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English, Social, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 9 hours 7 minutes
Awkward first dates. Fashion faux pas. Badly timed bodily functions. We all have those embarrassing stories – even celebrities and WWE Superstars. On Uncool, Alexa Bliss and her guests dish on their most cringeworthy moments from before the fame and success. So dust off your Furby, open up your Trapper Keeper and get ready for a nostalgic celebration of all things UNCOOL. Follow Alexa Bliss on Instagram @alexa_bliss_wwe_ and join the conversation using #UncoolWithAlexa. Uncool with Alexa Bliss is produced by the Official WWE Podcast Network.
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Jon Heder

The "Napoleon Dynamite" star reveals the similarities between himself and the awkward character he made famous, the origins of "the dance" and the challenges of dating in high school as a twin.See for privacy information.
01/12/202051 minutes 6 seconds
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Jaret Reddick

Before he was writing songs about Alexa Bliss, Jaret and his band Bowling For Soup were labeled "the most-hated band in the Dallas-Fort Worth area." He remembers trading pranks with his older brother, a marching band mishap and what it took to hit it big after years of touring.See for privacy information.
24/11/20201 hour 6 minutes 1 second
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Nikki Glaser

The comedy superstar takes us back to high school and college where she obsessed over Dave Matthews and her dreams of fame, while Alexa quickly discovers she and Nikki share an unexpected bond.See for privacy information.
17/11/202053 minutes 52 seconds
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Taylor Hanson

Alexa's first childhood crush stops by the podcast to chat about hitting it big with "MMMBop" at 14 years old, touring the world with his family, and his never-ending quest to find the best fast food in the country.See for privacy information.
10/11/202037 minutes 6 seconds
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Nikki Cross

WWE's Twisted Sister joins her old pal Alexa to reminisce about growing up in Scotland, the Spice Girls movie and her first fast-food job.See for privacy information.
03/11/202052 minutes 24 seconds
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Tyler Breeze

In our most revealing episode yet, Prince Pretty learns a little bit about himself by reliving some of his most embarrassing moments in and out of a WWE ring. He even teaches us all about the phenomenon known as "date farts."See for privacy information.
27/10/202037 minutes 18 seconds
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Drake Maverick

A fan favorite of the WWE and NXT Universe, Drake recalls his upbringing in Birmingham, UK, an ill-fated trip to Greece, and learning about the USA through the American Pie movies and Patrick Swayze.See for privacy information.
20/10/202045 minutes 17 seconds
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Ryan Cabrera

The “On The Way Down” singer takes us through his constantly evolving hair style, embarrassing celebrity encounters and a tour of what he likes to call his “Bieber Cave.”See for privacy information.
13/10/202043 minutes 37 seconds
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The Bella Twins

Nikki & Brie take us back to their days of chasing boys at the mall, sharing their worst fashion choices, first jobs and their favorite grunge rockers from the 90s.See for privacy information.
06/10/202054 minutes 23 seconds
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James Iglehart

The Tony Award-winning, Hamilton-rapping, Genie from Aladdin himself looks back on his backyard wrestling federation, his unique high school nickname and a painful first kiss.See for privacy information.
29/09/202039 minutes 13 seconds
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The Miz

Before he was a WWE Grand Slam Champion, teenage Mike “The Miz” Mizanin was doing anything he could to get noticed by the girls at school. He drops by the podcast to talk with Alexa about playing in the school band, his love for New Kids on the Block and a horrifying first date story that we cannot un-hear.See for privacy information.
22/09/202035 minutes 49 seconds
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Lance Bass

A member of the teen pop sensation NSYNC (and Alexa’s biggest crush), Lance Bass joins the podcast for a “no strings attached” chat about his awkward years in the spotlight, dreams of space travel and growing up with a secret.See for privacy information.
22/09/202028 minutes 56 seconds
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Uncool with Alexa Bliss is coming…

Hear a different side of celebrities along with WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss. Embarrassing stories from their youth, cringy high school moments and a celebration of all things awkward. A special two-episode premiere lands Tuesday, September 22.See for privacy information.
01/09/20202 minutes 17 seconds