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Unfinished Thoughts

English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 41 episodes, 11 hours, 55 minutes
A collection of my most personal and intimate unfinished thoughts. If you came across this, then you're part of a pretty special group of people. @gaelaitor
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minor annoyances (drive-thrus, cold food, takeout, movies)

the world is filled with things to like but perhaps more so with things to dislike. here is a collection of minor things that i find annoying and make me wonder if everything is ok with me. thank you for listening, please give the show a rating (or a review!) and if you want more follow me on instagram @iloveloitering or @gaelaitor
4/5/202429 minutes, 45 seconds
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is your life falling apart?

how do you create euphoria? i think i have a theory. we all have moments we can think of when it felt like our life was falling apart, whether it was a crushing loneliness or a deep heartbreak. point is, things were rough. yet here we are. maybe more alive than ever? this is a reflection on everything we've overcome and why that's the reason euphoria can exist in the first place. follow me if you wanna @gaelaitor or @iloveloitering new episodes every friday
3/22/202418 minutes, 44 seconds
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loitering with gael aitor (trailer)

gael spends a lot of time loitering in interesting places because what else is there to do in this world? all of his lingering here and there has filled his brain with observations, thoughts, and experiences that he must share with the world before his brain runs out of storage. so, from the comfort of his living room, and at times, wherever the wind takes him, he has decided to spill his mind to you. once in a while, you might get an interesting piece of wisdom, but if you don’t, gael hopes you at least remember this one thing: learn to love loitering because loitering is existing. New episodes every Friday! For more loitering follow @iloveloitering on all socials and for more gael @gaelaitor everywehre
3/12/20241 minute, 13 seconds
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the hard part about this

hi! it's been almost a year since i uploaded an episode, so here's an explanation of why. also updating you on some exciting things happening >:) keep up with me on instagram @gaelaitor
8/19/202312 minutes, 15 seconds
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I'm Tired

being responsible for my life is hard
2/28/202220 minutes, 2 seconds
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i come from the bottom i can't lose

11/22/202123 minutes, 47 seconds
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Privilege and Overcompensating

A telling of my experience with privilege, small successes, and higher education. 
8/29/202119 minutes, 12 seconds
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A telling of what love feels like, how it starts, and what it means to me. 
8/10/202135 minutes, 40 seconds
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A Melody Of Loneliness

A notebook of my feelings regarding being alone and why I feel shame whenever I am.  Songs used: Surrender - Suicide Cherry - Harry Styles Y Volvere - Los Angeles Negros 
4/5/202115 minutes, 30 seconds
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paralyzed by doubt

fear of letting people control my emotions
2/3/202115 minutes, 49 seconds
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guys you left me on read haha just an fyi

what a nerd
1/24/202114 minutes, 27 seconds
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when they go low we go lower

you hypocrite 
1/24/20217 minutes, 36 seconds
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You're Too Needy

r u tho?
3/30/202015 minutes, 23 seconds
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Being alone isn't being lonely

TW: mentions of suicide 
12/13/201919 minutes, 6 seconds
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I'm not editing this

i live streamed this episode
11/1/201912 minutes, 54 seconds
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Pokemon Go to the polls

10/9/201910 minutes, 25 seconds
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Do You Even Want To Make Friends?

I love making friends but I am so selective and rarely find someone interesting enough to have a friendship with.
9/22/201915 minutes, 57 seconds
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You don't want to live

7/15/20196 minutes, 19 seconds
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Background Noise

This episode is to give you some background noise while you do your work.
6/27/201915 minutes, 50 seconds
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Will I Ever Be Doing Enough?

I can't ever seem to enjoy breaks. It really just makes me feel like I should be doing something productive. While I ever feel like I have done enough? Probably not
6/22/201910 minutes, 23 seconds
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I Should Hide My Excitement

I'm too scared to show my personality because I always catch myself saying dumb things or looking like a fool because I show my excitement, so maybe I should stop.
4/24/20196 minutes, 41 seconds
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It's None of Your Business

Your friends have probably left you out of an inside joke before, haven't they? You've also probably made a mistake that you genuinely regret but can no longer go back to the way things were. That's what I talk about this episode.
4/7/201916 minutes, 57 seconds
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Stop Lying to Yourself

I can honestly say that I was not happy with who I was. I was lying to myself by saying I was. Are you?
2/4/20199 minutes, 12 seconds
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Are You Happy?

Take a moment to be alone with your thoughts. Are you happy?
2/2/20192 minutes, 56 seconds
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Fear of Starting

The first step in doing something is always the hardest. Especially when doing something new. If you would have started sooner where would you be?
1/29/20195 minutes, 23 seconds
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You Aren't Allowed to be Upset

Some people really have the courage to get mad at you for being mad at them.
1/29/201914 minutes, 27 seconds
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Being Selfless Makes You Selfish

Sometimes it's nice to hear someone ask if you are okay. Instead of always taking care of everyone, it's a good feeling to know someone is taking care of you.
1/29/201911 minutes, 16 seconds
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Unfinished Thoughts

This is Unfinished Thoughts. If you decide to stick around after listening to this. I really appreciate you.
1/20/20194 minutes, 28 seconds