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English, Arts, 2 seasons, 17 episodes, 11 hours, 20 minutes
Season Two is here! Welcome to the Unlocking Creativity podcast - a show that's all about ideas. How to have more of them, how to have better ones and how they can change our lives. My name’s Daniel Brookes and by day I’m a Television Producer whose job it is to come up with brand new shows and generally obsess about all things creative. Join me as I speak to trailblazers from the worlds of design, film, fashion, TV, music, art, performance, tech, food and more. Together we'll talk about the thoughts that changed their lives, their creative processes and their tips and tricks for how they come up with their best ideas. Instagram / Twitter: @danielrbrookes
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Welcome to the Unlocking Creativity Podcast.  Business Podcast / Creativity Podcast / Creativity Business Podcast / Creatives / Creative / Creators / Creatives Podcast / Creativity Boosting Podcast / Creativiy Show / Creativity Guests / Creative Guests / Design / Business Inspiration / Creativity Inspiration / Innovation Podcast / Ideas Podcast / Creative Living / Freelance / Freelancers / Arts Podcast / Society Podcast / Culture Podcast / British / British Creativity / Creative Industries / Literature Podcast / Comedy Podcast / Creative Inspiration / Self-Improvement / Education / Side Hustle / Invention / New Ideas / Mentors / Mentoring / Artists / Music / Film / TV / Tech / Education / Self-Help / Educational   Daniel Brookes | Host of the Unlocking Creativity Podcast:  Twitter: @danielrbrookes Instagram: @danielrbrookes Email: [email protected]   Unlocking Creativity Website:  
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