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English, Comedy, 1 season, 13 episodes, 8 hours, 25 minutes
The All In Recovery Podcast strives to uncover and interpret all aspects of addiction and recovery. Using a mix of humor and passion Mike and Joe ask and answer the hard questions some are too afraid to speak on in hopes to break down the barriers that distract us from the main goal for addiction and recovery. Seeking hope where ever it may be, join Mike and Joe on their journey to Help, Heal, and Strengthen. The time for easy does it is over, Its time to be ALL IN.
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From Due date to court date

Joe and Mike discuss a very controversial topic in between recordings. Should pregnant women be charged criminally if they abuse substances while pregnant?
9/22/201927 minutes, 51 seconds
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A Dose of Hope

On this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast, Mike and Joe explain the benefits and the perils of free Narcan being distributed to communities. Narcan is indeed a life saving drug, but it is not a cure and can sometimes offer addicts and false sense of safety.
6/23/201924 minutes, 51 seconds
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Has the opiate epidemic gone too far? Is it time to fight fire with fire, or is it time abandon the cause? Mike and Joe discuss the controversial topic of Safe injection sites and the possible beneficial or damaging effects.
5/25/201948 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Shattered Survivor

The word victim has the power to change the way someone is viewed forever, but what view point are we seeking when identifying as victims? Are we seeking validation of pain or accepting a weakness? What doe we do with the shattered fragments of our pain? Do we pick up the pieces and survive or do we simply sweep them away? Mike and Joe discuss and explain their opinions on the victim mind set and how damaging it could be to an individuals recovery and identity.
5/13/201937 minutes, 7 seconds
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Profitable Pain

On today's episode of the All In Recovery Podcast Mike and Joe discuss the highly unethical and illegal act of "Patient Brokering" Mike and Joe use personal experiences and opinions to discuss the impact 'Patient Brokering" has on the field of Recovery.
5/4/201944 minutes, 34 seconds
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Shedding The Darkness Part Two

Shedding The Darkness part two. Continuing the series and discussion into childhood sexual trauma. Mike and Joe dive deeper into the discussion of what can be done for helping the healing process for victims and how to change the societal approach.
4/26/201936 minutes, 30 seconds
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Shedding The Darkness

The tone changes in this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast. Mike and Joe has discuss Childhood Sexual Trauma and the veil of silence it is usually held behind. Joe opens up about his own experience bring the vulnerability of the show to an all new high. Tune in to part one of the show as Mike and Joe have much more ground to cover on this devastating yet important topic
4/24/201931 minutes, 44 seconds
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Recreating The Culture

What is the current cultural norm for Drug Addiction and Recovery in America? More and more the results of long term addiction are being discussed on media platforms, and the resounding consensus is that things must change, but what exactly needs to change? Mike and Joe dive into the current standard for treatment and information sharing in the field and discuss ways to change the standard. Mike and Joe discuss these thoughts and more on today's episode of the All In Recovery Podcast.
4/17/201955 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Fundamentals

On this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast, Mike and Joe explore core beliefs and internal motivations for sustained recovery. Why do we get clean? And how to we maintain? Mike and Joe use humor and life experiences to help paint the picture that Why we change is much more important then How we change.
2/7/201943 minutes, 15 seconds
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Revived Recovery

What happens when life isn't sweet after Recovery? Mike and Joe dive into this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast discussing the highs and lows of Recovery, and how to keep the fire burning through a "life storm." Mike and Joe speak about their personal lows, and even spark a hot debate as to whether or not people truly care about Recovery? Is the Addiction topic really relevant or is it just trending? Should we punish "Addicts" who lack motivation? All of this and more brought to you by The All In Recovery Podcast with Mike and Joe.
1/18/201945 minutes, 1 second
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Gateway to Recovery

On this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast, Mike and Joe dive all the way in to the controversy! Mike and Joe discuss MAT( Medicated Assisted Treatment) and how the use of this style including the use of Marijuana could save lives! Should the narrative be changed, to harms reduction, rather than abstinence. Mike and Joe share their thoughts, passion, and witty banter, to provide thought provoking content in hopes to initiate a spark of influence and honest conversation.
9/25/201844 minutes, 7 seconds
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Gone Too Soon

On this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast, Mike and Joe discuss a variety of emotional and controversial topics relating to Stigma, Choice and Overdose. Mike and Joe discuss their experiences with lives lost due to addiction, and provide thought provoking content as to why enough is not enough. Addiction is the not so silent killer, but when presented on a mainstream level, the response has yet to be heard. Join Mike and Joe as they continue to seek answers and bring about unity from all aspects.
9/11/201847 minutes, 2 seconds
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Laying The Foundation

Welcome to the Pilot Episode of The All In Recovery Podcast! On today's episode, Mike and Joe break down what it truely means to be "All In" in the field of addiction and recovery. Mike and Joe both tease at their humble beginnings and what brought them into the field. They also dive into some key issues by exposing systemic problems that are creating more victims instead of
9/6/201820 minutes, 14 seconds