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Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

English, Talk, 1 season, 223 episodes, 2 days, 13 hours
The world has never been more connected. Yet never more divided. We yell at each other from inside our echo chambers. But change doesn’t happen inside an echo chamber. It’s time to get out, to stretch our legs, to step on some land mines. It's time to have an uncomfortable conversation with Josh Szeps.
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"Untangling Wokeness" with Sarah Haider

Sarah Haider is a Pakistani-American writer and a ferociously clear-headed thinker about culture, society, identity politics, religion, cancel culture, sex and gender. She’s been featured on the BBC and in The Economist and recognized as a “Freethought Heroine” for her work co-founding a non-profit that assists dissident Muslims. Her podcast, A Special Place In Hell, is co-hosted by the equally curious contrarian feminist Meghan Daum. Here, Sarah and Josh wrestle with the biggest questions of contemporary culture. Enjoy the ride. To get your very own premium version of Josh’s podcast, hit the Substack page at for privacy information.
6/13/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 59 seconds
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Premium: A First Date With Josh

Do you know Josh? You may be surprised to hear his surprise when the show’s producer, Stefan Posthuma, turns the tables and puts Josh on the spot with some First Date Questions of his own.See for privacy information.
5/26/202317 minutes, 7 seconds
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Richard Dawkins: LIVE!

In front of a packed crowd at a sold-out Brisbane City Hall, Josh interviews the world's most influential living biologist, Richard Dawkins.See for privacy information.
5/23/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 8 seconds
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Premium: The Deep Questions - How Loudly May I Poo In Public?

In this brand new venture, Josh addresses some of life's deepest questions as posed by his friend and work colleague Robbie Armfield. In this first episode, Robbie has anxiety about generating sounds and aromas in the office toilet cubicle. Robbie has questions. Josh has the answers.  You can find more from Robbie on his podcasts "Welcome to Meet You" and "Robbie's Modern Life".See for privacy information.
3/17/202320 minutes, 33 seconds