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Welcome to Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast! I’m your host Michelle Panning - intimacy alchemist AKA your love, sex, and relationship bestie, trigger queen, and founder of my signature program The Connected Woman. I get it, you’re done being left on read, getting ghosted and being caught up in a cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable men. Let’s be real - you have NEEDS. You deserve it all, you deserve to feel worthy and confident. You deserve a fulfilling love life. For years I was going through the same experiences with men over and over again that left me feeling confused, anxious, and pissed off. I silenced myself in dating and relationships because I was terrified of being judged, rejected, and abandoned. I just wanted a meaningful relationship and thought I was doing all the right things. But none of it was working. I knew I couldn’t continue to repeat the same cycle with different men. Something had to change. I decided in that moment that I was going to finally work on healing my own wounds and work on myself, so that I could experience a beautiful and fulfilling relationship. I decided to put myself first. And now, with this podcast, I want to share with you the exact internal work strategies that I did to get to a place of confidence, peace, and worthiness. You can kiss ALL of your worries and limiting beliefs around love goodbye. Are you ready? Grab your favorite glass of wine and let’s get to work, because it is time to reclaim your self worth babe. For more information about the podcast, or other ways you can work with me, visit: I would love to connect with you more on social media! You can find me at: IG: @michellepanning Website:
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Ep 125: Delaying the Dream: Why It's Time For "One Day" To Become "Day One"

If you’ve ever heard the quote, “One day or day one—you choose.” and wondered what exactly that meant…I’m talking to YOU today, babe. I have seen too many fucking people stop themselves from pursuing their dreams because of “one day” mentality. “One day, when I’m skinnier, I’ll wear a dress like that.” “One day, when I have enough money, I’ll quit this job.” “One day, when I feel fully capable, I’ll start my business.” But here’s the problem: one day never comes, loves. How do I know? Because I was a “one day” person too…until COVID forced “one day” to become “day one” reeeal fucking fast. Let me tell you all about my “one day” story…and how grateful I am I didn’t have the choice to stay in that forever.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman EXPERIENCE: <a href= "https://mi
27/11/202334 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep 124: My Partner And I Get Interviewed...By My Best Friend

This may be my favorite episode to date…or at least, it was definitely the most fucking fun to record. When my best friend in the whole world, the badass India Vine, told me she’d be coming to see me for the weekend, I figured…what better time to get her on the podcast? Not only that…but what better person to interview me and Drew and ask us the questions other interviewers probably never would? This shit is GOLD, my loves. There’s some truly juicy stuff in here…including the story about how Drew (absolutely, definitely, beyond a doubt) broke up with me. Yeah–we’re going there. Grab some popcorn and a glass of your favorite whatever. This is gonna be FUN.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Sign up for RELATIONSHIP REVIVAL:
13/11/20231 hour 18 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep 123: Rewiring for Repair: How to Handle the Fear of Pain in Your Relationships

As humans, we are hardwired to avoid pain at all costs… But here’s the hard truth, loves: you cannot avoid being hurt in a relationship. Period. I’m not talking about big hurts; I’m not talking about breaches of trust, intentionally crossed boundaries, or abuse of any kind. I’m talking about the little ruptures that happen in our relationships every fucking day: little comments that hurt our feelings, small arguments that turn into huge amounts of resentment, and even things as simple as miscommunications between us and our partners. No matter what you do, you can’t avoid getting hurt…but you can learn how to get over the fear of it. And most importantly, you can learn how to repair when wounds are dealt to you or by you.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Sign up for RELATIONSHIP REVIVAL: <a href= "
06/11/202332 minutes 26 seconds
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Ep 122: Catharsis, Commitment, and the Certainty of Change - A Discussion With Sana Akhand

I was so honored to be a guest recently on the Thriving in Love podcast, hosted by Sana Akhand! Sana is a fucking incredible love coach with so much wisdom to share, and FUCK did our conversation get JUICYYY.  There are plenty of unpopular opinions in this interview of ours, but what do I always say? I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass. And neither is Sana. We’re gonna talk about all kinds of shit: independence, masculine and feminine energy, how our wounds try to hide, where we both started our personal development journeys, why Drew and I sleep in separate beds (and why Sana and her husband sleep in separate APARTMENTS) and sooo much more.  Buckle up. This is a big one.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman EXPERIENCE:
30/10/20231 hour 4 minutes 1 second
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Ep 121: Let's Talk About Sex: An Interview With Dr. Tara, The Internet's Resident Sexpert

Let’s talk about sex, babyyyy…with Dr. Tara, the Internet’s Resident Sexpert! If you’ve ever tuned in to Celebs Go Dating, then you’re familiar with Dr. Tara already. She’s also a podcast host herself, a former TEDx speaker, a tenured professor, and a sex and relationship coach…who also talks about blowjobs on TikTok. (Proof women aren’t one-dimensional, yeah? We contain multitudes.) I am so thrilled to have Dr. Tara here today. We’re going to tackle some pretty heavy topics–including discussions around sexual trauma, so listen safely, loves–but we’re also going to have a shit ton of fun talking about how one can transition from living with the shadow of sexual shame to living their best, most orgasmic life.   WORK WITH DR. TARA: Website:    CONNECT WITH DR. TARA: <p dir="lt
23/10/202356 minutes 21 seconds
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Ep 120: The Lie of Laziness: Unlearning Our Aversion to Rest

Let me see if this sounds familiar to you… You’re sitting on the couch at home. Maybe you’re reading a book. Maybe you’re watching TV. Maybe you’re playing a video game. Whatever it is, you’re just trying to relax…and then you hear a car pull into the driveway. Adrenaline rush. You’re on your feet in an instant, searching for something to do, trying to look busy when your partner or parents or roommate or whoever walks inside. Have you ever stopped to wonder where that instant flood of shame comes from? At some point in your life, you were taught that resting = being lazy…and that lazy is the worst thing you can be. So now, you can’t even sit and watch TV without convincing yourself you’re a lazy piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to sit and relax for five fucking minutes. Resting is not laziness–actually, it’s a proactive way of taking care of ourselves. But to get comfortable with it, we
16/10/202324 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep 119: Follow the Leader: Why It's Time to Release Your Need to Lead

If you want to call in a man who leads… Take your hands OFF the fucking steering wheel. If you keep stepping in to plan things, if you keep making decisions, if you keep reaching out again and again and again when your energy isn’t being met…what makes you think he’s going to magically wake up one day and take over? If you step into your masculine, he will step back into his feminine. And that’s fine, if that’s what you want…but if you’re not fulfilled in it, if you’re getting resentful, then it’s time to stop and step back. And if that means you never go on another date again…so fucking be it, babe. You’re not making yourself available for a relationship where you’re leading anymore. Here’s how you finally learn to lean back…and how to preserve that energy moving forward.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman EXPERIENCE:
09/10/202330 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep 118: Expectation Over Appreciation: The Serial Killer of Relationships

If you want to kill your relationship stone-cold dead, there’s only ONE thing you have to do: Start expecting things from your partner. I don’t mean the standards you’ve set for each other in the relationship itself. I mean starting to EXPECT things that you once APPRECIATED. Maybe at the beginning of your relationship, your partner got you flowers every week. You absolutely gushed with appreciation and excitement… Until one week, he didn’t get you flowers. And you decided to throw a little tantrum about it. After all, he brings them every week–why not this one? What is he thinking? After that little hissy fit…do you think he wants to bring you flowers next week? I sure don’t. The masculine THRIVES on appreciation. And when you take that away and switch it out for expectation…the masculine will shrivel up in an instant. When the masculine isn’t appreciated
02/10/202324 minutes 58 seconds
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Ep 117: Misery Loves Mediocrity: Why We'd Rather Be Unhappy Than Uncomfortable

Can I be honest with you? I think you’re lying to yourself. If you think you’re all right with a mediocre life, you’re lying to yourself. If you think you’re content with a lukewarm relationship because it’s “better than nothing,” you’re lying to yourself. If you think you’re okay with being unhappy about who and how you are…you’re LYING TO YOURSELF. Not only that…I think you like being lied to. We are conditioned to put on a happy face and say everything is fine, even when it’s not. And we’d rather be fucking MISERABLE than admit that something has to change, because change is uncomfortable. Change takes work. Change is uncertain, and fuuuck, we hate uncertainty. I used to be where you are, until I got sick of pretending. Until I got sick of settling for a less-than life. Getting honest with yourself is scary. But what’s waiting for you o
24/09/202328 minutes 37 seconds
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Ep 116: Expanding Your Energy: The Multi-Faceted Magnetism of the Feminine

If your man is getting bored with you… Have you considered that maybe you’re just fucking boring? Harsh, I know. But I have worked with wayyy too many clients who don’t understand why their partner is getting bored of them, and the fact is…you’re probably missing the key to sending your magnetism through the fucking roof: Multidimensionality. When we try to identify the feminine and what it looks like, we usually tell ourselves that feminine energy is soft. It’s gentle. It’s nurturing. It’s maternal. It’s innocent. But you know what else the feminine is? Slutty. Wild. Wrathful. Strong. Direct. Sensual.  The feminine is everything. And when we limit ourselves to embodying just one aspect of it… We might as well kiss magnetism goodbye. There are ways to strengthen the aspects of the feminine you don’t know how (or don’t WANT
18/09/202329 minutes 17 seconds
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Ep 115: What's Yours is NOT Mine: The Shadowy Side of Responsibility

What if I told you that taking responsibility can be a bad thing? Okay, well, not really. It’s important we take responsibility for our shit. However, when we get into the personal development space and start learning about shadows and projections and all that good shit, we can actually end up in a place where we start taking responsibility for the ways we feed into certain situations…and also taking responsibility for the bad behaviors of others. It is fucking CRUCIAL that we learn how to separate our shit from someone else’s. Otherwise, we can end up in unhealthy–and even dangerous–situations real fucking fast. So let’s go over where you might not be taking enough responsibility…and where you might be taking too much.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman EXPERIENCE: https://michellepa
08/09/202327 minutes 4 seconds
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Ep 114: Life in Plastic: Unpacking Patriarchy in Barbie

Life in plastic is truly fantastic…just like the Barbie movie. I went and saw Barbie recently, and fuuuuck, I loved it. It was so funny, so lighthearted…it even got a tear or two out of me. I’ll be honest. (Ryan Gosling with a fake tan and platinum blond hair…not quite so fantastic. But I digress.) However, one thing in particular stuck out to me about the Barbie movie…its portrayal of patriarchy and the way it so clearly centered on the conflict between masculine vs. feminine energy. Because here’s the thing: the women being adored and admired for being in positions of power while the men were scorned for just being Kens? That’s actually still the fucking patriarchy at work. Let me tell you why…and what I think we actually need to do in order to reach equilibrium between masculine and feminine energy.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Th
04/09/202329 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep 113: Feeling Generated: A Discussion With Mallory, Human Design Coach

There is a difference between wisdom and knowledge, and when it comes to human design, my guest on the podcast this week is fucking BURSTING with wisdom. I have never met someone more embodied in their work than Mallory, my wonderful friend and a passionate human design coach. (Like, she doesn’t even need fucking notes to dive deeper into human design and what it can do than anyone else I’ve ever heard.) According to Mallory, human design is the shortcut to all your core dreams and desires. And your first step to mapping out that shortcut is by listening to today’s episode.   WORK WITH MALLORY: Website:    CONNECT WITH MALLORY: IG / Tik Tok: @verde.humandesign  </str
28/08/20231 hour 19 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep 112: An Uplevel in Mindset: Tapping Into An Unfuckwithable Frequency

I talk a lot about becoming utterly unfuckwithable, but let me tell you…over the past few months, I feel that I’ve truly UPLEVELED in my ability to be exactly that. I have unfuckwithable confidence. I have an unfuckwithable sense of who I am. I have unfuckwithable integrity and emotional intelligence. I have come leaps and bounds in the past few months, and I want to tell you all about it. Mentorship played a HUUUGE part in this transformation, thanks to receiving some hard truth I needed to hear from one of my mentors, but that’s not all—it required a whole fucking lot of mindset work on my part. And there are some things about mindset work I want to share that are going to flip your world upside down.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Main Character Energy, a 6-week course on becoming the main character of your life and stepping into delusional confidence: <a href= "http
21/08/202324 minutes 55 seconds
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Ep 111: Switching Off Distraction Mode: The Importance of Connecting Deeply With Our Emotions

“Nobody knows you better than you know yourself.” Mmm…I don’t think so, loves. I think that’s fucking false. Here’s why: We have a tendency to engage in distraction mode the SECOND we start noticing anything in ourselves that we don’t want to see. A glass of wine…or a bottle. A binging session on Netflix. Hours of scrolling on TikTok. Whatever your distraction is, it’s keeping you from actually sitting and observing what’s happening for you…and as long as you keep creating that separation within yourself, it’s not only going to disrupt your ability to know yourself deeply; it will also keep you from getting to know OTHERS deeply. It’s time to set down the distractions, take a deep breath, and take a deep dive into the actuality of ourselves.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Main Character Energy, a 6-week course on becoming the main chara
14/08/202319 minutes 25 seconds
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Ep 110: The Craving for Catharsis: Why Our Addiction to Big Shifts is Slowing Our Progress

I’m just gonna be honest: the subtle growth we experience every day is fucking boring. That’s just how it is. It’s fucking boring. When we aren’t experiencing huge, life-changing shifts, we feel like nothing is happening at all. But that’s not the case at all. Maybe you can’t name the shifts that have happened to you in the last six months. But I bet if you sat down and took a look at just how far you’ve come in that time, regardless of whether there were any huge “breakthroughs,” you’ll find that you’ve been steadily growing all along. It’s time we let go of our addiction to catharsis and start embracing the progress we make day-to-day. Let me tell you why.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Main Character Energy, a 6-week course on becoming the main character of your life and stepping into delusional confidence: <a href= "https://michelle
07/08/202331 minutes 17 seconds
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Ep 109: Breaking the Box: Expanding Our Concept of Self

I’ll tell you a secret: I spent wayyy too long trying to decide what I wanted to talk about for this episode. It’s Main Character Energy season, which means a lot of content around CONFIDENCE has been coming out of this space lately. And I kept trying to shove my message into that same box for today, but you know what? It wasn’t working. And I realized why pretty quickly: I was trying to please everyone else instead of doing what felt in alignment to me. So, fuck it. This is my podcast. I can do what I want. And I want to talk about what happens when we try to shrink ourselves into a box to please others instead of focusing on pleasing OURSELVES. I practice what I preach, and I’m demonstrating that shit today. So maybe this lands for you, maybe it doesn’t, but I’m not doing it for you…I’m doing it because it pleases ME. And that’s what you should start doing, too, loves.   <p di
31/07/202323 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep 108: Appearance, Aesthetic, and Acceptance: Erasing Judgment of the "Unnatural"

I have a question: why the fuck are we still policing women’s bodies in 2023? Getting Botox? Great. Plastic surgery? Who the fuck cares. Let people LIVE. If you ask me, the WHAT is not important. It’s the WHY we need to examine. If you’re getting your nails done because you love having acrylics…good for you, boo. If you’re getting your nails done because OMG I CAN’T BE CONFIDENT WITHOUT MY NAILS I NEED THESE TO EVEN LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYE…mm, maybe we need to have a talk, babe. Let’s talk about the difference between wanting a certain aesthetic and NEEDING a certain aesthetic. WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Main Character Energy, a 6-week course on becoming the main character of your life and stepping into delusional confidence:  J
24/07/202329 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep 107: A Shift in Communication: A Conversation with Shannon Torres

Get ready for a coaching sesh in communication, loves. I’ve invited Shannon Torres, a client, business owner, and overall badass, to come on and chat about what happens when we can’t communicate effectively…with others or ourselves. Shannon started off as most people do: unable to communicate feelings and navigating relationships through an endless cycle of repeated patterns. After years of personal development, she found herself listening to my podcast and ended up signing up for my Signature Program, "The Connected Woman," and it's been non-stop ever since! She recently started her own business as a Confidence & Communication Coach, helping others live courageously and speak honestly while cultivating connection. I can’t wait for you all to hear the fucking WISDOM this woman has.    WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Main Character Energy, a 6-week course on becoming the main character of
17/07/202356 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep 106: How to Build Unfuckwithable Confidence

If your confidence is built on external factors around you then it’s built on shaky ground. If things are going well you’re going to feel on top of the world and your confidence is going to be sky high. But if the external factors contributing to your self-confidence changes then it’s going to totally mess with your energy and sense of self.  In this episode, I’m diving into the ways that confidence can be built from the inside and you can actually be in control. You don’t want your confidence to be easy to shake. So stand strong and listen now!   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman, a 12-week shadow work course for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their love lives to feeling confident, secure and having unfuckwithable self-worth:  <p dir="ltr
10/07/202329 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep 105: The Unsexy Side of Self-Responsibility

Listen, loves… Self-responsibility? It’s not exactly the sexiest thing in the world. It’s so much sexier to advertise my programs as something that can get your man to finally commit, or to make yourself irresistible to men, or whatever the fuck it might be… But the truth is…at its core, my work is about helping you connect to YOU. It’s messy. It’s emotional. It’s fucking hard. But once you commit to it, once you start doing the work to connect with yourself first and foremost… You’ll be amazed what changes.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman, a 12-week shadow work course for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their love lives to feeling confident, secure and having unfuckwithable self-worth: </
03/07/202338 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 104: Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Throw off your rose-colored glasses, my loves—this week, we’re getting real about red flags. Some red flags are subjective, right? Different things give different women the ICK…but that’s a different episode. This week, I’m talking about the red flags that you should NEVER FUCKING IGNORE…like, across the board. I don’t want excuses. I don’t want “But if I just love them hard enough, maybe…” No. No, they won’t. And we’re not wasting our fucking time trying to CONVINCE people to change for us anymore. We’re better than that. If you catch a glimpse of any of these red flags, do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Take that red flag as a stop sign, and OBEY THAT STOP SIGN.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman, a 12-week shadow work course for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their love lives to feeling confident, secure and having unfuckwithab
26/06/202328 minutes 39 seconds
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Ep 103: What it Takes to Attract a High-Caliber Man

When I sit down to discuss what high-caliber men find attractive in women, I’m not going to waste your time talking about wearing makeup, dressing feminine, smelling good, etcetera. We’re not worried about the external today. Instead, we’re going to take a look at the INTERNAL qualities that attract next-level men. You’re not going to be able to attract the kind of man you’re looking for by focusing solely on the external and entirely neglecting the internal. You’re not going to call them in by sitting around and waiting for them to show up and make your entire life fucking mean something.  You have to create a life you love OUTSIDE of a man if you want someone to desire to share it with you. Let’s talk, loves.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman, a 12-week shadow work course for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their lo
19/06/202326 minutes 52 seconds
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Ep 102: The Thrill of Abandonment: When The Unavailable Becomes an Addiction

Being abandoned is the best feeling in the entire world. If that sentence made you go, “Um, WTF?” then you’re going to looove the rest of this episode. I know it sounds fucking insane, yeah? How could anyone LOVE being abandoned?  It’s more common than you think, actually. A lot of us have an addiction to being abandoned…but the root of that addiction is buried so deep in our subconscious that we don’t usually recognize it. I know, because I used to be addicted to being abandoned. And if you can’t wrap your mind around that, think about it like this… Do you lose interest in a guy when you don’t have to chase him? Do you get major ick when you start to feel safe around someone? Do you only think you’re “in love” when your nervous system is in total overdrive, leaving you “lovesick?” Yeah, I thought that might sound familiar. Let’s talk abou
12/06/202324 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep 101: My Experience With Inner Child Work

Nowadays, inner child work is beyond popular. It’s trending. It’s everywhere. But as recently as five years ago, I had no idea what the fuck an “inner child” even was. Hard to imagine, right? It’s even hard for me to believe. My relationship to my inner child has come leaps and bounds from where it was back then…but it was definitely a journey to get here. I believe we all have multiple “inner children” within us…and for me, some of them are wayyy easier to have compassion for than others. But without doing the inner child work and learning to heal every stage of my inner child, trust me…my ability to have a conscious relationship would still be extremely fucking limited. Let’s talk about why inner child work is so important.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join The Connected Woman, a 12-week shadow work course for women who want to go from feeling anxious AF about their lov
05/06/202322 minutes 27 seconds
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Ep 100: 100 Things I’ve Learned About Sex, Love, and Relationships

IT’S THE BIG 1-0-0, BABES! Welcome to Episode 100 of Unf*ck Your Relationships. And fuuuck, do I have a TREAT for you today. First, I have to say a huge fucking THANK YOU. Thank you for listening, for downloading, for loving, for sharing, and showing up for 100 incredible episodes. I am so fucking grateful to each and every one of you for being here. And to show just how grateful I am, I’m doing something truly wild on today’s episode. Honestly, this could be a paid masterclass. There’s so much fucking wisdom in here; wisdom I have learned through coaching hundreds and hundreds of different women in their relationships with men, their relationships with friends, their relationships with themselves, but also through my own relationship to myself and with my partners in the past and my current partner. This is my own embodied wisdom, which is the best kind of wisdom, isn't it?  <p dir="l
29/05/202350 minutes 22 seconds
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Ep 99: Tales of Dating Fails with Personal Stylist Kelsie Hockins

Buckle up, buttercups. This impromptu episode is going to be a fucking trip. One of my very best friends, Kelsie Hockins, is BACK. Remember her from a few episodes ago? The stunning, utterly badass personal stylist that helps you transform your style so that you can stand out in the world and make your mark? Yeah, she’s back, but this time, we are not talking style. (Well, maybe a little.) On this episode, we’re going to be talking about DATING…but not my usual dating content. Nope; today, we’re going deep into the archives to share some of our biggest dating fails. And trust me, there are some major ones…   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Join Swipe Right, a 6-week program for women who want to date with intentionality so they can meet the man of their dreams: 
22/05/20231 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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Ep 98: Don't Get It Twisted - The Truth About Feminine Energy in Dating

Let me lead with this: being in your feminine has NOTHING to do with your makeup, your clothes, or whatever TikTok has decided to take too literally today. These external things can all be EXPRESSIONS of your feminine, but the truth is…if you’re really in your feminine energy, it’s going to absolutely ooze out of you, even if you’re just in trackies. Sooo many people get the feminine so fucking twisted. There’s a totally distorted view of feminine energy and why it matters so much to our dating lives, and today, I want to get on here and clear the air. So let’s talk about masculine and feminine…and why we need both in order to be well-rounded human beings.   WORK WITH MICHELLE:  Get on the email list here for the special 100th episode surprise:<
15/05/202329 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep 97: Why Dating Apps AREN’T The Enemy

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “dating app?” If it’s a resounding “ugggghhh,” guess what? You’re going to want to listen to this episode. I get it. Lots of people have told themselves all kinds of stories around why dating apps are the fucking WORST. But here’s the thing: when you engage in this mindset, you’re actually cock-blocking yourself from meeting a whole pool of people you would never connect with otherwise. I met my partner in person, but I FULLY advocate for dating apps. I learned so much from them and grew in so many ways…and you can do the same.   EPISODE RESOURCES:  Join Swipe Right, a 6-week program for women who want to date with intentionality so they can meet the man of their dreams:  Ready to do th
08/05/202327 minutes 26 seconds
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Ep 96: Breaking the Cycle: Why You Keep Attracting The Same Men

If you’re sick of feeling like you’re dating the same man over and over and over and OVER again…this episode’s for you. This is the most common reason people come to work with me around dating and relationships; they’re tired as fuck of ending up with emotionally unavailable men, and they’re ready to get in a conscious relationship. There are lots of reasons why you might keep getting trapped in the same fucking pattern, but the first step to breaking it is always the same: getting aware of what that pattern actually is. Even if that means admitting the part that we’re playing in it.   EPISODE RESOURCES:  Join Swipe Right, a 6-week program for women who want to date with intentionality so they can meet the man of their dreams:  Ready to do the work? You can find all course
01/05/202328 minutes 27 seconds
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Ep 95: Lesson Learned: The "Don'ts" of Dating

Listen up, loves! We’re going to be covering a LOT more subjects surrounding dating for the next while, because… IT’S SWIPE RIGHT SEASON! Swipe Right is my program all about dating: setting standards, non-negotiable boundaries, online dating mindset, and everything else that you could possibly need to know. We’re gonna be chatting about allll the things, but today we’re going to start with what NOT to do when you’re starting to date someone new. I could go on about dating mistakes all fucking day. I really could. But for today, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of the most common things I see that you absolutely should NOT be doing while dating.    EPISODE RESOURCES:  Join Swipe Right, a 6-week program for women who want to date with intentionality so they can meet the man of their dreams: https://m
24/04/202328 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep 94: A Bid For Connection: What To Do When Your Relationship Shifts Into Autopilot

I have heard way, way, wayyy too many people ask why the spark has disappeared from their relationships…and then blame their partner for lack of effort. Here’s the truth: the minute you let your relationship shift into autopilot, you will lose that level of connection you had at the start. Relationships don’t run on their own, regardless of how long it’s been; you always need to be putting effort into it to keep it alive. The good news? Putting effort into your relationship actually doesn’t take that much from you…sometimes, it’s as simple as listening to them talk about how hot it is outside and agreeing that yes, it is in fact hot outside. Sometimes it means taking a look at the bird they pointed out in your tree. Sometimes it means saying “Me, too” when they say they’re tired. These little things are called “bids for connection,” and trust me, while they don’t seem that important…they stack up to something much bigger.<
17/04/202326 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep 93: You Know How to Set A Boundary...You Just Don't Want To. Here's Why

You want to know why you’re struggling with setting boundaries? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not because you don’t know how. If you’re in this space, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard HOW to set a boundary or what a boundary is a billion times. What you need to be asking is WHY you aren’t setting boundaries. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again: EVERYTHING we do, we do it because we benefit in some way. If you’re resisting setting a boundary, there’s a reason…and until you uncover that reason, you’re not going to be able to set and enforce boundaries at all. No more asking “How?” Instead, start asking “Why?”...and listen to my answer.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Brat School, an emotional intelligence school for bratty bitches: <p d
10/04/202327 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep 92: The Building Blocks to a Conscious Relationship

Conscious relating isn’t a skill you can just DECIDE to learn. It takes fucking work. It takes doing THE fucking work. But if you’re anything like me, sometimes you don’t learn lessons until you’ve fucked around and found out once, twice…a lot. If you’re NOT like me and CAN learn things without fucking them up first just in case, this episode is going to be great for you. I’m here today to share a few things I had to do before I was able to actually have a truly conscious relationship. People can get trapped in the never-ending loop of “doing the work” without actually DOING anything. Action is a key piece of the process, and if we don’t take it, we’re just going to keep looping the same old patterns over and over and over again. Let’s break the pattern.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Brat School, an emotional intelligence school for bratty bitches: <a href= "https://mic
03/04/202326 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 91: Anxious Attachment Is Not Your Scapegoat

Something I’ve noticed about this podcast? You guys go fucking FERAL when I talk about anxious attachment. I don’t choose subject matter based on what’s popular; I choose it based on what I want to talk about. Today, these two things just happen to align. I want to come at anxious attachment from a different angle today, because you know what I see wayyy too much? People doing unhealthy shit in their relationships, then trying to excuse themselves from responsibility by saying, “Oh, well, I do that because I have anxious attachment…” NO. No, no, no no no no. Relating REQUIRES responsibility. You cannot keep shoving it off on anything but you…not if you want to actually transcend this shit. Let’s talk about why.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Brat School, an emotional intelligence school for bratty bitches: <a href= "https
27/03/202326 minutes 9 seconds
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Ep 90: Diving Deep: Pushing Past Surface-Level Friendships

Hellooooo, my loves. I am freshly back from a fucking INCREDIBLE business retreat, and I am utterly bursting with all the things I want to say, starting with this… If you think that deep friendships are “unicorn friendships,” you’re absolutely fucking wrong. If you’re sitting around pouting because none of your friends are able to meet you in this place of depth, if you think that they have no interest in doing the work alongside you, let me ask you this: Have you tried fucking asking? If you’re not willing to initiate, if you’re sitting around projecting the idea that your friends can’t meet you at your level, if you’re unwilling to risk rejection by sticking your neck out and being the first to pursue something deeper…that’s just not the vibe, my friend. If you want deep friendships, you absolutely CAN find them…but only if you’re willing to do what it takes to plumb those depths. Let’s
20/03/202328 minutes
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Ep 89: What Our Bodies Know That We Don’t

When we find ourselves getting avoidant + closed off, we immediately jump into a reparation spiral. “I just need to invest in another coach. I need to join a new program. I need to read a new book. I need to, I need to, I need to–” You know what you actually need to do? Listen. To. Your. Fucking. Body. Your body knows more than you consciously do. And sure, sometimes it’s a trauma response you need to unpack…but other times, there’s a lot of wisdom your body has to impart, if you’d just sit in curiosity and LISTEN for longer than a second or two. We’re talking about two things today: having curiosity, and taking responsibility. It’s a two-headed episode, loves, and both are equally important. Let’s talk it out.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Brat School, an emotional intelligence school for bratty bitches: <a href= "https://michellepanni
13/03/202325 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep 88: WTF is Emotional Intelligence?

You’ve probably HEARD about emotional intelligence before. But do you even know WTF it is? First off, emotional intelligence is not something we naturally have. It’s something that can absolutely be learned…and something we ABSOLUTELY NEED to learn. You can be book-smart, street-smart, whatever, and that’s great. But if you’re not emotionally intelligent…good fucking luck forming a healthy relationship. Seriously. I’m speaking from experience here. I used to have very, very low emotional intelligence, but you know what I did? I learned it. I developed it. And if you want a healthy relationship, you need to start thinking about doing the same. And if you don’t know how to learn it…well, I can help with that too.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Brat School, an emotional intelligence school for bratty bitches: ht
06/03/202318 minutes 39 seconds
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Ep 87: Expanding Our Capacity: When Even The Good Becomes Too Much to Handle

We’ve all heard about what happens when we get hit with a hundred fucking awful things all at once. A ton of people have talked about how to expand your capacity to hold more when bad things are happening. But here’s the thing… We don’t only hit our capacity for negative shit. We also have a certain capacity to hold good things…and when we reach it, we end up primed to dive straight into self-sabotage. I have had the BEST beginning to my year. My life is so fucking good right now…so good that I actually started getting wayyyy overwhelmed. This doesn’t make us ungrateful. It doesn’t mean anything bad about us. It just means we need to expand our capacity a little wider…and I’m here today to tell you how to handle it when the good becomes TOO good.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Relationship Revival, a 2-day workshop all about our monthly relationship chec
27/02/202331 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep 86: Spill the Beans: Behind the Scenes of My Relationship

He’s baaaaack! You asked for it, you’re getting it: give a big WELCOME BACK to Drew Wild, an addiction coach whose mission is to change the way this planet looks at and approaches addiction and to tear down any stigma with that word…and is also my amazing, hilarious, fucking glorious partner. Today’s episode is going to be a little more lighthearted than the last time I had Drew on: we’re going to chat about what makes our relationship special, the best and hardest parts of it, and give all the juicy details behind one of my favorite stories…the story of how we met. Get ready for a fun, tell-all, slightly distracted behind-the-scenes look at our relationship: the good, the difficult, and the spit-take-worthy moments.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Join Relationship Revival, a 2-day workshop all about our monthly relationship check-in: <a href= "https://courses.michellepanning
20/02/202340 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep 85: Lessons I've Learned From Being in a Conscious Relationship

If you don’t know my backstory, here it is: I left a long string of trauma-bonded, unhealthy relationships behind me before I entered my current relationship. This is my first truly conscious relationship, and let me tell you…the lessons I’ve learned from it have fucking changed everything. There are so many things you need to rethink, reprioritize, and revamp in your life if you want to have a truly conscious, healthy relationship, but instead of struggling through these lessons yourself, I’m here to tell you all about what I’ve learned from this almost-year-long relationship of mine.  Life-changing doesn’t begin to describe it, loves. A conscious relationship will transform the way you experience relating and love…but it doesn’t happen on its own. Not. Even. Close.   EPISODE RESOURCES: If you’re curious about how a relationship check-in works, goo
13/02/202332 minutes 7 seconds
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Ep 84: Holding Yourself - And Others - Through Evolution

When you start to step into your main character energy, you are going to piss people off. It’s just a fact, babe. When you begin to evolve and stop settling for whatever low standards you used to accept, people are going to get pissed off about it. Why? Because they’re going to start projecting their own unhealed wounds onto you. I’ve seen it happen. In fact, just recently I got a SCATHING comment on one of my Instagram posts that got me thinking about why we need to be prepared to hold people in their projections…without letting it halt our own growth. You can have empathy without halting your evolution. You can hold space for people’s wounds without stagnating your own growth to soothe them. And if there’s something you don’t want to make yourself available for, guess
06/02/202324 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep 83: When You Get The "Ick": Tuning in to Intuition

Listen up, ladies: it’s time to stop fucking ignoring your intuition. I don’t care if you think the universe doesn’t speak to you. I don’t care if you think you don’t hear your intuition speaking. You do–you’re just not listening. How do I know? Because I did the same fucking thing for a very, very long time. And not only did I do the same thing…I wrote down the proof in my journal. I hope you’re ready for a front-row seat to Younger Michelle’s deepest thoughts, because today, we’re cracking open my journal and taking a peek at a few times when my intuition told me to get out, I ignored it, and ended up regretting it later on. It’s time to stop shutting out what God is trying to tell us. Because if we don’t, guess what? We’re going to keep getting handed the same fucking
30/01/202328 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep 82: The Shadows of the Strong, Independent Woman

Tell me if this sounds familiar: “I’m a strong, independent woman, and I don’t need no man!” This saying has become a way for women everywhere to give a big FUCK YOU to the idea that women need a man to be complete. And that’s great, sure, but here’s the thing: When this becomes your whole identity, you actually close yourself off from receiving from others. I am strong, independent, and a woman. But I don’t claim this “strong, independent woman” label for myself. You know why?  You can tell yourself all you like that you don’t need anyone but yourself. But the truth is, people need people—and even if I could do everything alone, I really don’t fucking want to. And I’m willing to bet that deep down, you don’t either. Gather a
23/01/202326 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep 81: No More Mediocrity: Breaking Up With The In-Between

We love a brag here at UFYR, and we especially love a brag when it doubles as a fucking great lesson. This month, I bought my dream car. Now, when I say that, I need you to understand that I don’t mean it casually. I mean it’s my FUCKING. DREAM. CAR.  If you know me at all, you know I have wanted a Range Rover ever since I was a little kid. My whole life, I have been wanting and wanting and wanting this car. And my moment finally came. But here’s the thing: when I got to go test drive this car, I found myself cycling through some stories that told me I had to pick the best “middle ground.” I had to go for the entry-level Range Rover, not the top-of-the-line option. I wasn’t there yet. I didn’t deserve that. Um. Fucking what?
16/01/202331 minutes
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Ep 80: Curiosity: The TRUE Key to Communication

News flash: the death of communication is the moment you stop being curious. There’s a better way to tell your partner when something is bothering you. Reacting when you’re in your ego and allowing your emotions to loop a story that may or may not be true? That’s not it. Curiosity is the biggest fucking factor of healthy, calm communication. Because once you start getting curious about what’s triggering you—or getting curious about what’s triggering your partner—you’ll be in a much better place to start asking the right questions and explaining yourself in the right way. Time to remaster the art of curiosity.    EPISODE RESOURCES: Ready to quit playing a supporting role in your own life? Join my course, Main Character
09/01/202324 minutes 38 seconds
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Ep 79: Becoming the Main Character: No More Playing a Supporting Role in Your Own Life

In 2023, we’re taking the role of supporting character and chucking it into the bin. The fact is, we are the main characters of our own fucking lives, and it’s about time we started acting like it. No more putting everyone else before ourselves. No more erasing our boundaries to make other people more comfortable. No more letting everyone and everything else decide what happens to us except ourselves. It’s time to step into delusionally confident, utterly in charge, main character energy. And if you don’t know how to do that, good news—I do, and I’m telling you all about it today.   EPISODE RESOURCES: Ready to quit playing a supporting role in your own life? Join my course, Main Character Energy, starting in early January: <a href= "https://michellepanning.
02/01/202326 minutes 6 seconds
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Ep 78: Intentionality in Fashion: An Interview with Style Coach Kelsie Hockins

Contrary to popular fucking belief, fashion isn’t a shallow thing to invest in. It’s actually another facet of self-development work. I recently hired one of my badass best friends, Kelsie Hockins, to help me give my wardrobe a much-needed update. What she does is more than just focusing on the clothes; she’s a style coach, which means she helps women that are looking to upgrade not only their wardrobes, but also their lives. Looking beyond the “aesthetics” and feeling into the essence, Kelsie helps women build a relationship with their clothes that allows them to feel confident, sexy, powerful, and ICONIC AF. We are all about ICONIC here at Unf*ck Your Relationships, so of course I had to have her on the podcast. Get ready for a total overhaul of the way you look at your clothes.   <span style="font-
19/12/202250 minutes 11 seconds
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Ep 77: Stepping Into A New Identity: How to Hold Yourself Accountable

When I’m done with something, I am fucking done. Relationships. Friendships. Habits. Identities. Whatever I’m done with, whatever I’m moving on from, I don’t do it halfway. I burn it to the fucking ground. For some people, the cold-turkey method of changing their identity doesn’t work. But for me, it’s the only thing that works. So when my mentor recently asked me what new identity I wanted to step into—and what action I could take to make that a reality—I knew exactly what I wanted to be, and exactly how I was going to start out on that path. I cut the cord on my vibrator…literally and figuratively. Let’s talk about why.   CONNECT WITH MICHELLE: Instagram: <sp
12/12/202224 minutes 44 seconds
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Ep 76: My Breast Explant Experience

I lost something incredibly dear to me recently: my boobs. Well, not entirely. Just part of them. If you follow me on Instagram or have listened to my recent podcast episodes, you probably know that I had to have explant surgery to remove my breast implants thanks to a rupture. Fucking brilliant. Had the best time. (Not.) While everyone was extremely supportive throughout the experience–my friends, my partner, and my surgical team–it was still an emotionally taxing experience, and it dredged up new insecurities I had no idea were ever there. I want to talk about this so you all know that it’s all right to grieve a part of yourself…but you don’t want to wallow in that feeling forever.    CONNECT WITH MICHELLE:</p
05/12/202234 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep 75: All Emotions are Valid...Even Jealousy

Brace yourselves, love. This is going to get spicy, and maybe not in the fun way.   Let’s talk jealousy.   Contrary to popular opinion, jealousy by itself is not a fucking red flag. It’s just another emotion, and like any other emotion—anger, fear, pleasure, pain, etc.—it’s actually just trying to tell you something.   The issue isn’t feeling jealous. The issue is the controlling, toxic, manipulative behavior that can come out of feeling jealous if you don’t tackle it in a healthy, communicative way.   Shaming yourself for being jealous is not the vibe, friends. There are better ways to tackle this without slapping yourself on the wrist every time you feel a fucking human emotion, and I’m here today to tell you how.   <spa
28/11/202221 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep 74: Let's Talk Friendship: A Bad Bitch Collaboration with Beatrice Kamau

You guys. I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on Beatrice Kamau’s podcast, The Self Love Fix, this week, and we had the best fucking time. If you don’t know Beatrice, she’s a self-trust embodiment coach who helps bad bitches magnetize their desires with ease through shadow work and developing self-trust…and happens to be a bad bitch herself!  This week, we got to talk all things friendship: how to cultivate deep and lasting ones, why vulnerability is absolutely key in forming ANY relationship, how ingrained jealousy can threaten even those friendships you consider unbreakable, and even more. Every chance to hang out with Beatrice is a fucking gift, and I can’t wait for you all to hear the tough love we dropped this week.   CONNECT WITH BEATRICE: Instagram
14/11/20221 hour 4 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep 73: Are You Addicted to Feeling Not Good Enough?

News flash: healing isn’t always good. I can already hear the comments: “Who the fuck are you and what have you done with Michelle?” Take a breath, okay? I promise I’m going somewhere with this. When we uncover our wounds, it’s absolutely crucial to not let them sit untouched. We absolutely should be doing the work to heal ourselves. The healing industry is so beautiful for helping us transcend our shit. And you know what else? It can be shadowy as FUCK if you let it be. Healing work is so important, but when it becomes our entire lives, it can actually do a lot more harm than good. Let’s talk about what happens when healing becomes an addiction, and how we can shift our mindset to something ACTUALLY healthy instead.   <span style="font-weight: 400;"
07/11/202225 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep 72: Why the Emotionally Unavailable Man is so Addictive

We’re getting into a fucking juicy topic today, friends, so buckle up and get ready. Today, we’re talking emotionally unavailable men. Not just what a relationship with these men looks like, though I will be going over that. No, today I’m coming at this from a different angle. I want to talk about why these men are so fucking addicting to us, even when we claim to want something completely different. When it’s good, it’s so fucking good. But when it’s bad? It’s the worst thing we can make ourselves available for. We say we’re so over dating the emotionally unavailable man, yet we keep coming back for more and more and more, over and over and over again. Why do we do this, and more importantly, how do we stop? I’m here today t
31/10/202217 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep 71: Getting Comfortable in Your Skin: A Discussion with Victoria Alario

I am so fucking excited to share today’s episode with you all. I have invited the illustrious Victoria Alario onto the podcast to chat with me today! Victoria is a multi-passionate and multifaceted entrepreneur with a focus on helping women unleash their confidence and step into their 2.0 self. Her work helps women build their self-esteem, embrace their purpose, and get everything they want out of life. She's known for telling it like it is, keeping it real, and pushing you out of your comfort zone to raise the bar—which, hello! She fits right in here! I brought Victoria on to chat about her enhanced lingerie line, her commitment to celibacy and how it’s affected her confidence and dating life, her journey to her own 2.0 version of herself, and even more fantastic insight i
24/10/202259 minutes 1 second
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Ep 70: You Can Be Happily Single and Still Desire a Relationship

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ve probably heard me speak on the term duality—the concept of two opposing things being true at the same time. This week, I’m diving into one example of duality that very few people seem to understand: that you can be perfectly happy living your single life, and still desire a relationship. Wild, right? You don’t actually have to choose between one or the other. You don’t have to pick between contentment and desire. You can feel both. You can have both. And nobody, NOBODY should be shaming you for it. This is a controversial topic, but hey, those are my favorite to tackle. If you find yourself riddled with shame for wanting a relationship on top of all the other good things in your life, if you feel ungrateful or unreasonable
17/10/202219 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep 69: Be The Example: Getting Your Partner To Do The Work

So. Your partner refuses to do the work alongside you, and it’s driving you crazy. Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, they’re not doing this to piss you off? I’ve talked about this before, but doing the work fucking sucks. It’s hard. It requires you to delve into places you might’ve kept locked up for years and years…maybe even since childhood. It takes a lot for a person to decide they need to do that work on their own, and it’s even less likely that they’re going to decide to do it because someone else is nagging them to. There are ways to get your partner to do the work, but there are also plenty of ways you can do it all wrong. Let me tell you the best way to get your partner interested in doing the work with you.   CONNECT WITH MICHELLE: <
10/10/202224 minutes 38 seconds
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Ep 68: Why You Feel the Need to Control Your Partner—And How to Stop

I’m gonna be really honest, all right? There’s one thing that drives me absolutely crazy in my relationship: My partner doesn’t use the dishwasher. It’s such a small thing, but it drives me a bit mental. And for most of us, even if we’re not controlling people, this is how controlling tendencies show up: in the day-to-day. In the loading of the dishwasher. In the way they fold their socks.  Why do we do this to our partners? Does this mean we’re terrible people?  Good news: no. Bad news: you still gotta sit down and work on that shit, babe. We end up being controlling in a relationship because we feel emotionally unsafe. We're feeling turmoil, and we're so afraid that if we lose control, we will lose everything. But we need t
03/10/202223 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep 67: What Narcissism ACTUALLY Is

Narcissist.   It's such a power word, right? You call someone a narcissist, and suddenly you feel so much better about yourself and what happened with them.   Why is this? As people, when we're in our ego, we like labels. We like to ignore duality. And if we can label someone who hurt us, we're able to understand that and absolve ourselves of any concerns over our role or any doubts about our self-worth.   <div class="ql-block" data-block-id= "block-11d8861c-9f67-4f06
26/09/202223 minutes 42 seconds
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Ep 66: No More Victimhood—We're Playing a New Role Now

Today I want to talk about something you probably haven't heard's called the drama triangle.   The drama triangle has three "points," or "roles," to it: the victim, the persecutor, and the rescuer. And when we get into an argument with our partner, we can often end up battling it out for which of us gets to play the role of the victim.   In a healthy relationship, there are no victims, babe. There's room for duality. You are able to accept your part in the problem...without taking responsibility for his part. And once you've mastered that, you're able
19/09/202226 minutes 29 seconds
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Ep 65: Doing the Work Should Hurt: What Real Change Feels Like

When we think about transformation, we tend to think about the beauty at the end of it, not the pain we go through on the way.   This just in: doing the work isn't all pretty self-care rituals and kind affirmations and relying on a program's curriculum to do all the changing for you. It's called doing the work; it requires your active participation. And I'm not going to lie to you, all right? It's gonna feel like you're fucking dying. Why? Because part of you is.   You're a caterpillar in its cocoon, babe. And before you can become the beautiful butte
12/09/202225 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep 64: Words vs. Energy: Why Your Boundaries Aren't Being Honored

So it happened again, huh, love? You set a standard, you set a boundary, and it got fucking crossed. You're sick of not having your standards met, you don't understand why it keeps happening, and you don't know how to fix it...   Well, I've got good news and bad news for you. Good news? I do know how to fix it. Bad news? It's going to take some hard fucking work on your part.   The truth is, people aren't responding to your words, babe—they're responding to your energy. And if you're setting a boundary that keeps getting crossed, guess what? It's because you k
05/09/202225 minutes 45 seconds
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Ep 63: If It's Broke, DO Fix It: How to Regain Trust Once It's Been Broken

It's been a long time coming, loves, but the time is finally here to talk about trust. Specifically, what happens when either you or your partner breaks it.   I'm not gonna lie to you—this fucking sucks. Especially when you're the one who's had trust broken, but also when you are the trust-breaker...because oftentimes, we actually hurt each other unintentionally.   One of you is left betrayed. One of you is guilty. You agree to try and repair trust...but how do you do that? <div class="ql-block" data-block-id= "block-2874f079-781a-4ed3-a0a7-173d4b56a98f"
29/08/202220 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep 62: The Seductress Archetype: How to Stop Apologizing for What You Want

Are you ready, ladies? Grab some wine, get in your favorite seat, and get ready to be seduced...or, rather, get ready to learn what it means to be a Seductress. What is a Seductress archetype? So, so many things—and so many of those things have absolutely nothing to do with the classic idea of seduction. When we think of seduction, we think Femme Fatale. We think manipulative. We think selfish. And while all those things can be true—and can be super, super shadowy—that's not all that the Seductress can be. The Seductress is also creative, sensual, utterly unapologetic, secure in her confidence, and secure in all of her desires. She's a fucking master of manifestation, not just manipulation. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it.
23/08/202220 minutes 39 seconds
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Ep 61: When the Honeymoon Ends: The 4 Stages of Falling in Love

Oooo-kay, ladies, this one might be a bit hard to swallow. Today, we're talking about the stages of falling in love.   The four stages are Honeymoon (we all know that one), Power Struggle (uggghhh), Stability (almost there!), and Commitment (the goal, right?).   Now, I can already hear some of you: "My relationship is perfect!" "The honeymoon stage never ended for us!"   I'm about to giv
15/08/202222 minutes 49 seconds
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Ep 60: Hollywood Lied to You: Why Orgasms are Harder Than They Look

Okay, ladies: it's about time we sat down and had a chat about the Big O: orgasms.   Some of you just got excited...and some of you got worried. I get it, love. Orgasms are a sensitive subject for me—not just for me, but for a lot of women. So many of us have had Hollywood's version of sex hammered so deep into our brains that we can't picture anything else. If we're not cumming in thirty seconds or less, something has to be wrong with us, right? We must be broken.   Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. <div class="ql-block" data-block-id= "block-6bd23bdd-d9fb-46
08/08/202220 minutes
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Ep 59: Stop Faking It Till You Make It: Say Goodbye to Sexual Shame

Take a deep breath and grab a glass of wine, babes. You're gonna need both, because today, we're chatting all about shame.   Just about every woman I've met has some kind of shame surrounding her sexuality. That's the bad news. The good news? That means you're not alone. So many of us struggle with having total confidence in our sexuality and our pleasure...including me. Yes, me. I've struggled with so much sexual shame my entire life, and only recently did I start figuring out how to unpack that shit and start taking responsibility for my own pleasure. It starts with identifying the conditioning you've gone through; aka, what you've been taught to think about sex, whether actively or passively. <div
01/08/202225 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep 58: The Naked Truth: My Experience in the Sex Industry

Welcome back, loves! We're going behind the scenes today to talk about all things stripping. Come along as I spill all the tea about my eleven years working in the sex industry: my favorite stories, my worst moments, everything I learned about emotional intimacy, the truth about the different sides of men, and how my time stripping inspired my career today.   Check your prejudices at the door, because I'm here to dispel all that preconceived shit and get real with you about what stripper life is REALLY like.   Hope you're ready. I'm holding nothing back.
25/07/202242 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep 57: Unleash your Inner Brat and Give her a Spanking with Chelsea Dickinson

This just in, loves: No matter how bad you want to hide her, that inner brat of yours is in there, and she wants OUT. You can try and put baby in a corner all you like, but she's gonna break her way out eventually, and when she does? It's not gonna be pretty.   There are better ways to wrangle your inner brat, and if you need someone to teach you, I know just the bad bitch for the job. Put on your big-girl pants, sit down, and listen to episode 57 of the UnF*ck Your Relationships Podcast to hear the object of my obsession, Chelsea Dickinson, talk all about how she made space for her brat, gave her the spanking she desperately needed, and taught h
18/07/202257 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep 56: Stop Expecting Everything for Nothing

Breaking news my love: the world doesn’t owe you love. It actually doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing. If you’re sitting there blaming the universe for your problems in life or relationships, and figure that one day, one magical“huh, I guess we’re done fucking with her, time to give her the man of her dreams and a fantastic, fullfilled life to go with it,” …let me know how that goes. After you get back from nowhere, maybe have a listen to episode 56 of the UnF*ck Your Relationships Podcast to hear more about: Healthy expectations in relationships How to stop blaming everyone else Where to start in terms of doing the work  Just where do you get off having all these entitled fantasies of how life is supposed to be, when you aren’t willing to stop and evaluate the part y
11/07/202227 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep 55: Get Ready to Meet Drew as We Discuss (What Else)- The Healing Journey That Brought Us Together

Healthy love: what it is, what it’s not, and how the fuck do you actually find it?   In case you missed it, I’ve recently discovered the gift of a real, loving, trusting relationship, so everyone give a hearty welcome to Drew Wild. I figured it was time to officially introduce him to this sphere of spiritual space I love so much, and show you first hand how self-healing can help you find a truly awakened partner. Together we’re talking about all things healing and finding healthy love, such as:  Different types of trauma Why addiction stems from our trama  How both of these contribute to damaging patterns How to start healing <div class="ql-block" data-block-id= "block-8b13eac8-98
04/07/202253 minutes 52 seconds
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Ep 54: Can you Ever be 100% Sure About Anyone?

The truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as perfect: he’s not perfect but neither are you. You both have weird hang-ups and quirks and flaws. You’re both going to annoy the ever-loving shit out of one another from time to time. You’re going to fight. You’re going to disagree. This doesn’t mean your relationship is bad or doomed or that you need to end it. In this episode we’ll talk more about: Societal expectations vs reality How flaws are inherent in any relationship because people are flawed If you feel safe, heard, seen, emotionally and sexually fulfilled- if you love him, don’t go looking for trouble where there is none. Your relationship is normal. It’s the world’s
27/06/202224 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 53: A True Friendship is One Where Everyone Feels Safe to Disagree

We saw it all the time right when hashtags were becoming a thing: #friendgoals, #relationshipgoals, usually captioning pictures of girls with their heads squished together surrounded by brunch mimosas. And while brunch is a wonderful activity to incorporate into your friendship routine, it’s not necessarily a building block to a “friend goal” situation. Sorry, friend (get it), but you’re actually going to have to work at your friendships. This is not to say that being someone’s friend has the rigidness of a relationship. That being said, you still want to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with good people, and that you’re one of these “good people” for those in your life. That’s why in this episode my friend Caitlyn and I:  Break down how to be a decent friend and human <li style="font-weight: 400;
20/06/202249 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep 52: What Ruins Relationships? It's Not Disagreeing

Today we’re going to talk about The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. No, not that apocalypse, don’t get all excited and throw all your predictions about end times at me. Relationship professional John Gottam is an expert on all things lasting connection, and he has defined the 4 most prominent nails in the coffin when it comes to break-ups and divorces- The Four Horsemen of a Relationship Apocalypse, if you will. These are dynamics I’ve encountered in my own relationships, and I’ve seen them countless times with clients. That’s why in the latest episode of The UnF*ck Your Relationship Podcast I’ll go more into: The 4 dynamics to look out for that affect relationships How to flip the script <li style="font-weight: 400
13/06/202222 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep 51: You Barely Knew Him: It’s Time to Move On

I’d like to take this episode to talk about a topic I feel often gets pushed under the dating rug- the almost relationship. We’ve all been there- you go on a few amazing dates, he’s wonderful, you’re communicating and connecting and planning events months in the future. You feel solid, and you just KNOW you're both on the same page. He mentions meeting his parents. This is it. Any day he’ll ask you to be in a real honest to goodness relationship…only he dumps you instead. What gives? That’s why we delve deeper into: How to get over a relationship that never was Ways to be there for yourself in hard times <span style= "font-w
06/06/202236 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep 50: How to Attract Healthy Love

One of the most common things I hear when working with women is “I just want real love.” Dude, I hear you. I know. And sure, to some degree, lots of men are the worst. But, I have news for you- you’re part of the problem.  Look, it’s never fun to identify what we’re doing wrong. But if you feel like you’re in an endless loop of attracting men who are super fun and hot and things go well until they crash and burn- eh, sorry but you’re employing a pattern. You’re doing it to yourself and you’re getting in your own way. That’s why on the latest episode of the podcast I talk more about: How you might be repeating bad dating patterns Things to look out for as you date <span
30/05/202228 minutes 25 seconds
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Ep 49: Please Calm Down: How to Date With Anxious Attachment

Oh hey, all my Anxious Attachment bitches. How’s it going? By “it” I specifically mean dating- not great? Well, that’s why I’m here so listen up. Before you know it we’ll have you dating appropriate men with confidence and ease. No stalking your phone/ their social media pages. No word vomit to fill weird silences.  If you struggle with Anxious Attachment it can feel like you need to “fix” yourself before you start dating- but this isn’t super realistic. If you struggle with anxiety in your relationships, it’s probably stemming from past trauma that you’ve reacted to and carried throughout your entire life. That doesn’t just disappear no matter how much work you do to overcome it. That’s why in the latest episode of The UnF*ck Your Relationships Podcast I’ll help you: Figure out why you date the way you do<
23/05/202229 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep 48: What Does it Mean to Actually Love Yourself

Common belief of the collective “them” would have you believe that you have to be a perfect and flawless version of yourself in order to actually love yourself. I would argue that in subscribing to this school of thought, you’ll be waiting forever to love yourself, and I don’t love that for you. That’s why in this next episode I go more into: What self-love actually is How to accept all parts of yourself Ultimately you’re the one who gets to decide what you believe and how you’re treated by yourself and others. Rejecting who you are, or being nasty to yourself isn’t going to help set the bar all that high, and really the person you’re hurting is you and your inner child.  Y
16/05/202222 minutes 19 seconds
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Ep 47: The Ick is Actually All About Your Lack of Self-Worth, Who Knew?

What gives? Things were going so well, you felt like you really liked this guy. Why then, seemingly out of nowhere do you now loathe the very way he breathes?  This, friends is the dreaded ick; the sudden irritating or off-putting thing you randomly notice after things were going so well.  I got more information about it, but you’re not gonna like it. Because it’s actually not about him or his teeth or gremlin toenails or any other slightly off-putting things that really shouldn’t be automatic dealbreakers if aside from them you genuinely like the person. In this episode we’ll talk more about: What the ick actually is How to avoid it How
09/05/202225 minutes 49 seconds
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Ep 46: Stop Emotionally Vomiting on Everyone You Know

What’s your game plan with your emotions? Do you even have one? Do you go radio silent and withdraw, as you clutch tea and stare out the window, preferably at the rain? OR do you enjoy leaning into intense feelings, embracing them as you throw epic tantrums and verbal barbs? Is there a balance between the two? There is! Especially when we first go from suppressing to expressing, it can be hard to find the balance between validating yourself and your emotions and using it as carte blanche to word vomit every feeling that crosses your mind. On the latest episode of The UnF*ck Your Relationships Podcast we’ll talk more about: Differences between emotional expression and dumping Tools to help you cope better <span styl
02/05/202220 minutes 34 seconds
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Ep 45: Perfection? Nah, We'd Rather Love Ourselves as We Are

Sure, sometimes circumstances in life can get hard, but for the most part, you set the tone for your own life. Are you living in the land of the desperate, constantly in a panic about the world running out of men and yourself running out of time and fun and youth and money? If that’s all you fixate on, and all you look for it literally wires your brain to look for every bad thing out there; it’ll even invent things to worry about so you’re caught up in a never-ending cycle of cynical mania. Lucky for you in this episode of The UnF*ck Your Relationship Podcast, we’ll talk more about: Why perfect isn’t real Why striving to be enough is better than striving to be perfect Here’s the thing; while seeking improvement and gro
25/04/202219 minutes 11 seconds
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Ep 44: We’re Going to Need You to Lower Those Expectations

Nothing can take a date from great to…not great quite like unrealistic expectations. Maybe he is just as charming as your text banter. Maybe you both really do have the same chemistry in person as you do over the phone. There is a chance that he is the one. But for the love of god, please just let things unfold naturally. Not sure how to do this? Well lucky for you, on the latest episode of The UnF*ck Your Relationship Podcast we’ll talk more about: How expectations can ruin a relationship Ways to make sure yours are realistic Isn’t dating hard e
18/04/202224 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep 43: What to Do (& NOT Do) On a First Date

Is there anything more exciting or terrifying than a first date? No other event is so full of hopeful potential as well as awkward dread; It’s a weird thing for sure. And then there are the “first date tips” that usually revolve around what to wear and what to eat (or not eat because - patriarchy) and a whole host of other superficial bullshit that doesn’t actually help you establish a connection (if there’s even potential for one). So, what the hell are you supposed to do? Well, lucky for you, on the latest episode of The UnF*ck Your Relationships Podcast I talk more about: Dating tips to foster a true connection Ways to take the pressure off yourself Dating can be a vulnerable and scary experience, but most things th
11/04/202223 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep 42: Circumstances are Always Neutral

I’ve been thinking a lot about thoughts. Specifically the power we give them over us and over situations in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, honoring your feelings is important, but when they demand you spiral out and assign meaning to things that aren't true, it’s easy to get bowled over by them- and half the time they aren’t even true. In this episode I talk more about: How situations we panic about are inherently neutral  How to stop the panic spiral  Ways to step into reality with a calm openness  I read somewhere that you can’t blame yourself for knee-jerk reactionary thoughts, they just pop up, but if you can learn to take bac
04/04/202219 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep 41: Are You Dating Because You're Ready or Because You're Lonely

Intention is everything, babes, so you have to figure out yours. WHY do you want to date? I am telling you right now, if you haven’t done *the* work, you shouldn’t get back out there. It’s easy to know when you shouldn’t date, but it’s harder to know if you’re finally ready. We all know that we need to feel complete and in love with ourselves before we can ever expect to enter into a healthy partnership. But if you’re fulfilled but lonely, is that so bad? Well you’re in luck because on this episode of UnF*ck Your Relationships Podcast we talk all about: Signs you’re ready to date How motivations define what you’re looking for You know where you’re at with yourself better th
28/03/202226 minutes 8 seconds
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Ep 40: Sorry Not Sorry if You Find My Feminine Power Intimidating, My Dude

There are so many rules for women and girls in society; cultural expectations about what a woman is and what a woman should be, and it’s all bullshit. We’re taught to shrink ourselves, physically and mentally, to never be too much, or take up space. To sacrifice bits of who we are to appease others. Don’t make waves or make anyone uncomfortable, even if your own skin is crawling. Appease appease appease.  Nope. No more, we’re done with that.  In this episode of UnF*ck Your Relationships I go more into:  Societal norms for women (hint, they suck) Ways to send them all to hell We are complex and wild creatures, and if a man doesn’
21/03/202230 minutes 5 seconds
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Ep 39: Lean Into Your Feminine Energy and Watch the Chemistry Heat Up

Maybe you have a dude in your life, and he’s great. He’s cute and sweet and funny, and the sex is good. But GOD sometimes you just want him to be the man so you can be the woman. But, what if I told you that you might actually be the problem here. It’s not that he isn’t masculine, it’s that you BOTH are, and much like your fav pair of underwear, there can only be one.  In this episode I break down : The differences between masculine and feminine energies  Ways to draw out the masculine from your partner (hint, be more feminine) I’m not saying throw on an apron and pretend like it’s 1956 (if that’s your jam more power to you but for everyone who reads the above and immediate
14/03/202226 minutes 21 seconds
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Ep 38: Why We’re So Addicted to Emotionally Unavailable Men

This one’s for all my ladies who feel like all they attract is men of the emotionally unavailable kind…girl I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you’re the problem. No, keep reading, just hear me out; like peanut butter cups and bad romance novels, bad boys are kind of addictive. It’s why the second he starts to show interest you feel smothered and sprint your cute butt right outta there to find you a man who will have you stress eating by your phone all night.  Why, tho? Well, in this episode we explore: Why you always seem to end up with emotionally unavailable men What this can mean for your own self-esteem Dating this type of guy is as sucky as it is safe; chances
07/03/202230 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep 37: Green Flags to Look Out for When Starting a Relationship

We spend so much time identifying and dissecting warning signs in dating, it can feel hopeless. How would we even know if a guy is decent and datable? Would we recognize the signs? Well, lucky for you dear listener, I present the 12 green flags that will help you along your quest of finding out if he’s worth your time. In this episode, we’ll go more into: Learning how to spot a good potential partner Things to look for and reciprocate in your next relationship Sometimes it’s good to shake things up, and view things in a more positive light. There ARE things to actively look for, not just avoid, and there ARE men out there who will help you feel loved, understood, and valued. <span style="font-weight: 400;
28/02/202232 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep 36: Signs It's Time to Leave Your Relationship

It may seem like a hard answer to find, but friend, if you’re debating whether or not to put that foot out the door…that’s not a good sign. You gotta learn to trust yourself, and what your emotions are trying to tell you. Why would you want to stay in a relationship where you’re the one who is making all the effort? You can’t want it for both of you, or you can’t want it for the both of you and expect to have a healthy relationship. In this episode we’ll explore: Signs it might be time to end your relationship Reasons he’s content to stay Reasons you can’t release your death grip on a dead relationship <span style="f
21/02/202224 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep 35: He Doesn't Want to Leave, so Stop Pushing Him Away

You can’t wait to meet HIM. The ONE. He’ll be attractive and put together and communicative, self-assured but also safe. But here’s the thing; if you’re holding him to high standards, chances are he’s holding you to the same. So are you in a place to accept his healthy affection? Are you in a place where you can meet the same standards you have set for him? Are you prepared to enter into a relationship with confidence? In this episode we’ll look closer at:  How finding something and holding something are very different How standards for him are also standards for you A decent man expects you to be able to communicate with a healthy side of vulnerability as needed. Acting ou
14/02/202222 minutes 19 seconds
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Ep 34: Attachment Style Series Part 4: Secure Attachment

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the blessed 50% of the population. You lucky, securely attached bastards. You think you’re cooler than the rest of us? I mean, you’re not wrong. But, the truth is, you’re the goal. And we can allll reach that goal. It’s just gonna take a little work. In this episode I go more into: What being securely attached actually means How securely attached people show up in relationships  Basically, because they were actually raised as autonomous persons and their emotions were honored, they grew up feeling heard and learned to trust with discerning inhibition (lucky). If you aren’t blessed enough to fall into this category, it can seem like a daunting task to try and achieve such a confident way to
07/02/202228 minutes 55 seconds
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Ep 33: Attachment Style Series Part 3: Fearful Avoidant

Oh, you fearful-avoidant unicorns. You are a small percentage of the population. So small, but mightily terrible. I’m so sorry. Let’s break down your particular cross to bear. Yet again, we’re going up against a traumatic childhood, however, this one is mainly fear-based trauma.  You likely had parents who loved to overshare (resulting in parentification of you, the child), when they felt like it. So now, you’re a commitment cretan who can’t decide if you want connection or to run for the hills. In this episode we’ll talk: About more tendencies of the fearful-avoidant  How to overcome  You can love and be loved the way you want. You can get over your fear of intimacy withou
31/01/202222 minutes 20 seconds
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Ep 32: Attachment Style Series Part 2: Dismissive Avoidant

And we’re back, analyzing new ways our parents meant well but ultimately set us up for failure… Did you have parents who made sure you were physically fine, and then blatantly neglected you for the other stuff? Maybe they thought they were making you independent, maybe they were relating to you the only way they knew how, but now here you are, stuffing down all your feelings and straight-up avoiding real connection.  Yep, we’re going to talk about dismissive avoidant attachment:  How and why you became an avoider How to stop avoiding, heal, and truly enjoy personal connections And no, it’s not going to be an all-out verbal brawl
24/01/202227 minutes 45 seconds
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Ep 31: Attachment Style Series Part 1: Anxious Attachment

Oh, mommy (and daddy) issues. They did their best, they really did, but the cold hard fact is that if you were raised with parents who gave you inconsistent support, you probably have anxious attachment issues now. When you’re taught that your own thoughts and feelings are “too much” you begin to censor yourself; you try and make yourself palatable to the world around you. And you also begin to distrust your own intuition. F*ck. Well, we’re going to go more into this on today's episode when we talk about: Signs you’re repeating anxious attachment patterns with partners How to overcome and heal from anxious attachment trauma The
17/01/202229 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep 30: Why Are We So Scared of Honesty?

Online dating. So much potential. So much danger. In order to make sure you’re not matching with people who are wildly inappropriate for you (hold onto your butts here, I’m about to blow your mind) you have to actually be honest about what you want and who you are.  Ugh, vulnerability. Why is vulnerability always the answer? Sorry kid, but in order to find “the one” you’re going to have to try and be honest instead of the “cool girl” — not that you’re not cool, but when you try to force it the authenticity just isn’t there. We’re humans, not male-authored characters in a fantasy series. In this episode we’ll take a closer look at: Why honesty is <span style= "font-weight
10/01/202223 minutes 59 seconds
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Ep 29: You are Enough: How to Prioritize Yourself in Your Relationships

Stop. Putting. Him. Up. There. On today’s episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships podcast, we’re talking about pedestals and why you shouldn’t put men up there (but girl, we can understand the urge to do so). No one is perfect, and if all you focus on is the good and build it up to mean more than it does, you’ll never make a genuine connection. On this episode, I’ll explain in detail: Why we pedestal men What happens when we do HINT: Nothing good You can’t genuinely know or love a person if you can’t be yourself around them. 
03/01/202221 minutes 58 seconds
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Ep 28: Ghosting & You: A Lesson on Remembering Your Worth

On today’s episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships podcast, we’re talking about how to give up the ghost — of a relationship, that is. While it’s probably gone on forever, these days the term for disappearing when dating is termed ghosting, and it can really throw you for a loop. Dating is hard enough without wondering why you and a dude couldn't stop texting one minute and the next he’s nowhere to be found. What gives?! On this episode we’ll get into: Potential reasons for the ghosting (hint: not your fault) How to deal and grow from ghosting <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-leve
27/12/202126 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep 27: Break Up Smarter, Not Harder

On today’s episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships podcast, we’re talking about how to deal when you get your heart broken. Whether you were the initiator, on the receiving end, or the series finale was a mutual decision; breakups are tough to handle. All the questions, self-doubt, and paranoia invade your brain, in between pints of cookie dough ice cream and “Legally Blonde” viewings... tears in your eyes, yearning in vain for the power Elle Woods wielded in the laptop scene (RIP fun Macbooks). But guess what, that can be you! Here are a few things we cover in this episode: How processing the hurt and anger is how you heal How to cultivate a better relationship with yourself</sp
13/12/202126 minutes 39 seconds
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Ep 26: Does an STI Spell the End of Your Love Life?

In this episode of Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m getting vulnerable. Like, really vulnerable. Here’s the deal; I have herpes. And you know what? It’s actually not the clusterfuck your high school health teacher warned you about. I still have fulfilling intimate relationships, and it’s even taught me to be in tune with my body’s needs in a new way. Am I endorsing you going out and intentionally getting yourself some syphilis tomorrow? No. But I am telling you if you have or contract one, STIs are common,  manageable, and in no way life (or love) ending. Here’s what we’ll cover: How to approach STIs with a partner without making them run for the hills.  <span styl
06/12/202123 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep 25: Start Saying Yes to Every Part of You

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m getting into how you can strive to stop being so hard on yourself and focus on accepting all of you! Life will never be “perfect,” and that’s ok. You can be doing the work and still make mistakes.  We’re going to talk about: Focusing on yourself and not comparing yourself to others Accepting all parts of yourself, even the ones you’re not as comfortable with You’re growing, changing and putting in the work to be the best you. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions fully and do what’s best for you. You deserve it.  If you have enjoyed this episode of the podcas
29/11/202124 minutes 34 seconds
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Ep 24: Are You Ready to Level up Your Life?

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I'm sharing the moment when I felt like everything shifted for me – and how the lessons I learned can help you become the next-level version of yourself! Here’s what I’ll cover: My BIG life-changing shift that helped shape the rest of my career & life. Key questions to ask yourself in order to receive everything you deserve. I hope this episode helps you trust that everything truly is always working out for you, no matter how challenging things may seem right now.  If you have enjoyed this episode of the podcast, take a screenshot, head on over to my Instagram and share i
22/11/202119 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep 23: How to Shift When You're Not Getting What You Want

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I'm excited to talk about how to shift when you’re not getting what you want. I've spoken about letting go of timelines before, but today, we’re talking about THE number one thing that helps me shift, and I repeat this to my clients all the time: Nothing means anything.Here’s what I’ll cover: How the stories you tell yourself about your love life (and beyond!) affect your reality. How to stop the meaning-making machine in your head to get the life you want and deserve. I hope
15/11/202122 minutes 42 seconds
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Ep 22: Do Opposites Actually Attract in Relationships?

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I'm excited to talk about stepping into your feminine energy. Every single person on the planet (regardless of gender) has both masculine and feminine energy, and we can learn to work with these forces to help us have more balanced, fulfilling relationships.Here’s what I’ll cover: Misconceptions around masculine and feminine energies How to tap into your feminine energy to create more attraction in your relationships I hope this episode helps you understand how attraction actually works and empowers you to experiment with masculine
08/11/202118 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep 21: You Cannot Mess Anything Up

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I am talking all about the level of truth and trust that I have been dropping into lately. Understanding the fact that you cannot f*ck anything up is so valuable, not only for your relationships but for your entire life. If you’re ready to find your truth and stop questioning every step you take, stay tuned!  Here are a few points I cover:  Why you need to start telling yourself the truth What love is and how to start finding your truth I hope this episode helps you start diving into your truth and asking yourself what you really want. You cannot mess anything up when you're open & honest because deep down, that's wh
01/11/202119 minutes 16 seconds
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Ep 20: Secret to Manifesting Relationships

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about getting what you want and how you can use the law of attraction to speed up the process. I’m explaining how to manifest your ideal relationship and why the universe will throw you exactly what you want in life when you are clear on what that is. Want the secret to manifesting your dream relationship? Stay tuned!  Here are a few points I cover:  The key to manifestation.  What to do after you decide what you want.  Celebrating yourself when you get what you want.  I hope this episode teaches you
25/10/202127 minutes 46 seconds
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Ep 19: The 6 Books Every Woman Should Read

In this episode of The Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about my favorite books that have changed my life. I fully believe that you can get a lot out of reading books, if you actually apply the information learned to your own life . Stay tuned to hear all about my top six must-read books for women!  Here are a few points I cover:  Must-read books for women to change the way you think.  How these books have changed my life.  I hope this episode encourages you all to go out and purchase whichever book speaks to you. Each of these books offers a different perspective about life and changes the way you might view certain circumstances & experiences
18/10/202138 minutes 1 second
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Ep 18: What Vulnerability Really Means in Relationships

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking to you about overcoming vulnerability and why it's so important for your personal life and your relationships. Instead of living behind a mask, it's time to realize that vulnerability is different for everyone and we all have different things to share with others.  Here are a few points I cover:  What is vulnerability?  How to overcome your fear of being vulnerable.  I hope this episode helps you overcome your fear of being vulnerable and realize that vulnerability is healthy. It takes bravery and risk to be vulnerable, but a relationship without vulnera
11/10/202123 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep 17: Removing Martyrdom From Your Relationship

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking to you about the importance of making your needs known in a relationship and what happens when you don't. Resentment is the last thing you want towards someone you love, so keep reading to find out how you can avoid resentment & martyrdom in your relationships!  Here are a few points I cover:  Meeting your own needs to avoid rejection.  Why you have to stop playing games to be happy.  I hope this episode helps you get curious about yourself and your partner. Get clear on what it is you need in a relationship, what your boundaries are, and the communicati
04/10/202121 minutes 37 seconds
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Ep 16: Are You Being Too Picky?

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about being picky in a relationship and choosing between what you want and what you need. I see women fall into this “picky” mindset all the time so if this sounds like you, listen up.    Here are a few points I cover:  Breaking down “nice-to-haves” vs. “must-haves”.  What qualifies as a must-have?  Don’t dismiss people right away.  I hope this episode helps you understand the difference between what you need in a relationship and what you want in a relationship. Stop settling for mediocre because you
27/09/202127 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep 15: Are You Struggling With Trust in Relationships?

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about trust, especially in men. If someone has done absolutely nothing to break your trust, then the only one stopping you from trusting is you. If you want to break this habit, then this episode is for you!   Here are a few points I cover:  Dealing with the past to move forward.  Trusting yourself before trusting a man.  How to build trust in a relationship.  I hope this episode helps you trust your partner but also yourself because they 100% go hand in hand. Back yourself up so that type of energy f
20/09/202123 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep 14: Are You Emotionally Available?

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about what it means to be emotionally available versus emotionally unavailable. I’m going to help you figure out what role this plays in your relationships and how to step away from being emotionally unavailable so stay tuned for all the details!  Here are a few points I cover:  You are what you attract.  Signs of emotional availability.   Signs of emotional unavailability.  I hope this episode helps you understand the difference between being emotionally unavailable and being emotionally available. T
13/09/202134 minutes
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Ep 13: Connected AF Week - Day Five - WTF do you want?!

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I am sharing Day five of my Connected AF Week. I’m going to be speaking on how to get super clear on what it is that you want so you can stop fucking around with shit that ain’t it!! Here are a few points I cover:  How to get clear on your values, standards, boundaries and dealbreakers Getting clear on your must haves vs nice to haves A guided meditation to be in the vibe of your desires already being yours! I hope you get as much out of this episode as the women in the group did. It was super fun for me to record! <p
10/09/202157 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep 12: Connected AF Week - Day Four - How I Went From Feeling Insecure AF to Being in a Healthy and Secure Relationship

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I am sharing Day three of my Connected AF Week. I’m going to be speaking on how I went from constantly needing external validation and going from man to man to being in a healthy, secure relationship. (hint: it’s not always perfect!) Here are a few points I cover: The REAL work I did to get to where I am now How actions are the key to feeling worthy What a healthy relationship actually looks like. It’s not always Insta-worthy I hope you get as much out of this episode as the women in the group did. It was super fun for me to record! If you have enjoyed this episode of the podcast, take a screenshot, head on over to my Instagram and share it on your IG stories and tag me, @michellepanning And if you love what you learned, be sure to hit that follow button so you never miss a future episode, and leave a review to help me reach more passionate women just like you who want to heal thei
09/09/202133 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep 11: Connected AF Week - Day Three - Surprise! It you!

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I am sharing Day three of my Connected AF Week. I’m going to be speaking on how WE are attracting exactly what we are getting in our love lifes. Here are a few points I cover:  How you may be getting off on what you say you “hate” How your beliefs create your reality Why wish a man would be “more masculine” won’t work I hope you get as much out of this episode as the women in the group did. It was super fun for me to record! If you have enjoyed this episode of the podcast, take a scr
08/09/202141 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep 10: Connected AF Week - Day Two - IS Honesty Really the Best Policy?!

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I am sharing Day two of my Connected AF Week. I’m going to be speaking to whether or not honesty is really the best policy when it comes to dating and relationships. Here are a few points I cover:  Being willing to take risks when connecting with new people Leaning into vulnerability Getting super fucking honest with ourselves How to say what you’re looking for on dating apps I hope you get as much out of this episode as the women in the gr
07/09/202145 minutes 58 seconds
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Ep 9: Connected AF Week - Day One - What it Really Means to be a Connected Woman

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I am sharing Day One of my Connected AF Week. I’m going to be speaking to exactly what it means to truly be a connected woman. Here are a few points I cover:  How we have been taught not to trust ourselves How we are searching for ourselves in other people Learning to connect with your intuition How to step into your full sense of self-worth and become the Queen <span style="font-weigh
07/09/202149 minutes 37 seconds
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Ep 8: A Deep Dive Inside the Connected Woman and Whether It’s the Right Program for You

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be breaking down my program The Connected Woman and showing you exactly why it's a must for anyone struggling personally or in a relationship.  I truly want to help you make a decision that feels good, so stay tuned for all the details! Here are a few points I cover:  Why I created The Connected Woman.  How The Connected Woman helps cultivate your safety.  Getting clear on your thoughts.   I hope this episode helps you decide if The Connected Woman is for you. It's time we break down your patterns and regain your se
30/08/202125 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep 7: Feeling Worthy, Confident, and Secure: The Connected Woman Real Life Testimonials

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m joined by four of my clients from The Connected Woman Program. We’ll be talking all about what this program did for their confidence and how it has changed the relationships they are in today. If you want to start feeling more worthy and confident in any relationship, this program might be for you. Stay tuned to find out more!  Here are a few points I cover:  What life was like for these women before they started The Connected Woman.  What happened when they joined The Connected Woman.  Why you should join The Connected Woman.  <span style="font-weight: 40
23/08/202152 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep 6: Control Your Emotions and Stop With the Explosions

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about our feelings and emotions, the one thing everybody hates talking about. It's super important that you understand why you feel the way you feel and why you sometimes act the way you act. Stay tuned to hear all the details and tips!  Here are a few points I cover:  What happens when our emotions are triggered.  Taking a step back when you're triggered.  Balancing your emotions.  I hope this episode helps you understand your emotions, patterns, and triggers more. Know that you are not on your own a
16/08/202133 minutes 4 seconds
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Ep 5: Stop People-Pleasing For the Tiniest Crumb of Acceptance

In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m going to be talking all about people-pleasing and why it's time to put these habits to an end. Saying “Yes” all of the time to the things you don't want to do isn't going to benefit you in any way. If you're ready to step out of this mentality and start doing things for yourself, and not others, stay tuned!  Here are a few points I cover:  Where people-pleasing comes from.  Is people pleasing selfless or selfish?  How to stop people-pleasing.  I hope this episode helps you stop people-pleasing and get connected to the part o
09/08/202128 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep 2: You Can't Hate Men And Want a Relationship With One At The Same Time

You Can't Hate Men And Want a Relationship With One At The Same Time In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m sharing why you have to stop having negative beliefs about men if you want a healthy relationship. I'm going to help you throw away this mentality so that you can build an amazing relationship. If you're ready to change your beliefs around men, stay tuned!  Here are a few points I cover:  Why you can't hate men but want a relationship with one.  Pay attention to your beliefs about men.  Find examples of men who mirror your positive beliefs. I hope that hearing more about this concept was a huge eye-ope
02/08/202123 minutes 35 seconds
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Ep 3: You Are Kinky for Your Own Suffering

You Are Kinky for Your Own Suffering In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m sharing why we get off on our own suffering and the reason we ignore all answers to that pain. We make ourselves suffer a lot more than we have to in relationships, but why? Stay tuned to hear all the details!  Here are a few points I cover:  You attract what you please.  Why do we get addicted to that suffering?  Ways to step out of the victim mentality and deal with the suffering. I hope that hearing more about this suffering opened your eyes to the fact that maybe this is happening to you. Remember, if you didn't want something, y
02/08/202120 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep 4: Water Your Own Lawn and Take Responsibility Before You Judge Someone Else's

Water Your Own Lawn and Take Responsibility Before You Judge Someone Else's In this episode of the Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m sharing why you have to water your own lawn before picking at someone else's. It's super important to make sure things on your side are up to your standards before looking at your standards in someone else's life. If you're ready to take responsibility for your actions and stop always looking to men as the problem, stay tuned!  Here are a few points I cover:  Why it's hard to look at ourselves and take responsibility.  What happens when you abandon yourself.  Start acting like you're worthy of love.  <span style="font-weight:
02/08/202118 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep 1: Sharing My Personal Journey, Past Relationships, and How I Finally Reclaimed My Self-Worth

Sharing My Personal Journey, Past Relationships, and How I Finally Reclaimed My Self-Worth In this episode of Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast, I’m sharing a little bit about who I am, how I got here, and how you can start to reclaim your self-worth WITHOUT the validation of men. I’ll be talking about my own personal journey to self-worth and why we have to look to ourselves FIRST for validation. So if you’re ready to learn more about reclaiming your power, be sure to tune into the very first episode! Here are a few points I cover:  A little about me and how I got here.  The trip that changed my self-worth.  Why you need to stop blaming men for the way you feel about yourself. </sp
15/07/202125 minutes 2 seconds