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English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 71 episodes, 1 day, 20 hours, 14 minutes
This is UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff podcast. I talk about all things UFOs, as well as the paranormal, and other strange mysteries too. I want to know your stories too. Whatever your true story is, alien abduction, UFO sightings, poltergeists, ghosts, cryptids etc, let me know by contacting us through the website WWW.UFOSandOPS.COM and I will read it out on the podcast. Every mention on social media will get a shout out too. WWW.UFOSANDOPS.COM is the website for my this podcast. You’ll find all episodes there and also some articles will appear soon written by Maggie Zed. Also, why not visit my facebook group: and Thank you and I look forward to your stories.
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Chatting About the Paranormal with Deborah Hatswell from Being Believed Research

Chatting About the Paranormal with Deborah Hatswell from Being Believed Research (BBR) Everyone, meet Deborah Hatswell.   Deborah is an investigator with Being Believed Research (BBR), and has undertaken investigations into many aspects of the paranormal including British bigfoot, dogmen and other cryptids, but also UFOs and ghosts too.   Deborah has even featured on some television shows about these subjects too.   You can find exclusive reports, hear BBR's latest podcasts, and buy the official merchandise at the official BBR website:   And you can find a plethora of information about the investigations that the BBR have undertaken including films, an interactive map, etc here:   So settle down and listen to our chat about the paranormal.  Then why not join in by sending us a message through WWW.UFOSandOPS.COM We are considering doing a live event, and it would be great if you could all join us and join in the chat about all things paranormal with Deborah at Being Believed Research and Andy at UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff.
1/19/202448 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Mystery of Kenny Veach

The Mystery of Kenny Veach   Join us on this riveting episode as we delve into the perplexing disappearance of Kenny Veach, a hiker who ventured into the mysterious Nevada desert and vanished without a trace. Was it a rendezvous with the unknown, or did the US Government play a role? Are we on the brink of uncovering secrets concealed within the depths of Area 51? In this episode, we explore the theories surrounding Kenny's disappearance, from wormholes to alien abductions, leaving no extraterrestrial stone unturned. Could Kenny Veach's story be connected to another prominent figure in the realm of UFO and alien intelligence disclosure? The plot thickens as we unravel the threads of speculation. We want to hear your thoughts! Visit our website,, and share your theories and insights on the Kenny Veach mystery. Your voice could be the missing piece to this puzzling enigma. Don't miss the chance to send us direct messages via the website, and while you're there, explore our shop for unique items perfect for the ufologist in your family just in time for Christmas. Uncover the truth with us and make this holiday season an extraterrestrial adventure! 👉 👈 Subscribe, listen, and become part of the investigation into the unknown. The truth is out there, and we're determined to find it together! #KennyVeach #UFOs #AlienMysteries #ConspiracyTheories #PodcastInvestigation
12/1/202316 minutes, 55 seconds
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RAF Shoot Down a UFO

RAF Shoot Down a UFO   Over the last couple of days, I have had 2 articles sent to me.   Were UFOs seen by pilots over Essex over the last year?   Did the Royal Airforce shoot down UFOs over Syria?   These articles were sent to me via the contact form on the website WWW.UFOsandOPS.COM and I would really love to know what you think about them so please do send me your comments.
11/15/202310 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Mystery of Kenny Veach trailer

The Mystery of Kenny Veach trailer   Hi everyone, I've got something chilling to share with you in our next episode. Kenny Veach – ever heard that name? Prepare yourselves, because we're about to unravel a disappearance that'll send shivers down your spine. Picture this: a lone adventurer, wandering the vast Nevada desert, searching for... who knows what? And then, just like that, gone. Vanished into thin air. Where did Kenny Veach disappear to? That's the question, and in our next episode, we're delving deep into the mysterious void he left behind. Was Kenny onto something massive? Did he stumble upon extraterrestrial secrets or become entangled in something far more sinister? Get ready to explore the enigma. Join me as we unravel the cryptic clues, navigate through the desert of speculation, and piece together the puzzle of Kenny Veach's inexplicable disappearance.   Oh and don't forget to visit WWW.UFOSANDOPS.COM where you can contact the show, read Maggie Zed's thoughts, and visit the shop for all your merchandising needs and more.  By the way the shop will be running a 30% discount off of everything soon.  Visit the website to find out more.
11/11/20231 minute, 26 seconds
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BREAKING NEWS:  USA SHOOTS DOWN UFOS   News reports this past week and updated today about the United States, Canada and NORAD involved in shooting down unidentified aerial objects. What is going on?  Are they Chinese or Russian spy craft?  Are they indeed aliens? WWW.UFOSandOPS.COM is where you need to go to contact me and let me know your thoughts on this episode subject and the show in general. Give me your ideas for future episodes and guest suggestions. You can also catchup with all the previous episodes of UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff at the website too.      
2/13/202316 minutes, 45 seconds
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Hallowe’en Special: Pluckley 2022. The Most Haunted Village in the United Kingdom

Hallowe'en Special Pluckley 2022.   The Most Haunted Village in the United Kingdom.   Join Courtney, PJ and myself as we visit the most haunted village in the United Kingdom, Pluckley in Kent.   We will visit the village church reputed to be haunted by not 1 but 2 ghosts. We also visit Dering Wood, nicknamed Screaming Wood, one of the most haunted places in the country.   Pluckley has around 16 ghosts, come with us and see if we can see any.   PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED ON A CAMCORDER, AND THIS PODCAST EPISODE USES THE AUDIO FROM THAT RECORDING. PLEASE VISIT WWW.UFOSANDOPS.COM AND CLICK ON 'THE VODCAST' TO GET ACCESS TO THE VIDEO VERSION OF THIS AND ALL OF THE PREVIOUS PODCASTS.
10/31/202249 minutes, 40 seconds
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Summer Haunts trailer.

Summer Haunts The Summer is well and truly with us now.   Have you already booked your summer holidays?   I will tell you of some haunted destinations to visit on your days out in the UK.   If you know of any good destinations yourself, please do let me know via the contact form on   See you soon.
7/11/20221 minute, 15 seconds
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Maggie Zed’s Thoughts, Rendlesham Forest UFO Event 2022, Todmorden UFO Incidents Update

Maggie Zed's Thoughts, Rendlesham Forest UFO Event 2022, Todmorden UFO Incidents Update   Read what Maggie Zed thinks about the infamous Tic-Tac UFO incidents.   Get tickets to the Rendlesham Forest UFO event happening in December 2022.   Some updates from the Todmorden UFO Incidents episode.   All at WWW.UFOsandOPS.COM Also why not have a look at the newly revamped YouTube page. New episodes that go onto YouTube will no longer be wave form, they will be real live action.
5/7/20224 minutes, 46 seconds
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WWW.UFOSANDOPS.COM I am really happy to tell you all that UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff has its own website now. That's right, no more sending emails to my google account, or going to anywhere else to get the show, it will all be here at the new one stop shop: WWW.UFOSANDOPS.COM
2/9/20221 minute, 31 seconds
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The Tamam Shud Somerton Man Case trailer

WWW.GR8DANES.UK   The Tamam Shud Somerton Man Case On 1st December 1948 at 06:30am, a man was seen lying seemingly relaxed on Somerton Park Beach near Adelaide, in South Australia. Upon closer inspection, he was found to be dead. But how? Maybe more mysterious is the fact that, even now in 2021, they don't know who this man was. FREE GIVEAWAY To have a chance to win Trinity by Jacques Vallee and Inside Wright Paterson by Donald Schmitt, please rate and review the show wherever you get your podcast from, and send a screenshot of that review to me at [email protected] makesure to writer UFOs in the subject field as sometimes emails go to the spam folder and I don't see them.   Please also do the same when sending any communications to me, including your stories, ideas for the podcast and feedback on it too. [email protected] If you would like to sponsor UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff Podcast please do get in touch by sending me an email to the address above. 
12/10/20211 minute, 56 seconds
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BREAKING NEWS: Possible UFO Spotted Over Orpington, Bromley, London, Portsmouth, as well as Other Parts of England and Wales on 27th and 28th of November 2021

Possible UFO Spotted Over Orpington, Bromley, Portsmouth, as well as Other Parts of England and Wales on 27th and 28th of November 2021   Please email me with anymore information that you may have: [email protected] [email protected]
11/29/20216 minutes, 19 seconds
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Political Conspiracies: The Bilderberg Group, Soviet Involvement in the Manhattan Project, Roger Casement Diaries trailer.and competition news.

WWW.GR8DANES.UK The Bilderberg Group Who are they? What do they do?   Soviet Involvement in the Manhattan Project Did Soviet spies really get that far into the USA's Manhattan project? How did they manage to infiltrate so deep and then get information to pass on to the enemy during the Cold War?   Roger Casement Diaries Were the Irish Nationalist diaries forged by the British government during rising tensions between Ireland and Britain early in the 20th century?   Also listen out for detail of how you can enter and win our competition to win Trinity, by Jacques Vallee and Inside Wright Paterson by Donald Schmitt and Thomas Carey [email protected]
11/23/20211 minute, 26 seconds
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The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery trailer

The next episode due out next week will be about The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery.   What's so special about Highgate Cemetery? What happened to make people think that there was a real vampire there? And could the Highgate vampire really have been another famous Victorian villain? [email protected]
11/10/202156 seconds
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Reincarnation Trailer

Reincarnation Hi everyone. The podcast is back next week with an episode about reincarnation. I have a couple of interesting stories about that to tell you of. PLUS, some sightings that have come in to me of strange lights in the sky around south London.  UFOs?  Who know?   DO keep sending me your stories of weird happenings and sightings. Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode out next week. [email protected]
5/25/202139 seconds
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Time Slips Trailer

Stories about the phenomenon known as Time Slips. I have one of my own.  Send me your stories to [email protected] [email protected]
3/31/202127 seconds
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Swedish UFO Memorial, Indian New Delhi UFO Sighting, and the Australian Westall UFO trailer.

Just to let you know to keep your eyes out for the next episode which is due out next week. In that episode, I'll be talking about the Swedish UFO memorial, the Indian UFO sighting in New Delhi in the 1950's and the big UFO sighting from Westall, Australia too. [email protected]
12/8/202030 seconds
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The Loch Ness Monster, Spring Heeled Jack, and Other Strange Sightings Trailer

Keep an eye open for the next episode coming next week.   In it, I'll be talking about strange sightings.   They will include things like the Loch Ness Monster, Spring Heeled Jack, Devil's Footprints, and something known as the Wow! Signal From Outer Space.   The episode will be out on all good podcast providers by Friday next week.   Until then, keep in touch and take care.   #UFOsandOPS [email protected]
11/5/202044 seconds
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Scary Stories for Hallowe‘en Trailer

Keep your ears open for Scary Stories for Hallowe'en.   MWAH, ha ha ha ha  #UFOsandOPS [email protected]
10/29/202029 seconds