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Explore the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences with award-winning editor, writer, and luxury travel expert Bruce Wallin. Each episode will inspire you with fascinating stories about unique, life-shaping journeys—and connect you to the remarkable people who make them possible. Gain insider access to extravagant hotels, impactful adventures, and secret hideaways, and discover the magic of travel at its very best.
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100 Unexpected Destinations to Add to Your Travel Wishlist with National Geographic’s Andrew Nelson: Lecce (Italy), Luang Prabang (Laos), Indianapolis, Manchester (England), and More

Getting people to think differently when deciding where to travel next is a specialty of the travel journalist Andrew Nelson, a writer for two decades with National Geographic Travel and a two-time Lowell Thomas prize winner. Andrew joins Bruce on the podcast to discuss places in his new National Geographic book, Here Not There, revealing 100 alternative travel destinations to the ones we've probably all heard about 1,000 times. Andrew tells us about the places that are overlooked and why they're worth visiting, in addition to the obvious benefit of often being less crowded and less expensive. He guides us to the Miami of the North, the Amsterdam of the Midwest, and a place he describes as the most accessible yet mysterious places he's ever visited. He'll even tell us where you can dance until dawn and drink (responsibly) like a fool. Andrew doesn't just list places in this Travel That Matters episode, but tells us about the history, the tours and events you can attend, and the food that's there for you to enjoy. He emphasizes the element of surprise in travel, while adding in bragging rights that come with being among the few who have traveled to some of these alternative destinations. --- You can find out more details about the locations below mentioned in the episode: Zozobra Festival: The Secret Stairs of Los Angeles San Cassiano, Dolomites Kotor, Montenegro Alamos, Sonora Bottleworks Hotel: --- To learn more about Andrew Nelson, check out his website --- Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
2/20/202438 minutes, 50 seconds
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Safari, Wine Country, and City in South Africa: Cape Town Culinary Experiences, Kalahari and Kruger Wildlife Immersions, Itineraries by Locals, and Hermanus and Stellenbosch Excursions

Embark on an adventure through South Africa with Liam Tomlin (Cape Town chef), Deborah Calmeyer (ROAR Africa founder), and Tiago Sarmento (managing director of Belmond in Southern Africa), whose stories and insider tips on crafting the ultimate travel experience will have you hooked on this something-for-everybody destination. On his recent trip to Cape Town and Tswalu Kalahari reserve in South Africa, Bruce caught up with Tomlin and Sarmento to talk about Cape Town’s culinary delights, under-the-radar gastronomic and adventure tours, going on safari with children, and other unique experiences beyond the ordinary. Bruce also spoke with safari expert Calmeyer, who shares tips for first-timers, malaria-free areas, the best farmer’s market in Cape Town, and a two-week blowout itinerary. You’ll also learn where locals from Cape Town go for vacation—hint: there’s great whale watching—and get fun facts like where you can order half a goat in a car wash. Whether you’re a seasoned safari-goer or planning your first trip, whether you’re going with kids or just adults, this episode has something for you. Listen and catch the full details of why South Africa is a must-visit, and hear Bruce give his email for anyone who would like his help with planning a safari experience. Wait until the end to hear Bruce share a few of his favorite picks for safari adventures in South Africa and beyond. --- You can find out more details about the locations mentioned in the episode below: Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel, Chef’s Warehouse, ROAR Africa,  Tswalu Kalahari, Delaire Graff Estate, Oranjezicht Farmer’s Market, Cape Town Singita Sabi Sand, Cheetah Plains, Singita Grumeti, Selinda Reserve / Great Plains Conservation, Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge, Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, Pigcasso, --- Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
2/6/202447 minutes, 4 seconds
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Featured Episode from A Slight Change of Plans, Apple Podcasts’ Best Show of the Year in 2021: The Thai Cave Rescue

This week, we're recommending a Pushkin podcast, A Slight Change of Plans, where Maya Shankar blends compassionate storytelling with the science of human behavior to help us understand who we are and who we become in the face of a big change. In this episode, Dr. Richard "Harry" Harris is an anesthesiologist and expert cave diver who was tasked with a seemingly impossible mission: to rescue a boys' soccer team trapped 2.5 miles deep within a flooded cave in Thailand. He talks with Maya about his decision to heed the call.See for privacy information.
1/23/202449 minutes, 52 seconds
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India with Condé Nast Traveler's Divia Thani: An Insider’s Guide to the Country’s Diverse Regions (Rajasthan, Kashmir, Chettinad), Including the Best Places to Visit and When, Unique Culinary Experiences, Tiger Safaris, and Festivals

Divia Thani is an incredible and inspiring source of information on how best to explore the many different regions of India, from the Himalayas in the north to Chettinad in the south. In this episode of Travel That Matters, Bruce speaks with Divia, the Global Editorial Director of Condé Nast Traveler, about her home country of India, inclusive of the bustling scene in Goa, the best time of year to visit, where to find the best jewelry, and the thrills of a tiger safari (and how it’s different than the safari experience in African countries). Divia gives useful tips like how to see India without falling into a tourist trap, if you should see the Taj Mahal or skip it, where to go if you have particular hobbies such as hiking or skiing, and how to find authentic food in India. Divia also tells us about her favorite Indian dish, mentions a few specific restaurants in India that you'll want to try, and talks about Indian cuisine in London, where she lives today. --- You can find out more details about the locations mentioned in the episode below: NAAR (Chef: Prateek Sadhu) BiBi (Chef: Chet Sharma) --- Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
1/9/202445 minutes, 8 seconds
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Happy New Year! Let Us Know Where You're Traveling in 2024 - Travel That Matters Kicks Off the Year with a New Episode on January 9

Follow Travel That Matters and get ready for a new episode about India with Condé Nast Traveler's Global Editorial Director Divia Thani coming next week, Tuesday, January 9, 2024. If you've been enjoying Travel That Matters, please leave the podcast a 5-star rating. --- Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
1/2/20241 minute, 38 seconds
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Flavors Around Mexico with Chef and TV Host Pati Jinich (Pati's Mexican Table): Discovering Foods From Yucatán, Mexico City, Sinaloa, Nuevo León, and More

Our love of travel and food converge in spectacular fashion in this exploration of Mexico and its many regional cuisines with chef and TV host Pati Jinich. As the host of the 3x James Beard Award-winning PBS television series “Pati’s Mexican Table,” resident chef at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., and a cookbook author, Pati is the perfect person to lead us on a culinary adventure through the country, diving into its regional specialties, under-the-radar restaurants, and the Mexican dishes foreigners don't know about that they should seek out. This episode is packed with specific foods you'll want to try when you're in Mexico—from cochinita pibil (a personal favorite of both Bruce’s and producer AJ’s) to the exceptional shrimp of Sinaloa—and Pati's explanations of exactly how some of these dishes are made will leave your mouth watering. She includes important details like why some Mexican dishes can be re-created deliciously in other countries around the world, while others need to be tasted at the source because of the ingredients and techniques. Pati’s passion for Mexican culture and cuisine is contagious, as she takes us from a remote family restaurant in Halachó in the south to the modern streets of Monterrey in the north—a city that surprised even her! In addition, she teaches us what malinchista means and why the cuisine of Mexico making it to the UNESCO list has helped the people of Mexico gain a new appreciation for their traditional foods and techniques. She also talks about how to stay safe while visiting Mexico’s most popular and more remote regions. Listen to the end to find out what Bruce's favorite places and foods are in Mexico! --- You can find out more details about the locations mentioned in the episode below: Niddo Cara de Vaca Ya'axche (Chef Wilson Alonzo) La Fina Cocina del Barrio Sonorita Pepe’s Taco Pancho’s Takos Doña Chela Mercado Cleofas Mota Tequila --- To learn more about what Pati is up to, be sure to check out her website: Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
12/19/202343 minutes, 27 seconds
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Featured Episode from Wild for Scotland, an Immersive Travel Podcast Featuring Inspiring Stories from Scotland

This week, we're recommending a podcast for Scotland-lovers by award-winning travel blogger Kathi Kamleitner. This clip is of her conversation with Mark Williams, a forager and foraging tutor with over 30 years of experience. Originally from the Isle of Arran, Mark lives in Galloway these days and runs foraging classes and workshops all over Scotland. In the episode, Kathi and Mark cover...      •     How Mark became a full-time forager      •     His favorite plants, mushrooms and seaweeds to forage      •     Tips for aspiring foragers in Scotland (and beyond)      •     What he loves most about foraging      •     What foraging and traveling have in common      •     Tips for a lovely trip to GallowaySee for privacy information.
12/12/202355 minutes, 12 seconds
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Gorilla Expert Dr. Tara Stoinski: Mountains of Rwanda, Ellen DeGeneres Campus, and Enhancing an Epic Travel Experience

Dr. Tara Stoinski, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund President, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, joins Bruce to discuss the fascinating scientific and conservation work the organization does in the mountains of Rwanda, as well as the fund’s brand-new Ellen DeGeneres Campus—a facility that will not only change how we study and protect mountain gorillas but also enhance what is already one of the world’s epic travel experiences.Continuing the work of the legendary Fossey—who was murdered in Rwanda in the 1980s—Stoinski and her team of scientists have piloted what is one of the rare success stories for a critically endangered species. The foundation has monitored six generations of mountain gorillas over the years, and in that time the estimated population in the wild has gone from 240 specimens to more than 600.Stoinski discusses why mountain gorillas—which also reside in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda—are so important to protect, including the fact that they are the “gardeners” of the rainforest, helping to take care of these critical ecosystems through their foraging. She also talks about poaching, snares, and some of the other challenges gorillas face, as well as the effective measures the Rwandan government has taken over the past years to ensure their recovery.Stoinski also talks about one of the most impactful travel experiences you can have—and one that is sure to convince anyone that mountain gorillas must be protected.Learn More:Go2Africa: Fossey Gorilla Fund: This episode was first published in March of 2022. Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
12/5/202335 minutes, 35 seconds
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Food Archaeologist John Robert Sutton (“Indiana Jones Meets Anthony Bourdain”): World Exploration for the Best Foods, Coveted Ingredient of Centenarians in Italy, Original Sources of Vanilla and Tomatoes, Pricey Vegetable from Israel, and a "Delicious" New Podcast Alert

John Robbert Sutton didn't always know he wanted to travel through 124 countries and be the best exotic food trader, but we're glad he did! This episode is packed with the most interesting stories, like where vanilla is really from and how it grows in its natural state, what the most potent and natural antioxidant on the face of the earth is, what volcanoes have to do with the best culinary destinations in the world, what herb is the secret ingredient to staying active over the age of 100 and where to find it, where tomatoes are from (hint: it's not Italy), and more. You'll also learn what John's number one destination recommendation is for top ingredients and cuisine, where John draws the line on if a place is too dangerous to visit at that time, and how John got started in this line of work that brings him across valleys and deserts in search of unique items that chefs and people use all over the United States. Listen to the end because you'll also hear from Claudia Hanna, Mediterranean Culinary/Lifestyle Expert and host of If This Food Could Talk. She teaches us all about olives and olive oil, including why there's no difference between a green and black olive, takes us through a day on Cyprus (it sounds magical), and gives us tricks of the trade for getting off the beaten path while traveling. Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
11/21/202342 minutes, 46 seconds
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Top Destinations to Visit in 2024

“From a hidden region of Colombia to a high-profile hotel debut in London, this episode is for adventurers, foodies, escapists, and big-city lovers—basically anyone who cherishes travel and is interested in exploring new places,” Bruce says. Throughout the episode, you will hear the insights and advice of luxury travel leaders whom Bruce Wallin, Travel That Matters host and award-winning travel writer and editor, surveyed at the annual Virtuoso Travel Week, the world’s leading luxury travel conference. You’ll also hear the reactions and analysis of Bruce and his guest, fellow travel journalist Jackie Caradonio. While the better-known locations were not forgotten, like New York City, Boston, London, and Tokyo, Bruce and Jackie take listeners to Lamu and Ko Yao Yai, Riga and Dubrovnik, and far beyond.  Listeners of this Travel That Matters episode will be ahead of the travel curve, discovering new hot spots to visit before they’re on everyone’s vacation radar. Some of the destinations will shock you! Plus, listeners learn things like which country has the largest variety of bird species, where the first Blue Zone was, where the 2026 Olympic Winter Games will be held, how you can cycle over 900 miles across six prefectures, and other unique facts about this beautiful world we love to explore. --- Travel That Matters would like to thank Virtuoso, the leading global network of luxury travel advisors, for including us at the annual Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas. You can find out more details about all of the locations mentioned in the episode, as well as info on our guests below:  Dolomiti Superski -   Sella Ronda ski circuit -   Via ferrata mountaineering circuit -   Rosa Alpina -   Hotel Cristallo -   Hotel de Lën -   Alpinn Food Space & Restaurant -   Hotel Ciasa Salares -   Jannah Lamu -   White Sand Villas Zanzibar -   The Surrey -   Tatiana by Kwame Onwuachi -   The Hispanic Museum & Library -   Good Food Festival Dubrovnik -   Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica -   Hacienda Altagracia, Auberge Resorts Collection -   Nayara Springs -   Rocco Forte Hotels, Liscia di Vacca -   Nordic Luxury -   Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino -   Kempinski Grand Hotel Riga -   Seabourn Cruises -   Raffles Boston -   Raffles London at the OWO -   Four Seasons Hotel Boston -   The Newbury Boston -   O Ya -   ICAA New England -   Grace by Nia -   Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort & Villas -   62 Nord -   Secret Atlas -   Pacific Cycling Road Japan -   Tswalu Kalahari Reserve -   Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel - Rebecca Masri - Little Emperors - Pavia Rosati - Fathom -  Andrea Grisdale - IC Bellagio - Javier Arredondo - Virtuoso - Amanda Elder - Kempinski Hotels - Omer Acar - Raffles and Orient Express -                                                                 - Ian di Tullio - Minor Hotels - Deborah Frank - Luxury Magazine - Gilberto Salcedo - ProColombia - Pradeep Raman - Corinthia New York - Christian Leibel-Cote - Collette - Mina Agnos - travelive - Bobby Huebner - Skylark - --- To learn more about what Jackie is up to, be sure to follow her or check out her website Travel That Matters is a CurtCo Media Production. Host: Bruce Wallin Producer: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Joey SalviaSee for privacy information.
11/7/202354 minutes, 50 seconds
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Bill Heinecke (Minor International): Thailand's Unique Food Culture and Off The Beaten Path Hot Spots, Luxury Adventure Destinations Around Southeast Asia and the World, Experiential Travel in Africa, Collector Car Experiences

"I came to Thailand when I was just a teenager and chose never to leave," said guest Bill Heinecke, collector car enthusiast, experiential traveler, and billionaire founder and chairman of Minor International PCL, which owns and operates hotel brands including Anantara and Tivoli. Host and award-winning travel writer and editor Bruce Wallin guides Bill through his stories of the incredible aspects of different corners of the globe, starting with Thailand. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the idyllic beaches of Krabi, Bill shares his insider tips on the best places and things to go, see, and eat in the amazing country he now calls home. Bill demystifies long-held beliefs and cliches about Thailand that are untrue; he talks about the country's unique food culture, like its fresh produce markets, street food, and fine dining options (including the location of a Michelin-starred food stall); and he reveals where you should visit as a first-time visitor vs. a veteran visitor to Thailand. Bill goes on to share his other journeys from around the world, like where he's seen the most amount of wild dolphins in his life and where in Africa you can have breakfast with giraffes and zebras and then go spend the day having one of the world’s great wonders virtually to yourself. He focuses his attention on the most interesting destinations that are not easy to get to, saying, "The most interesting places you want to go to are the places that you can't get to very easily." But don't worry; Bill guides listeners through how to reach these hidden gems. This episode is packed with useful information for adventure, specifically luxury adventure, in places like Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia), Papa New Guinea, Mae Hong Son (Thailand), Krong Siem Reap (Cambodia), Quy Nhon (Vietnam), Pemba (Mozambique), and more. For an unbeatable experience, you can't go wrong pairing your trip with some of the great stays: NH Collection New York Madison Avenue Anantara Royal Livingstone (Victoria Falls) Avani Quy Nhon Resort Avani Pemba Beach Elewana The Manor at Ngorongoro (Tented Camps Tanzania) See for privacy information.
10/24/202332 minutes, 16 seconds
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Esme Benjamin (The Trip That Changed Me): U.S. Road Trip, Wellness Retreats, The Power of Travel, and a BIG Surprise for Esme

In this episode, host Bruce Wallin explores the transformative power of travel with guest Esme Benjamin, a wellness and travel journalist and host of the podcast The Trip That Changed Me. They start by talking about wellness programs in Italy (The Ranch) and Cuba (Mhai Yoga). We learn why Fiuggi water has been celebrated for its healing powers and why Cubans are gathering in public spaces dancing nearly every evening. Then we learn about the trip that changed Esme, a year-in-the-making five-month-long road trip across the United States with her husband and corgi dog. She starts by telling us the things that happened in her life that led her to take this life-altering adventure. We hear about her path through the following incredible places: Black Hills & Badlands (South Dakota), Glacier National Park and Bozeman (Montana), Cody (Wyoming), Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park, Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa (Colorado), Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Indiana Dunes National Park (Indiana), San Francisco and Los Angeles (California), and more! At the end of her trip, Esme got a BIG surprise. Esme's story is a reminder that travel can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. To listen to Esme's podcast The Trip That Changed Me, click here and look out for the episode with our host Bruce coming soon: for privacy information.
10/10/202336 minutes, 6 seconds
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Epic Family Travel from Mauritius to Japan with One&Only's Philippe Zuber

Philippe starts by sharing his favorite family destination, the little-known Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean. Part of Mauritius, Rodrigues is a rare find in today’s world, a place that has truly preserved its historic culture, beautiful land- and seascapes, and laid-back island lifestyle. Next, Philippe talks about a decision he and his wife made when their two sons were young. They created a family policy by which each of the boys could choose a vacation destination anywhere in the world when they turned 10 and 20. The boys have both researched and selected their destinations in great detail, leading their parents so far on adventures through Vietnam, California, and Rwanda. Philippe believes that empowering his children in this way has led to greater engagement for them as well as better travel experiences for him and his wife. One common theme to Philippe’s family trips is food. He believes the power of food is transcendental to cultures and that his children’s education has benefitted from the many different flavors they’ve tasted around the world. The country that has stood out the most in terms of food is Japan, which, for many reasons, Philippe believes is one of the best destinations for families with teenagers. Regarding the age of children and how that informs travel decisions, Philippe sees the experience as a progression with stepping stones along the way. Younger kids especially need downtime, and there is a ceiling to the number of cultural experiences they can enjoy and absorb. For older children, Philippe suggests allowing them to pick the itinerary for an entire day during your trips. The Zuber's frequently do this on vacations, where each member of the family is responsible for one day’s planning, budgeting, and scheduling. He says it has led to a bit of friendly competition and a host of new experiences that would never have come to fruition otherwise. It also allowed the family members who weren’t in charge of the day’s itinerary to truly relax during their off days. Philippe also dives into his family’s life-changing experience in Rwanda, where One&Only operates two resorts, Gorilla’s Nest and Nyungwe House. He then gives us the inside scoop on some of the company’s other new resorts, from the spectacular Mandarina in Mexico—where Bruce interviewed him in person—to properties in Montenegro, Athens, Greece’s Kéa Island, and Big Sky, Montana. Links:  Bruce's email: [email protected] Bruce's IG: @Brucewallintravel ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
7/19/202239 minutes, 30 seconds
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Go Here, Not There with New York Times Columnist and Alternative-Destination Expert Elaine Glusac

New York Times travel columnist Elaine Glusac is an expert at something that has become increasingly essential for travelers: finding the best alternatives to the world’s most popular destinations. She joins Bruce to dive into the top spots for experiencing everything we love about over-touristed spots—minus the crowds. Elaine starts by giving us a behind-the-scenes look into the New York Times’ “52 Places” article, an annual feature that explores the newspaper’s picks for the year’s most compelling destinations. One spot Elaine has suggested several times for the list—the Great Lakes region—has never made the cut. The Chicago native tells us why she thinks the world’s largest freshwater system is so deserving, and why it’ssuch an interesting and important destination for travelers to consider right now.  A couple of Elaine’s other recent stories for the Times cover the concept of alternative destinations, including “Driving Iceland’s Overlooked North,” in which she recounts her family’s adventure in the country’s rarely visited Diamond Circle—a region that offers at least as much natural wonder and drama as the bustling Golden Circle. Her “Go Here, Not There” article—the inspiration for this episode of Travel That Matters—offers up a number of other great options for those looking for all the thrills without all the people. Starting with Europe, Elaine suggests Montenegro instead of Venice or Dubrovnik. The small country south of Croatia has incredible shorelines, well-preserved ancient cities, and the deepest rafting canyon in Europe, among other attractions. She also thinks travelers should consider Brittany the next time they visit France, for a more locals’ perspective on the country. Moving beyond Europe, Elaine shares her favorite spots for winter sports in Canada, including a network of ice-skating trails in the flooded forests of Quebec. She also discusses Panama (instead of Costa Rica) and its Chagres National Park; Dunedin, New Zealand, where the wildlife resembles that of the Galapagos; and much more. Throughout it all, her inspiring insights and tales are sure to make you think differently about travel—and start seeking out more alternative destinations. Links & Notes: Diamond Circle Go Here, Not There Where Trails Are for Skating, Not Hiking Elaine Glusac on Instagram Amsterdam-Noord (The hip neighborhood AJ was referring to) Travel That Matters recommended boutique hotel in Barcelona: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
6/28/202239 minutes, 34 seconds
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There's Way More To Mexico Than You Think, with Journey Mexico Founder Zachary Rabinor

We might as well call this “The Big Book of Mexico” episode, because it’s filled with a lifetime of adventures, insider spots, and authentic luxury hotels throughout the country. Our guest is Zachary Rabinor, the founder and president of Journey Mexico, a unique luxury travel company that takes clients far beyond the country’s well-known beach destinations. Not that he doesn’t appreciate Mexico’s great beach resorts—he’s been living in Puerto Vallarta for almost 20 years, and he joins Bruce in person from the town they both call home for this special episode. Zachary is the perfect person to lead us on a whirlwind tour of Mexico’s cultural, natural, and culinary riches, from Campeche and Chiapas in the south to the Copper Canyon and Baja wine country in the north. If you love Mexico like we do—or even if you’re just slightly curious about the country—this episode is a must listen! Learn More: Journey Mexico HACIENDAS: Hacienda De San Antonio: Hacienda San Gabriel De Las Palmas Casa De La Real Aduana COSTALEGRE Four Seasons Tamarindo XALA COPPER CANYON Copper Canyon Train: CAMPECHE Calakmul Biosphere Reserve Jaguar Observation PUEBLA Banyan Tree Cartesiano La Purificadora Wallin Wrap-Up I’m just going to assume that hearing from Zach got you very excited to visit Mexico. And now that you’re coming down here to visit, you’re going to need a few ideas about where to stay, so I thought I’d share some of my personal favorite hotels and resorts around the country. Now, Mexico really does have some of the best hotels in the world, and one that I’d say has kind of been the standard bearer over the years is Las Ventanas in Los Cabos. There are so many great beach resorts in Cabo—you’ve got One & Only Palmilla, Esperanza, Zadun, Pedregal—and you really can’t go wrong at any of them. But I’ve visited Las Ventanas a few times over the years, and I’m just always blown away by how good it is—the feel, the ambience, the service is spectacular.   Another Rosewood resort that is right up there with anything is Rosewood Mayakoba on the Riviera Maya. We’ve talked about this place before on the show, and it’s this very peaceful sanctuary in the mangroves and along this great stretch of beach. The food is really a standout here. Other spots I love on the Riviera Maya—the Hotel Escencia and the Belmond Maroma. Both on incredible beaches—like that soft white-sand beach Caribbean dream beach. Escencia is a very chic designer type place, while the Belmond is a little more classic Mexican in style. That one is closed for the next couple years for renovations, and I’m curious to see how that turns out. Closer to where I’ve been based here in Puerto Vallarta, Zach briefly mentioned Las Alamandas, which is a truly magical place. It’s on the Costalegre, south of Vallarta, and like Zach said, this area just hasn’t been developed like other coastal regions, so you have these huge pieces of land with only one small resort or a few homes. Alamandas is on 2,000 acres, it’s got four private beaches, and there are less than 20 suites. Definitely one of my favorite hideaways. Another one that came up in our conversation is Hacienda de San Antonio. This place is a working hacienda in the foothills of the Colima Volcano. Honestly, I don’t even know how to describe it. You just have to go check out their website, look at how incredible the photos and videos are, and then trust me that it really is that incredible. Unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. Another hacienda property I love is Hacienda de los Santos in northern Mexico. Not a place that’s very easy to get to, but it’s in a great town called Alamos, which is kind of like a smaller, less discovered San Miguel de Allende. There are, of course, many, many great hotels in San Miguel and other cities throughout the country, but my favorite is the brand-new Casa Polanco in Mexico City. It’s just opening this month, and it’s another one of these converted mansions—I think it has 16 suites. It’s in probably the nicest location in the entire city, right on Lincoln Park in Polanco. You walk a few blocks one way and you’re at Bosque de Chapultepec, which is like the Central Park of Mexico City but twice the size. Walk a block the other way, and you’re in Polanco’s main shopping and dining area. Mexico City is such a fantastic place for food, for museums, for exploring, and when you come back at the end of the day, Casa Polanco is like returning to your own private mansion on the park. I’ll tell you, my recent trip to Mexico City definitely got me thinking that my next stint abroad should be in the capital. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time in Puerto Vallarta. And I hope to see you all down here—or somewhere else in Mexico—very soon. Wrap Links: Rosewood Las Ventanas One &Only Palmilla Esperanza Ritz Carlton Zadun Waldorf Astoria Pedregal Rosewood Mayakoba Hotel Esencia Belmond Maroma Las Alamandas Hacienda De San Antonio Hacienda De Los Santos Casa Polanco ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
6/7/202246 minutes, 47 seconds
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Fun in Faraway Lands with Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs

CEO of Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spas and sustainability pioneer Neil Jacobs leads us on a journey to Oman, Israel, Brazil, India, and beyond, as he explores some of his company’s off-the-beaten-path properties—and how each is making sustainable tourism fun in its own unique way.  Neil, who speaks six different languages, is an ideal guide for a global journey. He speaks with Bruce about how his ability to communicate in locations worldwide opens up new experiences and often leads to his most cherished travel moments.   He believes that a visit to a Six Senses property should leave people in a better place than when they arrived—and that the company’s hotels should have an equally positive impact on their local communities and environments. Six Senses’ Earth Lab is a progressive initiative that includes everything from onsite water bars (the company produces all of its drinking water at the hotels and doesn’t use any plastic bottles) to farms where guests can interact with the properties’ chickens, cows, ducks, goats, and even camels.  Six Senses also offers a range of adventurous activities at its hotels and resorts—including a check-in by hang glider at Zighy Bay Resort on the Musandam Peninsula in Oman. From the Six Senses Shaharut in Israel, guests can set off on desert excursions, while India’s Ranthambore National Park is a venue for adventure at Fort Barwara, a 14th-century fort in Rajasthan that recently opened as a Six Senses resort. Six Senses also opened Six Senses Botanique in Brazil, in an area Neil refers to as “the Hamptons of Sao Paulo.” For a spiritual twist on Spain, travelers can take refuge at the Six Senses Ibiza, set in an area of northern Ibiza popular with shamans and healers. Future locations for Six Senses include a remote corner of Iceland, home to waterfalls, ravines, mountains, and even an elf playground! A new hotel in Rome, a short walk away from the Trevi Fountain, is opening this year. Neil also talks about Six Senses’ upcoming projects in the Galapagos and Saudi Arabia, the latter of which he concedes is a controversial topic in the travel industry.  Stick around to hear Bruce’s take on Saudi Arabia in the Wallin Wrap-Up, where he invites you to share your opinion on the subject on his Instagram page (@brucewallintravel) or via email, [email protected].  LEARN MORE: Six Senses Group Six Senses Ibiza in Spain Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman Six Senses Shaharut in Israel Six Senses Botanique in Brazil Six Senses Fort Barwara in India Bruce on Instagram ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Freeform Globetrotting with the “Punk Rocker of Luxury Travel,” Crystal Vinisse Thomas.

As the vice president and global leader of luxury and lifestyle brands for Hyatt, Crystal Vinisse Thomas has her fingers on the pulse of all things trending in the travel industry. She’s also a trendsetter herself, with an energy, style, and creativity that have helped her become one of the youngest and most dynamic leaders in luxury travel (and prompted Bruce to dub her the “Punk Rocker of Luxury Travel”). In this episode, Crystal joins Bruce to discuss everything from how living abroad made her a better person to how industry diversity will elevate the travel experience. After touching on her past role at Beats by Dre—where she worked closely with sports superstars including Serena Williams, Tom Brady, and Lebron James—Crystal talks about the growing popularity of so-called second cities. The increased interest in road trips and the migration away from metropolises during the pandemic put a spotlight on places like Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee, Oceanside in California, and many other regional destinations. Crystal predicts the continued rise of these cities and others in the U.S. and abroad, where she cites destinations including Vienna, which she calls “The New Berlin.”   Memphis will be the location of the first hotel from a new brand Crystal is spearheading called Caption by Hyatt. The brand’s hotels will emphasize authentic and meaningful travel and a come-as-you-are philosophy, with local vendors, cuisine, and bars and beverages that accurately reflect the diversity of communities in each city. Picking out a great hotel is the first thing on Crystal’s list when traveling at home and abroad. But aside from a place to sleep, she likes to keep her plans wide open and embrace the spontaneity of experiencing a destination. The first item on her to-do list when arriving at a new destination is to walk around aimlessly. Rather than relying on guidebooks and tours, she seeks the insight of locals to uncover hidden gems and unplanned experiences that provide a reflection of what life in the city is really like. Crystal’s particular style of travel has led to many serendipitous moments in her travels and her career. After hearing her conversation with Bruce, you will no doubt consider trading out rigid travel itineraries for her more fluid, spontaneous travel style. Stay tuned to hear one of Bruce’s most cherished spontaneous travel experiences, in Rwanda, in the Wallin Wrap-Up.   Links: Caption by Hyatt: Thompson Madrid Plaza del Carmen : Hyatt Centric Beale Street Memphis: Thompson Nashville: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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A&K’s Geoffrey Kent on His Wild Past and the Adventurous Future of Luxury Travel

Geoffrey Kent has likely done more to shape what modern luxury travel looks like than anyone else. Dating back to 1962—when he founded Abercrombie & Kent and started leading the first photographic safaris in Africa—he has been a pioneer of new destinations and new ways of traveling. Sixty years later, he’s still leading the way and discovering new places to explore.  Geoffrey’s pioneering adventures began at the age of 16, when he had just been expelled from high school in Kenya. He soon set off on a solo trip by motorcycle from Nairobi to Cape Town—and ended up becoming the first person to complete the journey. Equipped with only some fuel and a few pieces of dried meat, he had several mishaps along the way—including falling into the Zambezi River and getting stuck by the river for more than a month—but he also learned lessons that would shape his view, and the future, of luxury adventure.  Geoffrey speaks with Bruce about that trip and many journeys since, with revealing tales about how he vowed to never hunt again after killing an elephant, how he coined the term “Shoot with a camera, not with a gun,” and how he argued with Dian Fossey, a fierce advocate for gorillas, about the importance of tourism in Africa’s critical wildlife regions.   On the subject of tourism and its impact on the planet, Geoffrey acknowledges that it can be detrimental when handled incorrectly. From waterway damage, to trash in nature, to excessive travel emissions, tourism companies need to take it upon themselves to help mitigate the negative impacts. But Geoffrey believes the benefits to properly managed tourism far outweigh the negatives, and he discusses some of the many projects A&K helps fund, from hospitals to wildlife conservation corridors.    Geoffrey also shares details about some of the upcoming private-jet journeys around the world that he personally leads, as well as what destinations—from Gabon to Eritrea—that he feels are the new frontiers of luxury travel. LEARN MORE: Arles: Africa: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
4/19/202234 minutes, 55 seconds
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Space Tourism Now with Space Perspective Founder and Biosphere 2 Alum Jane Poynter

Space tourism is a hot topic in travel these days, but what exactly is space tourism? Jane Poynter, the co-founder and -CEO of Space Perspective, give us the low-down on the realities of space tourism today—and how the facts in this case might be even better than the fantasy. Poynter’s career in space tourism stems from her time as one of the original team members of Biosphere 2, an experiment in which she and seven colleagues lived in a man-made, hermetically sealed environment for two years to test our capabilities of living on other planets. The Arizona facility—which was even more tightly sealed than the International Space Station—included its own rainforest, a desert, an ocean, animal species, and more, all living in a self-sustaining environment. This experience—as well as her training for the mission, which included sailing across the Indian Ocean—drastically changed her perspective about our planet and the possibilities beyond. Following her two-year mission in Arizona, Poynter and her husband and fellow Biosphere 2 member Taber MacCallum started the Paragon Space Development Corporation, which specializes in developing technologies for keeping people healthy and thriving in extreme environments like space. In 2019, they founded Space Perspective—and introduced a completely new concept in space tourism. While companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Blue Origin involve rocket ships and planes, Space Perspective takes clients to the stratosphere via a high-tech, low-impact balloon. Space balloon technology has been used by NASA for scientific purposes for decades. Launching in 2024, Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune balloon will take eight passengers and a pilot, traveling at about 12 mph, to the stratosphere, 99% above the Earth’s atmosphere. During the two-hour ascension, passengers will witness views of the stars and watch the sun rise over the curvature of the Earth. With the sun will come bird’s-eye views of whatever region of the world the balloon departs from (initial departures will be from Florida, including from the Kennedy Space Center). Throughout the experience, passengers can enjoy a bar, gourmet food, WiFi, educational programs, and more. At the conclusion, the vessel slowly descends back to Earth and lands in the ocean, where passengers will be taken back to shore. According to Poynter, the journey to the top of the atmosphere is only 20 miles—and the spaceship is virtually emission-free. Poynter also talks about Virgin Galactic and other space tourism options for travelers, as well as where she sees the industry going—and how it will benefit people and the Earth. Be sure to stick around until the end to hear her take on the Overview Effect and making space travel more accessible, as well as Bruce’s update on space hotels. LEARN MORE: Space Hotel Details: Space Perspective: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
4/5/202237 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Greatest Galapagos Adventures with Expedition Expert, Wildlife Conservationist, and Ecoventura CEO Santiago Dunn

Onboard a 20-passenger yacht off the coast of Española Island in the Galapagos, Bruce interviews local expert, conservationist, and CEO of the luxury expedition company Ecoventura, Santiago Dunn. In this special episode, Dunn discusses the treasures and adventures that make the Galapagos islands one of the world’s most sought-after destinations—and how to make your trip exceed even your wildest dreams.  It’s no secret that the Galapagos is one of the top wildlife destinations in the world—but it’s also one of the best preserved, with pristine beaches, reefs, and volcanic peaks ripe with reptiles, mammals, birds, and fish. Ecoventura’s seven-night trips aboard the identical Theory and Origin yachts bring you up close with the islands’ wonders, with each day offering active and educational opportunities to witness wildlife in its purest form. Cruising from island to island, the trips can include everything from kayaking or paddle-boarding in wildlife-rich mangroves to hiking along active volcanos and snorkeling with sea lions, turtles, sharks, and penguins. Outings are led by expert Galapagos National Guides, among them ornithologists, biologists, photographers, and more.  Dunn says that this combination of active fun and education is what makes the Galapagos such a family-friendly destination. Immersing children in wildlife and ecosystems of the Galapagos, as Dunn has done with his own four sons, gives them an education that goes well beyond the scope of a traditional classroom setting. Of course, travelers of any age can appreciate their close proximity to penguins, marine iguanas, and giant tortoises—and the fascinating facts and stories they will learn along the way.  The Ecuadoran government goes to great lengths to protect their national treasure. In fact, the country’s president, Guillermo Lasso, recently signed a bill that extends the Galapagos Marine Reserve by nearly 50%, all the way to the coasts of Panama and Costa Rica. Dunn says the new law is indicative of the country’s commitment to preserve the Galapagos not just for Ecuador, but for the world. To get the most out of a trip to Ecuador, Dunn suggests visits to Quito, Guayaquil, and/or Cuenca before your expedition, to gain a true taste of Ecuadoran history and culture. Some travelers attempt to combine a trip to the Galapagos with a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru, but Dunn advises against this, believing that these bucket-list destinations need to be seen on their own so that the traveler can gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of their respective cultures and sights. Throughout his conversation with Bruce, Dunn’s love for the Galapagos shines through. He is sure to inspire you to make this dream trip a reality—and his insider tips will ensure you get the most out of your Ecuadoran adventure.  Be sure to stick around toward the end of the show to hear about Dunn’s close call with an oceanic white-tip shark and Bruce’s incredible encounter with dolphins during his Galapagos visit! Learn more:  ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund CEO Dr. Tara Stoinski on Rwanda, Ellen DeGeneres, and a Conservation Success Story

This week, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund CEO Dr. Tara Stoinski joins Bruce to discuss the fascinating scientific and conservation work the organization does in the mountains of Rwanda, as well as the fund’s brand-new Ellen DeGeneres Campus—a facility that will not only change how we study and protect mountain gorillas but also enhance what is already one of the world’s epic travel experiences. Continuing the work of the legendary Fossey—who was murdered in Rwanda in the 1980s—Stoinski and her team of scientists have piloted what is one of the rare success stories for a critically endangered species. The foundation has monitored six generations of mountain gorillas over the years, and in that time the estimated population in the wild has gone from 240 specimens to more than 600. Stoinski discusses why mountain gorillas—which also reside in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda—are so important to protect, including the fact that they are the “gardeners” of the rainforest, helping to take care of these critical ecosystems through their foraging. She also talks about poaching, snares, and some of the other challenges gorillas face, as well as the effective measures the Rwandan government has taken over the past years to ensure their recovery. A huge step for the gorilla’s future survival, the new Ellen DeGeneres Campus opened in the shadow of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park in February. DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi, kickstarted the fundraising for the project by making a large donation as a gift for DeGeneres. The beautifully designed campus features state-of-the-art labs, classrooms for everything from elementary school field trips to graduate student studies, and exhibits about Fossey, gorillas, and Rwanda. For tourists, the campus also offers behind-the-scenes experiences and even the ability (through Go2Africa) to have one of the fund’s researchers accompany you on a gorilla trek. Such treks, Stoinski believes, are one of the most impactful travel experiences you can have—and are sure to convince anyone that mountain gorillas must be protected. Learn More: Go2Africa: Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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The Ripple Score: Bruce Poon Tip’s Top Destinations Where Your Money Does the Most Good.

Bruce Poon Tip is the founder of G Adventures, the world’s largest small-group travel company, which takes some 200,000 travelers annually on trips ranging from luxury yachting expeditions for boomers to hostel backpacking excursions for millennials. No matter how different each itinerary may look, they all revolve around the same core themes: cultural immersion, benefiting local communities, and creating a transformative experience for both traveler and host. Indeed, Poon Tip was talking about things like community-based trips and transformative travel long before most people were, and he joins host Bruce Wallin this week to discuss his picks for the best of both worlds: the destinations where your tourist spending has the greatest local impact—and you’ll have a truly amazing, authentic experience along the way.  One of Poon Tip’s recent projects at G Adventures was to create the Ripple Score, which ranks each trip the company offers based on how much of the trip’s cost stays local. A high score means the majority of the money you spend goes to local hotel owners, transportation companies, restaurants, tour guides, and more. He says that creating the system—and accurately measuring the local impact of each trip—was a huge task that now informs how G Adventures plans every trip. It also made clear which countries are doing the best job at sharing the financial benefits of travel with local communities.  Those destinations, says Poon Tip, include Egypt, which he believes should be particularly of interest to travelers in 2022. Not only does a large portion of the Egyptian economy rely on tourism, with many people’s jobs depending on the return of international travelers, but Poon Tip says that it is the perfect time to see the country’s iconic sites, free of crowds. Wherever you go throughout the country, he adds, there are a number of high-quality, locally based options.  Another country with strong community-based tourism is Ecuador, which Poon Tip includes among his favorite destinations for its diversity—from backpacking in the Andes, to diving in the Galapagos, to venturing through the Amazon basin, to exploring the indigenous markets outside of Quito. He discusses some of the issues of going local in Ecuador, including the choice between an LVMH-owned train to Machu Picchu or a somewhat “rough” locally owned option called Inca Rail. Ecological diversity—and a commitment to protecting that diversity—is a hallmark of Costa Rica, which Poon Tip cites for its high percentage of preserved land, extensive national parks, and gorgeous beaches. He also talks about how Costa Rica is perfect for people at any stage in their “travel career.”  For travelers looking to have an impact on conservation and sustainability, Poon Tip also suggests the highly diverse—and highly tourism dependent—countries of Southeast Asia. From the jungles and ancient temples of Cambodia, to the beaches of Thailand, to the historic cities and countryside of Vietnam, the region offers a plethora of a community-based travel experiences.  Learn More: G Adventures: Rail: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
2/22/202237 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Ultimate Sports Events for Travelers with New York Times Best-selling Author Larry Olmsted

 In honor of Super Bowl LVI this week, sports expert and New York Times best-selling author of Fans, Larry Olmsted, discusses the world’s ultimate sporting events and how they can provide some of the most insightful cultural experiences for travelers. In this episode, Olmsted shares his favorite (and least favorite) events, ranging from the Super Bowl, to the Kentucky Derby, the Women’s World Cup, the Rugby World Cup in South Africa, and more! His newest book Fans, takes an exciting deep-dive into the positive impacts of sports on the individual and collective levels of society. According to Olmsted, the world of sports invites travelers to witness a true melting-pot of cultures. He cites events like the Melbourne World Cup in Victoria, the Rugby World Cup in South Africa, baseball games in Japan, the Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong or Fiji, and cricket matches in India or the West Indies. For those looking for a big-ticket event held in the U.S., Olmsted highly recommends the Kentucky Derby. In fact, he prefers the spectacle and tradition of the Derby over the Super Bowl. Attendees can enjoy balls and parties leading up to the race and can spring for hospitality packages, which include private lounges equipped with open-bars, covered seating, and a close proximity to betting windows. If under-the-radar sporting events are more your speed, Olmsted has some great alternatives to big-ticket events. To avoid the expenses and crowds of Montecarlo, try the Singapore Grand Prix or the Indy500. Instead of the Kentucky Derby, Olmsted suggests the Palio di Siena in Tuscany. Road-tripping across New Zealand and Australia for the 2023 Women’s Cup is another less expensive yet adventure-filled alternative for soccer fans. Olmsted also suggests the Waste Management Phoenix Open, otherwise known as “The Greatest Show on the Grass, which will be held on February 10-13. Olmsted's other pick is the LA Sevens Rugby tournament in August 2022. Whether your sports event adventure includes attending the Super Bowl or the Olympics, Olmsted has one key piece of advice: go based on location. For Super Bowl-goers, pick a year when the event is hosted in cities whose arenas are close to downtown. For those with their eyes on the Olympics, Olmsted suggests picking a year when the games will be held in a location you can build a trip around. No matter what is on your sports event bucket list, Olmsted has the ultimate insider-access into exploring the world through the lens of sports fandom. Be sure to stick around for after the interview, when Bruce shares his epic sports spectator's story of his own in the Wallin-Wrap Up.  Learn More: Rugby World Cup The Rugby 7s events in L.A The Rugby 7s events in Hong Kong The Waste Management Phoenix Open US Masters The Women’s World Cup Kentucky Derby Hospitality Packages Super Bowl LVI Indy500 Singapore Grand Prix ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Africa’s Greatest Safaris—and the Women Who Make Them Possible

ROAR AFRICA founder, women’s rights activist, and conservationist Deborah Calmeyer shares how her fascinating childhood in Zimbabwe inspired an equally interesting career creating some of Africa’s greatest safaris. Calmeyer’s stories—which include tales about growing up with a lioness as a pet, designing safaris for clients like Robert Redford, and having a near-death experience with a pack of wild dogs—are colored with her love and passion for the unlimited treasures and life-changing experiences Africa has to offer. ROAR’s custom-designed safaris might include flying guests via helicopter to meet one of the last pastoral tribes in Kenya or exploring the Mana Pools region in Calmeyer’s native country of Zimbabwe. ROAR also offers a limited number of group trips, including the “Greatest Safari on Earth.” Just 10 guests join this annual journey, which travels by private Emirates A319 jet (equipped with private cabins) to four of sub-Saharan Africa’s most iconic destinations: Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world; the Okavango Delta in Botswana; Kenya’s Maasai Mara to witness the Great Migration; and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to track gorillas. ROAR AFRICA offsets 1.5 times the carbon emissions from the trip, and for every destination she sends her clients, Calmeyer insists on sustainable partners focused on conservation and cultural and social impact. In fact, according to Calmeyer, too many visitors to Africa focus entirely on the wildlife experience. She likes to open her clients up to Africa’s “other Big 5”—art, culture, fashion, design, and food. She incorporates cultural elements into all of ROAR’s safaris, but for those interested in going beyond, she suggests Kigali in Rwanda and Cape Town in South Africa. Calmeyer is also an advocate for women’s rights in Africa. Her Women’s Empowerment journeys, which launched last year, are exclusive safaris led by female guides, pilots, and more, with a focus on opening up career paths for women in the tourism industry. She speaks with Bruce about the day she came up with the idea for the trips, as well as the incredible bonds that form among everyone who participates—which, of course, is one of the wonderful things about travel. After hearing Bruce’s interview with Calmeyer, you’ll want to start planning your next safari right away. But be sure to stick around after the interview, when Bruce shares a crazy safari story of his own in the Wallin Wrap-Up. ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
1/25/202240 minutes, 4 seconds
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The World’s Top Skiing Destinations with Olympic Gold Medalist Tommy Moe

In 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway, Tommy Moe became the first U.S. male skier to win two medals in the same Olympics—one Gold, the other Silver. But Moe is much more than just one of the greatest downhillers in history; he is also a fun-loving free-skiing enthusiast and a pioneer of heliskiing in his adopted home state of Alaska. As someone who has skied just about everywhere for fun and sport, he’s the perfect guide to lead us on a global adventure to the world’s top ski destinations for 2022. Moe starts in Alaska, where he cofounded and co-owns the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. Set in the Tordrillo range a 40-minute flight from Anchorage, the luxury wilderness lodge offers access to some of the most extreme skiable terrain on Earth. But the vast wilderness also offers a range of long, wide-open cruiser runs and everything in between. During summers, the lodge is an ideal base for fishing, rafting, and adventures by via ferrata—a mountain network system that, as Moe explains, opens up the thrills of rock climbing to people of all skill levels. For those interested in heliskiing, Moe’s main advice is to do your homework. Research your options and make sure that whatever destination you choose offers the right slopes for your abilities. He also advises that you get in shape before your trip—you don’t want to blow a week of heliskiing by getting injured or too worn out to make the most of it.  In addition to an epic heliskiing adventure in Alaska, Moe has some other ideas for where you should hit the slopes in 2022. Not surprisingly, he recommends his current hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Known as a skier’s mountain—boasting 4,129 feet of pure fall lines with no traversing—the Jackson Hole Resort has long been a draw for experts. But Moe says the town has developed a broader appeal over the years, especially with the addition of new luxury hotels like the Four Seasons. A new hotel in Taos, the Blake, prompted Moe to ski New Mexico’s premier resort a couple years ago—and he was blown away. Also in the U.S., he loves Whitefish Mountain Resort in his native Montana. Hopping over to Europe, Moe cites Val d’Isère, France, at the top of his list. During his many times racing in Val d’Isère—with its idyllic backdrop of a European town with stone and wood buildings, crepe shops, boutiques, and restaurants—he was drawn to it for more than its superb ski slopes. But his fondest memories are of hitting the powder with his teammates on days it snowed too much to race.   Moe talks with Bruce about St. Anton in Austria, Portillo in Chile, Las Leñas in Argentina, Revelstoke in British Columbia, and Niseko in Japan, which he says combines some of the world’s best powder with a truly unique cultural experience. For destinations like Japan or Austria—or anywhere, for that matter—Moe stresses the benefits of skiing with a guide. Having the right person direct you will help you find the best runs for your ability and the right time of day to hit them—and can also keep you from getting lost and finding yourself in the wrong village far from your hotel! Following Moe’s expert picks and advice, Bruce shares a few insights of his own: The Wallin Wrap-Up highlights some of the top hotels, trips, and more that we have to look forward to in 2022. ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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2022: Your Best Travel Year Ever - Season 2 Trailer

Travel That Matters is taking a short break for the holiday season! We’ll be returning January 11th, 2022 with all new episodes airing every other week. Until then, enjoy episodes from Season 1 and share your favorite inspiring, life changing, or maybe just little known special places you’ve discovered on your travels with Bruce at [email protected] or @TravelWithBruce on Twitter. We’d love to feature some of your top destinations on the show in 2022. Happy holidays and we’ll see you down the road!  ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
12/7/20211 minute, 52 seconds
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Insider Dining Destinations with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts President Radha Arora

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts President Radha Arora is one of the most influential people in travel. He’s also a true connoisseur of global cuisine, and in this episode, he speaks with Bruce about some of his favorite dining destinations and go-to spots worldwide.   Arora begins by giving us an insider’s view on a place he practically considers home: Paris. Rather than the famed Michelin-star establishments, Arora’s first stop in Paris is Le Bon Georges. At this small bistro, with its chalkboard menu and convivial atmosphere, the owners are equally as invested in the quality of their farm-to-table food as they are with making their guests feel like family. Arora also cites the more high-profile Parisian establishment, Girafe, as a favorite, if for no other reason than the views of the Eiffel Tower. Hopping over to Italy, in Bergamo, Arora recommends the Michelin three-star restaurant Da Vittorio. Despite its Michelin status, Da Vittorio is completely unpretentious, the kind of place where you might have an appetizer of mini-hot dogs that will be the best you’ve ever had. In Rome, he says the best paccheri pasta is at Trissola. Family owned since 1910, it’s about as authentic a Roman restaurant experience as you can have. Arora also discusses a recent visit to Crete and coming across a typical Greek taverna called the Blue Door. He goes on to cover everything from the emerging culinary destination of Croatia to the complex multicultural mix that is Hong Kong’s dining scene. Wherever he is, Arora believes a great restaurant isn’t just about being served an amazing meal, it’s about the relationships cultivated with the staff and owners. It’s the entire experience that’s important.   Arora applies that philosophy throughout the Rosewood portfolio, from Mayakoba in Mexico—led by the dynamic chef Juan Pablo Loza—to London, Paris, Hong Kong, and beyond. He speaks with Bruce about some of the standout dining experiences—including chef-led adventures to destinations far beyond where Rosewood has hotels—that his culinary team has created. Arora also talks about what’s next from Rosewood, including new hotels and resorts in Madrid, Sao Paolo, St. Barths, and more. Additional links for this episode available at ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Extreme Superyacht Adventures with EYOS Expeditions CEO Ben Lyons

Journeys to remote destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, and Papua New Guinea are already ultimate adventures. Add a private superyacht to the equation, and those adventures soar to a whole new level. Such trips are the specialty of EYOS Expeditions, whose CEO, Ben Lyons, speaks to Bruce about these incredible journeys, his own personal adventures, and his passion for the extreme regions EOS explores. The primary advantage to a yacht charter over, say, a standard cruise, is that you can explore these remote destinations on your own terms. No tour schedules or set meal times—it’s all up to you and, of course, the elements. From being able to stop and watch a pod of killer whales or spend an extra night surrounded by ice, itineraries are adaptable to the individual and the situation. EYOS helps yacht owners prepare their boats for extreme conditions before leading them on these expeditions. The company also charters expedition-ready yachts for clients who do not have their own boat. In either scenario, most of the yachts are specially equipped to break through the ice, which is where Ben says, “the real magic happens.” The ice itself comes in sizes ranging from a baseball to 17 miles long, and in an array of colors. This natural beauty is what draws Ben back again and again, but wildlife encounters also drive the journeys. Antarctica is full of wildlife, where you are almost certain to see penguins, whales, and other creatures. Ben, however, feels that the animal encounters in the Arctic are even more special, where a longer search might lead to a single—and singularly spectacular—sighting of a polar bear on a massive sheet of ice. Ben also discusses how he and his colleagues are witnessing the effects of climate change in the polar regions first-hand. Most evident, he says, is the lengthening of the seasons in which you can travel to these regions, with trips to the Arctic now possible in May and to Antarctica in October. He concedes the severity of the situation—and that his trips contribute to the problem by having a large carbon footprint. However, he and his colleagues are passionate about preserving these environments—it is why they do what they do—and they strive to instill that passion in their clients. EYOS internally offsets carbon emissions and encourages clients to offset their own emissions. More importantly, EYOS has helped raise approximately $5 million for conservation efforts in the area’s the company explores. It is essential, Ben concludes, to have an unforgettable experience in these remote destinations—and to preserve them for future generations. Additional Links: EYOS Expeditions ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Accomplishment Travel with the Highly Accomplished Travel Journalist Jackie Caradonio

For some travelers, visiting a destination isn’t just about what they can experience, but about the specific goals they set out to achieve while there. Bruce calls it Accomplishment Travel—a term he coined to describe the one-of-a-kind adventures of his friend and fellow journalist Jackie Caradonio. The daughter of a hotel general manager, Jackie grew up in hotels, but it was at childhood sports camps where she started developing a travel style all her own. Whether it was tennis, equestrian, or cheerleading camp, Jackie always set out to learn something new, improve an existing skill, and compete with others and herself. Today, she applies that same goal-oriented approach to her travels as an editor, writer, and photographer for Departures (former travel director), Robb Report (former senior editor), Travel & Leisure, and many other top publications.    Accomplishment Travel can encompass everything from physical feats to deep cultural dives. Jackie’s favorite example of the former is the time she ran the Lewa Safari Marathon—an especially challenging race for a first-time marathoner. The route cuts through the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya, starting at 5,000 feet and featuring some 7,000 feet in elevation gains. Endurance wasn’t the only challenge she faced, however—the race was delayed because a lion killed an impala on the route. The thrilling setting and course attracted some of the world’s most famous runners, and Jackie found herself running alongside the likes of Eliud Kipchoge, who holds the world record for fastest marathon.   On the more cultural side of Accomplishment Travel, Jackie discusses a trip she took to Jordan to research women’s issues. As a Western woman, she typically would not have been allowed unchaperoned visits with other women without a male present. On this particular journey, however, she found herself in Wadi Rum with a woman chaperone and visiting with women and families in rarely touristed regions of the country. She was surprised at how liberal thinking has started to trickle out into these more remote regions, including women expressing the desire to start a career and not get married. It was a behind-the-curtain view of the country’s women that few get to see. Jackie also talks about trips to Cape Town to become an expert on contemporary African art, to the mountains of Malibu to complete an extreme fitness program, and much more. She discusses the next destinations she has her eye on—from Amangiri’s Camp Sarika in the Utah desert to Angama Safari Camp in Kenya. Wherever the destination, she says that setting out with specific goals can make travel more meaningful not just for the participant, but for the places you visit and the people you meet.  ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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The Most Exciting New Luxury Hotels, Cruises, and More with Marriott International’s Chris Gabaldon

There are countless reasons to love travel, but for many people, the magic of a great hotel experience drives their passion. Marriott International’s Senior Vice President of Luxury Brands, Chris Gabaldon, joins Bruce Wallin to talk about some of the more than 130 new Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and other hotels that his company will be opening in the coming months and years—but also about his personal love for hotels and travel. Gabaldon points out that many historic hotels, such as the St. Regis New York, have lived through multiple wars, pandemics, and other human tragedies. Their presence today, he says, is comforting, landmarks that have stood the test of time and continue to bring guests and staff together. But for Gabaldon, the primary draw of travel is to explore something new. He does not need it to be a glamorous experience; he wants it to be different and something he hasn’t seen before. In the last year, traveling for him has been about getting in the car and driving up the New England coast to discover smaller towns he’s never visited before. Gabaldon believes that our newfound love of local travel isn’t going away anytime soon. We are going to continue to see an increase in travel to the ‘second-tier cities.’ But he also believes that bucket-list travel is starting to reemerge.  Of the many new openings in Gabaldon’s portfolio of brands—which, in addition to Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis, includes the Luxury Collection, W Hotels, and more—he’s particularly excited about the upcoming W properties in Rome and Nashville. The brand, he says, is going through a rebirth, and he’s eager to see the new design come to life. He also cites the St. Regis Chicago, which will be the city’s tallest hotel, and Ritz-Carltons in Mexico City, the Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Maldives, and Paradise Valley in Arizona. In the Luxury Collection—which he describes as incredibly localized hotels that have much more freedom with their design, culinary, and culture to truly become immersed in the destinations—he talks about new properties in Tasmania, Budapest, and Nashville.   Finally, Gabaldon discusses the launch of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. He speaks to the challenges of launching a cruise brand during a pandemic and how there have been several unforeseen factors such as the disruption of the supply chain. Despite these hurdles, the brand is on course to launch in May of 2022 and in so doing, he says, will usher in a unique experience on the seas. Additional Links: W Rome W Nashville the St. Regis Chicago  Ritz-Carlton Mexico City Ritz-Carlton Cancun Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley, Arizona The Tasman, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Hobart Matild, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Budapest The Joseph, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Nashville Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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World’s Best Hotels & Resorts, Chapter 1: The Brando, Featuring Richard Bailey

 Few hotels combine exclusivity, luxury, and sustainability like the Brando does. In the first of our miniseries focusing on the best hotels and resorts in the world, we take a closer look at this remarkable private island property set on the Teti'aroa atoll near Tahiti. The vision for the resort began with Teti'aroa’s owner—and French Polynesia’s most famous resident—Marlon Brando. After falling in love with French Polynesian culture, Brando bought his own piece of paradise in 1967. After years of enjoying the biodiverse beauty of the multi-islet atoll—which is protected by a coral reef that encircles the islets—he decided that Teti'aroa had to be shared. In 1999 Brando began working with Richard Bailey, an American hotelier living in Tahiti. Bailey, who is also the founder of the nonprofit Teti'aroa Society, at first struggled to reconcile Brando’s “crazy ideas” about how to build a self-sustaining resort that did more good than harm. But he eventually embraced the then-pioneering concepts of Brando—whom he calls one of the “first earth champions”—and went to work building a resort unlike anything the world had ever seen. Bailey joins Bruce to share Brando stories and how the actor’s vision comes to life at the Brando, which opened in 2014. Thanks to features like a seawater air-conditioning system, solar power, and coconut oil, the resort today is carbon neutral from an energy standpoint—and yet still delivers one of the most exclusive and luxurious vacation experiences on Earth.  The true luxury in Bailey’s eyes comes from being in a location where you are secluded and can enjoy the island’s beauty, history, and culture. The resort of course has a world-class spa, a wide range of water sports, first-rate cuisine, and even its own private plane and airstrip, but for many guests of the property’s 35 villas—each of which has its own private pool and beach area—the immersive view of the island through archeological tours and jungle walks are what connects them to the Brando. The resort has hosted everyone from celebrities to former U.S. Presidents, all enjoying this unique resort both for its exclusivity and ecological mission, which is best summed up by Marlon Brando’s son, who said, “Save Teti'aroa, save the world.”  ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Off-Google Travel With Africa Expert Will Jones

Bruce speaks with adventurer, conservationist, and Journeys by Design founder Will Jones about the best safari destinations for different types of travelers. From first timers to seasoned vets of the Sub-Saharan circuit, Jones has led clients like Ralph Lauren and other high-profile people on countless adventures that combine conservation, cultural immersion, and high-adrenaline action. With his new Off-Google trips, he is starting to take those clients deeper—and on more meaningful journeys—than ever before. Jones, who grew up in seven different African countries, suggests travelers start with “Classic” safari destinations such as Tanzania, Botswana, or South Africa. He says travelers are “spoiled for choice” in such destinations, citing a number of luxury camps, including Great Plains Conservation’s Zarafa Camp in Botswana’s Selinda Reserve, among the options. He also suggests the wilds of northern Kenya, where a handful of exclusive buy-out villas and ranches provide perfect settings for families and multi-generational trips. These types of trips frequently include private guides and vehicles, and the ability to add private helicopters and other over-the-top amenities. However, he believes the cultural interactions—whether it’s meeting a Maasai warrior or kids at a local school—make the greatest impact on travelers, especially on children.  Journeys by Design’s “Rare” trips take Jones’ expertise and connections to a whole new level, venturing to places like Chad, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the company has invested in projects like Lale’s Camp in the Omo Valley, a rarely visited region where some tribes still practice infanticide. The camp has helped create jobs and an ownership stake for local communities, an example of what Jones puts forth as a “trade, not aid” model. Jones’ journeys, however, also emphasize philanthropy, particularly in the form of wildlife conservation. He works in tandem with organizations such as African Parks and the World Wildlife Foundation to help protect remote wild spaces—and gain access to those spaces for his clients. Some of the Rare regions Jones discusses with Bruce include a new project near the “Pole of Inaccessibility” in Central African Republic where “goliath” tiger fish lurk in the rivers, and deserted islands in Eritrea where Jones didn’t see another traveler for two weeks. He shares that he has approximately 50 experiences he can take guests on that are not found on Google, but rather, reside primarily in his head. Even as an expert planner, however, he wants people to enjoy and discover what happens when you go off plan, because that, he says, is where the magic happens.   Additional Links: Journeys by Design  Lale’s Camp  Zarafa Camp (Great Plains Conservation) Arijiju in Kenya African Parks  Time + Tide King Lewanika  ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Italy’s Most Exquisite Experiences with Travel Journalist Maria Shollenbarger

We are all dreaming of the next place we want to travel, and for many, Italy is at the top of their list. But is it time to reconsider our relationship with the world’s most beloved destination? On this episode of Travel That Matters, travel journalist and Italy expert Maria Shollenbarger shares her secrets on how to experience the very best of the country in a more meaningful, sustainable, and insiderly way.   Maria was an editor at large at Condé Nast Traveler and a senior editor at Travel & Leisure before taking on her current role as the travel editor for the Financial Times’ How to Spend It. She has lived in several cities throughout Asia, Europe, and the U.S., and she’s currently based in London and Rome. She speaks with Bruce about what it was like to be in Italy at a time when other Americans weren’t able to visit, and how travelers can achieve that sense of insider access in the future. For one, Maria recommends finding the right travel designer, someone like Emily Fitzroy of Bellini Travel. But even with an expert’s support, you need to do your research. Don’t just walk into any pizza spot in Venice; take the time to find that hidden spot that’s serving authentic Venetian cuisine. Her favorite way to enjoy Venetian fare isn’t at a restaurant at all, but rather aboard a yacht called the Edipo Re, which takes guests and top local chefs far beyond the city to explore the lagoon and Adriatic and sample local delicacies along the way. Maria also offers up fabulous tips on Sicilian wine country, the Umbrian countryside, the island of Ischia, and more. But even with all the great insights on Italy, Travel That Matters wants more! Bruce encourages you to write to him on Twitter @TravelwithBruce or email him at [email protected] and share some of your favorite destinations and secret spots throughout Europe. We know our listeners are experts, and we want to hear from you!  Additional links and locations mentioned in this episode: Sujan Sher Bagh in Ranthambore Wilderness Safaris’ Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp in Namibia Edipo Re yacht in Venice Tasca d'Almerita Capofaro Villa Tasca Regaleali Mozia  Mezzatorre on the island if Ischia Corte della Maesta in Tuscia Castello di Reschio in Umbria Rocco Forte’s Villa Igiea in Palermo ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media Production  See for privacy information.
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Experience Your Family History with Ancestral Footsteps Founder Sue Hills

No one knows your family like Sue Hills does. A longtime director on the TV show Who Do You Think You Are?, Hills is the founder of the genealogical travel company Ancestral Footsteps. While DNA testing and genealogical tours have become popular in recent years, Ancestral Footsteps takes you several steps further, diving deep into your family history and leading you on a personal, highly customized adventure to discover your specific origin story. In this episode of Travel that Matters, host Bruce Wallin is joined by Sue and special guest co-host Lisa Sweetingham, a New York Times bestselling author—and Bruce’s wife—who traveled with Ancestral Footsteps to discover her family’s past. Lisa shares her story of working with Sue and her team to uncover a family mystery about her maternal grandmother, a German immigrant who was shot and killed by her Mexican American husband—Lisa’s grandfather—before he turned the weapon on himself. While traveling with Lisa through Europe, Sue revealed information Lisa never knew about her grandparents and unraveled some of the mysteries behind the tragic murder-suicide story. Perhaps the greatest revelation came when Sue introduced Lisa to an unknown relative—a connection that required a considerable amount of research and ingenuity to make. Bruce and Lisa speak with Sue about the extensive knowledge and planning that go into creating some of the world’s most private and personalized journeys. These are far more than tours; they are intricately researched and orchestrated experiences that bring family stories to life. Sue and her team search through archives, speak with locals, and—in Lisa’s case—even take out stories in local newspapers to glean even the tiniest details that can lead to major breakthroughs in your family story. As with any good story, Sue saves some of the biggest reveals for last. Throughout each of her journeys, however, you will learn—and experience—fascinating tales from the past and moments in time, whether visiting the former home of a long-forgotten family member, discovering an ancestor’s signature in a dusty old archive, or even meeting a living relative you didn’t know you had. Additional Links: Lisa Sweetingham's Story on her experience with Ancestral Footsteps ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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The Places to Travel Now, with Preferred Hotels & Resorts CEO Lindsey Ueberroth

Preferred Hotels & Resorts CEO Lindsey Ueberroth has visited more than 100 countries, and she oversees a company with 700-plus hotels worldwide. So where does she want to go next? Not surprisingly, Ueberroth has a long list of places she’d like to visit—and that she recommends for fellow travelers—as the world reopens. With her lifelong experience—she grew up with parents in the travel industry—and her leadership position in the luxury space, Ueberroth has a unique perspective on how we might travel differently moving forward. She believes the concept of a bucket list is dead, with people preferring to pull the trigger on big-ticket trips now instead of putting them off for some far-off date in the future. One big-ticket trip at the top of Ueberroth’s list is Africa, where she believes you need to visit again and again to appreciate the diversity of its destinations and experiences. She’s dreaming of heading back to Botswana in particular, where she cites the new Xigera Safari Lodge in the Okavango Delta not only for its superior wildlife experience but also for its deep commitment to conservation. Ueberroth also sees us returning to popular destinations like Greece, but with a new perspective on how to experience them. Greece was one of the first countries to reopen its boarders to tourists and has seen significant demand ever since. To avoid the crowds, Ueberroth suggests heading outside of the typical Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos, and exploring less-touristed areas such as the forested mountains and coasts in the country’s northern regions, where Preferred recently added the new Aristi Mountain Resort, Greece. Closer to home, another popular spot that’s primed for a renaissance is Puerto Vallarta, where new hotels, beach clubs, and restaurants up and down the coast are bringing a fresh energy to a classic Mexican coastal destination. For a more secluded tropical vacation, Ueberroth suggests French Polynesia, specifically the Brando Resort. The private-island resort, set on the atoll long owned by Marlon Brando, is known both for its innovative sustainability practices and its extravagant luxury. As appealing as far-flung destinations are, however, Ueberroth believes the trend of traveling close to home will continued long after the pandemic. Her top pick? Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which she describes as a more “laid-back version of Aspen.” Preferred has added an impressive 40 hotels to its portfolio in recent months, including La Esperanza in Grenada, Spain, and the Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan. Ueberroth discusses these and other properties in the portfolio, as well as her thoughts on cities reopening and the need to be around a bustling metropolis. Now is the time, she believes, to immerse yourself in communities and embrace the many things we missed about travel.   Additional Links to Hotels Mentioned in this Episode:  Beyond Green: Bentwood Inn Xigera Safari Lodge Three Camel Lodge The Brando Aristi Mountain Resort Preferred Hotels & Resorts: Casa Di Langa ModernHaus Soho Lago Resort Menorca – Suites del Lago 5* La Esperanza Granada Pendry Chicago Montage Healdsburg Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei  Puerto Vallarta & Surrounds Maxwell Residences Conrad Punta de Mita Las Alamandas Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo One&Only Mandarina ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Personal Journeys into the Unknown with the Extraordinary Adventure Club’s Calum Morrison

Extraordinary Adventure Club Founder Calum Morrison joins Travel that Matters to talk about the truly transformational travel experiences he curates for his clients. The former British Royal Marine and his team of life coaches, trainers, survival experts, and other specialists create highly personalized journeys of self-discovery for their clients—but the clients have no idea where they’re going. After an initial retreat in a secret wilderness location, the EAC team assesses the individual’s needs and goals before crafting a long-term program of personal fulfillment. Core to that program is an extended adventure to an unknown destination—the participant usually finds out where they’re going once they arrive at the airport and are handed a large black envelope with instructions. Calum’s team has taken clients across the Sudan by camel, through Southern Africa on motorcycles, across the frozen tundra by dog sled, and into the Ecuadoran jungle, where they lived with an Amazonian tribe. Whatever the destination, the surprises continue throughout the journey. During his conversation with Bruce, Calum shares fascinating tales of his time in combat zones, his years growing up in the Scottish Highlands, and how he came to start the Extraordinary Adventure Club. He also addresses how the uncertainty baked into the EAC’s trips plays a large part in teaching travelers to let go of their preconceived concepts. Not knowing what is going to happen next—and being okay with not knowing—is an integral part of the process. Calum believes that where you take people is less important than what you do at the location—and that it’s essential to be able to change plans on the fly. He is clear on the fact that the EAC is not an adventure travel company; it is a personal development company that uses travel as a tool for self-improvement. Having the flexibility to adjust certain aspects of a trip to cater to an individual’s progress is essential to the process. The EAC journeys may be life-altering trips for clients, but they are for Calum as well. He shares some of his own memorable experiences and the bonds he forms with the people who travel with him—and how they extend far beyond the trip itself. Additional Links:  Read about Bruce’s Extraordinary Adventure Club experience here:  Extraordinary Adventure Club:  ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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The Private Safari Experience with Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Emmy-award winning filmmakers, conservationists, and luxury-safari pioneers Dereck and Beverly Joubert speak with Bruce about their incredible adventures, their efforts to document and preserve African wildlife, and how to get the very best out of a safari experience.   The Jouberts’ safari company, Great Plains Conservation, manages some of Africa’s most exclusive camps—in locations from Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and the Chyulu Hills of Kenya. Part of the environment—and set on a massive private concessions—the camps offer almost unprecedented access and proximity to animals of all kinds. One such creature, a mother leopard they call Fig, is the star of the Jouberts’ latest film, Jade-Eyed Leopard (narrated by Jeremy Irons). The big cat was so comfortable in the area around Great Plains’ Mara Plains camp that she gave birth under one of the tents.   In addition to prime wildlife viewing, Mara Plains and other Great Plains camps offer an opulent experience for guests, with dining and accommodations that have earned many of them Relais & Chateaux membership. But it is the wildlife experience that stands out most—and the Jouberts explain why. They dive into the benefits of private concessions versus public parks, not only for the safari experience but for the ability for guests to have a more positive impact—and meaningful interactions—with local communities.   Although much of the story revolves around a love of wildlife, the Jouberts’ tale at its heart is a story about their love for each other. Their bond has been forged over years living in the bush. And while they have their own harrowing tales—including near-death experiences that have brought them closer together—their commitment to documenting and conserving African wildlife has never diminished. For More Information Visit: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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The New Luxury Travel with Matthew Upchurch

Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch joins Bruce to talk about international luxury travel in thepost-pandemic world. Virtuoso is a leading name in luxury travel with a network of nearly20,000 advisors worldwide. As people were stuck at home, many of those travel advisors—a term Upchurch much prefers to ‘travel agents’—pivoted to help their clients plan big-tickettrips in the distant future. But as borders open, Upchurch says Virtuoso is seeingunprecedented demand for this summer and beyond. Now that we’re ready to venture internationally again, how will we do it, where will wego, and what will we find? Will we return to our favorite destinations—some of which we were guilty of loving too much in what Upchurch calls the pre-pandemic Golden Age of Travel—or will we take advantage of our renewed freedoms to explore new and off-the-beaten-path destinations? Upchurch dives into issues of over-tourism, the lasting impacts of the pandemic, which destinations are booming—and which ones aren’t—and the fundamental question of why people travel for leisure. He also shares some of his own travel plans, including the trip he’s most excited about: a journey into space on one of Virgin Galactic’s inaugural flights. Locations Mentioned in the Wallin Wrap-Up: Peru Aqua Nera river cruiser from Aqua Expeditions U.S. Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans Spain The Ritz Madrid, which recently reopened under the Mandarin Oriental flag Villa Magna, which is reopening as a Rosewood Hotel Four Seasons Madrid Japan Aman Kyoto Park Hyatt Kyoto Hotel the Mitsui, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto Higashiyama Niseko Village, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi   Learn more about Virtuoso and book your next trip with a Virtuoso travel advisor: ----------------------------------- Learn more about the podcast: Hosted by: Bruce Wallin Produced by: AJ Moseley and Darra Stone Music by: Joey Salvia A CurtCo Media ProductionSee for privacy information.
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Introducing: Travel That Matters

Explore the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences with award-winning editor, writer, and luxury travel expert Bruce Wallin (National Geographic, Departures, and longtime editorial director at Robb Report). Each episode will inspire you with fascinating stories about unique, life-shaping journeys—and connect you to the remarkable people who make them possible. Gain insider access to extravagant hotels, impactful adventures, and secret hideaways, and discover the magic of travel at its very best. Learn More: for privacy information.
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