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English, Education, 7 seasons, 42 episodes, 17 hours, 10 minutes
The Unstoppable Yes You Podcast features real-life stories of people of Caribbean heritage to inspire and give hope to the next generation. Each season, we will focus on different topics that celebrate our fierceness, resilience, and achievements.
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Meet Contemporary Bermudian Artist Gherdai Hassell

Gherdai Hassell is a contemporary artist, writer, and storyteller who celebrates Black females through multimedia and collage-like art. The 2022 Winner of the Best of Bermuda Visual Artist Award and has participated in solo and group exhibitions in her home country, Cape Town, South Africa, the United States, and China. Gherdai received an MFA from the China Academy of Art and currently lives in Manchester, UK.In this episode, learn how Gherdai ties her experiences and academic research to cultural, historical, and political understandings to create unexpected narratives surrounding identity. Listen and share with art lovers and aspiring artists.
4/4/202326 minutes, 34 seconds
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Color and Culture with Martinique Artist Lionel Perrot

For Martiniquais artist Lionel Perrot, painting is an opportunity to let go to the rhythm of the music that systematically accompanies his creative process. Lionel let himself get carried away by the color, canvas, and tools. The modern artist has exhibited locally and hopes to one day take his works to an international stage.In this episode, Lionel Perrot gives us an introduction to the origin of his works. Listen and share with art lovers and aspiring artists.
3/28/202311 minutes, 59 seconds
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Akilah Watts Pushes Black Portraiture in a New Direction

Akilah Watts is a 27-year-old contemporary artist from St. James, Barbados. Her life-like portraits draw inspiration from her personal life, as she recreates images of her childhood in the backdrop of the island's beautiful scenery. In 2022, Akilah completed a residency with ArtleadHER and the Monira Foundation. She has exhibited locally and internationally - from New York to San Francisco to Miami.In this episode, hear how Akilah is pushing the age-old portraiture genre in new directions.Listen and share with art lovers and aspiring artists.
3/20/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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Impressionist Artist Marissa Lee Sheds Light on Her Work

For over a decade, Trinidadian-Korean impressionist artist Marissa Lee has been perfecting her work, which consist of portraits and figures in oil, watercolor, charcoal and pastel. Known for her oil portraits of Caribbean Mas performers, Marissa draws inspiration from the connections with her subjects. Marissa's work has been exhibited locally and internationally, including the Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago, the Coco Vivo Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Rotunda Gallery.Learn how Marissa brings her ideas to life.Share this episode with aspiring artists and art lovers.
3/8/202330 minutes, 9 seconds
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Meet Engineer Turned Photographer Ama Dennis

Virgin Islands native Ama Dennis had an interest in art for as long as she can remember. So upon her return to the Virgin Islands after hurricane Maria, she made a career change from electrical engineering to photography. Today, she showcases the beauty of her hometown and its rich history and culture in her gallery.In this episode Alma shares how she made the transition successfully.Listen and share with art lovers and aspiring artists.
2/28/202328 minutes, 57 seconds
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Who is Contemporary Artist April Bey?

April Bey is a Bahamian-American visual artist whose work represents icons and anti-heroes of Bahamian and American culture and contemporary pop culture. April's work is crafted around the perspective of the fictional planet Atlantica, an Afrofuturist alien world which redefines Blackness outside the context of white supremacy and colonial suffering.Listen to this episode to learn how April uses painting, printmaking, collage, and video to broaden her vision for acts of reparation.Share with art lovers and aspiring artists.
2/22/202324 minutes, 25 seconds