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English, Comedy, 1 season, 67 episodes, 2 days, 2 hours, 5 minutes
Comedians Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne always wanted to be one thing when they grew up…a cool mom. Why? Throughout their lives, both had strong, opinionated mothers who gave great advice. Now they're putting it to the test. In each episode, strangers will submit their dilemmas (no matter how big or small) for the Cool Moms Joe and Steve to discuss, deliberate, and ultimately deliver some wholesome, balls-on accurate motherly advice. Got a problem, yo’? Cool Moms will solve it. Watch:
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Dee Knew: Episode 67 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

It’s Episode 67 of Two Cool Moms. Up top, we get into stories about how Joe regularly raids stages at charity events to cause chaos and a discussion about how mind blowing the accessibility of content is. The mommies then reflect on Joe’s mother’s irrational fear of the microwave and Steve’s moms inability to tackle home decor.  The questions pop off and lead the moms to cover what would be their comedic superpowers, what real talents they would want and how to handle regret. 
6/27/202334 minutes, 43 seconds
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We Vander-Built This City: Episode 66 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

On Episode 66 of Two Cool Moms, Mommy Steve has one hell of a story about how he ruined the night of a Vanderbilt. Also, Steve realized recently he was of Korean royalty and Joe recalls the time he got to play craps with a full blown Prince.Questions from fans cover all the bases. How do I help my kids make friends? Are the Mommies hiring? The right way to do family time when one of the parents are away from the family for long lengths of time? All the correct answers are given…or close to it.
6/20/202344 minutes, 53 seconds
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Surprise Party: Episode 65 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Episode 65 of Two Cool Moms is here. The mommies talk kids cursing and growing up with obscenities in their house, the differences between their mom and dad’s discipline tactics and debate that bowling is a real sport. Once the questions start, the mommies dispense sage advice to high school graduates. Joe discusses poor facial hair choices and how in the multiverse of madness he may be a federal agent. They discuss the best birthdays ever and get one hell of a hypothetical about rebooting their life that leads them into discussing mental health.
6/13/202343 minutes, 13 seconds
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Wardrobe Change: Episode 64 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

It's time to slip into something more comfortable with Episode 64 of Two Cool Moms. The moms discuss why they never wear tank top guys and wish they could’ve gotten into ascots.  Then when the questions come in the Moms’ give their favorite Father Day’s gifts and share their thoughts on giving tips to workers (or podcast comedians, link: ).  The mommies talk about the challenge on how to parent two very different children when it comes to their threshold for risk taking and bravery.  Finally Joe gives a behind the scenes story about when he was a cave monster in the movie.
6/6/202345 minutes, 30 seconds
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Callbacks with Joe & Steve: Episode 63 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The moms are here with Episode 63. They discuss Steve’s gullibility, Joe’s life expectancy and how they both got picked on growing up. Then the questions lead the moms to fantasize about a 24 hours spree in Vegas, a recap to debotchery in New Orleans and how kidnapping vans are back in style.  Steve hits a sexual moan tangent and then they discuss what is the best type of tree. Spoiler alert: it's a pam tree.  Joe tells the story of that him and Murray had to throw their own TV premiere party because the cheap ass network wouldn’t do it.  Finally, the mommies get into the cost benefit of the college experience and how they are cheap alumni to their respective universities. 
5/30/202349 minutes, 55 seconds
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Coke in a While: Episode 62 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Summer blockbuster season is upon us and the movie mommies are ready.  Joe remembers the first ever Tenderloins performance in the San Francisco sketch festival where the boys bombed. Joe recaps the relationship of the boys and how it is to work with different comedic minds.  The moms get in a crazy debate when posed the question “If you could have a lifetime supply of anything what would it be?” And then they discuss the major differences when it comes to parenting a little boy or little girl.  They also get very philosophical with some ridiculous scenarios. And people are asking to get what they want,  another Two Cool Moms LIVE! 
5/23/202337 minutes, 2 seconds
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ReBooooot: Episode 61 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

It's Episode 61 with the Cool Moms. Joe talks about how bad he is at cutting his son’s hair. This makes Steve reminisce about how bad his hair style choices were in high school. Questions come in and the moms discuss being Swifties (fans of Taylor), Ai artwork and how scary it can be especially when used on Disneyland characters, and then tackle the longest, hardest question ever posed to the moms.
5/16/202340 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sock Sock Shoe Shoe: Episode 60 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Ah yes, it’s Episode 60. We get into it and Mommy Steve talks taping Sullivan & Son in front of a live studio audience. Joe talks about stealing props from Jokers. Then the questions start up a heated debate on who pays the bill when going out. The. Next, they give some parenting advice on how to cope with “mom guilt” by being a present parent. Also, the moms just remind people to shut up and live (respectfully)... just like Joe’s Fat fuck friend Steve. 
5/9/202343 minutes, 23 seconds
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Boosted Ads: Episode 59 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here comes Episode 59, and oh boy buckle up.  Joe reminisces about how his father ran on little to no rest, the same way he does. And Steve admits he can play the recorder like a rockstar, but not smash it like a guitar.  Once the fans check in, fan Owen lets the mommies know they handled a question well and asks for more help. Steve shares about how he was basically an Avenger for a night when he went to a Marvel movie premiere. Joe shares a sweet story about he used to do some light breaking and entering to watch red carpet premiere events in Hollywood. They also share some tips on how to survive long period travel with a partner. 
5/2/202344 minutes, 4 seconds
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Pizza Party: Episode 58 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In Episode 58, Mommy Steve is hangry.  He needs pizza, so they decide to eat and talk. And as they do, all becomes more right in the world.
4/25/202333 minutes, 20 seconds
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Two Cool Moms Live: Episode 57 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

For Episode 57 the moms took their show live in front of an audience.  Here is the recording from February 6th 2023 at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, Tennessee.
4/18/20231 hour, 10 minutes
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Whaler’s Cove: Episode 56 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In Episode 56 the moms talk about awkward interactions with strangers and celebrities alike, recap some of the best live performances they’ve ever seen and the mystery and the lore of Whaler‘s Cove The fans’ questions cover a wide array of topics like what is happiness, how to deal with acne and how to keep friends in your life. Also, Joe shares a story of how him and the boys were forced to put on an improv comedy show in an Old age home to pay off a debt.
4/11/202346 minutes, 56 seconds
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Riddle Me This Fatman: Episode 55 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

As we start our 55th episode, Steve realizes how useless in his marriage he is and if his wife bites it first, he’s gonna have issues. When the conversation turns to the anatomy of a chicken (don’t ask) Joe realizes he has had it all wrong for quite some time. Then questions come in and the moms give advice for new dads on how not to be sucky, moving with a dog and the importance of not thinking you are in love with a celebrity. Dumb people live in haunted houses, by the way.
4/4/202343 minutes, 2 seconds
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Only Fats: Episode 54 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

It’s time for Episode 54 and the moms try to solve the mystery why do people decide to work for a fast food change in the airport vs. one in your neighborhood?  And then discussion turns to the magnificence of airport dining and what they think their retirement looks like.  The questions come in asking for best side hustle, how to cast Joe and Steve in a sitcom series and deal with problems with the coach of their team. And they also deal some FANTASTIC advice on how to deal with writer’s block and how to mind your own business when it comes to your sister’s in-laws. And finally a side by side of Joe’s and Steve’s tweets show the disparity on their approach. 
3/28/202347 minutes, 39 seconds
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Tyler Perry Joey: Episode 53 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Episode 53 is here and the moms are all jazzed up!  Steve talks about one of his recent best nights of standup. Joe explains how he and his mom talked about anything and everything…even boom booms. Then they get on and off topic when Joe’s weird body comes into play.  And the questions, oh the questions. How to get unstuck, where’s the merch and how have the moms inspired each other. And “Ju Jitsu Stone” writes in to humble brag.
3/21/202342 minutes, 29 seconds
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Full Blown Japanese: Episode 52 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In episode 52, the mommies get into a recap of the time Steve was unaware and inadvertently almost ruined the ending of Joe’s live show because he listened to his friend Johnny Walker. Steve gets into how he loves to improv on a comedy stage and Joe talks about how Jiggy bamboozled Joe into doing his first ever stand up set in Dublin Ireland. Then the questions come in and the moms advise on how to adjust from going from one child to a second. Soon after, the opinions fly on sex tapes, how to have a cheap date and Steve tells how Joe always acts the fool and cannot stop himself from messing with strangers. It’s just how he lives his life!
3/7/202347 minutes, 37 seconds
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We Rebuild: Episode 51 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here in episode 51 the moms talk how LEGOs are currently bonkers. Then Joe talks about how Playmobil f’d him hard till 5AM one Christmas. Then the moms discuss massages and the oddity of fish feet massage and the weirdness of mud wraps. A tangent opens a discussion about what is the most famous house that ever appeared on tv or film. A listener writes in and Joe drops some knowledge on how to deal with the fear of child birth. The guys then answer the question what they liked the best in each other’s TV shows. And a little behind the scenes tidbits from each. And finally answer what their TV show together would be.
2/28/202344 minutes, 42 seconds
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Happy 50th : Episode 50 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The mommies celebrate their 50th episode the only way they know how, with crazy stories from their childhood and dishing out some stellar advice to listeners.
2/21/202349 minutes, 44 seconds
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Hannah with No H's : Episode 49 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here is Episode 49 and the moms get into talking tunes….Looney Tunes. To show their appreciation to the voice actors of days gone by, they try their hand at talking like cartoons and fail…hard. The fan questions start off super awkward. The moms have to imagine which scenario is worse to be caught during their “alone time” by their child as an adult or their child when they’re younger. Hannah with 2 H’s needs some help on dealing with the pressures of taking relationships to the physical level. Finally a tough one gets the mommies a bit at odds about if a guy should skip his best friend’s wedding because his ex-wife will be there. DRAMA!!!!
2/14/202340 minutes, 56 seconds
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Balls to Bones: : Episode 48 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The mommies present episode 48, and get into reminiscing about the fun of local media growing up and even nowadays. Both discover they had an affinity for the old school TV show Twilight Zone. Also the mommies’ daughters have shown a major interest in horror and their sons are easily freaked out. They realize their kids are mimicking them so they need to start paying attention. Then the questions submitted are great ones, but the answers are admittedly not. A major debate breaks out about what’s the best super power and Joe gets into deep cut powers. And Jiggy chimes in to blow the moms balls off with some stats about the Albatross.
2/7/202345 minutes, 44 seconds
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Felipe's Navidad: Episode 47 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In episode 47, the mommies start off discussing Joes bold fashion choices and the necessity of eyebrow maintenance. With the questions, the mommies get to fantasize about what they would do if they were a woman for a day. This leads them to honestly rate each others looks on a scale of 1-10. They also walk through “the last day of life” meals. A dissection of what make a movie a Christmas movie becomes a topic of discussion. And the mommies give some sage advice on how to maintain long distance friendships after someone moves away. And then they introduce a new segment “Mom of the Week”
1/31/202345 minutes, 41 seconds
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Pretty Baby: Episode 46 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In the 46th episode, the mommies get into embarrassing stories of their childhood while they were exploring their bodies. And how Joe's mom may or may not have caught him being intimate with himself.  When the questions begin they discuss which is their favorite ways to entertain the masses, how to deal with current partners engaging with exes on social media and how to deal with unhelpful siblings who are ignoring family responsibilities.
1/24/202338 minutes, 6 seconds
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Bazonkers: Episode 45 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here we go with episode 45.  The moms get into a conversation about how people are pretty good...until snake oil salesmen ruined it for everybody. And Joe realizes they've been suckered by the therapeutic magnet industry in the early 2000s.  And life is just "bazonkers" sometimes.  And then there are questions, and then some fantastic advice!
1/17/202347 minutes, 14 seconds
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Cool Aunt Murr: Episode 44 with Joe Gatto, Steve Byrne & special guest James Murray

Welcome to the first episode of 2023 friends.  And what better way then to have Cool Aunt Murr join the fun.  The moms get into stories of Joe and James' friendship, how they lived together as roommates and their lack of musical talent.  And when Momma Steve starts asking the fan submitted questions, they all give very sound advice ... according to them.
1/10/202342 minutes, 41 seconds
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Wish You a Mommy Christmas: Episode 43 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The Mommies are celebrating Christmas together in our 43rd episode. They talk their Christmas traditions growing up, cooking for the holidays, Christmas movies and how dumb their kids are. And the questions come in from the fans so it’s time to start spreading some cheer. They help with things like how to deal with being around drunken friends while sober and give some crate training tips for puppies. Joe also talks on how being on Jokers has fundamentally provided weird skill sets for him. They also discuss how to avoid road rage, and how bad Steve is with it. Finally, how to deal with death of animals and how to break into the business of show.
1/5/202346 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Donkey's Out The Kitchen: Episode 42 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Episode 42 is here and the mommies start discussing how they were scarred by the Presidential Fitness Award patch. Flatulence etiquette is also briefly discussed for 12 minutes. When the questions come in the moms respond with their highlights of a road trip, Joe discusses his alter ego Diamo and how to navigate relationships that start online. Then they give some advice to a fan that has found themselves at a crossroads. Finally, Joe defends his co-host’s honor.
12/13/202243 minutes, 29 seconds
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Be Nice Steve: Episode 41 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here we go with episode 41 of the podcast where the mommies start with discussing why Joe can’t help himself but to give Steve misinformation, they reminisce about their childhood homes and talk about Steve’s latest hour “The Last Late Night” that has just been released on Amazon Prime. Then the questions come in and they answer their pet peeves, reveal their childhood crushes, Joe shares the story of how Steve totally messed up Colin Jost’s stand up show, and then give advice on how to face your greatest fear.
12/6/202247 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mom Shaking Age: Episode 40 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

For our 40th episode, the mommies make good on some feedback from their loyal listeners that complain about not getting their questions answered.  So they waste no time and start helping with sage motherly advice in a questions only format.  It's a roller coaster as they help a few fans and feel like they have been no service to others.
11/29/202224 minutes, 29 seconds
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Magic Socks: Episode 39 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Steve and Joe are coming in hot with Episode 39, literally.  The mommies talk about when they were young they BOTH had obsession with lighting fires. This takes them down memory lane about how they both should probably be dead with all the dangerous activities back in the day in which they partook.  When they start dishing out advice to the fans (who all have weird spellings of their names this week FYI), they help someone stop being a push over. Also, how to navigate uncomfortable family gatherings during the holidays and of course what to do in Albany for New Year’s Eve.
11/22/202231 minutes, 3 seconds
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Backward Hat No Bueno: Episode 38 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Episode 38 with the Moms covers lots of ground. They start talking about the challenges of doing crowd work as a live comic, how they really didn’t have friends in high school, and compare their experiences as high school athletes - Steve the hockey player vs. Joe the Math-lete. Steve also shares why the Vegas Knights have banned Steve from working the stadium’s hand cranked horn. The moms then get into answering fans' questions such as what songs have significance in their life, how to get through tough times if you feel alone, and some of the best pranks they’ve ever heard about.
11/15/202244 minutes, 19 seconds
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Familiar Not Famous : Episode 37 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here we go with Episode 37 of Two Cool Moms! The mommies talk about odd interactions in bathrooms and Steve’s need to be censored on the pod to just  mess with Joe. The questions inspire a great conversation on what the mommies would do if they swapped bodies for a day. Then they reflect on bad purchases they’ve made, if Joe is ready to date and Steve explains why a con man is not a life for Joe. Finally the mommies give some solid advice on how to be taken seriously when trying to help people you care about.
11/8/202244 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nothing Good Happens on a Bus : Episode 36 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

It is Episode 36 of Two Cool Moms! The mommies talk about their school bus rides as children and what their neighborhood schemes were to scrounge up some scratch. And the questions make the mommies talk stand up comedy shows, weird pictures with strangers, the nostalgia of Atlantic City and Las Vegas and of course Steve is hungry. And Joe answers the question of how the support of his fans has helped him during his recent difficulties.
11/1/202242 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fancy Frugal : Episode 35 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Here in Episode 35 of Two Cool Moms, we have a nice mashup of conversations that our hosts had back in the day before they were officially the Mommies. Then, Joe does his best to field some questions on his own and if we are being honest does not have his greatest showing.
10/25/202232 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sup?! : Episode 34 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In the 34th episode, the mommies discuss some of their fave things about the season of fall. Steve nicely lets Joe know that he is a not a big deal anymore but Joe kindly helps him with the wording. Then they get into their Disney lore that mostly Joe makes up and discuss amusement parks they enjoyed growing up. This sends them down the rabbit hole of remembering some of the bad experiences they had with girls in their formative pre-teen years. Then the questions starts with a very fun hypothetical about having a belly button mouth. Joe tells about how he used to entertain him and his friends as Daniel, the official assistant of the Impractical Jokers making outlandish demands. A question comes in to prompt Steve to tell his most INSANE “…but wait it gets worse” story. Then Joe is blown away when Steve does not know the Christmas Carol classic “Dominic the Donkey.” And at the end of it they answer a real conundrum, how long do you want to live?
10/18/202244 minutes, 32 seconds
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Stop It Steve! : Episode 33 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Joe dresses up for this special 33rd episode before discussing bold fashion choices from the mommies lives and discuss which animals their human faces resemble. Then Steve just recaps how he ruins TV for his wife by making sexual sounds and it spills over into annoying Joe (and most likely America if we are going to be honest).  Then one fan gets their guidance on how to best host a Bachelor Party as a female and another on how to attack achieving your dreams.  They end the episode by diving into a seriously heavy inquiry from a fan, which they don't shy away from because the moms are here for not only the laughs, but the love.
10/11/202244 minutes, 31 seconds
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All Time Favorite Day Ever: Episode 32 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The Mommies are back in Episode 32 and ready to give sage advice.  But not before discussing the Elvis movie and pontificate on if they could go back in time to see one entertainer perform live, who would they choose. Then once they get into it answering the fans, a question is posed about what was their best day ever...and their answers are not what you may think.
10/5/202251 minutes, 22 seconds
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Town Banana: Episode 31 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

It's Episode 31.  More questions, more banana.
9/27/202242 minutes, 55 seconds
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Womb-Mates: Episode 30 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In this, our 30th episode, the Moms retell stories about how they were left behind in stores by their parents when they were younger. Joe then regales Steve with a story of his recent shitshow family apple picking outing with his kids. Then the mommies touch on how great it is to talk to and meet fans on the road and Joe’s journey into stand up comedy. Then the questions come in as Steve and Joe good cop/bad cop a question from Cheryl about how to deal with recovering from damage done as a child with regards to forming relationships. Next they get into how important it is to use technology to your advantage to feel connected to people you care about, a lesson Joe has learned from not seeing his fellow Jokers everyday. Finally, the moms answer a question that leads them down a lyrical tangent giving Joe the opportunity to educate Steve on the absolute heartfelt deepness and genius of Hansen’s “MMMbop.”
9/20/202246 minutes, 16 seconds
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Cool Aunt Jiggy: Episode 29 with Joe Gatto, Steve Byrne & special guest Jiggy

The 29th episode brings Cool Aunt Jiggy from behind the scenes into the minivan to join the podcast. After Jiggy offers a little insight into his mom growing up, the questions come in and the crew speaks about their take on riding the line of offensive while doing comedy. Then they give some sound advice to a listener who asks about moving out on their own after having roommates for all their life. Steve really harps on the major benefit of “alone” time and reminisces about one of his favorite films “L.A.D.P. “ and how he got busted busting. They also touch on how to change your routines to become a “morning person.” Steve gets into what it’s like to live with him and his close friends and roommate  for many years John steps to the mic and dishes on the mayhem that a younger Steve rustled up.
9/13/202244 minutes, 2 seconds
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Two Pumps This Time: Episode 28 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

With our 28th episode, the moms break down the musical classic "The Cha-Cha Slide", talk Joe’s shady past endeavors as an arms dealer and Steve’s grand larceny, and who the moms would be if they were members of the A-Team. A break in the format occurs as the moms skip the pre-vetting of the questions and open them cold on pod! This leads them to cover the benefits of pygmy goat ownership, advice  a 21 year old on how to deal with an overprotective parents (which tangents into a deep conversations on concert experiences), and ultimately to help a fan who isn’t getting the sexy time they need in the bedroom. Finally, Joe gives advice to help a girl dealing with the loss of her mother and using humor to heal while Steve chimes in with some of his usual BS.
9/6/202240 minutes, 1 second
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You Look Slimy: Episode 27 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In the 27th episode, the moms relive their greatest moments from their grade school sports careers, talk about who would be their dream partners for a bowling league and a doo-wop group and how Joe talks too fast for podcasting, radio and stand-up comedy.  Which is unfortunate considering his current life.  They then they fall helplessly down a nostalgic rabbit hole when a listener named Chad asks about their favorite toy from their childhood.
8/30/202238 minutes, 55 seconds
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Yin Yang Parmigiana: Episode 26 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Steve's busy prepping to film his Amazon Prime comedy special, so the moms couldn't get together.  But never fear!  Joe digs into the archives and pulls up a recording they did as they were test running the podcast from November 2021.  Their conversations are crazy and silly as they discuss everything from the jams that get them moving, what brands speak to their inner model and the sexiness or lack thereof of certain boy bands from the late 90s. 
8/23/202254 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fat Guy #2: Episode 25 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The moms start of episode 25 talking about the hard truth that some babies are ugly. They then get into the fact that not all parents fall in love with their babes instantly, but Joe has experienced that with his dog Spumoni. The questions come in and the mommies help one listener deal with stage fright by speaking of their experiences. That’s why he dressed as captain fat belly walking the tightrope. Then one of the best questions come in as the moms are asked what is one childhood memory they’d want to relive. It makes them think about childhood experiences they wish they handled differently. Jiggy then interrupts the podcast with breaking news of an ex-Govenor's flatulence. And then the moms get into it about chicken nuggets and the bullshit that is the chicken tender.
8/16/202237 minutes, 30 seconds
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Periods and Boners: Episode 24 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The mommies are back at it for episode 24. Joe shares a story about how his family found humor in any situation, no matter how F’d up it was. Then they get into how animals are amazingly good at saving dumb humans, dog personalities are super interesting, and Steve comes to realize the root of why he doesn’t like cats…mainly because they clearly don’t like him. The questions start and Joe and Steve share night time sleeping tips when your mind is racing. It oddly takes a turn to get the mommies into a in depth conversation of Kidney Stones. The mommies share a little love about each other when asked about what the favorite thing about doing the podcast together. Then a mom writes in for advice on how to make that jump to go out and about with a child and the importance on being comfortable with kids in the wild. Finally, they reflect on the disregard for safety when they were kids and how they both should not be alive.
8/9/202253 minutes, 30 seconds
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We Bury Our Dead: Episode 23 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Kicking off episode 23, the moms talk about dealing with weight gains and losses. They get into Steve’s childhood fears and how they talk to their children about death. They then flip it to Joe’s fear of marshmallows due to the B classic horror film “The Stuff." Before they get into the fan questions, they stumble upon a shared distrust of deep waters of the ocean. /and also how Joe need to once defend his childhood home against a possum . When the questions roll in, they find themselves on the other perspective of how to deal with a failed relationship, where the cheater writes in looking for advice. Their sights then turn on Orlando about what must hits and must skips and Joe's last supper at a Friendly’s restaurant. Then there is a lot to unpack in a message from a woman who deals with a weird love triangle between a sugar baby and her criminal baby daddy. To wrap things up, the mommies get a little lighter as they get into a gaming conversation sparked by a fan's question.
8/2/202246 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cool Aunt Q: Episode 22 with Joe Gatto, Steve Byrne & special guest Brian "Q" Quinn

Our first guest Aunt, Brian “Q” Quinn, joins in on the fun on the 22nd episode of the podcast. Q talks about his cool mom and how she was effectively used against him in the Impractical Jokers movie. The questions then come in and Q wastes no time explaining to a fan that writes in asking to be with him that they really don’t want to be with him. They then get into how much more manly Q is than Joe (especially when it comes to changing a tire), share college mishaps and give advice on dating and handling rejection. Q also comes to realize he may have turned into a hippie in his old age since all he longs for is to just relax and chill. Steve talks about growing up as a comic since he’s been doing it for decades and how he feels about his new hour comedy special he is about to film. Joe and Q reflect on their journey to their “worldwide superstar level” (Steve’s words) their TV show has provided them. And a homemaker asks for help because she hates cooking and the net net advice is just to stop. Finally, Q explains the ins and outs of the life of a firefighter back when he was a hot aunt, leading the mommies and Q to stories about how Joe’s confidence has saved the day. To end their time together, they recap their epic adventure in London to meet Doorkins Magnificat and Q's heroism to rescue Brooklyn Cat.
7/26/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 59 seconds
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Gamblin' Mommas: Episode 21 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The 21st episode of the podcast has a special “no question” format where the moms get together and simply chat it up. Discussions include where Joe is mightiest, on a dance floor versus a craps table. They also recap quite the epic weekend together on the road touring. Thinking back on growing up. Joe shares how his mom hijacked a wedding band and Steve’s surprise when she does a beer bong. They then bond over their mother’s affection for gambling, sharing stories about their tussles with Lady Luck. Steve poses the question to Joe about what his dead mom would think if she could see him now. And Steve talks about how great it has been to be able to witness his parents see him film his tv series.
7/19/202226 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dead Parents' Society: Episode 20 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

To start off our 20th episode, the moms dive into their love of pun-tactic tees and knock off brands while growing up, Joe’s lifelong dislike of fitness and Steve’s dislike of himself on camera. The questions are all over the place ranging from tips on how to get rid of a body, discussing how to balance quality time with loved ones versus working to provide for a family, and tips on how to deal with crappy co-workers. Then the moms provide jokes to a listener who lost one lung at their request and help another listener with their confidence to find a cover for their late 30s pot.
7/12/202247 minutes, 31 seconds
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Sensei It Ain't So: Episode 19 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

To start off our 19th episode, the moms discuss their future crossover podcsat between Joe Rogan and Two Cool Moms. They then take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about how their parents raised them in bowling halls and hockey rinks, also discussing which sports they themselves like to partake in as adults. When the question starts, they break down the rules of shooting your shot with someone a friend had feelings for prior. Then a listener Brandon comes in hot with his self judgment and a well laid out, solid life plan. Steve gives some solid knowledge on how to deal with life when people are not putting the energy into friendship. And speaking on his own current reality, Joe shares how to deal with life’s lemons and the importance of balancing feelings of regret and moving forward.
7/5/202238 minutes, 25 seconds
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What’s the action?: Episode 18 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

On the18th episode, Steve recaps the fun and success of a charity event he threw in Pittsburgh, Joe recaps some of the craziest stuff he’s seen while on stage. Joe recaps the moment that he believes made him lose his “shame” gene and be able to get through any embarrassment. The messages come in to sing some praises of the mommies and then they get into it, sharing their perspective on how far to let your partner’s opinions influence your appearance, what celebrity bump intos they’ve had over the years that have shocked them and how to control your spending habits….poorly.
6/28/202245 minutes, 36 seconds
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BooBerry Can Suck It: Episode 17 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

An angry mommy Steve joins Joe in this, the 17th episode, where there's lots of hot takes but barely any advice. Before getting into the fan questions, they talk about the miracle of Joe's metabolism since it's that it works on the schedule of a teen but results in the body of a husky male. They also settle on the fact that Steve is a pain in the ass when it comes to sharing a meal. Once the question comes in "What’s for breakfast?" things get heated. Steve ain’t having it. Later on Joe gives a bit of Dogfather advice which spins into Steve’s hatred of his cat. They are a day late and a dollar short with advice to a European about what to do in NYC that came here two weeks ago and is already back across the pond. Steve tells stories on how he ruins memorabilia from Willie Mays and Terry Bradshaw. But finally, they do give some "helpful" advice on what adds more value, learning in a school or getting real life experience. Steve needs a nap.
6/21/202240 minutes, 18 seconds
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All in a Bidet’s Work: Episode 16 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The 16th episode features a call into Steve's on-demand barber Ross Fernandez to confirm that he is not taking Steve on as a client out of obligation. Joe talks on why John Hamm is the reason Joe abandoned his spiky hair look. The moms then take some time to ponder what life must be like for  ridiculously beautiful people. When getting into answering the fans questions, the mommies get into their favorite cities to tour, the many layers involved in bowel movement rituals and how to identify the difference between paranoia and just feeling unsafe. They also advise one listener on how they should approach reconnecting with her father after a 15 year hiatus.
6/14/202245 minutes, 25 seconds
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Don't Worry, Be Mommy: Episode 15 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

To start off their 15th episode, Joe and Steve discuss their respective mom’s violent pasts, weird and dangerous games they played as children, and how Joe once took a child hostage playing laser tag with the guys while on the road. Then the questions come in as the mommies help one fan deal with guilt of not wanting to take care of her aging parents due to the trauma they inflicted on her growing up, how to make room for a personal life as a single parent, how to handle working with an ex, how to deal with being a booty call crutch for people when they are between relationships and some advice with a blind dirty dog scenario.  Finally, Joe shoots straight that he didn’t really like his kids the moment they were born and most people who say that are full of shit.
6/7/202246 minutes, 56 seconds
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One Depressed Mom & Steve: Episode 14 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

On this, the 14th episode of Two Cool Moms, Joe wishes that Steve Byrne had any sort of singing talent because he believes Steve would be the greatest showman. Joe also speaks on why he believes it is in his blood to command a dance floor, and then the mommies dive in on how music has influenced their life. When they get into the questions, Joe provides travel agent assistance to a fan coming to New York to do an Impractical Jokers landmark tour, they share tips on how to get over being shy and help one listener with dealing with the hatred of his own birthday. Then Joe puts Steve on the spot to answer the question if they will be friends for life. Finally, the moms pontificate on to or to not tell a toxic in-law to go F themselves.
5/31/202247 minutes, 11 seconds
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Secret Mothers: Episode 13 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

On an emotional roller coaster of a 13th episode, Joe discusses his recent adventures in Alaska including his near death experience, Steve talks about how he almost died being a tourist in New Orleans and Joe’s run in with the police when he was a kid. Then they take it to the DMs to help the fans, covering topics like how to accept a relationship is over instead of having the same fight, forcing your children into doing activities they don’t want to. They also ironically share some “how to eat healthy” tips, speak on accepting that part of life is losing friends to their new relationships and let one listener know they definitely should not start their own business.
5/24/202252 minutes, 45 seconds
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Dating Cousins?: Episode 12 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The moms are back at it with the 12th episode of "Two Cool Moms." Steve and Joe discuss their painful wake up routines from their childhood, the shadiness of Joe's family members and how impactful morning radio has been to them over the years. Then the fans reach out for advice on how to stop being a slave to technology, overthinking versus not thinking enough, why you shouldn’t date your cousin and Joe and Steve get into discussing their biggest regrets. Also, Joe believes he can eat 1/2 a cheesecake if left unsupervised.
5/17/202242 minutes, 11 seconds
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Naked Grandmas: Episode 11 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In the 11th episode of "Two Cool Moms" Steve and Joe discuss swearing in their households growing up, what Joe and Steve’s fashion choices make them look like and some fave movies from their childhood. The mommies then dive into giving fans some advice on if it’s worth risking a friendship by shooting your shot, how to deal with deadbeat family members, the importance of making the most of opportunities that present themselves, how they are both scarred from seeing their grandmothers naked and dealing with terrible in-laws. Also, how long is too long to chase a dream? Seems like it’s 8 months.
5/10/202250 minutes, 42 seconds
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D is for Dead - Episode 10 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The 10th episode of "Two Cool Moms" begins with Steve and Joe discussing Joe's inability to wear caps, how older people with braces freak them out and  Steve AGAIN defends his driving skills. Then, the mommies dive into a fan-submitted dilemma of a dad ghosting for 8 months and coming home pretending nothing happened. Other topics include which candies blow their balls off and how to mend a broken heart by identifying the hurt and talking to kids about death.
5/3/202242 minutes, 17 seconds
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No Thanks Cookie Puss: Episode 9 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In the 9th episode, the moms discuss the terrible decor in their childhood homes, how He-Man stole Barbie from Ken and how Joe’s lack of friends resulted in him aggressively collecting ceramic dragons. When diving into the fan questions, the moms give tips on how to survive the move to a big city, talk dinner plans, discuss the major benefit of college being the experience versus the education and how new fathers need to just rub mommy’s feet and shut the F up.
4/26/202239 minutes, 28 seconds
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"Accidents" Happen: Episode 8 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

In the 8th episode, Steve schools Joe that caviar is indeed not fish poop, the moms discuss the ridiculousness of “promposals“ and they realize neither of them met a Clark. Then, the fans get love advice on how to ruin a friend’s relationship if needed, miss the mark on when advising a fan on how to find things to fill your day with purpose and discover how lucky Joe is that he is not a stress eater when dealing with current tough times.
4/19/202244 minutes, 45 seconds
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Wipe Your Hole: Episode 7 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

Recorded in Nashville, Joe and Steve share some insight to their parents' type of comedy growing up, how Joe’s mom was the original Tenderloins groupie, and what they hope to be around for in their kids' lives before these mommies kick it. Then, they jump in and get a wide array of questions from fans like how to prep kindergarteners with bathroom etiquette, how to escape a partner’s terrible cooking, dealing with weirdly possessive friends, how to find your passion when you grow up even if you're already 40 and what to do when you hate the person your kid is dating.
4/12/202245 minutes, 10 seconds
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Awkward Prom: Episode 6 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

After discussing Joe's perspective on his new reality as an entertainer, the guys trade stories about their moms' top notch disciplinary skills with wooden spoons and the glorious moment when they became strong enough to disarm them. Then, the mommies dive into fan-submitted questions and give their perspective on ways to deal with grief and loss (or maybe ignore it like Joe does). Steve talks about his experience on set as a guest on an upcoming episode of Impractical Jokers.  And the mommies agree on the inevitable death of a long distance relationship happening during college years.
4/5/202245 minutes, 19 seconds
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Lion on the Dancefloor: Episode 5 with Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne

The fifth episode of "Two Cool Moms" begins with Comedians Steve Byrne and Joe Gatto discuss the benefits of a minivan, the ridiculousness of airplane rules and bathroom etiquette in their childhood homes. Then, the mommies dive into fan-submitted questions and discuss Joe's unwarranted confidence on the dance floor, friends being either fixers or listeners and how to prepare children for college.
3/29/202254 minutes, 38 seconds