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German, Social, 1 seasons, 21 episodes, 5 hours 38 minutes
New episodes come out every Monday for free, with 1-week early access for Wondery+ subscribers. We all want love, that happily-ever-after feeling of finding your soulmate. What if someone not only claimed they could help you find that perfect partner, they guaranteed it? Jeff and Shaleia, a young couple famous on YouTube, teach about ‘Twin Flames' — a deep, romantic connection with your perfect partner in their videos. It’s divine love, you’re designed for no one else, and they’re designed for no one else. But the path to finding your Twin Flame isn’t so simple. Some followers claim they were encouraged to cut ties with friends and family that are holding them back, and to claim their Twin Flame by any means necessary. From Wondery, Twin Flames is a podcast about what happens when the quest for love turns into a dangerous obsession. Hosted by Stephanie Beatriz.
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Listen Now: Ghost Story

Tristan Redman is a journalist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. But weird things happened in his teenage bedroom – weirder than normal. When, years later, he discovers subsequent occupants of his family home were haunted by the ghost of a faceless woman, he’s curious. Because by a strange coincidence, it just so happens that the house Tristan grew up in is right next door to a murder scene - where his wife’s great grandmother was killed by two gunshots to the face. Could there be a connection? Tristan decides to investigate and soon finds himself where no son-in-law should ever be: delving deep into his wife’s family history, asking questions no one wants answered. Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios present Ghost Story — a seven-part podcast series about family secrets, overwhelming coincidences and the things that come back to haunt us.Follow Ghost Story on the Wondery App or wherever you get your podcasts. You can binge all epis
30/10/20238 minutes 36 seconds
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Listen Now: I Hear Fear

Nothing is as terrifying as the sounds we hear in the dark. The slow creak of a door opening late at night... or a whisper in a room when you thought you were alone... or a distant scream in the wind. One noise at the wrong time or place can scare us for days.Each episode of I Hear Fear plunges the listener into a tale inspired by real events, from a deadly dance party to a cursed film set. Join host and two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan for six immersive stories designed to jangle your nerves and haunt your dreams.Follow I Hear Fear on the Wondery App or wherever you get your podcasts. You can binge all episodes of I Hear Fear ad-free right now by joining Wondery Plus. Listen Privacy Policy at and Ca
16/10/20235 minutes 1 second
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Where to find Episodes 2-7 of Twin Flames

Twin Flames has moved. You can binge all six episodes ad-free right now by subscribing to Wondery+ in Apple Podcasts or the Wondery app: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
03/10/202353 seconds
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Desperately Seeking Soulmate | 8

When Alice Hines first started reporting on the Twin Flames Universe in 2020, she never expected to appear in one of their videos. In this special interview episode Alice speaks with Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi, hosts of the Scamfluencers podcast, about how that came about, how survivors of the group are faring and why the group is still growing. Alice appears in the new Amazon Prime Video docuseries, Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
02/10/202337 minutes 13 seconds
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Listen now: Infamous International: The Pink Panthers Story

This is Infamous International: The Pink Panthers Story, the first true crime limited podcast series from Exactly Right Media, home of My Favorite Murder. Over the course of nine episodes, you’ll be introduced to the Pink Panthers, the world’s most notorious jewel thieves who emerge from the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. Every Thursday you’ll get another piece of the story, hearing from journalists, experts and eyewitnesses, about the shadowy Serbian crime syndicate that specializes in elaborate smash-and-grab heists that take place in only minutes, but net millions.You’re going to hear a clip of Infamous International: The Pink Panthers Story from “Episode One: Heist at the Wafi Mall,” in which we are introduced to three of the Pink Panthers and hear how they made international headlines AND most wanted lists. If you like what you hear, follow Infamous International: The Pink Panthers Story wherever you get
14/09/20235 minutes 58 seconds
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Listen Now – Over My Dead Body: Gone Hunting

When Mike Williams vanishes on a hunting trip, the authorities suspect he was eaten by alligators but the true predators who took Mike may lurk much closer to home. The mystery of Mike’s disappearance might have faded from memory, if it wasn’t for one woman’s tireless crusade. From Wondery, comes a new season of Over My Dead Body; a story about an obsessive love affair, a scandalous secret and a mother’s battle for the truth.Listen to Over My Dead Body: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21/08/20235 minutes 41 seconds
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Listen Now: My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, co-founders of the Exactly Right network. Every Thursday since January of 2016, Karen and Georgia have shared their lifelong interest in true crime, telling each other stories of infamous serial killers, mysterious cold cases, incredible survivor stories and more.You're going to hear a clip of My Favorite Murder from Episode 356 - "Tugboat of Life" where Karen tells Georgia the rescue and survival story of Harrison Okene.If you like what you hear, follow My Favorite Murder podcast wherever you get your podcasts. You can listen early and ad-free on the Amazon Music or Wondery app.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Privacy Policy at</a
31/07/20236 minutes 30 seconds
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Listen Now: Suspect "Five Shots in the Dark"

Suspect is an investigative series about mislaid justice and the kinds of weighty decisions that detectives, lawyers, and jurors make every day - decisions that, once made, are almost impossible to reverse.Season 3: Five Shots in the Dark follows Leon Benson, who spent 24 years in an Indiana state prison for the 1998 murder of a young man named Kasey Schoen. His conviction hinged on the testimony of two eyewitnesses – but what if their memories turned out to be wrong? And what if the people who knew what really happened had never been allowed to speak? Suspect Season 3: Five Shots in the Dark is the story of two victims: one murdered, one sentenced to life. Follow host Matt Shaer and attorney Lara Bazelon as they investigate how the justice system failed both Leon and Kasey, and who the real killer might be. Join this unprecedented look inside the attempt to overturn a wrongful conviction and find out if justice will finally be served.Follow Suspe
17/07/20236 minutes 2 seconds
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Introducing: The Generation Why

The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron &amp; Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies.One of the longest running true crime podcasts out there, Generation Why has a little something for every true crime listener.Follow The Generation Why Podcast on Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen ad-free by joining Wondery Plus in the Wondery app. Listen here: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at<
03/07/20238 minutes 10 seconds
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Wondery Presents: Diss and Tell

Savage subtweets. Scathing diss tracks. Tell-all memoirs. These are the weapons that celebrities use to wage modern social warfare against each other. Feuds between celebrities captivate us like nothing else. Why are there so many fights that play out for everyone to watch? How do public figures tap into the arsenal of weapons at their disposal to come out on top? And why do we have such a hard time looking away?From Wondery, the makers of the hit series&nbsp;Scamfluencers&nbsp;and&nbsp;Even the Rich, comes Diss and Tell. Hosts Sydney Battle and Matt Bellassai take you deep into pop culture’s most iconic celebrity feuds, from Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez. Sydney and Matt unpack who fired the first shot, what happened, and how cultural phenomena and hidden forces influence not only these battles, but also the world we live in.&nbsp;Listen to&nbsp;Diss and Tell:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener no
19/06/20234 minutes 45 seconds
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Listen Now: Spellcaster: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried

From Wondery and Bloomberg, the makers of The Shrink Next Door, comes a new story of incredible wealth, betrayal, and what happens when “doing good” goes really, really bad.When nerdy gamer Sam Bankman-Fried rocketed to fame as the world’s richest 29-year-old, he pledged to donate his billions to good causes. But when Sam's crypto exchange FTX collapsed, billions of dollars went missing, and Sam was in handcuffs, those who knew him were left wondering — who was Sam really? A well-meaning billionaire who made a mistake? Or a calculated con man?Listen to Spellcaster: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
05/06/20239 minutes 4 seconds
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Wondery Presents - Flipping The Bird: Elon vs Twitter

When Elon Musk posted a video of himself arriving at Twitter HQ carrying a white sink along with the message “let that sink in!” It marked the end of a dramatic takeover. Musk had gone from Twitter critic to “Chief Twit” in the space of just a few months but his arrival didn’t put an end to questions about his motives. Musk had earned a reputation as a business maverick. From PayPal to Tesla to SpaceX, his name was synonymous with big, earth-shattering ideas. So, what did he want with a social media platform? And was this all really in the name of free speech...or was this all in the name of Elon Musk?&nbsp;From Wondery, the makers of WeCrashed and In God We Lust, comes the wild story of how the richest man alive took charge of the world’s “digital public square.”Listen to Flipping The Bird: Privacy Policy at <a href="
01/05/20235 minutes 1 second
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Introducing Foretold: Can a fortuneteller change her future?

Foretold is a deeply engrossing podcast that follows the life of Paulina Stevens, a Romani fortune teller as she makes the extraordinary decision to leave her community. In this preview feature we begin with a frantic meeting in a cafe where a panicked Paulina blurts out she has escaped her family's psychic shop with her children, that she is a scam artist born and bred, that she was in an arranged marriage and taken out of school in the 6th grade to prepare for a life pre-determined for her.&nbsp;And so begins the journey to unpack each of those claims, learning about the context and culture of Romani people (commonly known as the pejorative 'Gypsy') along the way. This podcast explores cultural identity, evolution of culture,&nbsp;women's roles, modernization and tradition, and group dynamics --all wrapped up in a compelling and universally relatable life story of a unique woman who is curious about the world and yet metaphysically and culturally connected to her people's history.
11/04/20238 minutes 4 seconds
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Introducing: Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil

Everybody has had them. Everybody can relate to them. And now it's time to laugh at them on BAD DATES, a hilarious new comedy podcast hosted by Jameela Jamil. Each week Jameela's favorite comedians, celebrities and funny friends share their epic and true dating nightmares and misfires. Like the tale of the guy who could only get frisky on top of a pile of stuffed "Garfield" toys, or the enraged beauty queen with food poisoning who chased her date through a kitchen window. There's even a bad date that involved gay Bigfoot.&nbsp;From the team behind the hit podcast SmartLess, BAD DATES will make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and cringe just enough. Because as we all know -&nbsp;the worst dates make the best stories.&nbsp;Listen to BAD DATES WITH JAMEELA JAMIL wherever you get your podcasts:&nbsp;;
27/03/20238 minutes 47 seconds
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Piecing Together | 7

In this special episode, Even The Rich’s Brooke Siffrinn looks at what the series can tell us about coercive groups today. She talks to Rachel Bernstein, a therapist who has spent over thirty years working with former cult members, and Cassius Adair, consultant on the show and specialist on queer and trans storytelling.Please support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
28/03/202240 minutes 30 seconds
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Burn Out | 6

Angie begins to realize the truth of her situation. But getting out won’t be so easy.&nbsp;Please support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21/03/202227 minutes 49 seconds
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Zombies | 5

As Angie gives everything in pursuit of a new love, she becomes someone she doesn’t recognize.Please support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
14/03/202232 minutes 49 seconds
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Divine Masculine and Feminine | 4

Jeff and Shaleia finally reveal Angie’s true twin flame.But in order to get the love she has desired for so long, she must do something unexpected.Please support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
07/03/202226 minutes 16 seconds
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Honey Badger of Love | 3

A meeting at a naked sushi party at Burning Man leads to romance. But when the romance ends, Jeff and Shaleia become involved and the situation takes a disturbing turn.Please support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
28/02/202228 minutes
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Lost It | 2

Before Twin Flames Universe there was just a couple in love, a virginity party and a lot of hot dogs. How did Jeff and Shaleia rise to prominence?Support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21/02/202229 minutes 13 seconds
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Follow Me | 1

When love goes wrong for Angie, she turns to a Youtube couple who claim to know the secret to lasting relationships.Support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21/02/202233 minutes 42 seconds