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Understanding Phrasal Verbs

English, Education, 1 season, 9 episodes, 3 hours, 11 minutes
Why are English phrasal verbs so confusing? This podcast will answer that question, and show you exactly how to learn them and use them. Private Facebook community for introverted language learners: Support this podcast:
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Metaphors: the key to understanding everything

What is a metaphor? You may be surprised to find out that it is NOT only something English teachers make you learn to write poetry! Metaphors are absolutely everywhere, and understanding them will be the #1 trick to understanding any phrasal verb you find *out in the wild.* This episode is only an introduction to metaphors. Be ready for more episodes where I go in depth with specific orientational metaphors (such as GOOD is UP) and how knowing these little ideas will make so many phrasal verbs make sense! I'm on Instagram @introvert.english if you have any questions. --- Support this podcast:
11/5/202110 minutes, 12 seconds
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5 Good Reasons to Learn Phrasal Verbs

In this episode I give 5 good reasons to learn phrasal verbs, in no order. Actually, #5 is the one I want you to hear the most, oops! Links:  Article- NPR- 5 Reasons Why We Code Switch Video: What is Code Switching Video: What is Code Switching Introverted Language Learners Private Facebook Group 15 Introspective language learning journal prompts --- Support this podcast:
4/13/202120 minutes, 21 seconds
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Word stress in phrasal verbs- there's a rule!

In this episode I discuss how important word stress is in English in general, and give you lots of examples. I give you more tips on how to know when someone uses a ~phrasal verb...if its really a phrasal verb or the NOUN version. The end of the episode also includes an exercise to practice your listening skills (to see if you can differentiate between nouns vs phrasal verbs.) In a nutshell: for most phrasal verbs, PUT THE STRESS ON THE SECOND WORD! The meaning changes if you put the stress on the first word. (My Argentinian intonation is coming through a lot in this episode. Yes, my native language is English! But just as you can pick up accents in new places, you can pick up intonations, EVEN SPEAKING A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. Maybe its a whole attitude. Anyways, some of my speech patterns here are a little less US and a little more Argentina. :P If that sounds confusing to you, what I mean is, I literally sound Argentinian when I speak English sometimes. Follow me on Instagram @english.for.introverts Join our Facebook community of Introverted Language Learners: --- Support this podcast:
9/9/202019 minutes, 29 seconds