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Two Guns & A Klip: The Podcast

English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 77 episodes, 4 days 4 hours 50 minutes
Zay, MTP, & Klip are back together only this time we have our own show together. We began our first try together on The League With Tanner Price (Podcast) and realized we could do more than once and while sports shows. We will bringing weekly content that we promise will be good, funny, and surprises. We hope you enjoy Two Guns & A Klip The Podcast
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Holidaze Special

We back baby, well just to give y’all a holiday special. Hope all have a good end of 2021. Enjoy.
09/12/20211 hour 8 minutes 41 seconds
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Urban Goes For 2

Klip comes back to join the boys. They do On This Zay, a citizenship Tanner trivia editions. They talk Urban digging back door, NFL and much more! Enjoy!!
07/10/20211 hour 53 seconds
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Minty Pudding

Klips gone so it’s just Zay & MTP this week. The boys do On This Zay and no Tanner Trivia. Some classics would you rather, UFC 266 recap and much more, enjoy!!
01/10/20211 hour 20 seconds
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MTP Gets Let Loose

The boys are back after a weeks hiatus! We start with On This Zay, MTP goes off the rails about Missing White Women Syndrome, an NFL edition Tanner Trivia and the boys talk UFC 266 and NICK DIAZ RETURNS!
23/09/20211 hour 12 minutes 54 seconds
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Forks Up! Free Larry Hoover

The gangs back! They get right into it with Kanye West new album, DONDA. They do On This Zay, college football edition for Tanner Trivia. The gang has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Enjoy!
02/09/20211 hour 10 minutes 10 seconds
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Would You Smoke Meth If…

The boys are back! The boys talk On This Zay and an uneventful Tanner Trivia. Also, the boys talk ways to get one of them to smoke meth, the crate challenge, and hanging with your clone.
27/08/20211 hour 13 minutes 2 seconds
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Knuckle Deep Tanner

Everybody’s finally back!! This week we got a Sopranos edition Trivia, Would You Rather, One’s Gotta Go. Last but not least MTP went on a date!
19/08/20211 hour 17 minutes 14 seconds
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Finally, A Real Episode

FINALLY, all the boys are back!!! They get right back into it, Zay finished The Sopranos and gives his take, they do On This Zay and have a special edition of Tanner Trivia. Enjoy!!
05/08/20211 hour 23 minutes 54 seconds
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One Man Show

With Klip & Zay missing in action MTP brings you an unique episode as he rolls solo. This episode he discusses On This Zay, Space Jam 2, NBA Finals, Aaron Rodgers saga, pro wrestling world, & even BREAKS NEWS!!!
22/07/202140 minutes 45 seconds
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Just A Regular Episode

The boys are back, minus Klip but joined by Scott, Blood & Brian. We got the classic On This Zay and a special edition of Tanner Trivia. They give a recap of UFC 264 and what they think is next for Mcgregor and Porier. Enjoy!!
15/07/20211 hour
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When Wasp Attack!!

Klip finally returns and joins the boys for a short and exciting episode. Talk upcoming UFC card and get an unexpected guest.. a f%#*ing WASP! Enjoy
08/07/202148 minutes 53 seconds
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The Boys Are Back In Town

The boys are back after a little break from their break. We discuss On This Zay, John McAfee conspiracy is put together by MTP, NBA Playoffs, Socctie Pippen’s interview & upcoming book, & play a new game called Am I The Asshole. ENJOY!!!
01/07/20211 hour 27 minutes 9 seconds
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Dunkin On Little White Kids

MTP is back why Zay & Klip are missing in action. Joining the show this week is special guest Zion! We discuss what’s happened over the last week, on this zay, tanner trivia, NBA Playoffs, UFC, NFL, and a few random conversations. ENJOY!!
17/06/202157 minutes
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America’s Next Top DragKing

Klip and Zay man the crew today and joined with Scoot & Brian while MTP works out his legal issues. The boys do On This Zay, a friendship edition of Tanner Trivia and Paul vs Mayweather. Big event Saturday, the KINGS BACK, the boys talk UFC263, drag kings and much more enjoy!!!
10/06/20211 hour 16 minutes 54 seconds
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Trimming The Fat

The boys are back with the og’s On This Zay and a special edition of Tanner Trivia. The boys also talk who would they want to narrate their life, auditioning for porn and much more. Enjoy!
03/06/20211 hour 24 minutes 5 seconds
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86 The Chicken Strips

The boys return! They talk some idioms, on this Zay and a NBA Finals edition of Tanner Trivia. They also talk the possibility of a new segment. Enjoy!!
27/05/20211 hour 33 minutes 4 seconds
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The boys are back this week we catch up with the boys how their week was, how Zay PGA Tour dreams are going, On This Zay, Tanner Trivia returns, and much more!!
20/05/20211 hour 29 minutes 26 seconds
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LePorn James

Klip & MTP are back why Zay is out on the greens chasing his PGA Tour dreams!! Trueblood, Sturtz, & Zion join the boys to discuss On This Zay, MTP WWE Raw ThunderDome experience, NBA pornstars comparisons, and many more discussions!! ENJOY!!!
13/05/20211 hour 50 minutes 52 seconds
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Anne Frank: Nazi Werewolf Hunter

The boys are back and this time with Hollywood’s next great movie! They give you On This Zay & Tanner Trivia. They also touch on the NFL Draft & whats going on in Green Bay
06/05/20211 hour 33 minutes 30 seconds
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Taco Contest Episode

The boys are FULL. We completed the taco eating contest and had the dark horse winner. We also got OTZ and Hawkeye Vodka sponsored Tanner Trivia. Hope you enjoy
29/04/20211 hour 4 minutes 17 seconds
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Trans Send Nudes/Transcend Nudes

The boys are back with another amazing episode! We got OTZ, Tanner Trivia & UFC 261 Hype! Also MTP gets a lesson in what it means to be trans and how the gender reassignment surgery works. Lots of good info to hear, enjoy!!
22/04/20211 hour 24 minutes 26 seconds
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R.I.P. DMX we lost a rap icon! The boys are back, On This Zay, rap related Tanner Trivia and we bring in some more good would you rather.
15/04/20211 hour 35 minutes 58 seconds
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The Would You Rather Episode

The boys bringing the sauce today! The got good ol On This Zay and Tanner Trivia. We get a little wild with good old fashion and would you rather. Indulge
08/04/20211 hour 22 minutes 56 seconds
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Lil Nas X’s Front Bump

The boys are back! Start off with On This Zay, Tito’s sponsored Tanner Trivia. Also the boys talk Lil Nas X controversy, UFC, Klip discovers who WARAQ are and preview Godzilla vs Kong.
01/04/20211 hour 31 minutes
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Snyder Cut

Boys are back! We have On This Zay, DC related Tanner Trivia. We talk Snyder Cut*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*, Deshaun Watson situation and more. Enjoy!
25/03/20211 hour 29 minutes 56 seconds
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Iowa’s Lone Black Republican

This week the boys are back, we do On This Zay and good ol Tanner Trivia. This week we’re joined by friend/fan of the podcast to talk about being Iowa’s only black republican. Enjoy.
18/03/20211 hour 44 minutes 38 seconds
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Limewire Porn

The boys are back with Scott joining us! We discuss On This Zay, Tanner Trivia, and a whole lot of random stories. ENJOY!!
11/03/20211 hour 31 minutes 3 seconds
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Scottie Goes Solo

The boys are all back with Brian & Scott joining us we discuss our weekend, On This Zay, Tanner Trivia, and MTP brings 2 conspiracies to the table this week. ENJOY!!!
04/03/20211 hour 29 minutes 34 seconds
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Short & Sweet

Zay & MTP are back!!! Klip got a case of the old age so we got Sturtz & Trueblood joining us to talk about the weekend, On This Zay, Tanner Trivia, & more. ENJOY!!!
25/02/202154 minutes 25 seconds
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The Freemont Episode

The boys are back with another laugh packed episode. Start off with the weekend recap, On This Zay, & 2000’s themed Tanner Trivia. Also joining the boys this episode is local DJ Gavin “Freemont” Thomas we talk music, Bills Mafia and much more. Enjoy!!
18/02/20211 hour 36 minutes 26 seconds
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Sundog Millionaire

Boys are back! We open up the episode with STRIP CLUB STORIES & the three types of people who go to strip clubs. Followed up with On This Zay and fan favorite Tanner Trivia. Klip explains why he hates banks and of course Super Bowl recap and Tom Brady. Enjoy!!
11/02/20211 hour 30 minutes 40 seconds
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The Interview Episode

The boys are back with a little twist to this weeks episode. We crank out On This Zay, and a special edition of Tanner Trivia. We “interview” local DJ & friend Krager on why he got into DJing and he gives us the details for the Landon Smith scholarship benefit going on Feb. 13th. Enjoy!!
05/02/20211 hour 36 minutes 1 second
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Who TF is Dave Thomas

The boys are back with another episode. On This Zay and Tanner Trivia return. Klip goes off about Door Dash, UFC 257 recap and much more! ENJOY!!!
28/01/20211 hour 26 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ketamine Kickball

The boys are gone except ya boy Zay. He mans the show along with guest Brian & Scottie. Some On This Zay’s, no trivia and some good ol sport talk. We give our picks for UFC 257.
21/01/20211 hour 2 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Monkey Island, South Carolina

The boys are back we talk on this zay, Tanner trivia, playoff football, the return of ufc, the madness in the country, and some funny stories. Enjoy!!!
14/01/20211 hour 23 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

We Call Em Heavies

The boys are back!!! Season 2 is here. We open up with a CBD joint from the greatest company, Game Up. Dived into some On This Zay, Tanner Trivia, some sports and got the world caught up on what we did on the 2week hiatus.
07/01/20211 hour 15 minutes 12 seconds