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Afrikaans, Arts, 1 season, 25 episodes, 11 hours, 58 minutes
Sarah Ellis & Philippa Ross aka We Are Twinset are best known as influencers, content creators & brand owners as well as being best friends and business partners. The weekly show is a place to celebrate fierce friendship, motherhood, entrepreneurship, girl power, girl bossing, funny stories, epic fails, advice, daily obsessions, ultimate hacks & what milk they're drinking this week. As a listener you will hear Sarah & Philippa discuss it all with honesty, laughter & raw conversations. You can expect occasional guests as well as reader stories & questions.
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Episode 13 | Getting violently drunk, cottage cheese appreciation & elite snacking

Welcome back to Episode 13, today we discuss getting violently drunk & being the best versions of ourselves. We go big on our elite snacks & dinners as well as talking about our current style rut.Find us on @twinsetunzipped @wearetwinset & @watthebrand.Exclusive listener discount for with code TWINSETUNZIPPED10
5/29/202334 minutes, 44 seconds