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Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi

English, Music, 1 season, 204 episodes, 11 hours, 56 minutes
Unscripted Moments: A Podcast about Propagandhi is hosted by two teachers who break down a different Propagandhi song each episode.
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The Complete Band Interviews Volume 2

Introduction: 00:00-3:00 David Guillas on "Night Letters": 3:00-22:00 Todd Kowalski on I SPY and "Fuck the Border": 22:00-1:33:00 Chris Hannah on "A Catastrophic Break With Consensus Reality": 1:33:00-2:48:00 Sulynn Hago on "Without Love": 2:48:00-END
3/11/20233 hours, 9 minutes, 30 seconds
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"The Prairies of Manitoba"

Brandon Salter's "The Prairies of Manitoba: 4:00-6:00 Brandon Salter interview: 6:00-37:20 Freaking Snap's "The Prairies of Manitoba: 37:20-END
3/5/202340 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 87: March of the Crabs

March of the Crabs is track 13 on Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes.  Michael Whiteside is the Deputy Editory for "March of the Crabs" live (2014): 8-bit:
12/29/202259 minutes, 55 seconds
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25th Anniversary Less Talk, More Rock Retrospective

April 23, 2021 is the 25th anniversary of the release of Less Talk, More Rock! Our guest is Steve Vineis, author of the 25th anniversary retrospective article, out now in Brooklyn Vegan! Thanks to Jord and Todd!
4/23/20211 hour, 45 minutes, 50 seconds
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Field Interview from Highland, IN w/Keith and Greg

We spoke in person! WOW!
4/7/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 39 seconds
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SNFU's "Hale Bop" w/Marc Belke (BONUS EPISODE)

Marc Belke was the guitarist for SNFU.  Stream/Buy "A Blessing But With It A Curse": Buy "A Blessing But With It A Curse" on 12"/CD here: Follow Marc Belke on Twitter here:
3/20/202137 minutes, 1 second
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Booking and Tour Managing Propagandhi w/Katrin Wipper (BONUS)

Katrin Wipper lives in Berlin and works as a tour booking agent for Destiny Tour Booking, a huge tour booking agency for punk rock in Europe. She has worked with bands like Less Than Jake, Propagandhi, Bad Cop, Bad Cop and many more. Katrin has also performed the duties of tour manager for two Propagandhi European tours in the past couple of years.
10/3/202033 minutes, 40 seconds