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Trials, Tribulations and Uncomfy Situations

English, Religion, 3 seasons, 32 episodes, 11 hours, 33 minutes
Hi listeners! Here's where Sav and Gabby will share, rant, and seek out biblical truths to face our trials, tribulations, and uncomfy situations. Join us every week as we share our stories, talk to other believers, and look at what God is doing in our lives!
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Ep. 30- chit-chatting with a ministry kid (ft. Daniel Lindo!)

So many of us have grown up "in the faith", with our parents and families being known Christians. How does this affect our own walk with Christ? Today, Gabby and Sav talk with Daniel "Reef" Lindo as he shares some of his story. . Friends! As you know, it has been a HOT minute since you heard from us--that is entirely my fault. I apologize! I repent and promise to turn from my ways. Love, Sav ❤️ Also, sadly, since the recording of this episode Marianna’s Kitchen has closed 😭. Just goes to show why I shouldn’t PROCRASTINATE so much! Bad Sav! Okay bye guys. I love you. . . . Send us a testimony, question, or story! Follow ⁠Daniel on insta⁠! Anonymous line: ⁠send us something!⁠ Email: ⁠[email protected]⁠ Follow us ⁠@trialsandtribspod⁠ Hosts: Savana James-- ⁠@savvijames⁠ Gabby Mair-- ⁠@gabbymair876⁠ Thanks for listening! :) --- Send in a voice message:
4/7/202425 minutes, 11 seconds
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Listen to all of (some of) the fresh foolishness that doesn't make the cut😭😭. Headphone warning--asmr? (Sav eating miss birdie crackers INTO the mic) --- Send in a voice message:
9/19/202333 minutes, 4 seconds