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Trish Wood is Critical

English, Social, 1 season, 184 episodes, 6 days, 7 hours, 41 minutes
Award-winning journo, Trish Wood digs deep with guests and thinks critically about the world, true crime, wrongful convictions, epic media fails, addiction, the gender wars and sometimes basketball. Trish’s acclaimed interview style, empathetic but tough and agenda-free, explodes convention and exposes raw truth.
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Protest and Prison

Canada slides into a dark epoch as a jury verdict in three of the Coutts blockade cases portends jail time and an uncertain future for civil disobedience. Marco Van Huigenbos, who protested harmful C-19 policies was convicted this week and tells Trish he is prepared to do the time. 
4/19/20241 hour, 22 minutes, 6 seconds
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Critical Extra: Bridge Collapse Details with a Navy SEAL and the Huberman Smear

The world woke up to a terrifying video of a bridge collapsing and people and cars falling into the dark, freezing water, near Baltimore.  A former Navy skipper and trained SEAL answers our questions about how it happened and the likely fate of the people on the bridge. What will happen to the captain.?And what went wrong? And then Trish on the Andrew Huberman hit piece and how as a woman and journo its a story she wouldnt have commisioned. 
3/26/202441 minutes, 58 seconds
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Time for a Critical Review

The technical team is off this week and Trish is exploring the podcast's future. What better ways are there to serve listeners in an expanding and complex indy media environment. How do we turn off the noise but gain knowledge and information that will help guide us through increasignly difficult post-Covid times? Legacy media's failure means all of us on the indy side must up our game. Trish is pondering these questions and wants to hear from you at [email protected]. See you back here and on Substack.
2/23/202421 minutes, 16 seconds
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Dr. Joseph Fraiman

There is no doubt now the vaccines are causing harm and that they lack sufficient efficacy to justify the risk. Trish talks to Dr. Joseph Fraiman about his recent paper exposing still more trouble and they discuss how hard it is still, to research and publish data that goes agains the government’s approved narrative. It is a shocking story that exposes how far the scientific establishment has fallen. Also Dr. Tess Lawrie sums up the results of another new paper — this one by Dr. Aseem Milhotra, calling for a stoppage of all shots until full safety and efficacy data is released. Plus Trish talks Nord Stream whodunnit and the brave Iranian women who might be bringing down the Mullahs.
10/1/20222 hours, 25 minutes, 33 seconds
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Reverend Calvin Robinson

The Reverend Calvin Robinson, a star commentator on GB — the popular UK news network, talks the Queen’s funeral, cross-dressing high school teachers, and the truth about the World Economic Forum. Trish and Calvin even get in a few critiques of Harry and Meghan — in the  most Christian way possible, of course. Follow Trish on Twitter Support her on Substack Shop:
9/24/20221 hour, 39 minutes
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Jeffrey Tucker

As world leaders who oversaw the biggest public health failure of our time try to change the channel, their critics are planning a massive audit of the harms they caused. Jeffrey Tucker, who facilitated the thoughtful, anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration is now committed to holding accountable governments who did massive damage to people and the world economy. Also, Trish on paying a personal price for a medical choice and a few more words about mass shootings.   Support Trish on Patreon Find her on Twitter   Shop:
6/3/20222 hours, 9 minutes, 1 second
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Dr. Paul Elias Alexander & Michael Lesher

Schoolchildren were dying while a phalanx of armed cops kept their distance at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas— the second mass shooting by an American teenager in two weeks. Dr. Paul Elias Alexander warned of an extreme pediatric mental health crisis while advising President Trump on C-19 but media wouldn’t listen and lawyer Michael Lesher says the road to the shootings was paved with public policy decisions.    Find Trish on Twitter Support her on Patreon Shop:
5/28/20222 hours, 11 minutes, 48 seconds
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Lydia Perovic & Prof Darryl Davies

In D.C. politics, they never let other people’s tragedy go to waste. How Buffalo’s mass shooting event has become a political talking point for a failing president. And the role C-19 lockdown policies may have played in the shooter’s mental breakdown. Also, Trish speaks to Prof Darryl Davies about the politicization of Canada’s judicial system and the persecution of Freedom Convoy’s Tamara Lich. And Lydia Perovic’s new book captures our fractured relationship with a country circling the cultural drain.      Find Trish on Twitter   Support her on Patreon Shop:
5/21/20222 hours, 37 minutes, 26 seconds
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Colonel Douglas Macgregor

As the Ukraine War drags on and civilian casualties mount, getting information outside the approved narrative is still tricky and military people who speak truth are subject to abuse and smears. Trish interviews esteemed US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor about winners, losers and the human cost. Also, Trish on Jagmeet’s bad day in Peterborough and Bill Gates exposed. Find Trish on Twitter  Support Trish on Patreon Shop:
5/14/20221 hour, 34 minutes, 28 seconds
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Catherine Austin Fitts

A former Wall Street investment banker turned whistleblower spills the beans on the global move to control the masses through digital ID's and money. Trish and Catherine discuss her take on G7/WEF plans to stratify society with wealthy elites at the top and the rest of us scrambling in indentured servitude at the bottom. Plus Trish’s COVID recovery and another look at failing vaccines and the governments who love them. Support Trish on Patreon Find her on Twitter Shop:
5/7/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 13 seconds
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Dr. Byram Bridle & Dr. Denis Rancourt

Are the unvaccinated a threat to those who’ve been jabbed? A recent paper in the Canadian Medical Association Journal is creating a storm of controversy for making that claim amid criticisms of methodological flaws fuelling a major debate. Dr. Byram Bridle and Dr. Denis Rancourt join Trish to ponder a paper some say goes too far. Support Trish on Patreon Find her on Twitter Shop
4/30/20221 hour, 32 minutes, 31 seconds
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Special Notice from Trish

No Full Episode today as Trish is ill, but she drops a note with thoughts on Shanghai and Elon's Twitter takeover. Back next week with a regular show.
4/16/202210 minutes, 18 seconds
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Journalist Julie Kelly

As media make their corrections and the fake fear narrative around the Trucker convoy crumbles, it is clear that the negative stories about the protests were meant to serve a purpose one American journalist, Julie Kelly, understands well. She’s been covering the aftermath of the January 6th protest and riots from the beginning and although the convoy saw no violence she sees many similarities in how the truckers were smeared by elites. She recognizes the playbook.
4/9/20221 hour, 47 minutes, 53 seconds
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Dr. Joseph Fraiman - On His Thoughtful C-19 Apology

Trish has a new scoop on the Liberal government’s campaign against the truckers. Plus what do the Will Smith slap and Disney staff walkout over don’t say gay have in common?  And a special guest in Dr. Joseph Fraiman, a Louisiana ER doctor who admits he was wrong in supporting lockdowns and has made an apology for it. He also got an exemption for the jab and is studying what might be going wrong with mass vaccination programs.   Find Trish on Twitter   Support her work on Patreon  
4/2/20222 hours, 9 minutes, 53 seconds
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Journalist Rupa Subramanya: Plus Trish Dismantles Smears Against Truckers

What if everything the government said about the trucker protest was false. And that those falsehoods, repeated in parliament and protected by privilege, were weaponized in order to discredit the protests and silence dissent. Trish investigates allegations made against the convoy and its supporters and finds they don’t withstand scrutiny.  Find Trish on Twitter Support her work on Patreon
3/26/20221 hour, 51 minutes, 21 seconds
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Director Oliver Stone: How Dark State Actors Killed a President

Stone’s shocking new documentary, JFK Revisited makes a slam dunk case that President John F. Kennedy was murdered, not by Lee Harvey Oswald, but by bad actors, some of whom were on the government’s payroll. The information is credible but also terrifying as it exposes dark forces at work undermining, by any means possible, democracy and the will of the citizenry. The connection to ongoing geopolitical tyranny is clear.   
3/19/20221 hour, 21 minutes, 9 seconds
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Remembering Canadian Trucker Courage

Stefan Eberspaecher guides us through the hope and heartbreak that was the trucker convoy protest in Ottawa. On days when we feel everything is dark, Stefan helps us recall those heady weeks when democracy was humming and unheard citizens came forward to protest and forge new friendships across the country.  It was perhaps the most significant workers-led event in Canada's history and yet nearly all media got the story wrong.  Here's what happened from ground zero.
3/16/20222 hours, 7 minutes, 21 seconds
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Jay Bhattacharya On An Important COVID Apology

This week an important event in COVID-history exploded when a doctor apologized and admitted to the Great Barrington / focused protection signatories he’d been completely wrong in thinking about the pandemic. It was a lovely moment for Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, after nearly two years of abuse and smears that made him an outcast in some circles. The GBD plan is becoming widely accepted now that research is showing lockdowns did more harm than good. Find Trish on Twitter Suppor her work on Patreon
3/12/20221 hour, 56 minutes, 24 seconds
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C-19 Models Failed

What if all the modelling and projections about C-19, the ones driving extreme public health measures and fear were actually miscalculations by “experts” out of their depth and purposely slanted to the high side? Now Ana Cascon and William Shadwick, two accomplished mathematicians are speaking out, making a very strong case that seriously flawed models and the precautions based on them didn’t do much at all to actually slow the spread or even save lives. It is a shocking interview that will change the way you viewed the pandemic.   Find Trish on Twitter Support her on Patreon
3/5/20222 hours, 33 minutes, 22 seconds
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Gilbert Doctorow Inside Russia

Beyond the breathless coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a story of broken promises and a fractured security landscape. Legacy media over simplifies the fighting into stereotypes of good and evil but the truth is complex — and something the neocons who push for conflict will never admit. Gilbert Doctorow, a Russia expert and scholar, explains decades of legitimate Russian grievances. Find Trish on Twitter Support her work on Patreon
2/26/20221 hour, 26 minutes, 33 seconds
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*PREVIEW* Stefan Eberspaecher: Inside The Final Days Of The Ottawa Protest

The Emergencies Act is off and banks are no longer freezing accounts but many people connected to the trucker protests have been intimidated into silence, leaving nothing but a gloomy quiet. But in this special report, we go inside what actually happened during those three heady weeks with a volunteer who saw it all and has been changed forever. Also, Trish sounds off about the neocon response to the invasion of Ukraine.  Subscribe today for access to all premium episodes:
2/25/20226 minutes, 28 seconds
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Trudeau’s Brother Supports Truckers

(This was recorded before aggressive police action on Feb 18 afternoon)   While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doubles down on tyranny against the peaceful trucker protest, the country wonders just exactly what he is thinking. Why not just drop the mandates? None of it makes any sense. Trudeau’s brother, Kyle Kemper joins Trish to unpack the psychological factors driving a national crisis and to explain his own support for the truckers' movement. Find Trish on Twitter Support her on Patreon
2/19/20222 hours, 35 minutes, 32 seconds
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Trucker Blues with Julius Ruechel and Allison Pejovic

Canada’s truckers are becoming a stand-in for the world’s working class in what is shaping up to be an epic struggle with vaccine mandates standing in for many grievances. But powerful forces are lining up against the movement raising questions about the durability of democracy when the government is determined to put down dissent. Vaccine mandates may be a metaphor for a fiery struggle erupting in western democracies. Find Trish on Twitter Support her on Patreon
2/12/20222 hours, 14 minutes, 46 seconds
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Jeffrey Tucker and Travis Smith

The truckers’ convoy is still gripping the world even as mandates are being rolled back in response. Jeffrey Tucker explains why the protests mean it's time for mass resignations from those responsible for ruining lives and economies with public health measures that failed to protect and divided citizens of every country. As restrictions fall in response to the protest, places like Ontario, Canada continue to cling to fear and groupthink exposing how politicized the “science” was from the beginning. Also, Travis Smith is moved by a visit to a convoy truck stop. Find Trish Wood on Twitter Support her work on Patreon
2/5/20222 hours, 38 minutes, 23 seconds
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Former Premier Brian Peckford: Suing the Federal Government for Your Rights

Brian Peckford was one of Canada’s statesmen who crafted our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This week he sued the federal government over its violations of the charter through mandates and other intrusive C-19 policies. It is a historic move by a courageous man who steps up again for his country. Peckford also delivers a greeting of good will to Canada’s #truckersforfreedom convoy. Find Trish on Twitter: @woodreporting  Support her work on Patreon.  
1/29/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 56 seconds
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James Delingpole: UK Mandates Drop but Worldwide Tyranny Stays

Eclectic British author and social critic James Delingpole, of the popular Delingpod podcast, takes us for a spin through English country life while reporting that we are in deep trouble with the powerful who think we’ve been very bad indeed. New threats will ignite another round of lockdowns while the ‘Gulfstream V’ crowd goes on about its glutinous business. Plus we check in with #truckersforfreedom.
1/22/20222 hours, 11 minutes, 50 seconds
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Paul Thacker: Inside Stories on the Death of Journalism

The rise of mass formation psychosis wouldn’t have happened without a compliant media who’ve abandoned their posts of objectivity and truth telling. Brilliant investigative journalist Paul Thacker exposes how far the news business has fallen with riveting inside stories of how it used to be and the tragedy of what it has become. Plus, Trish reports on the absurd pushback against objective inquiry. Find Paul's reporting here:      
1/15/20221 hour, 49 minutes, 24 seconds
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Mattias Desmet on Mass Formation (Psychosis) and COVID-19

How did we sink into a totalitarian dynamic, applauded by friends and neighbours who have stopped questioning authority? How did abject cruelty become acceptable, almost overnight? The work of Professor Mattias Desmet offers an answer. Also he responds to media pushback generated by Robert Malone’s appearance on Joe Rogan. Find Trish on Twitter @woodreporting   Support her work on Patreon  
1/13/20222 hours, 20 minutes, 8 seconds
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Michael Lesher: When School Closures Become Abuse

Child Abuse expert and lawyer Michael Lesher on the tyranny of teacher’s unions, school closures and the attack on our children. Plus, bow down and obey or face the consequences; western leaders go full despot as Trudeau, Macron and Biden show us who they really are. And never let a mild variant get in the way of a politically expedient lockdown.  
1/8/20222 hours, 44 minutes, 9 seconds
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Trish’s COVID-19 Heroes

Since the first episode to our latest, a multitude of brilliant and brave C-19 policy critics have stepped forward to publicly criticize the accepted narrative. Many have paid a very high price. We will also hear from those who spoke out about losing our humanity to C-19 tyranny and victims of policies that were actually killing people. Also, Trish reads in its entirety, a letter she wrote warning journalists in March of 2020— proven prescient and true by time.
1/1/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 38 seconds
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It's A Very Zuby Xmas!

Rapper Zuby and Trish discuss honing righteous anger while maintaining spiritual serenity— a neat trick during the era of C-19 tyranny. Zuby’s positive message is a tonic during these challenging times and the story of his success is inspiring.   Plus, listeners weigh in with Christmas greetings from around the world — for Trish and for her brave guests who speak out, sometimes incurring great risk.
12/25/20212 hours, 2 minutes, 59 seconds
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Jeffrey Tucker On Fauci's Email Smears

Emails just released show NIH Doctors Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins plotting a smear campaign against experts offering a more focused approach to COVID-19. Their goal was to discredit an alternative plan to end lockdowns for healthy people but still protect those at risk while mitigating collateral lockdown damage.  Brownstone Institute's Jeffrey Tucker has the goods.
12/21/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 21 seconds
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Max Blumenthal Takes On The Branch Covidians

Talking to Journalist, Author and Grayzone Editor-in-Chief Max Blumenthal is like having a drink with your really smart best friend. A deeply committed critical thinker possessing impeccable lefty credentials, he angered this tribe by boldly taking on its obsession with censorship, mandates and digital snooping. 
12/18/20212 hours, 18 minutes, 54 seconds
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Angelique Coetzee: Don’t Fear Omicron

Global leaders are cranking the fear up to 11 with lurid warnings about the latest COVID-19 mutation. But Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the woman who alerted the world about Omicron maintains it is mild, even though it spread quickly through South Africa. Her experience treating patients and clinical data from the country is extremely hopeful.   
12/16/20211 hour, 1 minute, 11 seconds
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Whistleblower Brook Jackson and Reporter Paul Thacker

The British Medical Journal backs the investigation by Paul Thacker and whistleblower Brook Jackson, who spoke out about a Pfizer vaccine clinical trial with evidence suggesting it was fraught with problems.  There’s been pushback from the contractor running the trial and from Pfizer, but Thacker and Jackson are standing firm— producing documents and recordings that back up her story.    
12/9/20212 hours, 21 minutes, 49 seconds
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Scott Atlas: Inside the C-19 Policy Disaster

He had a front row seat to the biggest public policy disaster in generations— the Fauci-Birx lockdowns.  Now Scott Atlas is spilling the beans.  What he reports, after months on the front lines in Washington D.C., is a fiasco of error, ego, and callous disregard for the harms wrought by a singular focus on virus suppression. His new book, A Plague Upon Our House brings the receipts.
12/1/20211 hour, 53 minutes, 4 seconds
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Tim Mucciante On Exonerating Anthony Broadwater

It’s a gripping story. Mucciante, who was producing a movie based on Alice Sebold’s rape memoir Lucky, became suspicious it wasn’t adding up. Seeking justice, he hired a PI and propelled an investigation that exposed the wrongful conviction of Broadwater who’d spent 16 years in prison and was out but still living under a dark cloud. And Jennifer Thompson reflects on her own mistaken identification of Ronald Cotton.  
11/27/20212 hours, 54 minutes, 53 seconds
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Greg Simons On The Liars Who Rule The World

Kyle Rittenhouse beats the rap forged in lies and politically motivated propaganda, following one of the most contentious trials in modern history. And as the news media flails with plunging credibility, the acquittal is a sharp rebuke to a once noble profession that has lost its way. Greg Simons unpacks the history of misinformation designed to destabilize and undermine the citizenry. Meanwhile the march of COVID-19 mandates and madness continues.   
11/20/20212 hours, 12 minutes, 57 seconds
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CJ Hopkins of Consent Factory

Hopkins satirical dystopian novel, Zone 23, predicted it and now here we are, struggling to stop a power transfer from elected governments to global interests and corporations whose goal is compliance and control. His writing on C-19 is both funny and tragic, an arrow through the fog of propaganda. And Dr. Paul Marik explains why he is suing the hospital where he’s been successfully treating C-19 patients.  
11/12/20212 hours, 29 minutes, 32 seconds
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Phil Scraton On The Tragedy of Astroworld

In this TWiC Extra, the investigator who finally brought truth to the devastating 1989 Hillsborough crush disaster has some tough criticism for the organizers of the Astroworld festival that turned to tragedy Friday, killing 8 fans and injuring dozens more.   In the Hillsborough case, Phil Scraton spent decades working to expose the lie that Liverpool fans were responsible for the deaths. He warns that a similar narrative seems to be taking hold around the events at Astroworld.  
11/9/20211 hour, 40 minutes, 2 seconds
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Digital Dystopia plus Dr. Sebastian Rushworth

Your numbers or your life! Trish explores the terrifying creep of global, digital ID's through a brilliant investigative report from The Gray Zone. And from Stockholm, Dr. Sebastian Rushworth breaks down the Swedish experience— a triumph of sobriety over fear and civil rights over lockdowns. 
11/6/20212 hours, 9 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ann Bauer's Essay and Dr. Peter McCullough

In Tablet Magazine, writer Ann Bauer offers perhaps the most important essay of the COVID-19 era. Part history of a cruel scientific failure, part tragic biography, I Have Been Through This Before is a pandemic benchmark.   Also, Trish explores a grouchy encounter on social media and tries to understand growing hostility toward people with conflicting ideas. Isn’t that the basis of exploration and science?
10/30/20211 hour, 40 minutes, 38 seconds
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Vaccine Researcher Jessica Rose and Dr. Peter McCullough

The downfall of peer-reviewed science journals is accelerating with more accounts of papers being pulled from publication without clear explanations.   The latest example is a report compiled by vaccine adverse reactions researcher Jessica Rose. It analysed disturbing statistics sent to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) about heart problems in young vaccine recipients. After initial acceptance and appearing online with a PubMed citation, Rose’s paper was yanked for murky reasons. Rose and Dr. Peter McCullough (who helped with her paper) explain. Also, a deadly C-19 outbreak in B.C. care homes, affecting the vaccinated elderly, raises serious questions.
10/23/20212 hours, 40 seconds
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Navy Corpsman Paul Rodriguez

While science and medicine are failing a multitude of ethical challenges, hero and former Navy Hospital Corpsman Paul Rodriguez talks about his time in Iraq, what it was like practising medicine under fire and how difficult it was for him to come all the way home from war. Also, an Iranian student is struggling in Canada, his adopted country, over mandates that steal the kind of freedom he came here to enjoy. And Joe Rogan knocks it out of the park.  
10/16/20212 hours, 3 minutes, 6 seconds
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Check In with Julius Ruechel

Trish and Julius talk mandates, mass psychosis and how we navigate our way out of the C-19 nightmare. Also, the whistleblower/operative bamboozling Washington over social media “safety” while demanding more censorship and Prime Minister Trudeau has some Canadians feeling like refugees. 
10/9/20212 hours, 24 minutes, 25 seconds
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Sharri Markson Exposes the Wuhan Lab

Sharri Markson has written a searing account of the near certain Wuhan lab leak that has contaminated the world.  Explosive revelations implicate Tony Fauci for covering it up and never speaking openly about it even at the beginning when it might have helped.
10/2/20212 hours, 21 minutes, 3 seconds
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Shahar Hameiri on C-19 and Ruling Elites

Why does it seem western democracies are working against their citizens' interest?  How did it happen that voters have less and less choice as political parties align themselves with each other while campaigning on being different? The so-called meritocracy at the top of our institutions seems to rule regardless of who wins elections and it is given a pass for failing policies by legacy media which claims membership in the same cultural club. Trish and political economist Shahar Hameiri provide a new lens for examining the COVID crisis.  
9/25/20212 hours, 34 minutes, 38 seconds
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Karen Hunt Breaks Free

Trish and writer Karen Hunt deep dive Joe Biden’s Big Daddy moment, menticide and mass psychosis at the hands of our governments, staying strong in a time of crazy and the Emperor’s News Clothes on display at the Met Gala. Karen is one of the most astute writers working and pushes the envelope through her important essays on Substack. 
9/18/20212 hours, 28 minutes, 51 seconds
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Julie Ponesse and Jackie Rombouts

What happens when an ethics professor decides vaccine mandates are unethical and says so to the college where she has taught for twenty years? In a heartbreaking video, Professor Julie Ponesse describes her position and the reaction to it that could end her career. And a small town Canadian mayor stands her ground against passports that would divide her community.   
9/11/20212 hours, 51 minutes, 11 seconds
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Immunologist Dr. Hooman Noorchashm

He is a vaccine advocate, but Dr. Hooman Noorchashm says vaccine rollouts represent a mistake as serious as the intelligence failures before Pearl Harbour. He is brutal in his assessment: governments and their public health departments have done just about everything wrong. If the game is immunity from C-19, why are they ignoring natural immunity from infection? Why aren’t they testing patients for antibodies after the vaccine to check for dosing and spoilage? Also: the great Joe Rogan takes his own medical advice and wins!
9/3/20212 hours, 36 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Life and Death of Anthony Bourdain

A new documentary about Anthony Bourdain, whose suicide in 2018 shocked the world, is unpacked by Trish and her son Thomas. For both of them, long in recovery, Bourdain's death seemed almost inevitable as he spiralled from unchecked addictions that were part of his lucrative brand.   It’s a look inside three lives — Bourdain’s as well as those of a mother and son who pulled back from the abyss.
9/1/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 21 seconds
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Dr. Ashley Fernandes

We explore public health’s ethical problem caused by a singular C-19 focus on the “greater good”, a stance that can lead to authoritarian thinking and contravenes the doctor-patient relationship.    Trish also explores evidence suggesting the Kabul debacle is the direct result of Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment and wonders why doctors aren’t speaking out.  
8/28/20213 hours, 6 minutes
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Jenin Younes — To Fight Another Day

A talented lawyer, dedicated to fighting vaccine coercion, explains why she caved and got the jab. She’ll continue her battle for others through the courts, despite her own decision. Also, Apocalypse Again — Trish on the debacle that is the fall of Kabul. What must the soldiers think? How the country has always been a moral abyss.    
8/20/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 56 seconds
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Dr. Pierre Kory - Fighting For Ivermectin

The man at the centre of the storm over COVID-19 treatment is still standing but just barely. Over a year in, Dr. Pierre Kory has learned that the best interest of the patient is no longer paramount and that science has been overtaken by cowardice and corruption.
8/13/20212 hours, 5 minutes, 43 seconds
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Father David Smith/Australia's COVID-Zero Nightmare

An activist priest and a panel of struggling citizens report from Australia, the belly of the COVID-zero beast, where troops and cops enforce lockdown compliance on the orders of virus-obsessed officials. Terrifying public service announcements, extreme news stories and a censorious crackdown on free media have the country in a human rights tailspin, all in the name of the greater good and a policy that likely can’t be maintained.  
8/7/20211 hour, 55 minutes, 16 seconds
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Vera Sharav

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav reminds us that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. She’s nervous about public health’s slippery ethical slope of harmful lockdowns, forced vaccinations, dubious case counts and assertions.   Privately, a growing number of experts share her concern, but are afraid to speak out for fear of the toxic backlash as “first do no harm” is set aside to aid the “greater good”.
7/31/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 11 seconds
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John Tierney and the Panic Pandemic

In a brilliant piece for City Journal, John Tierney exposes how we ended up in a cauldron of failing policy, public health propaganda and never-ending authoritarian measures approved of and implemented by mostly Liberal elites. He says every institution has been tainted by the largest public health policy disaster, perhaps in human history.  Also, Trish on Jeff Bezos' tin-eared space flight and Alex Berenson’s Strangelove moment.  
7/24/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 12 seconds
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Jeffrey Tucker: Death Throes of the COVID Regime

When C-19 policies and vaccines fail, propaganda and control fill the void. And what’s up with world leaders now officially censoring any science that doesn’t support their decisions? Jeffrey Tucker is back for a marathon review of the dark turn western democracies are now taking to hide their mistakes, mislead the public and punish their opposition. Trish and Jeffrey discuss a mixtape for the meltdown.
7/17/20213 hours, 3 minutes, 4 seconds
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MPP Roman Baber and Data Whiz/Investor Kelly Brown

Ontario restrictions are beginning to lift, but civil rights are becoming two-tiered — based on one’s vaccination status. We talk with MPP Roman Baber and Data Whiz/Investor Kelly Brown.   Plus: Trish on the shocking story of how extended lockdowns threaten babies by weakening their immune systems, sending some to hospital with the RSV virus that can actually kill otherwise-healthy children. It’s a dangerous game of medical whack-a-mole and the best argument against COVID-zero ideology.  
7/10/20211 hour, 53 minutes, 39 seconds