address systemic inequitality on Kansas City’s east side through food. Now, the nonprofit is launching a culinary training program that will teach valuable skills in the kitchen.
15/08/202318 minutes 22 seconds
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Marion County Record lawyer speaks out on recent police raid: 'It's not a crime to be a reporter'

Police seized computers, cell phones and documents during raids on the offices of the Marion County Record and the home of its publisher on Friday. Now, the lawyer for the newspaper is speaking out.
15/08/20238 minutes
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Missouri and Ohio Republicans make similar pushes against abortion rights initiatives

As pro-choice advocates push for more reproductive rights, Republicans in Missouri and Ohio are undertaking attempts to thwart those efforts.
15/08/202313 minutes 23 seconds
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COVID cases rose this summer. Here's what doctors say about the risk in Kansas City

COVID has been having a "summer surge." Dr. Marvia Jones, director of the Kansas City Health Department, says that the increase in new cases could be linked to a new variant and more travel.
14/08/202310 minutes 46 seconds
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Police raided a small-town Kansas newspaper and its publisher's home. Here's what we know

Police raided the offices of the Marion County Record and the home of its publisher in an unprecedented and potentially illegal move that is being called a violation of First Amendment rights.
14/08/202310 minutes 39 seconds
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Hollywood writer's strike has Kansas City filmmakers and writers worried about their careers

It's been over 100 days since the writers' strike in Hollywood started over an ongoing labor dispute between the Writers Guild of America, and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.
14/08/202319 hours 46 minutes
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KC Soundcheck: SleazyWorld Skyy and Shay Lyriq

This year marks hip-hop's 50th anniversary, and rappers SleazyWorld Skyy and Shay Lyriq are the latest Kansas City artists making their mark on the national scene.
14/08/202321 minutes 1 second
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Individuals working their way out of homelessness beautify Independence streets

Independence, Missouri, is beautifying the city through the work of individuals facing housing instability. Independence T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R., a supported employment program, offers an array of support, including an hourly wage, housing fund and meals, for individuals willing to work along Independence roadways.
11/08/202324 minutes 30 seconds
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These Kansas City creatives believe art can help combat gun violence

Artists have long used their work to advocate for a better world, and these Kansas City creatives think that solutions to one of today’s biggest issues — gun violence — can be found through art.
10/08/202323 minutes 8 seconds
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Americans are as divided as ever. What does that mean for our democracy and the media?

Ahead of a members-only speaking event held by American Public Square in Kansas City, Washington political journalist Margaret Talev discussed the state of American democracy, startling data on political divisions and how journalists should approach these issues.
10/08/202328 minutes 45 seconds
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Evergy is switching Missouri customers to time-based electricity rates

Evergy says Missouri customers need to choose from four new time-based payment plans by this October or will automatically be defaulted into one. Under the default plan, power used from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in summer months will cost four times more than other hours.
09/08/202312 minutes 15 seconds
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Microplastics are in Kansas lakes. Here's how they compare globally

A new global study, published in Nature, found microplastics in every lake sampled — no matter how remote. A researcher from the University of Kansas talks about how local bodies of water stack up.
09/08/202310 minutes 34 seconds
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A wine tasting with Kansas City Master Sommelier Doug Frost

Kansas City's Doug Frost is one of only four people in the world to hold the title of both master sommelier and master of wine. Frost joined Up To Date armed with hand-selected wines which he brought to pair with a four-course meal at Earl's Premier.
08/08/202350 minutes 22 seconds
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The nation's top archivist wants to make federal records in Kansas City and beyond more accessible

Seven hundred seventy million of the National Archives' 13.5 billion pages of records are currently stored around the Kansas City metro. Dr. Colleen Shogan, recently named Archivist of the United States, wants to make them more accessible, both online and in-person.
07/08/202328 minutes 14 seconds
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University of Kansas program teaches computer skills to women who have been incarcerated

Extended time behind bars can make it difficult to keep up in the fast-paced digital age. A University of Kansas program received a $1.6 million grant to teach women who have been imprisoned computer skills to prepare them for the workforce and to help reduce recidivism.
07/08/202321 minutes 56 seconds
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Food recs: The best food and drinks in Kansas City’s Midtown neighborhoods

Midtown is home to many of Kansas City’s best-known restaurants and bars, but it has its fair share of hidden treasures to offer, including cool coffee shops, neighborhood dives and family businesses.
05/08/202347 minutes 23 seconds
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Meet the Outlaws, Kansas City's professional bull riding team: 'You have to really be all in'

Kansas City's professional bull riding team, the Outlaws, will test their skills and luck in front of their hometown crowd. The city is home to one of just eight teams in the Professional Bull Riders organization.
03/08/202317 minutes 41 seconds
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A Kansas college football player has died from heat-related injuries. It isn't the first time

A MidAmerica Nazarene University football lineman died from what his family calls "heat-related injuries." He was just 19 years old. In just the past few years, several Kansas college football players have died from heat stroke following summer practices.
03/08/202313 minutes 57 seconds
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Haw Contemporary celebrates 10 years in Kansas City with a huge art exhibition

The "Decade" exhibition at Haw Contemporary art gallery in the West Bottoms will feature new and old works from over 40 artists to commemorate its first decade in business.
03/08/202317 minutes 15 seconds
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Despite old struggles, can new opportunities in Wyandotte County 'make this place thrive'?

Development in recent years has transformed the county's west side. And though the county still sees many challenges, especially to the east, community stakeholders are optimistic about paths to the future.
03/08/202349 minutes 17 seconds
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Mayor Quinton Lucas enters his second term with a new plan to curb gun violence

Before Tuesday's inauguration for a second term as the mayor of Kansas City, Quinton Lucas held a community listening session for mothers who have been affected by gun violence. He also announced new proposed intervention efforts and restrictions on firearms for minors.
01/08/202321 minutes 26 seconds
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This Kansas City couple bonds over racing the MR340 every year

Courtney and Phil Wasson are not professional boat racers, but for several years the duo has competed together in the MR340, the world’s longest non-stop river race. It begins in Kansas City and goes for 340 miles down the Missouri River.
31/07/202322 minutes 29 seconds
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Even before being sworn in, new Kansas City Council members have been busy

Recently re-elected Mayor Quinton Lucas and the new Kansas City Council will be sworn in Tuesday morning — signaling the start of their four-year term. But for the six newcomers, including Johnathan Duncan and Crispin Rea, preparation began weeks ago.
31/07/202315 minutes 59 seconds
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Kansas City trivia nights have become big business — and big competition

Trivia has gotten so popular in Kansas City, both the casual and competitive can find a place to play any night of the week.
29/07/202321 minutes 52 seconds
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Beyond Barbenheimer: These are the movies that Kansas City film critics want you to watch

The box office double-punch of "Barbenheimer" isn't the only thing worth talking about in movie industry. Two Kansas City movie critics discuss what's worth watching at home and in theaters. Plus, when viewers might feel the effects of the Hollywood strikes.
28/07/202323 minutes 50 seconds
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To stop Kansas City gun violence, these teens say 'kids just need something to lose'

Kansas City is poised to have its deadliest year since 2020. Three area high schoolers — Madison Peppers, Bryan Mayer and Mia Myers-Ray — think that education and opportunity are an important part of the solution to gun violence in our region.
27/07/202327 minutes 4 seconds
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Why President Harry Truman never doubted the decision to drop atomic bombs in World War II

The blockbuster "Oppenheimer" has renewed interest in the history of U.S. efforts to create atomic weapons during World War II. President Harry S. Truman, a native of the Kansas City area, never doubted his decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.
27/07/202317 minutes 42 seconds
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The Rainbow Tour takes people on an exploration of Kansas City's rich LGBTQ history

Kansas City's history runs deeper than jazz and barbecue. Three years before the Stonewall Riots sparked the gay rights movement, LGBTQ leaders from across the country met in Kansas City to discuss community advocacy and activism. A newly launched self-guided tour highlights important points from the city's LGBTQ history.
26/07/202314 minutes 17 seconds
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How Kansas City's marijuana sales tax will help fund homelessness solutions

In April, Kansas City voters approved a 3% tax on recreational marijuana revenue —1% of which will go towards finding solutions for houseless population. The city's homelessness prevention coordinator shared ideas of how the funding might be used.
26/07/202318 minutes 42 seconds
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End of affirmative action is impacting Missouri universities in some surprising ways

The U.S. Supreme Court effectively ended affirmative action in higher education last month. While many colleges in Missouri aren’t making significant changes to their admissions and scholarship processes, some university officials say it will impact diversity in higher education.
25/07/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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Can Missouri help create a more equitable weed industry?

The state's microbusiness license program is supposed to give Missourians from disadvantaged communities a chance to enter the recreational marijuana industry.
24/07/202317 minutes 8 seconds
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Lawrence actor reminds that there's still hope after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Battling bipolar disorder, Jeremy Auman at times has struggled to remain hopeful. Auman is sharing his highs and lows on stage at Kansas City's 19th annual Fringe Festival, aiming to help others be more empathetic and understanding.
24/07/202319 minutes 56 seconds
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Bob Dole would have turned 100 this year. What is his legacy in Kansas and beyond?

The late Bob Dole would have turned 100 years old on July 22. We looked back on his life and legacy as a U.S. Senator, Republican presidential nominee and native Kansan.
24/07/202313 minutes 29 seconds
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The Kansas tax subsidy law that gave millions to Panasonic and Integra projects is ending

Since the beginning of last year, a Kansas tax subsidy law known as APEX has allowed the state to use incentives to lure big companies like Panasonic and Integra. But the law may not be extended any longer, putting big development deals in jeopardy.
21/07/20238 minutes 36 seconds
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How a McDonald’s in Kansas City got pulled into the Black community’s fight for justice

A 1975 protest at a McDonald’s restaurant in Kansas City emerged from years of escalating tension — between Black community members and their city, and between McDonald’s and the neighborhoods it inhabited. But this particular location was also one of the first Black-owned fast-food franchises in the country, an accomplishment born from its own struggle for inclusion.
21/07/202340 minutes 59 seconds
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Mission Gateway project loses its deal with the city after it failed to pay property taxes

The city of Mission said it decided to terminate its deal to bring a $270 million mixed-use development to the long-vacant Mission Gateway site, after the owner failed to pay almost half a million dollars in property taxes by deadline.
20/07/20239 minutes 17 seconds
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White Castle didn't just invent sliders. The Kansas chain created a playbook for American fast food

The White Castle chain began in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas, where its ingenious small burgers kicked off a national craze and inspired imitators of all shapes and sizes. But over a century later, White Castle has entirely vanished from its home state. And the story of how it introduced America to the hamburger has largely been overshadowed by its fast food rivals.
20/07/202336 minutes 26 seconds
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Meet Lea Hopkins, the bold, Black lesbian behind Kansas City’s very first Pride parade

Kansas City’s first Pride parade in 1977 was spearheaded by Lea Hopkins, whose organizing sparked a wider gay rights movement that continues today. But it was only a few weeks after that successful event that Hopkins found herself on the defense again, when a prominent anti-gay activist came on a crusade through town.
19/07/202335 minutes 12 seconds
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The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to training camp. Can they repeat as champions?

Five months after celebrating their Super Bowl victory in the streets of Kansas City, the Chiefs are heading to their annual training camp in St. Joseph. Under quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the odds are looking good for another strong season.
18/07/202310 minutes
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Do fungi secretly rule our world? Yes, and this mycologist wants to understand and protect them

From molds and yeasts to the mushrooms we fear and love, fungi are connected to life and death on our planet — but they're often misunderstood. We only know about 10% of the estimated 3.8 million species that exist. Mycologist Giuliana Furci wants us to separate “fungal fact” from “fungal fiction," and give this kingdom the legal recognition it deserves.
18/07/202335 minutes 19 seconds
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3 big things the Kansas City Council did on the last day of its term

The Kansas City council held its final legislative meeting of the term on Thursday. It was the final gathering for members who were not reelected.
17/07/20237 minutes 51 seconds
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Can we reverse aging? These scientists are rethinking the limits of human lifespans

We tend to think of getting older as inevitable, but what if it’s actually something we can control? Researchers like David Sinclair and Nir Barzilai have discovered some of the secrets to reversing aging, found animals who defy our understandings of life, and turned old mice young again. But even if humans could live forever, should we?
17/07/202337 minutes 32 seconds
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Missouri lawmakers legalized fentanyl test strips to try to curb overdoses

Republican state Sen. Holly Thompson of Scott City sponsored legislation to decriminalize the harm reduction tool. She hopes this will help lower opioid overdoses.
16/07/202315 minutes 40 seconds
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Fringe Festival will feature a musical on sex trafficking to offer 'a soft opening to a hard topic'

Sex trafficking, which affects millions of people worldwide, will be depicted in a musical at Kansas City's Fringe Festival the last two weeks of July. Cast and crew involved in the production share how they were introduced to and affected by the subject.
15/07/202319 minutes 13 seconds
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Missouri's statewide elected officials are men. Two Kansas City officeholders want that to change

In the Missouri General Assembly, only 12 of 34 senators are women. In the House of Representatives, only 45 of the 163 members are women. No woman has ever been elected governor. Missouri Representatives Jamie Johnson and Patty Lewis, both Democrats of Kansas City, say more women should run for statewide office.
14/07/202316 minutes 42 seconds
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Mayor Quinton Lucas wants Kansas City to be allowed to pass more gun laws

Kansas City is on pace to have more homicides this year than last, and reports of gun deaths are a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. But local leaders like Mayor Quinton Lucas say they’re restricted by state policies that make it impossible to pass local regulations — and they want to change that.
13/07/202319 minutes 7 seconds
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Meet the new president of Kansas City's Linda Hall Library

Eric Dorfman has taught at major universities, headed renowned natural history museums, and now, he's leading one of the world's premier science research libraries.
13/07/202312 minutes 41 seconds
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Missouri governor candidate Crystal Quade on why she thinks she can win as a Democrat

Missouri state Rep. Crystal Quade, a Springfield Democrat who serves as the House minority leader, announced her gubernatorial candidacy earlier this week. She says her primary issues are childcare and health care access, and defending public education.
13/07/202318 minutes 50 seconds
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A longtime Kansas City journalist launched his own newspaper focused on the Black community

After more 20 years working for Kansas City's longest-running Black newspaper, Eric Wesson had his offer to buy the paper turned down. Now he's started his own publication focused on the Black community, The Next Page KC.
12/07/202319 minutes 50 seconds
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2 Shawnee Mission South students won the biggest debate competition in the country

Recent graduates Brooklynn Hato and Clare Bradley took home the title of "High School National Champions" at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Mesa, Arizona, last month.
12/07/202317 minutes 55 seconds
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Kansas City's streetcar will be shut down for weeks because of a track failure. What happened?

As construction on the KC Streetcar extension to UMKC continues, crews are now working 24/7 on emergency repairs to address a track failure on the line above I-670. It will take weeks to complete the repairs, and service is suspended in the meantime.
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Kansas City performer KC Sunshine reflects on 'dream come true' year as Mr. Gay America 2022

To some, Aniseto Herrera-Lyell is a fourth-grade teacher. To others, he's KC Sunshine, a performer known for his Michael Jackson impersonation. But to the whole country, he's Mr. Gay America 2022. Herrera-Lyell won the title in October.
11/07/202318 minutes 36 seconds
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Food recs: Kansas City’s best bars and restaurants for cocktails

The garnishes in these mixed drinks are bigger, and the flavors are bolder — they might even be 'fat-washed' or clarified with Hidden Valley Ranch. Whether they include alcohol or are making mocktails, bars and bartenders are becoming more creative than ever.
08/07/202348 minutes 34 seconds
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Kansas City Swifties and businesses are 'enchanted' by Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Fans from across the Kansas City metro and beyond are celebrating Taylor Swift's two concerts at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend with events, menu specials and more. VisitKC says the shows are expected to generate $46 million in direct spending for the local economy.
06/07/202324 minutes 49 seconds
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Kansas City jazz saxophonist Matt Otto is playing with 'more freedom' on his new album

Matt Otto, a Kansas City jazz saxophonist and professor of jazz studies at the University of Kansas, is out with his new album "Kansas City Trio" that primarily focuses on standards.
06/07/202322 minutes 50 seconds
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Official says Jackson County property tax assessments are 'not an exact science'

After years of undervaluing homes, Jackson County's recent property tax assessment saw the value of properties increase by an average of 30%, while some owners saw spikes of more than 200%. The deadline to file an appeal is July 10.
05/07/202328 minutes 9 seconds
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A Kansas City musician returns with a new album and a venture with Playboy

Cassie Taylor is set to debut her new record, "Desire," this fall. The release comes after taking a break from music and finding her true identity in different professions such as songwriting, photography and now modeling for Playboy.
03/07/202322 minutes 23 seconds
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One Kansas City resident says the Supreme Court decision leaves her with $70,000 in student loans

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. Now, borrowers in Kansas City and around the country are figuring out what that means for them.
03/07/202317 minutes 52 seconds
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June is audiobook appreciation month. Here's what our panel of book enthusiasts recommend

As a KCUR caller points out, our first experience with books is often when they're read to us by an adult. So yes, audiobooks count as reading. Our collection of book enthusiasts discuss the makings of a good audiobook and what they recommend listening to.
30/06/202322 minutes 23 seconds
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Newly reelected Kansas City mayor talks crime, 911, municipal IDs and Supreme Court decisions

Mayor Quinton Lucas easily defeated his opponent, Clay Chastain, to serve another four years as Kansas City's mayor. He joined Up To Date to discuss challenges the city faces and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said a graphic designer can refuse to serve same-sex couples.
30/06/202326 minutes 51 seconds
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What helped KC Tenants gain influence so quickly? One word: outrage

Grassroots tenant union KC Tenants has made affordable housing a top concern in Kansas City. Now, the political arm of the group, KC Tenants Power, has flexed some of its sway in city elections.
30/06/202321 minutes 34 seconds
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A stagnant weather system is making drought worse in the Kansas City region

The U.S. Drought Monitor reports that 80% of Kansas and 60% of Missouri are experiencing at least moderate drought. In Kansas City, that drought is partially due to a blocking pattern — a weather system that keeps others from moving in.
29/06/20239 minutes 33 seconds
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Missouri and Kansas colleges must rethink admissions policies after end of affirmative action

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down affirmative action on Thursday, outlawing race as a factor in college admissions. It was a 6-3 decision split between the conservative and liberal wings of the court.
29/06/20237 minutes 39 seconds
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How Montgall Avenue produced some of Kansas City's most important Black leaders

A stone’s throw away from Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine district sits the 2400 block of Montgall Avenue. The now overlooked neighborhood was once home to some of the city’s most prominent Black figures of the 20th century.
29/06/202322 minutes 12 seconds
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Jackson County tax assessment spurs frustration among residents and a class-action lawsuit

A steep increase in assessed property tax value has some Jackson County residents concerned they could lose their home. Experts share ways to challenge the assessment through individual appeals and legal action.
28/06/202319 minutes 31 seconds
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Kansas City Council member Katheryn Shields on her decades of public service

After serving two separate stints on the Kansas City Council, bookending her 12 years as Jackson County executive, Katheryn Shields is prevented by term limits from remaining on the council.
28/06/202337 minutes 43 seconds
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A Kansas City teen wants to lower the voting age to 16 to increase civic engagement

Kansas City teen DJ Yearwood is the campaign director of Vote16MO, an initiative to lower the voting age in municipal and school board elections in Missouri. The group wants to get a measure on the ballot by November 2024.
26/06/202312 minutes 22 seconds
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How Andrew Bailey is trying to shift the role of the Missouri Attorney General

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has continued to take on an aggressive role as the state's top legal officer, challenging positions laid out by the federal government that don't directly affect the state. An attorney and former Missouri Attorney General staffer explains the role of attorney general and how it's changed over the years.
26/06/202321 minutes 13 seconds
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As Troost Avenue changes, longtime residents say it's 'representative of Kansas City'

Troost Avenue is known as Kansas City’s dividing line, long associated with the city’s history of racial segregation and slavery. But as new residents move in and more businesses open, the community balances optimism and fear of gentrification.
23/06/202349 minutes 56 seconds
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Kansas City's racial and economic divide is 'not impossible' to fix, housing expert says

Leah Rothestein, co-author of "Just Action: How to Challenge Segregation Enacted Under the Color of Law," examines ways in which local governments can take steps to remedy socioeconomic issues that are the result of racist policies.
23/06/202319 minutes 15 seconds
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Found an armadillo in Kansas City? That's becoming a more regular phenomenon

The nine-banded armadillo, which is native to Central and South America, has been migrating north for decades as average temperatures rise. And because of the mild winter Kansas City just had, it’s likely residents in the metro will notice more armadillos than usual in the coming months.
23/06/202312 minutes 7 seconds
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Kansas is a sanctuary state for abortion. What’s at stake if it’s outlawed?

In post-Roe America, Kansas has become one of the most traveled to states for abortion care. Despite nearly 60% of Kansans voting to protect the constitutional right to abortion last August, Republican lawmakers have passed several anti-abortion laws this year.
23/06/202326 minutes 31 seconds
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CEO of a Kansas City nightlife app says he got the idea from being the 'party guy'

The UpDown Nightlife app connects users to bars, clubs and breweries around the metro. In other words, it’s aimed at helping people have a fun night.
21/06/202312 minutes 25 seconds
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Kansas City-based scientists have discovered how Huntington's disease starts

Scientists at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City have made a major breakthrough in discovering how Huntington's disease, a rare neurodegenerative disorder, forms in the brain.
21/06/202318 minutes 49 seconds
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Meet the candidates for Kansas City Council's 4th District At-Large seat

Crispin Rea and Justin Short are vying to be the next 4th District At-Large representative on the Kansas City Council, taking over the seat that Katheryn Shields currently holds. Ahead of the June 20 election, both joined KCUR's Up To Date to discuss their views on the issues facing the city.
16/06/202327 minutes 38 seconds
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Kansas City G.I.F.T.'s annual fundraiser aims to raise $250,000 to benefit four Black-led organizations

Give Black KC is an annual fundraiser that focuses on providing funds for high-impact organizations on the east side of Troost Avenue.
16/06/202322 minutes 42 seconds
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Kansas City's Juneteenth events celebrate 'Black people and Black culture'

Events Saturday and Sunday in Kansas City celebrate the emancipation of enslaved Africans in America and provide opportunities for families to research their history.
16/06/202329 minutes 15 seconds
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Missouri may expand compensation for the wrongfully convicted, but few will qualify

A bill proposed by Missouri state Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer (R-Parkville) would increase and widen the state's compensation for exonerees under the condition they not file a lawsuit. But Tricia Rojo Bushnell, executive director for the Midwest Innocence Project, said the bill still won't fix many of the state's problems.
15/06/202313 minutes 50 seconds
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Jackson County Prosecutor says pardoning Eric DeValkenaere would hurt trust in the 'rule of law'

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker sent a letter to Missouri Gov. Mike Parson urging him to not pardon a former Kansas City Police detective who killed Cameron Lamb in 2019. DeValkenaere was the first KCPD officer to ever be convicted in the fatal shooting of Black man.
14/06/202315 minutes 3 seconds
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How do you feel about gun violence in Kansas City? KCUR wants to hear from you

KCUR's community engagement team is holding listening sessions and interviews across Kansas City, as part of a year-long initiative to learn how diverse Kansas Citians feel about guns and the rising rates of gun violence, and to hopefully find solutions to the issue.
14/06/202322 minutes 3 seconds
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How a trans filmmaker in Kansas was forever changed by Kevin Smith's film 'Chasing Amy'

Johnson County-raised filmmaker Sav Rodgers first saw the 1998 romantic comedy "Chasing Amy" at the age of 12. Now he's prepared for the whole world to see his documentary, "Chasing Chasing Amy," about the film and its meaning to LGBTQ culture at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
13/06/202320 minutes 16 seconds
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How the rise of baseball analytics forever altered America's pastime — and the Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals — and every other team in Major League Baseball, for that matter — factor advanced statistics into almost every decision they make. That's a far cry from where the game was just two decades ago.
13/06/202320 minutes 3 seconds
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Meet Jenay Manley, a candidate for Kansas City Council's 2nd District At-Large seat

Jenay Manley, a single mom and organizer with KC Tenants, is running for Kansas City Council’s 2nd District At-Large seat against Lindsay French, a lead designer at TJP Strategies. If elected on June 20, Manley would be the first Black person to represent the Northland on City Council.
12/06/202315 minutes 30 seconds
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Food recs: Kansas City’s best farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants

As summer creeps in, so do heaps of fresh produce at local farmers markets. KCUR's food writers are back with ideas for where to find fresh, at-home ingredients, and where to grab a meal made with locally-sourced produce.
11/06/202348 minutes 10 seconds
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After winning James Beard Award, Yoli Tortilleria owners plan to open new Kansas City restaurant

Marissa Gencarelli says that winning the national James Beard Award for Outstanding Bakery speaks to Mexican diversity and the importance of the "humble tortilla."
09/06/202311 minutes 23 seconds
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A researcher explores ways Kansas Citians can protect democracy in America

Valerie Lemmie discusses how people can build trust in their communities and continue the battle of keeping democracy alive.
08/06/202320 minutes 27 seconds
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Meet the candidates vying to fill Kansas City's 5th District At-Large seat

The open seat is being vacated by Lee Barnes, Jr., who is term-limited out. Voters will choose between Michael Kelley, a political newcomer, and former Hickman Mills school board member Darrell Curls.
07/06/202323 minutes 10 seconds
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Now in its 31st year, the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival is back with 'The Tempest'

Performances of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" begin at Southmoreland Park on June 13. This story features exotic creatures, conjuring, comedy, a love story, live music and beautiful language.
07/06/202317 minutes 32 seconds
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This Kansas City rental kitchen helps caterers and food trucks test out their business ideas

Kookin’ Cousins Kitchen, a Kansas City-based kitchen rental and culinary instruction facility, opened its doors in March of this year. Since then, it’s offered residents the chance to hone their cooking skills through a series of classes, and test out their ideas for new restaurants and businesses.
06/06/202310 minutes 51 seconds
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Months after shooting, Ralph Yarl's mother says teen 'has to look over his shoulder'

Yarl, who was shot in early April, is recovering from his physical injuries. His mother says his mental recovery has been tough.
05/06/202327 minutes 30 seconds
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Kansas City theater pioneer Cynthia Levin announces retirement

Cynthia Levin started at the Unicorn Theatre in 1979. Now, 45 years later, she is preparing to step down as the producing artistic director.
02/06/202314 minutes 47 seconds
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'I can't be bullied,' Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said after a veto-heavy legislative session

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly took on Kansas' GOP-led Legislature, vetoing more bills than any Kansas governor in nearly three decades. She shared her thoughts on the legislative session and what she's working on during the off season.
02/06/202318 minutes 34 seconds
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How 2 gay Missouri legislators see a way forward after a session of attacks on LGBTQ rights

The Missouri Legislature proposed 48 Anti-LGBTQ bills this year, trailing only Texas, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Two openly gay lawmakers say the state has a long way to go toward making it a suitable environment for transgender residents.
01/06/202322 minutes 59 seconds
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After Kansas City Council resolution, Troost Avenue is a step closer to becoming Truth Avenue

Last year, Ruby Jean's Juicery owner Chris Goode began his push to change Troost Avenue, named after a slaveholder, to Truth Avenue. Now, the Kansas City Council is taking steps toward making the name change a reality.
01/06/202316 minutes 45 seconds
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Kansas-based documentary shares the experience of LGBTQ facing regressive legislation

Lawrence-based, Oscar-winning director Kevin Willmott and KCUR's C.J. Janovy and Sam Zeff discuss the making of the documentary "No Place Like Home: The Struggle Against Hate in Kansas."
31/05/202324 minutes 23 seconds
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Roy Wood Jr. could be the next host of 'The Daily Show.' He's in Kansas City this weekend

Ahead of his comedy shows in Kansas City on June 2 and 3, Roy Wood Jr. recalled what it was like to host the White House Correspondent's Dinner and discussed why he'd be honored if he was selected as the next host of "The Daily Show."
30/05/202320 minutes 30 seconds
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Can’t ‘Shake It Off’? University of Kansas class will explore Taylor Swift’s popularity

The undergraduate seminar, called “The Sociology of Taylor Swift,” will examine the nature of American celebrity and the singer-songwriter’s community of superfans.
28/05/202310 minutes 11 seconds
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This Leavenworth veteran keeps the stories of fallen soldiers alive for Memorial Day

A former Army captain shares how he celebrates the lives of soldiers who died under his command, and how Kansas Citians can take part in honoring military men and women who have died while serving this country.
27/05/202312 minutes 23 seconds
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Roy Blunt says the U.S. won’t default on its debt, even with a divided Congress

The former U.S. Senator who represented Missouri from 2011 to 2023 told Up To Date he has “no doubt” a deal to raise the debt ceiling will be made between President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy before money likely runs out in early June. The debt ceiling currently stands at $31.4 trillion.
26/05/202327 minutes 37 seconds
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Missouri Republican says government shouldn't have power to decide who lives and dies

Opponents of the death penalty want Missouri to abolish the practice. They say it's not a deterrent — the system is flawed and it gives too much power to the government.
26/05/202323 minutes 38 seconds
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Mayor Quinton Lucas says we are in a 'tragic time in American politics' amidst anti-trans laws

After Kansas City declared itself a sanctuary city for gender-affirming care, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey opined to the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners that they must enforce a ban on gender affirming care. But Mayor Quinton Lucas says the city won't budge on that issue.
25/05/202327 minutes 30 seconds
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On this show set in Kansas, an actor gets to be 'Somebody, Somewhere' — and a cult star

Jeff Hiller, the breakout star of “Somebody Somewhere,” had grown used to playing bit parts. The show, streaming on MAX, has given him a chance to explore a deeper character.
25/05/202324 minutes 14 seconds
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A former county legislator and a KC Tenants organizer are vying for Kansas City's 6th District seat

Voters in the 6th District, which includes the Country Club Plaza, Brookside and Waldo, will choose between Dan Tarwater and Johnathan Duncan to fill the open seat during the June 20 general election.
24/05/202326 minutes 12 seconds
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Why Missouri law enforcement agencies should avoid 'cop jargon' on social media

Law enforcement agencies must be careful when they use social media. The public depends on the information from law enforcement to stay safe in violent situations such as active shooters, mass shootings and kidnappings.
24/05/202317 minutes 23 seconds
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This author traveled all 50 states to better understand America — then settled in Kansas City

Ryan Bernsten set out on a 23,000 mile journey to every U.S. state to listen to the stories of everyday Americans and understand their political beliefs. Then, he picked Kansas City to settle down. His new book shares what he learned in the process.
22/05/202326 minutes 23 seconds
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A federal judge and an ex-convict are helping Kansas Citians get settled in society after prison

As Kansas City sees increasing rates of gun violence, some local officials and activists are looking for ways to help the formerly incarcerated reenter the work force, clean their record, and find a way out of "a cycle of violent crime.”
20/05/202318 minutes 8 seconds
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Kansas City’s AAPIconic festival is a ‘love letter’ to Asian communities

This year’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Festival is expected to be three times bigger than last year’s. Through vendors and performances, the Cafe Cà Phê owner wants to showcase the many different cultures included in the label and help others connect with each other.
19/05/202314 minutes 35 seconds
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Kansas City entrepreneur visits White House to talk about Vine Street Brewing Company

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas chose entrepreneur Kemet Coleman to represent Kansas City at the Young Men of Color Roundtable at the White House this week.
18/05/202318 minutes 54 seconds
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For this Kansas City jazz musician, fragility is beautiful

Logan Richardson is recognized for his genre-bending approach to jazz and Black American music. In his latest album, 'Holy Water,’ his music continues to confront deep emotion.
17/05/202325 minutes 7 seconds
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How Kansas City scientists are helping to expand our understanding of human genetics

20 years after scientists finished the sequencing of the first human genome, scientists around the world — including from the Stowers Institute in Kansas City — have taken another monumental step.
17/05/202318 minutes 22 seconds
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Lessons from a 109-year-old Kansas City man inspire 'The Book Of Charlie'

Washington Post opinion columnist David Von Drehle's newest nonfiction book, "The Book of Charlie," highlights the life of his former neighbor in Kansas City: Dr. Charlie White, who lived to the age of 109.
17/05/202325 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

A new book explores the connection between American populism, eugenics and racism

Julie Carr dives through her family history to discover the connection between populism and racism in her new book "Mud, Blood and Ghosts."
13/05/202331 minutes 4 seconds
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A new tax credit could help Missouri be more competitive in the movie industry

A bill that would provide tax incentives for major filmmakers to shoot movies in Missouri awaits Gov. Mike Parson’s signature.
12/05/202314 minutes 14 seconds
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Ope! This Kansas City humorist wrote the 'Guide to Midwestern Conversation'

The new book from Taylor Kay Phillips, a Kansas City-born writer living in New York City, explains what it means to take a short drive (at least eight hours), how to talk sports (until you’re six feet under) and how to use “Ope! Lemme just squeeze right past ya” in casual conversation.
12/05/202323 minutes 3 seconds
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What the end of the COVID public health emergency means in Missouri and Kansas

The federal public health emergency over COVID, declared in 2020, came to an end on May 11. Health officials say the expiration of the order means that vaccines and tests are no longer being provided free from the federal government.
11/05/202313 minutes 27 seconds
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Is Kansas losing its place in Tornado Alley?

Kansas has been seeing fewer tornadoes in recent years, but is that a permanent change? One reporter explains the lull and why experts are more worried about other extreme weather threats in the region — like flooding.
11/05/202312 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Kansas City conference is bringing together experts to break the stigma of mental health

Kansas City is hosting a mental health conference open to the public focusing on education, innovations, recovery and more. Speakers from two sessions share how they're focusing on mental health in the region.
10/05/202318 minutes 10 seconds
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How the Truman Committee helped win World War II and paved the way for a presidency

A new book from NPR's Steve Drummond looks at how the Truman Committee, run by a relatively unknown U.S. Sen. Harry Truman, investigated wartime corruption, changed the country's efforts in World War II and ultimately helped launch Truman into the president's office.
09/05/202319 minutes 33 seconds
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Here's what you need to know about the 2023 Kansas legislative session

The Kansas legislature has adjourned after an eventful session in Topeka, which included numerous anti-trans bills, and a large number of vetoes and Republican overrides.
08/05/202325 minutes 38 seconds
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Food Recs: The best restaurants and bars in Kansas City, Kansas

Just a short jaunt across the state line is an overlooked food scene. Explore all the offerings of Kansas City, Kansas — including Mexican restaurants, meat markets, dive bars, Chinese food, a donut shop and more.
06/05/202337 minutes 33 seconds
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New KCUR podcast 'Seeking A Scientist' guides listeners into the great unknown

A new podcast from KCUR Studios and the Stowers Institute called "Seeking A Scientist with Kate The Chemist" is out now wherever you get your podcasts.
05/05/202320 minutes 54 seconds
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Britt Adair, a force in Kansas City’s music scene, gave women a new way to be punk

Britt Adair, a Kansas City punk musician, died suddenly May 1. As the Kansas City music community grapples with her death, musicians close to her shared what drew so many people to Adair and how much she cared for her community.
04/05/202315 minutes 53 seconds
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The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is $1 million closer to building a new home

Bank of America donated $1 million to kick off the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s $25 million capital campaign for a new building to house its education center.
03/05/202317 minutes 45 seconds
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Kansas City's Godfrey Riddle says 'Swedish Death Cleaning' helped him find purpose again

Kansas City business owner Godfrey Riddle recently appeared on Peacock's new reality show, "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning." He says appearing on the show not only helped him declutter and redesign his basement, but also allowed him to fortify his purpose in life.
02/05/202319 minutes 23 seconds
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One Kansas City veteran said 20 years later she still doesn't understand the war in Iraq

Veterans reflect on their role in the Iraq War, 20 years after President George W. Bush announced the U.S. had accomplished its mission in the country.
01/05/202313 minutes
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Kansas City Public Schools wants a new bond measure: 'It's time that we reinvest in our schools'

New superintendent Jennifer Collier says that as part of the district's strategic plan Blueprint 2030, Kansas City Public Schools will look to pass a local bond measure to raise taxpayer funds for the construction of new buildings.
01/05/202329 minutes 6 seconds
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The NFL Draft is the 'biggest event' Kansas City has ever seen

The NFL Draft started in 1936 with no media coverage, but has blossomed to a nationally televised event that is the largest non sporting event in America bringing hundreds of thousands of football fans to Kansas City
28/04/202349 minutes 5 seconds
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West Bottoms businesses worry they'll be 'snuffed out' by massive redevelopment plans

An out-of-state developer’s plan to redevelop over 20 acres in the West Bottoms has some saying the area is about to become the next Crossroads Arts District. But the historic neighborhood’s small business community have raised concerns that the rapid change will price them out of the area.
27/04/202328 minutes 52 seconds
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A Kansas family will make a Chiefs draft pick in honor of a father killed in Afghanistan

Massive crowds are expected to surround Union Station for the NFL Draft this week. The Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors, a NFL Salute to Service Partner, invited one Kansas family to honor a service member killed in action by announcing the Chiefs' third-round draft pick.
27/04/202320 minutes 7 seconds
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Unprecedented order restricting gender-affirming care sparks fear in Missouri LGBTQ community

Missouri's attorney general issued an emergency ruling broadly restricting transgender health care. A political reporter describes the challenges to the ruling and a transwoman living in the state describes the fear and uncertainty of within the trans-community.
25/04/202315 minutes 40 seconds
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KC Soundcheck: Unique and Marjai Neal

Unique Sixteen and Marjai Neal are poets, both born and raised in Kansas City. One uses poetry to fight injustice and the other discovered the arts through hardship.
25/04/202327 minutes 49 seconds
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Transit historian says places like Kansas City should rethink their transportation infrastructure

Kansas City was once home to a robust streetcar system. Then, the arrival of the car caused it, along with most other American cities, to plan cityscapes for automobiles. As Kansas City works on extending its solo streetcar line, one transit historian says it's time for cities like ours to give residents significantly more options.
24/04/202319 minutes 49 seconds
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How Missouri’s 'castle doctrine' may be central to the Ralph Yarl case

A local defense attorney said it's possible Lester's defense team will say Andrew Lester, the 84-year-old who shot 16-year-old Ralph Yarl on his doorstep, had a right to use deadly force to protect his property. That's because of the 'castle doctrine.'
24/04/202313 minutes 20 seconds
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Kansas City health providers are worried the NFL Draft could bring a rise in sexual abuse

Advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse say that events revolving around alcohol consumption, like the Super Bowl or NFL Draft, can escalate violence against women.
24/04/202312 minutes 26 seconds
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Kansas City's iconic Christopher Elbow considers himself an 'accidental chocolatier'

Christopher Elbow opened Christopher Elbow Chocolates in 2003. After two decades, he's producing 25 tons of chocolate per year and shows no signs of slowing down.
22/04/202328 minutes 38 seconds
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Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas on the Ralph Yarl shooting

Ralph Yarl, a Black teenager living in Kansas City's Northland, was shot twice after accidentally ringing the doorbell of the wrong home. 84-year-old named Andrew Lester is charged with two felonies in the shooting. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas joined KCUR's Up To Date to talk about the specifics of the case.
21/04/202327 minutes 27 seconds
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Never mind Missouri's weed shortage. The industry needs banks

It’s been just over two months since dispensaries started selling recreational marijuana in Missouri and despite shortages, business is booming. Now the industry must grapple with perhaps its biggest hurdle since legalization: banks.
21/04/202310 minutes 55 seconds
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Book recs: A Kansas City bookstore owner, librarian and author share what they're reading

Kansas City Public Library's Kaite Stover, author Steve Paul, and BLK + BRWN bookstore owner Cori Smith share their favorite books of the moment, spanning true crime and romance to poetry and biography.
20/04/202328 minutes 52 seconds
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3 Black filmmakers are diversifying Kansas City's film industry

Making films isn't easy and it can be tougher if you’re a filmmaker of color. Meet three of the people who are bringing their vision to Kansas City projects.
18/04/202329 minutes 39 seconds
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Jason Kander will be honored with the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award

Jason Kander is set to receive the Good Neighbor Award from the Truman Foundation next month. The Afghanistan veteran and former Missouri Secretary of State joins a group of honorees that includes Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, top journalists, humanitarians and even U.S. presidents.
18/04/202318 minutes 8 seconds
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A Black Kansas City organizer on the Ralph Yarl shooting: 'This hits home'

Justice Gatson, founder and director of Reale Justice Network, said it’s been an emotional several days for Kansas City Black communities. Gatson was one of hundreds of protesters who have been calling on the Kansas City Police Department to arrest Ralph Yarl's shooter — and now she's calling on the police chief to resign.
18/04/202311 minutes 3 seconds
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Overland Park singer Kate Cosentino is blowing away judges on NBC's 'The Voice'

Kate Cosentino, an Overland Park native who now lives in Nashville, got three judges to turn their chairs for her on season 23 of the music competition show "The Voice."
14/04/202320 minutes 45 seconds
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Meet Kathy Nelson, the woman who helped bring the NFL Draft and World Cup to Kansas City

If you don't know about Kathy Nelson, you should. She was born and raised right here in Kansas City, and was just named one of USA Today’s "2023 Women of the Year."
14/04/202316 minutes 51 seconds
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An Olathe boutique offers free clothes and a personalized experience to shoppers in need

A new clothing store in Olathe isn't your run-of-the-mill thrift shop. Angel Clothing Foundation is helping outfit individuals in need in a boutique-style setting, at no cost to the customer.
14/04/202312 minutes 29 seconds
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The American Library Association has elected its first president from Kansas City

Cindy Hohl has been with the Kansas City Public Library since 2017, and currently serves as its director of policy analysis and operational support.
14/04/202314 minutes 35 seconds
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This Kansas City TV anchor left news to work with kids. Here’s why.

Local KSHB-TV anchor and reporter Gabriella Pagan suddenly disappeared from television last year. She told Up To Date she had to leave her career in journalism to confront childhood trauma and abuse in her past. That’s how she became an advocate for kids in Jackson County’s Family Court system.
13/04/202324 minutes 5 seconds
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A new Amelia Earhart museum is opening in her Kansas hometown

The Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum in Atchison, Kansas, will feature the only Lockheed Martin Model 10 Electra still in existence. This model is identical to the plane Earhart flew on her final flight in 1937.
13/04/202322 minutes
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Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver calls for return of Clinton-era assault weapons ban

Following recent mass shootings in Louisville and Nashville, Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Kansas City) is calling for Congress to revive the federal ban on assault weapons.
12/04/202326 minutes 30 seconds
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Patients are still being subjected to non-consensual pelvic exams. Now Missouri may ban them

The exams, which occur on anesthetized patients without their knowledge, are often done by medical and nursing students who are told to perform them by their superiors. While non-consensual pelvic, prostate and anal exams remain legal in 29 states, legislation that seeks to ban the practice has gained traction in Missouri.
11/04/202328 minutes 23 seconds
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How a Kansas City sickle cell patient is working to combat health care discrimination

Kevin Wake is sharing his experience being denied proper treatment in an emergency room in order to draw attention to health disparities faced by sickle cell patients.
11/04/202315 minutes 46 seconds
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New book considers the historic consequences of the Supreme Court's hard shift to the right

CNN senior Supreme Court analyst Joan Biskupic dives into the highest court in the land's hard conservative shift in her new book, "Nine Black Robes: Inside the Supreme Court's Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences."
10/04/202323 minutes 10 seconds
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To celebrate Ramadan, this Kansas City nonprofit is hosting free communal dinners

It's Ramadan, one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar. The Dialogue Institute, a local nonprofit, has partnered with 33 different organizations to hold community fast-breaking dinners, called iftars.
10/04/202312 minutes 19 seconds
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Food recs: Kansas City’s best restaurants for eating outdoors

Spring is a magical time in Kansas City. To take full advantage of all the season has to offer, Up To Date asked food writers and enthusiasts to share their favorite places across the metro to dine al fresco.
08/04/202348 minutes 9 seconds
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Teens are judges, attorneys and defendants in a Cass County diversion program

A diversion program in Cass County's Juvenile Court system aims to steer kids away from the negative impact of a criminal record while simultaneously teaching other youth volunteers about the law.
06/04/202316 minutes 15 seconds
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Many Kansas City residents think their recycling goes to landfills, but here’s what really happens

Many Kansas City metro residents are still not convinced that what put into their recycle bins ends up actually recycled. According to the Department of Public Works, this lack of confidence is one of the reasons why usage of recycling services has declined in recent years.
06/04/202318 minutes 40 seconds
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Kansas City gardeners can get started planting this spring. Here's what an expert recommends

Kansas City is about a week behind schedule for vegetable planting because of an exceptionally chilly March, but gardeners don't have to wait any longer. Local horticulturist Dennis Patton shares his tips on how to get the most out of your lawn and garden this spring.
05/04/202321 minutes 42 seconds
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What you need to know about the 2023 legislative sessions in Missouri and Kansas

In both Kansas and Missouri, lawmakers are focusing heavily on the state budget, education issues, and targeting the rights of transgender residents.
05/04/202320 minutes 33 seconds
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How Kansas City groups are rethinking the job market for workers with disabilities

Employment for workers with disabilities has reached a record high, but one Kansas City mom says it's not enough. Local groups are taking a more individualized approach to hiring, and finding ways to erase barriers.
05/04/202325 minutes 58 seconds
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Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce announces his very own music festival: 'Kelce Jam'

As Kansas City prepares to host its first-ever NFL Draft, and fresh off the Chiefs' Super Bowl win, tight end Travis Kelce is adding to the festivities with a "Kelce Jam" on April 28.
04/04/202310 minutes 19 seconds
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The first Latina astronaut in space is coming to Kansas City to share her experience

After joining the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 1990, Dr. Ellen Ochoa has flown in space four times and logged nearly 1,000 hours in orbit. Ochoa is visiting Kansas City in April for an event at the Linda Hall Library.
03/04/202330 minutes 40 seconds
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Commission Chair Mike Kelly says the state of Johnson County 'continues to be strong'

After spending six years as the mayor of Roeland Park, Kansas, Mike Kelly was elected in November to be the next chairman of the Johnson County Commission. Just three months into the job, he's set to give his first State of the County address next week.
31/03/202317 minutes 2 seconds
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Kansas City Royals are ready for Opening Day and a much better 2023 season

After finishing last in the American League Central Division last season, the Kansas City Royals made big moves behind the scenes in order to turn things around in 2023.
30/03/202355 minutes
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Earning lowrider bike parts keeps these Kansas City, Kansas, kids out of trouble

An after-school program teaches kids life skills through constructing lowrider bikes. Its founder, Martin Cervantes, says he was once a troubled kid himself.
29/03/202313 minutes 34 seconds
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Open enrollment in Missouri's public schools would provide choice, but only for some

Supporters of Missouri House Bill 253, which proposes an open enrollment system in the state's public schools, say the legislation gives parents the right to choose where their students are educated. But critics on both sides of the aisle have raised concerns. They say open enrollment would shut down struggling districts and further segregate schools.
28/03/202323 minutes 5 seconds
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This Kansas City native plays all of your favorite characters in the 'Hamilton' national tour

Bryson Bruce, a graduate of Lee's Summit West High School and the University of Missouri, grew up performing in plays and musicals around the Kansas City area. Now he's a touring cast member in one of the most popular musicals of our time: "Hamilton."
28/03/202325 minutes 45 seconds
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Missouri lawmakers are seeking to restrict gender-affirming care. Here's what it is

Missouri is one of several states that have introduced legislation to ban gender-affirming care for minors, despite medical professionals declaring the care necessary for transgender children. A Kansas City-area doctor explains what trans healthcare is.
28/03/202313 minutes 6 seconds
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Executive Frank White says Jackson County's LGBTQ kids 'need to know they're valued'

Up To Date spoke with Jackson County Executive Frank White and Legislators Jalen Anderson and Jeanie Lauer about their commitment to reintroduce an ordinance that would ban anti-gay "conversion therapy" on minors.
28/03/202320 minutes 44 seconds
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Kansas City workers demand higher wages and affordable housing in talks with the Royals

The Kansas City Royals hope to build a new downtown ballpark and entertainment district. Community residents say they should have input and establish an agreement to protect future workers.
24/03/202317 minutes 37 seconds
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Meet the 3 candidates running for the Kansas City Council's 4th District seat

Incumbent Councilman Eric Bunch is seeking re-election. He's being challenged by his former legislative aide and a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives.
24/03/202340 minutes 54 seconds
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Kansas City parents of trans, non-binary child discuss anti-trans bills in the Missouri legislature

The parents of a trans, non-binary teen tell their story as lawmakers in Jefferson City work to pass a slew of anti-trans bills.
23/03/202328 minutes 14 seconds
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Kansas City's mayor worries that 'hateful rhetoric' from state lawmakers will drive people away

Mayor Quinton Lucas touts Kansas City's ability to attract big events like the NFL Draft and the 2026 World Cup. But he worries that the "hateful rhetoric" and anti-LGBTQ policies coming out of statehouses in Missouri and Kansas could drive some residents and major gatherings away.
21/03/202330 minutes 7 seconds
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Kansas and Missouri government reporters see a ‘pattern of hostility’ in trying to do their jobs

Reporters in both Kansas and Missouri are dealing with a new wave of restrictions aimed at their ability to inform the public on how officials are spending their tax dollars.
21/03/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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We need to talk about suicide, local author and professor says

Clancy Martin’s new book “How Not to Kill Yourself” takes a bold and unflinching look at what he calls the suicidal mind. Combining aspects of memoir and social inquiry, the book underscores one big idea: We need to be talking about suicide.
20/03/202325 minutes 32 seconds
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A new program gives Missouri seniors a way to lend their skills and stave off isolation

The Mid-America Regional Council's "Give 5" program hopes to lessen the effects of the "silver tsunami" by giving retirees a way to contribute their time and talents to the nonprofit sector.
20/03/202313 minutes 15 seconds
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Jackson County Legislature may vote to ban anti-gay 'conversion therapy' on minors

While it’s already illegal for health care providers to practice "conversion therapy" on minors in Kansas City and Independence, Ordinance 5711 would make it against the law across all of Jackson County. It’d also make it easier for survivors to seek justice by providing a clear way to report abuse.
17/03/20239 minutes 48 seconds
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Kansas education commissioner says 'school choice' will cost taxpayers with no accountability

The Kansas House narrowly passed a "school choice" bill that will allow families of K-12 students to access upwards of $5,000 in state funding for alternatives to public education — including private schools and homeschooling. The Kansas State Board of Education opposes the bill, saying there's no way to track how students are doing.
17/03/202315 minutes 23 seconds
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Kansas City author writes of being the only Black woman in the room

In her new memoir, "Blindsided: Essays From The Only Black Woman in the Room," Dawn Downey battles a mental war between sensing racism and denying it.
16/03/202323 minutes 27 seconds
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How the collapse of 2 financial institutions caused a Kansas City bank's stock to fall

Earlier this week, Silicon Valley Bank in California and Signature Bank in New York collapsed, prompting the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to take them into receivership. Then, it caused the stock of UMB Bank in Kansas City to drop.
16/03/202315 minutes 2 seconds
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KC Soundcheck: Jass and Ikey Suave

Ikey Suave has only been serious about music for a few years, but after he realized his talent he hasn't looked back. Neo-soul performer Jass has worked to earn fans beyond her immediate community.
15/03/202321 minutes 46 seconds
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Kansas City jazz owes so much to its women musicians

Kansas City is known worldwide as a jazz town, home to the likes of Charlie Parker, Andy Kirk and Count Basie. But what about the women who helped shape the genre? To celebrate Women’s History Month, Up To Date looked at some of the city’s most iconic female jazz luminaries.
13/03/202319 minutes 52 seconds
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Missouri Republicans propose 2 bills to eliminate diversity and inclusion efforts at colleges

Legislation that would prohibit colleges from hiring diversity, equity and inclusion consultants and remove diversity questions from hiring requirements was heard by a House committee last week.
11/03/202312 minutes 56 seconds
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Artificial intelligence model ChatGPT won't ruin education, UMKC professors say

The chatbot has educators scrambling to make sure students don't use it to cheat. Two UMKC professors think one way to address the issue is to incorporate the new technology into lesson plans rather than ban it.
09/03/202319 minutes 51 seconds
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Remembering former Kansas City Councilman Mike Burke, the 'epitome of patience'

Mike Burke, an attorney, former Kansas City Councilman and mayoral candidate who was well known for his forward-thinking approach to economic development, passed away Sunday.
09/03/202312 minutes 33 seconds
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Former Kansas Attorney General working with an anti-abortion law firm to dispute the 2020 election

A Chicago-based Catholic law firm called the Thomas More Society has spent decades focused on their main mission: outlawing all abortions. Part of their strategy also includes casting doubt on the integrity of U.S. elections. Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, whose law license was suspended indefinitely by the Kansas Supreme Court in 2013, is among their strategists.
07/03/202314 minutes 8 seconds
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3 years into the pandemic, a Kansas respiratory therapist says 'I haven't processed all of it'

Kansas and Missouri announced their first confirmed positive COVID-19 cases on Mar. 7, 2020. A registered respiratory therapist shares her experience caring for patients — some of whom refused proper treatment — in a Kansas hospital.
07/03/202315 minutes 30 seconds
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Missouri Republican seeks to legalize hallucinogenic drug for medicinal use

Psilocybin, the psychedelic drug commonly referred to as "magic mushrooms," is outlawed in most states, including Missouri, but a Republican legislator is trying to change that. He shares how the drug could be used to treat some ailments.
07/03/202311 minutes
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Food Critics: Kansas City's best restaurants at the new airport and along the streetcar in 2023

With a new airport terminal opening and the ongoing expansion of the streetcar line, Kansas City transportation has been making headlines. Our food writers share their favorite places to grab a bite while on the go.
04/03/20232 days 43 minutes 20 seconds
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Sedgwick County judge proposes bills to address domestic violence in Kansas

Judge Philip Journey of Sedgwick County regularly hears domestic violence cases. He decided to propose a set of bills to the Kansas legislature that he believes would reduce these incidents and help victims.
03/03/202315 minutes 56 seconds
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Remembering Ida McBeth, Kansas City’s 'queen of jazz and blues'

McBeth, who died Wednesday at age 70, was known for her captivating stage presence and deep, commanding voice. She was a mentor and role model for younger generations of Black women coming up in the Kansas City jazz scene.
02/03/202320 minutes 29 seconds
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Kansas City’s jazz community mourns the sudden loss of performer Ronald McFadden

McFadden, was one-half of the internationally known McFadden Brothers. He died, passed unexpectedly after a performance with his brother Lonnie McFadden at the Loews Hotel in downtown Kansas City.
02/03/202319 minutes
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New book tells the untold story tied to Kansas City's 1981 Hyatt Regency skywalk disaster

The Kansas City skywalk disaster in 1981 killed 114 people and become one of the most closely-covered events in the city's history. A new book uses the writing of a key player in the disaster to tell an untold story about the tragedy.
01/03/202322 minutes 55 seconds
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New Jackson County legislator wants Executive Frank White to show up to meetings

District 1 Legislator Manny Abarca IV told Up To Date the county executive doesn't attend meetings and isn't transparent about the annual budget. White's office said that's not true.
01/03/20239 minutes 48 seconds
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This organization helps bring more Black teachers into Kansas City schools

Kansas City-based Teachers Like Me has a specific goal, which is to recruit, develop and retain Black teachers. It’s starting to see some success.
01/03/202314 minutes 41 seconds
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Openly gay Jackson County Republican avoids censure for same-sex marriage amendment

The Jackson County Republican Party considered censuring state Rep. Chris Sander, a Lone Jack Republican, after he introduced an amendment changing the Missouri Constitution’s language defining marriage.
01/03/20238 minutes 22 seconds
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Kansas City woman survives deadly heart condition most commonly affecting women

During heart health awareness month, a cardiologist shares what's known about SCAD, a condition that led one woman to suffer three cardiac events in three years. It's the leading cause of heart attacks in women under 50.
28/02/202313 minutes 10 seconds
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The former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine thinks Biden isn't doing enough to help end the war

As the war in Ukraine passes its one year mark, former Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst says sending U.S. weapons can speed the end of the fighting.
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He came to Kansas City to escape the Taliban. Now he’s warning others of genocide in Afghanistan

Qasim Rahimi came to Kansas City in June 2021 after the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took over. Rahimi is a member of the Hazara, an ethnic minority group that has faced decades of violent persecution at the hands of the Taliban, and now he’s working to warn the world about the genocide being carried out against his people.
27/02/202322 minutes 33 seconds
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The first flights out of Kansas City's new airport terminal take off Tuesday

Feb. 28 is the first day of operations at Kansas City International Airport's new state-of-the-art single terminal. Former Kansas City Mayor Sly James, who was instrumental in getting the project off the ground, says travelers will be "stunned" by the terminal's artwork and facilities.
27/02/202323 minutes 46 seconds
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3 Kansas City bookworms share fresh recommendations for spring reading

These reading lists include a comic mystery that will appeal to fans of "Knives Out" and "Glass Onion," a Civil Rights trilogy and classics from Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf.
25/02/202326 minutes 10 seconds
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A Kansas City woman won $100,000 to battle chronic illness with healthy food

A Kansas City woman turned her own family’s struggle into a way to help her community get better access to healthy food. Her idea just earned her $100,000 from the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.
24/02/202312 minutes 41 seconds
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Kansas City's Ukrainian community doesn't want you to forget about the Russian war

When Russia launched its full-scale invasion on Ukraine last February, the Ukrainian Club of Kansas City knew it had to act. The community group came together to create Stand With Ukraine KC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing aid for Ukrainians both here and abroad.
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Kansas City immigration advocates blast President Biden's proposed asylum crackdown

Under a new Biden administration policy, immigrants fleeing persecution or violence will be required to first apply for asylum from outside the U.S. Immigration advocates are critical of the policy, which is schedule to go into effect in May, and compare it to the policies of former President Trump.
23/02/202313 minutes 20 seconds
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Why one political scientist says the U.S. should focus on China instead of Russia's war in Ukraine

John Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago, believes the priority of the U.S. in Ukraine should be de-escalation, and that it should shift its focus to China, which he calls the bigger threat.
22/02/202321 minutes 8 seconds
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Blue Valley High School student wins international science contest: 'I'll remember this forever'

Noor Haideri, a 16-year-old high school junior from Overland Park, won first prize and a $250,000 college scholarship from the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, for a science video she created about blue light and how it disrupts our sleep cycle.
Episode Artwork

Kansas City's health director fears confusion as federal COVID-19 emergency ends

The federal COVID-19 public health emergency will end in May, and with it some significant policy changes around health insurance and public benefits. Kansas City's health director shares what's changing and what residents should do before then.
21/02/20239 minutes 44 seconds
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How effective is protesting? This is what Kansas City residents had to say

Protest is part of American history, and only more visible over the last decade thanks to social media. But protests over police violence and racism, including the Black Lives Matter movement, have not necessarily led to widespread improvements. So how effective is modern protesting, and what needs to happen to bring about change?
21/02/202320 minutes 24 seconds
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Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley wants to ban kids under 16 from all social media

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley says he wants to take aim at "Big Tech" by raising the minimum age requirement to use social media from 13 to 16. But how likely is it that Congress will act?
Episode Artwork

New app will allow Kansas Citians to report missing people without the police

After Black residents criticized how Kansas City Police were not taking their concerns seriously, Bishop Tony Caldwell and his community group, the Justice and Dignity Center, say they've created a new app aimed at finding missing people.
20/02/202315 minutes 2 seconds
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Why the Missouri Chamber of Commerce is backing a Republican crime bill

A crime prevention bill supported by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce passed through the House of Representatives this month. But most Missouri Democrats say it will do little to actually prevent crime and gun violence.
20/02/202316 minutes 26 seconds
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Jazz musician Hermon Mehari returns to Kansas City

World-touring jazz trumpeter Hermon Mehari is back in Kansas City to perform music from his new album "ASMARA," inspired by his family's Eritrean roots, at the Folly Theater.
17/02/202323 minutes 37 seconds
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KCFD report reveals racism and sexism persist in the department

The report was commissioned in 2020 after the Kansas City Star published a year-long investigation exposing discrimination against Black and women firefighters.
Episode Artwork

Kansas lawmakers at odds over a bill that would allow state funds to be used for private education

A Kansas Republican wants to give families more choice over where their children are educated, but one opponent says H.B. 2218 takes funding away from public schools and gives taxpayer dollars away with no government oversight.
16/02/202321 minutes 39 seconds
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After spending 28 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, Lamar Johnson is a free man

A judge in St. Louis ruled on Tuesday that Lamar Johnson should be freed after two people provided testimony that absolved Johnson in the 1994 killing of Marcus Boyd.
16/02/202316 minutes 2 seconds
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Chiefs Kingdom floods the streets of Kansas City for a Super Bowl victory parade

Super Bowl champions for the second time, the Kansas City Chiefs drew fans out of bed and into the streets, some even overnight, to claim their spots along the parade route. Up To Date broadcast live from the parade route to speak with fans, sports writers and the 2022 Chiefs Fan of the Year about the team's banner year.
15/02/202349 minutes 56 seconds
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Mayor Lucas: Kansas City hasn't done enough to address racism and sexism in fire department

Mayor Quinton Lucas thinks Kansas City needs to do more to address its fire department's culture, one week after a report detailed persistent incidences of racist and sexist harassment within the department.
14/02/202329 minutes 19 seconds
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After decades of protest, the FDA considers easing restrictions on LGBTQ men donating blood

The FDA banned donations entirely during the HIV epidemic in the early 1980s when little was known about AIDS. But the risk of transfusion-related transmission hasn’t been a real concern for decades. Kansas City University professor Dr. Benjamin Grin says the government’s holdout on changing guidelines is in part because of a lingering stigma.
14/02/20239 minutes 46 seconds
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The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions again. Now it's time to party

The Kansas City Chiefs, in last-second fashion, won Super Bowl LVII in Arizona over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. What does it mean for the city and fanbase?
13/02/202347 minutes 47 seconds
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How the Kansas City Chiefs were pioneers in recruiting Black players in the 1960s

Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt’s dedication to discovering Black athletes dates back to the 1960s, from selecting a Black player first in the 1963 AFL draft to hiring the first full-time African American pro scout.
10/02/202324 minutes 12 seconds
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Kansas City University medical students return to Kenyan clinic for out-of-textbook experience

For the first time since the pandemic began, Kansas City University medical students returned to a Kenyan clinic to help diagnose and treat patients as part of the school's global health outreach program. Two students share what the experience taught them and how it influenced their medical careers.
09/02/202324 minutes 59 seconds
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Why this photographer documented more than 100 newspapers across rural Kansas

Photographer Jeremiah Ariaz embarked on a journey across Kansas, capturing the newspaper offices that serve rural communities, and speaking to what their shrinking staffs mean for democracy in America.
08/02/202324 minutes 38 seconds
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Missouri begins legal weed sales, but there is still 'a whole lot of confusion' around expungement

Missouri allowed the first dispensaries to begin selling recreational marijuana this past Friday, which permits anyone over the age of 21 to purchase. But now those incarcerated for marijuana offenses are struggling to get their records expunged.
07/02/202319 minutes 27 seconds
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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is demanding better living conditions at Kansas City apartment complex

A month into his 10th term in Congress, U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver shares why it appears so many elected officials have mishandled classified documents, why he was angered by the process to elect a Speaker of the House and how his office is handling complaints of unsafe living conditions at a Kansas City apartment complex.
07/02/202324 minutes 47 seconds
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Jackson County is suing drugmakers and pharmacies over the high price of insulin

Insulin costs less than $2 per vial to make yet is sold for between $300-$700, according to a new court filing from Jackson County. The county is suing drugmakers like Eli Lilly and distributors like CVS Caremark for keeping the price of the life-saving drug artificially high.
06/02/20237 minutes 40 seconds
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Food Critics: The best Asian and Asian-inspired food in Kansas City in 2023

Whether it's Indian biryani, Chinese dim sum, Filipino lumpia, or Korean bibimbap, Kansas City’s diverse Asian food scene has you covered.
04/02/202340 minutes 28 seconds
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What's being done to stop racism and antisemitism in Kansas City-area schools?

Multiple Kansas City-area schools have reported incidents of racist vandalism and discriminatory comments in recent weeks. "We have to talk about white supremacy being normalized in these districts," says Kansas City Defender founder Ryan Sorrell.
02/02/202328 minutes 3 seconds