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Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths), listen up! Being a STEMinist means creating a wildly fulfilling career without compromising your family or social life. Learn how to take back control of your career progression, navigate gender equality issues and stop balancing work with life, and start enjoying it. When you love your whole life, you become a living example that a career in STEM is where it's at. I'm Tiffany Dawson and I'll be teaching you all the stuff no one else teaches you about being a woman in STEM. Find me over at
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Permission to be a lazy-girl entrepreneur

Here&apos;s my secret to not failing in business: Be more lazy as an entrepreneur.While everyone else is waking up at 5am, adding 5 people a day on LinkedIn, having a different content strategy for Instagram and LinkedIn... I&apos;m here trying to make things as EASY and simple as possible.While these may be best practises - I just know that I don&apos;t want to spend my time that way and if I force myself to, I&apos;ll end up resenting showing up on social media and maybe even risking throwing in the towel in business all together.Playing the long game is the most important aspect of success in business that doesn&apos;t get talked about enough. So in being more lazy and doing things how I prefer to do them, I&apos;m helping myself have longevity in entrepreneurship.Useful Links:Come to my &quot;office Christmas Party&quot;<a href='https://www.tif
29/11/202329 minutes 25 seconds
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The no-think structures that keep me on track with business & mindset

Life happens. As  I&apos;m recording this, my son is ill and I&apos;m battling a weird flu of my own. This often does something to my mindset which isn&apos;t pretty  - but it&apos;s totally out of my control. Luckily though, I have several structures in place in my life and business which means I don&apos;t even have to THINK about keeping everything up.No-think structures are the activities that are already integrated into my calendar that keeps me in that CEO mindset, no matter what’s happening in life. Removing mental load, makes running a business as easy as possible - especially during trying timesJoin Overflow Collective hereL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: <a href='
24/11/202323 minutes 12 seconds
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Why I'm ditching Black Friday this year

You either love it or you hate it... What do YOU think of Black Friday?Some of us think it&apos;s a fun time to research deals and make huge savings. It might even symbolise abundance to you. Others may think it&apos;s a waste of energy and that it&apos;s negatively pressuring consumers to buy stuff they don&apos;t need.Either way, it&apos;s a huge opportunity for anyone selling products or services to take a slice of the pie.But this year it just didn&apos;t feel right to me - despite all my forward planning, I decided to pull my Black Friday offers this year after listening to what my audience really needed from me.Sign up to my newsletterEnrol in EXPLODE - a 1 week intensive Voxer coaching experienceJoin Overflow CollectiveOr<a href='htt
15/11/202331 minutes 45 seconds
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Intuitive Business Structure when you hate following rules

We are accepting new members into Overflow Collective - THE support circle for entrepreneurs who are mothers. Get all the details via the link below 👇 you won&apos;t want to miss out on being a part of this incredible, close-knit community of women.&gt;&gt;&gt; Enrol Here&lt;&lt;&lt;---This episode is for all my ladies hate being told what to do - even when the instruction comes from yourself!If you&apos;re craving more structure within your business, but feel like rules and proccesses are too restrictive. This is for you 🙌I want to show you how to create a strategy using your intuition so it no longer feels like all the fun has been taken out of business. It&apos;s through this form of intuitive structure that allows you to be spontaneous AND be consistent with other areas of your business at the same time.DM me on Insta if you&apos;ve got any q
11/10/202315 minutes 56 seconds
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Stop Overthinking: Mindfulness in Business with Lucy Squire

&gt;&gt;&gt; First 2 women to take up Strategy Luxe receive a bonus worth £275If you&apos;re a purpose-led entrepreneur wanting greater direction and clarity with your next launch, audience growth plan or to streamline your product suite: ✨ Strategy Luxe is the perfect combination of strategic action planning &amp; implementation support.💌 DM me &quot;Luxe&quot; and I&apos;ll send over all the details---Lucy Squire is THE expert for all things Mindful Living. She&apos;s a veterinary surgeon turned university lecturer turned mindful living coach and we chat about:How to overcome overthinking with simple mindfulness techniquesWhy mindfulness doesn&apos;t mean being super optimistic all the timeToxic positivity - how to be aware of itOur obsessions with to do listsHow to make bigger bolder decisions withou
14/09/20231 hour 29 seconds
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Behind The Scenes: Q4 planning in my business

&gt;&gt;&gt; First 2 clients receive a bonus worth £275!In this episode I talk about new ways of working with me. 💌 Send me a DM to to find out if Strategy Luxe is a good coaching option for you and you&apos;ll receive a free month of Voxer support worth £275!I&apos;m taking you BEHIND THE SCENES of what business strategy planning looks like for me in the final quarter of the year.I take you through the 4 steps I went through: Re-clarifying how I help my clientsAnalysing how my clients and audience like to interact with meWriting down challenges I&apos;ve helped all my clients with this yearRevisiting and increasing my pricingFrom this I&apos;ve been able to quickly revamp my whole product suite and easily come up with a brand new product I know for certain my audience will lap up.LMK on Instagram DMs if this has empowered you
07/09/202329 minutes 30 seconds
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Gentle Sophisticated Sales with Helen Thacker

&gt;&gt;&gt; The September intake for Overflow Collective closes tomorrow (Thurs 31st Aug) If you&apos;re a mother and entrepreneur who values community and freedom, join us here so you don&apos;t miss out on our next group call.Feel free to DM me with any questions.&lt;&lt;&lt;Helen Thacker is a sales and strategy coach with 20+ years experience in sales.Back when she was working for someone else, Helen was trained to use sales tactics that made her feel awful and inauthentic. So from that experience, she sought out ways to sell using gentle and sophisticated methods that felt right for her.In this episode we chat about:How you can learn to love sales by working on your sales mindset and holistic business strategyWhy CLARITY in your niche is the foundation to
30/08/202338 minutes 53 seconds
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Why spare time is a problem

&gt;&gt;&gt; The September intake for Overflow Collective is now open! If you&apos;re a mother and entrepreneur who values community and freedom, join us here so you don&apos;t miss out on our next group call.Feel free to DM me with any questions.&lt;&lt;&lt;You&apos;ve got grand ideas of having so much spare time in business, you laze around in the afternoons reading all the books you&apos;ve wanted to get through. You set a goal to have so much freedom than you can go travelling at a moments notice.But the reality is, when you have a spare moment, you fill it with busy work. Or like me - you end up scrolling on Instagram.This episode is inspired by a question asked within Overflow Collective about having more spare time - more specfically, how to use the spare time we have effectively
24/08/202319 minutes 11 seconds
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Master your habits to show up in alignment with your highest self with Anna Christiansen

&gt;&gt;&gt; The September intake for Overflow Collective is now open! If you&apos;re a mother and entrepreneur who values community and freedom, join us here so you don&apos;t miss out on our next group call. Feel free to DM me with any questions.&lt;&lt;&lt;Anna Christiansen is a business, sales and marketing coach for mothers wanting to scale their side businesses and QUEEN of habits!Join us for this juicy discussion on:Why habits are the foundation to building a sustainably successful businessWhether it&apos;s possible for those who aren&apos;t self-disciplined to stick to habitsHow habits are there to support you to feel good, not beat you down for failing to follow themHow habit building can actually be made fun!The unexpected joys Anna experi
18/08/202354 minutes 26 seconds
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Launch Lessons and Inside Info from Overflow Collective

&gt;&gt;&gt; Join us in OVERFLOW COLLECTIVE👯‍♀️ It&apos;s the tailor made support circle for mothers who are entrepreneurs.⚡️ JOIN NOW to access live calls starting September.I can&apos;t wait to welcome you in&lt;&lt;&lt;Hey lovely! I wanted to share with you the invaluable lessons I learned during my launch of Overflow Collective this week. Join me as I take you behind the scenes of my launch plan and how I managed my mindset and energetics over this period.Let me know if you&apos;re launching something right now that I can support on social media!Hit me up @tiffanydawson_L E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: T
11/08/202325 minutes 14 seconds
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30 days to make it work or shut down my business

&gt;&gt;&gt; Claim your spot in OVERFLOW COLLECTIVE by Monday 7th August.👯‍♀️ It&apos;s the tailor made support circle for mothers who are entrepreneurs.⚡️ JOIN NOW so you don&apos;s miss the August live callsI can&apos;t wait to welcome you in&lt;&lt;&lt;A DEEPLY personal story being served up in this episode. It&apos;s a little painful to relive but I wanted to do it so you know that:You&apos;re not alone in these challenges of motherhood and entrepreneurshipYou CAN overcome and GROW from these hardshipsThere is support no matter how alone you feel right now---For months after coming back from maternity leave, I’d made a total of $0 in my business and was relying solely on my husband’s wages and savings from government maternity allowance to get by. While I felt incredibly lucky we c
02/08/202330 minutes 26 seconds
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The secret ingredient to scaling your revenue that no one's talking about

&gt;&gt;&gt; LIMITED TIME OFFER: Join Overflow Collective now to receive 50% off your first 3 months + a bonus private coaching call &lt;&lt;&lt;In the business world, there&apos;s lots of talk about optimal morning routine, best systems and strategies to get to 6 figures, top 10 apps to streamline your processes...What&apos;s NOT talked about is actually the easiest way to grow your income and that is:THE IMMERSION METHODThis method is usually used in the context of learning a language. The theory is that if you immerse yourself in the place that language is spoken, your ability to learn it is super quick. Compared with how I learned Japanese, in a classroom full of english speakers with and Australian teacher... (my Japanese was not good!)Same goes for businesses ownership. If you want to scale your revenue, work less hours, collaborate with businesses you admire - then immerse yoursel
25/07/202325 minutes 41 seconds
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Step into your future self NOW so you can achieve your goals FAST

Today’s episode is inspired by the monumental shifts that have happened in my client’s life over the past few weeks. And I want to share with you the exact things she worked on to make it happen.This client first came to me feeling like life was hectic and overwhelming. She felt overworked and woke up one day with a huge realisation - she never actually wanted to work in a 9-5 job like this.Fast forward to now, while she’s still working in her full time role, she feels relaxed, has expansive visions of her future and is taking action towards her vision board life. In fact she already feels the way she wants to in future, despite not having obtained the things she thought she’d need in order to feel that way.While I helped to guide and focus her attention on the right things, she was the one who put in the necessary work to MAKE IT HAPPENHere&apos;s how she did it ⬇️✨ Worked on increasing her confidence&gt; So she wasted le
13/07/202320 minutes 53 seconds
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Remain in Boss Mode Using AI with Dr. Nici Sweaney

I&apos;m chatting today with the multi-passionate Dr. Nici Sweaney. She runs 7 different income streams, one of which helps female business owners harness the use of AI to level the entrepreneurial playing field. We talk about how she does all of this with fun, ease whilst also being a mother of 4. Some of the topics we discuss are:Why picking only one passion to work on made her feel anxiousThe shocking way she was treated when she told her boss she was pregnant for the first timeWhat you should know if you run a business and are about to have a babyHow on earth she organises her 7 income streams around 4 childrenThe use of AI in making her dream lifestyle possibleHer expert tips on how to get the most out of AI as a woman in businessplus so much more!Send Dr Nici Sweaney a DM here to let you know you listened in:LinkedIn: <a href='
06/07/202348 minutes 51 seconds
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How I'll know when I've made it: A look back to past goals and what I see in my future - 100th episode special!

Have you ever wondered how to measure success in your business? Well, in the 100th episode of &quot;Unconventional Success&quot;, I reflect on my journey of starting my business and how it&apos;s evolved over time.Listen in to hear a raw unedited reading of my own journal entry from before I started my business, where I wrote about my desire for freedom, flexibility, and a fulfilling job that aligns with my values. I reflect on how I&apos;ve achieved almost everything in that journal entry already and how my standards for myself have been raised over time.  And I share with you with juicy detail what I see for the future of my business and how I&apos;ll know when I&apos;ve made it.Overall, my most valuable lesson is that success in business should be a moving target, always a little bit further ahead than where you currently are. I encourage you to focus on the feelings you want to have and the big game they want to play in business, rather than just se
22/06/202332 minutes 53 seconds
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Opening up about loneliness as an entrepreneur

One day I was working in a corporate, teamwork environment - the next day I was working alone in the dining room on my own business.Loneliness in entrepreneurship is real! If you&apos;ve ever felt alone on your business journey or are feeling that way right now, you&apos;ll be able to relate to this episode.I also share my lightbulb realisation about how to feel less alone as a solopreneur and how making those connections boosted my confidence.If you&apos;re curious to follow along with my live experiment of building a community for mothers who are entrepreneurs, come and follow me on Instagram @tiffanydawson_I&apos;ll be going live every Friday morning for the foreseeable to share behind-the-scenes action of building and launching a community!L E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href=''
15/06/202320 minutes 49 seconds
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Shortcut to a confident, business mindset

What are you supposed to  do when deep down, you don&apos;t really believe that your business goals can come true?We&apos;re told to journal and meditate. But sometimes these practises can feel forced and inauthentic at the time. So aside from sitting in a room quietly with yourself, a journal and pen - what else could you do?This episode was inspired by a client conversation I had where my client didn&apos;t believe she could make good money from the industry she was trying to break into. When we delved into it, it was because...She had no one in her circle who had done it before! She&apos;d heard some stories of businesses going wrong and assumed that was her fate too.The easiest and most practical way you can instantly grow your self belief is to surround yourself with those who have either done it before, or want the same thing you do.It&apos;s time to NORMALISE your dreams - not make them feel like some unattainable feat.<b
07/06/202320 minutes 5 seconds
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Asking for advice is hurting your business growth. Here's what to do instead

&gt;&gt;&gt; PRIZE DRAW FOR £20 / $20 VOUCHER:I&apos;m inviting 30 mothers and 10 mums to be who are entrepreneurs to help me shape and finalise an upcoming community. If you fit this description and want to grow and scale your business without compromising quality time with your family, I&apos;d love your help.Please complete this questionnaire for your chance to be in the prize draw for a £20 / $20 Amazon or voucher--------Here&apos;s the advice I was given in my early business days: Start a side hustle firstAs a coach, do loads of pro-bono workNever give away your time for freeYou must do discovery calls to sign on clientsBut no matter how common the advice, here&apos;s the truth:The other person doesn’t know your business, your industry, your audience as well as you.So if you&apos;re learning
25/05/202333 minutes 52 seconds
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Nail your marketing message so your audience get why they should work with you

&gt;&gt;&gt; STRATEGY SESSIONS - 1 SPACE LEFT IN MAY 2023 Book a powerful 75 minute strategy session with me to focus on hitting your revenue targets without those sleazy sales tactics.✨ SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION HERE:✨ GOT QUESTIONS? DM me on Instagram---Do you feel like you&apos;re constantly second guessing  your word choice when it comes to selling your services?A client I ran a strategy session for yesterday had been shying away from updating her website and posting on socials because she didn&apos;t know what to say.We worked on simply talking about the TRANSFORMATION she could offer rather than the solution she was selling.This episode is full of examples of how you can tweak your messaging so your client finally gets why they need to work with you!L
18/05/202322 minutes 49 seconds
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Copywriting that converts and go-getter attitude with Olivia Scheibelreiter

&gt;&gt;&gt; 2 SPACES AVAILABLE IN MAY 2023 FOR STRATEGY SESSIONSBook a powerful 75 minute strategy session with me to focus on hitting your revenue targets without those sleazy sales tactics.✨ SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION HERE:✨ GOT QUESTIONS? DM me on Instagram----In this heartfelt interview Olivia Scheibelreiter shares her secret to career success (hint: go-getter attitude!), her personal challenges with starting and growing a business and how to tackle loneliness as an entrepreneur.She also reveals the biggest copywriting mistakes she sees entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them. Not to miss if you ever struggle with writing content!Olivia is an expert copywriter and CEO of Say it right, a small female-led Writing Agency for Tech &amp; SaaS. They empower tech com
12/05/202350 minutes 46 seconds
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Never procrastinate on money making tasks again

Over the past 6 months, I’ve really drilled down on the things I’ve been resisting in business. I’ve dared to look them straight in the eye and figure out why the heck I’ve been procrastinating.Here’s a realisation which has been an absolute game changer:Difficult tasks become easy when your intention is right. Here are some examples: Don’t know what to write in your social media captions? Mindless intention: What if I say something people disagree with? Mindful intention: I’m simply going to say what my audience need to hear today. Resisting showing up on camera due to the huge spot on your face?Mindless intention: It’s embarrassing to look this bad on camera. Mindful intention: I have immense value to provide my audience. Scared of talking about your service offers? Mindless intention: I don’t want people to think I’m desperate or salesy. Mi
05/05/202322 minutes 4 seconds
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The Impact of Real-Life Challenges on Your Business Mindset

&gt;&gt;&gt; Enrolments for the 1 Month Intensive are now open! DM me &quot;Intensive&quot; over on Instagram to sign up @tiffanydawson_ &lt;&lt;&lt; In this episode, I&apos;m going to share my personal experience of dealing with recent challenges while running a business. It&apos;s not always easy, but I&apos;ve learned the importance of prioritising non-negotiables and self-care during difficult times.As a female solopreneur, I know firsthand the challenges we can face. But don&apos;t worry, I&apos;ve got some practical solutions to help you overcome them. It&apos;s all about prioritising your values and striving towards your highest self.So, if you&apos;re ready to take your business to the next level, join me for this episode. We&apos;ll talk about mindset, self-care, and practical knowledge to help you run a successful business while managing family responsibilities. Let&apos;s do this!<b
20/04/202326 minutes 5 seconds
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Money Mindset in the Dragon's Den with Zena El Farra

&gt;&gt;&gt; 1 Month Intensive wait list is now open - Sign up here &lt;&lt;&lt;(by signing up, you&apos;ll get priority booking to limited spaces and bonuses worth £225)I had the pleasure of chatting with Zena El Farra, founder of MasterPeace - London&apos;s first mindful art studio.Zena is a banker turned creative entrepreneur, launched MasterPeace, London’s first experience dedicated to practicing creativity as a form of mindfulness - as seen on Dragons&apos; Den. Building from her experience as a bookings-based business, she went on to co-launch Baluu alongside her business partner, Tom Batting. Baluu enables businesses like MasterPeace to start taking bookings through their websites - whether you’re a yoga school, puppy trainer, life coach, or even an art school.In this conversation we cover topics I know you&apos;ll relate to including:Zena&apos;s childhood entrepreneurial
11/04/202357 minutes 19 seconds
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The mindset block behind renaming my podcast

&gt;&gt;&gt; Download your FREE workbook to move from Income Stagnant to Free Flowing Revenue in 3 Simple Steps &lt;&lt;&lt;The big reveal is here! I&apos;ve taken the plunge and officially renamed my podcast to Unconventional Success.While I&apos;ve been so excited to share this with you, I also fought a battle with my mindset with it all. You see, I didn&apos;t come up with the name myself. In fact it all felt... a little too easy.Listen in to hear insights on how you might also be blocking yourself from ease and flow in your own business and how to overcome it right away.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: <a href='
05/04/202324 minutes 13 seconds
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90. How to find your own version of success

&gt;&gt;&gt; Download your FREE workbook to move from Income Stagnant to Free Flowing Revenue in 3 Simple Steps &lt;&lt;&lt;Have you REALLY stopped to think what success looks like to you? Down to the minute details like exactly how many clients you&apos;d work with, how you&apos;d spend your spare time and spend your surplus money?In this episode I share what my clients have uncovered as their versions of success, in the hope that you&apos;ll be inspired to have a good think about yours too. Because chances are, you&apos;ve probably borrowed society&apos;s version of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur - don&apos;t fall for that trap!L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Daws
29/03/202320 minutes 45 seconds
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89. The Business Rules You Shouldn't Follow

&gt;&gt;&gt; Download your FREE workbook to move from Income Stagnant to Free Flowing Revenue in 3 Simple Steps &lt;&lt;&lt;This episode was inspired by a client of mine who was resisting showing up on social media. It turns out she was unknowingly following &quot;rules&quot; she had learned from watching other solopreneurs in her field.Listen in to find out how to identify rules that you might be following without knowing it.What rules are you following that don&apos;t serve you? Come over to Instagram let me know in the DMs! 💌L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Website: <
25/03/202315 minutes 46 seconds
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88. 3 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Business

&gt;&gt;&gt; One private coaching spot left for March 2023: Apply here &lt;&lt;&lt;I&apos;m super excited to be sharing why I&apos;m opening up coaching to female founders who value freedom. This has been brewing within me for a while and I&apos;m so pleased I can now help other women entrepreneurs create the income and lifestyle they dare to dream of.So I thought I&apos;d share a few things I wish I knew when I started my business:You don&apos;t have to aim for what everyone else is aiming forTreat yourself like your own best clientGet help before you really need itWould you have anything to add? What advice would you have given yourself before you started your business? Come over to Instagram let me know in the DMs! 💌L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_
08/03/202328 minutes 52 seconds
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87. What I'm Working On Within Myself Right Now

&gt;&gt;&gt; Two private coaching spots now open for March 2023: Apply here &lt;&lt;&lt;A bit of a different vibe for this episode: I&apos;m sharing 4 things I&apos;m working on personally right now. I hope this can be an episode to inspire you to think about ways you can improve your own day to day too!I&apos;ll talk about:Breaking up with my phoneA new flowy morning routineNoticing my energy and using this to be kind to myselfShaking things up in my own careerI want to hear how this episode might have triggered you to think of ways you can make your own life better too. I&apos;d love to receive a DM from you on Insta on what you&apos;re working on in yourself too.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href='
24/02/202332 minutes 57 seconds
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86. 5 Ways You're Unknowingly Blocking Positivity From Your Life

&gt;&gt;&gt; Two private coaching spots now open for February 2023! Apply here &lt;&lt;&lt;Do you feel like positive vibes are hard to come by? If so, you’re not alone! Today’s episode is about identifying and breaking down the negative mental blocks that prevent us from embracing the positive energy we deserve. I&apos;m talking about the five most common ways that we unconsciously block positivity in our lives. I&apos;ll also discuss practical strategies to work through these blocks and to invite a more positive outlook. Tune in now to learn more.Key highlights[01:40] What I have been up to in the past week[05:43] Introducing today’s topic[07:15] Judgemental thinking[10:52] Champagne problems[16:18] Putting yourself in situations that increase your negative feelings[20:53] Indulging in whinging conversations[22:20] Do
14/02/202333 minutes 56 seconds
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85. Getting Curious About Your Discomfort

We deal with physical discomfort pretty well. We&apos;ll take off our shoe in the middle of a walk to remove a rock so we can walk comfortably.When it comes to emotional discomfort, we skip trying to figure out what&apos;s caused it and start shaming ourselves for not being tough enough to deal with the pain. Or maybe you try to ignore it all together.When you deal with negative emotions the wrong way, not only is it damaging to you, it means you don&apos;t learn what to do next time.This episode teaches you how to deal with emotional discomfort the right way, grow your self awareness, and use that knowledge to supercharge your personal developmentI&apos;ve got 3 spaces available in February for private coaching. This spaces are reserved only for female leaders and female founders, so if this is you, if you&apos;re curious to uncover your mindset blocks so you can become that next level version of yourself, why not take that first little step.
01/02/202329 minutes 27 seconds
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84. When Office Politics Ruins Your Vibe

You just want to do your job. You wish dumb problems would stop getting in the way. You don&apos;t have time to deal with people&apos;s dirty games and tricks. The drama is sucking the life out of you.No matter how much work you do on your own mindset, developing your technical skills or trying to stay out of the drama, someone always finds a way to suck you back in.It&apos;s hard to stay chirpy and positive when your&apos;e surrounded by negativity. I hope the prompts I share in this episode can get you to see the situation with more clarity and curiosity and that you&apos;re encouraged to use these darker times to learn and grow.Episode Notes:Get curious about your discomfortYou want to run away, scream or check out - what is it about the situation that&apos;s making you feel that way?Why do you feel so strongly about it?What does your reaction say about you?Get curious about why they&apo
25/01/202339 minutes 59 seconds
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83. Why You're Resisting Positivity

If you&apos;re on a journey to become hugely successful, you&apos;ll come across the notion that you&apos;ve gotta increase your optimism. But what might be holding you back from living a positive and confident life?Today&apos;s episode is a deep dive into your own past and how you might have developed some unhelpful beliefs in childhood. The most common one is learning to &quot;not get your hopes up&quot; and in turn, believing that it&apos;s better to believe good things won&apos;t happen so you won&apos;t be disappointed.This is a really unhelpful mindset when you want to act like the successful person you&apos;re trying to become!If you have goals to become that next level version of yourself this year, coaching could be the life-changing boost you need. Book a call with me here to see if coaching with me would be helpful for you.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram:
18/01/202325 minutes 55 seconds
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82. 3 Reasons Why Positive Thinking Works

Law of Attraction, manifestation, Lucky Girl Syndrome... it all sounds a bit ridiculous to just believe in something so it magically happens.But have we got it all wrong? Does achieving our goals take blood, sweat and tears? Or does it require both belief AND action?In this episode I uncover three reasons why positive thinking is vital to achieving your goals.If you have goals to become that next level version of yourself this year, coaching could be the life-changing boost you need. Book a call with me here to see if coaching with me would be helpful for you.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Website: <a href='ht
13/01/202332 minutes 24 seconds
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81. How to Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year

New Year&apos;s Resolutions are a hot topic. And you know what? They&apos;ve never really worked for me. I mean, I can&apos;t even remember what my goals were by the end of the year, let alone actually achieving them.Can you relate? Well today I&apos;m sharing my approach which is a bit different, but is sure to get you achieving what you want with so much more ease.This is an interactive episode so if you&apos;re able to sit down with pen and paper to reflect on some journalling questions, please do!If you have goals to become that next level version of yourself this year, coaching could be the life-changing boost you need. Book a call with me here to see if coaching with me would be helpful for you.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href='
03/01/202327 minutes 16 seconds
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80. What I Do Before I Meet Every Client for the First Time

I do something you might not expect before I meet any new client for the first time.On my discovery call form, I ask about your challenges and what you hope to get out of coaching.Before we jump on a call, I set aside some quiet time to put pen to paper.I journal about how much I feel for you going through these challenges and how much I can relate.I also write down what changes and transformations I hope for you. And more importantly, how good that&apos;ll make you feel.This puts me in a good place energetically by helping me set an intention for what best support I can give you.An added bonus is it helps me remember why I started this business in the first place:I know how crap it feels to be down in the dumps in business and career. I don&apos;t want you or any other woman to have to go through it ever again if you are wanting to work on it.If you want your confidence in career and business to sky roc
23/12/202229 minutes 13 seconds
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79. My Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster of Confidence

Starting a business was one of the hardest things I&apos;ve ever done.What I found out was, entrepreneurial success is a huge mindset game. For me, building my business confidence was far from linear. It was a huge rollercoaster.Listen to this episode about my journey so far and some of the deep realisations I made about myself and the business world.If you&apos;ve been looking for a sign to prioritise working on your mindset and business confidence, here it is.I&apos;m currently enrolling private coaching spots for female founders.If you want your confidence in business to sky rocket in 2023 so you can remove the noise, make good decisions, take more risks and be guided by your intuition, schedule a call with me here.LINKS:Enquire about 1:1 coaching for female business ow
14/12/202234 minutes 58 seconds
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78. How to be Strategic in Your Career with Gemma Coles

When I first met Gemma, I wished with all my heart that I knew her when I was developing my career as an engineer. I look up to her as someone who has nailed strategic thinking while still following her heart and knowing how to do it all with empathy and kindness.Gemma is MD at Kyero, a leading international property portal. With over 20 years experience in digital consulting, Gemma is responsible for growth &amp; enablement of commercial, marketing &amp; tech strategy. With a strong purpose led culture, Gemma leads an international &amp; fully remote team based across 7 countries. Gemma was previously MD &amp; Strategy Director at app development business Mubaloo &amp; co-host of Mobile Monday Bristol.Get in contact with Gemma:Gemma on LinkedInKyero&apos;s websiteOther resources mentioned:<a href='
08/12/202258 minutes 18 seconds
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76. Separating Your Ego From Your Work

After learning the hard way that I had to disconnect my self worth from my engineering work, I had to learn how to do it all over again when I started my coaching business.We&apos;ve all been that person who thinks that the world will fall over if they don&apos;t turn up to work, right? And while we didn&apos;t mean to be really cocky, in some senses we were being a bit egoic.In this ep I talk about how I overcame this challenge as an employee, and how it came back to haunt me when building up my business.LINKS:DM me on insta to book a discovery call if you&apos;re a female founderL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.c
25/11/202233 minutes 57 seconds
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77. Fixing How Mums Return to Work with Sophie Creese & Amber Rowbottom

I&apos;m honoured to be bringing you this supportive, inspiring and thought provoking chat with Sophie and Amber to you.Sophie is the founder of MotherBoard which is a Business Charter, Community, Event Series, and Podcast driving tangible change for mums working in the tech &amp; data industry. With Amber being the Community Engagement Manager, we chat about the biggest challenges mums face when coming back to work. We also cover what&apos;s making mums leave the tech industry in the first place and the invisible hurdles they have to jump through to succeed.Get in contact with MotherBoard:MotherBoard on LinkedInMotherBoard on InstagramMotherBoard on FacebookMother
22/11/202248 minutes 48 seconds
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75. New Course Details + My Thoughts on Morning Routines

I&apos;m inviting 10 women to be Founding Members of my new leadership course before 1st December 2022. Listen to the first part of this episode for all the juicy details!If that&apos;s not for you, skip to the second part where I&apos;ll be sharing my thoughts on morning routines. This is something I&apos;ve been pondering lately as to why it&apos;s important and what changes I can make to set myself up for success. You might find some inspiration to make minor tweaks to your own morning routine too.Useful Links:Subscribe to my email newsletterDetails and how to enrol as a Founding Member of the Limit Free Leader CourseL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_
09/11/202234 minutes 31 seconds
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74. Following Your Heart to Success with Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

Listen to this only if you want to feel inspired! Krystina&apos;s outlook on life and the way she thinks about problems is something we can all learn from.Krystina is a multi-award winning Chartered Engineer and STEM Ambassador who works as a Senior Flight Systems Engineer at BAE Systems and owns her small business, AviateHer. She studied Aerospace Systems Engineering at the University of the West of England, after being inspired by an airshow when she was in school and became the first engineer in her family. As there was a lack of visible females when she was studying and early on in her career, she is passionate about encouraging and inspiring more young girls to consider STEM careers.Get in contact with Krystina:AviateHer Etsy ShopKrystina on LinkedIn
28/10/202242 minutes 34 seconds
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73. My Deepest Darkest Thoughts When I was a Struggling Leader

&gt;&gt;&gt;  Enrolments are open for Limit Free Leader - Get the details here &lt;&lt;&lt;I have to admit I was a little nervous about this episode going live but I&apos;m glad I did it. It&apos;s a real life journal entry from my past.If you&apos;ve heard me talk about the day I burst into tears on the way to work because it was all too much (I talk about it in Episode 1), this is my journal entry about how I came to feel so overwhelmed that morning.I hope that as you listen to this, you feel less alone in your own challenges as a leader. That you can relate and know your&apos;e not the only one to feel the way you are. And that you can realise that there is definitely a way out if you can get some perspective.Limit Free Leader is my training program for women who want to become confident leaders.
06/10/202226 minutes 30 seconds
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72. 9 Reasons You've Lost Confidence Since Becoming a Leader

&gt;&gt;&gt;  Enrolments are now open for Limit Free Leader - Get the details here &lt;&lt;&lt;You&apos;d think that getting a promotion can only lead to feeling more confident right? But a weird thing can happen when you&apos;re promoted into leadership. The opposite might occur.It can be especially difficult to deal with since up until this point, you&apos;ve only been getting more and more proficient at your job. And you&apos;ve probably realised how much you know about your field of work.For all that to come crashing down at this late stage can be pretty disconcerting. But let&apos;s clear up why this happens in the first place.Listen in for 9 reasons you&apos;ve lost confidence since becoming a leader.If you&apos;d like to enrol in Limit Free Leader, <a href='
28/09/202233 minutes 38 seconds
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71. How to be a Limit Free Leader

&gt;&gt;&gt;  Enrolments are now open for Limit Free Leader - Get the details here &lt;&lt;&lt;Limit Free Leader is my brand new training program. It&apos;s for you if you want to gain the mindset, knowledge and skills you need to lead with confidence for the rest of your successful career.In this episode I&apos;ll take you through the 6 things you need to learn to become a strong, confident leader. It&apos;s also what makes up the 6 training sessions in Limit Free Leader.Here&apos;s what you&apos;ll learn:Know your essence - self awareness of your values and life prioritiesDefine your leadership styleBuild your confidenceThe uncomfortable stuffHow to influenceHow to think strategicallyIf you&apos;d like to enrol in Limit Free Lea
20/09/202236 minutes 52 seconds
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70. Where Do Your Work Beliefs Come From?

&gt;&gt;&gt;  I&apos;m currently taking new private coaching clients - Apply here &lt;&lt;&lt;Did you borrow some unhelpful beliefs about work from the role models in your life?Beliefs such as:You have to work really long hours to be successfulSometimes you have to play dirty games to get aheadThe worst thing you can do is make a mistake so it&apos;s better to stay quietI&apos;m here to tell you that your reality is different from theirs. But it has to start with you believing that you can have it better!In this episode I&apos;m going to teach you how to kick those unhelpful beliefs in the butt!If you found this topic interesting and would like me to be your leadership coach, you can apply by booking
08/09/202228 minutes 53 seconds
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69. Getting Difficult Team Members to Cooperate

&gt;&gt;&gt;  I&apos;m currently taking new private coaching clients - Apply here &lt;&lt;&lt;You know that person on your team who everyone finds hard to work with? The one who never listens or seems to do anything they please whenever they want?We&apos;ve all worked with this person. But what do you do if you&apos;re their leader or manager?No matter how difficult they are, it&apos;s still your responsibility to get the best out of them. And they&apos;re probably still kicking around because they ARE really good at what they do.Listen to this episode to hear my one simple and super effective tip for getting difficult team members to cooperate.Did you find this topic helpful? You can delve even deeper into your career challenges through private coaching. Apply by booking a discovery ca
30/08/202223 minutes 51 seconds
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68. How to Find Your Own Leadership Style

&gt;&gt;&gt;  Register for my free web class on 10th August 2022  &lt;&lt;&lt;How do you find your own leadership style? There are two simple steps to start with:STEP 1: Find out your core valuesIf you&apos;re not acting in alignment with your own values, you&apos;ll always feel like you&apos;re trying to be someone else.Download a worksheet to find your core values here.STEP 2: Know how you want to be seen as a leaderFigure out what effect you want to have on your team members.Some people find it helpful to work with a leadership coach to figure this stuff out.If that&apos;s you, book a discovery call with me to find out more here:<br/
03/08/202227 minutes 26 seconds
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67. Impostor Syndrome as a Female Leader in STEM

&gt;&gt;&gt; Apply for the leadership coaching program here: &lt;&lt;&lt;Women in STEM often develop impostor syndrome after becoming a leader. Here&apos;s why:They feel icky using the leadership skills they&apos;ve learnedThis is because they&apos;ve learned them from leaders they can&apos;t relate toPutting on this learned &quot;leadership&quot; demeanour is like pretending to be someone elsePretending to be someone your&apos;e not is the definition of &quot;impostor&quot;!This is why it&apos;s so important for women to explore what their own leadership style is.Chances are, if something feels yuck, it&apos;s someone else&apos;s leadership method that isn&apos;t going to work for you.Women in STEM, I&apos;ve got a leadership coaching program that&apos;ll train you to:✨ Develop an
19/07/202224 minutes 1 second
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66. Rejection is Life's Best Form of Protection

&gt;&gt;&gt; To apply for private coaching, book a discovery call with me &lt;&lt;&lt;Being told &quot;no&quot; sucks, doesn&apos;t it? But what it&apos;s actually the universe guiding us towards something better?I know when something I do or say gets rejected, I can feel unworthy, embarrassed and just plain stupid. I get that heart sinking feeling - do you?And while there&apos;s not a whole lot we can do to change our initial feeling, there is SO MUCH we can do to change our reaction that comes after.Listen to this ep to hear about 3 of my personal rejection stories and how they definitely turned out for the best.Being rejected for something is just life&apos;s way of telling you that this isn&apos;t the opportunity for you. This is what you THOUGHT was best. But actually there&apos;s something out there that you never could have dreamt of that&apos;s even better.<b
14/06/202234 minutes 16 seconds
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65. Strategic Thinking - Think Bigger by Deleting Your To-Do List

&gt;&gt;&gt; To apply for private coaching, book a discovery call with me &lt;&lt;&lt;Do you love being productive? Are you glued to your to-do list everyday? Do you get a massive buzz each time you cross a task off?I&apos;ve got a truth-bomb for your: being productive all the time is stopping you from progressing in your career.BOOM! There, I said it. Yes all that time you spent getting stuff done might actually have been better spent elsewhere. To be seen as a leader or considered for leadership roles, you&apos;ve gotta start acting like one right now. And that means you need to spend time thinking bigger.A to-do list keeps you in the here and now. And what do you get after you tick everything off? Another to-do list! I call it the hamster wheel of (career) death.Listen to this episode for more gems of alternative career wisdom from me!I have a couple of private co
27/05/202220 minutes 4 seconds
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64. I'm Back, Baby! - Life update and plans for 2022

I&apos;m back after having my baby and I have so much to tell you! This episode is a bit of a life update to catch you up on what I&apos;ve been doing for the past 9 months. Plus a bit about what you can expect from me for the rest of this year (although I&apos;m still trying to figure that out!).I&apos;ve got a couple of coaching spaces becoming available this month. Here&apos;s where you can apply: E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href='https://www.linke
17/05/202239 minutes 15 seconds
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63. How to be Both a Friend and a Manager

Yes it&apos;s true, you don&apos;t have to be everyone&apos;s friend. But what happens when you get promoted and become your work-friend&apos;s boss?Listen in to learn how to deal with those difficult conversations with ex-peers as their manager.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Website:
29/07/202125 minutes 35 seconds
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62. Why You Shouldn't Be A Yes-Woman

Do you find yourself saying yes to everything? Well listen in to hear why this is damaging your career!Episode Summary:Why women end up saying yes to everythingWhat happens to your career when you become a Yes-WomanWhat you should do insteadL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Website:
21/07/202121 minutes 56 seconds
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61. How To Get The Most Out Of Meetings

Meetings can be boring. They&apos;re a drain and sometimes feel like a complete waste of time! For some of my clients, meetings can be anxiety ridden. A place where they feel they need to prove themselves.Here are 5 tips to make the most out of meetings so you never feel they&apos;re a waste of time again!Know the purpose of the meeting before you say yesSet the tone of the meeting at the very startTake the pressure off yourself to perform!Summarise at the end of the meetingEven if you&apos;re not sure why you&apos;re there, be curious and learn what you canL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Insta
14/07/202125 minutes 21 seconds
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60. 5 Things I Wish STEM Business Leaders Knew About Gender Equality

Trying to get STEM business leaders to take gender equality seriously can be so frustrating! Can you relate?Hear me talk about the 5 things I wish they knew which would finally motivate them to take action:No-one in STEM has got gender equality right (yet). So trying something is better than doing nothing.Don&apos;t focus your efforts on recruiting more women if you can&apos;t even retain the women you&apos;ve already got.Don&apos;t sit and wait for diverse CVs to roll in. Like anything that&apos;s rare and valuable, it takes extra time and effort to seek them out.You can&apos;t blame it all on the &quot;pipeline issue&quot;. It&apos;s a known fact that women drop out of the tech industry at a faster rate than men. Do not lower the quality of new hires just to recruit a woman. But do look at how your assessment of quality may be biased against them.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: <
07/07/202129 minutes 50 seconds
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59. Intuition as a Leadership Skill

The most under-used leadership skill? Trusting your intuition!While having experience and knowledge is useful, those who can tune into their gut feelings can make better decisions, quickly.If you think you&apos;re not experienced or knowledgable enough to be a great leader, think again! That&apos;s only one side of the equation.L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; W
30/06/202132 minutes 4 seconds
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58. 4 Things You Need to Become a Respected Leader

Becoming a leader who&apos;s respected in a male dominated workplace has it&apos;s challenges. But if you know where to focus your efforts, you will be successful!The problem is, we find it hard to emulate our role models because they can seem so different to us. Most of our examples of strong leaders have really masculine traits. That works for men, but it can feel pretty icky pretending to be someone totally different to us.Here are the 4 things you need to focus on to become a well respected leader:Get clear on your career directionDevelop your OWN leadership styleLearn how to think strategicallyNail your influencing skillsL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.t
24/06/202125 minutes 8 seconds
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57. The Influencing Strategy Everyone's Forgotten About

There&apos;s an influencing strategy that everyone seems to have forgotten about which I&apos;m sharing in this episode!We usually think of influencing skills as saying the right thing at the right time. Or  wording our sentences to play mind tricks on the people we&apos;re trying to convince.But have you considered that none of that actually matters unless your heart is in the right place?Your intention matters. You can carry out the same activity, but if you&apos;re intention is to protect yourself (instead of serving others) you&apos;re going to get a very different result!L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagra
16/06/202118 minutes 57 seconds
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56. My Life-Boosting Daily & Weekly Habits

&gt;&gt;&gt; Sign up to my newsletter! &lt;&lt;&lt;I used to look at daily habits as restrictive and boring. But now I know, they actually help to free up brain space to be more creative during the week!Listen in to hear about my personal daily and weekly habits and how they help boost the quality of my life.Episode Summary:My weekly Friday morning reflections that help me be more strategicHow I put myself in a good mindset for sleep with my abundance journalWhat exercise I do each dayHow I do my weekly food planningResources:Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know about openings for coachingL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <
09/06/202131 minutes 26 seconds
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55. How to Nail a Presentation Every Single Time

&gt;&gt;&gt;  Schedule your 15-min discovery call with me here &lt;&lt;&lt;I&apos;ll be doing quite a few presentations over the next few weeks so I wanted to share how I prepare for me talks. There are also some common things that stop a lot of my clients from doing presentations in the first place so listen into learn how to overcome those fears!Episode SummaryQuestions to ask before you even start preparingWhat&apos;s in it for me?What&apos;s in it for them?What do I need them to know in order for both parties to reach our goals?How to prepare:The golden structure to presentationsHow to create engaging slidesScrap the script!Best ways to practiseThings that stop us from presenting (and how to overcome them)Think there are people more knowledgable than usToo afraid of question
02/06/202139 minutes 56 seconds
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54. 1st Birthday Special Episode!

&gt;&gt;&gt; Schedule your private 15-min discovery call with me here! &lt;&lt;&lt;How to be a STEMinist turns 1 this week! Tune into this special episode to hear about the journey it&apos;s been on over this pivotal year.Episode Summary:The pickle I was in when I first started this podcastSome life-changing stories from listenersHow this podcast has enriched my lifeWhat to expect from the show moving forwardsResources:Apply for a coaching programme by booking a 15-min discovery callL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: <a href='http://www.tiffanyd
26/05/202136 minutes 21 seconds
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53. Find Your Own Leadership Style

&gt;&gt;&gt; Schedule your private 15-min discovery call with me here! &lt;&lt;&lt;Don&apos;t change your behaviour just because you&apos;ve become a leader!I&apos;ve had 3 private coaching clients come to me in the past couple of weeks with the same misunderstanding: They thought their leadership style was too nice / empathetic / caring.But when we dug down further, it was because the only role models they&apos;d ever had were men with super directive communication styles.This is common for women in STEM. Our examples of leadership are often people who are nothing like us.Not sure how to create your own leadership style? I&apos;ve got you.Episode Summary:Common misconceptions we have about ideal leadership traitsFeminine vs. masculine behaviours in the workplaceHow our misconceptions are deterring women from going for leadershi
19/05/202122 minutes 16 seconds
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52. Changing Careers, Being ESEA & Supporting Kids in STEM with Natalie Cheung

I wanted to interview Natalie Cheung for the longest time on my podcast! After meeting her by chance online, we realised we had so much in common, and so much to add to each other.While Natalie still contributes so much to the development of STEM careers, she had to make a difficult decision to leave her engineering job to find that path.I also wanted to chat to her about the challenges of being ESEA (east &amp; south east Asian) in a mainly caucasian workplace. Natalie hosts her own podcast, Yellow Bee Pod which explores these ideas in depth.Having worked in supporting industry leaders inspire the next generation in STEM, I wanted to get Natalie&apos;s views on how we can best support school kids.Episode Summary:Natalie&apos;s journey into STEMWhat it like to leave engineeringHow being of ethnic minority affected Natalie&apos
12/05/202158 minutes 39 seconds
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51. How to Influence Difficult Colleagues

&gt;&gt;&gt; Schedule your private 15-min discovery call with me here! &lt;&lt;&lt;I&apos;m giving you 2 real life situations of how my coaching clients are applying influencing skills to difficult colleagues.A lot of influencing training is about how to inspire people to follow you - which is great! But sometimes, all we need is to get someone we work with to play ball. This can be really hard when they&apos;re just a plain difficult human!These examples will help you to see how you can apply the skills I taught in episodes 49 and 50 to real life situations.Episode Summary:Example 1: How Sophia influenced a team member who kept throwing complaints at herExample 2: How Ellie influenced and external consultant who wouldn&apos;t listen to her adviceHow both Sophia and Ellie will prevent these situations from happening again in the future
05/05/202130 minutes 43 seconds
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50. How to Influence Without Being Sleazy - Part 2

&gt;&gt;&gt; Schedule your private 15-min discovery call with me here! &lt;&lt;&lt;Following on from last week&apos;s episode, I&apos;ll be sharing 3 practical skills you can use today to help you influence more effectively.No, it&apos;s got nothing to do with playing mind games or tricking people into doing stuff.  It&apos;s just using plain and simple empathy.Episode Summary:How to use paraphrasing to gain a deeper understandingHow to find the win-win in any situationHow using their exact wording helps them to feel heardResources:Learn about my coaching programmesApply for a coaching programme by booking a 15-min discovery callL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instag
28/04/202127 minutes 37 seconds
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49. How to Influence Without Being Sleazy - Part 1

When I say &quot;influence&quot;, is the first thing that pops into your head a sleazy car salesman? This is one of the many reasons we avoid building our influencing skills! But I&apos;m hear to tell you that you don&apos;t have to trick others to get them on board with your vision.Episode Summary:What people THINK influencing isWhat influencing ACTUALLY involvesHow to get confident with influencing by upgrading your beliefsResources:Learn about my coaching programmesApply for a coaching programme by booking a 15-min discovery callL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Web
21/04/202129 minutes 21 seconds
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48. Behind the Scenes: Top 3 Realisations from My Coaching Clients

&gt;&gt;&gt; Apply for a 15 minute discovery call to chat about coaching for your needs &lt;&lt;&lt;Who doesn&apos;t love a behind-the-scenes peak? Here are the top 3 realisations my clients have had during private coaching sessions with me. Can you relate to any of them?Episode Summary:You don&apos;t have to change your leadership style because none of your leaders act like you doWork doesn&apos;t have to be hard to be rewardingYou can create meaning in mandatory work activities, even if you don&apos;t agree with themResources:Apply for a discovery call for Women in STEMLearn about my coaching programmesL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: <a href='
14/04/202129 minutes 59 seconds
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47. LIVE TRAINING: Intro to Strategic Thinking for Women in STEM

&gt;&gt;&gt; Book a discovery call to chat about coaching for your career growth &lt;&lt;&lt;In this episode, you&apos;ll be listening into one of my live web classes, &quot;Intro to Strategic Thinking for Women in STEM&quot;.Episode Summary:What strategic thinking actually meansWhat happens when you aren’t strategic at workPractical actions to grow your strategic thinking todayResources:Book a discovery call for Women in STEMSign up to my newsletterL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: <a href='http://ww
07/04/202149 minutes 53 seconds
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46. Strategic Thinking: Solving Problems Before They Happen

I&apos;m talking about 4 things you need to do to solve problems at work before they happen.This is a great way to be known as the person to come to as an expert in your field.Listen in to hear:Why you have to make time to think strategicallyA confidence tip for you to speak up when it&apos;s uncomfortableWhy you can&apos;t just present problems all the timeHow this is not a place for you to be a perfectionistResources:Listen to Episode 43: How to be More Strategic at WorkL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &
31/03/202123 minutes 18 seconds
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45. Why You're Feeling Stagnant in Your Career

If you&apos;re feeling stuck in your career, this might be why: You&apos;re not exercising your strategic thinking.We often think that we we do everything we&apos;re asked to, or get lots of work done, that means our leaders will start taking us seriously. In fact this has the opposite effect!Listen in to hear:Why you don&apos;t feel like you&apos;re getting anywhere in your careerWhy you&apos;re being treated like a junior but being expected to act like a seniorHow you can teach others to see you as &quot;leadership material&quot;L E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: <a href='
24/03/202128 minutes 39 seconds
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44. How to Quit Your Job with Strategy

Quitting your job or planning to move to a new one can be a super exciting time. However most of us get really lazy in those last few months and weeks.While it feels good to slow down and stop caring so much about work, becoming lazy in your current job doesn&apos;t set you up for success in your new role.Listen in to hear:Why being lazy in those last few weeks will lower your confidenceHow to be strategic when choosing to quit your jobHow to squeeze every last drop of your current job before moving onResources:CV and Cover Letter Writing GuidesL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: <a href=''
17/03/202117 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

43. How to be More Strategic at Work

&gt;&gt;&gt; Get your free 7-Step STEM Career Audit here! &lt;&lt;&lt;Women are often told they&apos;re not strategic enough. Well not anymore!Listen in to learn:The misconception women have about being strategicWhat strategic thinking actually meansHow you can start being more strategic  at work todayResources:7-Step STEM Career AuditL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedI
10/03/202120 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

42. LIVE TRAINING: Handle Workplace Challenges with Confidence

In this episode, you&apos;ll be listening into one of my live web classes, &quot;Handle Workplace Challenges with Confidence&quot;.I want to equip you with a powerful tool that will allow you to succeed DESPITE challenges you can&apos;t necessarily control.Episode Summary:The common career challenges women in STEM face (I can assure you, you’re not alone!)What happens when you ignore your lack of confidenceHow to be confident in the face of workplace challengesResources:Book a discovery call for Women in STEMSign up to my newsletterL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; W
03/03/202146 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

41. What to do When Your Team is Short Staffed

Ever worked in a team that has too much work and not enough people? I thought so!This is a really common problem and it can make us feel trapped in a career situation that doesn&apos;t help us grow. But there is a way to deal with the issue in a positive way.Episode Summary:What most women in STEM do when overloaded with workWhat happens when you react in this wayWhat you can do to help yourself during busy periods at workResources:Episode 40: The Secret to Work-Life BalanceL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website:
24/02/202128 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

40. The Secret to Achieving Work Life Balance

Work life balance can seem like one of those impossible goals to achieve. Surely you can&apos;t be successful career woman AND lead a balanced life at the same time!Well the good news is, you can have both, but you need to know the secret to achieving work life balance first.Listen in to hear about:What work-life balance ACTUALLY meansWhat happens when you don&apos;t have itWhy people struggle to achieve itWhat you can practically do to achieve work life balance for yourselfL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; Linke
17/02/202124 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

39. How to Handle Bad Feedback with Confidence

&gt;&gt;&gt; Get your free 7-Step STEM Career Audit here! &lt;&lt;&lt;How do you react when someone gives you bad feedback? From experience, this is always a tough one to take but there is a logical and positive way you can handle it.Listen in to hear about:When I received THE WORST EVER feedback at workHow I reacted (hint: I wasn&apos;t proud of it!)The key golden nugget I learned from the whole situationResources:7-Step STEM Career AuditL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !<br/
10/02/202127 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

38. LIVE TRAINING: Self-Confidence Simplified

In this episode, you&apos;ll be listening into one of my live web classes, &quot;Self-Confidence Simplified&quot;.Episode Summary:Why your previous attempts at building confidence didn&apos;t workThe one fundamental theory all confident people live byHow to apply this to your own life and careerIf you&apos;ve tried countless ways of upping your confidence or you simply don&apos;t know where to start, this is the episode for you!Resources:Sign up to my newsletter (and grab a free gift at the same time!)Join the Wonder Women in STEM Facebook CommunityL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C
03/02/202143 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

37. What Happens When You Lack Confidence at Work

Listen in to hear about 5 things that happen when you lack confidence in the workplace. If you&apos;ve ever felt like confidence was something you can build later - let me assure you that it CANNOT wait!If you want a happy, successful and respected career, forget about building your technical skills for just one second and learn to build your confidence instead.Resources:Episode 14: How to Identify Your Inner CriticCan&apos;t attend or missed the web class? Email me: [email protected] E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !
27/01/202123 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

36. 3 Things I Realised As My Confidence Grew

I didn&apos;t know it at the time, but I had gotten my whole career progression strategy back to front when I was working as a mechanical engineer.There were 3 major misconceptions I had of myself when I lacked self confidence. I only wish I had known the truth sooner!My hope is that in sharing these with you, you can fast-track your way greater feelings of self-worth with much less struggle than I did.Resources:Episode 12 The Truth About Time ManagementL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: <a href='https://w
20/01/202131 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

35. How You're Trying to Build Your Confidence the Wrong Way

Women in STEM are often told they need to be more confident in the workplace. But they&apos;re never taught how OR they&apos;re given bad advice on how to do it.Episode Summary:3  common ways women try to build their confidence and failWhat self confidence actually isThe right way to become confidentResources:Hear about my own struggles with lack of confidence in Episode 1Discover your top 3 values worksheetL E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website:</p
13/01/202121 minutes 2 seconds
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34. How I'm Approaching 2021: Be Intentional

&gt;&gt;&gt; Get your free 7-Step STEM Career Audit here! &lt;&lt;&lt;If New Year&apos;s Resolutions don&apos;t work for you, maybe you&apos;ll find some inspiration from how I&apos;m approaching 2021.This year, instead of setting new years resolutions, I&apos;ve created a personal theme fore the year: &quot;Be Intentional&quot;I&apos;ve chosen to do this because...I&apos;m rubbish at keeping to my NY resolutions A theme is much easier to remember for a whole year than a list of goals to achieveListen in to hear how I intend on keeping to my theme, and how you can create one for yourself!Resources:7-Step STEM Career AuditBook I&apos;m reading: The Universe Has Your Back* by Gabrielle Bernstein*
06/01/202128 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

33. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

&gt;&gt;&gt; Get your free 7-Step STEM Career Audit here! &lt;&lt;&lt;This is an update from me about my end of 2020 wrap up and what you can expect from the show next year!I&apos;ve also got a focus on streamlining what I&apos;m offering in my coaching work so that I can show up as my best self for you as much as possible, so tune in to hear all about that.This is my final podcast episode for 2020 so I&apos;ll see you again on 6th January 2021!Resources:7-Step STEM Career AuditBlog Article: 20 Reflections from 2020Join the Facebook Group: Wonder Women in STEML E T &apos; S  C O N N E C T !&gt; Twitter: <a href='https://twitter.c
23/12/202025 minutes 38 seconds
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32. Don't Wait For Permission with Melissa Bagley & Justin Padinske

&gt;&gt;&gt; Get your free 7-Step STEM Career Audit here! &lt;&lt;&lt;You don&apos;t have to be Bill Gates to be a philanthropist. Melissa and Justin from the Awesome Foundation, STEAM Chapter are the best role models to showcase this.Episode Summary:What their personal journeys into STEM careers wereHow they started a whole arm of an organisation without ever meeting in personWhy STEAM?All the doubts and fears they had when starting up, and how they overcame them togetherThe types of amazing STEAM projects that have applied for grants so farHow you too can make a huge difference without having to be a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet... plus so much more!Resources:The Awesome Foundation STEAM Chapter WebsiteEmail Melissa &amp; Justin:
16/12/202057 minutes 19 seconds
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31. 20 Reflections from 2020

&gt;&gt;&gt; Get your free 7-Step STEM Career Audit here! &lt;&lt;&lt;What a year 2020 has been! It&apos;ll go down in history as the year society changed. I&apos;ve learned so much about myself and other people - I felt it was only right to share my top 20 reflections with you here.Some are deeply personal, others are a little silly. But together, these reflections have made this crazy year worth experiencing. Enjoy!Resources:Article: How I Got a Promotion without Working Any HarderBook: Awaken the Giant Within by Tony RobbinsBook: Atomic Habits by James ClearPodcast: Yellow Bee PodOrganisation: STEM Ambassadors&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Ins
09/12/202037 minutes 29 seconds
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30. Feel Good Instantly: 5 Things You Can Do In Less Than 5 Minutes

This episode is brought to you by the Level Up with Confidence Course.It&apos;s coming up to the silly season! Typically a busy and stress filled time of year although this year will probably feel a little different due to the Coronavirus restrictions... In any case, I wanted to give you realistic things you can do quickly, in order to feel good during this crazy time.It&apos;s about changing you mental state quickly. Here are 5 things you can do in under 5 minutes to do just that.Resources:Sign up to the Level Up with Confidence CourseYoga with Adriene: 5 minute practice&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Instagram: <a href='
02/12/202025 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

29. I Told My Boss What I Wanted and it Changed My Life

Hear about my own personal story of how I mustered up the courage to speak to my boss about what I wanted, and how it completely changed my life.Do other people know what you want? Most of us keep this to ourselves because:We don&apos;t want to seem too ambitiousIt would be embarrassing if we didn&apos;t get itIf we fail, we won&apos;t be true to our wordBut on the flip side, when you tell people what you want, you&apos;re more likely to achieve it!If you want my easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting a promotion as a woman in STEM, be sure to check out my new book, Get Noticed &amp; Promoted: The Playbook.Resources:Grab a copy of my book: Get Noticed &amp; Promoted: The Playbook&gt; Twitter: <a href='
25/11/202026 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

28. How I Got a Promotion Without Working Any Harder

Want to get promoted? You might be surprised to hear that you don&apos;t need to work any harder or be any smarter than anyone else. Listen in to hear my personal story of getting a promotion in my own engineering career.If you want my easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting a promotion as a woman in STEM, be sure to check out my new book, Get Noticed &amp; Promoted: The Playbook.Episode Summary:Why I quit my first jobHow I accidentally created the perfect conditions for a promotionWhy following my curiosity was the best thing I could doThe unexpected outcome of doing something fun at workHow all of this lead to me getting an early promotion!Resources:Grab a copy of my book: Get Noticed &amp; Promoted: The Playbook</
18/11/202034 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

27. 4 Myths Keeping You From Getting a Promotion

&gt;&gt;&gt;The first 100 copies of my eBook, Get Noticed &amp; Promoted: The Playbook will be given away for free! Follow the link to grab your copy now.There seems to be a lot of misconceptions when it comes to getting a promotion. Some are told that they&apos;ll get one when they have been at a company for long enough, others are told they won&apos;t get one until someone else gets one.Listen in to hear me bust 4 common myths about getting a promotion that are keeping women in STEM from stepping up!&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Join the Community: Wonder Women in STEM<br
11/11/202017 minutes 2 seconds
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26. From Science to Supercomputing with Mimi Keshani

Get your  STEMinist Brain Snacks!Mimi Keshani is an incredibly inspiring  STEM role model. She reached her position as VP Operations at Hadean Supercomputing by simply doing the things she loved and following what excited her.Episode SummaryMimi&apos;s journey into studying STEMWhy she left the lab for a career in techMimi&apos;s golden advice about planning your careerHow Hadean impacts a vast range of fields, from gaming to Covid-19 researchWhat a typical day as a VP looks like... and so much more!ResourcesConnect with Mimi on LinkedInFollow Mimi on TwitterHadean&apos;s Website:; Join the Community: <a href='https:
04/11/202033 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

25. 4 Ways You're Sabotaging Yourself

If there&apos;s something stopping you from reaching your goals, have you stopped to think about whether it&apos;s you?Here are 4 common ways my coaching clients sabotage themselves when it comes to moving forwards in their careers!&gt; Sign up to free weekly career advice:  STEMinist Brain Snacks&gt; Join the Community: Wonder Women in STEM&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt;
28/10/202031 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

24. Level Up with Confidence

Sign up to the Level Up with Confidence Masterclass Now!Today I&apos;m revealing my solutions to the 4 most common problems stopping women in STEM from moving up in their careers.Do you feel like you&apos;re not growing in your job lately? That you&apos;re feeling stagnant in your role? You&apos;re not the only one!Most of my current coaching clients are feeling the same right now so I&apos;ve gathered their common problems, the solutions and presented them right here in this episode.Skip straight to 10:28 for the juicy content! But you&apos;ll be missing out on my awesome personal reflections ;-)Resources:Get your ticket to the Level Up with Confidence MasterclassFind out your Top 3 Values in my worksheet here&gt; Sign up to free weekly career advice:  <
21/10/202022 minutes 33 seconds
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23. Closing the Gender Pay Gap with Cat Wildman

Global Equality Collective (GEC) co-founder, Cat is incredibly passionate about finding ways to close the gender pay gap. She has created a framework that scientifically benchmarks the diversity activities that organisations are doing, so that they can improve.Cat Wildman is also a mum of 3, has a science degree, a tech business woman and a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to increasing diversity in workplaces.***Sign up to the Level Up with Confidence Masterclass waitlist here!***Episode Summary:How Cat&apos;s early childhood experiences influenced her career pathHow she quantum leaped her way from a science degree to the tech business worldCat&apos;s personal frustrations that lead to the birth of the Global Equality CollectiveHow the GEC app is methodically helping companies to work towards equalityHow you can get involved w
14/10/202046 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

22. The One Thing You Need To Know to Achieve True Confidence

Wouldn&apos;t it be amazing to always know you&apos;re doing the right thing? To never be uncertain about which action to take, even when it seems like a tough choice? What if you believed that you could totally rely on yourself - even when something is difficult to do?That is what true self confidence feels like. But there is one important thing you need to know about yourself before you can ever achieve this feeling!Listen in to find out what this one thing is, and how you can learn it for yourself.Resources:Download your free worksheet hereSign up to STEMinist Brain Snacks - my weekly newsletter-------------&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffa
07/10/202020 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

21. 3 Ways to Communicate with Confidence at Work

If you feel like no one is listening to your ideas or that you&apos;re having to really prove your worth at work, it could be because you are sabotaging yourself with poor communication skills!Listen to this episode if you want to sound and feel more confident when you&apos;re sharing ideas in a professional setting.I&apos;m brewing something really exciting for you coming up soon! It&apos;ll be an interactive learning experience all about how to up-level your confidence at work. Sign up to my newsletter so you don&apos;t miss out on the early bird bonus!&gt; Join the Community: Wonder Women in STEM&gt; Sign up to my weekly newsletter: STEMinist Brain Snacks&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt
30/09/202026 minutes 12 seconds
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20. UPDATE: Achievements to Celebrate & What's Next!

In celebration of hitting 20 episodes and Tiffany Dawson Coaching turning 1 - this episode is an update on achievements to date, what I&apos;m currently up to and the exciting future for this amazing women in STEM community!Resources:Join the Wonder Women in STEM Facebook communitySign up to my newsletter: STEMinist Brain SnacksLearn about the Global Equality CollectiveAccess The Job Seeking Blueprintemail me: [email protected] E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: <a href='https://twi
23/09/202040 minutes 10 seconds
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19. You Don't Have to Choose Between Family & Career with Jessica Dennien

Jessica Dennien is the host of a podcast called &apos;Mumgineer - Proving women can have it all&apos; where she empowers women to confidently pursue both their personal and professional goals.By day, Jessica is a Design Engineer working for her local council in QLD Australia and specialises in the design of Roads, Drainage and public spaces, What she’s really passionate about is improving her community through her work. In 2019 she was the Design Lead for a project which won the High Commendation Award for $1-2million Projects at the Institute of Public Works Engineers Excellence Awards.Episode Summary:When Jessica&apos;s career path didn&apos;t go to plan - but that it worked out even better than she could have imagined How she created a priceless career opportunity when asked to return from maternity leave earlyJessica&apos;s logical yet intuitive approach to overcoming family and career challengesAll about the Mumg
16/09/20201 hour 8 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

18. 4 Myths About Successful People: Debunked!

Apply for a free Career Clarity Call with me!Listen in to hear me bust 4 myths about successful people that I&apos;m pretty sure they don&apos;t want you to know!Do you look at successful people as an &quot;overnight success&quot; who caught a &quot;lucky break&quot; because they were &quot;in the right place at the right time&quot;?What a disempowering thought!It&apos;s time to believe something different - that you CAN control the amount of success you want to have.***Get your FREE Women in STEM, Reimagined Summit ticket here!***Women in STEM, Reimagined: Happening online from 12-18 September 2020Resources:Free ticket to Women in STEM Reimagined Summit<a href='
09/09/202026 minutes 44 seconds
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17. 3 Steps for Promoting Gender Equality in STEM

Talking about Gender Diversity in STEM to people who don&apos;t care about it is frustrating, daunting and difficult!Listen to this episode if you want a super easy way to talk about the topic in a positive way. You&apos;ll no longer feel the pressure of having to defend all women in STEM or to know all the answers.Be warned, the way I promote gender equality might be a bit different to other people&apos;s methods but I guarantee it works every time.Resources:My article on Thrive Global about how to promote gender equalityApply for a free Career Clarity Call with me!Join the Community: Wonder Women in STEMSign up to my weekly newsletter: <a href='https://www.tiff
02/09/202026 minutes 39 seconds
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16. Finding the Right Role Models, Recruiters & Communities with Alicia Teagle

Alicia is not your stereotypical recruiter. She&apos;s a business leader, role model and super passionate about creating gender equality in tech.Episode Summary:What sparked Alicia&apos;s passion for women in techHow she finds female role models when there are so few in her industryWhy she started the Women Rock blogHow to identify recruiters and companies that care about womenThe biggest mistake she sees female job applicants makeHow to find (or create!) your tribe of supportive women in STEMIf you&apos;re looking for a job right now and don&apos;t know where to turn for help, you might want to check out The Job Seeking Blueprint. Not sure if it&apos;s right for you? Shoot me an email: [email protected]:Connect with Alicia on <a href='
26/08/202045 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

15. Why Your Beliefs Are Preventing You From Success

Everything you believe will definitely come true. How do you feel about this statement? In this episode I&apos;ll be explaining why your beliefs drive your destiny and how you can use it to your advantage.Episode Summary:Why everything you believe will definitely come trueWhy it might but preventing you from successHow my negative beliefs about my career caused havoc on my lifeHow to create positive believes that will DRIVE your successResources:Listen to Episode 14 about identifying your inner critic***Join the Wonder Women in STEM community to access my free training on how to figure out your career direction***L E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: <a href='
19/08/202022 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

14. How To Identify Your Inner Critic

Have you ever stopped to listen what that mean voice in your head is telling you? Most people don’t think twice about it, accepting it as just part of who they are. But the fact is, the more you tell yourself something, the more you’re going to believe it!This episode is going to help you take that first and very important step to quieting your inner critic: being aware of it. I’ll be sharing 8 ways in which the inner critic most commonly shows up for women.Did you have any big moments of realisation listening to this episode? If so, take a screenshot, tag me on Instagram with @tiffanydawson_ and let me know what you learned!Resources:Episode 7 on How To Have Difficult Conversations
12/08/202023 minutes 37 seconds
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13. PhD's, MSL's & Following Your Intuition with Aoife O'Dwyer

***Check out Aoife&apos;s generous gift to us below!***About Aoife O&apos;Dwyer:Aoife (pronounced ee-fa) started her career in science by gaining a degree in Genetics and then a PhD in Immunology. Shortly after finishing her PhD she relocated from Dublin, Ireland to  Melbourne Australia where she got her first job as a Medical Science Liaison (or MSL).  Having worked her way up to Senior MSL over a number of years in different companies, Aoife developed a passion for demonstrating the value an MSL can bring to a brand. She saw an opportunity where scientific expertise meets a strategic mindset and so Aoife founded MSL Consultant in 2018 to share her experience for empowering and creating the next generation of high performing MSLs. Episode Summary:Aoife&apos;s journey into STEMGender inequality in the lab environmentHow and why Aoife finished her PhD over a year early!What a Medical Science Liaison does </
05/08/202029 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

12. The Truth About Time Management

If you&apos;re always looking for productivity hacks or ways to fit more into everyday, this episode&apos;s for you. I&apos;m going to be busting some myths about time management which you must know about!Episode Summary:My old beliefs about being busyWhy time doesn&apos;t need to be managedUrgent doesn&apos;t equal importantSuccessful people don&apos;t do more thingsWhat to say instead of &quot;I don&apos;t have time for this&quot;Resources:Listen to my story about impostor syndrome on Episode 6Message me on InstagramFind me on LinkedInL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href=
29/07/202023 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

11. REAL TALK: Don't Be That Victim

Today I&apos;m speaking straight from the heart! My Real Talk episodes are me talking about what&apos;s on my mind right now.This week was inspired by the quote:&quot;Everything we once found difficult, we now find easy.&quot;When we&apos;re in the middle of a crisis, it&apos;s so difficult to see how we&apos;re going to get ourselves out of it. I share a couple of mindset shifts you can make to help you do that!If you&apos;re stuck on something in your career right now and you don&apos;t know how to get yourself out of this hole, you may be interested in applying for a complimentary Career Clarity Session with me. I open up a limited number of these sessions each month so make sure you let me know ASAP! Email me at [email protected] and I&apos;ll let you know what you need to do to apply for a spot.<a href='https://www.linked
22/07/202015 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

10. How To Achieve Gender Equality in STEM

Today I&apos;m tackling the BIG issues! I&apos;m sure the whole STEM industry is looking for the answers to how to achieve gender equality.While there&apos;s still so much that STEM business leaders need to take responsibility for, there is one thing that every woman in STEM can do to help!Episode Summary:Who&apos;s fault is gender inequality in STEM?The problem with STEM at schoolThe problem with STEM in the workplaceWhat you can do to helpResources:Message me on InstagramMessage me on LinkedInL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: <a href='
15/07/202018 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

09. How to Decide on Your Career Direction

&quot;How do I figure out which direction to take my career in?&quot; is one of the most common questions I get. I was stuck in my own cycle of career indecision for YEARS before I figured out I was doing it back to front.In this episode I&apos;ll reframe how you think about your own career path so you can get clarity on what steps to take next.Episode Summary:My own career direction dilemmas in the pastReframing how you think about your career pathUsing the &quot;fail fast&quot; methodWhy changing your career goals is okResources:My own STEM career story in Episode 1Feeling stuck on deciding your career direction? Email me: [email protected] E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href='https://www.l
08/07/202016 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

08. Career Strategy 101

Career path, career plan, career strategy... what are these??? It seems like one of those things we should just know about once we hit a certain level but no one ever teaches you how to create one.Listen in to learn what a career strategy is, why it will lead you to a happier life and what you need to know to get started on writing your own!Episode Summary:What a career strategy isWhy women in STEM need a career strategyWhat a career strategy look likesWhat stops most people from writing a career strategyResources:Contact me for help on writing your own career strategyVisit my website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href='https://www.linke
01/07/202016 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

07. 5 Tips For Having Difficult Conversations

Do you love avoiding confrontation? Well maybe it&apos;s because no one&apos;s ever taught you how to have a difficult conversation!This episode teaches you an easy to follow structure and useful guidance for navigating those tough conversations.Episode SummaryThe three choices you have when someone does something you&apos;re not happy aboutMy top 5 tips on having difficult conversationsWhere to get supportResourcesNeed a community to get support and encouragement before a difficult conversation starts? Join Wonder Women in STEM!L E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanyd
24/06/202016 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

06. How I Overcame Impostor Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is something that plagues SO many women in STEM, I knew I had to record an episode about this. I suffered through it myself for many years and I wanted to share the strategy I used to overcome it.Episode Summary:What is impostor syndrome?My own battles with itThe strategy I used to overcome impostor syndromeResources:Join the Wonder Women in STEM community!Need help with your own impostor syndrome battles? Contact me at www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_<br/
17/06/202017 minutes 37 seconds
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05. How To Work From Home Effectively

A lot of us have been working from home for a few months now due to the pandemic, but few have figured it out.I hear so many gripes from women in STEM about feeling like they&apos;re always at work and not being able to switch off.This episode will give you 5 ideas to take away and weave into your own working-from-home life. The bonus is that following these ideas, you&apos;ll also set yourself up for success for when you DO have to return to the office!Episode Summary:My own challenges with switching to working from homeDiscovering my love of routine (I know it sounds boring but stick with me!)5 ideas for you to weave into your own work-from-home set upHow implementing these ideas will help you adapt to ANY situationResources:Apply for the Free Job Seeking Blueprint Launch Event!Access The Job Seeking Blueprint <a h
10/06/202025 minutes 32 seconds
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04. How To Land A Job That Doesn't Suck

Searching for a new job is something most people dread! But jobseekers, don&apos;t fret. In this episode I&apos;ll cover two key things you need to know to land a job you love.Episode Summary:How to gain clarity on what you want out of a job and stick to itThe steps to negotiate your starting salaryWhere to get more help on searching for and securing your dream STEM roleResources:Access The Job Seeking Blueprint hereL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: Tiffany Dawson&gt; Twitter: @_tiffanydawson_&gt; Website:
03/06/202021 minutes 32 seconds
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03. Why Gender Inequality Still Exists in STEM

Everyone knows gender equality is something we should care about. But until everyone understands WHY gender inequality actually exists, it&apos;s pretty hard to solve the problem!By the end of this episode you should have a really clear explanation about WHY gender inequality exists so you can help motivate those around you to join you on your STEMinist journey.Episode Summary:Mini history lesson on women&apos;s rightsHow it relates to us in the STEM world todayWhy awareness of the problem is the cure to a &quot;cultural hangover&quot;The bigger problemWhy it&apos;s so important for you and those around you to understand this stuffGot questions?This is such a chunky topic and it&apos;s very hard to incorporate everything in just one episode. If you have questions or have an insight to share with me, I&apos;d love to hear from you! You can contact me via my website <a href='h
27/05/202018 minutes 28 seconds
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01. Introductions and a Sneak Peak

I’m Tiffany and I am so excited to launch my new podcast, How to be a STEMinist.In this first episode, I’ll be sharing what MY definition of a STEMinist is, why I’m starting this podcast and a sneak peak into what you can expect from the show. You’ll also learn a little bit about me and the struggles I had to overcome as a woman in STEM, which has lead me to being so passionate about helping other women create their dream STEM careers.As mentioned in the podcast, I would LOVE to hear from you! You can let me know what you think by leaving me a review on your favourite podcast app or get in contact with me via Instagram or my website: www.tiffanydawson.coL E T &apos; S C O N N E C T !&gt; Instagram: @tiffanydawson_&gt; LinkedIn: <a href='https://
27/05/202020 minutes 11 seconds
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02. Why You Don't Need a Mentor

Are you stressing out about finding the perfect mentor? Or maybe you&apos;re thinking, &quot;if only I had a mentor, then my career would start going well&quot;.Finding a good mentor can be awkward, stressful and sometimes unfruitful! Plus the idea that NEEDING a mentor to get your career on track is so disempowering.This may go against a lot of advice out there but I&apos;m sharing it anyway because it works! (I should know, I used these tactics myself.)Episode SummaryCommon problems women have with finding a mentorWhat to do instead (hint: it still involves other people but only for a specific skill you want)The elements needed to make a traditional mentoring relationship workOther resources you can use if you don&apos;t have a mentorLinks to ResourcesWonder Women in STEM Community:
27/05/202025 minutes 13 seconds