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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 11 episodes, 13 minutes
Bring out your Ultimate Alpha and you could WIN the Ultimate holiday! The kind of Alpha we know is prouder than loud, quick on their feet, thirsty for success and adventure, and knows how to get what they want, Most importantly, the Ultimate Alpha we know wants everyone to know their Alpha status too. The Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha wants you to share with CliffCentral what you’re Alpha at by emailing your voicemails followed by #Ultimate Alpha and you could win an Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha and set off on an ultimate holiday for two!
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#UltimateAlpha Finalist 3

#UltimateAlpha Finalist - Siphiwe Khumalo ·
11/12/201432 seconds
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#UltimateAlpha Finalist 4

#UltimateAlpha Finalist - Dedre Nielsen van Reizig ·
11/12/201444 seconds
Episode Artwork

#UltimateAlpha Finalist 5

#UltimateAlpha Finalist - Senor Callum ·
11/12/201451 seconds
Episode Artwork

#UltimateAlpha Finalist 2

#UltimateAlpha Finalist - Paul Maarman ·
11/12/201424 seconds
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#UltimateAlpha Finalist 1

#UltimateAlpha Finalist - Simone Fanti ·
11/12/201417 seconds
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Ernst Wittmann (Country Manager Alcatel One Touch)

Ernst Wittmann, Alcatel One Touch South Africa Country Manager, joins us to give us more insight into our exciting #UltimateAlpha campaign. ·
04/12/20148 minutes 44 seconds
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#UltimateAlpha - Mabale

Mabale Moloi gives her #UltimateAlpha voicemail message. ·
03/12/201427 seconds
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#UltimateAlpha - Ben

Ben Karpinski gives his #UltimateAlpha voicemail message. ·
03/12/201422 seconds
Episode Artwork

#UltimateAlpha - Gareth Cliff

Gareth Cliff gives his #UltimateAlpha voicemail message. ·
03/12/201428 seconds
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#UltimateAlpha - Mike

Mike Flax gives his #UltimateAlpha voicemail message. ·
03/12/201428 seconds
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#UltimateAlpha - Damon

Damon Kalvari gives his #UltimateAlpha voicemail message. ·
03/12/201424 seconds