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It takes conviction and courage to stand unshaken in a culture where the battle rages between the authority of God and the millions who obey the authority of the self. Alisa Childers and Natasha Crain will help you be equipped, emboldened, and encouraged to speak truth without fear, to love the way God loves, and to stand firm no matter the cost.
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#44 Quick Update

Quick Update
5/15/20242 minutes, 41 seconds
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#43 Taylor Swift and the Normalizing of Envy and Lust

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars alive today. Her recent album, The Tortured Poets Department debuted with a total of 2.6 million sales, which is her biggest debut and the top selling single-week sales since Adele’s 25 almost 10 years ago. CNN reported that it became the first album to draw over 300 million streams in a single day in and the first album to reach one billion streams in a single week on Spotify. Slate reported that her single Fortnight debuted as the biggest song in the world launching at No. 1 both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Gloabal Excl. U.S. charts. Last week, Alisa listened to several songs on the album and forced Natasha to listen to a couple of them and they have thoughts!
5/8/202425 minutes, 44 seconds
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#42 Our Biggest Discipleship Failures…and Successes

Alisa and Natasha both have kids in the teen years, and it’s a very interesting time for parents. You start to see how some of the things you did well as a parent in the younger years are bearing fruit and feel a sense of gratitude (and relief!). But you also start to see how the things that you maybe didn’t do as well are bearing some of their own less-than-desirable fruit. So, parenting teens is certainly a time for reflection. In today’s episode, Alisa and Natasha share what they feel are three of their biggest parenting failures specifically as it relates to discipleship…as well as three of their biggest successes. 
5/1/202427 minutes, 9 seconds
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#41 The Orange Scandal - When Christian Leaders Fail

Orange Curriculum is considered to be the most widely used Sunday school curriculum in the country. Last week, it came out that the founder, Reggie Joiner, and the CEO, Kristen Ivy have both resigned due to their admission of having an inappropriate relationship together. This came out just days before Orange's huge annual conference. These things can be rattling to those who have been somehow touched by the ministry in question, and by those who are connected to it by family or other relationship. In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa talk about how to process the moral failings of leaders of Christian organizations and share three takeaways on how to process events like this. They also offer some hope they have for Orange going forward.
4/24/202416 minutes, 46 seconds
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#40 Why is the Church So Afraid to Talk about Politics?

A few weeks ago, Alisa and Natasha recorded an episode called “Why the church must divide on (some) political issues.” They talked about why Christians need to care about and get involved in politics and that we shouldn’t be concerned about it being divisive. Today they talk about a related issue—why is the church so afraid to talk about politics? As Christians, we have just as much say in how our communities and our country function as anyone else. We should be EAGER to advocate for the common good. So if that’s the case, how did we get to this point where Christians feel like we’ve done something wrong if we bring up politics with other Christians or if we feel like we can say something…but just not too much?
4/17/202425 minutes, 37 seconds
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#39 Does “Bad Therapy” Lead to Deconstruction?

We’ve all seen the deconstruction stories that flood our social media news feeds. We’ve heard the claims of “toxic theology,” and the #exvangelical propensity to identify historic Christian doctrine and ethics as oppressive and harmful. But what if there is a connection between deconstruction and modern impulse to seek therapy, psychological diagnoses, and therapeutic language to explain away objective truth claims about God and morality? If you haven’t heard words and phrases like Iatrogenesis, Social-Emotional Learning, and Gentle Parenting, Alisa and Natasha will define those terms and show how they represent a massive shift in the worldview of our current culture. They also explore how those topics are related to the deconstruction phenomenon. 
4/10/202423 minutes, 11 seconds
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#38 Will Your Church Talk About THIS on Easter?

This Sunday is Easter, and churches everywhere will rightly be proclaiming the joy and hope we have because Jesus victoriously rose from the dead and is alive today. It’s also a time when a lot of people come to church who don’t normally do so. Some are nonbelievers and some are Christians who just aren’t already connected to a church home. But in an increasingly secular and skeptical culture, churches really can’t take for granted anymore that people coming have a reference point for understanding why Christians care about the resurrection so much and why we should even believe a resurrection happened. In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa highlight some important conversations churches need to have surrounding Easter that tend to be ignored. 
3/27/202424 minutes, 56 seconds
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#37 Is Christianity Just Fear-based Indoctrination?

Have you ever that if you grew up as a conservative Christian, you were indoctrinated into a fear-based view of God and shame-based view of yourself? Or that the fundamentalist “Christian Gospel” damages children by telling them that they are born into this world intrinsically bad and repulsive to God, learning that their sinfulness is to blame for the brutalization, torture, and death of God’s son? Well this is exactly what Jim Palmer, the chaplain for the American Humanist Association who also holds the title of Founder of The Center for Non-Religious Spirituality says. In today’s episode, Alisa and Natasha unpack some of these claims.
3/20/202424 minutes, 59 seconds
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#36 Why the Church Must Divide on (Some) Political Issues

While Christians rightly value unity, some believe that we should not “get political” or divide over politics. Some advocate for Christians to keep their politics to themselves, while others teach we should “just preach the gospel.” In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa discuss what true biblical unity looks like, and how Christians should engage politically in this cultural moment.
3/13/202416 minutes, 49 seconds
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#35 Lord Save Me from My True Authentic Self!

Frank Turek joins the podcast to talk about the mantra “Follow your heart” and how that is leading culture into the chaos of social media narcissism, divorce, and transgender ideology.
3/6/202416 minutes, 56 seconds
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#34 Polyamory is Next in the Sexual Revolution

Over the last ten years, there have been all kinds of shifts in how culture thinks about sexuality. Clearly, the evangelical church has especially grappled with questions of homosexuality and gender identity. But there’s a whole other sexual revolution that’s been bubbling up during that time, and it’s one that the church rarely talks about. It’s the revolution of polyamory. In today’s episode Natasha and Alisa break down this cultural phenomenon from a biblical perspective. 
2/28/202420 minutes, 28 seconds
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#33 Side B “Gay Christianity”: Coming to a Church Near You

Is it okay to come out and call yourself a “Gay Christian,” as long as you don’t act on your desires? If someone struggles with same-sex attraction or gender confusion, can they accept those as part of their identity, adopt preferred pronouns and even identifying as “trans?” According  to Side B theology, the answer to both of these questions is yes. These are ideas that are being heavily promoted in conservative evangelical circles, and Christians really need to be aware of what’s coming to a church near you. In today’s episode, Alisa and Natasha give a quick primer on what side B theology is, who are some of the main players, and share some concerns for you to consider as you think through these questions for yourself. 
2/21/202418 minutes, 2 seconds
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#32 Update: The He Gets Us Campaign STILL Does Not Get Jesus

He Gets Us is at it again with a new round of Super Bowl commercials. In today’s episode, Alisa comments on the broader campaign, asking who’s behind it, what’s their agenda, who are they trying to reach, and how effective are they in reaching those goals? 
2/14/202421 minutes, 5 seconds
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#31 Russell Moore, David French, and The After Party Curriculum: Why the Church Should Be Concerned

There’s a new small group curriculum for churches available, and you’re probably going to hear a lot about it this year because it’s both very timely and being produced and promoted by some big Christian names. It’s called The After Party, and according to its creators, it’s designed to counter the "dangerous trend" of Evangelicals having their political identity formed by “partisan forces, not by true Biblical faith." The curriculum was developed by David French (who’s a New York Times columnist), Russell Moore (the Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today), and Curtis Chang. Natasha and Alisa did an episode on their concerns about the After Party last March when the curriculum was first announced. The reason they're talking about it again today is that it’s now been released and it's getting high profile promotion with churches and pastors nationwide. In fact, they’re making it available for free through the 2024 election. Tune in to today’s episode for some things you should be aware of before your church considers rolling this out.
2/7/202421 minutes, 53 seconds
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#30 Social Media: Reminders We All Need for 2024

It’s no secret that social media carries a tremendous amount of influence in our lives. Virtually everyone has a megaphone into the world into which they can entertain, shout their opinions, and highlight their brands. Today we’ll be discussing the influence of social media.
1/31/202423 minutes, 55 seconds
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#29 How Dylan Mulvaney Changed the Face of Transgenderism

Dylan Mulvaney is probably the most visible transgender person in the US today. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a biological male who documented his transition to supposedly becoming a woman through a series of TikTok videos a couple of years ago. He quickly rose to TikTok fame and has over 10 million followers there today, and huge followings on other platforms as well. In certain sense, Mulvaney has been pivotal in giving the transgender movement a new face. Today, Alisa and Natasha discuss some thoughts on how he’s become the poster child for transgenderism, and the interesting worldview insights that can come from considering that question.
1/24/202416 minutes, 54 seconds
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#28 All About the #Exvangelical Hashtag

What is up with the #exvangelical hashtag? If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen this hashtag used alongside the deconstruction hashtag, and in many cases, followed by a deconversion story. In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa talk through the history and the meaning of the exvangelical hashtag, and discuss what it is really all about.
1/17/202423 minutes, 22 seconds
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Quick Update and Christmas Livestream Info

Join Natasha Crain and Alisa Childers for a special Unshaken Faith Christmas Livestream. Alisa and Natasha will talk about Christmas pet peeves, their favorite Christmas traditions, and will share their ugliest Christmas ornaments. PLUS, they’ll take your questions live and be announcing some new Unshaken Conference dates. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without some fun giveaways. Don’t miss it!
12/18/20232 minutes, 34 seconds
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#27 Was God Evil for Asking Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac? (And other tough questions)

In today’s episode, Alisa and Natasha respond to several questions they’ve encountered lately in both ministry and their personal lives. Instead of focusing on one subject like they usually do, each picked 3 questions that have come up recently. We hope you’ll enjoy the variety in subjects packed into this episode, and the “quick hits” answers they provide to these tough questions.
11/1/202320 minutes, 41 seconds
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#26 Should You Change Churches for Your Kids?

Many Christian parents feel the tension between what their kids want out of church vs. what they need. Every once in a while these two goals line up perfectly and the whole family is happy about what church they attend. However, this is not always the case. Should we choose our church based on their kid’s likes and dislikes, and potential social opportunities? In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa ask the question, should you change churches for your kids?
10/25/202318 minutes, 6 seconds
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#25 How to Pray During War

We grieve along with you and the rest of the world about all that's going on with the Israel-Hamas war. The pain so many people are in is simply overwhelming. As Christians outside the impacted region, we can feel pretty helpless, be we also believe in the power of prayer. WE can't get so overwhelmed that we forget to turn to the Lord, who is infinitely more powerful than any human force. But we also want to acknowledge today that it can be hard to pray during times like this. In today’s episode, Alisa and Natasha share some thoughts on prayer and encourage you to pray through this conflict.
10/18/202317 minutes, 48 seconds
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#24 Responding to People Who Think Humans are Good by Nature

Recently, Natasha wrote an article called, “A Christian Response to a Viral Deconstruction post,” about a woman who deconstructed and has continued to post about her deconversion online. In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa respond to one of her comments in which she makes the popular claim that you can trust your heart because your heart is “pure.” In popular deconstruction stories, it’s common for people who are leaving the faith to claim that the teaching of Original Sin (that humans are inherently sinful) is actually toxic and abusive. They teach that humans are actually good by nature, so we can trust our hearts to guide us rightly. How can Christians respond?
10/11/202317 minutes, 2 seconds
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#23 When Having a Biblical Worldview is Lonely

After wrapping up the Tucson Unshaken conference a couple of weeks ago, Alisa and Natasha noticed a recurring theme in their conversations with attendees. It went something like this: “It’s so nice to know we’re not crazy. It’s so nice to be with other believers who hold to the truth of Scripture and not feel so alone.” That says so much about the state of the church. It can be lonely WITHIN the church to have a biblical worldview and if you’re feeling that, we hope today’s episode will encourage you.
10/4/202316 minutes, 18 seconds
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#22 Andy Stanley Has Gone Off the Cliff (And Why It’s Important to Talk about It)

Back in 2018, mega church pastor Andy Stanley came under fire for suggesting that as New Testament Christians, we should “unhitch” ourselves from the Old Testament. At times, Stanley seemed to be walking back his comments, while Stanley’s confusing comments about homosexuality and LGBTQ inclusion have left many Christians wondering if Stanley is sliding into progressive Christianity. Is it time to put Stanley into the category of mark and avoid? That’s the question Alisa and Natasha are asking in today’s episode.
9/27/202317 minutes, 49 seconds
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#21 Does Complementarian Theology Cause Trauma to Women?

An article has been making the rounds in which Shannon Harris, ex-wife of 90’s purity culture icon Josh Harris, claims that complementarian theology caused her harm and trauma. In the late 1990s, purity culture emphasized abstaining from sex until marriage while often employing a lot of unfortunate fear and shaming tactics along the way. Fast forward to 2018. Josh Harris disavowed the book and apologized for the harm he says he caused with his writings. A year later, he announced he was leaving Christianity completely and ending his marriage to his wife, Shannon. That’s where our episode today picks up. Shannon is now speaking out about her own deconstruction and about the harm she says she suffered while living as a Christian wife in a complementarian church environment. In today’s episode, Alisa and Natasha talk about some of her claims and her understanding of complementarian theology that she believes is so harmful.
9/20/202319 minutes, 1 second
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#20 Literally Everything Happened While We were on Hiatus

So much happened while we were on hiatus this summer! In today’s episode, Natasha and Alisa hash through all the stuff we missed. We talk about drag queens taking the #1 spot on Christian itunes, Oliver Anthony going viral with a modern day protest song, the Barbie movie, Taylor Swift Eras tour, and the strange Christianity today article that praised Barbie and Taylor Swift for bringing us all together while panning Oliver for dissing welfare.
9/13/202318 minutes, 26 seconds
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#19 Private vs. Public School: What Should Christians Do? (And Other Questions from the Unshaken Conference)

Should Christian parents send their kids to public school in order to be a light and influence on their local campus? What do we do about people who claim that their new age practices or beliefs from other faiths have produced long term good changes in their lives? How do I have any right to tell someone to live more like a Christian when I am a sinner? And finally, Paul said in 1 Timothy 2:12 "And I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man, but to be in silence." How does that apply to two women co-hosting a podcast and speaking at a national conference? These are the questions we're going to tackle today in a rapid-fire manner.
5/24/202318 minutes, 45 seconds
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#18: Rebutting the Secular Religion of Love

Whether you’re a Christian, a secular humanist, a Muslim, a Mormon, or anything else, you almost certainly agree that love is one of the most important values for humans. In recent years, love has taken such pride of place in the American culture that it has ousted pretty much every other value. People have boiled everything in life down to a singular focus on love, and in a very practical sense they have made it their religion, effectively claiming that if everyone would just choose love, the world would leave behind all its current divisions. Today, Natasha and Alisa respond to several quotes and memes around the theme that love is all that matters—particularly because it’s a claim that people often use to oppose biblical doctrine, morality, and Christianity in general.
5/10/202320 minutes, 4 seconds
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#17: Myth of the Modern Day Pharisee

Jesus often clashed with members of a Jewish sect called the Pharisees, who were strong opponents of His ministry. The Pharisees strictly kept the law given to Moses centuries earlier and followed an elaborate system of oral tradition to help them do so. Today, many people have an inclination to label a Christian a “modern day Pharisee” when they don’t like what that person has to say. The Pharisees are trotted out for all kinds of claims that have nothing to do with the problems Jesus actually had with them. Natasha and Alisa talk about several of these myths to clarify what the problem actually was with the Pharisees and how that’s very different than how many people speak of them today.
5/3/202317 minutes, 16 seconds
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#16 Mr. Beast: When a Popular Influencer Becomes Transgender

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has over 147 million subscribers, and is a favorite among American families everywhere. Until recently, Jimmy has remained fairly neutral when it comes to politics and religion. That all changed when one of his best friends and costars Chris Tyson, recently announced that he is transitioning from male to female. Since then, Jimmy has ardently defended his friend’s choices and his Wikipedia page now describes him as an “American YouTuber, philanthropist, and transgender rights activist.” Today, Natasha and Alisa discuss what it looks like to talk with our kids about sensitive issues like transgenderism, and when their favorite youtube celebrity goes woke.
4/26/202320 minutes, 51 seconds
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#15 Orange Curriculum: An Urgent Warning to Churches

The Orange organization may be the most influential organization you’ve never heard of when it comes to church curriculum for the next generation. According to the Orange website, at, they have 10,000+ partner churches, influence over 1 million kids and teens per year, and serve over 80 denominations. They also report that 49 percent of the fastest growing churches use Orange. We have long had concerns that this widely used curriculum is primarily moralistic (meaning it’s focused more on so called good values rather than on the Gospel) and that it’s becoming increasingly progressive. In today’s episode, we’ll focus on three recent events which we think demonstrate our continued concern—particularly about progressivism—and bring awareness to these issues.Why is the Gospel Good News? Orange Leaders Dan Scott, Director of Orange 252 Kids & Preteen CurriculumOrange Resources on RacismNeil Shenvi's review of "How to Be an Antiracist"
4/19/202327 minutes
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#14 Are the Red Letters More Important Than the Rest of the Bible?

Today, Natasha and Alisa respond to a social media comment that read, “In my opinion, red letters/Jesus’ words are the most important in all the Bible.” Some progressive Christians will say that the word of God is Jesus himself, not the Bible. For Christians who are trying to live their lives according to God’s word, this can be incredibly confusing…especially if they can’t even agree on who or what the “Word of God” even is. Are the Red Letters more important than the black letters?
4/12/202317 minutes, 32 seconds
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#13 Refusing to Bow to PRIDE Activism

What happens when one person refuses to bow their knee to the cultural gods? Others tend to follow because courage is contagious. That’s exactly what has been happening in the world of professional hockey. It all started back in January, when Ivan Provorov, a defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers decided that he would not join his team in the warmups while they wore Pride-themed jerseys and wrapped their hockey sticks in rainbow-colored tape. After some significant backlash, his team and the NHL actually stood by him. Since then, entire teams have opted to not wear the pride jersey. What does this all mean? We’ll break it down in today’s podcast.
4/5/202318 minutes, 2 seconds
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#12 Should Christians Avoid Siding with Political Parties?

Russell Moore, David French, and Curtis Chang are coming out with a small group curriculum for churches called "The After Party." In anticipation of the presidential election cycle next year, they say they want to counter the "dangerous trend" of evangelicals having their political identity "formed by partisan forces, not by true Biblical faith." Russell Moore says that this After Party Curriculum was originally going to be titled, "The Post-Partisan Church." But should that be the goal? Should the church be post-partisan?
3/29/202318 minutes, 42 seconds
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#11 Don’t Put God in a Box: And Other Conversation Stoppers

Theological conversations can be stopped in their tracks if someone simply pulls out the old, “Don’t put God in a box!” The most common way this phrase is used is by those who don’t want to be confined by the moral teachings of the Bible. Today, Natasha and Alisa discuss the implications and logical inconsistencies of this conversation stopper.
3/22/202317 minutes, 32 seconds
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#10 Why Woke Culture Thinks Christians are Unsafe

A public school district in Arizona recently terminated a contract with a Christian University who provided free labor for the past 11 years. Why? Not because any complaints or incidences had involved the Christian students. It's because school board members claimed the University's religious beliefs about biblical marriage and sexuality would make local students feel "unsafe." Today, Natasha and Alisa dig into the implications of this very important story, as well as unpack why woke culture thinks Christians are unsafe.
3/15/202320 minutes, 7 seconds
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#9 How to Discern a Church Website

There is so much information available online. From where to find good Thai food to how to find a good pediatrician to how to fix your dishwasher, there is no end to the tutorials, websites, and social media platforms just waiting to answer all your burning questions. People also turn to the internet for church recommendations. It can be tricky to discern what’s going on at churches from looking at their online presence. Whether you’re looking for a new church for yourself, helping a friend evaluate churches in another city, looking for a church in your college student’s new town, or anything else, we hope today’s episode will give you some guidance on what to look for online…and what to watch out for.
3/8/202319 minutes, 50 seconds
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#8 Calling Out False Teachers

Are Christians required to reach out to an author/speaker/pastor privately before criticizing their comments publicly? Sometimes when we bring up a current book or author to help our audience discern the ideas being taught by reasoning through whether or not they are true and reflect a biblical worldview, we receive comments like, “Hey, did you reach out to this person privately before calling them out publicly?” or “You should have that person on your show so they can explain their view before you criticize them.” Often, commenters will bring up Matthew 18:15 which tells Christians to go to someone directly if they have sinned against you. But is this what Matthew 18:15 is really teaching? Should we prioritize unity at all costs?He Gets Us, But Di We Get Him? The Case For Criticizing False Teachers, by Frank Turek:  
3/1/202314 minutes, 10 seconds
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#7 Word Salad Poppycock (Dealing with Criticism)

Word Salad Poppycock: this is what a well-known Christian influencer called Natasha's comments on the He Gets Us campaign last week. This was just a tiny part of a whirlwind of criticism she received for sharing concerns about the He Gets Us campaign. Meanwhile, Alisa was on the receiving end of her own wave of criticism this week in response to her comments regarding the question of revival at Asbury University. In this week’s episode, Alisa and Natasha reflect on the subject of how to deal with criticism when you share your beliefs.
2/22/202318 minutes, 42 seconds
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#6 Is Progressive Christianity Christian? (Questions from the Unshaken Conference)

We held our first Unshaken Conference last month in Dayton, Ohio. One of the sessions was a Q&A, where people could submit questions using their phone. We allotted 45 minutes to answer what we could, but attendees submitted dozens of questions…so we only had the opportunity to answer a small percentage of them. In today’s episode, we’re going to answer some of the ones we couldn’t get to at the conference. We’ll cover progressive Christianity, judging others, convincing people they are sinners, critical race theory, and abortion.
2/15/202315 minutes, 32 seconds
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#5 How Churches Slide Into Progressivism

It’s no secret that many progressive churches started out as congregations that held to the historic Christian faith. It’s typically a slow slide, one compromise at a time, and before you know it your church is woke and progressive. Natasha and Alisa discuss how this happens and what you can do about it.
2/8/202314 minutes, 39 seconds
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#4 Is Jesus Woke?

Did Jesus promote a woke, liberal, leftist movement? Today we discuss a recent article from popular progressive author John Pavlovitz which makes that claim. But is this a conclusion supported by the Bible?
2/1/202318 minutes, 50 seconds
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#3 TikTok and Toxic Theology

Today we analyze a TikTok video that portrays the doctrine of Original sin as toxic, which is a common claim made by deconstructionists. Is the doctrine of Original Sin—the idea that humans are inherently sinful—any different than domestic abuse? TikTokers and other Social Media evangelists everywhere are making this claim, and Natasha and Alisa respond.
1/25/202316 minutes, 45 seconds
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#2 Does the “He Gets Us” Campaign “Get” Jesus?

"He Gets Us” is a $100 million advertising campaign that’s aimed at helping rescue Jesus’s reputation from the so-called “damage” done by His followers. It features a website, billboards in major cities, and ads that have been viewed 300 million times. Social media posts feature statements like, “Jesus ran with a tough crowd too,” and “Jesus was a refugee.” The ads are everywhere, but does the He Gets Us campaign get Jesus?“word before the world, from Well Watered Women:”
1/18/202319 minutes, 37 seconds
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#1 American Girl and the Trans-ing of Kids

The new American Girl “Smart Girl’s Guide” book called, “Body Image: How to Love Yourself, Live Life to the Fullest, and Celebrate All Kinds of Bodies,” which aggressively serves up transgender ideology, critical theory, and LGBTQ+ activism to little girls. What’s up with the agenda to push our kids into transgenderism? Natasha and Alisa discuss this question, and offer a better way forward. 
1/11/202320 minutes, 21 seconds
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A first glimpse at the podcast, coming January 2023 from Alisa Childers and Natasha Crain.
12/4/20225 minutes, 38 seconds