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Training & Assessment Professional Development

English, Education, 7 seasons, 32 episodes, 9 hours 35 minutes
As the CEO of my own RTO for over 12 years and a qualified Trainer and Assessor for more than 15 years this podcast will help you develop your skills and knowledge to become a leader in your industry. Using strategies that enhance your delivery, connect with your learners and obtain exceptional outcomes.Professional development is vital to your success and we are here to help you discover your flow and best practice as a professional trainer and assessor.Learn all aspects of Training design and delivery, support and assessment so you stand out, where others cant as they don't invest in themselves.
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Don't drag your sorry self into 2024

It's that time of year, you know, that time where if you were fortunate to have a break then you at some point will be returning to work, your job, your business your passion hopefully.So how can you return to work without feeling that holiday hangover?If you are already back at work and hating it, this message is for you.There are some really simple strategies to help you get ready to return to work or your business without feeling dread.One of the ways is to be sure you have enough rest, and you can feel like you have recharged. I don’t know about you but I reached the end of the year exhausted, fatigued from stress and really need a break, in fact day one of my 2-week break, I got sick, so sick that I couldn’t do anything, this wasn’t a coincidence I can assure you, I probably knew unconsciously that I was going to crash and burn and if I didn’t I would have kept pushing through.2023 was full of amazing opportunities, and great achievements
06/01/202413 minutes 44 seconds
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Welcome back it's 2023

Season #6, Episode #1Welcome to 2023Firstly let me say I am so glad you are here again and thank you for joining me again in a new year. I look forward to doing a podcast each month and making this year the best it can possibly be.In this podcast i just want to say thank you and share some of the best episode achievements with you.I look forward to more so tune in for this short podcast.Growth doesn’t happen naturally, it happens intentionally and is accessible to everyone!Book picks for the monthFind your Why -m Simon SenikFollow and subscribe to our podcast;Apple - -
07/01/20239 minutes 13 seconds