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English, Social, 1 season, 88 episodes, 2 days, 12 hours, 29 minutes
Netflix star, producer, content creator and a proud Howard University graduate, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins is stepping out with her brand-new podcast Trials to Triumphs. The interview-style show debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network, which includes the popular Oprah’s Super Soul podcast. As one of the lead actresses in both the movie and series Dear White People, Ashley is deeply connected to many of the premiere innovators and performers in the entertainment industry. Her personal and professional struggles, along with her gift for relating and connecting to people from all walks of life, will allow Ashley and her notable guests to open up about the trials that led to their many triumphs. In these intimate and revealing conversations, Ashley and her guests will unpack moments that remained hidden from the public as guests worked to become who they are today. After each episode, listeners will feel inspired and empowered to keep going, no matter where they are in life. Some of Ashley's guests include Kelly Rowland, Robin Thede, Michelle Williams, Amber Riley, Danielle Brooks, Estelle and many more of today’s cultural trailblazers. Each week, Trials to Triumphs will deliver hope, inspiration and plenty of laughs… just what the world needs right now.
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Trials to Triumphs Special: Healing the Next Generation

In this anthology episode, Trials to Triumphs host Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins revisits key insights from this season on generational healing. ABFJ looks back at how actress, comedian, and social justice advocate Amanda Seales learned to set healthy boundaries with her mother and what radical acceptance taught best-selling author Ashley C. Ford. She also reflects on how life coach and six-time bestselling author Dr. Iyanla Vanzant transformed her shortcomings into lessons of healing and why trauma therapist and minister Dr. Anita Phillips believes we must heal our emotional wounds before seeking to save our caregivers. This very special episode emphasizes how healing from the inside out creates a positive legacy for future generations.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
4/15/202436 minutes, 50 seconds
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Bresha Webb Knows Her Rainbow Is Coming

Actress Bresha Webb sees God’s hand in all things. She talks to Ashley about moving through grief with resilience and hope. Two years ago, Bresha lost her father in the midst of filming her hit show, Run the World. Despite the pain of that season, she pushed through believing that goodness would find her on the other side of her grief. Speaking candidly about the genetic disorder she inherited from her late father and its impact on her pregnancy, Bresha shares how God sustained her in the midst of difficulty. As a new mother to baby Brave, Bresha is grateful for the love and support of her husband as they welcome their first child together.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
4/8/202442 minutes, 14 seconds
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Trials to Triumphs Special: ABFJ and Friends on the Blessing of Sisterhood

Trials to Triumphs host Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins is joined by three of her best friends: Angelique, Crystel, and Madison for a special conversation on growth and the beauty of sisterhood. Reflecting on the genesis of their friendships (meeting Crystel in middle school and later, Angelique and Madison at Howard University), the group shares how they intentionally create space for one another in their evolving worlds. Highlighting the love and support that knits their friendship together, they celebrate their growth throughout the years and break down all the ways their connection has saved their lives. Despite living across multiple time zones, the group continues to trust that their friendship is much like the stars: although they may not always see each other, they know they’ll always be there for one another.  Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit   You can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit    
4/1/202446 minutes, 41 seconds
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How Dr. Anita Phillips Cultivates “The Garden Within”

Trauma therapist, life coach, and minister Dr. Anita Phillips believes embracing our emotions with authenticity is crucial to leading a powerful life. She talks to Ashley about the connection between our emotional well-being and our spiritual and physical health. Drawing from her New York Times best-selling book, "The Garden Within," Dr. Anita reveals that our hearts are a garden and its condition determines the direction of our lives. Sharing her own experiences of emotional pain and healing, she describes how allowing our emotions to flow helps make our hearts fertile ground for growth and transformation. She also emphasizes the importance of preparing your heart to receive words of encouragement and positivity. In this eye-opening conversation, Dr. Anita offers a fresh perspective on the origin of codependency, breaking generational curses, and healing from the inside out. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit  You can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit 
3/25/202445 minutes, 7 seconds
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Franchesca Ramsey on Moving Forward With Ease

Actor, writer, and speaker Franchesca Ramsey no longer believes in forcing opportunities. Franchesca talks to Ashley about the importance of pursuing alignment and ease in her career. Franchesca describes how the support she received from her parents as a child nurturing multiple creative passions continues to serve her today. She opens up about how shedding her insecurities helped her befriend De'Lon Grant, her close friend turned co-host of pop culture podcast, Lemme Fix It! Franchesca also talks about the blessing of a closed door, revealing how turning down opportunities that looked good on the surface redirected her to roles that were better suited for her. Today, Franchesca is committed to moving forward in ease and continuing to pursue opportunities that align with her purpose.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit  You can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit
3/18/202445 minutes, 11 seconds
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Honesty Is Amanda Seales’ Superpower

Actress, comedian, and social justice advocate Amanda Seales has never been afraid of speaking the truth. In this candid conversation, Amanda talks to Ashley about the cost of being honest. Recalling a classroom experience in which she corrected her teacher, Amanda reveals she learned early that speaking up for what she believed in can sometimes make others uncomfortable. However, as she grew older, Amanda realized honesty and authenticity are essential ingredients for transforming a society and culture deeply committed to sidestepping the truth when it's inconvenient. Although an unflinching commitment to honesty often requires boldness and courage, Amanda trusts the benefits of speaking the truth will always outweigh the cost. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
3/11/202444 minutes, 27 seconds
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Hannah Fallis Bronfman Dreams Without Limits

Wellness entrepreneur and angel investor Hannah Fallis Bronfman has never “lived in a box.” Hannah talks to Ashley about harnessing her potential and allowing herself to expand beyond her wildest dreams. As a young girl growing up biracial in New York City, Hannah’s parents taught her there were no limitations on what she could do or dream and that she belonged in every room she set foot in. When Hannah encountered challenges, her parents’ lessons gave her the strength to own her identity and proudly defy societal expectations. Hannah also opens up about her IVF journey and how sharing her story online has provided support and representation for others going through similar experiences. Today as a beacon of inspiration to women around the world, Hannah attributes her many successes to authenticity, stepping outside of her comfort zone, and boldly betting on herself. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
3/4/202444 minutes, 34 seconds
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Charity Lawson on the Magic of Opportunity

Dancing with the Stars finalist and star of the Bachelorette Charity Lawson is living out her wildest dreams. Charity talks to Ashley about creating a vision board full of future goals. While Charity had bold dreams in mind, she never could’ve imagined the year she eventually experienced. After being nominated to compete on The Bachelor by a close friend, opportunities to star on The Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars soon followed. Wrapping 2023 happily married and as a Dancing with the Stars finalist, Charity is confident her life looks drastically different today because she had a vision, took a leap of faith, and embraced the opportunities that came her way.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
2/26/202444 minutes, 24 seconds
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How Lena Waithe’s Dreams Made Room For Her

Emmy-winning writer, producer, and actor Lena Waithe has always relentlessly pursued her dreams. Ashley and Lena talk about meeting over a decade ago and the growth they’ve experienced in their friendship since their early days in Los Angeles. While Lena initially desired to pursue a career in television writing, the opportunity to star in Netflix’s Master of None presented new avenues to achieve her dreams. While acting was not her initial focus, Lena later realized her on-screen presence was a necessity as she represented a group of Black women who are often overlooked. Today, as an accomplished show creator, actor, and writer, Lena knows saying ‘yes’ to unexpected opportunities has the power to not only transform her life but also impact a new generation of creatives.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
2/19/202440 minutes, 24 seconds
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Why Gail Bean Counts Her Blessings

Actress Gail Bean is trading frustration for gratitude. Gail talks to Ashley about the challenge of navigating 2023. After enduring the actor’s strike, a breakup, and saying goodbye to her hit show Snowfall, Gail found herself walking through a dark valley of uncertainty. It was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the face of so many ‘dead-ends’, but Gail kept believing that things would change for the better. A year later, Gail declared her word for 2024 is "receiving," meaning that instead of obsessing over the things she lacked in life, she planned to count her blessings. This simple shift to honor her blessings has helped Gail maintain a deep sense of gratitude. Despite the tumultuous transitions of 2023, Gail is standing firm on faith, poised to receive every gift God will send her way.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
2/12/202444 minutes, 37 seconds
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How Melanie Liburd Makes Herself Proud

Actress Melanie Liburd knows how to fight for what she needs. She tells Ashley taking her craft into her own hands as a budding actress was one of her greatest acts of self-care. In the early stages of her career, Melanie struggled to juggle multiple auditions during Hollywood’s ‘pilot season hustle.’ Having recently moved from London to Los Angeles, the British actress quickly grew overwhelmed by the pressure to wow casting directors while adapting to a new culture and learning her lines in a new accent. When she realized she was spreading herself too thin, Melanie switched from auditioning for as many gigs as possible to moving at her own pace. This simple shift helped her eventually land recurring roles on Dark Matter (Syfy), This is Us (NBC), and Power: Book II (Starz). Today as a more seasoned actress, Melanie urges similarly overwhelmed actors to release the pressure to please others and focus on impressing the most important person in the audition room–themselves.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
2/5/202444 minutes, 46 seconds
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What Teyonah Parris Understands About the Magnitude of a Miracle

Actress Teyonah Parris knows the power of co-creating with God. In this heartfelt conversation, she talks to Ashley about the process of nurturing a God-given dream. Comparing the experience of believing before seeing to walking through a pregnancy, Teyonah shares how she learned to activate her faith and remain expectant. She also discusses the importance of setting healthy boundaries to guard against negative influences and cultivating gratitude in the midst of frustration. Teyonah reminds us that when we choose to trust God despite our doubts or disappointments, He always responds with more than we could ever ask, think, or even imagine.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
1/29/202444 minutes, 53 seconds
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April Ryan Made History Asking the Right Questions

White House correspondent and author April Ryan has always used her voice for good. April talks to Ashley about discovering her purpose in one of America’s most prestigious political institutions. As a young girl from Baltimore, Maryland, April constantly fought to overcome adversity and being underestimated. Reflecting on her early days at the White House, April shares her struggles with imposter syndrome and finding her footing. While covering the Trump administration later in her career, April made a name for herself by asking the questions others shied away from. Although there were many days when she wanted to quit, April later made history as the longest serving Black female journalist at the White House with 26 years under her belt. April’s life is truly a testament to what can happen when you allow life to unfold, embrace the unexpected and speak up for what you believe in.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
1/22/202439 minutes, 46 seconds
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Karen Pittman Aligns Herself With Abundance

Actress Karen Pittman no longer subscribes to a scarcity mindset. The Nashville native talks to Ashley about learning to align herself with abundance and claiming what was rightfully hers. Karen describes the major transitions of her life including shifting from the cutthroat financial world to attending NYU’s prestigious acting program...while pregnant! Pittman shares her journey in the acting industry, including the show review that changed her life and the moment she realized her dreams were coming true. She also discusses how motherhood helped her grow up. Today, as a star on “The Morning Show” and “And Just Like That,” Karen emphasizes that key ingredients to her success include radically avoiding comparison to her peers, remaining true to herself, and focusing on the blessings that have always belonged to her. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
1/15/202444 minutes, 4 seconds
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Brandi Sellerz-Jackson Thrives in Community

Doula and author Brandi Sellerz-Jackson understands the power of sharing our stories in community. She talks to Ashley about growing up in Alabama and functioning in survival mode. When she found the courage to revisit her childhood trauma in therapy later in life, Brandi discovered that healing happens in community. Brandi also discusses her work as a doula and how nurturing others in her craft helped her learn to nurture herself. Brandi knows that authentic connection helps us thrive and reminds us that we’re never alone. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
1/8/202442 minutes, 34 seconds
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Wendy Raquel Robinson is “Dreaming Awake”

Award-winning actress Wendy Raquel Robinson has learned how to sit in her dreams. The South-Central LA native talks to Ashley about the defining moments in her life and career; from her early days taking the stage at Howard University to starring in the long-running hit series, The Game. No stranger to the grind of the entertainment business, Wendy shares the greatest lesson she’s learned throughout her career is how crucial it is to pause and take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. Wendy also discusses how her passion for her community and the arts led to co-founding Amazing Grace Conservatory, a performing arts school for emerging artists and at-risk youth. Wendy says she owes her continued success to God, trusting her instincts, maintaining her creative passion and celebrating her wins along the way.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
1/1/202444 minutes, 2 seconds
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Why Samara Joy Embraces a Rhythm of Rest

Grammy Award-winning jazz singer Samara Joy accomplished a major feat when she was awarded Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammys. But just two months later, she realized her newfound success came with new challenges. Samara talks to Ashley about prioritizing rest in the midst of walking in her purpose. She also shares the importance of taking breaks to prevent burnout and finding balance in her career as a young artist. With many more milestones ahead of her, Samara knows it will take intentionality to protect her energy as she makes strides toward her dreams.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit     
12/25/202344 minutes, 4 seconds
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Model Achieng Agutu is Stepping into Her “Grounded Era”

Blogger and model Achieng Agutu no longer lives within societal confines. The self-proclaimed “Confidence Queen” talks to Ashley about learning to love herself and confidently step into her power. As a child growing up in Kisumu, Kenya, Achieng knew all about the unwritten rules dictating how women in that society should behave. But as she grew older, she discovered existing within those margins would restrict her from a life worth living. Achieng later determined her confidence couldn’t come from her relationships nor the opinions of others; it had to stem from within. Today at 27 years old, Achieng practices radical self-acceptance and embraces herself fully knowing that life must be lived on her own terms.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
12/18/202343 minutes, 15 seconds
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Angelica Ross Turns Privilege into Power

Emmy-nominated actress and Human Rights Advocate, Angelica Ross uses her privilege for purpose. Angelica talks to Ashley about embracing her essence and fighting for what she believes in despite the cost. When a series of unfortunate events led to a fallout with one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, Angelica chose not to buckle and bend under the pressure. Instead, she stood her ground, speaking up for herself and those who lacked the courage. Angelica’s commitment to knowing and honoring her value as not only an actress but as a human being has helped her stand with dignity when the going gets tough. Today, as she transitions into the world of politics, Angelica continues to stand on the principles that guided her as an actress; know your power and use it to bring light into the world.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
12/11/202343 minutes, 27 seconds
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Sanya Richards-Ross Knows the Power of Prayer and Preparation

Four-time Olympic gold medalist and star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sanya Richards-Ross talks to Ashley about understanding the power of the tongue. From predicting her Olympic win at the age of nine, to preparing herself to retire from track and field, prayer and preparation have served Sanya in powerful ways throughout her life. Sanya also opens up about her heartbreaking miscarriage and how that experience shaped her perspective on motherhood. As she and her husband prepare to welcome their rainbow baby, Sanya emphasizes the importance of speaking positively over your life, persevering through hardship, and trusting that it’s the whole journey that defines us, not just one moment.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
12/4/202342 minutes, 46 seconds
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Nicole Byer Is True to Herself

Comedian and actress Nicole Byer’s superpower is authenticity. In this candid conversation, Nicole talks to Ashley about gratitude, discovering her creative voice, and being unapologetically herself. Despite the entertainment industry’s subjective and fickle nature, Nicole has always trusted her brand of funny. The Emmy-nominated host emphasizes the power of believing in yourself and how taking risks led to life changing opportunities. Nicole also shares her perspective on handling criticism and negative opinions, stressing that other people's opinions are not her business. Focusing on her own happiness and leaning on the support of her inner circle has served Nicole well and helped her get where she is today.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
11/27/202341 minutes, 27 seconds
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Why Pinky Cole Hopes You Fail

CEO and Founder of Slutty Vegan, Pinky Cole knows the road toward purpose-driven work is paved with successes and failures. After a grease fire destroyed her first restaurant in New York City, Pinky relocated to Atlanta where she developed the concept for her now multi-million dollar restaurant chain, Slutty Vegan. Pinky talks to Ashley about how the very things that looked like they would hinder her actually contributed to her success. The entrepreneur turned author also talks about her new book “I Hope You Fail,” emphasizing the importance of embracing your failures as opportunities to learn and a testimony to inspire others. Pinky knows that although tests will continue to come her way, being in alignment with her purpose will always lead to success.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
11/20/202344 minutes
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Dr. Iyanla Vanzant Lives Life in Full Bloom

Life coach and bestselling author, Dr. Iyanla Vanzant is no longer playing small. While the world may know her as a masterful spiritual teacher, Dr. Iyanla confesses to Ashley that there are some days where she forgets to embrace her full power. Dr. Vanzant shares how her phrase of the year “full bloom” is helping her live life to the fullest. The prolific author also opens up about the difficult process she endured to birth her most personal book "Peace from Broken Pieces," written after the death of her daughter. In this heartfelt conversation, Dr. Vanzant reflects on lessons she’s learned from motherhood, the value of knowing your parents’ stories, and the importance of being mindful of how you show up in the world.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
11/13/202338 minutes, 42 seconds
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Laila Ali Trusts Her Intuition

CEO and Boxing Champion, Laila Ali has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Laila talks to Ashley about the trials and triumphs of following in her famous father's footsteps as a young woman. Despite initially lacking her dad’s approval, Laila defied the odds and claimed her spot as one of the boxing greats when she became an undefeated world champion. After retiring from boxing, Laila says shifting her public image from a professional fighter to a homemaker presented a new challenge, but authenticity helped her overcome. Today, as a mother of two and CEO of Laila Ali Lifestyle, Laila maintains a champion’s spirit as she continues to trust her gut, stay true to herself, and pursue her dreams.  Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
11/6/202342 minutes, 55 seconds
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Necole Kane Knows the Power of a Positive Mindset

Media mogul Necole Kane lives a lifestyle of abundance. The serial entrepreneur talks to Ashley about overcoming rock bottom moments in her career after finding global success as celebrity gossip blogger, Necole Bitchie. Necole says her unwavering belief that her purpose was always greater than “giving good tea” led her to sunset her blog and launch XONecole, a women’s lifestyle brand. Years after losing her mother to breast cancer, Necole pivoted once more to launch My Happy Flo, a women’s wellness brand focused on holistic health. Despite personal and professional trials, Necole believes maintaining a positive mindset led her to her life’s work: helping women care for their bodies.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
10/30/202347 minutes, 24 seconds
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Nicole Avant Leads a Significant Life by Choosing Joy

Author, producer, and philanthropist Nicole Avant knows how to make life count. In her discussion with Ashley, Nicole talks about the importance of choosing happiness in the face of adversity and honoring the legacy of her community. Avant shares her personal journey of finding courage and making intentional choices to maintain joy after the sudden loss of both her parents. Nicole also discusses the lessons passed down from previous generations, the power of communication and how embracing change helped her find hope in the midst of her trials.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
10/23/202345 minutes, 40 seconds
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Kylie Bunbury is Grounded in Truth

Actress Kylie Bunbury is intentionally vulnerable enough to discover her true self. In her conversation with close friend Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins, Kylie lets go of her “armor” and reveals secrets from her past to tell her most authentic story.  Kylie opens up about the sexual abuse she experienced growing up, and how she’s healing on the other side of it. Kylie believes that as long as she’s honest with herself, she’s moving forward.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
10/16/202341 minutes, 36 seconds
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Glory Edim Cultivated a Space for Black Excellence and Built a Legacy

Attending Howard University transformed Glory Edim’s life. The author and founder tells Ashley how her unique experience at “HU” inspired her to create Well-Read Black Girl, a book club and community for Black women. In this conversation, Glory reflects on her journey with Well-Read Black Girl, from its humble beginnings as a Brooklyn-based bookclub to its growth as a nonprofit organization. Glory also emphasizes the power of preserving Black stories as she discusses the legacy of her late father and the process of grieving and honoring his memory. As she continues to inspire the next generation of Black creatives and build her book club’s legacy, Glory has learned to count resting and relishing the present moment as new markers of success.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit   
10/9/202344 minutes, 6 seconds
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Dr. Wendy Osefo Leads with Love

Political commentator, professor and star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac, Dr. Wendy Osefo lives life with intention. In her conversation with Ashley, Dr. Osefo talks about growing up with the pressure of her family’s expectations and the pain of always being the new girl. Despite not liking school, Wendy earned four degrees to appease her mother and became the first Black woman to earn a PhD in public affairs and community development from her university. Desiring to follow her own dream of representing Black excellence, Wendy later took the leap to become the first Nigerian housewife on Bravo’s series. However, she quickly realized that her goal and the show’s purpose were out of alignment. Recently, after being reminded of the brevity of life, a revelation shifted her perspective. Now, instead of responding to pressure and negativity, Wendy chooses to focus on gratitude for her family and leading a life of fulfillment surrounded by love. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
10/2/202343 minutes, 48 seconds
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Edwina Findley Dickerson Trusts God’s Plan

Actress Edwina Findley Dickerson learned to embrace the God story of her life. In this powerful conversation, Edwina takes Ashley back to her early days cultivating her faith in Washington, D.C. TheIf Loving You Is Wrongstar describes how God orchestrated divine appointments at critical turning points in her life. Over the years she’s trained her ear to listen for prophetic words and encouragement from strangers as she worked toward her dreams. From meeting and being mentored by Viola Davis to earning a star on Tyler Perry Studios’ lot, God’s promises never failed to manifest. Today as a wife, a mother and seasoned actress Edwina continues to excel in her craft, trusting in God’s goodness and guidance. This episode was recorded at Spotify Studios LA.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
9/25/202342 minutes, 46 seconds
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Willingness Transformed Kellee Stewart’s Life

Actress and award-winning fertility advocate Kellee Stewart prioritizes her happiness in every chapter of her life. Kellee shares with Ashley how the painful ending to a long-term relationship was the catalyst for her decision to freeze her eggs. Although this decision was not originally in her plans, she talks about how her fertility journey led her closer to God, to herself and provided an opportunity to build the family she always wanted. Kellee believes her willingness to pivot and grow in the face of adversity has changed her life for the better.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
9/18/202343 minutes, 19 seconds
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What Ashley C. Ford Understands About the Miracle of Grace

Best-selling author Ashley C. Ford was raised in survival mode. In her conversation with ABFJ, she talks about the impact of growing up with an incarcerated father and a fraught relationship with her young, single mother. Without the safety of a nurturing caregiver, Ashley grew up believing she only had herself to count on. Years later during an eye-opening therapy session, Ashley discovered she was still holding onto a childhood desire for a close bond with her mother. As an adult who now understands the power of grace, Ashley learned to release her fantasy, forgive her mother’s shortcomings, and accept the reality of their relationship – flaws and all. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
9/11/202343 minutes, 52 seconds
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Michelle Hord Walks Through Life’s Fires by Faith

From a very young age, author and media executive Michelle Hord longed to become a mother. When she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Gabrielle, Michelle was living a dream fulfilled. Seven years later, after losing her daughter at the hands of her ex-husband, Michelle found herself living her worst nightmare. In this deeply moving conversation, Michelle talks to Ashley about her memoir The Other Side of Yet, where she describes how she rebuilt her life after unthinkable tragedy. Drawing inspiration from Job 13:15: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,” Michelle reveals how she found the strength to continue putting one foot in front of the other. During her deepest grief, Michelle says she chose survival and gave herself permission to experience joy. By God’s grace, Michelle’s defiant faith and unwavering commitment to gratitude has sustained her through life’s storms.
9/4/202344 minutes, 1 second
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How Ballerina Ingrid Silva Learned to Defy Gravity

Hailing from modest beginnings in Rio de Janeiro, ballerina and activist Ingrid Silva discovered her aptitude for dance at the tender age of eight. In her conversation with Ashley, Ingrid describes feeling free the very first moment she stepped on stage. From there, the precocious but shy dancer promised herself she would push past her fears and be brave enough to follow her dreams. Ingrid’s gift took her all the way to New York City’s competitive Dance Theatre of Harlem where she faced many challenges including a culture shock, language barrier and homesickness. When the obstacles compounded and Ingrid reached a breaking point, her mother’s bold belief that she would succeed encouraged her to continue. Today as a seasoned dancer and working mother, Ingrid believes the unwavering support from her community has both sustained and propelled her into the life of her dreams.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
8/28/202344 minutes
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Arielle Estoria No Longer Dims Her Light

Author and Poet Arielle Estoria hasn’t always recognized her worth. In her vulnerable conversation with Ashley, Arielle explains how engaging in constant comparison throughout her life made her feel small. While uplifting other women with inspiring words always came naturally to her, Arielle often struggled to encourage herself. Raised as a pastor’s kid, the poet also reveals how ignoring the beauty of her body to focus solely on the Biblical rules that governed her soul led to living a “very disembodied spirituality.” Through learning to speak kindly to her body, listening to her inner voice, and embracing her flaws Arielle peeled back the layers of who she was to reveal the bright light she was always meant to be.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
8/21/202342 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ari Lennox Embraces Her Evolution and The Power of an Apology

In the Season 2 Trials to Triumphs premiere, Grammy-nominated R&B singer and songwriter Ari Lennox sits down with Ashley during the 2023 Essence Festival in New Orleans. Both DMV natives, they discuss their childhood and humble beginnings as artists navigating survival jobs until landing their big breaks. Ari opens up about her battles with anxiety, some of her lowest moments, and what tools she leans on to embrace growth. She confides in Ashley about the importance of being accountable for her mistakes.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
8/14/202353 minutes, 19 seconds
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Teaser: Trials To Triumphs - Season 2 Starts Aug 14th

Trials To Triumphs Season 2 Starts August 14th! New Episodes Every Monday!
8/7/202310 seconds
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Trials to Triumphs Special: Ashley Answers Your Questions

Our host flips the script and answers burning questions from Trials to Triumphs listeners! Find out the three things Ashley would take to a deserted island, how she decompresses after a long day, and where she would’ve worked if she did not pursue acting. Ashley also discusses navigating the entertainment industry as a dark-skinned Black woman, preparing for marriage, and the power of trusting your intuition. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit
3/27/202340 minutes, 23 seconds
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Why The Lip Bar Founder Melissa Butler Is Very Comfortable with Failure

After the former stockbroker was rejected by investors on NBC’s Shark Tank, she channeled her disappointment into an opportunity to reinvest in her beauty brand and Black women. Melissa tells Ashley about growing up in Detroit and being inspired to make products that catered to and celebrated Black beauty. She was determined to succeed after seeing both her mother and father incarcerated during her childhood and reveals how the experience of purchasing her first car as a teenager taught her a lesson about the power of her own ambition. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
3/20/202331 minutes, 55 seconds
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How Marque Richardson Moved from Surviving to Thriving

Actor Marque Richardson (Dear White People) no longer operates in “survival mode.” The Netflix star tells Ashley how experiencing homelessness at a young age hindered his self-confidence, impacting his self-worth personally and professionally. An eye-opening conversation with his parents during the early days of the global pandemic led to a greater awareness of his family’s dynamic and of the coping mechanisms that were holding him back. After intentionally shedding old mindsets and unpacking heavy layers of unnecessary pressure, shame, and self-doubt, Marque now fully embraces the freedom and peace that come from living and working as his authentic self.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit  
3/13/202339 minutes, 42 seconds
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Why Dr. Joy DeGruy Says Radical Joy Is Our Inheritance

Author, professor and researcher Dr. Joy DeGruy encourages Ashley, and each of us, to have “more than hope” for the future, and to honor the determination of past generations by finding our purpose. She believes moving beyond resilience to radical joy is the rightful inheritance of Black Americans. She and Ashley discuss how family has inspired their sense of purpose and why “there are many roads that lead to healing.” She shares an emotional past experience with her two adult sons that connected her to the despair of her ancestors but also to their hope. Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit 
3/6/202330 minutes, 30 seconds
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Trials to Triumphs Special: On the Possibilities That Follow “No”

A “No” can devastate and feel like a dead-end. But often “No” is simply redirection. In this anthology episode, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins revisits conversations with Curlbox CEO and founder Myleik Teele, award-winning Actress Danielle Brooks, and Comedian and Executive Producer Robin Thede. Each woman transformed rejection into a pivot and used it to create greater opportunities. The testimonials in this special episode demonstrate the power of “No” and confirm that, when embraced, a “No” can set you up for a much bigger “Yes.” 
2/27/202342 minutes, 49 seconds
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Why Yvette Nicole Brown Decided Honesty Is Her Superpower

When actor, writer and director Yvette Nicole Brown left Cleveland for Los Angeles she wanted to be a singer but fell in love with acting. Since then, she’s starred in the popular sitcom Community as well as Drake and Josh, The Mayor and The Odd Couple. In her conversation with Ashley, Yvette shares how she decided to be honest about her age in an industry that punishes women for turning 30. After losing her mother, Yvette rediscovered the power in her own testimony. She views her ability to be honest about her grief as a way to help empower others who are facing similar tragedies.  
2/20/202341 minutes, 16 seconds
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Tabitha Brown Learned to Live While Waiting

When Tabitha Brown became a young mom, she feared her Hollywood dream was over. The actress and vegan food influencer tells Ashley she resigned herself to living a “regular life” in Eden, North Carolina, until God told her He had a different plan. Fueled by a renewed vision, Tabitha returned to LA confident enough to shed unhealthy Hollywood beauty standards (that had led to hiding her Southern accent and natural hair) and ready to be her authentic self. Now a best-selling author with over 4 million followers, Tabitha is convinced that her setbacks and long waiting season prepared her to step into her purpose. Tab’s powerful story is a testament that no matter how long a waiting season takes, you never miss out on what God has for you. 
2/13/202340 minutes, 39 seconds
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How Amy Sherald Built Her Dream Life with No Plan B

The accomplished artist’s life changed dramatically after she was commissioned to make the official portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama for the National Portrait Gallery. But this was no overnight success. Amy tells Ashley about the sacrifices she made along the way, including working as a waitress for 15 years while honing her skills. She describes feeling eclipsed as she watched friends achieve important milestones in their personal lives and careers. She also opens up about letting go of the need to appear perfect after growing up in a family that emulated the fictional Huxtables. Amy reveals how a life-changing medical diagnosis at age thirty provided clarity through her fear, leading her to leap toward her destiny without a backup plan.
2/6/202343 minutes, 9 seconds
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Trials to Triumphs Special: Our Motherhood, Exalted

In this anthology episode, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins reviews some of the lessons her dear friends shared on the show from their motherhood journeys. She looks back at how Actress Aja Naomi King’s son taught her the power of letting go, how teaching her son about forgiveness challenged Grammy winner Kelly Rowland to grow, and how acclaimed actress Sonequa Martin-Green’s children helped her heal after losing both parents. This special episode celebrates motherhood, its joys, its pains, and its trials and triumphs.
1/30/202338 minutes, 32 seconds
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How Jessica Nabongo Cultivated a Life She Loves

Globetrotter and bestselling author of The Catch Me If You Can, Jessica Nabongo has always valued freedom. The record-breaking traveler and Ashley reflect on their shared experiences of being raised by parents who encouraged their independence at a young age. This sense of autonomy cultivated the boldness Jessica called upon to take major risks, like abandoning a successful corporate career to explore the world. Empowered by the belief that “everything in life is a choice,” Jessica refused to submit to a fear of the unknown, choosing instead to embrace curiosity and rely on excellence in work and relationships as her “safety nets.” Nabongo urges us to live with intention and intentionally curate life experiences knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised.
1/23/202340 minutes, 18 seconds
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Peloton Star Tunde Oyeneyin Embraces the Power of the Pivot

Tunde Oyeneyin is no stranger to change. She was a successful makeup artist for 15 years before becoming a Peloton Instructor, Nike Athlete and Author of NY Times Best Selling book, Speak: Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut, and Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Tunde chats with Ashley about moving on from what she thought was her dream job and about how a cycling class changed not only the trajectory of her career, but moved her into alignment with the life God had prepared for her. The Houston native now stands in her truth as a motivational speaker and Peloton instructor who daily motivates a virtual crowd of over 20,000 riders. Tunde shares how she learned to love the space of “supreme uncertainty” and how grief ultimately guided her to the best version of herself.  
1/16/202339 minutes, 54 seconds
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Nedra Tawwab on How Boundaries Actually Set Us Free

Best-selling author Nedra Tawwab has a fresh perspective on boundaries. In this eye-opening conversation, the sought-after relational therapist breaks down why setting clear boundaries is an essential form of self-care. She tells Ashley that doing so is less about saying “No” to others and more about saying “Yes” to ourselves. Nedra explains how boundaries define our needs and shows us how implementing practical tools, like open communication, can help us live more authentically. 
1/9/202339 minutes, 38 seconds
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Survivor Star Maryanne Oketch’s Biggest Triumph Is Accepting Herself

She won one of the most challenging reality TV shows, but her biggest victory was learning to love and accept her “weird” self.  In this uplifting interview, Maryanne shares with Ashley how being an outsider has elevated her purpose in the long haul.  The challenges she faced growing up as an immigrant taught her to take risks and to “show up” as her true self. As only the second Black woman to win Survivor in the show’s 42 seasons, Maryanne acknowledges that she gained something more valuable than a million dollars: a global platform to help break racist social patterns. Maryanne confesses that she had no intention of winning and instead saw Survivor as an opportunity “to inspire others” to “find their solid ground.”
1/2/202336 minutes, 41 seconds
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Trials to Triumphs Special: ABFJ on Moving Forward with her Destiny Advocates

Trials to Triumphs host Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins is joined by her close friends Nia Jervier, Courtney Sauls, Tiffany Johnson and Yaani King Mondschein for a kiki about new motherhood, dating, changing careers and learning to enjoy each season of their lives. Ashley’s self-described “Destiny Advocates” share the moments they realized they could be themselves with each other and how they lean on each other for support through personal challenges. The friends take us back to the beginning of their relationships and discuss how they continue to make space for one another in their evolving worlds. 
12/26/202242 minutes, 23 seconds
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Serial Entrepreneur Zim Flores Values Her Time Freedom

Adventurer and author Zim Flores went from living on a shoestring budget to building multiple successful niche businesses. In her conversation with Ashley, Zim confesses that even as children, she and her brother were like “little grown adult kids.” She kept cultivating an independent spirit as she explored many career paths. From the university biology lab where she cloned a gene, to her experience living full-time in India, Zim discovered a talent for diving into adventure which evolved through travel and entrepreneurship. The savvy business mind launched a boutique travel agency, Travel Noire, cultivated from her observation that “people who look like me are often the ones that are traveled to, but we’re not the travelers.” She has since stepped away from Travel Noire to expand her business ventures elsewhere, and learned that becoming financially free meant “being able to own your time.” Now Zim shares her experiences to advise others on creating generational wealth for themselves and their families.
12/19/202238 minutes, 25 seconds
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How Natalie Manuel Lee Rose from Her Own Ashes

Before creating Now with Natalie and Beyond the Surface, Natalie Manuel Lee shed her former identity as a woman of faith who stayed in her comfort zone. The HIllsong Channel star tells Ashley she gained a new understanding of “death” as she recounts leaving her brother’s leading fashion label, Fear of God, to discover her own purpose as a vessel for fearless conversations. Natalie describes her “coldest winter ever” surviving postpartum depression and how that dark season helped her blossom. The faith-led showrunner outlines how jettisoning the past propelled her into a true purpose, and why it’s important not to “abort the process” necessary for transformation. She affirms that when life leads her to “unbecome,” she gets closer to being the woman she was always meant to be. 
12/12/202241 minutes, 47 seconds
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Why Luvvie Ajayi Jones Fully Embraced Fear and Failure

The author, professor and public speaker describes how tackling fears and accepting failures has changed her life—in the best possible way. But Ashley cringes at the word failure, so Luvvie offers a new perspective on how shortcomings can create “a better version of you” in the long run, opening up opportunities for growth. Luvvie and Ashley get into why one of the best cures for self doubt is affirming the trust others have in you when they’re “loaning their power” to you. One of Luvvie’s biggest secrets to success is leaning on her tribe for support and asking others for help. She says doing so “is life’s best cheat code.” She encourages Ashley and others not to “hoard our dreams” because you never know who has the keys to doors to achieve your goals.
12/5/202240 minutes, 2 seconds
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Trials to Triumphs Live: ABFJ on Making a Path to Her Purpose

Trials to Triumphs host Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins always knew she was destined to inspire others. In this special live episode, Jennifer Pauline, founder of With Creators, interviews ABFJ about how evolving her career helped fulfill that destiny.  Ashley recalls her agent’s cautionary words when she first moved to LA: the road to success is “an uphill battle.” Over the years, that wisdom propelled Ashley whenever she felt stuck. Today, with this show and other opportunities, she continues to trust God to surprise her with ways to manifest her purpose. 
11/28/202243 minutes, 5 seconds
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Presenting the 'Real Good' podcast

In this episode of the Real Good podcast, host Faith Salie sits down with Center for Economic Inclusion Founder and CEO Tawanna Black to talk about how anti-racist action on a local and regional scale incites widespread change, and why diversity and inclusion is good economics. If you like what you hear, listen and subscribe to Real good wherever you get your podcasts!
11/23/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 12 seconds
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Myleik Teele Is So Thankful for the Gift of Perspective

The mother of two and CURLBOX founder underscores how looking at things differently has allowed her to achieve her dreams and approach motherhood with grace and intention. Myleik talks with Ashley about learning to “sit with that discomfort” of rejection and allowing herself to be bold to create opportunities for herself. Myleik stresses the importance of playing the long game and embracing career pivots. She says working gigs that she was overqualified for eventually led to reaching her dream job. When Myleik realized she’d “need to be really intentional” about finding fulfilling work, she launched CURLBOX and never looked back. She opens up about how becoming a mother offered a new perspective on her own upbringing, and allowed her to give her mother, and herself, some necessary grace.
11/21/202237 minutes, 32 seconds
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How Kamie Crawford Stays Positive

Television and podcast host Kamie Crawford has been in the spotlight her entire adult life. And though it has meant praise and success, fame hasn’t been easy. In her conversation with Ashley, the former Miss Teen USA relishes being a role model for her younger sisters and other Black girls, an honor she feels destined for. Kamie talks about the difficulties of being perceived as not being ‘Black enough’ or thin enough to be considered a Black Teen Miss USA. Now, Kamie lives confidently in her own skin and inspires others to be their authentic selves.  
11/14/202240 minutes, 37 seconds
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How Alex Elle Gave Herself Permission to Heal

Best-selling author Alex Elle is the first to acknowledge that learning to love and be loved has been a lifelong effort for her. The renowned speaker tells Ashley that her mother-in-law was “the first woman to make me feel worthy of love.” She recounts her earliest memories of receiving that unconditional love, and admits that she didn't think she was capable of loving others before she met her husband. “I needed to be willing to love myself,” she says, before she could receive love. The healing expert gets frank about initially mistaking dysfunction, chaos, and heartbreak for love. Today, Alex focuses on making intentional space to craft her legacy, because “the joy work” is integral to break the cycles of generational trauma. 
11/7/202242 minutes, 22 seconds
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Abby Phillip Knows How to Meet the Moment

Navigating risks and uncertainty has been a major theme in CNN Anchor and Senior Political Correspondent Abby Phillip’s career. Often the only Black woman in the room, Abby confides in Ashley how she overcame imposter syndrome and gained the confidence to show up and shine in spaces that have not always welcomed her. Abby celebrates her parents, immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, who took big risks for their children and encouraged her own approach to life and motherhood today. Abby also reflects on how she developed a passion for politics and found her path, the crucial role of Black voters and what she’s most excited about reporting on in this year’s midterm elections.
10/31/202239 minutes, 59 seconds
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Niecy Nash Learned to Take the Meat and Leave the Bones

Actress Niecy Nash tells Ashley she knew at a young age that she wanted to be “Black, fabulous and on TV.” She spoke her destiny into being before she even knew what acting was. Growing up, Niecy’s family pushed her to find success in traditional professions like nursing or teaching, but she never gave up on becoming an actress. The tragic loss of her 17-year-old brother the day before she turned 23 helped Niecy realize she could use comedy to spare others the pain she was running from. She says she just had to “trust her gift.” Niecy explains her evolving relationships with herself and those she holds closest strengthens her commitment to never give up on love.  
10/24/202241 minutes, 15 seconds
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Kendrick Sampson is Envisioning a Bigger and Freer Future

Actor and activist Kendrick Sampson (Insecure) is learning to dream without limiting himself. Kendrick and Ashley revisit who they were as audacious young adults when they first met at the American Black Film Festival in 2008. The Houston native says growing up he wasn’t taught to embrace his Southern culture, and that having a Black father and white mother often left him feeling like he lived in a ‘gray area.’ However, as an adult, a passion for storytelling and social justice helped him reconnect to his identity and heal. Watching his mother dedicate 37 years to a company that did not appreciate her taught Kendrick the importance of chasing one’s purpose. Now, after seasons of doubt in himself, Kendrick is fully committed to seeing his dreams realized on and off the screen.
10/17/202237 minutes, 24 seconds
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Sexology Educator and Author Shan Boodram Sheds Light on Real Intimacy

Certified sex and relationship expert Shan Boodram has mastered the art of navigating private spaces publicly. The veteran intimacy educator walks Ashley through her humble beginnings on Youtube and gets into the challenges of spreading her powerful message in “an industry of silence.” Shan explains that, for her, conversations on sex and intimacy have always gone far beyond the physical. With over a decade of vlogging experience and nearly a million YouTube subscribers today, Shan now helps others become more competent and confident in the bedroom and beyond.
10/10/202242 minutes, 23 seconds
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Why This Is a New Season for Yvonne Orji

HBO star Yvonne Orji (Insecure) has decided to retire from perfectionism. In this insightful conversation, the Emmy-nominated actress explains to Ashley how growing personally and professionally required new tools, like welcoming more collaborators into her creative process. Yvonne’s bold faith and relentless pursuit of excellence led to  career highs. But now, instead of striving for a perfect finished product, she’s trusting that others will enjoy seeing her make progress. Yvonne says she is learning to embrace herself unapologetically.
10/3/202238 minutes, 15 seconds
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Aja Naomi King Knows How to Let Go

How to Get Away with Murder actress Aja Naomi King is a self-proclaimed eternal optimist. Today, Aja confides in Ashley about how that optimism has sometimes hurt more than it has helped. Aja explains how shedding harmful superstitions and embracing vulnerability helped her receive the support she needed after experiencing two devastating miscarriages. Aja also discusses what both motherhood and her disappointments taught her about idealized expectations, surrender and control. In this engaging conversation, Ashley and Aja also celebrate the community of Black women who have supported their growth and paved the way for them to excel in their craft. 
9/26/202245 minutes, 14 seconds
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How Maya Washington Abandoned Fear

YouTube star and creative producer Maya Washington, popularly known as ‘Shameless Maya,’ has never said no to a challenge. Maya describes how growing up in Canada offered her a supportive environment of both diversity and exploring the arts. Once Maya moved to New York City, she says she finally found the courage to fully express herself because to make it in NYC, you had to be “shameless.” Maya also talks about the peaks and the valleys of her career, as well as the ups and downs of her romantic life, and how following her heart has led her to live in Sweden. Maya describes the realness of motherhood during a pandemic and how pushing past her fears has allowed her to experience love and success beyond her wildest dreams.
9/19/202243 minutes, 15 seconds
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Nafessa Williams’ Superpower Is Endurance

Before landing her dream role as the first Black lesbian superhero in The CW’s Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams prayed for the endurance to persevere in Hollywood. In this enlightening conversation, Ashley and Nafessa discuss taking leaps of faith. In Nafessa’s case, that was trading in the safety of her district-attorney job to pursue acting. Inspired by Sidney Poitier’s famous quote: “The reward is in the journey”… Nafessa now pushes through doubt and fear and embraces her process. Nafessa explains how looking back on God’s resume helps her move forward and how the waiting seasons of her life have made endurance her greatest strength.
9/12/202238 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sheryl Lee Ralph is Her Own Dreamgirl

With over 40 years in the entertainment industry, Abbott Elementary star Sheryl Lee Ralph has a trove of  both trials and triumphs to her credit. The Tony Award-nominated multi-hyphenate takes Ashley back to the beginning of her career and describes who she was before landing her breakthrough role as Deena Jones in the seminal Broadway musical Dreamgirls. Sheryl underscores key lessons she learned from her parents and mentors, including the power to determine which doors to leave closed. The original Dreamgirl also unpacks the most difficult season of her life: navigating her divorce as a single mother, leaving the hit tv show Moesha and losing herself along the way. Sheryl recalls the encounter that helped her “rise to the occasion of her own life,” and how, just like her character Deena, she owned her inner diva.
9/5/202237 minutes, 46 seconds
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Justin Simien is Filling His Own Cup

Ten years after releasing a concept trailer that would go viral and propel his career, Dear White People creator Justin Simien is learning to take a step back and celebrate his wins. Already close friends, Justin and Ashley reflect on their personal and professional growth since the show ended and revisit the risks that led to their success. The fearless visionary unpacks the pressures of breaking ground as a Black creative and touches on the discipline necessary to create opportunities for himself and the next generation of Black artists. With all his success, Justin says he no longer chases accolades for validation. Instead, he’s committed to resting in the truth that only he “can keep his cup filled.”
8/29/202241 minutes, 49 seconds
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Christina Elmore on The Beauty of The Plan

Insecure(HBO) &Twenties(BET) actress Christina Elmore has always had a game plan for her career, but now she’s learning how to let the cards fall where they may. Ashley and Christina, who’s also one of her very best friends, dig deep into what it means to let go of unrealistic expectations and allow your most authentic self to emerge. Like most black and brown women, Christina has faced pressure to be everything to everyone throughout her life. As a self-proclaimed planner and overachiever, Christina has found this constant need to over perform and people please damaging. She discloses how she protected her mental health amidst harsh criticism about her body after returning to theInsecureset just six weeks after giving birth. Christina reveals how motherhood and the “fourth trimester” has helped her navigate uncertainty and release the need to control every detail of her life. Christina also opens up about learning to love her postpartum body and embracing where God has her now. 
8/22/202242 minutes, 50 seconds
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Cynthia Featherson Is Finding Her Strength Later in Life

A recognized leader in the DEI field and Ashley’s mother, Cynthia Featherson has always been the backbone of her family. However, she has rarely asked for what she needs in return. As she gets older, Cynthia realizes that keeping her world small and her feelings bottled up does not serve her. She attributes this new-found awareness to Ashley. Throughout the years, Ashley has encouraged her mom to speak her truth unapologetically. In this episode, Cynthia shares the difficulties she faced growing up as the only daughter, granddaughter, and niece in her immediate family. And she tells us how Ashley’s openness has taught her to be more vulnerable. 
8/15/202242 minutes, 8 seconds
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DeWanda Wise Is A Master Reframer

Jurassic World: Dominion actress DeWanda Wise is allowing herself to take risks and give God the steering wheel.  DeWanda says because she and her family didn’t have a lot growing up, she “was always a person who questioned, naturally, the status quo.” She shares how her intuition, even at a young age, has shaped the stories she gets to tell in her work. DeWanda explains how she has come to realize her purpose in life is “to bear witness and continue to be a mirror, to my friends and to society at large.” DeWanda says she has learned to lean into — even love — uncertainty as she navigates her career and family life.
8/8/202242 minutes, 41 seconds
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Colman Domingo on his Emmy nod and the power of character actors

Originally aired by NPR's The Limits with Jay Williams on 7/19/22.Emmy-nominated actor Colman Domingo discusses the power of intentional art, his recent projects, and coping with loss.
8/2/202244 minutes, 39 seconds
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Michelle Williams on the Power of Being Intentional

Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, actress and author Michelle Williams has been perfecting the art of manifestation. Michelle tells us what happens when she speaks about her greatest dreams and fears out loud and says that you must “put voice” to your ambitions for them to happen. She tells Ashley about her battle with depression, acknowledging that even at times when “we think we’re unscathed physically,” our mental health can be heavily impacted. Michelle shares how following her intuition continues to serve her, and how she was able to take the time during the pandemic to heal and “get loved on.”
8/1/202240 minutes, 15 seconds
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What the Pandemic Clarified for Griffin Matthews

This week, Ashley welcomes Dear White People costar Griffin Matthews to dig into the promises made over the course of their lives. Griffin details his upbringing in the suburbs of Pittsburgh from experiencing racism in his youth to finding community in college and healing from those past hurts at Carnegie Mellon. He discloses how the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on gay marriage empowered him to dream of marriage and how that commitment impacted his relationship with now husband Matt (affectionately known as Butch). Griffin and Butch have since become foster parents to two young boys, and like all new parents, faced a lot of uncertainty. Griffin challenges Ashley to expand her definition of a life promise fulfilled and reveals what the pandemic taught him about dreaming into the future. Griffin's credits also include HBOMax’s The Flight Attendant, Amazon’s ROAR, and the upcoming Marvel series She-Hulk.
7/25/202242 minutes, 35 seconds
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How Amber P. Riley Reached Contentment

To get to her breakout role as Mercedes on Glee, Amber P. Riley made some hard choices that eventually led her to the life she’d always dreamed of. But, as she tells Ashley, it didn't happen overnight. Amber’s relationship with the Glee cast was tested through real-life experiences they navigated together, including some she describes as “trauma bonding.” She also discusses the tragic losses of several of her Glee castmates. Throughout the different seasons of her career, Amber has come to accept that she can’t control everything and moved beyond chasing a rockstar lifestyle to finding peace and meaningful ways to celebrate her wins.
7/18/202241 minutes, 56 seconds
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Lady London on the Art of Preparation

Hip Hop rising star Lady London is known for her unique flow and powerful freestyles. Unlike some of her most memorable lyrics, her success hasn’t been improvised. Lady London explains to Ashley why she believes “stagnancy is the same as regression” and how she finds growth in times of being uncomfortable.  She shares her struggles with being “subject to public scrutiny or subject to whatever people have to say” on social media. She discusses how she used her darkest times to find the importance of prioritizing her mental health above all else.  Lady London shares how intentional work and studying her craft created opportunities that catapulted her to musical stardom. 
7/11/202237 minutes, 53 seconds
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Darroll Jenkins Jr. Is Leveling Up with ABFJ

Ashley’s husband Darroll Jenkins Jr. reveals the changes and challenges he overcame to become the life partner he is today.  Darroll, who is now a sports agent, talks about letting go of his basketball dreams and what it took for him to build an abundant life with Ashley. Darroll admits to being a selfish boyfriend at the start of their relationship, but now lives to love and support Ashley for a lifetime. Darroll and Ashley tell the emotional story of how they made it down the aisle and what keeps them leveling up to be their best selves, both individually and together. 
7/4/202247 minutes, 43 seconds
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Naturi Naughton Never Stopped Believing in Herself

Actress and singer/songwriter Naturi Naughton-Lewis’ greatest trials have become her greatest triumphs. Ashley and Naturi chart her journey from singing in her church to stardom becoming the final member of the platinum-selling girl group 3LW. The two-time NAACP Award winning actress recounts making the difficult decision to leave 3LW at its height and details the decade it took her to get over the pain it caused her.Naturi explains how she held on to the unwavering belief that her best days were ahead of her. The New Jersey native shares how she emerged out of those trying times as an actress with credits in Hairspray on Broadway, the blockbuster film Notorious and the hit television show Power. Now a newlywed, she opens up about finding love after a season of heartbreak and learning to embrace her light and love herself after years in an industry that she says devalues dark-skinned women. Naturi also gives Ashley the exclusive on her recent heart-to-heart with former 3LW bandmate Adrienne Bailon and how they’re choosing to “lead by example” as they rekindle their friendship as adults. 
6/27/202244 minutes, 48 seconds
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How Aisha Hinds Is Putting Her Pieces Back Together

Ashley chats with close friend and critically acclaimed actress Aisha Hinds about her path to replenishment. Aisha has appeared in a number of hit series including 9-1-1, True Blood and The Shield. She made her mark with a powerful performance in Underground playing icon Harriett Tubman. In this vulnerable conversation, Aisha reflects on how her parents’ divorce left her feeling fractured as a young girl and led to her “pursuit of wholeness.” Aisha discusses how her church family stepped in during a trying time in her youth and helped her get back on the right track. She also reveals how she’s paid that restoration forward with her nephew. Aisha celebrates her “destiny advocates” in the industry who challenged her to dream bigger and pursue iconic roles that have forever shaped the trajectory of her career. 
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Why Malinda Williams Trusts Her Intuition

Trials to Triumphs host Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins welcomes award-winning actress Malinda Williams to the show for a powerful conversation about discernment. Malinda has appeared on a wide variety of beloved TV shows including Sister, Sister, Moesha and Soul Food. She has also turned in powerhouse performances in films such as The Wood, Accidental Love and First Sunday. Malinda explains why she's cautious about the roles she selects; how her willingness to follow God's clues led her to her iconic role as "Bird" on Soul Food; and the lessons she learned about standing still in the moment. Plus, she'll divulge how the phrase, "Ask, Seek, Knock" has allowed her needs to be met without conditions.
6/13/202243 minutes, 38 seconds
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The ‘No’ That Changed Danielle Brooks’ Life

Emmy- and Tony-nominated and Grammy-winning actress Danielle Brooks opens up to Ashley about pushing through some of her darkest hours to find love, sisterhood and her purpose. She talks about the sacrifices that led to dream roles in HBO’s Peacemaker, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and The Color Purple on Broadway. She also describes how she balances marriage and motherhood with the hectic career of a working actress. Danielle vividly recalls the “no” that led to her biggest blessing, and how that closed door prepared and positioned her for all the open doors that followed. She confides in Ashley that her big dreams have proven small compared to what God had planned for her.
6/6/202240 minutes, 57 seconds
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Robin Thede Waited to Say Yes and Then Made History

Comedian and executive producer Robin Thede created HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show to surround herself with funny women. She explains to Ashley that making room in the entertainment industry is serious business.  After years ascending from the writers’ room to on-camera work, Robin says she realized that her work isn’t about making everyone happy, but about “elevating the art in some way that’s valuable.” Robin tells Ashley about her humble beginnings in Davenport, Iowa where she dreamed of making it on SNL. She also talks about a time when she “wasn't ready in my belief in myself.” She says that being patient with ourselves is the key to success.
5/30/202239 minutes, 43 seconds
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Estelle Laid It All Down, and Received More

Ashley sits down with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Estelle to talk about “the courage to lay it all down.” Estelle shares how losing her manager at a crucial time in her career led to a turning point. Like a rocket rising and watching the pieces fall away, she released harmful habits during this intense season of growth. Estelle says she steered herself out of her own way to make room for new experiences. She reveals what her parents’ rekindled romance taught her about time and growth, how she manifested a role on the animated series Steven Universe and why she checks in with herself to make sure she’s always pursuing quality projects. In this new season of life, Estelle is all about remaining intentional and moving with the divine order. Now armed with an attitude of abundance, she’s no longer “strengthening” her way through, but confidently turning things down to receive more.
5/23/202233 minutes, 30 seconds
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Logan Browning Wants to Stop Being Strong

Ashley has a heart-to-heart with her close friend and Dear White People costar Logan Browning about the places and people who made her. Logan, best known for playing Samantha White on the hit Netflix series, speaks candidly about the show’s cultural impact and what it taught her about colorism in the entertainment industry. She shares how she found the confidence to challenge the status quo and turn down roles that should go to darker-skinned actresses. Logan also opens up about her father’s battle with cancer, how it redefined  “strength” and “weakness” for her,  and how she came to finally see her mother as a whole person. 
5/16/202237 minutes, 10 seconds
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Why Sonequa Martin-Green Knows Motherhood Saved Her

Trials to Triumphs, host Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins has a soulful chat with acclaimed actress Sonequa Martin-Green. Sonequa starred as Sasha Williams on The Walking Dead and currently plays the main role of Captain Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery. Sonequa opens up about losing both her parents within 24 hours of each other. She explains how she learned to accept that “grief stays with you, it’s just part of you from that point forward.” She describes how she now sees her parents through her children. Ashley and Sonequa also discuss the difficulties of juggling a full-time career and raising a family.
5/9/202240 minutes, 11 seconds
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Kelly Rowland is Ready to Forgive Herself

In this candid interview, Kelly Rowland gets real about questions she's never been asked. She describes the moment she knew she belonged on stage and reveals how her “tumultuous” relationship with her mother changed after she passed away. Kelly also speaks about her once estranged father, childhood trauma and the therapy that has helped her survive. She says her healed wounds have helped her teach her sons how to forgive others and themselves. Kelly describes what she calls “the gift of grace to oneself.” She also talks about the early days of Destiny’s Child and how she had an “unstoppable force” of belief and talent.
5/2/202242 minutes, 27 seconds
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