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Transparent Couch | Faith-n-Francis

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 4 episodes, 42 minutes
It's a place of transparent conversation! It's not about where you sit, but it's who's sitting with you.
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Dealing with Disappointment | Transparent Couch EP#4

We wanted to be honest about a recent conversation we had about "Struggling with Disappointment", and we wanted to bring you all in on the conversation!   Thank you for listening to our new midweek video series called Transparent Couch! It's not about where you sit, but who is sitting with you! Listen to the podcast to hear our thoughts !!!! If you like this content make sure you like this video and subscribe to our channel !  #strugglingwithdisappointment #transparentcouch
11/3/202210 minutes, 58 seconds