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Two Therapists and a Microphone

English, Personal health, 3 seasons, 80 episodes, 2 days 16 hours 57 minutes
Two Therapists and a Microphone is a podcast show featuring insightful interviews and stories from mental health, social, and relationship experts. The show is designed to help you gain knowledge about yourself and the world we live. Your hosts are Dr. Harrison Davis and Dr. Asha Dickerson, psychotherapists and counseling professors in Atlanta, GA. New podcast episodes are released every week. Discover more on our website: (
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2TM Show: Missing Black Woman in Alabama

We discuss the case of Carlee Russell who was reported missing Alabama. She was recently found alive.
17/07/202335 minutes 47 seconds
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2TM Show: Keke Palmer, Usher and her Boyfriend

This episode is about relationship rules, boundaries, and rules.
10/07/202342 minutes 44 seconds
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2TM Show: Co-parenting with graduation parties

We are discussing a letter from a listener who planned a highschool graduation party, but refused to invited the kid's dad.
12/06/202337 minutes 57 seconds
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2TM Show: Fatherhood and it's impact

We discuss the impact fathers have on their kids and familes.
11/06/202341 minutes 48 seconds
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2TM Show: Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships
28/03/202343 minutes 12 seconds
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@TM Show 3_20_23 Hot Topics

20/03/202337 minutes 47 seconds
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2TM Show: Hot Topics

2TM Show: Hot Topics - Hispanic HBCU Homecoming Queen, Greiving through Social Media, Passport Bros
28/02/202354 minutes 19 seconds
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2TM Race Talk with Kids

Dr. Ken Shell and Dr. Rashida Fisher discuss how we can talk about racism with kids.
26/06/202045 minutes 1 second
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2TM Human & Sex Trafficking in Atlanta

On this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone, we are discussing Human & Sex trafficking with Teresa Donaldson from Revive Family Community and Dr. Angel Duncan from Out of Darkness - Atlanta Dream Center.
24/01/202053 minutes 29 seconds
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2TM Police and Community Relations

John Dargon joins us on this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone to discuss law enforcement and how officers are relating to people in the community.
16/01/202057 minutes 1 second
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2TM Black Teens & Suicide

Dr. Chinwé Williams talks about the increase in suicide with black teens. Black teens have historically had lower rates of suicide than their white peers. What’s changed?
14/12/20191 hour 50 seconds
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2TM Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Join us as we discuss violence and control in relationships. Our guests are Dr. Shanita Brown and Melissa Waller MS, NCC
05/11/201946 minutes 41 seconds
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2TM Submission in Relationships: What should women you do?

Women submitting in a relationship is a touchy subject. Should you submit without your man showing he’s worthy? Listen to our lively interview with Dr. Tanisha Sapp and Alshay Southerland on the subject.
27/10/201954 minutes 25 seconds
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2TM Athletes Mental Health

Dr. Katie Lamberson talks about Athletes experiencing Mental Health issues.
08/10/201953 minutes 11 seconds
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2TM For Profit Colleges & Argosy University

Dr. Asha Dickerson and Whitney Jazmine discuss For-Profit Colleges and the closing of Argosy University.
21/09/201953 minutes 11 seconds
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2TM - Infidelity: Is It Cheaper To Keep Her Or Him

On today’s show our guest, Olivia Baylor, discussed the definition and types of infidelity and also how to move forward.
25/04/20191 hour 28 seconds
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2TM - Can Money Buy You Happiness

Join Dr. Asha and Dr. Harrison as they interview Be Kelley Be Phenomenal and Carl Hugo Davis. They discuss the question "Can Money Make You Happy?"
27/03/201959 minutes 59 seconds
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2TM - Should Love Hurt? Dealing with Domestic Violence

On this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone, Adrienne Shook and Sarah Nitz discuss Intimate Partner Violence.
13/03/20191 hour 1 second
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2TM - Fertility: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

This episode of Two Therapists and a Mic features Dr. Kristy Christopher-Holloway as we discuss issues related to fertility.
10/03/20191 hour 4 seconds
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2TM- Why We mute R.Kelly

On this episode of 2TM, Deshelle Burrowes and Jordan Madison discuss R. Kelly and the women who are making allegations against him.
13/02/201959 minutes 58 seconds
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2TM - Finding Your Inner Entrepreneur

On this episode of 2TM, Kristy McCarley and Mark Hayes discuss entrepreneurship. These business consultants talk about the benefits and risks of entrepreneurship, as well as steps you should follow to start your own business.
16/01/20191 hour 13 seconds
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2TM - Overcoming Holiday Blues

Dr. Taunya Tinsley and Thomi Pratt talk about Surviving the Holidays and Avoiding the Holiday Blues.
19/12/201859 minutes 36 seconds
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2TM - Eating Healthy For The Holidays

On this episode of 2TM, we discuss Healthy Eating during the Holiday Season. Our guests are (1) Margaret Schwenke, Certified Eating Psychology Counselor & Certified Holistic Health Coach and (2) Kajal Patel, Certified Nutritional Consultant & Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.
05/12/20181 hour 20 seconds
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2TM No More Drama Strategies for Co-Parenting

Dr. Kristy Holloway and Attorney Adrienne Powell discuss
21/11/20181 hour 8 seconds
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2TM: Politics as Usual

Dru Ealons and Dr. Jasmine Clark discuss the current political climate, midterm elections, and voter suppression.
24/10/201859 minutes 49 seconds
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Dr. David Julius Ford and Anisha Cooper educate us on the realities of being in the LGBT community
10/10/201859 minutes 30 seconds
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2TM The Culture Of Sexism

Dr. Catheine Roland, Dr. Laura Louis, and Gervonna Scott discuss the Culture of Sexism.
26/09/201855 minutes 57 seconds
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T2M Interracial Dating In America

Mary Huffstead and Kelvin Troy discussion interracial relationships and biracial individuals in this episode of Two Therapists and a Mic
12/09/201859 minutes 34 seconds
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2TM Back To School: Keep Your Kinds On The Right Track

Our guests are AC Anderson and Kenya Bledsoe. This episode is for parents of school-aged children. We discuss making adjustments for the new school year and how parents can help ensure success throughout the school year.
29/08/201858 minutes 45 seconds
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2TM Online Dating Better Or Worse Than Old School Introductions

Relationship specialists Marquita Johnson and Dr. Crystal Burwell discuss the online dating.
18/08/20181 hour 1 minute 44 seconds
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2TM Immigration, Deportation, Seperation: A Torn Nation

Dr. Carlos Hipolito-Delgado and Anna Sihon discuss the life of immigrants in the U.S. and the affects of deportation.
04/08/20181 hour 4 seconds
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2TM Finding A Job: The Struggle Is Real

Our expert guests for this episode of T2M are Krystle Dorsey and Andrea Holyfield. As career transition coaches and career development counselors, they help people who are struggling with unemployment as well as underemployment. Listen as they discuss tips for being successful with your next career move.
19/07/201859 minutes 57 seconds
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2TM Mind, Body and Sports

Listen to our latest episode as we discuss athletes and mental health with Dr. Taunya Tinsley and Dr. Kensa K. Gunter. Mind, Body, and Sports.
21/06/20181 hour 32 seconds
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2TM Me Too Movement

On this episode of 2TM we discuss how we can expand the me too movement and the the impact of sexual harassment. The expert guests are Dr. SaDohl Jones and Dr. Ajita
07/06/20181 hour 13 seconds
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2TM Racial Bias, Starbucks, and BBQ Becky

On this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone, we discuss racial bias and white privilege. The guests are diversity experts Dr. Sheila Caldwell and Dr. Robert Bryant. Join us as we explore theories behind the current racial climate and hostility towards Black people. Also, find out who and what is BBQ Becky.
24/05/20181 hour 18 seconds
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2TM Outer Beauty: Are we addicted to the idea of perfection?

This episode features a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist as we explore the world of cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Dr. Mirica “Mimi” Sanders and Alicia Hoffman, LCPC explain the psychological impact of cosmetic alterations.
10/05/201859 minutes 53 seconds
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2TM Is Tech Ruining Your Relationships?

Discover how you can prevent relationship problems in today's social media age. Crystal Gillery, LMFT and Marquita Johnson, LPC discuss how we can create boundaries with technology to remain connected with people.
10/05/201858 minutes 46 seconds
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2TM Kids Exposed to Violence

This episode of 2TM features Dr. Yolanda Fountain of Play Wellness, LLC and Dr. Cedric Cooks -Professional School Counselor in Gwinnett County Public Schools. We discuss violence and trauma experienced by kids. Discover ways you can help these kids to overcome tragedy.
13/04/20181 hour 46 seconds
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This episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone focuses on Black Men and Mental Health. Our clinical guests are Dr. Kenard Sanders and Dr. Makungu Akinyela. They discuss the complexities of Black manhood, Black Panther – the movie, and barriers for Black men seeking therapy.
13/03/201848 minutes 38 seconds
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Two Therapists and a Microphone is a podcast about mental health, relationships, and social issues that personally affect you. This episode includes an honest discussion about the realities of co-parenting after divorce or separation. Family Law Attorney Obréziah Bullard and Licensed Therapist Dr. Ryan Day joined your hosts Dr. Harrison Davis and Dr. Asha Dickerson as we explored the dynamics of co-parenting with your child’s other parent. To find out more, visit
06/12/201750 minutes 10 seconds
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Disorderd Eating in the Black Community

In this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone, we discuss Disordered Eating in the Black Community: Binge Eating, Anorexia, and Bulimia. The guests are Dr. Crystal Burwell and Carlus Houston. Find out more at
11/11/201744 minutes 43 seconds
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In this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone we discuss the opioid drug crisis with Dr. Crystal Burwell and Dr. Cassandra Wanzo
22/10/201741 minutes 29 seconds
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Hip-Hop, Trap Music, Trap Houses, and the Black Community

On this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone, we discuss how Hip-Hop has evolved, the growth of Trap Music and the impact on the Black community. Our guests are Youth Pastor Al Hollie and Hip-Hop Scholar Dr. Joycelyn Wilson
12/08/201757 minutes 23 seconds
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13 Reasons To Discuss Suicide

On this episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone we discuss suicide and the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. Our guests are Mahlet Endale, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Emory University’s Counseling and Psychological Services and Jeff Dess, Prevention and Intervention Coordinator for Cobb County School District in Georgia.
02/07/201748 minutes 42 seconds
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Political Stress in the U.S.

This episode of Two Therapists and a Microphone explores the current political climate in the U.S. and public reactions to the recent presidential election. Featured guests are Dr. Glen Smith, a Political Science Professor at the University North Georgia and Dr. Joy Harden-Bradford, a Psychologist in Atlanta, GA.
13/05/201726 minutes 9 seconds