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English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 4 seasons, 25 episodes, 10 hours 34 minutes
This season, unbelievably true stories of perception and what it’s like to experience the world the way someone else does. An experimental treatment that works all too well. A man selling get rich schemes until he unleashes a part of himself he...
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Music could be your whole life

KCRW’s Bob Carlson talks to some of Deirdre O’Donoghue’s friends and gets further inside her world away from the microphone.
04/11/202132 minutes 3 seconds
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This is SNAP!

Bent By Nature Episode 1 introduces KCRW DJ Deirdre O’Donoghue, host of "SNAP!," a freeform alternative and independent music and culture program in Los Angeles in the '80s — and goes inside the community she cultivated, her passion for music, and the problems she had with KCRW’s management and staff.  Featuring archival live performances by Camper Van Beethoven, the Meat Puppets, Glass Eye, Jazz Butcher, the Dream Syndicate, and more.
28/10/202134 minutes 17 seconds
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The Dream is Over

One man’s treasure is another man’s Olympic gold medal.
21/03/201934 minutes 8 seconds
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It never occurred to Janey that he would put something in her drink. Never in a million years.
14/03/201930 minutes 43 seconds
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Friends in Juggalo Places

Take a three-day bus trip across the country with a juggalo, and you’ll learn some things.
07/03/201930 minutes 39 seconds
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Aric Allen spent much of the early 2000s on the phone – selling get-rich-quick schemes and rapidly turning into a person he didn’t recognize.
28/02/201922 minutes 31 seconds
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Vampire of Barcelona

Enriqueta Marti was a real-life monster who roamed the streets of 20th Century Barcelona  collecting bones and kidnapping children. Except, of course, she wasn’t.
21/02/201923 minutes 36 seconds
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Strangers in a Good Way

One woman discovers that her childhood crush has grown up into someone she doesn’t recognize.
14/02/201929 minutes 40 seconds