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English, Education, 1 season, 342 episodes, 1 day, 3 hours, 50 minutes
Interested in science, technology, machinery, engineering and the history behind everyday things? Want a fast and fun way to get your kids interested in STEM? Look no further! We break down a weekly engineering topic in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. Twitter: @UnproEng Instagram: Unprofessional_Engineering Facebook: UnprofessionalEngineering
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All Good Things Must Come to an End - Episode 341

After seven years and 340 episodes, it is time for us to say goodbye to our amazing Unprofessional Engineering listeners. It has been a great run and we appreciate all of the emails (nice and otherwise), social posts, and care packages that were sent our way. Hosting this podcast was one of the most enjoyable things that I have been part of (and I assume Luke as well) and hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Who knows? Maybe someday we will be back! No, no we won't...but, I'll still say it. Oh, and this episode!! It is just us hanging out talking about our experience in podcasting, our favorite and least favorite episodes, the ones that were most successful, our favorite moments over the years, and more!!! Thank you again for the millions of listens, hours of your lives spent listening to us get information wrong, and kindly not pointing out all of our mistakes. If you want to let us know how mad you are that we're out, go ahead and email [email protected] and I will for sure get back to you. Also, I will not get back to you, but you can send 'em anyway! See ya!
9/11/202337 minutes, 17 seconds
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How Golf Balls Are Made - Episode 340

If you're a golfer, one thing that you know for sure is that bad shots are never your fault! Your grip might be worn down, your clubs are old, someone talked in your backswing, or you're playing with bad golf balls. Speaking of golf balls, perhaps they are bad due to their manufacturing process. We looked back to understand the history of the golf ball, from Rome to Scotland, from wooden balls to the feathery, it has been a long journey to get where we are today. We also did a deep dive on the actual manufacturing process that we use today for making golf balls. from creating the core, to defining the modulus of elasticity and compression of the golf ball, all the way up to painting your favorite brand on the front of the ball, we have it all!
5/10/202337 minutes, 4 seconds
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How Does Nuclear Fusion Work? - Episode 339

Scientists around the world are making giant leaps in the field of nuclear fusion. OK, maybe not giant leaps, but, you know, very small steps that are still very significant for helping the world become free of their dependency on fossil fuels. Although scientists theorized how nuclear fusion worked back in the 1800s, we still haven’t been able to make a form of energy that we can rely on today. But we’re getting there! In just a few short decades, the science community is confident that we will be able to depend on nuclear fusion at a large scale. How far do we have to go? Well, just recently we were able to briefly produce more energy from a fusion reaction than it took to make happen. Sort of. Intriguing, right? That is why you’re going to have to listen to learn more!
4/5/202336 minutes, 15 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: Lockheed Martin - Episode 338

Continuing our series on companies that built the world, we've finally landed on one whose projects have already earned their on episodes; Lockheed Martin! Fun fact: Lockheed Martin didn't become a thing until 1995, but Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta were around well before. From the F-117 Nighthawk to the SR-71 Blackbird, and a ton of things in between, we look at all of the major accomplishments of this (or these?) company and how it became one of the companies that built the world!
3/29/202334 minutes, 57 seconds
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Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor - Episode 337

With the emergence of the Soviet Flanker and Fulcrum, the United States Air Force realized there was a need for a new Advanced Tactical Fighter. That new ATF was the F-22 Raptor, a stealth tactical fighter developed by Lockheed Martin and friends. We look into the engineering innovation that was needed to design the F-22, from new composite materials to crazy stealth technology that makes the F-22 appear to be the size of a bumble bee on radar. How is this even possible?! You'll have to listen to find out!! Or Google it... but mostly just listen.
3/22/202336 minutes, 55 seconds
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What Are Hypercars? - Episode 336

Are you in the market for a new car? Do we have a deal for you!! For just the small price of 3 million to over 13 million dollars, one (yes one) of these cars could be yours!!! Learn what separates a sports car from a supercar, and then what sets the hypercar apart from the rest. From top speed and acceleration to the top end components used in the design, hypercars are worth the price! OK, maybe not that, but they are engineering marvels. We also discuss the first hypercar, the best hypercars available, and the most expensive ones possible.
3/1/202336 minutes, 38 seconds
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ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition - Episode 335

If you are thinking about Civil Engineering, or are already a Civil Engineer, there is really only one thing that you need to know about. Concrete!! Need to build a road? Concrete. Need to build a sewer? Concrete. Need to build a canoe? Umm... yup, Civil Engineers use concrete for that as well! In fact, colleges around the world have teams that pride themselves on the building the fastest, most agile, and (most importantly) buoyant canoe possible. Learn how one goes about making concrete float, the steps it takes to build the canoe, the other boring parts that go into the ASCE Concrete Canoe competition, and more!
2/23/202338 minutes, 53 seconds
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How Is Aluminum Made? - Episode 334

Aluminum is used in countless items that you interact with each day. The combination of strength and light weight make it one of the most diverse materials used for consumer goods, construction, and more. Join us to learn everything that it takes to make aluminum, where we discuss the Bayer process, Hall-Heroult process, the Cheremkhovskaya-deep mine in the Urals, and anything else one might want to know about smelting aluminum.
2/15/202331 minutes, 54 seconds
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Great Engineering Universities: University of Michigan - Episode 333

As we continue to explore the great engineering universities of the world, we have returned to the Big 10, this time discussing the University of Michigan. That is the "blue and yellow one" if you are like Luke. If you live in Michigan and are thinking about engineering, you almost have to go here! If you live elsewhere and are filthy rich, yeah, still a great option. They are a top ten school in nearly all engineering, have tons of great engineering related extracurricular activities, and are home to the largest football stadium in the country. What more could you ask for? Take a listen to learn what sets the University of Michigan apart, what it takes to get in, how much more you'll make than others after graduating, and so much more!
2/7/202338 minutes, 25 seconds
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Great Architects: Frank Lloyd Wright - Episode 332

When you think about famous architects, only one comes to mind. OK, maybe a bunch come to mind. When you don't know anything about architecture, and you live in Pennsylvania, only one comes to mind, and that is Frank Lloyd Wright!! From his most iconic home, Fallingwater, to Taliesin, Unity Temple, and more, the impact that Frank Lloyd Wright had on architecture is nearly unparalleled. Learn about his greatest successes, some failures along the way, and how he impacted architecture in this totally not a new series of Unprofessional Engineering!
2/1/202334 minutes, 7 seconds
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How Does Water Filtration Work? - Episode 331

Without water filtration, well, you'd probably be dead. That's it. OK, maybe there is a little more to it. We've explored the history of water filtration, going back as far as 4,000 years, all the way up to modern methods such as activated carbon, resin filters, and reverse osmosis. YES! Even reverse osmosis, whatever that is. Learn how water filtration began, how the processes work and evolved, and why we still have water shortages even though most of the planet is covered in water.
1/25/202335 minutes, 14 seconds
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History of Film Technology - Episode 330

When you think about blockbuster movies, what comes to mind? Marvel? CGI? Spending too much to go to a theater to enjoy the latest hit? All of these are fair answers, but the technology it takes to bring those movies to life wasn't one of them, and that is what we are discussing today! We have looked into the cutting-edge technology that movies like Avatar leverage, as well as the history of how film got to where it is today. From shadowgraphy (probably not what they called it in prehistoric times), to the magic lantern of the 1600s, all the way to how television spurred on the advancement of modern film technology, there is something for everyone. Even cavemen.
1/18/202336 minutes, 59 seconds
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History of the Suez Canal - Episode 329

The Suez Canal could be the most important manmade waterway in the world. Sure, the Panama Canal is nice for us in the United States, but just think about the long-term historical impacts that the Suez Canal has had on Europe and Asia!! We have researched how the Suez Canal was made, the misunderstanding of the different elevations of the various lakes and existing waterways (way to go, Napoleon), the wartime connections, changes in ownership, how much money is made from the Suez Canal each year, how much traffic it sees, and even discuss the floating city that was stuck there for years that created their own currency, sports leagues, and more!
1/11/202337 minutes, 7 seconds
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7 Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu - Episode 328

We continue our series on the 7 Wonders of the World, this time focusing on the history of Machu Picchu. We've looked back to understand if Machu Picchu was a temple to sacrifice virgins or just a nice get away for royalty, what factors had to be considered to keep it from washing away, how the buildings were constructed with such amazing accuracy while lacking the modern tools that seem necessary to make it happen, and how the Incas even managed to get the giant rocks up an even more giant mountain to put it all together!
1/4/202336 minutes, 16 seconds
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If Not Engineering, What Would You Do? - Episode 327

If you weren't an engineer, what would you do for a living? To wrap up the year, James and Luke think back on their decisions to get into the field of engineering with regret...err...with a reflective lens to decide if they made the right decision or if they would have gotten into another field knowing what they do now. Sure, having one of the most successful engineering podcasts of all time is great, but is there something better out there?! Certainly, that can't be the case, but find out and learn a little more about your favorite engineering podcast hosts.
12/23/202230 minutes, 48 seconds
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How Are Cruise Ships Built - Episode 326

If you have ever seen a cruise ship, there is no doubt that you have asked yourself how they are built and how they possibly manage to keep everything running so smoothly. Don't worry! We're here to explain just that. The process used to build cruise ships is pretty consistent across the four major manufacturers, and without saying too much, prefabrication plays a huge part. We'll explain how everything is pieced together, discuss just how powerful the engines are, learn about desalinization, and explain where your poop goes. We also discuss how they are able to turn these huge ships around in just 10 hours at port, loading on thousands of hotdogs and lobster tails, cleaning rooms, and moving thousands of people on and off of the cruise ships in no time!
12/14/202239 minutes, 26 seconds
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F1 Racing Engineering - Episode 325

Cars are amazing works of engineering. Race cars have a crazy amount of engineering that go into them. F1 racing is a completely different animal! The amount of engineering that goes into Formula 1, even while the cars are on the track, is unparalleled!! In this episode of Unprofessional Engineering, we review the rules of F1, take a look back at the history of racing innovation, and discuss the greatest engineering advancements that have come from this sport (even if some of them have been outlawed over time).
12/7/202239 minutes, 42 seconds
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The History of Social Media - Episode 324

Like it or not, social media now plays a part in nearly every part of our lives. Without Instagram models, how would you know what makeup to use? Without TikTok, how would you know how to dance dangerously outside of a moving car?! But social media wasn't always a brain rotting wasteland! It was once a place where you could learn to code while precariously listing your top eight friends (Tom included) while playing your favorite song! We've looked back to understand where social media got its start, how these companies have become some of the most valuable in the world, and where things could be going in the future.
11/30/202237 minutes, 11 seconds
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Christmas Gifts for Engineers: 2022 - Episode 323

It is the episode that you have been waiting for all year long! Our 2022 list of hot gifts for that engineer or aspiring engineer in your life! We all know that engineers are a special breed and that can make them a little difficult to shop for. Even for the STEM inclined kids out there, you might have trouble finding something that is both educational and entertaining. Don't worry!! We have something to help you out, no matter the price range. From Lego to National Geographic, Thames & Kosmos to awesome projects on Etsy, there are so many great Christmas gifts out there!
11/23/202237 minutes, 13 seconds
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How Did We Land on the Moon? - Episode 322

Way back on July 21, 1969, NASA and the United States changed the universe as we know it by not only sending man to the moon but having them walk on the surface of the moon as well. We're here to discuss what it took to make that happen. Learn about the many inventions that contributed to the moon missions success, how the spaceship was designed, the various options for launching into space, advanced materials that were used for safety, and so much more!!
11/16/202235 minutes, 16 seconds
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What Is Architectural Engineering - Episode 321

Do you like buildings? Do you like engineering? Do you like spending an extra year in college to get your degree? Boy, do I have the major for you!! Architectural Engineering!!! We dove into what it looks like to get your Architectural Engineering degree, what the top universities to attend are, they type of work you will eventually end up doing, how much you'll make, and even who the big players are to give you a job. If you are thinking about getting into engineering or just hate your job and wish you did something else, you won't want to miss this episode!
11/9/202236 minutes, 46 seconds
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Underrated Engineering Universities - Episode 320

Here is a dose of harsh reality for everyone. We're not all going to get into MIT. I'll let that sink in for a bit. OK... Good news!! There are a ton of great engineering universities out there that are still an option for those of us who might not make the cut for MIT or CMU, or even for those who might get accepted but don't want to pay that much tuition! We did an in-depth analysis of many affordable universities that offer well respected engineering degrees (aka, we read some lists) and have our results for you! From Wisconsin Stout to Akron, there are so many to choose from!
11/2/202238 minutes, 46 seconds
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Engineering the Perfect Burger - Episode 319

Is there anything better than the first bite into a delicious burger? The answer is no. OK, maybe biting into a taco. Or ice cream. Or a few other things... but mostly nothing is better! But what makes the PERFECT burger? We dove in mouth first to determine what makes the perfect burger, and not just based on opinion. Mostly based on opinion, but there is some science and engineering in our claims as well. What type of cheese is best to use? It depends on how it melts. Science! What is the proper fat ratio? Science! What is the best method of cooking? Science! Which bun is best? OK, that one is mostly opinion...
10/26/202239 minutes, 28 seconds
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How to Become an Astronaut - Episode 318

Doesn't every kid grow up dreaming of being an astronaut? OK, maybe not every kid, but a lot of them do! But what does it really take to become an astronaut? We have gathered up the various prerequisites, learned about the application process, explored what you do once you're selected, and gathered up firsthand feedback from actual NASA astronauts! If you listen to this episode, you're basically guaranteed to become an astronaut!!! (We make no guarantees that you become an astronaut ;))
10/19/202235 minutes, 3 seconds
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History of the Locomotive - Episode 317

I think everyone was fascinated by trains, or more specifically, locomotives at some point in their life. Maybe it is thanks to Thomas the Train, or maybe just because they have been such an iconic part of the world for so long. Either way, they are amazing! In this episode, we looked back at how the locomotive got started, how the steam engine came and went (sort of), and how we've gotten to the newest hybrid model that is used today.
10/12/202236 minutes, 4 seconds
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How Does Architectural Acoustics Work? - Episode 316

Acoustics is the science of sound! But what happens when the art and design of a massive building has to accommodate flawless acoustics as well? This is where architectural acoustics come into play. The talented Architectural Engineers and Architects of the world have mastered this skill, allowing us to enjoy pristine sound when at the theater, opera, and concerts. But how do they make it so a building or structure can look great and provide a great listening experience as well? That is what we're here to tell you! Listen on to find out how architectural acoustics works, the tricks used to help carry sound, and learn about some costly mistakes that were made along the way.
9/28/202232 minutes, 55 seconds
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How Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Made? - Episode 315

We have all probably heard of it before, but do you know how high fructose corn syrup is made? Do you know that there are different types? Do you know what it is used for? Do you know how much high fructose corn syrup is in your favorite food? That is a lot of questions, and unless you are really into your health, you probably don't know these answers and might not want to! Too bad!!! Keep listening and learn everything there is to know about high fructose corn syrup, including if it is really as bad for you as some might say.
9/21/202233 minutes, 26 seconds
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How Is Medieval Armor Made? - Episode 314

We've talked about how you could start blacksmithing at home, how medieval weapons were made, and even ranked the craziest torture devices of medieval times. But now, it is time to learn how different types of medieval armor were (or are?) made! From ring mail and chain mail to full blown plate mail armor, we discuss the differences in each, when one might use each, and the painstaking process used to handcraft each one.
9/14/202234 minutes
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Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey - Episode 313

When it comes to crazy and cool military technology, it is hard to think of something crazier than the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. Is it a helicopter? Is it an airplane? NO! IT IS BOTH!!! WHAT?!? We investigated why the United States military decided that it needed something that flies like a plane yet can also act like a helicopter. The Osprey, a shared project of Bell Helicopter and Boeing, is a tiltrotor military aircraft unlike anything else, and the design process was as well. We can't share all of the details here or you won't listen, so press the listen button and enjoy.
9/7/202235 minutes, 43 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: IBM - Episode 312

When it comes to great companies, it is hard to think of one more impactful than IBM (or International Business Machine Corporation to us in the know). Incorporated way back in 1911, the history of IBM actually dates back to the late 1800s. Learn how IBM got started, hear about their most impactful products, why their most well known machine Watson has that name, if IBM is as relevant today as ever, and of course, lots of war connections!
8/31/202233 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: Samuel Morse - Episode 311

As we continue our series on great inventors, we have finally come to Samuel Morse. Not Morris; Morse. What all did he invent? Well, not really all that much, but the telegraph (and Morse Code) was a pretty good one! Take a trip through time with Unprofessional Engineering as we look back at the life of Samuel Morse, from his religious upbringing, to his time at Yale college, his love of art and painting of Dying Hercules, portraits of George Washington, and how the death of his first wife inspired him to invent the telegraph!
8/24/202232 minutes, 13 seconds
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Great Engineering Universities: University of Toronto - Episode 310

The Great Engineering Universities podcast series has gone global!! The first college that we reviewed outside of the United States is the University of Toronto; the premier engineering university of our friends to the north. We reviewed what it takes to get accepted into the University of Toronto (which is significantly different than colleges in the United States), their global program rankings, fun reasons you might want to attend in addition to their great programs, and so much more.
8/17/202233 minutes, 27 seconds
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7 Wonders of the World: Taj Mahal - Episode 309

As we continue to explore the 7 modern wonders of the world, we have decided to discuss the construction and history of what is likely the most iconic of the wonders: the Taj Mahal! King Jahangir, in Agra, India, had the Taj Mahal built for his "favorite wife," Mumtaz Mahal. It was built to be her final resting place, the fanciest mausoleum of all time. Romantic, right? What resulted is one of the most iconic buildings in the world! Thanks to tens of thousands of works, elephants galore, and more money than I care to think about, the Taj Mahal remains an unparalleled architectural feat.
8/10/202236 minutes, 35 seconds
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Great Engineering Universities: Georgia Tech - Episode 308

In this episode of our great engineering universities series, we head to the deep south to investigate the Georgia Institute of Technology. Founded way back in 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology, this storied university has grown to become one of the top engineering colleges in the United States, and even the world. Learn what it takes to get in to Georgia Tech, the acceptance rate for students, how you can help your chances of acceptance, the rankings of their engineering programs, and some less well known reasons why you might want to get your engineering degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
8/3/202234 minutes, 25 seconds
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Apache Attack Helicopter - Episode 307

The AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is the most advanced military helicopter in the world! Well, probably... Rumor has it, after the Vietnam war, the importance of helicopters was made clear, but the old Cheyanne was too slow on the attack and not well equipped for countering the heavily armored tanks of the USSR. After a quick contest to see who could make the coolest (or maybe best?) helicopter, the contract was awarded to Hughes Helicopters (now Boeing is pumping them out). There's way more that went into it, but why would you listen if I write it all out? Click listen to learn about how the Apache helicopter was designed, the weapons that it is equipped with, and what the future holds for this sweet piece of machinery.
7/28/202234 minutes, 45 seconds
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Inventions of the 1930s - Episode 306

There are tons of new inventions showing up every day, but what about those inventions from years ago that got us to where we are today? In this episode of Unprofessional Engineering, we looked back at the most important and interesting inventions that came from the 1930s. Some HUGE inventions such as nuclear fission and the jet engine are still changing the world and being improved today, where others like the chocolate chip cookie and Twinkies seem like (very important) inventions from the 1930s that can't possibly be improved!
7/20/202235 minutes, 10 seconds
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How Is Honey Made? - Episode 305

Who doesn't love fresh honey?? In your tea, on your toast, stuffing a spoonful into your mouth...mmm!!!! But what about the work that goes into making this delicious golden nectar? We've looked into the entire process! From the roles of the different bees to all of the work they put in creating honey, and then how humans go and steal this tasty treat. We also looked into some new technology that is being used to help beekeepers produce more honey while reducing risks to their colony.
7/13/202236 minutes, 22 seconds
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Famous Engineers (but not for engineering) - Episode 304

There are tons of famous engineers out there who have designed life changing things or made ground breaking discoveries. But what about those that are famous for something other than engineering? In this episode of Unprofessional Engineering, we take a look at a number of engineers that found a different path in life. From Mr. Bean, who was an electrical engineer by education, to Alfred Hitchcock and even President Peanut (Jimmy Carter) himself!
7/5/202231 minutes, 27 seconds
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Futuristic Personal Transporters - Episode 303

We're taking a look at personal transporters, and we don't me things like boring old cars! Think about the travel of the future, or at least that looks like it is from the future. Segways, the Halfbike, eFOLDi, hover boards and more! We don't just talk about the future, of course, but we look at the past to see how personal transporters got to where they are today, starting back in 1915 with the Autoped. In addition, we look at some of the technology that is used to make these contraptions function, like battery technology, brushless motors, self-balancing wheel sensors, and gyroscopes.
6/29/202232 minutes, 47 seconds
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7 Wonders of the World: Petra - Episode 302

Thanks to the movies, Petra may be the most recognizable of all of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. If it doesn't ring a bell, think about Indiana Jones entering a crazy looking temple built into the side of a mountain. Yeah, that's real!! We explore the history of Petra, how the Nabateans constructed this intricate city, the various rulers, uses of the trade city, and of course, the engineering behind this marvel.
6/8/202233 minutes, 23 seconds
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Space Telescopes - Episode 301

We are all probably familiar with telescopes. You set them up in your house and creep on your neighbors with them, right? Well, NASA and the other space programs are creeping on our neighbors in space as well, thanks to space telescopes! We discuss the different types of space telescopes (such as gamma ray, x-ray, infrared, and more), what they are used for, the history of sending telescopes to space, as well as some of the most famous space telescopes ever (including Hubble, Fermi, LISA, Chandra, Kepler, and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)).
6/1/202235 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do Satellites Work? - Episode 300

There are hundreds of satellites floating around out in space that we depend on every day for a number of things, from gps to internet for some, but they are even more important for the simple needs that we have. Satellites are used to help us understand the cosmos, from how black holes are formed to how the universe was born. They help us to look back in time, all the way to when the big bang happened, to educate us on the creation of life. Learn all there is to know about satellites, from launching them, to the various uses, costs, future plans, and more!
5/25/202235 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

7 Wonders of the World: Chichen Itza - Episode 299

It is hard to believe that aliens weren't involved in the construction of many ancient structures (right, Luke?), and this is certainly the case for the 7 modern wonders of the world! We have kicked off a new mini-series that is looking at the engineering and history behind the 7 modern wonders of the world, starting with Chichen Itza in the heart of Mexico. We discuss how it is thought to have been built, the changes that have taken place over the years, what caused the city to be abandoned, and anything else you could want to know about this world wonder.
5/18/202237 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Companies That Built the World: Dupont - Episode 298

What started out as a small gunpowder manufacturer on the Delaware river turned into one of the most diverse and innovative companies ever; DuPont! Sure, a few explosions nearly whipped DuPont off the map but they bounced back better than ever, now completely divested from the gunpowder industry. Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours was the mastermind behind DuPont, which continued on as a family owned company for many years to come. Learn how DuPont went from gunpowder to dynamite, and on to some of the most significant chemical discoveries of all time, such as Kevlar!
5/11/202238 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Inventions of the 1920s - Episode 297

Many everyday items that we take for granted were not actually invented all that long ago. Things like television, frozen food, penicillin, and insulin were only invented (or discovered) 100 years ago! My grandma was probably around then!! In this episode, we look back at the greatest and worst inventions of the 1920s to see what that decade had to offer in innovation. It is hard to pick, but we also narrow the list down to our favorite and least favorite invention of the decade.
5/4/202235 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Engineering Universities: Stanford - Episode 296

As we continue to explore the best engineering universities in the world, we have picked Stanford as our next engineering college to focus on. Across the board, Stanford is ranked in the top 5 (or even the top 2) for nearly every engineering discipline. Not only do we discuss the different engineering programs Stanford offers, we also look back at the history of Leland Stanford, how the university go started, the demographics of the student body, the real cost to attend, and other interesting reasons that you might want to go to college at Stanford other than their excellent academics!
4/27/202235 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Industrial Revolution - Episode 295

There maybe have been no greater time for economic growth an efficiency than during the first Industrial Revolution. It was during the Industrial Revolution that a lot of work, from textiles to agriculture, moved from highly manual work to become much more automated. In addition, the number of significant inventions that arose at this time were extremely important for growing nations. From the steam engine to the cotton gin, the number of intentions that improved lives around this time are nearly endless. Take a listen to our quick summary of the Industrial Revolution, where and how it started, the global impacts, and more!
4/20/202233 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

FIRST Robotics - Episode 294

FIRST Robotics might be the most influential STEM activity that high school and younger students can participate in. Heck, most of those involved with FIRST Robotics are probably better engineers than we are, without having gone to college! Learn what it takes to get started with FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), from giant piles of cash to the time commitment from everyone involved. We also discuss the FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge.
4/13/202236 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Top Video Games for Engineers - Episode 293

Did your parents ever yell at you for playing to many video games? Did they tell you that video games will never help you in the future? Well, maybe they were wrong! Just don't tell them we said so... Some studies have shown that kids that play video games have better hand eye coordination and therefore make better surgeons. What about engineers? We looked through some of our favorite video games that are great training for engineers, both young and old. From old school games like Tetris and Pong, to more modern games like Sim City, Kerbal Space Program, and Minecraft, there are so many games that instill engineering principles in the players. Did your favorite make the list?
4/6/202235 minutes, 17 seconds
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Great Inventors: Thomas Jefferson - Episode 292

When you think about Thomas Jefferson, being a great inventor might not be the first thing that comes to mind considering President, Declaration of Independence, and many other great accomplishments fill his resume. That said, he has more than a few inventions to his credit. From the polygraph to macaroni and cheese (maybe not exactly the inventor, but worth finding out), Thomas Jefferson could hold his own with many of the other great inventors that we have discussed.
3/30/202235 minutes, 21 seconds
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Great Engineering Universities: MIT - Episode 291

When you are looking for the top engineering university around, it won't take you long to realize that MIT is on the top of the list in nearly every category. But what sets MIT apart from the rest and what does it take to get in to such a great college? To start, you might not even want to look at what your scores need to be on the SATs. Let's skip that and assume you got in. Congrats! Why would you want to go to MIT? For one, they have a pirate certificate! You read that right. If that isn't enough to get you to listen, I don't know what is! Learn everything there is to know about MIT in this episode of Unprofessional Engineering.
3/23/202234 minutes, 50 seconds
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Joint Replacement Technology - Episode 290

There are over one million joint replacement surgeries each year in the United States alone! Most of these are knee replacements followed by hip replacements, and all of them are gross sounding. The technology used for joint replacement has improved over the years, allowing your fake knees and hips to last longer and work better than in the past. We researched what goes into joint replacement surgery (it sounds just the worst), what materials are used to help you get the best results, and previewed new technology that is being worked on to make this process even better in the future.
3/16/202236 minutes, 42 seconds
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History of Daylight Saving Time - Episode 289

Almost all of us do it, but do you know why we have daylight saving time? Or is it daylight savings time? Hmm... We look back at the history of daylight saving time to understand when and why we started to do this, who it benefits, and most importantly, why we continue to do this to cost me an hour of sleep and make me even grumpier.
3/9/202230 minutes, 46 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: Intel - Episode 288

When you think of Silicon Valley, what company comes to mind? If you're not thinking Intel, well, you still probably are thinking about a valid company, but Intel is kind of a big deal too. Take a listen to learn how Intel got started (spoiler, it wasn't just a couple of guys in a garage for a change), how quickly they grew, some of their biggest successes and failures, and of course, how many of their founders went to MIT.
3/2/202236 minutes, 53 seconds
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Table of Elements: Titanium, Molybdenum, Einsteinium, and Mendelevium

In our third episode about the Periodic Table of Elements, we learned that not all elements are created equal. Sure, we knew that, but we didn't know how useless some elements out there really are (we're talking to you Einsteinium and Mendelevium). That doesn't mean that the history of how they were discovered isn't interesting! Thankfully, we also talk about titanium and Molybdenum, which are much more useful. Take a listen to find out everything you ever wanted to know about these four elements, from how they were discovered to what they are used for, and of course, if being around them is going to kill you.
2/23/202230 minutes, 54 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: Boston Dynamics - Episode 286

OK, OK.... before you start yelling at us about Boston Dynamics not being a company that built the world, it is just the series title. Is that better? Even if Boston Dynamics didn't "build the world," they are still doing some next level cool stuff!! Everyone has seen their fancy walking robot dogs or running humanoid robots, even if they didn't know that Boston Dynamics was behind them. We went way back (not really, Boston Dynamics isn't that old) to learn how the company got their start, explored the various projects that the government kindly funded to keep them afloat, learned about the multiple acquisitions of Boston Dynamics, and discuss their most popular robots!
2/16/202237 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Does the Power Grid Work? - Episode 285

We hear a lot about "the grid," especially during times of inclement weather, but do you understand how the power grid works? Take a listen to understand how electricity makes its way from the power plant to your home and all of the step (ups and down) in between. In addition, we'll discuss the three main power grids in the United States, how they connect together, how power levels are controlled across them, and what causes power grid failure.
2/9/202239 minutes, 19 seconds
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Inventors Famous for One Invention - Episode 284

What started as a deep dive on Nikolaus Otto ended as a second installment of inventors that are famous for just a single invention. Why did this happen? Well, because Nikolaus Otto didn't do a whole lot other than the four stroke engine, but that sure was a great invention!! In addition to Otto, we discuss others like Laszlo Biro, Samuel Morse, John Walker (not to be confused with Johnnie Walker) and more. They may have only invented one thing, but each one was a real hit.
2/2/202232 minutes, 54 seconds
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History of Preserving Food - Episode 283

Food preservation has been around for many centuries, and taken on various forms. How else do you think early man was able to keep all of that t-rex meat fresh?! We look back on when food preservation began, how the forms have changed over the years, what the differences are between the different food preservation methods, when you should use which method, and, of course, the science and chemistry behind what is happening to your food when you preserve it.
1/26/202238 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Concorde - Episode 282

When you think about air travel, what comes to mind? Cramped seats, hours of time wasted, and gross airports? Well, the airports would still be an issue, but the Concorde helped with some of the other problems! We looked at the plane that set the record for fastest commercial flight, going from New York to London in around 3 and a half hours! Wow!! Sure, it was so noisy that it was only allowed to fly over the ocean for the most part, but that is the price for speed. Learn all about the Concorde, how it was engineered, the various companies involved, and why this engineering marvel eventually had an early retirement.
1/12/202234 minutes, 59 seconds
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Coolest Military Vehicles EVER - Episode 281

You don't get much more cutting edge engineering and technology than with military vehicles. From tanks to planes and everything in-between (what does a hovercraft even even count as??), the military develops some of the coolest tech around. Luke and James searched through the archives to come up with their top 10 military vehicles of all time. Ranging from the Challenger 2 battle tanks, to the Black Hawk helicopter, and even including some more unique creations like the AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle, there is something for everyone. Which will be crowned the coolest of all time? Nobody knows, and the criteria it is picked on is hazy at best, but one thing is for sure; these vehicles are awesome!
1/5/202236 minutes, 30 seconds
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Hiccups and Hangovers - Episode 280

With the new year almost here, and it likely that many of you are going to overindulge in celebration, it felt like the perfect time to investigate the science behind two horrible things: hiccups and hangovers! We've looked into what causes both hiccups and hangovers (no, not just "alcohol," but the process that results from alcohol consumption) and researched what the most likely cures are, if any. We also share some of our favorite home remedies that probably don't work as well! There might also be a hangover story or two in there... Happy New Year!!
12/29/202133 minutes, 11 seconds
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Home Alone Traps: Would They Work? - Episode 279

As a special holiday gift, we dove into the engineering behind a modern'ish Christmas classic: Home Alone!! Kevin McCallister, less well known as Macaulay Culkin, sets up tons of traps for two less than capable burglars to bumble through as he protects his house. But would these traps actually work? And just how dangerous are they? We looked into all of them (OK, only the ones we deemed interesting enough) to see what the math says to help us engineer this Christmas favorite.
12/22/202134 minutes, 55 seconds
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Christmas Gifts for Engineers: 2021 - Episode 278

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! The Unprofessional Engineering Christmas gifts episode for those hard to shop for engineers in your life!!! Whether you are shopping for the pinnacle of engineers, the Mechanical Engineer, all the way down to the Civil Engineers playing in the dirt, we have a gift recommendation that they would love, from stocking stuffer to giant presents if they've been really good this year. In addition, we've picked out some of our favorite gift ideas for the aspiring engineer of nearly all ages. OK, so maybe not a two year old, but can we really tell they will be an engineer? Are we better than Santa? Probably. But either way, at least we can help you pick out a great gift for any engineer!
12/15/202139 minutes, 5 seconds
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Engineering Disasters - Episode 277

We spend a lot of time discussing how great engineering is and all of the amazing successes that have come from it over the years. Not all engineering projects are a success, though. We have looked back in time and picked out some of the greatest engineering disasters of all time. Some, like the Titanic or Challenger disaster, are well known, but others like the molasses flood of Boston or gas explosion in Cleveland are less talked about. How do you not talk about a molasses flood?! Join us to learn about some of the biggest engineering failures of all time and the oversights that caused these to occur.
12/8/202133 minutes, 37 seconds
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Great Engineering Universities: Carnegie Mellon - Episode 276

When you discuss top engineering universities in the United States, Carnegie Mellon University will almost certainly come up regardless of the engineering (or computer science) discipline. If you are thinking about getting a degree in engineering, want to relive your glory days from college, or maybe you're just curious about what sets one university apart from another, this episode and series are for you! Learn how Carnegie Mellon University ranks across the various engineering disciplines, just how smart you have to be to get in, some tips to stand out amongst the crowds, how much it costs to get your degree, and the top reasons to go to CMU!
12/1/202137 minutes, 46 seconds
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Everything Velcro - Episode 275

Sometimes even what seems to be the simplest invention has a long and interesting history, and certainly isn't an instant success. That was the case with one of the most well known materials around today; Velcro! It all started when George de Mestral noticed some annoying burrs on his dog after a walk, and unknowingly used biomimicry to recreate this over time, creating Velcro! Of course, NASA gets credit for the invention much of the time, but in reality, they only made it a cool and futuristic item to have at home. Learn about the rest of the Velcro history, how it is mass produced, some unique uses for it, and much more!
11/24/202135 minutes, 41 seconds
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What Is Control Systems Engineering - Episode 274

If you're thinking about getting into engineering, finding a new job in your field, or curious how much you should be getting paid, you don't want to miss this series on different fields of engineering. This time, we are focused on "What is Control Systems Engineering." Or Controls Engineering. Or Systems Engineering.... OK, you get the point. We've reviewed the top US and global universities for a Control Systems Engineering degree, the classes that you take (warning, there is a lot of Electrical Engineering and Comp Sci going on here), who likes to hire your, how much you'll get paid, and so much more!
11/17/202132 minutes, 3 seconds
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B-2 Stealth Bomber - Episode 273

The B-2 Stealth Bomber, also known as the Northrup Grumman Spirit, is a long-range US bomber. It might be the most well-known plane in the US military, but much about its technology and capabilities is still unknown to the public. Designed during the Cold War, the Stealth Bomber is the world's first first low-observation (or stealth) bomber. In addition to being crazy sneaky, it also holds the record for longest flight time! What can't this thing do?! Learn everything that there is to know (for the public, at least) about the B-2 Bomber, from history to famous movies that it has appeared in.
11/8/202131 minutes, 23 seconds
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Great Engineering Universities: Penn State - Episode 272

Pennsylvania State University (otherwise known as Penn State) has a long history as a top engineering school in the United States. In our new series on great engineering universities, we decided to focus on Penn State, not only because James is an alum, but because it is actually a great school as well! Starting as a land grant school back in the 1800s, Penn State was one of the first universities to focus on engineering as a stand-alone major, and eventually became the first university with a nuclear reactor to support its nuclear engineering program. Learn all about how the school got started, how it's engineering programs rank, how much you can expect to make as a Penn State graduate, and some famous Penn State engineers that you may have heard of.
11/3/202137 minutes, 41 seconds
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History of Car Safety - Episode 271

It turns out that the first automobiles were not exactly the safest things to be motoring down the road (or what passed as roads) in. Imagine driving in a metal box, no seat belts, no air bags, no crumple zones... it doesn't paint a pretty picture! But how did these changes come about? We looked back at the history of vehicle safety to understand where vehicles started, how they have improved over the years, and what compelling events lead to the implementation of previously unused items like safety belts, ABS, dashboards, airbags, and more.
10/27/202135 minutes, 38 seconds
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How Does Kevlar Work? - Episode 270

Kevlar is widely known for its use in "bullet proof vests," but there is a lot more to it! In addition to this life-saving use, it is used for a number of other items thanks to its high heat resistance and high tensile strength. We looked into how Kevlar was created by Stephanie Kwolek while working at DuPont, the science behind its production, the different types of Kevlar out there, and a number of other uses including tires, tennis racket strings, and more.
10/20/202131 minutes, 58 seconds
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Companies that Built the World: ExxonMobil - Episode 269

As we continue our series on companies that built the world, we look at the history of one of the most valuable companies in the world: ExxonMobil. Known as part of "Big Oil" along with Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Total SE, and BP, ExxonMobil makes up a large percentage of the oil industry around the world. In addition to the long history of Exxon, started way back with John D. Rockefeller, we also explore how Exxon has used engineering and technology to improve their techniques and keep costs down (or profits up?). Sit back and enjoy this quick look at ExxonMobil, and learn how they grew into one of the most valuable companies in the world.
10/13/202135 minutes, 27 seconds
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How Does Drag Racing Work? - Episode 268

How exciting can driving in a straight line be? Well, when you're going over 300 miles per hour, it can get pretty intense!! Unprofessional Engineering dug into the sport of drag racing to better understand the rules, but more importantly, to understand the engineering and technology that goes into making these some of the fastest vehicles on Earth. Take a listen to how these drag racing vehicles can be tweaked to save a fraction of a second, making all of the difference!
10/5/202139 minutes, 38 seconds
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How Is Coke Made? - Episode 267

Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands across the world, and the "natural flavors" included in each bottle or can is one of the most closely kept secrets, as well. We looked into the part that Coca Cola actually plays in the process of making this tasty treat (spoiler: it isn't a huge role), what the "brewing" process looks like, how bottling works, and some amazingly fun facts about this iconic company. Join us for the journey from thick sugar syrup to the delicious Coke (or Diet Coke, or Coke get it) ending up in your hand.
9/29/202139 minutes, 18 seconds
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Why Do Leaves Change Colors? - Episode 266

If you look out your window right now, you'll probably be able to see a tree of some sort out there somewhere. Depending on the time of year, it might be full of beautiful green leaves, or under the right conditions, you could be looking at a rainbow of autumn colors in front of you. But do you know why a tree's leaves change colors? There is a lot of science that goes into this process, and the end result can vary drastically based on a number of factors. We've looked into what causes leaves colors to change, and eventually fall to the ground (in most cases) but also what the science is behind these changes, and a few ways that you might be able to predict what colors you can expect to see this autumn.
9/22/202133 minutes, 27 seconds
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Basics of Blacksmithing - Episode 265

Blacksmithing has gone from the backbone of medieval towns to an artisan craft revitalized over the past few years. We have looked into the history of blacksmithing, from the rudimentary crafts done thousands of years ago, to the development of the first nail, and now to the modern take on this ancient profession. In addition to the history of blacksmithing, we discuss the very basics to get you started. From equipment like the anvil, various hammers, tongs, and aprons (safety first!), to the methods and the four stages of blacksmithing: heating, holding, hitting and shaping. Sit back and enjoy blacksmithing 101 while you daydream about what you will forge in your garage!
9/15/202136 minutes, 3 seconds
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What Is Biomedical Engineering? - Episode 264

If you want to get into engineering but don't know where to start, our "What Is" series is for you. In this episode, we focus on one of the newer engineering degrees, biomedical engineering. A combination of biology and engineering, this is a perfect fit for someone who doesn't know if they want to be an engineer or a doctor! Sure, you don't get paid like a doctor, but you don't have to go to college for a decade either, so that's something. Plus, biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing engineering fields, so there should be no shortage of jobs. Take a listen and learn what a biomedical engineer does for various companies, the courses you take in school, and of course, how much you can expect to make if you land a job in this field.
9/8/202133 minutes, 4 seconds
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Cool STEM Experiments To Do at Home - Episode 263

Do you want to have some fun with your kids while teaching them something as well? You've come to the right place! We have gathered up some of our favorite science experiments that you can do at home while teaching important STEM principles. From instant freezing water to a baking soda volcano, making your own rock candy and watching water walk, you'll have hours of fun and education that can easily be done at home. We even have a few STEM experiments that you should probably avoid.
9/1/202138 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Riptide + Xometry: The Future of Battlebots - Episode 262

When two robots step into the ring, or roll in, or are placed their by their designers, one thing is for certain; only one will come out victorious!!! Unless there is a tie, then I guess neither robot wins. That isn't the point!! The point is that there is a new contestant on Discovery's hit show Battlebots, Riptide! Not only is Riptide a force in the ring, but their engineering skills with the support of the distributed manufacturing network of Xometry and design in Autodesk Fusion 360 means they are optimized for success. Almost all of Riptide was designed in Autodesk Fusion 360, with the parts being manufactured by Xometry with a simple click in the CAD interface. Within days, the parts arrived, ready to use. Learn not only how Xometry makes Riptide able to be updated, repaired, and modified in no time, but get the inside scoop on this fierce new competitor.
8/24/202143 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Inventors Killed by Their Inventions - Episode 261

What do the flying car, the Stanley Steamer, and the Titanic all have in common? These inventions were all ultimately responsible for the death of their inventors! We have gathered up some of the most interesting, and often times extremely sad, instances of an inventor being killed by their inventions. Whether it was the result of an unknown side-effect from groundbreaking research, as in the case of Marie Curie, or an oversight in calculation when dropping from a barrel off of the top of the Houston Astrodome, these are all interesting stories in their own right.
8/18/202138 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Wacky Units of Measure: Part 2 - Episode 260

It is time for more crazy units of measure! A dash, a pinch, a shake... they are phrases that we use, but they all have actual measurable amounts to quantify them. Join us for the second part of our Wacky Units of Measure series (is two a series?) to learn about some of the craziest units of measure that have ever been invented, most of which are actually in use today.
8/11/202136 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wacky Units of Measure: Part 1 - Episode 259

Depending on where you live, you might feel that the Metric system or Imperial units of measure are rather strange, but those don't even scratch the surface by a BB, or even a Gillette! In the first of two episodes on wacky units of measure, we explore some of the craziest measurements around and how they originated. From the beard-second to the micromort, there is a standard unit for just about anything that you can think of!
8/4/202134 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Companies that Built the World: Hewlett-Packard - Episode 258

Hewlett-Packard, perhaps better known as simply HP, has taken an interesting journey to get to where they are today. We might know them for their laptops and printers that never seem to work when we need them to, but this wasn't always the way for Hewlett-Packard. William Hewlett and David Packard (picking which name came first on a coin flip) started the company with a drill press and a few dollars in a rented garage. Years later, their first customer, Disney, got them well on their way to success. The two men had a storied existence from building this iconic company, to serving in World War 2, and even helping to serve in the United States government. All this while building out one of the leading tech giants in the world. Sit back and enjoy the history of Hewlett-Packard and learn what a significant impact HP has had on the world.
7/28/202135 minutes, 44 seconds
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Notre Dame Restoration - Episode 257

On April 15, 2019, one of the world's most recognizable structures, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, caught on fire, suffering significant damage. A restoration project has been underway ever since, with hopes of the cathedral reopening in some capacity by 2024. We dove in to try and understand what caused the fire to start in the first place, the hurdles that have to be overcome in the Notre Dame restoration project, and better understand the technology and engineering used to restore this amazing cathedral to its formal glory.
7/21/202135 minutes, 16 seconds
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How Does Wheat Get Processed? - Episode 256

Wheat is a common ingredient in many of our favorite foods, and although it is easy to head to the store and pick up a loaf of bread or a doughnut, the grain production process isn't as simple. The wheat production process, when boiled down, hasn't changed a lot over the centuries. Threshing, winnowing, and grinding all still occur, but to do so on a large scale is really where technology and engineering have made their mark. Learn the basic process from the time wheat is planted to hitting the supermarket shelves and everything in-between.
7/13/202136 minutes, 11 seconds
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Top 10 Fake Materials - Episode 255

When it comes to engineering, the material that you choose goes a long way in how your design is going to function. The same holds true for the materials used in our favorite movies, video games, and books! Even if they don't exist in real life... We've decided to explore some of the amazing materials that exist in some of these fictional universes that we could only wish exist here on Earth, and of course, ranked our top 10! See where your favorites like adamantium, vibranium, mythril, and more rank on the official top 10 fake materials list.
7/7/202136 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: Steve Wozniak - Episode 254

When you think about Apple, obviously you think of Steve, right? No, not that one. Steve Wozniak, lovingly known as Woz. You have probably heard of Woz, but do you know how important his role with Apple was? Some might argue that he was more important than his more well known counterpart, Steve Jobs. Sit back and enjoy this brief walkthrough of Steve Wozniak's life (thus far), how he got started with Apple, or how Apple really started with him, his other inventions like the universal remote, and so much more!
6/30/202130 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do GMOs Work? - Episode 253

There is a lot of debate about GMOs being healthy, as well as if GMOs are actually a sustainable method of food production. We're not here to debate if they are good for you or not (science has no conclusive evidence to say they are not), but we are here to discuss what they are, how they work, the method to make it happen, and the impact that GMOs are having on the agriculture industry!
6/23/202136 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Companies That Built the World: US Steel - Episode 252

What do the names Andrew Carnegie, Elbert H. Gary, Charles Schwab, and J.P. Morgan have in common? They are the key players in the creation of US Steel! With the acquisition of the Carnegie Steel Company in 1900, together with a number of other smaller steel operations, US Steel was formed, becoming the first billion dollar corporation in United States history. Join us to learn about the history of US Steel, what caused the various ups and downs over time, how the different wars impacted the industry, and how US Steel is doing today.
6/16/202137 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nuclear Waste Disposal - Episode 251

We have talked about nuclear reactors and how they work, nuclear fission and fusion, and maybe even some nuclear weapons, but what happens to all of that nuclear waste once it is no longer needed? Well, there really isn't a solution just yet, but it is being worked on! Fortunately for us, the amount of nuclear waste around the world is relatively small. Currently, it can be stored in large storage pools, much like Olympic swimming pools, while a better solution is made. Some countries rely on nuclear fuel refinement, basically recycling of nuclear waste, but this is a very costly processes. The current solution in places like Yukka Mountain or Onkalo, Finland, is to dig a big hole under a mountain and hope for the best. OK, a little more goes into it than that, but you'll have to listen to learn more.
6/9/202137 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Is Marine Engineering? - Episode 250

Are you thinking about a career in engineering or just curious what they do all day long? You've come to the right place! In this episode, we explore Marine Engineering, including the best universities to attend, how much money you will make, who will hire you, and more! Come on-board (see what we did there?) to learn more about this niche, yet very interesting, option for engineers.
6/2/202134 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Does Deep Sea Drilling Work? - Episode 249

I'm sure everyone realizes that there is all sorts of oil underneath the ocean, but do you know how we manage to get that oil out without getting all of the water, sand, and other stuff along with it? We've taken a look into how deep-sea drilling works, from satellite imagery to understand where the most oil can be found to the process of extracting it from the ocean floor. Take a listen to better understand why this extremely expensive process can still make a company big money, as well as some big money for the people working on the oil rigs.
5/26/202136 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Companies that Built the World: Texas Instruments - Episode 248

As an engineer, you probably know Texas Instruments (TI) as the maker of your favorite calculators in the world, such as the TI-85. Who doesn't love expensive graphing calculators that help make difficult math easy? Well, maybe not easy, but slightly easier. It turns our that calculators are only a small part of what Texas Instruments does! In fact, they are one of the top 10 semiconductor producing companies in the world, with analog chips and embedded processors accounting for over 80% of their revenue. Join us to learn all about how Texas Instruments got started, what else they do other than make amazing calculators, and of course, war time connections!!
5/19/202133 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Does Wireless Electricity Work? - Episode 247

Wireless electricity isn't all that new. In fact, our old friend Nikola Tesla proved that it could be done in the 1800s! Was it done well? No. Was it done safely? Not really. But wireless electricity was possible!! That is all starting to change! In fact, New Zealand is about to start testing out wireless electricity to provide power to a remote island 19 miles off shore! Energy provider, PowerCo, is teaming up with the startup Emrod to make this happen. Take a listen to learn how these companies are going to make wireless electricity safe for us to use, as well as what the technology is behind this engineering marvel.
5/11/202134 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Interview: Dan Brateris of the NJIT Makerspace - Episode 246

We often mention the colleges and universities that are doing great things for STEM, but it isn't every day that we get to talk to one of them to understand how they are changing the way their students learn to help them excel in the field. That is where Dan Brateris comes in. Dan is the Director of Experienced Based Learning at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark College of Engineering). Under his supervision, NJIT has become a leader in STEM education, running a massive makerspace, participating in Baja SAE, Aero SAE, robotics clubs, and more. All of these have helped to make NJIT a top choice for those looking at a degree in a STEM field.
5/5/202138 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: George Eastman - Episode 245

As we continue exploring the lives of the world's great inventors, we've made it to George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak. Or Kodak. Or Eastman... well, you get the point. Although he didn't start inventing as early as some of the inventors that we have looked at, but a trip to Santo Domingo with heavy photography equipment was all it took to get him started. From there, the rest is history! Join us to learn how George Eastman launched his photography company, how Kodak changed the the camera game forever, and what some of their biggest contributions to photography were throughout the years.
4/28/202132 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do Fusion Reactors Work? - Episode 244

What if I told you that there is a nearly endless source of nearly clean energy available for the world to use? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that's because it is. But fusion reactors could make that change very soon! Currently only achieved in any large capacity in stars, we decided to look into how nuclear fusion reactors work to better understand just how close we are to making this a reality. Take a listen to learn how lasers and magnets are being used to get us closer to the reality of nuclear fusion, and how this will change energy production forever.
4/21/202132 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

History of Cell Phones - Episode 243

Most of us are never more than a couple of feet away from our cell phones, if even that far. Many of you could even be listening to us on your cell phone right now! But it wasn't really all that long ago that a car phone was crazy cool technology, and pay phones were a much needed device. We explore how the cell phone came to be, going all the way back to Zack Morris and his sweet brick phone, up to 5G and even 6G, if you believe that to be a thing.
4/14/202136 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why Is Venice Sinking?! - Episode 242

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Where else can you travel the city on a romantic gondola ride and not be troubled by things like cars, traffic, bicycles, or really any other form of transportation? But all that beauty comes with a price. Thanks to being built almost at sea level, coupled with plate tectonics and general ground compaction thanks to being built on top of pillars in a swamp, Venice is at risk of being under water in the not so distant future. Learn what Venice is doing to help this problem, such as the MOSE floodgate system, why the problem exists in the first place, and what the impact of MOSE and other solutions could be. Warning, it involves poop!
4/7/202136 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Companies that Built the World: Samsung - Episode 241

Samsung makes nice TVs, some refrigerators, and a few other things, right? Well, that is true, but they are so much more, and Samsung's start was nothing like the electronics giant that they are today. Join us to learn about how Samsung went from a glorified grocery store to a well diversified super-company with divisions in electronics, electro-mechanics, SDI, SDS, and even Samsung Corning Advanced Glass!!
3/24/202133 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Engineering the Perfect Pizza - Episode 240

Everyone loves pizza, and if you don't, you can just stop listening to us. But just because one loves pizza, it doesn't mean that we know how to engineer the perfect pizza pie! We explore the engineering behind why brick oven pizzas are superior to the oven sitting in your kitchen, what temperature it should be at for the perfect crust crisp to melty cheese ratio, which cheeses are better for pizza, and so much more!! Sit back, grab a slice, and learn about why some pizza is just that much better than others.
3/17/202135 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do Manual Transmissions Work? - Episode 239

Although they are less common in the United States these days, the manual transmission is still relied on by most of the world, and some consider to be much more fun to drive. But what is the difference between a manual transmission and an automatic? We take a look at how a manual transmission works, discuss gear ratios, how the car goes in reverse, and the pros and cons of a manual versus an automatic. Get ready to put it in 7th gear with this episode!!
3/9/202135 minutes, 28 seconds
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Great Inventors: Albert Einstein - Episode 238

When it comes to the biggest brains of all time, you can't have a conversation without mentioning Albert Einstein. His theories are still being proven and validated to this day, and his understanding of time and matter is considered to be unparalleled. We've taken a look at Albert Einstein's life, from his childhood, to his education, how he came up with his theories, and the part he played in ending World War 2. Oh, and did I mention that he married his cousin?! Take a listen to this quick breakdown of one of the smartest people of all time, Albert Einstein.
3/3/202134 minutes
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How Do Lasers Work? - Episode 237

Lasers are awesome! I mean, you can get a cat to chase them around on the floor, or you can shine them into the sky to make things look pretty. What more could you want? Oh, something useful?! Yeah, they do that as well! Take a listen to better understand the history of lasers, different types, and how each of them work and can be used to improve our lives.
2/25/202134 minutes, 57 seconds
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Top 10 Buildings in the World - Episode 236

Everyone has a favorite building that they like to look at while on a walk or driving down the street, right? But then there are some that blow all other buildings away!! Luke and James go through their personal top 10 buildings in the world, focusing on architecture, engineering complexity, or just stuff that Luke likes because it is easier than coming up with actual reasons. Join us as we explore the top 10 buildings of the world, which is actually more like the top 20, but that doesn't sound as good.
2/17/202139 minutes, 35 seconds
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History of the Rail Industry - Episode 235

The railroad industry might not have started in America, but the USA certainly played a HUGE part in it's history, peak, downfall, and reemergence. We look into how the railroad industry grew, from animal drawn carts to the cross-country lines we have today, as well as how people made big money from a near monopoly on the rail industry and the resulting sanctions placed on it by the government. Sit back in your luxury passenger car and enjoy this quick history of the rail industry!
2/10/202138 minutes, 29 seconds
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Fiber Optics 101 - Episode 234

Fiber optic communication is a way to transmit information using light, one of the most relied upon technologies in modern time. From fast internet to endless television channels, we have a lot to thank fiber optics for. We investigate how fiber optic cables were invented, the process of making the ridiculously thin glass threads, and discuss how it works and benefits our daily lives.
2/3/202134 minutes, 20 seconds
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Alternative Vehicle Fuel - Episode 233

If you have a vehicle, it runs on gasoline, diesel, or maaaybe electricity, right? But there is a whole world of options available to us, though perhaps not all that common. We're looking into some of the alternative vehicle fuel options that most people don't know about, or at least don't see as a viable option, such as: hydrogen, natural gas, propane, ethanol, and old French fry oil!
1/27/202139 minutes, 21 seconds
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What Is Industrial Design - Episode 232

In our endless pursuit to educate our listeners in the various career options available to them, we have decided to look into Industrial Design and what it takes to become an Industrial Designer. We look into typical classwork for Industrial Design, how much you can expect to make, companies that typically hire you, and what your day to day will likely look like as an Industrial Designer. Oh, and we have a special shout out! If you have kids and want YouTube to babysit them, go check out Mackenzie's Book Nook! Not only does she read great books, but she is my niece, so you know it must be great! Subscribe here:
1/20/202136 minutes, 49 seconds
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Periodic Table of Elements: Noble Gases - Episode 231

The periodic table of elements makes the world go round! Or at least it makes up the world and universe. One of the coolest parts of the periodic table is the noble gases: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon, and oganesson. We investigate where these elements can be found in nature, if at all, look into their material properties, and discuss how they can be used in our daily lives. Oh, and we see if they will kill you!
1/13/202136 minutes, 37 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: John Deere - Episode 230

One of the great American brands, John Deere has a long and interesting history that has helped to shape the development of the United States as well as the rest of the world. From a simple blacksmith to the head of a giant company, John Deere created one of the most iconic and influential companies in America's history. Learn how he got his start and how the company has expanded over the years.
1/5/202132 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Engineering Behind Sled Riding - Episode 229

Who doesn't like heading out to the hills after a fresh snowfall and jumping on a sled? But what makes one sled faster than another, and why does it work in the first place? We look into the history of sledding (thanks to our friends in Canada and Russia!), the engineering behind sled riding, and determine which sleds are the best bang for your buck.
12/30/202037 minutes, 3 seconds
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KickStart International: Designing Affordable Equipment - Part 2 - Episode 228

Continuing on with our interview of Dr. Martin Fisher of KickStart International, we dive into how his team is able to design and manufacture cost effective solutions to poverty stricken regions of Africa, enabling small scale farmers to grow. From product design to material selection and manufacturing needs, Dr. Fisher walks us through the process that KickStart International uses to help make the world a better place.
12/17/202032 minutes, 2 seconds
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KickStart International: Irrigation in Africa - Part 1 - Episode 227

Did you know that 80% of the poor in Africa are small-scale farmers? Due to the lack of rain, most only get 1 harvest per year, which means many farming families go hungry and fall back into poverty the rest of the year. KickStart International is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to lift millions of people out of poverty quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably. Unprofessional Engineering was lucky enough to catch up with Dr. Martin Fisher, Co-founder and CEO of KickStart International, to learn about how KickStart came to be, how they are attacking poverty in Africa, and how engineering is being used to help millions to make a better living. Do you want to make a difference? Help by donating to KickStart International:
12/14/202033 minutes, 28 seconds
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Christmas Gifts For Engineers: 2020 - Episode 226

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas (or holiday) gift for that special engineer in your life? You have come to the right place!! Unprofessional Engineering has done the tough part of Christmas shopping for you by breaking down great gift ideas for engineers and aspiring engineers of all ages, all from $10 and up! Kick back with your glass of eggnog, try not to dump it out because it is gross, and find out what Christmas gifts you should be buying for your engineer.
12/9/202036 minutes, 35 seconds
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Raspberry Pi and Arduino 101 - Episode 225

Are you interested at learning the VERY basics of Raspberry Pi and Arduino? Do you want to know what the differences are between the two and when one might be more useful than the other? Just like listening to us talk regardless of topic? Look no further! Don't expect to be an expert from listening to us, but this will teach you how to use a Raspberry Pi or Arduino for your next STEM project. Heck, you might even create a smart home thanks to us.
12/1/202034 minutes, 13 seconds
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Why Did Google Glass Fail? - Episode 224

Do you remember how excited everyone was for Google Glass to be released? And then... well, what happened? The glasses themselves were uncomfortable, they looked a little less than appealing, and the functionality wasn't nearly as futuristic as we hoped. We look into why Google Glass failed and discuss if it could have been avoided, or at least what could be learned for future efforts in the space.
11/25/202032 minutes, 43 seconds
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History of Tower Bridge - Episode 223

Tower Bridge (not to be confused with London Bridge) is one of the most famous tourist attractions in all of London, if not the world. Not only is it really cool looking, but the way it works and it's long history is also pretty great. From the original construction of Tower Bridge, to the multiple facelifts, how the drawbridge mechanism works, and even a borderline "secret passage," we look into all the aspects of this fan favorite so that you can impress your friends on your next trip to London.
11/18/202032 minutes, 29 seconds
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Companies That Built The World: SpaceX

OK, so SpaceX might not be a company that built this world, but it is looking like it might be the company that builds the next one. SpaceX has quickly gone from an idea of cheaper space travel from the brilliant mind of Elon Musk to having NASA count on them to get resources and people to the International Space Station. Learn all about the history of SpaceX, from the original idea, to coming up with a plan for reusable rockets, sending people to the ISS, and even their plans to get the first people to Mars.
11/11/202038 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Engineering Behind Battlebots - Episode 221

Battlebots, or Robot Wars as it was originally known, has everything an engineer could want. Extreme part design, custom fabrication, and destruction!!! We take a look how Battlebots got it's start, some of the greatest "contestants" of all time, the rules behind Battlebots, and even what it takes to build your own Battlebot. What more could you ask for in a STEM project, hobby, or amazing podcast episode?
11/4/202036 minutes, 50 seconds
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What Is Material Science and Engineering? - Episode 220

Thinking about getting into engineering but don't know where to start? Already have a degree in Material Science and Engineering and curious about other job options out there? Look no further! We investigate the classes you will take in Material Science and Engineering, the top universities to attend, the type of work you will do, companies that hire Material Science and Engineering majors, and how much you can expect to make.
10/28/202032 minutes, 30 seconds
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Halloween 2020: Pumpkin Carving Like An Engineer - Episode 219

Do you want to raise your pumpkin carving game but don't know where to start? We are here for you! From the tools you can use to make pumpkin carving easier, to tips to help your jack-o-lantern last longer, all the way to turning your pumpkin into a STEM project, you won't want to miss this! As a bonus, Luke covers Halloween safety for kids and adults alike, we learn how the tradition of pumpkin carving came about (have you heard of Stingy Jack?), and we even look into the economics of scoring the most Halloween candy when you're out knocking on doors.
10/20/202038 minutes, 16 seconds
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Computational Fluid Dynamics 101 - Episode 218

Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, is a form of simulation that predicts how fluids and gases will interact together and with their surroundings. This can be used for everything from HVAC optimization to improving vehicle performance. CFD might sound scary, but we break it down to the basics to help everyone understand how to use computational fluid dynamics and why it is so important. Trust me! Even my mom has learned to understand CFD.... it just took a couple decades.
10/14/202036 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Future of Football Helmets - Episode 217

We're wrapping up our three part series on concussions with Trifecta Sports Solutions by discussing how they are using engineering techniques like advanced simulation (such as Finite Element Analysis) and new materials to design a football helmet that will significantly reduce concussions. Join us to hear about how they have taken this idea and made it a reality with the help of great institutes like Michigan State University, as well as what hurdles are left to overcome before we can expect to see their helmet on the field.
10/8/202033 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Designing A Better Football Helmet - Episode 216

We were joined by the amazing up and comers of Trifecta Sports Solutions to understand what they are doing to make sports safer for us to play, starting with football helmet design and expanding out to other concussion heavy activities. Their story started with a high school design competition and has spiraled into working with outstanding universities such as Michigan State University to make this idea a reality. Join us in hearing how they came up with the idea, the technology behind the design, and where things are going in the future.
10/7/202033 minutes, 38 seconds
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What Are Concussions? - Episode 215

An injury that anyone can get from playing sports to a little trip and fall, concussions have been a huge topic of conversation over the past handful of years, but what do we really know about them? Join us for this three part series with Trifecta Sports Solutions on what concussions are, the leading causes, symptoms, various ways to evaluate and classify them, and what we are doing to help reduce the number of concussions across the board.
10/6/202036 minutes, 22 seconds
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Transistors 101 - Episode 214

Transistors are the unsung hero of modern technology, and the rate that they are improving (or at least were improving) is astonishing! We take a look back at the first transistors developed by companies such as Bell Labs and Texas Instruments, all the way up to modern transistors in use by companies like AMD and Intel.
9/30/202032 minutes, 4 seconds
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Model Railroading and Engineering - Episode 213

Model railroading has been a popular hobby for decades, but have you thought about all the forms of engineering that go into it? What a great way to get kids interested in STEM and STEAM! We were luck enough to be joined by President of Walthers (the leading name in model railroading), Stacey Walthers Naffah, to discuss the connections between model railroading and engineering, the history of model railroads, and the Walther's Full STEAM Ahead initiative to help kids get into the hobby and learn important skills along the way. Interested in learning more about Full STEAM Ahead? Visit the Walther's website here:
9/23/202035 minutes, 44 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: Carrier - Episode 212

If you're talking about companies that built the world, Carrier better come to mind!! Air conditioning has improved our daily lives, making gross states like Florida more livable as well as helping things like indoor ice-skating rinks possible. But technology like this doesn't just show up!! Willis Carrier had to come up with it all on his own, and we're glad that he did. Learn all about the life of Willis Carrier, how he came up with air conditioning, and how the company grew from a single sale to a multi-billion dollar corporation.
9/15/202031 minutes, 54 seconds
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What Is Plastics Engineering? - Episode 211

Are you looking to go to college for engineering but don't know which field? Are you a Plastics Engineering and curious if you are getting paid enough? Maybe you just want to know what a Plastics Engineer does. We have all this information and more! From the best Plastics Engineering universities in the world, to classes you'll take, how much you'll get paid, and examples of Plastics Engineers in the workplace, this is your one stop shop for all things Plastics Engineering.
9/9/202030 minutes, 52 seconds
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Great Inventors: Thomas Edison - Episode 210

One of the greatest inventors of all time, Thomas Edison did more than just invent the light bulb and assembly line. Kidding!! He didn't invent either, though he is often credited for these things. As great of an inventor as he was, he was also a savvy businessman, figuring out how to manufacturing the light bulb in a more cost effective way to mass produce it and get it into houses around the world. What else did he do? You'll have to take a listen to find out!
9/2/202033 minutes, 46 seconds
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Gas vs. Diesel Engines - Episode 209

Do you ever pull up to the pump and realize that only has diesel fuel? I hate that!! But do you know why some vehicles run on diesel instead of gasoline? We look into the advantages and disadvantages of both engine types and look at how they operate, investigating everything from spark plugs to air fuel mixtures.
8/26/202037 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Do Water Towers Work? - Episode 208

Depending on where you live, water towers may be a big part of your life. New York City, for instance, has a ton of water towers on top of their buildings which serve a number of purposes, not the least of which is to help with fire protection. In this episode, we take a look at the history of water towers, the various components and designs, what role they play in our daily lives, and how they actually work to deliver water to our homes and other buildings.
8/19/202032 minutes, 12 seconds
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Table of Elements: Superheroes and Countries - Episode 207

The Periodic Table of Elements is full of amazing things, from the material properties of the various elements to where they can be found in nature, if at all. In this episode of Unprofessional Engineering, we take a look at some of the most uniquely named elements, both those that sound like they are named after superheroes as well as countries! Sit back and enjoy this little bit of science and fun.
8/12/202034 minutes, 25 seconds
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Finite Element Analysis 101 - Episode 206

One of the many tools in the engineering tool belt, Finite Element Analysis (or FEA)is the process of simulating the behavior of a part or assembly under given conditions so that it can be assessed using the Finite Element Method (FEM). That doesn't clear things up for you? How about this: FEA breaks 3D CAD models into tiny parts to understand if they are going to break. Like if Luke sits on a chair after not being on a diet, will he weigh too much for it to hold? That's FEA!! Join us to understand why engineers rely on FEA, the part it played in getting us to the moon, and more!
7/29/202036 minutes, 29 seconds
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Great Inventors: Charles Goodyear - Episode 205

How cool would it be to come up with an invention that is so important that someone ends up naming their company after you? That's exactly what happened with the great inventor we are looking into in this episode, Charles Goodyear. Yup, he didn't start Goodyear what-so-ever!! But his invention of vulcanization was so crazy important that Frank Seiberling started the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company using the Goodyear name. Join us for a quick chat about the life of Charles Goodyear, how he came up with vulcanization, and more!
7/22/202029 minutes, 14 seconds
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Companies That Built The World: BMW - Episode 204

We all know BMW for their cars, and maybe have even heard about their time in the aerospace industry, but they have offered a lot more to the world over their existence. Join us to explore the history of BMW, how they got their start, the impact of the World Wars on the company, and even their time spent making pots and pans!
7/15/202033 minutes, 16 seconds
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What Is Distributed Manufacturing with Xometry - Episode 203

We were joined once again by our friend Greg Paulsen of Xometry, this time to discuss distributed manufacturing and the many advantages it brings, especially during a global pandemic. Not sure what distributed manufacturing is? Don't worry! We didn't really know either, and that is probably because Xometry is basically the one who invented it. If that doesn't catch your interest, I don't know what will!
7/7/202038 minutes, 58 seconds
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What Is Industrial Engineering? - Episode 202

If you are thinking about getting into engineering, curious about job growth, wondering if you are getting paid enough, or just like listening to guys talk about engineering, this episode is for you! We are looking into what Industrial Engineering is, the classes you would take in university, the typical job functions performed, and anything else related to the field. Sit back and enjoy! Who knows? You might even decide it is time for a change.
7/1/202033 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: Archimedes - Episode 201

As we continue our series on the greatest inventors, we looked way back and found our good friend and long time listener, Archimedes! From the Archimedes' Principle to the Archimedes' Screw (he sure like to name stuff after himself, huh?) he truly changed the world. His understanding of geometry, pulley systems, and levers are still the basis of theoretical and physical work to this day.
6/24/202033 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Engineering Behind Baking - Episode 200

Do your cookies spread when you're baking them? Does your bread fail to rise? Do you get domed cakes even though they are flat in the oven? This is all because you don't understand the engineering behind baking! We're taking a look at one of our favorite hobbies to better understand how engineering can be used to improve our baking game. From understanding what yeast is doing, to learning about leavening agents, and even some tips on creating a better bake, this episode has it all! Not to mention that it probably has more actual chemistry and engineering involved than most episodes!
6/16/202037 minutes, 51 seconds
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Best New TV Technology - Episode 199

Are you in the market for a new TV? Luke is!! So you know what that means; we're doing an episode all about the best new (and old) television technology out there. We explain the difference between TV tech such as LCD, LED, OLED and more, while looking at the pros and cons of each. Find out which option gives you the best bang for your buck and where televisions might be headed in the future.
6/10/202034 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Engineering Behind Olympic Sports - Episode 198

We might be missing out on the 2020 Summer Olympics, but your friends at Unprofessional Engineering are here to fill that void. We're taking a look at the physics and engineering behind some of your favorite Olympic sports, including track, the long jump, pole vaulting, and more! Take a few minutes and learn how some simple match can help to set world records.
6/3/202034 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lawn Care 101: The Science Behind Your Yard - Episode 197

Do you want to have the greenest grass on the block? We walk through everything that you should be doing with your yard, from the right way to mow the lawn to dethatching and aeration. Give us 30 minutes and we'll give you everything you need to have a perfect lawn.
5/26/202033 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient - Episode 196

Making your old home more energy efficient might seem like a daunting task, not to mention extremely expensive. We're here to help you to prioritize your home improvements to get your home more energy efficient with many simple fixes, as well as help you to understand where you will get the most bang for your buck on upgrades. If you're thinking about upgrading to energy star appliances, replacing your windows, or just getting some fancy new light bulbs, make sure to check out this episode before you press buy.
5/20/202036 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Is Machine Learning? - Episode 195

Machine learning is all over the tech news, but do you know how it works, how it impacts your every day life, or what it even is? We look into the different methods of machine learning such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning to figure out how things work, as well as discuss how companies like Yelp, Netflix, Google and more are using machine learning to improve our lives.
5/13/202032 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mysteries of Easter Island - Episode 194

The giant stone heads of Easter Island have been surrounded in mystery since they were discovered. Why were they created? How were the made? How did these massive stone statues get moved all over the island? We take a look at the history of Easter Island, why the native people created the stone statues in the first place, and investigate the theories and attempts to recreate the moving of these statues.
5/6/202034 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Is Computer Engineering - Episode 193

Are you thinking about going to college for computer engineering but want to know what it is they do? Maybe you're looking for a new job and want to make sure that your pay is competitive. We look into all things computer engineering, explain the differences between computer engineering and computer science, list out the top universities in the world, and more!
4/29/202033 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

How IKEA Makes Flat Pack Furniture - Episode 192

Admit it, you have at least one piece of IKEA furniture. Who doesn't love the fun of putting the various pieces together by themselves, throwing out "extra" parts, and then realizing that you still need them. But how is this furniture manufactured at such a reasonable price? We take a look at how IKEA and others mass produce flat pack furniture, discuss the materials used, how the products are designed, packed, and get to you.
4/22/202035 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird - Episode 191

The Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird is probably the most famous airplane of all time, having set the record for fastest plane to date. We took a look at why and how the SR-71 Blackbird came into existence, from the Cold War implications to the engineering challenges that had to be overcome to make it happen.
4/15/202032 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Does Amazon Prime Work? - Episode 190

Amazon Prime has changed the way people shop as well as their expectations on how long it takes for something they purchase online to get to them. But how do they manage to do it?! We take a look at the entire process, from the time you purchase something from Amazon to when it is dropped off at your door. The Industrial Engineering involved with this workflow is unbelievable, not to mention the mix of human and robot interaction that continues to increase to meet the ever increasing demands.
4/8/202035 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do Digital Cameras Work? - Episode 189

The camera on your phone continues to improve, but how is it even possible?! We take a look at how cameras have progressed through the years, how digital cameras work, and even what the records for best picture quality are.
4/1/202031 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Table of Elements: Precious Metals - Episode 188

What says engineering more than the periodic table of elements?! We take a look at four of the precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium. Join us to learn more about each of these elements such as where they occur in nature, their material properties, how much they are worth, what they are commonly used for, and more!
3/25/202033 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Does Bluetooth Work? - Episode 187

Everything has Bluetooth capabilities these days, but how does it even work? And what is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi?!? We investigate how Bluetooth got started, the history behind the interesting name, and more. You'll be an expert in no time!
3/18/202032 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Companies That Built The World: LEGO - Episode 186

Continuing our series on companies that built the world, or at least your childhood, we take a look at the history of LEGO. From their first wooden duck, to the launch of LEGOland, all the way to their latest movies, we take a look at it all!
3/11/202038 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

3D Printing Processes with Xometry - Episode 185

We got the chance to speak with Greg Paulson, Director of Application Engineering at Xometry, once again. This time, Greg walked us through the ins and outs of industrial 3D printing, the various 3D printing options available, and the future of 3D printing. Head over to and use code UNPRO25 to save $25 on your next purchase!! Offer ends April 30, 2020.
3/3/202041 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Formula SAE - Episode 184

One of the best college resume builders out there, Formula SAE gives university students the chance to put their knowledge to the test by manufacturing a formula-style race car that is judged on various criteria. We take a look at the process that goes into building a successful Formula SAE program, the manufacturing process, competition, and rules involved with Formula SAE.
2/26/202032 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do Touchscreens Work? - Episode 183

Have you ever wondered how a touchscreen knows where your finger is at? Or if a touchscreen works with a hot dog instead of your finger? These are the important questions we answer in this episode of Unprofessional Engineering!
2/19/202031 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Is Environmental Engineering - Episode 182

Environmental Engineering is a growing field that isn't just a great job but also makes the world a better place. We take a look at the kind of work Environmental Engineers do in the workplace, the classes they take, companies that usually hire them, and most importantly, how much they can expect to make!
2/12/202032 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Pandemics - Episode 181

With the severity of the coronavirus taking over the news, we thought that we should investigate the deadliest pandemics of all time. In addition to learning about the Black Death, Spanish Flu, and others, we look at the difference between an epidemic and pandemic, the research process to come up with a cure, and more!
2/5/202034 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fuel Your School Interview with Janet Andrade - Episode 180

We got the chance to talk to an amazing STEM teacher from Bud Carson Middle School, Janet Andrade. What makes this conversation so interesting you ask? Janet is part of an amazing Fuel Your School program sponsored by our friends at Chevron, who team up with to make it happen. We discuss how Janet and Chevron are helping to even the playing field for students in lower income neighborhoods, giving them the same opportunities in STEM fields as areas that may already have tech labs available. From 3D printing to prosthetic designs, these kids are doing it all! Interested in helping out a local teacher? Take a listen to learn how you can help, or head over to right now to make it happen.
1/29/202029 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Do Earthquakes Happen? - Episode 179

Earthquakes are happening around the world every day, but what is causing them and what can be done to prepare for these natural disasters ahead of time? We take a look at how earthquakes happen, why some areas are more prone to them than others, and the various ways to measure their intensity.
1/22/202032 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Interview with Hugo Fruehauf: Inventor of the GPS - Episode 178

The invention of the GPS has changed the world like few inventions have in the past 50 years. The billions of dollars it has injected into the global economy aside, this technology has revolutionized everything from how we drive, to the tracking of continental shifts. We have been lucky enough to get to meet with one of the inventors of GPS, Hugo Fruehauf, who recently was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (think of it like the Nobel Prize for engineering). Hugo's contributions to GPS focused on the creation of the atomic clock which gives GPS the crazy accuracy to get you where you're going. In addition to discussing the QE Prize and GPS, we talked learned about Hugo's work on other projects like the Titan I and the Saturn V rocket. You're not going to want to miss this episode!
1/13/202041 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Do UFOs Exist? - Episode 177

Do UFOs exist? It is a question as old as time itself...or the 1940s. James and Luke have decided to settle the debate once and for all, and yes, one of them believes! This episode covers the first UFO sightings, the most unexplained experiences, how a UFO could actually be manufactured and the efforts going into it as we speak, and some of the craziest abduction stories out there.
1/7/202037 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Internships & Jobs Will Change Engineering for You - Episode 176

Nothing will change what you think you will be doing as an engineer like an internship or your first job. James and Luke discuss how their internship experiences prepared them for their first jobs and helped them reach the harsh reality of what engineering actually is. They also jump into how their first jobs continued to teach them that everything they learned in college wasn't necessarily something that they would be using in their future careers. Take a listen and learn why internships are so important, and help to understand why your engineering degree might just be a way to get you into a different career that you really love.
1/1/202036 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Star Wars Engineering Fails - Episode 175

The futuristic technology in the Star Wars universe is unrivaled in creativity and tech far beyond human comprehension. That being said, it certainly isn't all good! We took a look at some of the biggest fails in the Star Wars movies, from being able, to bring down an ATAT with a simple cable to light saber functionality, all the way to how the Death Star could possibly be blown up (not to mention crazy stats about the crew and construction). If you're a Star Wars fan, or like poking holes in movies, you won't want to miss this!
12/18/201936 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Evolution of Television - Episode 174

Regardless of your age, you have seen massive changes to televisions over the years. From old black and white TVs, to the addition of color, all the way to advanced LED systems, this technology has come a great way and continues to change. We've taken a big look to better understand how the tech behind television has changed, what some of the big inventions were that spurred on innovation, and much more.
12/11/201937 minutes, 1 second
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Best Holiday Gifts for Engineers: 2019 - Episode 173

It's that time of the year again! Time to try and find the perfect gift for that hard to shop for engineer in your life. Don't worry, we have you covered! We've combed the web for the best gift ideas for engineers of all ages, from kids that are mechanically inclined to retired engineers that just want to be left alone. All prices and sizes are covered, all you have to do is head to and click on the link to buy your gifts!
12/4/201934 minutes, 24 seconds
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Windmills & Wind Turbines - Episode 172

If you've listened for some time, you know that Luke loves windmills, and James can't pronounce turbine. It only makes sense that we tackle both in one episode! We've looked at the history of the windmill, how they have changed over the years, and how wind turbines are changing the landscape of energy production.
11/27/201934 minutes, 8 seconds
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How Crumple Zones & ABS Work - Episode 171

After talking about the general history of car safety, we decided to dig into the details of two of our favorite safety features: crumple zones and anti-lock braking systems. Take a few minutes to learn how car makers are working to save your life.
11/20/201931 minutes, 34 seconds
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Great Inventors: Isaac Newton - Episode 170

Isaac Newton might be the most brilliant person ever. There, we said it. Gravity, laws of motion, rainbows, astronomy... the man did it all!! We walk through the life of Isaac Newton to try and understand how he came up with so much of the foundation of modern science, learn if the apple falling on his head story is true, and throw in a few other fun bits along the way.
11/12/201932 minutes, 47 seconds
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Companies That Built The World: Corning - Episode 169

Corning makes glass. Pretty boring, right? WRONG!! The history of the company is amazing, with ties to Thomas Edison and the "invention" of the light bulb and the development of one of the first R&D labs in America, Corning has lead the world into the future on more than one occasion. Join us to learn about how Corning got started, some of the major inventions that they came up with, as well as some fun stories on how everyday products like Pyrex got their start.
11/5/201934 minutes, 3 seconds
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How It's Made: Halloween Candy - Episode 168

Happy Halloween!!! Your friends at Unprofessional Engineering have whipped up a real treat for you this year by looking at the manufacturing process for some of your favorite Halloween treats. We've looked at how Hershey's Reeses Cups are made, both the left and right side of a Twix, as well as the general process for gummy candy. In addition, Luke and James fight to the end about which candy is the best to end up in your bag of treats, as well as which ones are more of a trick.
10/30/201931 minutes, 26 seconds
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What Is Chemical Engineering - Episode 167

Interested in engineering but don't know which field is right for you? We've taken a look at chemical engineering to help you narrow things down! From what your classwork will look like, to jobs you will do in the workforce, the top places to work, and even how much you can expect to make, we have it covered! Sure, it isn't as cool as Mechanical Engineering, but it might not be a bad choice.
10/23/201930 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Future of Engineering: Where Will We Be In 20 Years? - Episode 166

We've changed things up a bit this week and sat down to debate where we think engineering and man-kind will be in the next 20 years. We give our views on the future of energy (comparing solar vs wind), if humans will live on Mars anytime soon, and much more! We even end things up with a few bold predictions. Take a listen and let us know what you think of our view on the future!
10/17/201932 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Do Lighthouses Work? - Episode 165

Have you ever wondered why we still have so many freaking lighthouses? Yeah, so did James. It turns out a lot of them are mostly just for show, but there are still a lot of them still in use. We take a look at the history of the lighthouse, how we went from a giant, thick lens, to the modern day way better deal, and even tell some of the greatest lighthouse stories of all time.
10/9/201934 minutes, 53 seconds
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History and Future of Telescopes - Episode 164

Telescopes have been around for hundreds of years, allowing us to explore space from the comfort of our local observatory. But how did the first one come about? And who were the great minds to continue to improve on the original design to make it what the telescope what it is today? We take a look at the early history of the telescope, discuss how people like Galileo and Newton contributed to it's progress, investigate the factors that go into the ideal place for an observatory, and touch on why the TMT (thirty meter telescope) is having trouble being built on Mauna Kea.
9/30/201933 minutes, 21 seconds
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Great Inventors: The Wright Brothers - Episode 163

You can't find a much more important invention in the past 100 years than the airplane, and no one gets more love for pushing it forward than the Wright Brothers! Not only do we walk you through how the Wright Brothers invented the airplane (depending on your definition), but their childhood, what their far less interesting siblings did, and what life was like for them after their big invention got off the ground. See what I did there?!? Enjoy!
9/24/201932 minutes, 39 seconds
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Unprofessional Engineering 101: Calculating Lift - Episode 162

It's time for you to understand that airplanes don't run on magic, but by a little formula that can be used to calculate lift! This value is typically pretty close to the weight of the object, which makes sense, but the factors that go into the equation may not be as simple. Join us for a quick sit down on how lift is calculated, as well as an example of calculating lift on a 747!
9/19/201910 minutes, 22 seconds
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Engineering the Impossible Burger - Episode 161

The Impossible Burger is taking the world by storm, with everyone from Burger King to Little Caesars getting in on the act. With players like that, it must be good, right?! Well, Luke thinks it is! But what about how it was made? That is way more than good! The biology, genetics, and engineering that went into the Impossible Burger (and Impossible Burger 2.0) is fascinating, and took just 7 years!! We take a look at what makes this meat-free option so delicious, why it actually tastes like meat, why it sizzles like meat, how it bleeds like meat...well you get the point. We also take a few to decide if this is good for humanity in the long run, so that's a thing.
9/18/201932 minutes, 45 seconds
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How To Calculate Stress & Strain - Episode 160

We thought we would try something new out and see how discussing actual engineering principles would go over with our listeners. Stress and strain are two of the most important values in Mechanical Engineering, if not all engineering. The basics of these calculations is pretty simple if you start small. We walk through what stress and strain are, how to calculate them, throw in a little Young's Modulus, and even give an example of the various calculations. Let us know what you think by emailing [email protected].
9/13/20199 minutes, 33 seconds
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How Are Solar Panels Made? - Episode 159

We all know the simple photovoltaic process that solar panels use to turn the suns light into electricity (yes, that's a joke), but what about the actual manufacturing process!?? In this episode, we take a look at the entire process of how solar panels are made, starting from mining, to the REALLY hot furnaces, all the way to the final coatings to improve efficiency. If you're into clean energy, or just like to know more than your friends, take a listen!
9/11/201934 minutes, 12 seconds
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Futuristic Military Technology - Episode 158

The military is on the cutting edge of futuristic technology of all sorts. From missiles that travel 5x the speed of sound, to satellites that melt enemy satellites in space, this tech is amazing, and a little bit scary. Join us to learn about some of the latest inventions to come from DARPA that will blow you away...literally. Don't make us use mind control on you. Yes, they are working on that as well.
9/4/201932 minutes, 37 seconds
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Carbon Fiber 101 - Episode 157

Carbon fiber (or carbon fibre if you're from the other side of the pond) doesn't just look cool, it is one of the most important inventions of recent time. Stronger than steel, yet lighter, the number of applications for carbon fiber are endless. From sports equipment, to sports cars, space ships to wind turbines, carbon fiber is revolutionizing design. We take a look at how carbon fiber is made, different uses, and even get into the science behind it's atomic structure.
8/28/201930 minutes, 40 seconds
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Companies That Built The World: Westinghouse - Episode 156

Continuing our "Companies That Built The World" series, we took a deeper look into the history of Westinghouse. Well known for leading the charge on electricity (see what we did there), they made a number of other major contributions to the world. From launching the first radio station right here in Pittsburgh, to electric appliances and televisions, all the way to nuclear power, Westinghouse was a critical piece of the puzzle. Learn all about the various phases of Westinghouse throughout the years and what remains of it today.
8/21/201931 minutes, 15 seconds
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What Is Aerospace Engineering? - Episode 155

Thinking about getting a degree in engineering, but not sure what path to take? Maybe Mechanical Engineering's little brother, Aerospace, is right for you! We take a look at some of the areas of focus involved with Aerospace Engineering, discuss the differences between Aeronatical and Astronautical Engineering, look into companies that hire AEs, talk about the day-to-day of the job, which colleges rate the highest, and most importantly how much cash money you will make!
8/14/201931 minutes, 57 seconds
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Which Countries Produced The Best Inventors? - Episode 154

After doing so many episodes about great inventors throughout time, we decided to figure out which country has produced the most great inventors of all time. Though there were many great choices, and a few not so great ones, in the end we were able to decide who outranks them all. Take a listen to find out where your country ranks, let us know if we missed any, and tell us if you agree with top 10.
8/7/201934 minutes, 29 seconds
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Camping Technology - Episode 153

It is a rare topic when Luke actually is the one educating James, but when it comes to camping gear and technology, that's just what happened. We take a look at some of the latest technology that makes camping a little less miserable, the top in class products you can buy, more affordable options for people who don't make podcast money, and some top tips to survive in the wild.
7/31/201934 minutes, 48 seconds
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How Are Tires Made? - Episode 152

Have you ever looked at your tires and asked, "How were these made?!" Yeah, probably not, but Luke sure has...and that is why we are investigating this topic today! You may have actually asked, "What do all those numbers and letters on my tire mean?" Fortunately, we'll cover that as well, not to mention the entire process from raw material to finished tire, vulcanization, and more!
7/24/201931 minutes, 55 seconds
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How Xometry Is Changing Manufacturing - Episode 151

We got the chance to sit down with Greg Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering, at Xometry to discuss what exactly Xometry is, how it is helping to revolutionize manufacturing, and how you can join their growing team of manufacturing partners. Learn how to instantly access the production capacity of over 2,500 manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications across 50 states. From your desktop. Get DFM feedback, lead times, and pricing in a matter of clicks, not days. If you have any questions on the process, or would like more information on joining their partner network, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], or head over to to learn more!
7/16/201942 minutes, 17 seconds
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How Biofuel Is Made and Used - Episode 150

Biofuel is making a big push in recent years with the rise in oil prices, but is this a good thing? We take a look at how biofuel is created, how it is used for vehicle use, investigate if it is bad for your engine, and look into if it is actually better for the environment than traditional fossil fuels.
7/10/201934 minutes, 33 seconds
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Great Inventors: Galileo Galilei - Episode 149

When it comes to people who shaped the way we think, Galileo Galilei lead the charge in a number of ways. The concept of heliocentric vs geocentric could be the biggest step in the right direction of all time when it comes to astrology, but there is so much more! In addition to his advances in the fields of astronomy and astrology, he was also a great inventor, improving on the telescope to see the distant moons of Jupiter, the concept of hydro-static balance, and improved thermometers. Even the military loved him, as he helped them to understand launch trajectory for their cannons! Join us for a brief walk through time to understand why Galileo Galilei is one of the great inventors of all time.
7/3/201932 minutes, 26 seconds
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Chernobyl: The Science Behind The Explosion - Episode 148

Our friends at HBO reached out to us to help explain the details that they glossed over in their his miniseries, Chernobyl. OK, so they didn't reach out, but we decided to look into the science behind the Chernobyl disaster anyway. In this episode we discuss what lead up to the disaster, how the test that caused it all to go wrong was supposed to go, and give a detailed explanation of what really caused the explosion. We also discuss what has been done to help keep us safe from this area, as well as how you can go visit Chernobyl on your next vacation.
6/26/201935 minutes, 56 seconds
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How Does Controlled Demolition Work? - Episode 147

Taking a wrecking ball to an old house isn't so bad, but what do you do when you have to bring down a giant skyscraper? Or get rid of a huge bridge? Blow it up!!! The art of controlled demolition not only helps to blow up these structures, but it does so in a way that keeps people and the surrounding area safe. Take a listen and learn what all goes into an implosion, as well as what happens when things go wrong.
6/19/201934 minutes, 14 seconds
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How Do Batteries Work & How Are They Made? - Episode 146

We depend on batteries to power a nearly endless list of things we use each day, but have you ever taken the time to think about how that Duracell is made, or how your Energizer actually works? Don't worry, we've done the thinking for you! Join us to learn the basics of battery operation, many of the different battery options out there, the different components to make a battery, and of course the history of the design!
6/12/201931 minutes, 38 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: Ford, GM, & Chrysler - Episode 145

We felt the history of Ford, GM, and Chrysler were too intertwined to possibly split them apart. We walk you through how each of the companies got their start, the various acquisitions, firings, rehirings, and everything else that got the Big Three where they are today.
6/5/201933 minutes, 14 seconds
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Inventions of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 - Episode 144

Let's take a trip back in time and look at the many great things that came about from the Chicago World's Fair of 1893. Also known as the Columbian Exposition (celebrating Christopher Columbus), we can thank this extravaganza for showing that Tesla/Westinghouse electricity isn't something to be scared of, and that a ferris wheel truly is (or was) a marvel. What else went on? Well the architecture and engineering of the White City alone was something to see. When you take into account the amazing inventions like Cracker Jacks, Aunt Jemima Panckae mix, the zipper, Wrigley's chewing gum, the moving walk way, and equal rights for women, the expo was a huge success! OK, so PBR showed up too (yes, that PBR), so maybe not everything was perfect.
5/28/201933 minutes, 21 seconds
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Companies That Built the World: Boeing - Episode 143

In this episode of the "Companies That Built the World" series, we take a look at the history of Boeing. From planes for delivering mail, to military supplier, and now the leading provider of airplanes around the world, Boeing is one of the most influential manufacturers around. In addition to history, we take a look at the other branches of Boeing, like the space and defense divisions, as well as their own financial institution! Yup, they help companies finance planes. We also give a quick overview of the current issues they are having with the 737 Max and what is causing it to crash.
5/22/201934 minutes, 49 seconds
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What is Civil Engineering? - Episode 142

Are you thinking about going to college to become a Civil Engineer? Maybe you are wondering what other career options you have in the field? Or perhaps you just want to know if you should be getting paid a little bit more as a Civil Engineer? We've got what you need! Sure, most of a Civil's job is dumping cement on stuff (yeah yeah, concrete) to make it stronger, but there actually is a little more that goes into it. From building construction and foundation laying, to road design and waste water management, a Civil is needed everywhere!
5/15/201933 minutes, 33 seconds
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Great Inventors: Bill Gates - Episode 141

Are you interested in how one of the richest men in the world got to where he is? We walk through the life of our close, personal friend, Bill Gates. Everything from his childhood, to dropping out of college (like all millionaires it seems), all the way to why he is giving away all of his hard earned cash!
5/8/201933 minutes, 38 seconds
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How Coins Are Minted - Episode 140

After our smash hit success of an episode, "How Paper Currency Is Made" we figured we should follow it up on how coins are minted. We discuss how coins used to be created using a screw press, the decades that the USA let other countries coins be spent since they couldn't produce enough of their own, and how coins are pumped out today. We also discuss the most valuable coins around, the mystery of the 1943 penny, and James plays a game with Luke to test his knowledge of mint location marks.
5/1/201936 minutes, 17 seconds
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Secrets of the Manhattan Project - Episode 139

I'm thinking we all know the end result of the Manhattan Project, but not everyone knows the means to that end. From petitioning the president to unknown laboratories around the country (and world!), there are endless secrets to unpack. And hey...why is it even named the Manhattan Project when the work happened in Los Alamos?? We break down how the Manhattan Project came to be, leaks of national secrets, the cost associated, and so much more!
4/24/201933 minutes, 24 seconds
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How Paper Money Is Made - Episode 138

It is hard to believe how much it costs to make money! From the hand engraving to the numerous security features, it can take years to have the final prints ready for a new bill. Once they are ready to start printing though, it doesn't stop! Millions of dollars worth of cold hard cash is printed each day from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Interested in learning more about how currency is made? Join us for a detailed breakdown.
4/18/201933 minutes, 27 seconds
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Model Rockets Like a Pro - Episode 137

Looking for a new hobby that will likely catch you on fire, blow you up, or at the very least make the neighbors concerned about their house? Model rockets are for you! We walk through the basics of how a model rocket works, the different parts, the stages of flight, how close they are to the real deal, engine types, and we answer the age old question of do the fins really matter? Take a few minutes and join us to learn all about what might be our next hobby and what kills us.
4/10/201934 minutes, 11 seconds
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1 Hit Wonder Engineers - Episode 136

We spend a lot of time time and episodes talking about the great inventors that changed the world, most of which designed and patented numbers creations. But what about those who didn't hog all the good ideas and only came up with 1 to make them rich and famous? In this episode, we take a look at the top 1 hit wonder engineers, like Willis Carrier who invented the air conditioner, or Margaret Knight, the woman who invented the paper bag (even though a man tried to claim he did, since "a woman can't invent things"). Of course, there's also the story of the bendy straw... Did we miss a one hit wonder of engineering? Let us know!
4/3/201932 minutes, 50 seconds
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Evolution of Video Gaming - Episode 135

Do you consider yourself a video game expert? Are your Fortnite skills unmatched? Can you beat anyone at Mario Kart? What about your knowledge of where those games evolved from and how video game consoles were first created and how they have evolved over the years? In this episode, we explore the first console (the "brown box"), how we evolved past Pong, to the Atari, when Nintendo took over, why the industry changed from cartridges to discs, and why cartridges might be back again!
3/27/201936 minutes, 1 second
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What is Electrical Engineering - Episode 134

Thinking about getting into Electrical Engineering? Wondering what jobs are out there for you when you graduate or looking to change up your career? Curious if you are making enough money as an EE (per Glassdoor)? We're here for you! We take a look at a number of the subcategories of Electrical Engineering to help understand what it is they actually do, the classwork necessary to get a degree, the money you should expect to make, and so much more! Sure, they're not as cool as Mechanical Engineers, but we won't hold that against them.
3/20/201933 minutes, 36 seconds
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Manufacturing with Hubs - Episode 133

For those who don't know, Hubs help engineers worldwide to cost-effectively source custom parts. Upload your parts to their online platform to get an instant quote and send your parts into production in less than five minutes. Their main manufacturing technologies are 3D printing, CNC machining, and Injection Molding. We were lucky enough to sit down with Ben Redwood, the Director of Supply Chain at 3D Hubs and the author of the 3D Printing Handbook, to discuss how Hubs is revolutionizing manufacturing. We talk all about 3D printing, CNC machining and milling, and injection molding, all available through Hubs! We also have a special offer!! Head over to and pick up your free sample of The 3D Printing Handbook!!
3/11/201937 minutes, 57 seconds
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Constructing Mardi Gras Floats - Episode 132

It's Mardi Gras time!!! And what's Mardi Gras without amazing floats?! Thanks to the design and engineering of Kern Studios and the money of the various Mardi Gras Krewes you can enjoy some of the most amazing floats and parades right in the streets of New Orleans. Want to learn about the history of Mardi Gras, how the float design process has changed over the years, or how to land a spot in a parade next year? Take a few minutes and take a listen!
3/6/201933 minutes, 37 seconds
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Welding 101 - Episode 131

Welding is a skill that every engineer should know at least a little something about. In fact, most amazing universities like Penn State require MEs take a class to get you some hands on time with the various types of welding technology out there. In this episode, we take a look at TIG, MIG, flux and any other type of welding you might be interested in! Wondering which welding option is right for you at home? We talk about that too! Plus, we'll even tell you how much a setup will cost you.
2/27/201933 minutes, 46 seconds
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Tips for Better Public Speaking - Episode 130

Anyone who listens to Unprofessional Engineering probably is thinking, "Yup, James and Luke are pretty much the epitome of public speaking excellence." And you would be right. That being said, we might not be the best people to go to if you are looking to improve your own public speaking. That's where our friend Neil Thompson, founder of Teach the Geek and author of Teach the Geek to Speak, comes in. Neil Thompson is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. He started out his career as a product development engineer, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees.Currently Neil has his own ideas on what makes an effective speaker, specifically for STEM professionals like himself. He has presented at SCORE San Diego, the Society for Biomaterials, and the Biomedical Engineering Society, among others. In addition to his public speaking appearances, Neil also hosts a podcast that focuses on public speaking, and he writes a weekly blog on public speaking topics. Learn More:
2/20/201935 minutes, 32 seconds
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Great Inventors: Marie Curie - Episode 129

It's here! Our first female great inventor (sorry it took so long). And how can it get any better?! Not only did Marie Curie (if that really is her name) win the Nobel Prize in Physics, but she also won it for Chemistry!! AND, her daughter bagged a Nobel Prize as well! Wow! In this episode, we walk you through her tough childhood, what got her to France in the first place, her award winning discoveries, the role she (and her daughter) played in saving lives in the World War and how her legacy lives on today.
2/13/201932 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Predicting the Weather - Episode 128

Do you ever wonder how the weather person can get their predictions wrong half the time and still keep a job? Well, when you actually take a at all of the different science and technology that goes into those predictions, you might be a little more forgiving. Just a little. Meteorology is actually a complex field of study that requires more than just standing in front of a green screen and guessing if it will rain. I mean, some people just do that, but actual meteorologists are hardcore scientists. Satellites, radar, barometers, and even chaos theory come into play in their field of work. We take a look at everything that goes into predicting the weather, the way it was done in the past, and if we will ever get past the accuracy of Groundhog Phil.
2/6/201933 minutes, 33 seconds
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Electronics Recycling - Episode 127

Did you know that over 1.5 billion cell phones were purchased last year? Or that we're making over 45 tons of e-waste each year?! What is even worse, only 20% of this waste was disposed of properly. In this episode, we take a look at the options you have to recycle your electronic products, companies that will help, the current recycling process, the adverse effects that the hazardous chemicals in electronics have on your health, and how you can turn your pile of electronic junk into a fortune of gold, right at home!
1/30/201932 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Challenger Disaster: Interview with Nathan VonMinden - Episode 126

We have all heard about the Challenger disaster, about something as small as a gasket failing and resulting in the explosion. But do we really know what went on in the backrooms before the disaster happened? Thanks to movie writer and director Nathan VonMinden, we get a chance to see how things shook out. Even better, TV's superman (Dean Cain) and national championship winning coach Les Miles join you for the journey! We got the chance to sit down with Nathan to learn more about The Challenger Disaster, what he learned from creating the movie, and how an engineer can turn into a director. Go check out The Challenger Disaster on demand now to get a better understanding of this piece of history.
1/25/201934 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mars Insight Lander - Episode 125

Perhaps the most significant engineering feat in the past decade, the Mars Insight Lander has successfully landed on Mars. But what's next? We take a look at what the lander has been up to in the weeks since it made it to Mars, and the plans that NASA has for it while it hangs out on the red planet.
1/22/201935 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Creating Livable Cities - Episode 124

Why do some cities seem to have a vibrant downtown while others seem to close up after the work day is over? It is become some cities are more livable than others. What does this mean? It is a combination of being pedestrian friendly, walkable, safe, great public transportation, city housing and more. In this episode, we take a look at how euclidean planning destroyed the concept of a neighborhood and what we need to do to make cities livable once more.
1/16/201933 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Nobel Prize - Episode 123

As Unprofessional Engineering is liking going to win a Nobel Prize at some point, we thought it would be a good idea to investigate what goes into the process, as well as look back on the man who created the prize. From physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace and economics, there are countless amazing winners of the Nobel Prize. Well, not countless...more like 900 some. But still, way more brain power than one can appreciate. Learn how Alfred Nobel earned all his money to fund the prizes, how the winners are selected, and some of the biggest winners and snubs in history.
1/9/201933 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: George Westinghouse - Episode 122

George Westinghouse is an underappreciated inventor, making major strides in the railway and electricity industries. His creation of the railway air brake was probably his greatest invention, but electricity really set him apart as an amazing industrialist. Plus, he got to take advantage of Tesla, which is pretty cool! Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the life of George Westinghouse, right here!
1/1/201931 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

This Month in Engineering: December 2018 - Episode 121

We take a look back at the month of December, 2018, to investigate some of the coolest happenings of the past 30 or so days. Some of these include finding water on an asteroid, creating the substance that filled the universe seconds after the big bang, and a mechanical device that farts glitter on unsuspecting present thieves. What more could you be looking for?!
12/26/201836 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finding the Lost City of Atlantis - Episode 120

Are you excited for Aquaman?! Us too! In preparation for the DC release, we have decided to take a look at the history and efforts to find his home; the lost city of Atlantis! From the original stories from Plato, all the way up to Google Ocean trying to find the city, we investigate the top theories, and James even provides his own theory on what happened to Atlantis.
12/19/201832 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

How It's Made: Christmas Edition - Episode 119

We all love the sounds of jingle bells around the holidays, and hanging candy canes on the Christmas tree, but do you ever take the time to think about the manufacturing process that goes into making these things? Of course not! You're too busy enjoying your eggnog and fruit cake. In this episode of Unprofessional Engineering, we take a look at how some of our holiday favorites are created, including the candy cane, nut crackers, jingle bells, eggnog and fruit cake!
12/12/201835 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Top Holiday Tech & Toys 2018 - Episode 118

Are you looking to put a little technology under the tree this Christmas? Or maybe you want to get your kids into STEM for Hanukkah? We've picked out some of our favorite tech gifts of the year for people of all ages! From Nest thermostats to LEGO robots, all the way to dog tree launching cameras, there is a little something for everyone!
12/5/201837 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

This Month in Engineering: November 2018 - Episode 117

We're kicking off a new series here at Unprofessional Engineering where we look at the most amazing technology of the past month. In November of 2018 we lucked out with a ton of great engineering and technology topics to discuss such as the Mars Insight Lander successfully traveling over 300 million miles to land on Mars, prosthetics that not only allow someone to use their hand but feel what they are grabbing, record setting Black Friday sales, electricity producing mushrooms with the thanks of 3D printing, and much more!
11/26/201836 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: Benjamin Franklin - Episode 116

One of the greatest inventors of all time, as well as being one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin had a pretty good run at it. But come on, who goes by Benjamin and not Ben?? That's like going by James and not Jim... wait a minute... He helped to draft the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, and even ended the Revolutionary War with the 1783 Treaty of Paris, but what we really care about are the things he invented, and those he gets credit for that he didn't really have create. Some of his more famous inventions include the Franklin Stove, the lightning rod, and bifocals, where as he gets credit for the first street lights, the odometer and daylight savings time. Take a listen to learn more about his amazing life.
11/21/201834 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Everything CAD with TFI CAD Tips - Episode 115

We got the chance to sit down with Mr. Neil Cross of TFI CAD Tips, live at Autodesk University, to discuss everything CAD. Stretching back to the early versions of AutoCAD up through CAD in the cloud and future looking predictions, we have it all! No matter the CAD package you use, this will be for you.
11/15/201834 minutes, 32 seconds
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Army Corps of Engineers - Episode 114

Making the Mississippi what it is today. Overseeing the Panama Canal. Constructing the Pentagon. Creating the King Khalid Military city. These are just some of the major contributions from the Army Corps of Engineers over the years. In this episode, we walk through civilian and military personal included in the Corps, work they do around the world, as well as the various wars that they played a key part of including the Revolutionary War and both World Wars!
11/6/201832 minutes, 7 seconds
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How the Oil & Gas Industry Works - Episode 113

Next time you're filling your car up with gas, take a minute to think about all the work it took to get it to the pump for you. Better yet, why not take 30 minutes and listen to us explain the entire process?! From upstream exploration and production processes, to collection and transportation, all the way to downstream chemical processing, refining, and distribution, we cover it all!
10/31/201832 minutes, 31 seconds
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Water: From the Toilet Back to Your House - Episode 112

Have you ever gotten a glass of water and taken the time to think about the love that goes into each drop? Probably not, and it might be best if you don't think about it too much. In this AMAZING episode, we take a look at how water goes from your toilet, through the purification process and back into your house. For you city planners out there, we also discuss pump houses, why we still have water towers all over the place, as well as a little bit about the pipes going into your house and through your walls for the DIY'ers out there. Interested in learning more and impressing your friends? Take a listen!
10/24/201836 minutes, 6 seconds
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Space Tourism - Episode 111

Are you interested in taking a trip into space? Maybe spend a week or two floating around the moon in a 5 star space hotel? Or just a quick flight up to feel what life is like without gravity? We might not be too far away! Companies like Blue Origin, Virgin and SpaceX (as well as many others) are well on their way to making space tourism a reality, and some are already sending people up for a quick trip. Interested in learning where it is all going, what options you will have in the next few years, and just how much it will cost? Take a listen!
10/17/201833 minutes, 42 seconds
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How it Works: The Printing Press - Episode 110

One of the most important inventions of all time, the printing press has changed the world forever. From its humble beginnings in China, to the design of Johannes Gutenberg that we've all heard about, we wouldn't have the civil rights and freedoms we now have without it, or the wealth of books. Moving a little further into the modern era, we now have presses that can run thousands of pages per hour to keep up with the demand of newspapers and magazines. Sure, most people read them online now, but for some reason we still print them. Interesting in learning more about how it was designed, how it works and how it changed the world? Here you go!
10/10/201831 minutes, 30 seconds
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Great Inventors: Nikola Tesla - Episode 109

Continuing with inventors we love, we've finally hit on a guy that was an amazing engineer and inventor but just terrible at marketing and entrepreneurship in general. Enter Nikola Tesla. Without him, we basically would still be living in the dark, or with a powerhouse ever mile to turn the lights on. Sure, he wasn't real good at the business side of things, and he did end up going crazy and talking to pigeons, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a huge impact on the world. Did I mention that he was thought to be working on a death ray as well?! Yeah, you'll probably want to learn all about his life right here.
10/2/201833 minutes, 44 seconds
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Egyptian Engineering and Construction - Episode 108

In the third part of our civilization smack down, we head to ancient Egypt to see what type of engineering and technology that the Egyptians created for the world. Since we all know about how amazing the Sphinx is, and of course the Great Pyramid, we spend some extra time on their invention of paper, hieroglyphs, advanced mathematics, and some of their crazy complex tools for their time such as the tubular drill and lathe. We also discuss how they were able to make perfectly symmetric designs such as the statues of Ramses II. Curious how they stack up against the Aztec and Mayan civilizations? Take a listen!
9/25/201832 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mayan Engineering and Construction - Episode 107

In part 2 of our civilization smack down, we take a look at the engineering contributions of the Mayan civilization. Or is it Maya? Mayan? Hmm…well, whatever it is, they had some amazing engineering. One example would be the written language of the Mayans. Unlike English, it is created from 800 or so glyphs representing a syllable or word. Sure, this means most words could be spelled a few different ways, but how many languages have you created? They also nailed the 365 day calendar and created tens of thousands of paper books. Masters of hydrology and the blast furnace, in many ways the Maya were ahead of their time, even if they decided that the wheel was of no real value. Interested in learning more about their history? Take a listen!
9/18/201836 minutes, 27 seconds
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Aztec Engineering and Construction - Episode 106

Welcome to the civilization smack down!! Over the next 3 episodes, we'll be looking into how 3 great civilizations (Aztec, Mayan and Egyptian) contributed to engineering, the impact of their discoveries, and how they have withstood the test of time. The first civilization that we will look into is the Aztecs. Some of their notable contributions include: required education for all, advanced astronomy, the canoe, drills, and floating gardens. Want to learn more about what they created and what is left for us to go see? Take a listen!
9/12/201834 minutes, 27 seconds
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What is Mechanical Engineering? - Episode 105

Are you thinking about getting into engineering but don't know what flavor is right for you? The answer is simple: Mechanical Engineering. Sure, just because we are a couple of ME's might make us biased, but it does make sense. Job opportunity is high, pay is good, work is interesting...or at least it potentially can be. NASA, Boeing, SpaceX. They all need Mechanical Engineers! In this episode we break down what it takes to be a ME, looking through the courses you would have to take, the types of jobs you would land, the pay you could expect, and settle the debate once and for all that ME is the superior engineering degree.
9/5/201834 minutes, 26 seconds
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Neil deGrasse Tyson - What did that guy ever do? - Episode 104

If you haven't been living in a cave for the past decade, you know who Neil deGrasse Tyson is. What you might not know is what that guy ever did to become such a well-known personality in the science community. Other than some obnoxious tweeting and always having something to say about how inaccurate your most beloved space movies are, he must have done something, right? Well, maybe not all that much. This isn't to say NDT isn't way smarter than us; it is just that he has had a different focus in life. Instead of using that massive brain of his to explore the mysteries of the universe, he has been using it, and a dash of personality, to bring awareness to science topics that would otherwise go unnoticed. Sounds kinda like what we do here at Unprofessional Engineering. Maybe he isn't the worst after all...
8/29/201833 minutes, 47 seconds
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Engineering Better Green Homes & Buildings - Episode 103

A huge focus has been placed on making buildings more energy efficient and eco-friendly. From the materials used to construct skyscrapers down to the amount of natural light they receive, LEED and BREEAM certified buildings are changing the game, and not just in the US! Countries all around the world are working hard to create a green cradle to grave construction projects. Engineering green structures don't just stop at large buildings, though. There are some ways that you can turn your home into an environmentally friendly house. Although the upfront cost might be a bit high, often the investments such as solar panels, led lights, and wind turbines pay for themselves. In this episode, we'll walk you through how to turn your house into the greenest home in the neighborhood and the costs associated with it. We'll also give you examples of some of the best in class structures out there when it comes to LEED certification.
8/22/201835 minutes, 28 seconds
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Engineering the Perfect Tennis Shoes - Episode 102

You might not think that there's a lot of engineering or technology that goes into a tennis shoe, but that is not the case. From rubber and canvas to PVE cushioned mid soles, much has changed over the years. And now, with the advancements in 3d printing, 3d scanning, virtual reality and more, shoes are going to take their next step into perfection. See what I did there? Shoes...taking their next step! HA!!!
8/15/201836 minutes, 15 seconds
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Engineering Behind Dairy Farming - Episode 101

You might be surprised to find out that there is a lot of engineering that goes into the dairy farming process. Yeah, I didn't believe it either! But dairy farming has come a long way from milking cows in the barn by hand. Today's farmers use a lot of advanced technology to make sure that they are producing the most milk possible while ensuring the health of their herd. Automated milking systems, RFI tags, and even robots that can milk cows, determine their health and reject contaminated milk are all part of the modern day farmers tool set.
8/8/201835 minutes, 10 seconds
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100th Episode Spectacular!!! - Episode 100

We've made it to our 100th episode!! I know, I can hardly believe anyone still listens to this podcast either, but we're still going strong! Today, we take a look back on the journey that got us to episode 100, discussing our favorite episodes, which ones we could have done without, and even correcting some of the mistakes that made throughout the two years of Unprofessional Engineering. Sit back and enjoy! Who knows, you may even hear yourself getting a shout out for being one of our amazing listeners.
8/1/20181 hour, 1 minute, 49 seconds
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Engineers Love Affair with 2D Drawings - Episode 99

People have been using 2D drawings for thousands and thousands of years to depict everything from creatures they have seen (on cave walls) to detailed design plans. In this episode, we bring in our friend and 2D drawing expert, Paul Munford, to help us unwrap the history of the 2D drawing and why it is still so critical in the design and manufacturing process today.
7/23/201838 minutes, 34 seconds
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How is Steel Made - Episode 98

Have you ever thought about how much the invention of steel has changed the way the world works? From construction to every day appliances, steel is all around us. But how is it created? In this episode, we'll look into the engineering, or black magic, behind transforming iron into steel. We'll also take a look at some of the history of steel, including the Bessemer process, Andrew Carnegie's fortune from steel, and even the historic Carrie blast furnace of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
7/17/201834 minutes, 28 seconds
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Great Inventors - Leonardo da Vinci - Episode 97

Perhaps the greatest inventor of all time, Leonardo da Vinci created a number of amazing works, and theorized even more that technology needed to catch up to. Oh, he was a pretty OK artist too... In addition to engineering and art, he also liked to diagram the human body to pass the time. Who doesn't dig up the dead and sketch what their bits look like? From defiling graves and painting the Mona Lisa, to aerial screws and giant crossbows of war(way cooler sounding than helicopters), Leonardo da Vinci may have the most all around impressive life of work ever, or that will ever happen.
7/11/201832 minutes, 19 seconds
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Engineering the Perfect Steak - Episode 96

We all like to think that we know our way around the grill, but do you really know how to cook the perfect steak? Continuing our series on engineering the perfect food (did you already check out how to engineer the perfect turkey?), we will walk you through a number of methods to achieve perfection the next time you're making steak. Not only will you learn to be a better cook, we're going to teach you the science behind the Maillard reaction (browning the steak), the laws of thermodynamics, the difference between conduction, convection and radiation, as so much more! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...
7/4/201833 minutes, 44 seconds
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Cyborg & Genetically Modified Animals - Episode 95

Let's face it, folks. The end of the world is coming, and we're likely going to be the cause. Robots might destroy us, we may end up polluting the world out of existence, or perhaps a breed of super cyborg pigs that have been breed not to fart as much will take over. That is exactly what we're exploring today. OK, maybe not EXACTLY that, but humanity has made some creepily impressive ventures into cyborg animals. Bees that can detect bombs, viewing the world through the eyes of a cat, and even super computers that are powered with the brains of a leech. And that is just the tip of the iceberg (speaking of which, have you seen the spinach that has been turned into heart tissue?!?).
6/27/201834 minutes, 48 seconds
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Dams: Making Power, Yet Killing the Environment - Episode 94

Dams are a critical part of modern civilization, providing water to those in need, irrigating farms, preventing floods and generating 17% of the world's electricity. But there is another side of dams that we should consider. What are they doing to the environment, and what can engineers do to fix this problem? In order for us to keep benefiting from all of the great things dams bring to us, we'll need to learn to protect the environment as well.
6/20/201834 minutes, 22 seconds
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3D Printed Houses - Episode 93

We all know about 3D printing in the workplace by now, (at least you should since we've already talked about it) but did you know that there are companies out there ready to 3D print houses?! That's right! And it is fast, too! In just 24 hours you could have a 650 sq foot structure ready to finish up. Just add a roof, electric, plumbing, windows...OK, so there is still a lot of work to do, but this is a huge step in the right direction. These structures are significantly less expensive, extremely customizable, and perfect for helping out nations hit by natural disasters, which is exactly what ICON and New Story are teaming up to do. If you're interested in learning more about having a 3D printed house, printing a lunar space base and more, we have it all ready for you.
6/12/201836 minutes, 44 seconds
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Engineering the Eiffel Tower - Episode 92

The Eiffel Tower is more than an ugly metal tower in the heart of Paris. It has ugly elevators and viewing platforms as well! What is truly impressive about Gustave Eiffel's (stolen) dream is the timeline for constructing the tallest structure in the world, at that time. How does something like that stay on track?! Even more interesting is the hate that it received from civilians, and that engineering and science is the only thing that saved it from being torn down many decades ago.
6/6/201834 minutes, 34 seconds
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Great Inventor: Henry Ford and His Model T - Episode 91

What were you doing as a kid? Walking to Detroit to get a job in a machine shop? Yeah, I didn't think so. Did you ever run a company for Thomas Edison and bounce your ideas off him to make sure they were ready for the real world? Yup, didn't do that either. I'm sure you made the first affordable automobile (not the inventor of it) though, right? OK, let's agree that Henry Ford was probably better than all of us when it came to things like this, but it wasn't easy and he wasn't an all-around good person! Want to learn more? You're going to have to listen!
5/29/201833 minutes, 16 seconds
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How to Pitch Your Million Dollar Idea - Episode 90

Do you have a great idea in your head but aren't sure how to turn it into a reality? Or fear that you don't have the right background to make it a success? We've teamed up with Scot MacTaggart, creator and host of The Pitchwerks Podcast, to break down the common misconceptions about starting a business. In just 30 short minutes you'll be more confident in your ability for success, but also have a list of key actions you'll need to take before and during your product launch. Even better, you'll learn all about how Luke is going to be a successful taco truck mogul. What are you waiting for?! Press play!
5/23/201832 minutes, 7 seconds
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How Do Volcanoes Work? - Episode 89

Volcanoes sure do look cool...and cause all sorts of destruction. But believe it or not, there is more to how they work than sacrificing people to keep them from erupting! In this episode we'll walk you through the various types of volcanoes, what causes them to erupts, lava vs magma, the most famous volcanoes throughout history and even some safety tips in case you find yourself stumbling into an active volcano region.
5/16/201832 minutes, 47 seconds
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Elon Musk's Boring Company - Episode 88

We all know about Elon Musk and his companies like Tesla and Spacex (we even did another episode all about him...check it out!), but have you heard about his Boring Company? It is just that...boring! Seemingly closely tied to his talks about the Hyperloop, the Boring Company is going to be creating tunnels under the ground of a city near you! These will be used for a high speed public transportation system, reducing traffic and our dependence on cars. Don't think it will become a reality? It is already underway in LA! Why not click on the podcast and find out more?
5/9/201833 minutes, 57 seconds
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Constructing the Statue of Liberty - Episode 87

So, let's put this out there... the same guy that designed the Eiffel Tower also created the supporting structure for the Statue of Liberty. Is your mind already blown!?!? Don't lie and say you knew that already. If that wasn't enough for you, this episode walks you through the painstaking process that the French used to create the Statue of Liberty, why it took so long to build, and even why it is green OK, you probably do know that answer already...
5/5/201834 minutes
Episode Artwork

Submarines - Episode 86

The history of the submarine dates back as far as Alexander the Great and continues to be one of the most fascinating pieces of military technology there is. When you add in the fact that many of the worlds subs are now nuclear, things get even more interesting. We'll walk you through the history of submarines, advantages and disadvantages of diesel and nuclear, some amazing facts about the worlds most powerful subs, and a story of how a single Swedish sub took our an entire aircraft carrier and supporting fleet.
4/24/201835 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: Stephen Hawking - Episode 85

Yeah, yeah... he wasn't exactly an inventor, but he sure had an amazing mind! And "the machine" that he used was nearly as impressive as him. We'll walk you through the life of Stephen Hawking, his work with black holes, 15 published books, thinking in 11 dimensions (whatever that means) and his roles on Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.
4/18/201834 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Perfecting Your Engineering Resume - Episode 84

Are you graduating from an engineering program soon and worried about landing that first job? Who better to listen to about tricking someone into hiring you than two guys that have done it a number of times?! We'll break down when you should use a cover letter, what sections of a resume you should include, how much detail to go into, if that less than perfect GPA is going to come back to haunt you and everything in between. Oh, and we have some tips for those of you who have been in the game for some time and are looking to brush the cobwebs off the old resume or want to update your LinkedIn profile. Happy job hunting!
4/11/201839 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Encryption - Episode 83

Encryption has been around long before we needed to keep our intellectual property safe on computers. The Spartans used basic encryption technology as far back as 2,700 years ago, and the Germans are well known for the invention of the enigma machine, used for passing military information during the World Wars. We will walk you through the most compelling encryption uses, especially the Ovaltine secret decoder ring, from the past, as well as teach you how to know if you are on a secure site while browsing the web.
4/3/201831 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

How was Stonehenge Created - Episode 82

One of the biggest mysteries on Earth is how ancient civilizations managed to move 25-ton stones to build Stonehenge. Was it from the introduction of ball bearings, moving them by water, or something more likely such as magic or aliens? Another question is what was Stonehenge created for? A burial ground? Celestial temple? Alien landing pad? All these theories and more are looked at in this episode.
3/28/201833 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Levi's are Made - Episode 81

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you always wear? Maybe you're like Luke and only change your jeans once a month. Yeah, gross. If you happen to be wearing a pair of Levi's, you're basically walking around in a part of history. We not only take you through the history of Levi's jeans and how Levi Strauss (sort of, but not really) created them, as well as the process jeans go through to get into the store for you to buy. If you're lucky, you might even learn how the best jeans of all time, acid washed, are made!
3/20/201835 minutes, 1 second
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Venus Cloud Cities - Episode 80

Everyone knows about the plans that NASA and SpaceX have for getting us to Mars (mostly because we already explained that to you), but did you know that NASA also has been playing with the idea of colonizing Venus? No, not on the extremely hot surface of "Earth's twin," but floating 50km in the clouds. That's right! Floating Venus cloud cities! Yes, I know it should be Venusian, but SEO likes the word Venus a lot more, so deal with it. Take a few (roughly 30) minutes to learn all about how operation HAVOC is going to get humans floating around Venus in no theory...
3/14/201834 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bill Nye - Is He Really a Science Guy - Episode 79

Let's look at the facts: Bill Nye has his BS in Mechanical Engineering, just like me. Bill Nye hosts shows that educate young and old alike about science and technology, just like me. Bill Nye is extremely funny, just like me. We're practically the same person, so does that make me a "science guy" as well?! I think not!! But if you dig a little bit deeper, there is a lot more to Mr. William Sanford Nye. He has a couple patents, has written a couple books, helped NASA with a sundial going to Mars, designed parts for the Boeing 747 and hurt himself on Dancing with the Stars. All of these really do point to the fact that he is a science guy! It isn't his fault that he was smart enough to get out of engineering and do something he loves.
3/7/201832 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Amazing (yet) Obsolete Inventions - Episode 78

Can you remember a technological marvel that you thought would never be replaced, and the next thing you know it was obsolete? We're taking a look at some of the most amazing technology that changed the world, yet is now nothing more than an afterthought. Some of the items we discuss include: Encyclopedias, CRT TV, watches, answering machines, typewriters, the postal service, steam engines, pay phones and more!
2/28/201834 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Will We Feed the Growing Population - Episode 77

The world's population is going to exceed 10 billion by 2050. Yeah, that's a lot, and we don't have enough food to feed all these mouths! Fortunately for us, there are a lot of smart people out there creating ways to solve this problem. Vertical gardening in giant warehouses, underwater growing bubbles, vertical farming of kelp, scallops, and other delicious seafood and even traditional food alternatives live Soylent. Warning: steak may be at a premium.
2/21/201832 minutes, 40 seconds
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Chocolate - Episode 76

What is the history of chocolate? Where does chocolate come from? How was it made? Why Valentine’s Day? Will we ever run out? Is it really good for you? We'll answer all these questions and more today on Unprofessional Engineering.
2/15/201835 minutes, 14 seconds
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Great Inventors: Steve Jobs - Episode 75

Another great inventor, another college drop out. Then again, it looks like the drug aided spiritual journey worked out for Steve Jobs, as nearly everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. From starting Apple, to helping Pixar become a reality and resurrecting Apple from an all-time low to new heights (after they basically kicked him out as CEO), this man was successful.
2/7/201833 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Terraforming Mars - Episode 74

Do you remember watching Total Recall and thinking, "we'll never live on Mars." Well, we might not, but that doesn't mean that humans won't. In fact, we're probably a lot closer to making it happen than you think. Our friends at SpaceX think they will be sending humans to Mars in just 6 years, and NASA is planning on doing so in under 20. All that being said, what is it going to take to make Mars habitable? And what technology needs to be in place to get us there? Of course we've summed it all up in just over 30 minutes for your listening pleasure!
1/31/201835 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

History of English vs. Metric - Episode 73

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to the different units of measure, but let's be honest, there's a wrong answer. All of 3 (or so) countries use English units which are confusing and hard to convert, and the rest of the world uses the same metric system. How could they all be wrong?! We walk you through the history of units of measure, how the English system showed up, why the French hated America and didn't invite them to the metric party, and even discuss what a butt load is. Yes, it is a real thing.
1/24/201834 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Satellites - Episode 72

Have you ever wondered how satellites stay in orbit around the Earth? Or how they are able to communicate from thousands of miles away? Or what happens to them after they are no longer functioning or needed? We have all these answers and more! Take a listen to a brief history of satellites, what they are made from, how many are floating around us (literally) and more!
1/17/201834 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Crazy Flat Earther Theories - Episode 71

Everyone knows that the Earth is a sphere, right? Not so fast! There is a small, but vocal, group of people out there that believe the Earth is flat. Yup... fall off the edge flat. But don't worry, there is a big ice wall circa Game of Thrones holding in our oceans and keeping us safe. We're walking you through exactly what the flat Earthers believe to be the truth, how NASA is guarding the wall, the reasons gravity doesn't exist and so much more! Who knows? Maybe you'll become a true believer after this.
1/9/201833 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Does Cryptocurrency Work - Episode 70

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to become a millionaire over night? Well bitcoin mining is not for you! In fact, it is likely that you won't even make any money doing it. But that doesn't mean that the craze is over. There are still tons of other cryptocurrency options out there, or even mining pools that you can get into to still dig for bitcoin if you're interested. We're walking you through the basics of crytocurrency, how to get ready to mine on your own, and even providing some great suggestions of things to do on the dark web. Check it out!
1/3/201835 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Best Engineering of 2017 - Episode 69

There has been so much amazing engineering in 2017 that it is hard to remember it all, but lucky for you, we're doing all the work! From things as simple as healthy ice cream, to IoT, all the way to Tesla and SpaceX and NASA heading to Mars again, it has been a great year! Sit back and enjoy an amazing year in technology.
12/28/201737 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Math Behind Santa - Episode 68

I think we can all agree that Santa is for sure, 100% real, but have you ever thought about the math behind his amazing journey?!? Here are just a few things for you to think about: How fast Santa's sleigh is traveling The amount of force against the sleigh exerted by Santa How many reindeer it would actually take to pull a sleigh carrying so many presents The caloric intake of all those cookies How does the time space continuum come into play We have the answers for all of this and more! Now put down the eggnog, gather around the Christmas tree and listen to what is sure to be the best present you get this year.
12/20/201731 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

How It's Made: Toys - Part 2 - Episode 67

After the huge success of How It's Made: Toys part one (talking about LEGO, Crayola Crayons, Etch-A-Sketch and Play-Doh) we're back with even more great toys! We answer what's inside Stretch Armstrong, walk through the epic story of the Super Soaker, talk about the wonderful toy that is the Slinky and teach you to make Silly Putty at home.
12/13/201733 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Supercars - Episode 66

Every engineer likes to dream about cars they'll never be able to afford (come on, you're engineers after all...), but there are some that stand out above the rest. We explain just what makes a supercar so super, tell you about the most expensive and fastest cars around, and have even put together a quick list of affordable "supercars" that you might actually be able to get your hands on. Missing one? Let us hear about it!
12/5/201734 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

How It's Made: Toys - Part 1 - Episode 65

As engineers, or just as humans, we all love toys, right?? But have you taken the time to see how they are made? We take a look at the history and the manufacturing process behind some of the most popular toys of all time, including: Lego Play-Doh Etch-a-sketch Crayola crayons Do you have more toys that you would like us to investigate? Emails us at [email protected] and we'll get them added to the next "How It's Made" episode!
11/29/201734 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Engineering the Perfect Turkey - Episode 64

Do you want to make this Thanksgiving the best ever?! You won't be able to if you don't get that turkey just right. We're here to teach you about the different ways that you can cook a turkey (from smoking to grilling, deep frying to roasting) as well as break down the math behind engineering the most delicious, juicy bird possible.
11/21/201734 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Inventors: James Dyson - Episode 63

When you think about James Dyson, you probably think he is just a guy that invented an expensive vacuum cleaner, and you would almost be right. That being said, that invention got him a net worth of roughly $4.4 billion! BILLION! To his inventor cred, he also created that disgusting air blade to dry your hands and a handful of other inventions. Really cool though, Dyson is the biggest supporter of robotics in the UK! He is way more interesting than one would think, so take a half hour and hear why.
11/13/201732 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Top 10 Movies with Great Engineering - Episode 62

There are so many great movies out there that use engineering in amazing and creative ways! In fact, some people become engineers based on movies they watched (like Luke with E.T.). We've put our brains together to comprise the top 10 movies loosely based on engineering. Some have ingenious contraptions, some have slightly less realistic engineering, but all of them are a great watch!
11/8/201736 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

History of Alexander Graham Bell - Episode 61

Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. Yeah, we all know that, but did you know that he gave nearly all of his company to his wife when he married her? Or that he didn't consider the telephone to be his greatest invention of his life? Or that he built the worlds fastest speed boat?! That's right! There is more to this great inventor than meets the eye. I mean, his beard is pretty amazing, and that's probably how he got his wife to fall in love with him, but his brain is pretty sexy too.
11/1/201730 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building the Perfect CAD or Gamer PC - Episode 60

Are you looking to build the perfect workstation for your engineering, CAD or gaming needs? You're in luck! We hooked up with an expert from TFI CAD Tips, Neil Cross, to help you understand where you should spend that extra cash to take over WoW, what the different parts of your PC do for improved CAD design and tells you if you should just buy something off the shelf. Looking for some help with Autodesk Inventor? TFI has just the tip for you! Check them out here: YouTube - Twitter - Facebook -
10/25/201737 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

AI and Robots: End of the Human Race or Maybe Not- Episode 59

Like it or not, AI (artificial intelligence) and robots are here and becoming more pervasive in everyday life. We will talk about the good the bad and everything in between.
10/18/201732 minutes, 58 seconds
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Medical Imaging Technology - Episode 58

Unless you've been pretty lucky all your life, you've probably had to rely on medical imaging at some point. That could be something simple like an x-ray for a broken arm, or something more complicated like a MRI or CAT scan. Have you ever thought about how those machines work? Photons, atoms, tungsten, H2O and giant magnets for a start! Join us to find out more!
10/11/201733 minutes, 29 seconds
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Great Inventors: Elon Musk - Episode 57

Perhaps the most innovative and well known man of these times, Elon Musk pretty much turns everything he touches into technological gold! From Zip2, which has nothing to do with his physics degree, to that somehow turned into PayPal, all the way to SpaceX and Tesla, this guy is good! He is literally improving space travel and looking to get us to Mars by 2024, all while he revolutionizes the automotive industry with electric cars. Let's not forget his other hobbies like stuffing microchips into the human brain to help us integrate with software, or starting a tunnel boring company just to avoid traffic to the airport. Wait, there's more! The Hyperlop is on the way! Travel across California in no time, zooming around at 700 mph! Yeah...this guy is good.
10/4/201732 minutes, 53 seconds
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Shipping Containers - Episode 56

The shipping container could be the single largest contributor to the modern day global economy. Don't believe us? Just imagine where we would be if everything was still packed under a ship haul and wasn't standardized in size for delivery! Plus, once the containers get worn out, they can be used to make amazing, green, modular homes! These might be the unsung hero of the modern world...
9/27/201732 minutes, 33 seconds
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How Do Watches Work? - Episode 55

How can something so small be so complicated?! From the pocket watch to the Apple watch, we cover them all. Learn how intricate mechanical watches operate, how quartz watches are different, and which historical events drove the popularity of the wrist watch.
9/17/201735 minutes, 3 seconds
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Renewable Energy - Episode 54

The world's dependency on fossil fuels might not be as serious as you think! The combination of solar, hydro, wind, geothermal and many other clean energy sources could eventually take over. Learn more about these (and many other) clean technology options.
9/13/201735 minutes, 7 seconds
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History Of Airplanes - Episode 53

We might take the airplane for granted today, but just think back to the earliest flights and all the engineering, testing and hoping for the best that went into it! In this episode we walk through everything thing from the Wright brothers to crossing the Atlantic, all the way to where flight will go in the future!
9/12/201734 minutes, 34 seconds
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Internet of Things (IoT) - Episode 52

We've all heard of the internet of things by now, but do you understand what it is? Products like Fitbit and Nest are great examples! Learn how IoT is changing the way engineers design, and how it is improving the user experience for products across the board.
8/30/201735 minutes, 15 seconds
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Everything Engines - Episode 51

Have you ever looked under the hood of your car and been afraid to do anything but add windshield washer fluid? Give us just 30 minutes and you'll be able to completely rebuild your entire engine! OK, that might be a stretch, but you will understand the basics of how engines work, the different types, how the various parts interact and confirm your thoughts that you should leave it to the experts.
8/23/201733 minutes, 54 seconds
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Engineering the Great Pyramid, Great Wall and Colosseum - Episode 50

How could something as big as the Great Wall or as intricate as the Colosseum be built so long ago? Amazing engineering went into these creations, even if it wasn't know. Or maybe aliens helped out... who knows?! We do, so take a listen to our hour long 50th episode celebration!
8/16/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 29 seconds
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History Of CAD - Episode 49

Nothing says engineering like working with CAD! Whether it is AutoCAD, SolidWorks or anything else, every engineer has used these tools at some point. But where did it all start? And where is it headed?
8/9/201734 minutes, 43 seconds
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Top Engineering Schools and Degrees - Episode 48

Thinking about going into engineering or just curious about the job prospects available? We have summed it up, and will even let you know how much you can expect to make!
8/4/201732 minutes, 49 seconds
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Electric Cars - Episode 47

Electric cars are a staple for those who live in California, or love hugging trees, but are they right for you? We walk through the not so short history of electric cars, pros and cons of gas vs electric, how they work and the top rides of 2017.
7/26/201733 minutes, 7 seconds
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Medieval Combat Weapons - Episode 46

In honor of Game of Thrones season 7 launching, we've decided to break down medieval weapons in part 3 of the series. Siege weapons such as battering rams and catapults, how swords are smithed, and what is the difference between a mace and a flail? Time to prepare for battle!
7/12/201735 minutes, 10 seconds
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Medieval Castle Construction - Episode 45

For the second part of our Game of Thrones series, we're taking a look at how medieval castles were designed and constructed, the best ways to attack them and what purpose the various designs served. Unfortunately, dragons are not included...yet.
7/6/201733 minutes, 16 seconds
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Medieval Torture Devices - Episode 44

In honor of Game of Thrones season 7 launching soon, we thought we'd break down medieval technology. The first of our 3 part series is on torture devices used, how they worked and why people back in the were pretty much the worst. Enjoy, or you'll get the rack!
6/29/201730 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Top 10 Toys that Made You an Engineer - Episode 43

Do you remember playing with Legos as a kid? Tinker Toys? Silly putty? We argue out the top 10 toys that made us the engineers we are today. You might be surprised by a few that made this list!
6/22/201733 minutes, 21 seconds
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Crazy Sci-Fi technology turned real - Episode 42

Think of all the crazy technology in Star Wars and Star Trek that could never exist. Like a tractor beam. Oh wait, we have it. Or the flying car from the Jetsons. No, we have that too... We discuss a ton of crazy Sci-Fi technology that is now a reality. Wonder what's next?
6/19/201733 minutes, 39 seconds
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CNC Machining for the Engineer - Episode 41

Do you ever think of turning your ideas into a reality? With CNC machining and CAM software, you can turn a block of metal into anything you want. Special guest Joel Johnson, founder of BoXZY, helps us understand how to do it.
6/14/201730 minutes, 2 seconds
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Drones: Fun Toys or War Machines of DEATH?!? - Episode 40

You can't go online without stumbling across an article about drones these days. Drone racing, police drones, military drones, or just drones for creeping on your neighbors, they're everywhere! We have all the info you need to be a well educated drone lover, or hater...
6/8/201731 minutes, 38 seconds
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Deep Sea Exploration - Episode 39

Do you ever think about what is lurking at the bottom of the ocean? We take a look at how people are exploring the depths and what they are finding!
6/1/201732 minutes, 9 seconds
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Crazy World War 2 Weapons - Episode 38

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but war is the father of crazy ideas. Specifically, crazy German ideas. From boiling seas using the sun to vibrating people to pieces, they came up with some of the ideas of World War 2!
5/25/201732 minutes, 21 seconds
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Top 10 Inventions of All Time - Episode 37

What do you think the greatest inventions of all time are? Don't think too hard because we just debated the top 10 and have compiled the perfect list for you. Check out where we landed.
5/19/201732 minutes, 50 seconds
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Aircraft Carriers - How To Engineer A Floating City - Episode 36

Nothing takes more engineering than an aircraft carrier! Learn how these floating cities are constructed, powered, manned, and most importantly, what they do with all that poop. Enjoy!
5/12/201734 minutes, 22 seconds
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Pinewood Derby - Engineering Your Way to Victory - Episode 35

Do you want to finally beat that dad that always wins the pinewood derby? I mean, help your child to win... We have the tips for you! By using some simple engineering we can turn your pinewood derby car into the fastest thing since the Flash!
5/4/201734 minutes, 20 seconds
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Trends in 3D Printing: Current and Future - Episode 34

Are you interested in 3D printing and how it is going to be changing the world in the future? As it is already changing the medical, automotive, space and endless other industries, where does it have to go? We'll help you understand this and how it could be used to revolutionize your job and home life!
4/25/201731 minutes, 25 seconds
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Panama Canal - A story of revolution, construction and death...lots of death - Episode 33

25,000 dead, 750 ton metal doors, 60,000,000 pounds of dynamite. This modern marvel has it all!! Join us for a quick run down of all things Panama Canal, from its history to how it actually works.
4/21/201732 minutes, 19 seconds
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How Coffee Is Made: Bean to Cup - Episode 32

I know you drink far too much coffee every day, but do you know how much engineering, effort and testing goes into each cup? We'll walk you through seed to cup and break down all of the different machine options to make you the best cup of joe.
4/9/201732 minutes, 3 seconds
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Gas vs Electric - Lawn equipment battle royale - Episode 31

In the battle between gas and electric, who will come out on top to be the king of lawn care?! OK, so maybe it isn't as hardcore as the Royal Rumble, but this is some serious stuff when it comes to chainsaws, lawn mowers, weed whackers and more. Learn all about which option is right for you as well as how they work in this episode.
4/4/201734 minutes, 37 seconds
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Truck Lifts - Jacked up trucks aren't just for rednecks! - Episode 30

Going off roading or just have a Napoleon complex? Lifting your truck might be for you. Learn about the difference between body and suspension lifts, pros and cons of each, and hear more engineering speak than you could possibly want.
3/28/201732 minutes, 3 seconds
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Beer - The science behind making the nectar of the gods - Episode 29

Beer might seem like the best thing in the world, and it is! But a lot of science and experimentation goes into each one. We'll break down how you can make your own craft beer, as well as explain temperatures and chemical interactions going on during the process.
3/2/201732 minutes, 42 seconds
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Artificial Intelligence - the crappy movie - Episode 28

Remember watching Terminator and thinking that could never happen? Or maybe that it would be scary if it did? Yeah, it isn't that far off. Machines are learning from their experiences, and it is going to be changing the world for better or worse!
2/23/201731 minutes, 57 seconds
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Space Stations - History, construction & hoping they don't crash - Episode 27

Star Wars and Star Trek aren't that far off! We already have people living in space for extended periods of time, and even are looking into creating space cities. We're breaking down the history of the space stations, how huge parts make it into space, and what has been learned over all these years.
2/15/201732 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Maker Movement - How do makers actually make? - Episode 26

Have you heard the term "maker" and wondered what that means? Mostly it means dirty hipster, but there might actually be some good involved. In this episode we take a look at the maker movement, discuss tools used by these folks, free software, and have a special guest (Joel Johnson of KinetiGear Robotics) to help us figure it all out.
2/7/201732 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hyperloop - Elon's idea for the future of travel - Episode 25

If you're up on the latest technology, or pretty much just watch the news, you've been hearing a lot about the Hyperloop planned to go between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is another dream of Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla. If anyone can make it a reality, it is him! We break down what a hyperloop is, the new technology involved with it, and discuss where it currently stands.
1/31/201731 minutes, 5 seconds
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Radio - Have radio waves get to your car - Episode 24

Have you ever stopped to think how radio signals get transmitted from the station to your car, and all the cars around you? Or ask yourself what the difference between AM/FM and digital radio is? You're in luck because we're here to explain it all to you!
1/25/201730 minutes, 14 seconds
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Roller Coasters - Giant death traps. For real... - Episode 23

When is the last time you were on a roller coaster? The thrill of a huge drop, the rush of traveling 150 miles per hour, throwing up after. Well, you're lucky you didn't die on it! Not really. They are pretty well constructed, and we're here to explain how they are being made bigger, faster and thillerer... Yes, Thrillerer.
1/4/201731 minutes, 56 seconds
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Living Off the Grid - Could you survive? - Episode 22

Living off the grid seems like a great idea! No one to bother you, no job to bother you, no responsibility... you know, except for your survival. We break down what it takes to set up your off the grid homestead for your dooms day prepping needs!
12/27/201631 minutes, 2 seconds
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Stem Cells - How are they changing the world? - Episode 20

It turns out that stem cells are basically the most amazing thing in the world. Starting with 1, your entire body is built, and then they continue to keep repairing your body as you age. What if they could be used to cure all disease and extend your life while improving quality of life? That is what scientists are looking to do.
12/17/201628 minutes, 22 seconds
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Winter Tires - Are your tires safe for winter? - Episode 21

Do you live somewhere that doesn't get snow? Don't bother listening. Otherwise, this episode will save your life!! Well, maybe not save your life, but it is full of great information on how snow tires and studded tires can make the difference between getting in an accident and having a nice Sunday drive. Also, do me a favor and subscribe and review our podcast! Webpage:
12/17/201632 minutes, 41 seconds
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Skyscrapers - Earthquake proofing the worlds tallest buildings - Episode 19

More engineering goes into keeping the tallest buildings in the world standing than the actual construction itself! That might not be entirely accurate, but it is probably pretty close. We'll explain how skyscrapers have gotten so tall and the measures taken to make sure they stay standing. Check out our webpage: Follow us on Twitter: @UnproEng Email us: [email protected]
12/8/201631 minutes, 16 seconds
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Prosthetics - Wow, this technology is life changing. Literally. - Episode 18

Did you know people have been using prosthetic for over 4,000 years? Did you know scientists can now reroute brain signals to control prosthetic limbs using other muscle sets? This is truly an amazing history and modern technology that you should check out! If you have any questions or want to say hi, reach out at [email protected] or on Twitter @UnproEng.
11/30/201630 minutes, 16 seconds
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Solar Power - Saving the world or just costing me money? - Episode 17

I'm sure you've all seen solar panels somewhere, but do you know how they produce electricity, or how many you would need to power your house? Probably not, because you've never bothered to Google it. It's ok, we're here to explain just that so that you can keep doing whatever it is you do while listening to us.
11/21/201630 minutes, 59 seconds
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Breathalyzers - Myth busting on beating them and how they work - Episode 16

What do you do when you've had a few drinks and need to get home? Hopefully you call an Uber, but if not, you might be in line for a breathalyzer test! So, is there a way to beat it? I'll discuss how they work as well as a number of ways people have tried to stay out of jail!
11/15/201631 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ship Building, Viking Style - Old boats, like, Vikings and Columbus. Yeah, old. - Episode 15

Sure, ship building of today is impressive, but try building a sea worthy vessel with just an ax! Yeah, that's what the Vikings were able to do. AMAZING! Not to mention how different advancement in technology came about and was transferred between regions. If you're into history, construction, vikings, old ships, boats and hoes, this is a great listen! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @UnproEng
11/9/201631 minutes, 37 seconds
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Fission vs Fusion - Episode 14

Some of the craziest science out there revolves around fission and fusion, and it turns out scientists don't really know all that much about either. We'll try to explain the differences between each, how they occur, what good (and bad) they are for humanity, and still have a little fun at the same time. Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter: @UnproEng Email us: [email protected]
10/31/201628 minutes, 12 seconds
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Haunted Houses - How do they create all those special effects? - Episode 13

Everyone loves Halloween. Free candy, not getting judged for dressing up, and best of all, haunted houses! In this episode, we take a look at the engineering behind haunted house special effects so that you know exactly what is happening next time you're crying in the corner of a scare house!
10/29/201629 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Punkin Chunkin -Air cannons, catapults and trebuchets: Redneck fun! - Episode 12

Have you ever wanted to shoot a pumpkin a mile through the air? Of course you have, and punkin' chunkin' gives you that chance. Embrace your inner redneck and learn all about this up and Questions: [email protected] Twitter: @UnproEng
10/19/201632 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cars Of The Future - Self driving, electric, flying and more! - Episode 11

I know, you won't be able to afford any of the cars of the future, but why not dream a little? We'll break down what's headed our way in the next 10 years such as self driving, electric, and flying cars. Yup, flying, like the Jetsons. Click it. DO IT! [email protected] @UnproEng
10/12/201632 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hoover Dam - Yeah, you won't believe what all went into it - Episode 10

The Hoover dam is amazing! It's big, it holds back all sorts of water, and maybe there are people buried inside of it! What else could you ask for?!! Take a listen and be impressed, because it's going to happen. If you have any questions, reach out at [email protected] or on Twitter @UnproEng
10/5/201630 minutes, 56 seconds
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3D Printers - Which one is right for you and what's the difference - Episode 9

3D printing is one of the hottest technologies around, but what do you know about it? We’re looking to break down the different types of materials and printing methods to help you know what you might want to use. Oh, and we let you know about some of the top rated printers out there that you might want to give a try. Give us a listen and let me know if you have any questions! [email protected] Twitter: @UnproEng
9/26/201634 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fishing: Rods, reels, lures... and fish stories of course - Episode 8

Want to be in the Bassmaster classic? This probably isn't going to get you there, but if you're interested in fishing or just want to listen to how little we know, this is your chance. Learn about different rods, reels, lures, lines and hear our amazing fishing tales.
9/16/201633 minutes, 46 seconds
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Roads: Potholes, pavement and how they started - Episode 1

At long last, here is the never released episode 1! In this episode we take a look at the history of roads from cavemen stomping around on a path to the Roman war paths, all the way to modern road construction and why they seem to have more potholes than pavement.
8/28/201630 minutes, 12 seconds
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Bridges: There's more to those things than you know, I swear. - Episode 7

Bridges are all over the place, from a log across a river to the Golden Gate bridge, which isn't even golden, but whatever... Their construction, upkeep, survival and history is rather amazing though, and they have come a long way. Give us 30 minutes and you will know more than you thought possible as well as annoy your friends on the next road trip. Win win.
8/21/201636 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fireworks: Make them at home, kids! Or, how do they work? - Episode 6

We've all sat around on the 4th of July, or some other celebration, and watched the amazing fireworks displays. But do you know how they make the different shapes, colors and sounds? We do. Because we're smarter than you. Or because we have Google. Give this a listen and be able to impress your friends with some useless knowledge next time you see fireworks.
8/14/201632 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Light Bulb: Do you know the true story? - Episode 5

I bet you think you know the story of the light bulb, right? Well, I bet you're wrong. It's an amazing history of trial and error, thievery, and some really amazing engineering!
8/7/201632 minutes, 20 seconds
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Carni Games: How the games are rigged! - Episode 4

You can admit it. You've played carnival games before, and you've lost. We all have! In fact, it is almost impossible for you to win at most of these games. In this episode we take a look at some of the most common and popular carni games and explain just how they are screwing you out of your money! But hey, they're still kinda fun...
7/31/201632 minutes, 23 seconds
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What Is Unprofessional Engineering?

Think of Unprofessional Engineering as education mixed with entertainment. It's like Stuff You Should Know, but with a little more science and a lot less talent. Maybe not a lot less...that's just mean. If you're into learning about how stuff works without Googling it, this podcast is for you!
7/26/20161 minute, 37 seconds
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Helmets: Helpful? Useless? Getting better? - Episode 3

As concussions become a larger issue in sports today, we take a look at how helmets have changed over the years, how much they help, and future trends in helmet design. New materials, designs and cooperative design are looked at to better understand safety in the games.
7/23/201636 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Smokers: How do they work and how to cook your meat - Episode 2

It seems like smoking meat is becoming more and more popular, but do you know how they work? What temperature do you cook at? What would do you use for what meat? Who knew that things were this complicated. No worries! We're here to have a little fun and walk you through all of the types of smokes, fuels you can use and anything else you'd ever want to know.
7/13/201632 minutes, 50 seconds